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A0C 1605 Except for the more delicate crabs, they had a provincial Sunday lunch quality.

A0M 1241 Being a combat sport karate carries with it the risk of injury and the more you compete, the more likely you are to suffer injury.

AMT 439 There is, however, something of a quantitative scale whereby the more important to us a particular belief may be, the more subtle and even ambiguous will be the evidence for it.

ANU 132 By one of the more subtle cruelties of Middle East history, the papers and the keys were to prove the most symbolic and most worthless of possessions to the Palestinians.

APN 206 Once levels of savings and the ability to risk innovation decline (sometimes exacerbated by malnutrition and food shortages at critical points in the agricultural calendar) the necessity to ‘do something about it’ becomes all the more urgent and difficult.

ASK 230 Only two developments are worthy of note, both of which serve to substantiate further the notion of the institution as formalizing and legitimizing property arrangements: first, the gradual recognition of the right to end the relationship (with greater ease as social mobility increases and old class structures requiring protection of their pedigree collapse) on the condition that the more vulnerable party economically be protected; and the corollary idea that, given the possibility of separation and divorce, while the relationship subsists, certain mutual rights of support exist for the partners.

B07 1572 Gwinn's 1982 article describes the more recent ‘Conspectus’ scheme of the US Research Libraries Group, which has evolved a method for recording the selection policies and holdings of libraries, with a view to affecting collection development.

B2X 476 The because clauses that required the more complex inferences were, in general, longer than those that required simple inferences, so the combined reading and judgement times were longer overall for these sentences.

BPF 1964 Food served at the Beach Terrace Bar and Restaurant is excellent and made all the more enjoyable by our visitors at breakfast.

C90 1334 This was all very much in line with the current thinking of the more policy-minded Indirect Rulers: Margery Perham, and even Lugard, supported the formation of regional councils along these lines.

C9N 60 It's all very complicated and there's a lot of stuff about original ‘round’ core as opposed to the more modern ‘hex’core, and something about wrap wire being able to move around a round core, and the wrap stretching on tuning and just the core moving through the nut, and the smaller space available for gunk to gather, and a heck of a lot more besides.

C9V 655 None of the more recent views invalidates Hahnemann's original discoveries or teachings, and the approach in Europe, including Vithoulkas's school, continues to be largely Hahnemannian.

CBC 12554 The more Diana tried to attract her husband's attention, the more distant he became.

CD5 342 Weeks later, half were downstairs for the more tuneful brew mixed up by various members of the Flying DJ family.

CN5 931 These two easily (or too easily) targeted objectives of personality and performance are given much more extensive treatment than the more politically contentious issues of professional status and recognition, and the basic conditions of teachers' work.

CRR 242 The regular salaries attached to the more important posts in the customs and excise administration, for example, were in themselves attractive to many voters in Scottish constituencies, and were the objects of a great deal of political negotiation, for this kind of appointment was the normal currency of management for the politician able to procure it, and the links between parliamentary politics and the disposal of such offices made the nominal right of appointment possessed by the boards of commissioners in Edinburgh somewhat illusory.

CRX 688 When we consider the more general conclusions that emerged from the other interactionists' concern with ‘the labellers’, the divergence becomes even more apparent.

EBP 486 Sovereignty, homage and fealty, and the ‘domainal liberties’ of the Plantagenets, are sometimes considered in a theoretical light but they must also be put as firmly as possible into the more pragmatic context of Anglo-French relations.

ECU 1712 In practice the younger the child, the more likely it is to go with mum, and seventeen out of every twenty children do so.

ED1 77 But don't for one moment think that Munich should be left solely for the more seriously-minded visitor.

EE9 1017 It was the more attractive because a general election was imminent and Balfour, at least, hoped to lose it, thus transferring the burden to the Liberals.

EFP 862 She said to them, sometimes, but she's a widow, she lives all alone, she has no one, she seems to expect it of me: and they sympathized all the more, and said that they could see how hard it must be for Clara to break away.

EVP 1227 In this respect it looks as if some Latin American leaders and regimes may understand better what is needed than the more formal and even ossified democracies of the West.

EVS 540 But the more you try and get things done, the more you realize that the government doesn't care at all, apart from making a profit.

EW6 758 They are like money; the more you have the easier it is to get extra.

F9B 333 The more information the adjudication officer has, the more likely will be a revision in the claimant's favour.

FB2 190 To date, there have been three boards: the short-lived Northern Pennines Rural Development Board (1969–71), concerned mainly with agriculture; the more recent Development Board for Rural Wales, established in 1976; and the longer established Highlands and Islands Development Board, initiated in 1965.

FCE 373 Naturally, the longer the delay the more likely it will be that the prosecution is at fault, and that the delay has caused prejudice to the defendant; and the less that the prosecution has to offer by explanation, the more easily can fault be inferred.

FST 1336 Indeed, the more recent history of pension provision shows more concern on the part of both governments and occupational pension providers to increase widows' benefits (themselves symbolic of the financial dependence of wives in marriage), than to help women build up their own occupational pension records.

FT3 956 The more that their budget is diverted to fundholding practices, the more their capacity to do so will be undermined, to the detriment of important areas of service for all patients.

GT1 961 In 1542 and 1547 he represented Bletchingley in Parliament, before moving in a by-election to the more prestigious position of knight of the shire.

GYV 364 And as I say, the more competent the stewards' committee became, the less frequent that it was necessary to have the sh the full time officers in.

H10 136 Sepulveda justified the enslavement of the Indians on the grounds that they were the natural slaves mentioned in Book I of Aristotle's Politics; the Dominican Friar Las Casas admitted the frailty of the Indians but argued that they were all the more children of God owing to their very lack of capacity and skill, which still implies a sort of sub-humanity but of a different kind.

H7X 1044 By doing so, I shall demonstrate a point which is paradoxical but all the more interesting for that.

H84 1167 His clients were rich and demanding, and all the more likely to notice a botched job.

H88 2039 Put another way, the more the teacher is explicit about what behaviour is wanted, the less opportunity the pupils have to come to it for themselves and make the underlying knowledge or understanding their own.

HBT 95 Besides the more obvious areas for employment, actuaries are to be found applying their skills in the academic world, in computer development, operational research and as business consultants.

HC3 622 The second type of discrimination, indirect discrimination, is to deal with the more hidden forms of bias.

HH5 373 It was an intriguing prospect and I was all the more curious why I had found one of his handbills in my chamber at the Golden Turk.

HJ2 4475 This multidisciplinary research programme has been developed in response to the growing emphasis on management in British Central Government, with its concern for the more effective performance of functions and the more efficient use of resources.

HKU 1125 Commentators blamed the low turnout on disaffection with the Solidarity-led government's draconian economic austerity measures [see p. 37194], and on confusion about the programmes of the more than 80 competing political parties and dozens of associations.

HXT 448 Some of the more alarmist projections estimated this would need to rise to one in two in the early 1990s to maintain current intake patterns (Callender and Pearson 1989).

J0V 1031 The organisational changes that come with white-collar CCT and its attendant activities create an environment where it is all the more imperative for the traditionally federal style of Town Hall management to look very carefully at how it manages its electronic records.

J16 619 They would receive greater public advertisement, and the more important applications would need to be accompanied by an impact study.

K1L 1607 It's a feat all the more remarkable because, of the thirty-strong singers, only three can actually read music, and the average age of its members is seventy-five.

K2T 9 Elwood brings his will o' the wisp style of play into direct opposition to the more solid technique of home skipper Derek McAleese who is keen to give early notice that his side are worthy of a higher standing.

K5C 297 If we have to make a comparison between the individual approaches, I think that channel two felt we had to be punished for our sins while Channel 4 took the more sanguine view that for so long as love and sex exist, television might as well look on, an electronic voyeuristic intermediary.

K5M 1895 Longer-term trading considerations may be far from the Chancellor's mind as he tackles the more urgent problems of balancing the books by squeezing maximum contributions from energy supply, but a quick tax fix is no substitute for a well-defined investment strategy to ensure the best balance is struck between available supply and demand.

K92 1586 This demand for money is also likely to depend on national income: the higher the total value of transactions, the more money will be needed to guard against unexpected transactions.

KRH 871 I can give you a couple examples of the more tangible advantages with reference to schemes which are administered by the erm Science and Engineering Research Council.