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A6J 1180 The more she flew, the more irresistible it was; like a drug, an addiction.

ACA 1090 The more provident joined burial clubs as a form of insurance; but these, too, were seldom alcohol-free, since the local treasurer was frequently the publican, who provided the meeting-place and the entertainment that went with it.

ACH 736 The rather amorphous Huddersfield Labour movement was transformed into the more clearly defined Huddersfield Divisional Labour Party in the spring and summer of 1918.

AL6 969 PAMELA COUNTESS OF ONSLOW, who has died aged 76, became a celebrity in 1973 when she emerged as a key figure in the ‘Littlejohn Affair’— one of the more curious spy stories of recent years.

ASS 2578 He didn't see why he shouldn't have a stab at the more serious mode of public address.

AYJ 1643 What this approach soon reveals is that you often spend large amounts of time not on the things that matter but on activities which are relatively easy to devote time to, while the more difficult tasks tend to be pushed aside simply because they are more difficult.

B16 343 Repeated medians are usually sufficient for exploratory purposes but, if the results are to be presented to a wider audience, the more pleasing appearance that can be achieved by hanning may well repay the extra effort.

B7B 269 But the more the subject is forced to produce details, Loftus has shown, the more inaccurate the details become.

BNA 822 Instead, place the emphasis on the more straightforward reasons for leaving, after all few decisions are the result of just one factor but are usually the result of a combination of circumstances.

BNA 1587 When the more straightforward side of the questioning has been dealt with it is usual for the interviewer to move on to more difficult areas of assessment — motivation, enthusiasm, ability to fit in with existing staff, flexibility, readiness to travel if necessary, stability of home background, etc.

C9L 1726 The Signature's body is the more comfortable to hold, even though it's slightly heavier, since the JD's bound body means sharper edges.

C9W 402 The reason for this is that the more spontaneous the answers given during the session, the more worthwhile they are likely to prove.

C9W 402 The reason for this is that the more spontaneous the answers given during the session, the more worthwhile they are likely to prove.

CA5 2276 The more we block anger, the more destructive it becomes in our reality.

CBW 3124 Rather, all items should be recognised where a sufficiently reliable measure can be obtained, although the more likely it is that an item will have an outcome of zero, the lower its recognised amount will be.

CDF 674 They also resisted Winter's efforts to reduce labour costs both through the more efficient deployment of staff and the consideration of new technology.

CEK 7372 The more I worry, the less I sleep.

CG1 1452 As to the more serious matter of the Boardman Tasker Award, I'm as perplexed as Ed on the question of what should be done with it.

CK5 1287 The closer you work with people, the more you can assess what they're capable of.’

CM6 1259 In 1889 the more academic Christian Social Union was founded and the effect began to be felt in attacks on ‘sweated’ labour and other social abuses before the end of the century.

CMM 157 The more the hybridizing and crossing back and forth has concentrated on the spectacular, the further it has taken the plants from the vigour of their natural origins, and the less resistant many have become to pest and disease.

CS0 1251 Contrary to what is often supposed, especially by the more engagé workers in comparative religion, there is no cross culturally valid catalogue of phenomenologically distinct kinds of beneficent or baneful powers.

EB1 489 The more the level of their anxiety rises the more the person will panic, further increasing the anxiety.

ECU 3575 Sex:The more you hold back, the more you'll have to hold back from.

ECY 395 The wider the areas covered by the theory, the less certain is the theory's explanation likely to be and the more tentatively will it be held by the scientific community.

EDC 1253 Moreover, ‘unknown’ heroin use does not lend itself to the more usual sampling procedures such as random sampling, saturation sampling and dense sampling.

EDK 807 Migration losses from the more peripheral areas were stemmed, no doubt in response to the government's development-area assistance (Eversley 1971).

EVB 903 The reasons for this are complex, but basically the more efficient one is as a reader, the less one reads individual words as separate bits, or pays attention to their structure.

F9H 502 The colder the temperature, the more fat reserves a bird needs to maintain body warmth.

FBS 110 ‘It is plainly in the interests of the more efficient administration of justice that there should be split trials in appropriate cases, as even where the decision on the first part of a split trial is such that there will have to be a second part, it may be desirable that the decision shall be appealed before incurring the possibly unnecessary expense of the second part.

FT3 943 The more inadequate that overall funding of services becomes, the more this problem will become a reality.

G08 772 In the first place, even in the early 1980s, the more rural areas were still gaining population far more rapidly than the nation as a whole, and the more general process of deconcentration from the metropolitan counties and from the largest settlements in non-metropolitan counties was still continuing apace.

GUB 1093 The more measurements you take, the more accurately you can plot the curve (fig. 49).

GUJ 790 The element of distortion and the handling of the space in these paintings relates them intimately to Cubism, although most Cubist painting is close, too, in feeling to the more constructive and austere portraits, still lifes and landscapes.

GW6 1441 However, there is theoretical evidence that the Martian exposure to asteroids was higher over the last few 1000 Ma than in more recent times, which scales the ages down such that all but the more heavily cratered terrain is less than about 2000 Ma old.

H85 2799 All the more reason to talk to Peter Fleming when he could.

H9X 639 At Kelham he seemed to enjoy the company of the lay brothers and the students more than that of the fathers, though I fancy he enjoyed the company of the more lively minded among them, such as Father Gabriel, a shrewd and lively thinker.

HGJ 1077 The closer men get to God the nastier they get: the more judgemental, the more punitive, the more murderous in their determination to have got God right, and everyone else to have got God wrong.

HJ1 21243 One of the more distinctive features of urban policy in Britain during the 1980s was the return of large scale, comprehensive, redevelopment led by the Urban Development Corporations (UDCs).

HNW 1531 Little serious attempt to evaluate the Art curriculum for the majority of pupils is evident in the case records, except by extension from the perceived needs of the more able.

HPP 325 (paras.2.6, 4.2) I belong to the 40% who would be willing to pay £10 for a national permit, but I appreciate the problems of administration and enforcement, which probably means that Option A is the more practical alternative.

HPU 1027 Owning a telephone, for example, implies a certain minimum of income and life-style, and using telephone owners as the sampling list would seriously over-represent the better off and, presumably, the more politically conservative sections of the electorate.

HR0 329 For this reason, as Ashton and Sykes pointed out, extensive use of child labour in a high ratio to adult male labour underground was a function of technical progress and most marked in the more advanced fields.

HTK 684 It considered the success to be tangible, for example in the number of degree courses, but also intangible, given the difficulty of measuring ‘the effect of the liberation of many colleges from the more restrictive control of London external degrees’.

HTY 1108 The night creatures which had drifted through the streets were no more, and the market stalls and poverty-stricken beggars took on the more comforting image of a capital apparently little changed since Blake's day.

HXX 882 William of Jumièges says that Cnut married her after having her brought from the city before the siege ended and giving her weight in gold and silver before the whole army, but his chronology here is suspect, as he places the battle of Auxendunum (presumably Assandun, 18 October) before Æthelred's death on 23 April, and the more contemporary Chronicle date of mid-1017 for the marriage is preferable.

J0V 3478 If some of the more extreme versions of the current draft EC directives on this subject are allowed to dominate, then the possibility of capturing the individuality of ordinary people and their fortunes in the late 20th century may well be lost.

J2T 516 Although this was in itself relatively harmless, the more serious likely effects of the fires include the following: * Acid rain: Kuwaiti crude oil is particularly rich in sulphur.

K52 4794 Growing worldwide awareness and bodies like the BSAD mean a chance of travel for the more successful competitors.

K8X 587 But the more genuine the competition, the more ineffective do government-imposed controls become as a way of affecting enterprise behaviour, since it must increasingly be governed by the ‘logic’ of the market rather than of political control.