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A2A 545 But Mr Browning had told police his route took him via the M4, over the Severn Bridge, and not by the more direct route of the M50.

A4F 455 The size and direction of the Abbey vote on conversion strongly suggests societies would succeed in meeting the more stringent voting criteria required for takeover.

A6J 144 It was one of the more simple reasons why she denied the pregnancy, even to herself, for so long.

A7G 886 Because the more people who go vegetarian, the more the agricultural industry — and it is an industry these days, as mechanical as any other — will be forced to re-assess its methods of operation and adjust its swollen meat production policy down as demand dwindles.

A9D 803 Known for its gleaming and airy entrance lobby, bedecked with trees and tropical plants which became a night-time illumination, the building was regarded as one of the more tasteful and less controversial of the City's recently constructed edifices.

ANU 930 The more menacing the progress of the tank, the more absorbed the boy becomes in his physical discomfort.

AR3 794 Having done this, I noticed all the more the effect of the pale light coming into the room and the way it lit up the edges of my father's craggy, lined, still awesome features.

B0P 867 The muddier the bottom the more likely they are to suck and blow the bait to clean it.

B1R 524 Very often the more severe and acute the illness, the clearer the disease picture so that the similar remedy may actually be easier to select.

BMR 821 I found it incredibly erotic, and the more Dennis maundered on about boiled sweets on the nose, the more erotic it became.

CAS 1096 All the more so because Madness were such a good, unaffected laugh.

CBU 1678 ‘The more preparation you can do, the cheaper the operation becomes.

CJ3 998 The fact that the spadefoot toad has achieved this is all the more remarkable because it is an amphibian, and its need for water is so much greater than that of other land-based animals.

CK5 1287 The closer you work with people, the more you can assess what they're capable of.’

CKX 303 And it also becomes all the more important to provide the context.

CLW 229 In the more successful schools, women held relatively more senior posts in the science department or in the school.

CN2 305 But it is the more routine work they do that really makes the significant contribution to safety in the air, such as the identification of the origin of injuries sustained in survivable accidents which has led to the de-lethalisation of aircraft cockpits and cabins.

CRK 1146 The more dogmatic statements were surely ventured upon chiefly for pastoral purposes, while the more pastoral initiatives invariably contain within them very considerable theological presuppositions.

CS1 917 The headline in the London Evening Standard's report —I'm sorry, says man on murder charge — was transformed the next day into the more familiar story of girl hitch-hiker getting herself into trouble.

CTY 1255 Foucault therefore abandons analysis of epistemes for the more Nietzschean ‘genealogy’, which allows him to articulate conflict in terms of differentiated histories with their own conceptual specificities and their own times, while retaining the possibility of the formulation of aims and intentions:

EB2 748 At the more concrete level of legal rules, we find that many of the difficulties which the law has faced in defining the duties of directors to act in the best interests of the company stem from a conflict between the traditional contractual model of the company and the corporatist countervision.

EC9 262 Situated in Hove, at the more peaceful end of the Brighton Seafront, and overlooking the famous Hove Lawns, the Terrace Hotel forms part of an attractive and historical Regency terrace.

ECT 2787 I have to say, that was one of the more unsettling questions I've been asked in my life.’

ED6 1729 For me this is a mighty rendition of the score and all the more inspiring for the impression that its power is tapped from within.

EDY 48 Even poetry would not address such matters except in the more or less orthodox, more or less devotional form of Paradise Lost .

EDY 2008 If Celtic Christianity drew heavily on Egypt, it also drew heavily on the more explicitly heretical traditions of Syria, Asia Minor and Mesopotamia.

EFF 1309 Filming this silver-grey had been very exciting, but for the programme we needed shots of the more typical chocolate-coloured animal, too.

EFH 1347 And in any case, the more that people take out, the more can be put in.

EUU 247 Dealers have usually been paid a higher commission for selling OTC than Stock Exchange listed, USM or Third Market stocks, so the more trusting clients may get sold a disproportionate quantity of OTC stock.

FF0 261 So the more you invest in curious methods of murder — your melting ice-dagger, your piano-key trigger — the more you increase the risk that some ingenious author has been there before you.

G13 2115 The longer one survived the more unreal it was.

G32 16 Our brief is to report on the more fascinating aspects of this period of intense change — the meeting of consciousness and business; the search for meaning in our information society; the need to empower ourselves, discover a new global heart and become our own politics.

H0M 1267 All the more ironic, too, because I woke up this morning feeling bloody marvellous after a really late and heavy night with the TV and the B & F. Was the phenomenon a new jet-lag deal, or the terminal mutiny of my whole bodybag?

H0Y 2205 The more such errors appear in the learning process, the more likely they are to appear later in the use of the language.

H4C 827 You know you sort of er get I think yes I th I think you were sort of better at the job the mo the more practise you got, and the more you did it.

HA5 1186 ‘The more I see of you, the more I'm convinced that we have a great deal more in common than being related to a tiresome adolescent.

HTX 1403 Perhaps because it was conveniently placed on the edge of the Old City closest to the modern, developed parts where the more well-to-do lived, there were surprisingly wealthy people in its congregation.

HVJ 453 Erm I was going to pick up on a number of points that have been raised by previous speakers, but erm Mr Grigson and Mr Curtis seem to have er dealt with a few of those, erm just with regard to the the table put in by C P R E, with their figures, I would just agree with Mr Cur er Mr Grigson that there is a very substantial degree of double counting in those figures, there is also a very substantial degree of over provision in the allowance for for conversions, er past conversion rates in Greater York have averaged something like twenty nine dwellings per year, over a fifteen year period your talking about four hundred and thirty five dwellings, which is the figure that both York City Council and ourselves have have made allowance for for conversions, that compares with a figure of a thousand dwellings referred to by the C P R E and I see no foundation for that figure, erm, as I say Mr Curtis already picked up on the point about windfalls rates by Mr Thomas, erm just turning to the difference between the tables er submitted by the County Council and York City Council on the the residue within the er Greater York area, I would accept the figure, the figures put in the tables by Mr er by Mr Curtis, I think that they have picked up the the more recent planning permissions and the completions information, and they also take on board there more recent work on erm development within the city, and I I accept that table.

HWU 435 They were crossed over to the opposite treatment after a fourth assessment; patients and investigators then chose blindly the more effective gas for the dyspnoea.

HWU 436 In summary, patients were randomised to receive 2 phases of oxygen therapy and 2 phases of air therapy and made 2 blinded choices of the more effective treatment.

HXS 1215 When the Miller has finished telling his tale, Chaucer characterizes its contents once more, this time describing it as a "" nyce cas "" , "a foolish state of affairs" (3855): an apparently neutral moral description which nonetheless contrasts significantly with the more clearly marked "" harlotrye "" that has formerly been used to label the contents of the pair of fabliaux we are now halfway through.

HY9 1005 A recent analysis of voting behaviour in Norwich in 1710, for example, has shown that the Tories were strongest amongst the more well-to-do types: the gentry and professional classes, retailers and merchants.

J14 1091 Further, Cutting (1985) cites research evidence which shows that in monozygotic twins discordant for schizophrenia, it is the identical twin experiencing the more complicated birth who is more likely to develop schizophrenia.

J6P 793 There is increasingly a feeling that the larger the firm the better it can withstand recessionary periods and the more effectively it can compete with other firms; and these two sentiments may succeed each other as, say, a regional grouping for mutual protection develops into a nationwide conglomerate for enhanced profits.

J7C 739 He said: the more unreasonable a clause is, the greater the notice which must be given of it.

K1K 1723 Anna's achievement is all the more remarkable for the fact that the Magic Circle's only recently admitted women.

K5A 2492 Aberdeen's Eoin Jess, in the starting line-up for the first time, was the most consistent player throughout but the longer the game went on, the more Malta demonstrated why they have proved so difficult to beat.

K5E 242 ‘The more studies that are done that come up with this same finding, the more difficult it is to dismiss them.’

K5M 5253 The more ingenious, those who had mastered paper planes at school, made paper hats from perfectly innocent newspapers.

KP1 4232 so you've got, yeah and if, the longer it goes on, the more