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A06 9 Some people find this makes theatre less ‘believable’— less true to their own experience and therefore less convincing than the more restrained performances seen on television and cinema.

A6B 1957 The Quartets are all the more impressive for having this political dimension worked into them, yet still subordinated beneath the religious scheme.

ADB 183 (But in 1923, George V chose Stanley Baldwin to become prime minister over the more experienced Lord Curzon, and in 1957 the Queen passed over R.A. Butler to succeed Harold Macmillan.)

AHJ 390 Then the Administration wants the more closely watched federal funds rate that banks charge each other for overnight reserve borrowings to be cut from its long-standing 4 per cent to 3.5 per cent.

ANY 2836 The more the men whistled, the more ribald their remarks, the faster she walked; but the faster she walked, the more of a sexual object, or sexual quarry, she became, twisting and turning between the rows of benches (for she soon lost her bearings), stumbling over piles of metal parts, skidding on the oily floor, her cheeks as red as her hair, the wings of her nostrils white, her eyes fixed steadfastly ahead, refusing to meet the gaze of her tormentors. ‘'Allo, darlin', lookin' for me?

ARG 709 As we are inspired and taught by others, we find that the closer we get to Jesus, the more we share in common with those on the road with us.

ASU 112 The derelict fourteenth-century Lammerside Castle and the stately Wharton Hall, a fine example of a late medieval house built for defence with an imposing gateway, are passed on the west bank before reaching the more sylvan surroundings of the village of Nateby and the environs of the pleasant market town of Kirkby Stephen.

AT4 824 She got up early to muck him out and groom him and exercise him, and she babysat nearly every evening to keep him in good oats (not Uncle Knacker's) and shoes, and when she saw the riders she was up against in the collecting ring, with their adoring parents and their fat cheque-books, it just made her all the more determined to beat them, because determination was all she had.

B04 1140 Indeed, as experimental psychology of animals evolves from simple behaviourism — the simple response experiments of Skinner — to the more complex information-theory of positive science, it becomes ever clearer that the minds of animals — and I use the word advisedly, meaning their capacity to reason from stored information — are extremely complex, and this imposes a greater responsibility on us.

B07 583 It is also probably true that the more specialized the catalogue the more likely it is to be used for selection — for instance, the catalogues of local publishers, those of specialized formats (e. g. microforms, large print books), or those in subject fields which are dominated by the work of one or two publishers.

B25 198 The act of giving the child a name, which accompanies the baptism, is not explicitly brought out in either the term ‘baptism’ or the more commonly used ‘christening’, since the latter, obviously, means making a Christian of the infant.

B7G 1995 This collection of problems, divided into sections, ranges widely over physics, and a special feature is the provision of hints and part answers for the more difficult problems, which precede the final list of complete answers.

C9M 1204 The layout of the Alpha 2.0 isn't the simplest to get to grips with without some help — especially if you're used to such simple machines as the Alesis Quadraverb — and the fact that the manual seems to require a PhD in logistics to understand just makes it all the more frustrating.

CCV 1671 For example, in some tasks, the more direct way of speaking that is more common to boys will be advantageous; in others, the more tentative approach more frequently found in girls will be more appropriate.

CDT 417 And the more enjoyable they are, the more regularly you will do them.

CF4 118 Against the backdrop of queer bashing and police harassment, the more disguised problems associated with lesbianism, fared badly.

CGH 1720 Although they come from the same family as the more familiar Corydoras, they differ in both body shape and breeding habit.

CJ2 415 Mussolini was the more hesitant; having failed to respond to two telegrams from Franco requesting aid in the form of military or civilian aircraft, the Italian dictator eventually succumbed to the more flattering blandishments of the exiled Alfonso XIII and a high-level monarchist delegation.

CKR 310 In this he was only following in Lanfranc's footsteps, and it is clear that he expected the king to exercise more authority in ecclesiastical affairs than the more ‘advanced’ ecclesiastical theorists of his time thought tolerable.

CLH 434 The more exploration of BSL learning that has taken place, the more relevant second language learning research becomes.

CM1 1592 Unfortunately, in close combat, the rule is straightforward and brutal: the more ranks you have the better.

CRK 1043 Yet one cannot escape the feeling that if Humanae Vitae had been essentially a reasoned condemnation of abortion, the witness of the Church would have been all the more powerful.

CRS 544 The more able in the group felt they ‘couldn't tell us anything we don't already know’ or they were ‘depressing’, while the remainder said that they did not like them because they made them feel inadequate.

CRW 599 Many transracially adopted children are aware that the darker their skin colour the more undesirable they are to white society; and many feel it is better to be white than black.

CS2 1134 (Spinoza was opposed to the more life denying aspects of the Calvinism of his time.)

EBN 190 Our calendar below lists some of the more important events and public holidays around which you may wish to plan your trip.

EEC 704 When it reached the more sober atmosphere of the Upper House, the clause was decisively rejected, again on a free vote (except for the Government Front Bench), by a majority of 153 (181 votes to 28), despite a powerful plea in its support by Viscount Templewood, who, as Sir Samuel Hoare, had been the Home Secretary so enthused about pre-war prison reform.

EEF 1397 In the meanwhile, it appears that the over-elaborate Kenyan system of import licensing has had a more dampening effect on the animal spirits of entrepreneurs than the more selective Brazilian CACEX system.

EEM 400 The realization that religious beliefs were relevant to the rise of science is transformed into the more parochial claim that a particular religion, or religious tradition, was uniquely propitious.

EFV 180 Therefore tournaments were mock-battles contested by teams of knights and, as in war, the more knights in your team the more likely you were to win.

F9V 1099 For the discourse analyst, on the other hand, the more personal and particular the occasion for the participants, the more limited and circumspect he must be in his interpretation.

FRT 187 From time to time in recent years, analyses have been made, based on information in reference books, of the social background of the more senior judiciary.

FSS 1099 In principle there was no distinction between indirect interference at the first stage and such interference at a remoter stage, but the more indirect and remote the interference, the more difficult it may be to establish on the facts that A did intend to interfere with the particular contract relied on by the plaintiff and that that interference was a necessary consequence of A's wrongful act.

G00 4014 The larger the organisation, the more suitable the dedicated electronic publishing unit concept becomes.

G0H 1233 Instead of being treated as our own ancestors, the Neanderthals of Europe and the more primitive ‘Java man’ were dismissed as distinct forms of pseudo-humanity, driven into marginal locations by the expansion of true humans with a more advanced level of intelligence.

GU9 1041 She always gave orders with a smile, but the more she smiled the more quickly you acted.’

GVF 884 The more easily recognizable fighting sticks, joined by a short length of chain, are nunchaku.

H06 2038 The more stubborn food particles can be removed by gentle scrubbing with wire wool.

H9F 488 In the 1920s and 1930s some Marxists — and particularly those who adhered to Bolshevik views — conceived fascism as the more or less inevitable form assumed by the rule of the bourgeoisie in the monopolistic phase of capitalist development, and at the same time underestimated the strength of the fascist movements.

HH3 1122 This figure is all the more staggering when put in context: it is over four times the value of all Bolivia's other export earnings that year and about equal to the entire country's official gross national product.

HPN 1962 As Margolis pointed out, in an age of literature inflation, the more papers are written, the less they count for, and the greater the pressure to produce more.

HR8 2534 The more he enjoyed teaching, and the more Mr Malik's school seemed to prosper, the worse he felt about his original act of deception.

HWG 81 Economic evidence, then, confirms the more direct pointers to population changes such as the study of replacement rates.

J0P 881 It was recognised that the exclusive pursuit of higher things was very likely to be unremunerative except in certain of the more saleable arts, and even then prosperity would come only in mature years: the poor student or young artist, as private tutor or guest at the Sunday dinner-table, was a recognised subaltern part of the bourgeois family, at any rate in those parts of the world in which culture was highly respected.

JXS 2850 And the more she thought about it the more she felt certain that her instinctive deduction had been right.

JXV 699 The more I put in then, logically, the more determined I'll be to see that it all goes through smoothly.

K23 456 Weather experts say it was a relatively dry winter which makes the water recovery all the more remarkable.

K5M 5253 The more ingenious, those who had mastered paper planes at school, made paper hats from perfectly innocent newspapers.

K8Y 1066 For elementary exploration of a set of data, this is indeed true, but a great deal of work is needed to develop helpful graphical presentation of the results of the more sophisticated statistical analysis.

K90 934 For easy reference these four forms of circuit may be referred to by the more economical descriptions series-voltage, series-current, shunt-voltage and shunt-current feedback respectively.