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A0K 234 The fact that a sociologist was witnessing the interviews make it all the more certain they would be conducted with scrupulous care, but there was no way he would be given access to the extra-legal deals which may well have gone on outside the interview room or later during a prison visit for ‘write-offs’.

A31 15 The more usual examples arise from the misuse by public officials of the powers delegated by Parliament to central or local government, or to the many other bodies exercising administrative powers.

A57 25 Cuddly Saddam Iraq is not a country one normally sees being defended, so it is all the more intriguing to read a glowing account of this thuggish regime by Tony Marlow, the right-wing Tory MP for Northampton North.

A7C 1067 The more Jack was in demand, as a lecturer, teacher, and man of letters, the more danger there was that Warnie would be thrown back on his own society or, worse, on that of Mrs Moore.

ADW 1256 Ibrahim al-Sanusi then spoke: the more serious the offence, the more difficult to make peace, the greater the compensation had to be; it was important to know the offence.

ALF 158 Successful farming in DRAs demands very high levels of skill but an even smaller proportion of farmers in such areas appear to have received any formal training; opportunities to receive it are considerably less than in the more favoured farming areas.

APW 3061 She smiled the more as he preened and kissed her hand gallantly.

ASB 1235 The more serious the violation by the police and the less serious the charge the more likely it is that the evidence will be inadmissible, though there are occasions in Scotland where crucial evidence has been struck out in serious cases which include murder.

ATG 636 At one time, some enterprises in the more developed regions invested in hotels on the Dalmatian coast in order to obtain scarce foreign exchange through the retention ratio system then in operation.

B17 860 The basic argument is that the more adolescents are supervised by their parents and, perhaps, their teachers, the less likely they are to become involved with or influenced by delinquent contemporaries and delinquent values.

B1M 795 The more phosphate that is available, the more algae grow and multiply, sometimes to such an extent that they form a dense mat over the surface of the water.

B2A 1840 An alternative — and theoretically the more sound approach — is a ‘demand-led’ strategy in which general managers are committed to investment in development because they can see its importance.

B2F 1048 It is important to observe behaviour as accurately as possible because the more accurate the observation the more this helps you to place a valid interpretation on what you have seen or heard.

B7C 1555 In his Circle Limit series, the Dutch artist M. C. Escher borrowed a version of Poincaré's model from H. S. M. Coxeter, professor of mathematics at Toronto University, and embellished its symmetries, just as elsewhere he had embellished the more worldly symmetries of the familiar Euclidean plane (Figure 6).

C8D 1911 You see, the more positive side of his personality compensated neatly for the rest.

C91 483 Matt Mantelow has also asked me to list some of the more common logic gates according to their function.

CAG 738 We are in the presence here, not of art or science, but of an ideology, harsh as any revealed creed, and the more damaging to the world for being unable to name itself.

CAN 140 However, despite the publicity given to the more extravagant claims about the impact of new technology on the level of unemployment, and the popular notion that the silicon chip is a job destroyer, a survey, published in 1979, of some 400 documents on the effect of the new information technologies on employment showed ‘how little foundation there is to existing studies, half of which are by pessimists (often with a trade union background) and the other half by optimists (who tend to be on the employers’ side)’(Institute for Research on Public Policy 1979).

CAW 339 This down-to-earth good sense has not been sufficiently stressed in the past; there is a normality, a sanity, a state of psychological health which is so often missing in the more obviously ‘Romantic’ of Wordsworth's contemporaries.

CAY 512 Here again, the more advanced radios cater for this situation by incorporating a separate low pitch adjustment associated with the ‘idle up 2’ function.

CD5 109 hailing from bonny Glasgow but destined for world domination, One Dove are one of the more permanent fixtures of a transient club scene and, despite the innocuous chemical reference, they'd rather whisper sweet nothings in your ear than whip you into a frenzy of fancy footwork.

CFK 1043 Such metalwork may be the more prestigious items, not the more common varieties, resulting in a marked bias in our view of the economics of both metalworking and the period as a whole.

CFK 1048 While there are less accomplished versions of the more elaborate examples in a given region, as in Kent, the virtuosity of the buckle, shoulder clasps and purse from mound 1 at Sutton Hoo inevitably led Speake to talk of a Sutton Hoo master craftsman and a workshop; later pieces may have been produced by workers trained there.

CLH 594 This view may not, however, be generalisable to the more common experience of perceiving moving signs where temporally salient cues are present as well as spatially salient cues.

CLN 1063 It was a lament which registered the weakening of a moderate, socially philanthropic evangelicalism in the face of the more strident and ultimately more bigoted brand associated with Irving and Drummond outside the church and the Recordites within it.

CRM 8208 The more nearly vertical an object's trajectory, the deeper it penetrates into the atmosphere before catastrophic disruption.

CRX 532 And the more general view that the causes of crime are located in problems in early family relationships has, of course, been incorporated into most criminal jurisdictions.

ECY 977 So the group, the primal horde, may be attractive to both those with little tension from their ego ideal, and for those people with a great deal, such as the more ‘cultured’ among the middle classes in modern societies.

EEB 119 The more time you have spent making notes from lectures or from books and rewriting and ordering those notes, the greater the importance that material will be to you.

FAT 2537 The more I repeated those I was willing to talk about, the more determined he was to accept the job.

FP1 599 In some fantastic way, he could see his mind like these barren screes — a frozen cascade of broken rock face lying on the more solid rock waiting only for an impulse to charge it into dangerous motion.

FS6 546 Mobile meals services can be provided or luncheon clubs for the more active old person, where company and entertainment can be obtained as well as a meal.

FT1 1993 The more likely reason for this move is a ‘tit for tat’ reaction.

FU7 18 Barmy was the more likely response.

G08 892 This pattern reflects both the tendency for school-leavers to leave the more rural and remote parts of the country and the fact that many people at or near retirement age see advantages in moving away from the more expensive and congested metropolitan regions.

G0D 1155 The Common Cause argued that coercive legislation was no substitute for tackling the more fundamental problems of poverty and men's immorality which stimulated the prostitution trade.

G2D 472 (The more exotic ingredients can be found in Chinese supermarkets that serve local Chinese communities.)

GUV 568 In addition to DATEC's Higher Certificates and Diplomas, there is a number of well-known high-level vocational courses like those leading to awards of a professional body, such as Diploma and assessment for Diploma membership of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers (SIAD), one of the more influential bodies in this area.

GYB 120 The more dilute the urine, the less it'll irritate, sting and burn.

H8X 1444 The more celebrated I became the worse I painted and the more false I felt.

H9M 889 A useful introduction to the more technical aspects of the application of rational expectations can be found in Minford and Peel (1983).

HJH 550 A kiss on the head and she was off, leaving him the more deprived for his brief spell in the full sunny glow of her attention.

HPU 425 Sudden death is rarely the fate of a theory; a slow ageing to redundancy is the more usual end.

HSJ 887 The more charity events celebrities do, the greater the euphoria they experience.

HXS 398 It is interesting to note how even euphemisms, symbolizing but not presenting marked terms, can be the more amusing for the conspiracy between scriptwriter, actors and audience in recognizing the term signified at the same time as superficially recognizing that its use is a taboo not to be broken.

J18 1118 As they could no longer live in trees and needed the plants with which they had co-evolved in the more seasonal habitats in the beginnings of agriculture, at least vegeculture, those who did not cultivate had to trade.

J57 408 Having identified some of the salient features of contemporary Britain and, as a prerequisite, the process of political socialization, we can now progress to the more analytically useful study of the British political culture.

JNM 251 Er, yes in the studies in nineteen ninety two er Eurofighter suggested that there could be reductions in the holdings of spares, rolled equipment and support items as a result of the more accurate forecasting which we expect to emerge from the logistics support analysis.

K27 1898 The more traffic, the more exhaust.

KC8 933 I mean our, the more I think about it I think the main, we might even go to Germany to see my sister,so it might be next year, but I can't get Tony to talk at the moment, I don't know erm,