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A04 1546 Perhaps this is the more important in the late twentieth century now that this means of image-making is so familiar that some people actually imagine that a photograph shows the world as it is.

A56 203 Since our beliefs strongly influence our actions, getting them right is socially very important, and therefore the freedom to question received wisdom, especially in fields that affect the behaviour of large numbers of people is, indeed, in the liberal view, a hugely important means, if not a vital precondition, of ensuring that ‘the interests of weaker individuals and groups’ are not harmed by ‘the irresponsible attitudes and actions of the more powerful’.

ABK 2364 The more a nation's companies locate factories abroad, the smaller will be that country's recorded exports, yet its manufacturers may still be expanding their share of world markets.

ADY 3315 It's all the more important now, for you especially, but for Gareth, for Mackie and your new grandchild as well.

ALB 281 There has also in many of these cases been an increasing awareness, not just of the local situation, but of the regional and National set-up, and a clearer vision of the more overtly political values, such as what sort of society communities would really like to live in.

AMM 1352 These other groups of reptiles lived alongside the more spectacular dinosaurs during the Mesozoic: turtles, lizards and crocodiles

ASD 898 As well as beautiful surroundings, it has everything for the more active holidaymaker: scuba diving, dinghy sailing, paragliding, riding, microliting, golf, judo classes, shark-fishing, tennis, all-in wrestling, a fully-equipped gym and a banked motor racing track engineered for speeds up to 200 mph.

BP2 786 However, the more sophisticated NDT and CM techniques remain inefficient.

CB6 916 Guns were only a small part of the Sussex output, and much better known were the ornamental cast-iron firebacks much in demand for the more sophisticated housing of the middling and upper ranks.

CCT 896 The obvious problem with information about credit is that, the more people need it (that is, the groups shown above as most ill-informed about credit, and most likely to use unnecessarily high-cost credit) the more difficult it is to make sure it reaches them.

CHG 1568 The more I had to do with Alec Reid, the more I liked him.

CHJ 640 It's odd to see how much smaller the trees clinging to the cliff face which are exposed to the salty winds off the sea are compared to those growing in the more sheltered woodland later in the walk.

CJ2 30 Decadent or not, Spain in the early twentieth century was certainly backward in relation to other European states: not merely Britain, Germany and France but also the more obviously comparable Italy.

CJ9 2570 Condoms may seem awkward at first, but the more you practise the easier using them becomes.

CJK 2184 Although a car is a necessity, the Brecon Mountain Railway will take you through some of the more inaccessible countryside.

CMN 768 To sustain the more general claims one would first need to have a systematic account of the class structure of a society which showed that the interests promoted by the state were in fact those of the ruling class.

CRA 2046 So it is all the more remarkable that in France, Spain and Italy, where politicians hesitate before being less than wholeheartedly Europhile, parties have either come into government, or may soon do so, that are less enthusiastic about European union than those they replaced.

CTY 1290 The more History attempts to transcend its own rootedness in historicity, and the greater the efforts it makes to attain, beyond the historical relativity of its origin and its choices, the sphere of universality, the more clearly it bears the marks of its historical birth, and the more evidently there appears through it the history of which it is itself a part…inversely, the more it accepts its relativity, and the more deeply it sinks into the movement it shares with what it is recounting, then the more it tends to the slenderness of the narrative, and all the positive content it obtained for itself through the human sciences is dissipated.

EAA 1296 As Handy has argued, the more reconciled their and my expectations are, the more positive the effect on my performance.

EB1 291 The more stress we experience, the more the tap drips.

EBM 921 The second question is, therefore, the more important of the two.

EBX 1597 A Meissen armorial sugar-box and cover from the Swan service modelled by Johann Joachim Kändler, circa 1738, was sold for £44,000 ($75,200), estimate £25–35,000: bidders were undeterred by the putto finial which to some appeared to overburden the more delicate moulded oval shell form with flower and armorial decoration.

EVB 401 I want, therefore, to illustrate how marking can be concerned with spelling, punctuation and structure, but can also simultaneously pay attention to the more important aspects of writing — what the writer is trying to do, and whether he has achieved it.

FAD 93 Nor is it found in the more ‘standardized’ forms of Ulster English.

FP3 1682 But the more reliable sightings, by experienced observers, showed that the eagle was going northwards.

FPR 561 Occasionally this contrivance could overshadow the less congenial reality which lay behind it and could override the more mundane, everyday exploitation of work on the land, but this, given the conditions under which farm workers lived and worked, was only sporadically successful.

FTV 269 This latter version of the redundancy thesis' certainly looks the more plausible of the two.

FU3 961 The more you use them, the more easily they will come to you and the more personal and particular will their meaning be.

FU6 283 A third witness, you understand, adds no further dimension but only spreads it thinner, and a fourth thinner still, and the more witnesses there are the thinner it gets and the more reasonable it becomes until it is as thin as reality, the name we give to the common experience…

FUA 689 The more familiar you are with it, the more confident you will be about using it.

G08 761 One of the most impressive features of 1971–81 population changes is the marked upturn in rate of population growth which was recorded by many of the more remote rural places in Britain, compared with the 1960s.

G0F 3003 The more Howard thinks about it, the less he knows where to look or what to do with his hands.

G1C 1542 There are contested arguments for and against charging for social services, which resemble the more general argument about markets we reviewed in Chapter 3.

H9F 488 In the 1920s and 1930s some Marxists — and particularly those who adhered to Bolshevik views — conceived fascism as the more or less inevitable form assumed by the rule of the bourgeoisie in the monopolistic phase of capitalist development, and at the same time underestimated the strength of the fascist movements.

H9X 1376 His quiet reproaches, as I had felt on more than one occasion, were all the more devastating.

HGK 3562 The more she saw of Felipe, the more she wanted to be near him.

HGP 257 The more the government dislikes the income distribution thrown up by the free market, a distribution reflecting differences in innate ability, human capital, and financial wealth, the more the government is likely to judge that the inefficiency costs of distortionary taxes are a price worth paying in order to secure a more equitable distribution of income and utility.

HJ1 21243 One of the more distinctive features of urban policy in Britain during the 1980s was the return of large scale, comprehensive, redevelopment led by the Urban Development Corporations (UDCs).

HJ7 264 If the more rural areas show up on the whole slightly better than the more populous places that is perhaps a feature that occurs in other aspects of Scottish life; and let the indwellers in those backward centres of population not repine.

HNV 1755 Even in the more difficult case of an unrehearsed drill movement, the order given will be one of a small set of possible orders which fit into a structure made familiar to all concerned by training.

HRP 438 Partly due to their systematic exclusion, but also as a matter of choice, feminist artists increasingly preferred to display their work in settings they considered more appropriate to their desire to participate in the more public/political debates of feminism and a recognition of art as a communicative medium.

HS7 239 The more in touch we are with our own life experience, the greater chance we will have of listening to God screaming his love for us in the ordinary events of our lives.

HSD 954 The names and formulae of some of the more common ligands are shown in table 4.15.

HWV 1407 The more drugs that one gives, the more likely it is that damage to host DNA polymerase will take place.

J12 1665 For example, hydrodynamic stability is now one of the more highly developed theoretical branches of the subject but the need for this type of treatment of the equations of motion would not have been apparent without experimental observations of instabilities.

J2L 557 Likewise, the more naturalistic appearance of the central, sixteen-petalled flowers in mosaic 7 and mosaic C, North Hill, when compared with similar, smaller flowers in mosaic 10, suggests that they are later.

J7R 186 The passage exemplifies the distancing effect of simile, and the more sensuous effect of metaphor.

K5F 1332 The more militant among them have formed a bakers' commando and have blown up several stores belonging to their ‘industrial’ enemies.

K5H 814 The proposal — involving the setting up of three wholly-owned subsidiaries to separate handling of household supplies, industrial sales and pipeline transmission — represents a compromise on the more radical proposals put forward by the industry watchdog, Ofgas, for dismantling the company into separate regional suppliers.

K8Y 1529 If this is not possible we can achieve a similar result by the more complicated design