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A0P 1286 (It was Lawrence who ‘blew my cover,’ he said, on finding that Leonard was failing to attend Law School lectures, which was all the more concerning as he had no scholarship to go there, only his family's financial backing.)

A1S 13 The more cycles per second, the higher you go in the so-called spectrum of frequencies.

A5E 179 Of the two prototype rock songwriters, it's the more worldly Chuck Berry you turn to for the authentic picture of teenage pleasures in Eisenhower's America: ‘Gonna write a little letter, Gonna mail it to my local deejay.’

A70 1222 You may just be bored with your current relationship, and your boredom is making the idea of an affair with a woman seem all the more exciting.

A99 418 Perhaps the more significant of the deals is that involving BSB, which launches five new channels in the spring.

ADG 211 All I knew was that the more I ate, the more I hated myself and my body, and the more depressed and despairing I felt of ever being back ‘in control’.

AMS 469 Some rocks, such as limestone, it may simply dissolve away — the more so if the water is acidic.

ANK 327 This would seem the more likely of the two stories.

AS3 995 Yet camping is often the only way to get near the mountain of your choice, especially when you choose to ascend some of the more remote peaks.

AYK 434 But, if you think money is the answer, you have only to read the newspapers to see how many of the more affluent members of society experience the trauma of divorce, drug or alcohol addiction or a suicide in the family.

B0L 748 Then, in 1913, the new chairman, Sir Henry Norris, negotiated the removal of the club to Highbury, in the more populous area of North London.

B32 2095 The more a person's mind is kept active, the more they will enjoy their life into and in old age.

B7J 72 The more sensitive thematic mapper provides pictures in which objects just 30 m wide can be picked out.

B7J 1512 The more we look at the behaviour of insects, birds, mammals, and man, the more we see a continuum of complexity rather than any difference in kind that might separate the intellectual Valhalla of our species from the apparently mindless computations of insects.

BPK 776 He did not want to win it again because even though‘I feel great at the moment, I don't think it should be won more than once; the more people who win it, the better’.

C9A 381 The evolution of the biosphere — indeed the very existence of the biosphere — came about by taming the worst excesses of incoming solar radiation by screening out the more harmful rays.

CAJ 1607 Such fields could have attracted the more plodding Webb, too, who slowly worked her way from relatively High Society — the only one of nine sisters to marry ‘down’— into social research, the Fabian powerhouse and the formation of social policy in committee rather than cabinet.

CGF 407 It is interesting to look at how the more extreme case is explained.

CJ7 182 While some made their way to the more traditional setting of the cafe by choice, two of them in denim overalls and safety boots set about the polishing, cleaning and oiling of duty loco, Maid Marian.

CL1 1282 Most opt for the more mundane pursuits as their peers abandon their grand schemes and resign themselves to working in an office, a factory, a building site, or taking a cushioning three years in tertiary education.

CL2 220 And the older Richard got, the greater the adolescent turbulence, the fiercer the rebellion, the more he clashed with Elfed and the more he provoked Cis's displays of loyalty.

CLM 690 However, his appreciation of the dangers from militant continental Catholicism did not blind him to the threat from the more radical varieties of Protestantism at home, and as Kenneth Fincham and Peter Lake have commented: ‘it is difficult not to be impressed by the skill with which he handled both anti-Puritan and anti-papal stereotypes to create the ideological space within which the royal will could manoeuvre and policy be formulated.’

CLV 1333 Inside Newark's award-winning display hangar, Prentice T.1 VR249 is receiving a repaint, the silver finish achieved being all the more remarkable because it has been rollered on, not sprayed.

CMM 372 The only difference is that, the fewer roses you have space for, the more certain you have to be that the varieties you grow give the greatest possible pleasure, for the longest possible period and with the most resistance against pest and disease.

CRY 1250 The more dramatic was the salvage operation.

EA6 485 The more sophisticated projects drawn up by Speransky in 1809 and Novosiltsev in 1819 were made at Alexander's instigation and fell to the ground the moment he lost enthusiasm.

EE9 1314 Arguably, many of the Majority recommendations were the more politically and financially feasible and more in tune with popular feeling at all levels.

EEK 71 Furthermore, these kinds of effective ties are maintained not only among traditional working-class or immigrant communities, where factors such as economic need and outside hostility may cause them to depend more upon each other, but also among the more mobile members of the middle class.

F9S 1779 This can be seen in figure 7.2, which shows how manufacturing employment in the 1960s and 1970s grew most dramatically in what were basically the more rural parts of the country.

FAJ 2825 As a teenager I was worried by the battle between the sexual thoughts and the more exalted impulses going on in me.

FEW 1171 Conversely, most of the more highly skilled temporary workers work full-time [see Table 2.7].

FNR 1128 If you find this hard to swallow, try to work out what is reality in the more fanciful novels of Daphne du Maurier.

FTT 1452 He has accordingly built, in the heart of Islay, the only brewery in the Western Isles, for preventing the evils alluded to, and for gradually weaning off his tenants from a taste for ardent spirits, and accustoming them to the more nourishing and wholesome beverage of ales; and has, by these means, not only improved the agriculture, but also the morals of the island.

FYX 1073 The more accurately you wanted to measure the position of the particle, the greater the energy of the packet you would have to use and thus the more it would disturb the particle.

G09 351 The confusion of person in the first sentence is understandable as the contract was written out in Old George's hand; and as the sole contracting party on one side it was easier for him to write my than the more impersonal, if more accurate,the master's or some other third person equivalent.

G1J 437 Because of the more visible appearance, combined with several major scandals, of corporate crime, it is an area which the Thatcher Government has been forced to address.

G2S 1704 The heavier your pack, the more important it is to get a good fit.

G36 134 When he asked the sales assistant about the cost, the reply was: ‘The more you buy, the cheaper they are.’

G3R 1627 Also in residence was General Vernon Walters, who, since his trip with Hariman to see Mossadeq, had been one of the more redoubtable and mysterious figures in the American, military-intelligence complex.

GT2 753 On the more positive side, Roger and his officials ordained or enlarged at least five vicarages.

GWN 171 I am encouraged to see that in the more recent case of Ensign Tankers v. Stokes the House of Lords has now rejected the notion that the mere fact that a transaction is undertaken for the purpose of obtaining a fiscal advantage compels the court to ignore and nullify all the fiscal consequences which are beneficial to the taxpayer.

HBK 372 The more people involved, and the more skilled they become, the better the results will be.

HY8 1367 The more the United States was seen to take the lead — especially at the UN — the better the prospect, so Eisenhower correctly calculated, of preventing yet more harshly worded motions in that forum.

J0P 625 There is an elegant historical model, according to which the more backward an economy and the later it started upon industrialisation, the greater its reliance on the new large-scale methods of mobilising and directing savings.

J18 1050 The thesis of that view is that man originated in rain forest and not in the more open habitats associated with the African finds.

K5A 5132 Though his eyes are mainly on the lucrative US Seniors Tour, Jacklin also plans to lend support to the more recently established European Seniors circuit.

K5H 2824 The theory behind Sir Bryan's thinking is that the more efficient tied agents — such as the building societies — will offer the products to consumers at lower prices than smaller and less efficient tied agents.

KAY 1004 Parts one and two overlap in time for a while, but from different points of view, which makes the book all the more fascinating.

KCF 1851 I mean, the more space you have, the more muck you'll make!

KPV 4537 My mum 'cos it's so much cheaper to buy them the more .