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FL9 43 I was actually flashed at er in the library and what I thought of I would of done was completely different to what I actually did, erm, I thought I would of been quite calm about it, but in fact I ran out the library and I ran straight back to my flat erm, I was at that point I think about twenty one

KA1 739 The customers didn't mind, they were so desperate for food, anything would of done.

KB7 13394 Yeah they haven't actually February, she would of done, but

KBF 9292 Oh I could have spent the whole week, I just, I just, I could of spent five afternoons in Ipswich, would of done or Norwich

KBF 9293 Mm, I think I would of done cos I, I work at the, cos a couple of weeks ago I thought I'd go, I'll make an effort, I thought

KBM 1853 He might of done he said, he probably would of done in the la the unions would of put in a big one for Mr Major wouldn't give one, still wouldn't have affected

KCE 7051 Oh yeah course they would of done

KCE 7194 Mm you would of done eventually, you would of got in alright, once you were settled and that

KCG 2643 I've been mean I've been, I would of done it last weekend, but, I don't, I had a load of washing and it depends

KCL 4654 I said if it, if she hadn't of been here today, then yes we would of done, I says, but I'm not gonna cover up for her!

KCP 6994 Yeah, I would of done.

KCS 1159 Aye they, they would of done

KCT 8845 we would of done it by ourself sorted out.

KCX 7811 He would of done.

KD0 12966 No I think he generally thought they were the same thing, I think I would of done if I wasn't an educationalist, but I mean it's his business to know really isn't it?

KDA 1606 If you, if you put down the letter for people like this,sort of, I would of done one of two things, I'd would get really nark about that and the way they give you what you want

KDA 6279 No, it won't go into the next century, but it will, it would of done back

KDA 6280 it would of done backwards

KDK 256 I would of done just

KDM 5933 I think she would of done with the Que , er done away with the Queen to get

KDM 5943 would of done it she would of got rid of them to make sure she she stayed there.

KE2 297 We would of done the same sort of thing and could of gone in to see the planning officer but I just, I just assumed you know that, that life was fair but of course there's no justice in this life

KE2 3852 You would of done.

KE6 9440 Oh that would of done it well I dunno I, I

KST 3052 well I don't think he would of done, he's too shy