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A31 15 The more usual examples arise from the misuse by public officials of the powers delegated by Parliament to central or local government, or to the many other bodies exercising administrative powers.

A6M 338 Such dramatic examples of commercial self-interest were not in reality offset by the more representative efforts of companies such as Unilever, Mitchell Cotts and Booker McConnell in English-speaking Africa, or CFAO in French-speaking Africa who had invested on a long term basis for relatively modest returns.

AA1 169 In 1946, the more moderate people of the north long resisted the southern fervour for the confiscation of private land, and the forced alliance between the Social-Democratic and Communist Parties.

AM2 497 Polecats are related to the more familiar Weasels, Stoats and Badgers.

ASW 599 The more Moors the more gain!

AYK 934 Like love, the more joy you are able to pass on to those around you, the more you will receive in return.

B06 1167 In any case, the more pleasing the aroma, the more likely we will relax into the experience of aromatherapy massage — and it is this ability to let go which is the key to the art of true healing.

B17 668 He found that petty crimes of stealing from work, and the more major crimes of bribery and corruption, often passed unnoticed or were dealt with informally and unofficially by firms.

B2C 1343 On the other hand, an excess of isolated teeth is all the more unlikely to be due to sampling error, and so excess is considered to be significant and to indicate preferential destruction of mandibles and maxillae.

B2T 235 Confidence is the key to success in partnerships: the more happy experiences the better.

B3K 281 Whether you don't know an opera at all or whether it is an old friend, you will still enjoy the show all the more if you have been to the pre-performance talk.

BN9 1523 He and another left-hander, the more dashing 21-year-old Robert Samuels, provided Jamaica with the batting stability they have so often lacked and captain Courtney Walsh gave them the bowling penetration with a tournament record 36 wickets at 11.30 each that combined to regain the Cup for Jamaica from Barbados, their third success in the last five seasons.

C85 646 Her earlier fears about what terrors lay in store returned, all the more powerful because for a few minutes she had forgotten them.

CBF 11225 The more energy you get, the easier it is to beat opponents.

CE7 1214 The more difficult issue, however, remained.

CJH 515 They are all the more impressive because the road at their base nowhere attains much height, being lower than 350 feet above sea level at its summit.

CL1 663 Certainly, they are useful characteristics for sportsmen, as are the more psychological ones, intuitive vision, resistance to pressure and the ability to remain calm under stress being among the more obvious ones.

CMF 394 In his questionnaire, he named some of the more famous such videos, and asked the children to say whether they had seen them.

CMM 982 Perhaps this is an appropriate place for a few brief notes on the more common chemical fertilizers and organic manures of plant and animal origin.

CPB 113 But the more likely scenario is that support for the SQL Access Group will wane, funding from members will dry up and Distributed Relational Database Architecture will become the standard by default.

CS5 226 At the time the Caribbean islands seemed the more attractive prospect, and in the first generation of migration more Englishmen went there than to the American colonies that developed north of Virginia.

EAW 1295 Both it and Eta have M-type spectra, and are obviously orange when seen through binoculars; it is interesting to compare their colours, and I have often found Eta the more strongly coloured of the two, though the difference is very marginal.

EB7 685 In excavations of the past ephemeral traces of occupation were rapidly swept away to uncover the more substantial structures.

EBP 785 After their loss of Normandy in 1204 the king-dukes were all the more concerned to hold on to their southern lands.

ED3 2320 Hanni's wine and food discoveries range from the obvious — for example, blue cheese makes tannic Cabernet Sauvignon wines taste softer; some highly flavoured dishes work better with a less flavoursome wine — to the more unusual: pepper Brie makes almost any wine served with it more flavoursome.

F8E 181 The more important it is in sea water, the longer its residence time.

FB2 147 In very general terms, these developments represent a shift in employment from the more ubiquitous services to those that are footloose (Marquand 1979).

FP4 903 Finally, it is important not to neglect the more insidious effects likely to arise from increased spatial polarization.

FR2 41 For example, Bracey (1958) in a study of 375 Somerset parishes found that, in general , the more remote and less well serviced parishes were those with the worst and most persistent depopulation, and findings like this only encouraged the further development of theories of settlement concentration in the 1960s although these can also be traced back as far as 1918, when Peake (1918) advocated equally-spaced villages with populations of between 1,000 and 1,500 people.

FR2 664 Hull and Buyhoff (1983), however, used the more traditional medium of colour slides to show that the further the horizon the greater the perceived scenic beauty.

G00 2194 Measured in dots per inch, the greater the number of dots, the more smoother and cleaner appearance the character/image will have.

G0H 1160 Evolution was not an absolutely continuous process because the crucial episodes in which life had advanced to an entirely new level of development could not be represented as extensions of the more predictable kind of evolution taking place within established groups.

G32 150 The more this happens, the more sophisticated becomes the response to the world.

GU9 847 One of the more intractable problems was how to dispose of the effluent in an ecologically acceptable way.

H0J 344 It is obviously useful to be able to look up words that you can't remember in a dictionary, but in addition you will find that the more you work on your dictionary, whether it is on a computer or on cards, the more you memorise your vocabulary.

H0U 636 For the more complex general case of the analogous time-dependent form may prove unwieldy and in any case involves much deeper consideration of non-equilibrium thermodynamics.

H4C 1006 So erm they wouldn't take him in the army but he, he was in the more or less he was, he was in the map making department.

H8C 895 Even then, however, the great majority of successful commanders were of noble origin; and by the early eighteenth century it was becoming increasingly difficult in many countries for a commoner to acquire commissioned rank in any but the more technical branches of the service, and almost impossible for him to rise to high rank.

H8V 1252 The plural text will undo the classical image of a tangible author sending a tangible message to a tangible reader; and the more plural a text is, the more it will make it impossible for the reader to find any origin for it, whether it be in the form of an authorial voice, a representational content or a philosophical truth.

HGJ 812 The longer she lived with Ken the more like Wendy she became.

HP6 1011 I still have some of the more interesting pieces at home — bases with pontil scars and necks with ridges to accommodate tie strings.

HRN 29 On the whole, the durability of this remarkable society is the more impressive.

HRP 300 And the worse the problem with cancer got, the more I wanted to eat.

HTX 3006 They were sitting at an outside table in one of the corner cafés of the Ataba el Khadra, out of reach of the traffic but strategically placed so that they could watch not only all the interesting things that went on in the square but also the more sophisticated exchanges which went on between tourist and native in Musky Street.

HYB 124 Selection itself — the choice of this material rather than that — can be a hidden form of indoctrination and the more so if it comes in the garb of so-called publicly agreed authority.

J2L 560 Unlike the west, in the east an adequate understanding of any relationship between mosaics of the later second century requires an appreciation of the more stylistically integrated nature of the sample.

J52 1495 The smaller the change you postulate, the smaller the difference between X "and X" , the more embryo-logically plausible is the mutation concerned.

K1J 1780 His wife Anne says that he DID drink in Saudi, but would never have committed the more serious offence of running a still and selling its produce.

K2L 472 Both players missed the 17 fairway to the right with Wilson lying in the more favourable position it looked like he at last might take the lead but using all his experience McCarroll succeeded on the green for a half.

KAY 115 Rosa Guy is also very descriptive and emotional in her writing, one of my favourite descriptions is on pages 53–54 which tells us how Mrs Aimsley has all her glasses set out on shelves and the higher the shelf, the more expensive the glass and of course not being used to drinking out of glasses, Imamu takes the most expensive type from which to drink milk and syrup and after washing and drying it, he put it back on the shelf, but as he takes his hand away, the glass tips over and falls, smashing on the sink.