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A1B 1991 And the more idiosyncratic his genius (this is the case of Milton, surely), the more likely it is that what will be copied is his mannerisms.

A7N 960 It's interesting to note that, while the French and the English spend similar amounts of money on clothes, the French have by far the more stylist reputation.

ABC 93 The more excited people became, the more active and outrageous he would get.

ABD 1563 The army's impatient colonels and majors may yet overrule the more cautious generals and decide to have a go.

ABE 192 These imperfections make it all the more important for regulators to enforce the BIS minimums and set higher standards for riskier banks.

ABP 902 In some parts of the country it has been the practice to sell freehold land for building, and to take the price in the form of a perpetual rentcharge created by the purchaser; this practice took the place of the more common building lease.

ANA 32 In the more severe cases of mental handicap, there are various specific causes, such as the infection of the foetus in the womb, a disease in the parent, or a disease or infection in the first few days of life.

B10 108 I hope to have established the point that it is not necessary to adopt the apocalyptic views of events put forward by the more sombre critics, nor to deserve the dismissive label ‘puritanical’ in order to believe that there are very good reasons why parents have to enforce rules .

B1P 1423 As may be expected, most of the children attending school were the offspring of the more well-to-do traders and farmers, although exceptionally one or two daughters and sons of the labouring poor attended.

B1R 1686 The more congestion there is the more excitability.

BM1 1553 Children who behave well at school but badly at home may be responding to family tensions, or they may find it easier to accept discipline in the more formal atmosphere of a school.

C93 581 The centre of Newbald was made a conservation area in an attempt to preserve some of the more attractive features of the village.

CE4 425 Naturally, the brighter the white, the more it will suit pictures with a modern style, so consider choosing at least an off-white, if not a cream, for pictures with an antique flavour.

CH5 1399 But the more independent cat is catching up because so many people are desperate to have pets even though they are out at work all day.

CKS 861 The greater the disparity between what teachers want to do, what they are being asked to do, and what they can do, the greater the demands, and the more demanding the situation.

CMT 708 Not surprisingly, Soviet assessments of the more recent Polish crisis are out of tune with the lessons which have generally been drawn in the West.

CMT 921 As their relationship to the USSR is well known, the armed forces tend to attract the more pro-Soviet elements of the population.

CMT 1122 Khrushchev's remodelling of the Armed Forces—his restructuring of individual services, reductions in the size of the Ground Forces, and the enforced retirement of field grade officers—provoked controversy throughout the services and a considerable degree of resentment The more significant fact, however, is the Khrushchev's Politburo colleagues took issue with the ham-fisted and idiosyncratic character of these measures—and, in addition, faulted Khrushchev for similar methods in agriculture and in the restructuring of the Party — State bureaucracies.

CN5 820 The more parents understand the details of the curriculum content and methods of assessment, the more likely they are to act in partnership with teachers to foster pupil motivation and hard work.

CSU 426 The more things change the more they stay the same.

EB1 480 However, the more we investigate this phenomenon with the client the more often it becomes clear that the avoidance is maintained because the person is afraid of the fear response itself.

EEK 524 Perhaps, too, the final horrors of the war — Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the discovery of the concentration camps — shocked ordinary people, for a time at least, into a more humanitarian frame of mind; and perhaps, combined with this, was a determination to enjoy family life after the unhappy experience of war separations and before the more dreadful possibilities with which all mankind now has to live.

EVH 1246 Basil was not a great public speaker but what came through was all the more effective because it had not come easily.

EVM 1219 The contribution which adults other than teachers, both employers and trade unionists, can make to the school curriculum has gained widespread recognition over the past ten years, through the activities of the SCIP, the Royal Society of Arts Industry Year (1986), and the more recent DTI initiatives.

EVN 1423 Of the two, she's the more outward-going.

EX2 833 The larger this magnitude, the more risk-averse the person.

EX5 1649 The more ideas the better.

FF0 662 But because of the very vagueness of form in the crime novel it is all the more important to bear what it is constantly in mind, and all the more difficult to do so.

G0F 3025 The more one can do, the more careful one has to be not to go and do it.

G0G 318 First, it must have enabled him to consolidate his hold on Anglian territories north of the Humber, establishing himself securely now not only in Deira but also presumably over the more outlying regions of his kingdom.

G0U 1407 routine or less important decisions are therefore passed ‘down the line, to subordinates, and the superior is free to concentrate on the more important aspects of the work (eg. planning); and

G28 207 The more they trust you, the more they lend you: the less they trust you, the more they charge you.

GT9 639 Of the two, Jardine was the dour, disciplined business planner, while Matheson was the more mercurial and intellectually curious entrepreneur.

GUE 1632 But the more she thought about his arrogant assumptions, his conceited certainty that she was his for the taking, the more she bristled with indignation…

GVU 863 This is the more important part of the capital/income confusion in public sector organizations: agreement on the irrelevance of income as a performance measure can often be readily obtained because service provision may have nothing to do with the profit motive; on the other hand, all organizations have capital of some sort.

H8C 702 The more enlightened and reforming a government the more obviously it must flout feelings of this kind; and sometimes the price to be paid for flouting them was high.

HAC 3110 The more comprehensive Access developers kit is priced £395+VAT.

HHV 4652 Naturally, companies trading in the more risky markets, for which premiums have been increased somewhat to reflect the risks, are less than enthusiastic.

HLR 1522 Meanwhile, government ministers faced calls for their resignation, and Yeltsin acted to ban the more blatant manifestations of opposition activity.

HRG 364 Among the more common methods are those which depend on the colligative properties of dilute solutions.

HWH 68 Figure 9–2 includes the extreme values the coefficient can take and makes it clear that, the closer to unity is the value, the more unequal the income distribution is.

HWW 1603 It seems, however, that your leitmotiv is that no doctor could be expected to carry out the multifacetted role that doctors ‘helping the police with their enquiries’ have to perform, that they cannot do so with their usual amount of skill, and that they cannot carry out some of the more sensitive tasks without bias or being influenced by their paymasters — the police.

HX9 1461 The Hearsay-II system used segments categorized by manner of articulation features only, avoiding the more difficult task of specifying place of articulation.

HYM 58 Right, so the more that you produce, the more in the higher income you'll get, because prices are higher.

J18 156 In Barteria nigritana (Passifloraceae) in Africa, one coastal subspecies is inhabited by one species of ant; however, the more widespread other subspecies has another ant species, but again not all specimens are infected.

J1F 1795 The more active the merrier too…always nice to have different points of view.

J24 201 Guinness has been targeted at a wider audience, in particular the more individualistic drinker, a position which is supported by innovative advertising around the world.

J7D 1067 The wider the purported exclusion, the more likely it is to be held unreasonable.

K32 2379 Everton always looked the more competent side and were unlucky not to increase their lead in the 50th minute.

K4Y 1243 Curry played on that sense of panic when intimately caught with the money-grabbing Spettigue (Patrick Cargill) or the more civilised Sir Francis Chesney (Frank Windsor) who eventually found his long lost love when the real Donna Lucia did arrive.