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A16 78 Swedhouse ‘instant’ windows are supplied ready for installation by the more accomplished d-i-yer.

A59 434 Rarer species of snowdrops are being indiscriminately harvested along with the more common ones.

A68 437 But because it was idealistic it was the more persuasive when he preached it to his young contemporaries.

ABD 1563 The army's impatient colonels and majors may yet overrule the more cautious generals and decide to have a go.

AC3 549 They had a few creams, too — aloe-vera gel and wheat-germ oil; these could be used as an alternative to the more expensive big-brand names.

ACW 778 He could even identify the more famous musicians by their individual styles.

AYM 989 So, the more Keys the more facilities and equipment will be provided.

AYP 1316 So you can be sure that the more you invest, the more interest you'll earn.

B14 365 Isolating an infected person has long been used as a means of preventing the spread of infection and has been very effective in campaigns against the more serious and highly infectious diseases, such as smallpox (now eradicated from the world), Lassa fever and tuberculosis.

B1E 245 The Campa Indians have been forced into the more remote regions of Gran Pajonal due to the migration of Peruvian settlers from the coastal and Andean cities.

B2K 690 In the more general case, however,Z and Ε are complex, and the field equations are essentially non-linear.

B7J 1512 The more we look at the behaviour of insects, birds, mammals, and man, the more we see a continuum of complexity rather than any difference in kind that might separate the intellectual Valhalla of our species from the apparently mindless computations of insects.

C9V 500 Therapeutic systems which disregard the more subtle aspects of the individual are likely to miss some at least of the precipitating factors in disease causation and are therefore likely to be less effective in treatment.

CAF 1831 Wendy (played by Maggie Smith plus wrinkly make-up) has to stay in the Wendy house, while grown-up Peter forgets all about his kidnapped daughter, and concentrates instead on the more important business of bonding with his kidnapped son.

CAN 1012 Therefore, not only were the more skilled elements of the tasks robotised first to save the wages of the more highly paid skilled labour, but by using robots management could be more certain that a critical weld on a critical component was being done to specification.

CCL 489 It makes it all the more opportune.

CCR 85 These arguments tend to be supported by a detailed study of the impact of the war on East London (Bush 1978), and the more recent work of Waites (1987) in which he demonstrates that during the war the working class was able temporarily to reappropriate nationalist sentiment, articulating it with an assertive, class-conscious resistance to perceived excesses of capitalist exploitation.

CE1 365 Within this process of socialization, individuals will learn that some emotions and feelings are not acceptable; this may cover such areas as masturbation and sexual activity, crying (especially in boys), and the expression of the more ‘difficult’ emotions of anger and grief.

CJ3 865 What makes it all the more remarkable is that, unlike other group-living birds, the individuals involved in these mating combinations are not close relatives.

CKT 1152 Both sales saw keen competition for the more interesting lots.

CNX 219 According to marketing division of the Land company in Moscow, sales of 80286-based AT-alikes increased by 15% during November: a company representative says rapid price rises caused by inflation put the more expensive models out of the reach of most customers.

CRX 447 The more open it is to cognitive, interactive and voluntaristic elements, the more misleading seems the whole vocabulary of learning theory as a means of describing it.

CSE 185 In its latest edition, Microprocessor Report has compared the various superscalar architectures now on offer and concludes that the ‘relatively conservative, partitioned approach to superscalar implementation has a clock rate advantage over the more aggressive duplicated-resource approach: the highest clock-rate designs are the 21064 (DEC's Alpha), 7100 (Hewlett-Packard Co new PA-RISC iteration), and HyperSparc (assuming Cypress/Ross achieves its 80MHz goal).

EAJ 1030 By embracing pragmatism, functionalists felt they could adopt a legal method without necessarily absorbing the more optimistic beliefs of the evolutionists about the inevitability of progress.

EBV 1152 These give a completely new perspective on the whole move into three dimensions and provide an interesting context for the more celebrated experiments of innovators like Tatlin, Rodchenko and Gabo.

EBY 432 The same survey found that the more a person smokes the less faith that person has in believing that he or she can stop.

ECY 1369 This is the main appeal of religion to the vast majority of believers, who may or may not have the ‘oceanic’ feeling of the more mystically inclined.

EDG 1449 From the ultra modern to the more traditional feminine style, Lorraine Ramsey presents some of the current choices

EFX 746 After a while, too, some of the more literary residents of Princeton plucked up the courage to speak to him.

EFX 1237 The fact that he had written a large part of it after his marriage led him to think of it as a work quite different from the one he had originally envisaged.It was while engaged on it at Kensington Court Gardens that he added the more tender love scenes which provide its real poetry.

EX0 725 These are normally connected, and — with some notable exceptions — the better the rug, the more expensive it is likely to be.

FLY 641 And er one of the reasons they've reduced the levels of anaesthetic is because the more they reduce the levels of anaesthetic, the lower your chances of dying during the anaesthesia.

FT3 888 Hospital services were developed without general practitioners being asked whether they were required and often at the expense of the more routine but essential treatment our patients required.

FUJ 2400 And the more qualified you are on safety the more prepared you are

G3X 479 Well they say the more you pick them the more they come isn't it?

GSX 294 Hutchinson had become a freeman — that is, a full church member — in 1634 but, along with others considered theologically unsound, was ordered to be disarmed in 1637, and with the rest of his family moved to the more tolerant atmosphere of Providence (later Rhode Island) in 1638.

GU8 2118 Such is one kind of parental care: now consider the more familiar habits of fish.

GVK 527 This is the more paradoxical as Soviet leaders have expressed their readiness since the Twenty-Sixth Soviet Party Congress in February 1981 to discuss issues linked with the international aspects of the Afghan problem in connection with questions on the security of the Persian Gulf.

GVW 1172 Boulding (1968) has identified the crisis of science as arising from the fact that communication among disciplines and subdisciplines is increasingly difficult so that the greater the fragmentation into subgroups the more likely that the total growth of knowledge may be inhibited.

H0P 570 Where a comparison can be made, the data show that, in the more developed countries, the risk of material mortality is greater at ages 45 and over than below age 15 but, as mentioned above, in the region of Asia and Oceania and in Mexico, mothers below age 15 incur by far the greater risks.

H5D 271 once you include that it, because the more he's out of the office the more Sheila has to cover for him.

H8S 723 Only the more special of my ladies get the orchid and lily treatment.’

HHA 1564 Robbie bristled indignantly, the more so because she had felt strangely bereft at the thought of being without his company.

HHF 199 The second point of note is that in places hollows in the ground were bridged on low piers, rather than filled, the more usual and cheaper method.

HLC 2382 The Commonwealth as a whole committed itself to the promotion of sustainable development and alleviation of poverty, with the more prosperous Commonwealth members promising "an adequate flow of resources" to alleviate the debt burdens of the most needy.

HLW 167 We hope the branches and members w w will believe those reports because they will be the truth, and not some of the more highly coloured statements which I'm sure will be put around from time to time.

HXH 21 Once this basic way of tackling literary studies is clear, many of the more specific problems facing you as you answer an exam question or devise an essay topic will begin to fall into place.

J57 304 The more extensive the education, up to university level, the greater the perceived significance of government action.

JA9 114 If you think about, it's very difficult for looking at graph one than er than er looking at the more settled line on graph two, which is actually the same thing if you abide by that

K4T 9865 Their stand was all the more remarkable in that it was compiled in extremely murky light.