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A7N 1192 And, ironically, the more worn they are, the more appealing they become.

AMT 439 There is, however, something of a quantitative scale whereby the more important to us a particular belief may be, the more subtle and even ambiguous will be the evidence for it.

ANT 1365 However, the party did not follow this line; otherwise they would have opposed independence for the more advanced Poland, Finland, the Baltic States and the Ukraine, and supported it only for the more backward minorities.

ANX 903 They say that the more soluble a substance is in the lipid matrix of olfactory cells, the more intense the smell we perceive.

B1L 437 Best was always the more gifted and famous.

B1P 1423 As may be expected, most of the children attending school were the offspring of the more well-to-do traders and farmers, although exceptionally one or two daughters and sons of the labouring poor attended.

B2C 1162 The European eagle owl bone assemblage is similar in this (Fig. 3.3), but it also shows in more marked fashion the zig-zag pattern seen when the more robust skeletal elements like mandibles, humeri and femora are preferentially preserved (Andrews & Evans, 1983).

B3C 2332 The more specialized work of the third year allows major and joint students to follow a special subject which is taught in small groups and includes the writing of a dissertation.

C8V 35 But the more she saw God the more she feared, and the more she feared the more she became angry, and the more angry she became the more she hated, and the more she hated the more afraid of God she grew.

CB6 1063 Their dominance stood in clear contrast with the much more diffused influence of the county gentry in the earlier seventeenth century, yet it was an almost logical outcome of the steady pattern of estate aggrandisement and judicious marriages which the more prudent of the local squirearchy had pursued over several generations.

CB6 1445 The next few years saw a number of sporadic attempts by the gentry to defuse the situation, with a limited provision of allotments to enhance the self-sufficiency of the more respectable labourers.

CBC 751 The more I read of the early months of Nicholas MacMahon the more convinced I became that I too was rearing a prodigy.

CBR 180 Effective communication depends on the immediate and automatic access to linguistic forms so that the mind can consciously engage in the more creative business of negotiating meaning.

CDV 467 Their bewilderments, infatuations, sense of being lost and abandoned, are much stronger than those of Aragorn or Gimli or anyone else in the more active half of the story.

CE4 561 Having spent years ensuring that mounts are cut accurately, and working with the straight lines of frames, I find straight lines just as pleasing in designs as curves, and I think an idea like this makes a pleasant change from the more popular floral compositions.

CEK 4678 The range is huge, from the well-known oranges, lemons and limes to the more obscure kumquats and mineolas, pomelos and ugli fruit.

CRP 401 Miss Murdock, who appears to have had a sense of humour, expressed her high regard for the autochrome process, the delights of which she said, were mainly due to the high number of failures that made the occasional success all the more thrilling.

EA7 227 For a lord's status was directly related to the size of following he could support, and the larger his entourage the more frequently he had to move from estate to estate to feed them.

EBM 687 It can be argued, to the contrary, that the more the courts are opened up to arguments based about the interests of the public or of significant sections of it rather than of particular individuals, the more likely are the judges to be drawn into political battles which ought to be resolved in the political arena and not in courts.

ECU 1281 ‘The more you know,’ he says wistfully, ‘the more despondent you feel.’

EEB 452 Listed below are some of the more common communication blocks and barriers:

EFF 1309 Filming this silver-grey had been very exciting, but for the programme we needed shots of the more typical chocolate-coloured animal, too.

EV6 1041 Nevertheless, over the past 10 years or so, the predominantly histological and morphological descriptions of early post-implantation embryogenesis have been augmented by valuable information relating to the more dynamic aspects of development, such as the normal fate and developmental potency of different tissues or regions of the embryo.

EVF 418 Writers were thought to be probably the more rational and intellectual of the two.

EWR 1290 Tony Davies attests to the continuing force even in the 1980s of the "fluid and contradictory debris of discursive fragments which surrounds such limp, but none the less coercive, questions as" Well, what do you think of this then?"150 It seems that what continues largely to hold these fragments together are those practically-embedded assumptions into which Barbara Hardy, in her strict attention to the humdrum interactions rather than the more formal discursive superstructure, offers a degree of insight unusual for writings on English in higher education.

F98 187 So now the more abstract, intuitive, and ideological branches of the humanities become more attractive.

FEF 150 The better you grasp the salient points (and store them in your memory), the more physical intuition and predictive power you will acquire.

FR2 60 (1984b) found that the immigrants tended to be older, of a higher occupational status, from the more prosperous regions and to have former links with the area.

FR2 664 Hull and Buyhoff (1983), however, used the more traditional medium of colour slides to show that the further the horizon the greater the perceived scenic beauty.

FSE 751 It was true that the Simonova 's earthing crew had been slow to react — the more so since they must have been required to perform a similar task on both of the platforms which had been docked and inspected previously.

FU6 283 A third witness, you understand, adds no further dimension but only spreads it thinner, and a fourth thinner still, and the more witnesses there are the thinner it gets and the more reasonable it becomes until it is as thin as reality, the name we give to the common experience…

GV1 347 These are perfectly adequate for most gardeners, but the more technically appreciative and extrovert amongst us may wish to try some of the more adventurous systems currently available especially those that incorporate varying spray patterns or coloured lighting.

GW6 607 There will be a limiting distance within which the more massive of the two bodies will disrupt the other, and a smaller limiting distance within which, had it survived, the less massive body would have disrupted the more massive body.

H0D 534 You've made things admirably clear, and I'm the more grateful to the Commissioner for taking what may turn out to be my unfounded worries so seriously.

H7S 198 Regularly used in connection with such occasions-and very probably the term used to designate them is the word "honouring" : for example, and the honouring of accession and of campaign respectively; and for the more personal occasions, and the honouring of one's becoming kazasker and Mufti respectively.

H7U 362 The wider and more drastic the clause, the more care must be taken to bring it to the buyer's attention.

HC2 26 Her article reveals that among the more easily preventable or curable types of stress are the work-related ones.

HH2 125 The circumstances which govern this price for any given amount of the commodity vary in character from one problem to another; but in every case the more of a thing is offered for sale in a market the lower is the price at which it will find purchasers; or in other words, the demand price for each bushel or yard diminishes with every increase in the amount offered.

HH2 882 The greater the frequency of a transaction, the more justifiable is a (relatively) expensive governance structure that brings about (relatively) large savings in transaction costs.

HH3 9460 In very few cases is homework a freely chosen option and the more women are trapped into it the more likely is the erosion of services, nursery centres and transport, to trap them into it.

HJH 579 He judged her the more harshly, and was the more hurt by his judgement, because he still worshipped her.

HMG 60 The more production the better it is for them and better to sell the pits off.

HNV 593 Figure 6.5 illustrates the more usual cases.

HRD 662 The more samples taken, the smoother and less stepped the representation will be and the better quality of the sound.

J0P 981 The servants themselves were increasingly and overwhelmingly women — between 1841 and 1881 the percentage of men in domestic offices and personal services in Britain fell from about 20 to about 12 — so that the ideal bourgeois household consisted of a male lord dominating a number of hierarchically graded females, all the more so as male children tended to leave the home as they grew up, or even — among the British upper classes — as soon as they reached the age of boarding school.

J1G 753 The more games they play the more likely they are to win nothing.

JXY 862 She expected arguments, but there were none as the group obeyed David instantly, the more able-bodied standing quietly by the poolside while David, the woman, who she found out was called Sybil, and the pool attendant helped the more severely disabled out of the water and into wheelchairs.

KAL 413 The more politically-minded or more unfortunate of our participants were in the ‘manure’ group, studying and participating in the preparation and spreading of muck for the fields.

KDV 4976 I think the bigger bag you put, the more you su rubbish

KGT 1127 The more, er er sophisticated erm wholesale er distributors now know that people just pick up from stock a box don't they?