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A3L 352 ‘It is not simply a matter of buying a spool and catching millions of fish,’ Chilton said, ‘but the more skilful and forward-thinking anglers are developing its use all the time.

A9D 803 Known for its gleaming and airy entrance lobby, bedecked with trees and tropical plants which became a night-time illumination, the building was regarded as one of the more tasteful and less controversial of the City's recently constructed edifices.

ADL 1144 The more North built up the contras in secret, the more he fretted that liberal Democrats in Congress (’ Kerry, Barnes, Harkin et al .’)

AE0 3330 The more absurd it appeared, the more appealing it became.

AMC 581 Wendy and I had decided that we did not want to remain in Wolverton, if we could go to one of the more interesting towns nearby.

APN 788 When they do, the results are all the more dismal.

AR9 251 The more public support you can demonstrate, the stronger your case will be.

B1R 354 The more that you know about what is normal and expected in diseases the easier it will be to evaluate the Peculiars.

B1U 1229 Some of the more obvious locations, such as Felixstowe (Suffolk) were not granted Freeport status.

B77 1483 But behind the more bizarre, outlandish aspects of ufology lie some phenomena worthy of study

BM4 2747 A good-natured French send-up of the Hollywood private-eye film, pitched somewhere between Raymond Chandler and Mickey Spillane and taking the more humorous from both.

BN1 1556 In the games I enjoy, the better I become at them, the more do they come to resemble dream; and the more does sleep-dream seem familiar, comfortable, homely.

C95 719 It undoubtedly owes its early discovery by both scientists and the hobby to its distribution pattern; it is found all along the main drainage of the Amazon in relatively accessible waters, unlike some of the more recent introductions (eg A.nijsseni, A.macmasteri ) which have a very restricted range in small bodies of water off the beaten track.

C9C 181 Few plants come in such an interesting range of variegations, from loud ones like ‘Goldheart’ or the oddly miscoloured ‘Buttercup’, to the more restrained, marbled foliage of ‘Luzii’.

CA3 341 ‘The more the merrier,’ she smiled back, hugging the seventh guest to her.

CAA 216 We will also be organising further shorter visits in the more immediate vicinity.

CAK 508 The industrial north of Italy, in turn, has depended heavily on a reserve army of the unemployed from the south — the more backward Mezzogiorno — and now increasingly from North Africa.

CG0 258 The more conservative sceptics of reform would have gladly closed the door on the outside, non-communist world.

CHE 738 The longer my quest had gone on, the more Mum had begun to react to my moans of frustration with reservations of her own.

CJJ 1493 The more inventive, the better.

CLP 963 However, the more primitive the skill the more there must be an element of chance.

CRY 1723 With certain exceptions, such as an increase in sport and a decline in foreign coverage, the more specific categories did not vary greatly either.

E9W 388 the more I worked on it the more it began to evolve into another kind of idea and the more removed it became from my initial study which had so much freedom and energy, so I stopped.

EBV 486 The museum's elegant sloping design, by Jerusalem architect Ze'ev Schoenberg, has, on the other hand, won general applause, the atmosphere of airiness and intimacy being a happy contrast to the more cavernous Israel Museum.

ECB 1385 The more efficient and mechanised housework becomes, the more the housewife's standards can rise.

EE9 1017 It was the more attractive because a general election was imminent and Balfour, at least, hoped to lose it, thus transferring the burden to the Liberals.

EES 1987 For this reason, the general collocation dictionary is suggested as the more appropriate.

EVJ 559 Even so we do sometimes find admissions that women were doing the more advanced tasks.

EVN 1558 I've tried in this book to demonstrate the importance for people in television to ignore the more glamorous and artificial aspects of the job, and to keep their feet firmly on the ground.

EVW 215 The insect head presents many morphological problems but it is convenient here to give a descriptive account of the head-capsule and cephalic appendages before discussing the more important theories of the segmental composition of this region.

EW5 2407 The more you try to, the more corrupt you and your organization are likely to be.

F9H 1944 ‘The more boxes, the more pied flycatchers,’ conclude naturalists.

FS7 981 It is important to note that most of the authorities which have experienced the more punitive forms of grant limitation and all but one of the authorities which have experienced rate capping have been Labour controlled.

GV0 387 Although the more generally noticed constructional shoreline features are the large sand and shingle formations, interesting minor features are to be observed on many beaches, among them beach cusps and sand bars, for the formation of which little or no longshore drift is necessary.

GVU 478 The more that is desired, the more time it is likely to take to produce the annual report.

H78 812 However, as we shall learn in the next chapter, black holes are not really black after all: they glow like a hot body, and the smaller they are, the more they glow.

H78 1439 Some groups of pieces may still form parts of the picture, but the more you shake the box, the more likely it is that these groups will get broken up and the pieces will be in a completely jumbled state in which they don't form any sort of picture.

H89 1368 The privacy made it perfect for the reception of forbidden lovers which made Roshanara Begum all the more jealous that such facilities should be given to her sister Jahanara while being refused to her.

H8H 26 The coolly spoken words were like a bucket of ice-cold water thrown in her face, but instead of restoring her composure it had the opposite effect of stoking her anger all the more.

HAS 146 Future work will concentrate on our strengths in the more specialised nuclear and petrochemical sector.

HHW 11858 The more I think about it, the more I believe that it is a political unit in which the minority accept the verdict.

HLJ 1430 In the more industrialized north of Italy the electorate resisted exhortations from the Catholic Church hierarchy during the latest election campaign for a "united vote" — meaning a vote for the CD.

HPH 182 The more letters are received, the more attention is likely to be paid to the strength of staff feeling, so pleas join in the action.

HSD 2483 For the reasons given above, the vapour will be richer in the more volatile component.

HTV 1015 Through Hollywood, and the globalization of the movies, via Madison Avenue, from where Ewen's ‘captains of consciousness’ created the modern advertising industry, to the more geographically diffuse but ideologically monolithic television net’working conceptualizers, the transnational capitalist class in the United States has assumed leadership of the culture-ideology of consumerism in the interests of global capitalism in the twentieth century.

HWH 633 The more elements are related to , the more complicated is the income multiplier formula.

J7B 168 The more varied or diversified the business of the client, and the larger the amount of insurance to be placed, the more likely it is that he will look around the market for himself in order to obtain the best terms.

JNM 251 Er, yes in the studies in nineteen ninety two er Eurofighter suggested that there could be reductions in the holdings of spares, rolled equipment and support items as a result of the more accurate forecasting which we expect to emerge from the logistics support analysis.

K94 2632 The more popular types of tufted carpets are not manufactured.

KRP 83 In all these matters the more you know about the media and the more you know about what they're looking for and the more you know about techniques and the more you can develop things, the greater the possibilities are and the greater the opportunities.