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A0T 1132 So, the more that surface dyslexics are studied, the more it becomes obvious that the condition fractionates; there are important differences between individual surface dyslexics.

A5R 426 The more we master our environment, we more we must learn to serve it.’

A68 437 But because it was idealistic it was the more persuasive when he preached it to his young contemporaries.

A75 256 Provided that volunteers are not allowed a watch and that they do not use television or radio then they are in an environment which combines some of the comforts of home with the more exacting requirements of free-running experiments.

ASH 394 The more unnecessary journeys you can cut out, the more time you can save.

ASR 902 The more viscous the lava, the more difficult it is to force it through a vent, and the vent may well become blocked with a slow-moving or stationary plug of lava.

B01 86 The greater the past achievement and the higher the social class, the more status individuals have been able to maintain in old age.

B20 699 ‘Why, you must both come with us,’ said Fräulein Müller to Karelius' gratification, the more so as he glimpsed the chagrin in Lapointe's dark face.

B29 1731 The topper is the fastest and most exciting way of learning the fundamental art of sailing or of perfecting the more advanced techniques.

BMW 138 The actresses, of course, were frequently loaned gowns by the house free of charge for the publicity that would be gained when they were pictured wearing them, and there were those among the society women who considered themselves above coming to the couture, ordering instead from the videos that nowadays replaced the weeks of shows of the old days — and staying away all the more determinedly as the great Paris houses vied with one another to tempt them to lend their presence to the occasion.

BNE 1119 In a developing country, like India, a preference for sons would be expected to lead initially to a reduction in the birth rate, which would be to the country's advantage; and before long, the more farsighted parents will realise that in order to have grandchildren, they should select not sons, who may not be able to find wives, but daughters, who will be sought after, and be able to enter into advantageous marriages.

BPG 107 Walking is habit-forming; the more you do it the more you will want to do it.

BPH 1213 Mistakes of that sort apart, it would seem that, as had always been the case, some sort of checking system was needed to give lenders the required degree of confidence to carry on, and that the more thorough and ‘scientific’ it was the better for both borrower and lender, the more effectively it reduced the incidence of overindebtedness, and saved borrowers from overstretching themselves and indulging in mad bouts of impulsive buying.

C9B 316 It is possible that the silent witness of a man's life was more in accordance with the tradition of meditation and contemplation that Gandhi was accustomed to than the more vocal and prophetic approach of the Christian tradition.

CBC 946 ‘In fact, the more I talked to him the more I felt he was not being detached about what he was saying and certainly not professional.’

CCV 1385 If this is true, it is the more important that active approaches and positive attitudes prevail, if enjoyment in books is to be kept alive in the face of more passive forms of entertainment.

CCY 354 The more layers of paint, the longer it will take.

CEK 6793 Although this is not a beginner's resort, it's easy to escape to the more gentle slopes of Lech.

CG5 954 Security grilles give more protection than window locks alone, and are ideal for the more vulnerable windows or doors at the back or side of a property.

CHL 522 Staw and Szwajkowski attempted to test the following hypothesis: ‘when the organization is located within a scarce environment, one method of coping with intra- and extra-organizational demands may be to perform activities which are legally questionable…the more scarce the environment of a business organization, the more likely it will engage in activities which are considered unfair market practices or restraints of trade’(1975: 346–47).

CJ3 1588 These quite palatable species therefore mimic the more dangerous ones and benefit from the similarity.

CJF 1092 Massingham hated to leave a scene of crime even temporarily while the body was still there, and he would go the more unwillingly because Kate Miskin, back now from Campden Hill Square, was to stay.

CL1 1086 Most are brought back into line by their parents and made to organize their lives around achievable objectives, to persevere at the more mundane, sometimes uninteresting but attainable positions in society.

CMB 676 ‘An out-party sometimes forgets that the power it exercises as an opposition is to some extent in the hands of journalists’; the more supportive the press is of the opposition party, the more pressure it can bring on the party in power.

CMM 340 So much for some of the more salient principles in deciding what you would like to grow, what you have the space for, and what you are letting yourself in for in terms of looking after them.

CR8 468 Prose serves for day-to-day communication, but not for the more sacred things of life.

E9Y 1056 ‘The more I followed one character's life, the more I was led into those of several other characters,’ he says.

EA7 837 All this formed a background to the first century of crusading; and it goes some way to explaining the more secular aspects of the magnetism which drew French knights to take up the cross in their thousands.

ECS 1046 Many restaurants close on Sundays but here is a list of some of the more convenient places which do open.

ECY 1369 This is the main appeal of religion to the vast majority of believers, who may or may not have the ‘oceanic’ feeling of the more mystically inclined.

EFF 1309 Filming this silver-grey had been very exciting, but for the programme we needed shots of the more typical chocolate-coloured animal, too.

EFV 1306 As a result she was present at the important council meetings at the end of the year and it would be surprising if her voice was not heard in the discussions about the future of Aquitaine — all the more so since she could be expected to have some influence over her children, and particularly over Richard.

EVV 1276 The more fine-grained the criteria descriptions, the more criteria there will be.

FB1 513 It provided the leadership in February, it succeeded in opening the eyes of the more backward sections of the proletariat and the working masses to the reactionary nature of the petty-bourgeois and liberal parties, it welded the proletariat into an invincible revolutionary force and, drawing the poor peasants into alliance with them, it led the October revolution.

FB1 1089 Moreover, the immediate pre-war period saw clear signs that in the factional struggle among Social Democrats it was the more extreme Bolsheviks and Interdistrict faction, rather than the more moderate Mensheviks, who were gaining ground.

FF0 1048 The more securely you can establish a base of reality before your comic events start their upwards spiral, the more willing will your readers be to accept happenings that on the face of them are unlikely and ridiculous.

FPC 6 In ordinary lists of the fields of sociology it gets in, if at all, as a very late entry: not only after the hard stuff of class, industry and politics, of the family or of crime, but as a miscellaneous heading after the more defined fields of the sociology of religion, education and knowledge.

G14 1044 Each section will have left an image on the film; the more radioactivity present, the blacker the image will be.

GXJ 2796 The more problems you bring to my attention, the more problems I can solve, more quickly and the safer your Region becomes for cars, cyclists, pedestrians and you.

H88 2039 Put another way, the more the teacher is explicit about what behaviour is wanted, the less opportunity the pupils have to come to it for themselves and make the underlying knowledge or understanding their own.

H9A 966 The intuition is straightforward: optimal output is a decreasing function of time since the expected price on sales is a decreasing function of time; optimal output is an increasing function of σ since the more variation there is in output price the higher is the expected price on sales (recall that sales are made only when the price is sufficiently high); optimal output is a decreasing function of the (per unit) storage cost since the more expensive it is to store the less attractive is storing.

HA9 672 The more she thought about the situation she'd somehow landed in, the more determined she became to get out of it.

HGW 262 The more ambitious kinds of ‘effect’ lighting, like neon and rotating lenses.

HHD 21 For the sake of those members who are not local I will briefly explain that the More family has long been a prominent one in this area.

HL1 2192 One of the more controversial aspects of the budget, and one which contributed to the growing public concern about the integrity of the political system, was an increase in the so-called "MPs' slush fund" (more correctly the National Development Fund) to K100,000 annually for each member.

HSD 2469 The vapour is a mixture of the more volatile component A and the less volatile component B. The particles of the more volatile component have a greater tendency to escape from the liquid than the particles of the less volatile component.

HSG 121 There is perhaps some small irony to be derived from speculating whose legacy has been the more significant now that illiterate hand-written memos can be reproduced instantly on the other side of the globe with every graphic spasm intact.

HTT 1137 If you treat me like an ox to be bargained for, I should be the more careful not to annoy you.

HY8 1441 But at the same time the president refused to listen to the more ambitious suggestions emanating from London.

K9J 125 That ability has led us into the more specialized areas and it has demonstrated that success was not just getting through the traumas of the 70s and taking costs out of the business, but in finding different directions in which to take the business.’