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A2W 87 The more ballots spread, the worse the left performs.

AJY 1518 There are still those who say they can't get used to Citroen steering and that the suspension makes them sick; there are many more who say getting used to any other sort of steering after driving a D- or C-series car is much the more difficult adaptation to make.

ARH 1466 This, coupled with its comparative rarity in the Western world, has lead some of the more cynical amongst physicians to doubt its very existence, and to suggest that it is really a collection of ulcerative genital conditions including herpes and trauma.

ARM 470 Even from the more recent past a younger Pete Dossett or Jason Lunn would have been seen working out on the Farnborough ramp.

AT1 418 ‘I think the more arrogant or full of themselves they are, the more they think the songs are about them.

AT9 173 The more fully the priesthood reflects the whole range of humanity, the more fully we see the implications of humanity as created in the image of God.’

AYK 904 Remember that, where love is concerned, the more you give the more you get.

AYK 1200 You will find that the more confident you become, the more you will be able to enjoy the different relationships you have with those around you — and the happier you will be.

BMP 885 Thus local views on Sunday observance or prohibition are often disregarded and only views of the more vocal section of the community heeded.

BN6 1255 Last winter I came face to face with one on the landing — I don't know which of us was the more scared.

C9S 1502 Section 28 was one of the more noxious consequences of moralism's new-found influence and respectability.

CFK 330 Some of the more complex structures may have had suspended timber floors.

CFK 1043 Such metalwork may be the more prestigious items, not the more common varieties, resulting in a marked bias in our view of the economics of both metalworking and the period as a whole.

CHL 471 From the evidence presented above — and this is merely illustrative of the evidence available — it should be clear that corporate crime ought to be a prioritized concern because it is the more serious.

CL6 669 Nor has his influence always been entirely healthy: he resembles Nietzsche and Schopenhauer in that it has sometimes been the more morbid and pathological features of his thought that have exercised the strongest fascination on his readers.

CL7 308 It became a desperate struggle to get them on; the longer it took the more difficult it became as my fingers became numb and useless.

CMD 1116 The higher this figure is, the more light it lets into the binoculars, brighter the image it gives.

CRY 529 He was all the more striking because the boast that he ran his papers just to make money contrasted strongly with the more complex motives, combining profit with politics, that were still typical of the proprietors of the early 1960s.

ED5 438 There are no parish or town councils within London or the major urban centres of other large cities though some exist within the more rural parts of metropolitan districts.

EDK 452 A more educated, literate, and rational society weakens their effect; contraceptive knowledge and practice spreads first in the more educated classes, then to poorer people.

EVH 1246 Basil was not a great public speaker but what came through was all the more effective because it had not come easily.

EVW 381 These occur in nearly all orders of insects but are best developed in the more primitive groups (Orthoptera, Dermaptera, Isoptera, Odonata); in the higher orders they are more or less reduced.

EX0 64 Some of the more famous names in oriental rugs, in particular Herati and Mir, refer to the design, rather than the place where they were made.

EX8 425 Calcium permanent hardness requires the more expensive sodium carbonate, whereas magnesium permanent hardness requires both lime and sodium carbonate.

F8R 110 will exist will be that much lower, presumably, than the level of people who are in the more productive, the more fertile er parts of the countryside which are already in use.

F9L 853 As a civil lawyer he was much employed in diplomatic business, but in the 1320s he was twice appointed treasurer and spent his time in that office supervising and organizing the more efficient collection of taxes, fines and forfeitures.

FAD 93 Nor is it found in the more ‘standardized’ forms of Ulster English.

FBJ 498 An innovative attempt to distinguish between the more objectionable forms of cheque-book journalism and the literature which makes a significant contribution to the culture or contributes to the prevention of crime or the rehabilitation of offenders is being made in Victoria, Australia, where the Crimes (Confiscation of Profits) Amendment Act 1991 (Vic.), although expanding the concept of ‘benefit’ to include the profits of criminal expression, will provide a court with discretion to decide whether or not to treat the profits as a ‘benefit’for the purposes of the Act.

FMC 129 Because the more you actually write the music notes Carl the better you will be able to do it when you eventually come to have to write them in exam.

FNX 1332 The more he thought about it, the more he felt that the contract he had renegotiated with Virgin had not gone far enough.

FR2 475 In recent years tourism has also made an increasing impact on farming, particularly in the more scenically attractive and marginal farming areas, and in Scotland, at least 20 per cent of farms indulge in farm tourism, and farm tourism accounts for at least 10 per cent of net income (Denman, 1978).

G2B 1210 Singles may book ‘willing to share’, in which case they'll be given one of the more spacious twin rooms at no extra charge.

G3H 1448 In any auction, the more who bid, the greater the likelihood of obtaining the best possible price.

GTG 172 Charles de Constant, cousin of the more famous Benjamin, French writer and politician, said of him in 1816, ‘his great age, his white hair, contrast strongly with his vivacity and his energy; he has an originality of expression and a fire which belong only to genius.’

GW4 687 Their books, The Painting of Modern Life and Fin-de-siècle Vienna, though receiving recognition in specialist circles, have not had any sort of widespread resonance in the more general debates.

HA1 555 The storage and dispensing of such material was to prove one of the more baffling, wearisome, and occasionally lucrative obsessions of the underground in the years ahead, but by the end of 1966 Sigma was petering out.

HAC 594 A mouse is required to direct the shots from your laser cannons, the longer you last, the more threads that fall.

HNV 246 The last term is the difference between the first two columns, not the more complex statistical measure.

HTY 2800 Perhaps the louder she shouted the more he would believe her.

HWG 388 If one remembers that the rebels had sympathizers in London, although these may have been partly alienated from them by the disorders, it is all the more remarkable how quickly the city authorities reasserted their control and obtained substantial support.

HY6 268 In the visual arts the more immediate appeal of the physical and emotional realities of Gothic replaced the more remote, albeit intensely moving, complexities of Romanesque and Celtic styles.

HY6 268 In the visual arts the more immediate appeal of the physical and emotional realities of Gothic replaced the more remote, albeit intensely moving, complexities of Romanesque and Celtic styles.

J0P 1392 But in a primitive way the view that the upper classes were a higher type of humanity, developing its superiority by endogamy, and threatened by mixture with the lower orders and even more by the more rapid increase of the inferior, was widely held.

J0U 1574 Admittedly the zeal with which trades unions seek to achieve increases in the money wages of their members is likely to be tempered in times of rising unemployment, an outcome which is also predicted in the more formal models of hysteresis.

J1G 273 Why should we be worried anyhow: the longer it take everyone to realise we're back the more victories we will pile up.

J35 133 Among the more dramatic decreases were those of the wren (54 per cent reduction), whitethroat (44 per cent down), robin and blackcap (32 per cent), blackbird (29 per cent ) and song thrush (27 per cent ).

J73 148 The less clear the rules, the more difficult they will be to enforce.

K8X 587 But the more genuine the competition, the more ineffective do government-imposed controls become as a way of affecting enterprise behaviour, since it must increasingly be governed by the ‘logic’ of the market rather than of political control.

K9V 488 The dock worker cooperative at Southampton has proved particularly successful although coops at Barry, Greenock and Newport have found life tough in the more competitive environment of the 1990s.

KRH 2926 Some rather nice experiments were carried out, perhaps in the Forties and Fifties, by Uray and Miller, who thought that the early atmosphere mainly contained methane, water and ammonia, mainly hydrogenated species which were thermodynamically stable, and they thought that perhaps if one put a discharge or if volcanic processes could actually inject energy into such a system and form the more complicated and more energetic molecules required for biology to actually get started.