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A17 1007 Very often, they believe the more stitches, the more difficult the procedure.

A1F 7 The more firmly he tells them and the country that, as Prime Minister, he and not they will rule, the more likely it is that he will eventually reach Downing Street.

A1R 26 John Simpson's lucid report for Panorama, following groups of mujahedin through most of this year, attested to both the benevolent power of photography — cameramen Chris Hooke and Peter Juvenal courageouslycaught images of broken bodies and wrecked villages, of fire and snow — and the more dubious power of America and Russia, picking up the tab for the fighters but not the victims.

A4P 70 The nearer it gets, the more worried I become.’

ABJ 3042 A few of the more peculiar large meteorites also seem to contain cosmic dust.

ADR 89 But despite flying back to the more forgiving climate of Cairns, his fever showed no signs of leaving him.

AE6 1106 There were exchanges of pulpits, especially between village and town, lay preachers' unions were organized and, by 1898, there were two full-time national missioners, the more famous of whom was ‘Gipsy’ Smith.

AJR 196 The more so at Augusta, the arrival of which each year seems to signal the happy end of winter hibernation.

ANR 242 In an attempt to control some of the more wayward members, such as Prince Pierre Bonaparte and Marie Letitia, descendants of Napoleon I's brother Lucien, the Emperor forbade them the Court.

ANT 360 Madrid was driven by its competition with the more advanced States of north-western Europe (and shortly to be overwhelmed by the Napoleonic wars), and failed to draw salutary lessons from Britain's loss of its North American colonies.

AS0 373 The more time in the day the patient is idle, the more he is likely to sink into a torpor of laziness.

B0P 195 From this you can then judge when you can risk sleeping for an hour or two and so be much fresher for the more likely feeding times.

B14 177 In the main, sporting accidents affect young adults; the more challenging and potentially dangerous sports inevitably appeal to people in that age group.

B3J 2924 It had also long been a great source of amusement to the more belligerent regulars as they watched the uninitiated stumble in and sit down.

BP2 786 However, the more sophisticated NDT and CM techniques remain inefficient.

CBY 522 Becoming a gigolo and selling boats in Fiji were just two of the more inventive careers accountants said they would follow if they could have their professional life all over again.

CCB 542 Of the more than fifty books to come from the press, there is no doubt that the finest was his Chaucer of 1896, reckoned by many to be the greatest book printed in England since Caxton, of which he printed 425 copies with an additional thirteen on vellum.

CDR 2520 The bigger the difference in shade between your own natural colouring and the new, the more your roots will show up.

CDT 1141 With the more persistent caller, you may have to ask the Telephone Exchange to monitor all your calls for a while, or you can change your number and go ex-directory.

CG0 977 A Far Eastern Economic Review article in June 1988 quotes a ‘disgruntled’ intellectual: ‘Fifteen years ago there was a saying, ‘the more knowledge, the more reactionary’, but now people say, ‘the more you study, the poorer you are’’(FEER 16. 6. 88: 34).

CKR 936 Like so much that was sacred at Canterbury, it was all hearsay, and all the more violently adhered to on that account.

CKS 1383 The more permanent way to reduce limitation, however, is to increase capacity — that is to invest time and effort in learning the skills that the job requires so that it can be done more smoothly, more confidently and more speedily.

CKY 1879 One of the more unusual pieces is a late Ming amorous couple in ivory, around 4 inches long.

CL2 220 And the older Richard got, the greater the adolescent turbulence, the fiercer the rebellion, the more he clashed with Elfed and the more he provoked Cis's displays of loyalty.

CMJ 660 In the eyes of the more docile he read their unsurprised acceptance of the fact that even God would not help them.

CMK 481 If still in doubt, then waiting is normally the more prudent course.

CRM 5930 DNA from mice of the indicated genotypes was digested with Bam HI and hybridized to DN10 (upper panel) or control probe 23.3 from the more distal chromosome-7 Emv-23 locus (lower panel).

ED7 936 ‘So as many social programmes and educational things that you take away from the youth, the more and more you foster illiteracy, the more and more you foster disenfranchisement and the more dangerous the population becomes, you see?

EE9 914 Secondary education was to become more widely available, providing a more educated workforce to meet the more sophisticated needs of an economy under increasing competitive pressure.

FA6 1223 The harder the subject is, the more work students have to do, and the more formal are relations with staff.

FA8 1711 One is that it displaces wage costs out of the more expensive core to the somewhat cheaper periphery; another is that it leads to stable long-term relations with suppliers which open up multi-directional flows of information between the partners in the subcontracting network.

FBD 976 Jane Austen uses this technique sparingly, to represent moments of inner crisis, in combination with the more traditional modes of authorial report and direct speech.

FBF 95 In ‘Ease, Into Place and Grow Accustomed’(1987), the steamy blinding oranges, sonorous azure blues and the more synthetic, interior quality of an intense billiard-table green hint at the ways in which colour operates simultaneously on the one level as pre-verbal, as bodily sensation or perception, and on the other as a sign or symbol which modifies or disrupts a system or construction.

FP4 813 Over the subsequent decade this process intensified so much in both numbers of people and geographical scale that an inverse relationship between urban size and population change rate was generally evident and many of the more remote areas in the west and north of Britain experienced a switch into growth after decades of depopulation (Champion, 1981a; Jones et al., 1986; Champion, Green, Owen, Ellin and Coombes, 1987).

FP7 3745 It occurred to her that what Pascoe had said earlier wasn't at all coy; in fact, the more she thought about it, the more carefully judged it seemed to be.

GU8 684 We can consider reasonably clear cut examples of the use of local landmarks and of home stimuli, but when we come on to a possible map sense we shall move into one of the more unsettled areas of the science.

GW4 1512 These groups would be involved in a ‘demand-side’ classificatory struggle with the more established members of the dominant classes whose aesthetic tastes would be for high modernist art.

GWH 1087 The more she cries, the more I enjoy hurting her.

H00 133 I like the more.

H46 1276 Herriot quite skilfully opens up with one or two of the more moving tales, and stitches it all back together again, quite painlessly, but when you wake up at the end, it is as if nothing had happened.’

H7K 896 The more tidy minded among us find it more convenient to think of the Edwardian Era as starting on the 1st January 1900, when his mother was still obviously, if obscurely, on the throne.

H88 1883 She was aware that these could be developed by investigative work, but once she became immersed in the new curriculum, struggling on occasions to keep her head above water, she began to lose sight of these objectives, focusing instead on the more familiar content objectives.

H9A 1374 For Cournot behaviour, and, as increases, the more competitive is the Cournot outcome.

HBT 95 Besides the more obvious areas for employment, actuaries are to be found applying their skills in the academic world, in computer development, operational research and as business consultants.

J57 392 The influences just outlined are in most cases the more important ones but they are by no means the only ones — nor are they exclusive.

K2R 153 It was the perfect example of ‘the more you do, the more trouble you get into’.

K5H 113 The market was easier from the start, with investors concerned about the threat of higher taxes in the Budget at home, worries about the future of the Maastricht Treaty and European economic and monetary union, and the more immediate dangers of Russia lapsing into chaos if the open confrontation between its president and parliament continues.

K8W 1687 The more volatile the shares, the greater the capital requirement which has a corollary with risk weighted assets for banks — the greater the riskiness of the assets, the greater the capital requirement and counterparty capital is used to cover any problems that might occur during settlement procedures.

K90 934 For easy reference these four forms of circuit may be referred to by the more economical descriptions series-voltage, series-current, shunt-voltage and shunt-current feedback respectively.

KDM 7758 The more austere types