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A4P 70 The nearer it gets, the more worried I become.’

A6A 932 I believe that the more promoters to whom agents sell acts that lose money, the less people there will be around to do business with.

A6G 569 This was quickly rejected by the conference, and the two countries moved towards the more moderate British and Canadian positions, which spoke in more general terms about an international authority and quotas on routes and frequencies.

A9R 308 They had been marginally the more dangerous side, but there was nothing then to suggest that Bradford might not complete their third win of the season over Leeds.

ABB 378 It is quite usual to find large joints of roast beef and pork for slicing on the delicatessen counter, but two of the more interesting meats to reach us in recent years have been smoked turkey and pastrami.

AL1 10 All the more reason to welcome this private visit as it permits the cardinal to provide such a role, though he would be reluctant to accept, or even to anticipate, his casting in it.

ALP 870 The more frequent presence of social problems among female GP referrals is interesting here because these might be expected to raise the possibility of alternative referral (for example, to a social worker) and management.

ANH 923 Relying on the moral relevance of one's consent and exaggerating its moral significance is all the more tempting when doing so serves one's own interests.

ANU 132 By one of the more subtle cruelties of Middle East history, the papers and the keys were to prove the most symbolic and most worthless of possessions to the Palestinians.

ATG 564 (Indeed, there is even a large amount of statistical information about each of the more than 500 communes.)

B1E 245 The Campa Indians have been forced into the more remote regions of Gran Pajonal due to the migration of Peruvian settlers from the coastal and Andean cities.

B75 1413 The more tightly bound, or closer, to the nucleus an electron is, the more energy is required to dislodge it; thus radiation of short wavelength, that is, with more energy, produces photoemission of electrons closest to the nucleus.

BMC 742 Ciccolini is capable of very stylish virtuosity and shows this to great effect in the more extrovert pieces to which he also brings genuine humour (as opposed to the archness which spoils so many performances of Satie's music).

BPK 448 The more expert batsmen were only allowed to wield a broomstick the following year, while originality in the style and design of the ‘willow, was to be positively sought after 1891.

CAF 1497 In Nicaragua, the sandinistas are increasingly divided between groups urging the party towards some kind of parliamentary social democratic path, and others who question an exclusively electoral emphasis, demanding adherence to the more radical policies of the past.

CBA 328 It was felt that the more conservative backward-looking elements no longer represented a serious threat to British authority, but could on the contrary be placated and transformed into loyal allies.

CEN 5269 ‘Clearly the older the child is, the more likely it is to understand the instructions it is giving and the effect those instructions will have upon their future.

CFC 1791 Kemp was discharged the same day, but Raynsford — the more seriously injured — was kept in by doctors until Monday.

CHL 464 While it is conceivable that bribes can be used to secure the sale of a better and cheaper product, the more general effect is to shift the balance of business away from the most efficient producer and in favour of the most corrupt producer.

CLE 208 The more general international implications of this thesis, however, may require modification since in a country like Sweden, which has a very high level of white-collar union density, government action was apparently not a necessary condition for the growth of such unions (Adams, 1974).

CMS 673 Such an argument runs rather against the more usual one that science, in the long run, reduces uncertainty.

CRS 335 It is one of the inequalities of the education system that the more successful you are the longer you can remain in it and thus delay independence and entry to work.

CS2 1122 Where does this leave the more ordinary requirements of morality?

E9R 517 Mr. Josse said Youngman was not involved in the more serious injuries the officer received, but his behaviour incited another man who behaved irresponsibly.

EC3 1224 This precautionary demand for money will also be related to money incomes since:(a) the higher your regular income then normally the more expensive are the items you own, e.g. the Rolls-Royce is usually more expensive to repair than the Mini;(b) if money incomes rise due to inflation then the same items cost more to replace or repair.

ECN 941 The more meekly they reacted, the more we'd go on.

ED7 1968 Many of the newer artists — from the mainstream songwriting qualities of Derry's Noella Hutton to the more alternative Answer From Limbo — seemed well worth watching.

EDE 737 It seems likely, moreover, that the police deliberately avoided mixing it in the more perilous districts.

EDG 1262 Most wanted to buy one of the more sophisticated models — 30 per cent planned to buy a built-in thermostatic mixer, while another 30 per cent wanted a power shower.

EV9 1183 Any reader worried by the prospect of such formality will be pleased to see how, as with polynomials in Section 1.8, the more informal notation to which he is more accustomed is soon restored.

EVW 861 A simplified list of the principal skeletal muscles is given below, based to some extent on conditions in the more generalized Orthopteroid insects.

EX5 1598 There are transitional thinkers — those who soon make the conceptual transition from the concrete to the more abstract form of the problem — one that is capable of being solved by a combination of multiplication and addition.

FBB 120 In all these engagements Athens was conspicuously successful, the more remarkably so since she was involved, from perhaps 459, in a distant adventure requiring much manpower, an Egyptian revolt from Persia.

FED 187 If the right hemisphere is merely slower than the left on this task, then the more matches that have to be made the greater the relative right hemispheric disadvantage should be.

FR4 540 The more affluent citizens live to a riper age, chronically collecting health services paid for by the lifelong taxes of the deceased poor.

FY7 550 And then, secondly t to just sort of mention the erm perhaps the more traditional ways of of working with people once they've been sent to you by the courts.

G2B 16 However, very few things go wrong with us, so we back our promises with cash in the more sensitive areas:

G3X 479 Well they say the more you pick them the more they come isn't it?

GV6 921 Meanwhile, there was the more urgent matter of why we had been followed.

H8Y 1035 ‘I don't see why not,’ said Tilney, who was at the age when the more outrageous the idea, the better.

H9F 448 Even more than in the case of war, political sociologists have tended to neglect the more subtle, less blatant influences which affect political change.

HAS 146 Future work will concentrate on our strengths in the more specialised nuclear and petrochemical sector.

HJ4 5095 The result is that ordinary motorists can now pick them up at the more respectable auctions for less than the price of an everyday family car.

HNK 1323 Hyacinth, happily unused to the ways of the more unscrupulous telly interviewer, promptly stuck a roll of paper she had been carrying into the broadcaster's eye, thus bringing the proceedings to a close.

HTF 57 The more the institutions of representative government demand technical efficiency from administrative organizations, the more those organizations have found it necessary to employ specialists and the more difficult it has been for the judgements of the career officials to be resisted.

J7R 186 The passage exemplifies the distancing effect of simile, and the more sensuous effect of metaphor.

K97 5687 This is one of the great fascinations of being involved with living things, of discovering that the more one gets to know about natural things, the more there is still to find out.

KDW 5466 And bear in mind also that the more you take them off the more you bend them whatever and yeah?

KM7 390 Would the more explicit specification in a policy like E four of Humberside, excuse me, that the development should not be speculative, in other words that the end user should be known, overcome some of your concerns?

KRP 83 In all these matters the more you know about the media and the more you know about what they're looking for and the more you know about techniques and the more you can develop things, the greater the possibilities are and the greater the opportunities.