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A0T 381 How about a more modest version of the argument which says that only certain ‘primitive’ concepts are innate (about three-dimensionality, causal relations, etcetera), and that the more sophisticated concepts develop out of these through the time-honoured processes of differentiating finer concepts from global ones and integrating the results into complex, structured concepts.

A91 122 IT WAS a full year before he made the break — but eventually, on August 21, 1984, he went over to one of the more independent local magazines, Cauce, and asked for its leading journalist Monica Gonzalez.

AN1 188 The differing amount of solution to be made up gives flexibility for each patients needs and infers that the remedy action is different (weaker) in its ‘intensity’ the more diluted the original granule becomes.

AR7 1361 The more HDL you have in your blood, the better it is for you.

AR9 277 The more publicity you get, the more people will be likely to support you.

AYJ 1341 The more data you acquire the harder it may prove to make sense of it all.

B07 1131 Comparison is difficult, but McClellan's approach still seems the more deeply considered, and at the same time the more straightforward.

B1E 199 In consequence, the Loess plateau has extensive rill and gully systems and even ravines which, in addition to the more gradual loss of topsoil, have resulted in decreased crop and livestock productivity.

B1M 477 But the more these greenhouse gases build up in the atmosphere, the more heat is trapped and the more the Earth warms.

B3G 50 Her experience and expertise continued to be put to valuable use, and she found she enjoyed her increased leisure time all the more.

B74 1475 But that still leaves the question why, which becomes all the more nagging in the context of Reagan's ruthless clampdown on other domestic programs.

BLW 1186 The more she can stop herself ‘mothering’ her son in the old familiar way, the sooner he will feel that it is ‘safe’to be close to her, without risk to his own manhood.

BNB 631 Cumberland decided that Wales was the more likely objective, though he tried to cover himself by arranging for the road between Buxton and Derby to be broken up by the Derbyshire militia to slow Charles down should he take it instead.

BNF 480 The more these blueprints exercise their influence, the less choice there seems to be and the more a particular course of action feels inevitable — a common experience for many people in their choice of partner.

CCC 1637 They were however, the districts where the loyalist paramilitary organisations were strong and where the more uncompromising political parties had much support.

CEG 1349 In some of the more elaborate biplanes it was not always easy to tell which way the loads were going and it was a stock joke at one time that the way to check the rigging of a certain aircraft was to put a canary between the wings; if it got out something was wrong.

CEP 6530 The Turks, whose team contained four members of the squad which won the European youth championship last summer, were always the more cohesive unit and the more skilful collection of individuals.

CHL 226 If, objectively, corporate crime is the more serious, in the sense that more people are avoidably killed, maimed, and robbed and that the last of these aggregated far exceeds the value of ‘conventional’ theft, then that in itself would justify prioritizing its study.

CKN 299 Waugh especially admired Orwell's pioneering essay on the social implications of the vulgar seaside postcard, ‘The Art of Donald McGill’(1941); but he lamented his rooted incapacity to esteem or even entertain any hint of religious sentiment — all the more striking and regrettable, he argues, in one plainly endowed with ‘an unusually high moral sense and respect for truth and justice’.

CKR 1313 Samson was the loyal suffragan of Canterbury, but he also expressed the views of the more secularly minded towards the dispute as a whole: it were well that York should submit, but it was undignified for the archbishop of Canterbury to urge his case with such unlimited fervour.

CPL 62 In the past, Informix's resellers sold only its standard engine to small and middle-sized companies as a low-end offering, while a direct sales team focussed on selling the more advanced Informix On-line database to larger accounts.

CRD 419 They still (like Citrine himself) lacked the threshold level of knowledge necessary to make serious contributions to the more technical decisions, but they soon acquired the expertise to translate known needs into appropriate Whitehall language, according to the changing fashions dictated by public opinion or cabinet preoccupations.

EA7 227 For a lord's status was directly related to the size of following he could support, and the larger his entourage the more frequently he had to move from estate to estate to feed them.

EB1 1896 A phobia of lifts often arises within the more complex agoraphobic syndrome and, with the right approach, is not too difficult to break.

ED6 474 And the more I conduct it, the more it comes to seem the richest of all his operas.’

EX2 1353 Moreover, given the disparity in actual salaries, it is unlikely that the more general "managerial labour market" constraint on operation is fully effective since, as we said in chapter 3, it is likely that the public sector trawls for talent in a different pool, at least in the UK.6 On the assumption that the people actually being appointed were (unlike their private sector counterparts) altruistic, this would be no bad thing, but it would be foolish to believe altruism were always the case.

FA2 620 The most prominent, due west of the village of Lescun as you look up the valley, is the more or less pyramidal Pic d'Anie, of 8,200 feet, the first or most westerly of the major Pyrenean summits; it is claimed by the Basques as their one high Pyrenee, the home of wild goats and the legendary source of storms.

FRB 700 Recently, however, there has been some criticism and some arguments about its structure, in addition to the more long-standing discussion of how far ministers can dominate their departments and how far civil service practices and attitudes have proved too much for the politicians.

FST 1199 The civil service ‘efficiency experts’ of the mid-1870s quickly worked out that the retention of married women would be ‘inefficient’in managerial terms, since the longer that female employees remained in government service, the more they would cost because of the modest incremental salary progression within their low-paid ‘women's grades’.

FT8 2004 The more RAM on the SIMMs, the more money you have to fork out.

FUA 689 The more familiar you are with it, the more confident you will be about using it.

G1X 704 Some high-spirited girls came as harem women, with Arab dress made from bedsheets — a transformation which struck the more orthodox on board as unseemly.

G20 635 Among the more important requirements are: the demonstration of management skills and financial viability; commitment to equal opportunities policies; the provision of full information to tenants and the Corporation; an agreement to retain dwellings acquired as a Tenants' Choice landlord for letting at rents within the reach of those in low-paid employment; compliance with the terms of the Housing Corporation's guidance on the management of Tenants' Choice dwellings.

GUX 1017 The more of a villain or a lout Tommaso Talvi appeared to others, the sweeter she found her task of siding with him, of divining the exceptional qualities in him, of standing by his side.

H0A 1636 For me, the sound of the bullet striking home and a clean kill, with the animal dropping where it stood, was the climax of the hunt, all the more rewarding if it followed upon days and even weeks of testing and arduous hunting, or a really difficult stalk.

H0P 457 The role of exogenous factors, however, increases with age of the infants and becomes dominant only in the post-neonatal period, that is, after the first month of life while, during the first month, i.e. the neonatal period, the endogenous factors are the more influential (see United Nations, 1982, pp. 60–64).

H88 1844 Without exception they had liked the role they played within the classroom and a remark by Joanne sums up how they felt about the more pupil-centred approach:

H8T 2709 The balance is a difficult one to strike, the more so when a thorough knowledge of the patient's mind as well as her body is required.

HJ3 3060 City had the greater possession, yet it was United who created the more clear-cut chances.

HJ9 1505 The slightly lower figure may relate to the more discursive nature of the subject.

HKX 1703 That meeting ordered a new working group to try to reconcile the plan with the more cautious programme of Prime Minister Nikolai Ryzhkov in time for the opening of a crucial debate in the USSR Supreme Soviet on Sept. 10.

HP2 550 As an example, when Family Allowances were finally accepted by the Treasury it was partly to avoid the risk of wartime inflation through wage rises and the more expensive — and some would have said more efficacious — solution of a minimum wage.

HPH 1291 The more pineapples we grow, the more dollars the government has to pay its bills.

HXN 420 This is all the more important since it is in the area of State aid that there is likely to be greater conflict between national and EC interests.

J89 91 One of the more striking aspects of the table of results is the way in which it highlights certain configurations of sentences which are almost invariable across all groups.

K49 293 This undertone of political symbolism is less overt in the more recent paintings which effect a happy marriage between Western abstraction and Eastern ornamentation.

KBX 1216 you know of not knowing, so that the responsibility becomes higher the more you learn

KCB 119 The more I can do it, the be the more I we the ha ha ha ha the happier I'll be.

KCE 7112 I mean it might be alright for the more intelligent people or whatever, cos they get the best teachers then don't they?

KRT 1066 They really only showed the official part of today's procession and cut it pretty speedily, in fact as the more alarmist banners started to come into view.