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A06 1884 But it should do more these days about practical matters — like the tax system and keeping yourself together while you're out of work and waiting for the next job, for that is fifty percent of what you'll be doing.

APN 534 At a completion rare of one percent per annum the total task would take 100 years.

BM4 2844 SOUTHERN Electric announce a tariff review that will limit electricity price rises to customers to an average of 2.2 percent.

CET 269 Yet the Earth's atmosphere currently consists of about 78 percent nitrogen, 20 percent oxygen and 2 percent other gases.

CN9 398 Estimates of the expected share of British exports of manufactures in world trade are necessarily crude but a conservative one puts it at at just over 11.0 per cent in 1975 as against an actual 9 percent [Batchelor et al.,1980; Panic, 1975].

D97 651 Well you you buy it all at thirty three or twenty five percent discount so you can then sell it at a bit more.

EEV 301 Without the recession it would be higher but we must be thankful for what we can get in these times when other railways are reporting reductions of up to 20 percent.

FUF 132 You know you're allowed to go up to nine percent as you say and you just pay as many years as you like.

FUK 488 gonna take forty five percent of our business at less than the cost to do the job, that don't make good business sense.

FUK 2233 If you add those two up they come to about sixty one percent nearly sixty two percent.

FUK 3001 And my initial target then would be to say, look, what would we have to do to reduce that twenty nine percent to twenty percent?

FY1 690 Consequently Eventually the twenty five percent went all together.

FYA 846 So don't use your percent button.

G3U 222 And Nestle control eleven percent of that that world trade.

G4H 965 And that, that eight percent plus could then be paid into your account.

G4H 1183 I, I'd suggest that it is a good bet, particularly if you think that erm if we do get rising inflation, er in the next year we could be, I mean the projected figures are round about er, by the middle of next year, round about five percent.

G4U 499 I think the average figure's about nineteen percent.

G4V 390 But I mean it's up to you if results are very simple you can sort of say, Oh well sixty percent went this way and forty

H47 506 it's less, it's actually less than one percent.

H47 516 Management have to take responsibility for over ninety five percent of the problems we get, whether they're safety problems, quality problems or whatever problems.

H4A 289 There's, they pointed out to me that the two thousand percent increase in prescription charges

HBM 1318 The paper showed that in session 1986/87 these centres made up much less than one percent of both candidate enrolments and module registrations.

HF2 126 They can put figures down er you know writing things off erm whatsit twenty percent per year for a machine right in five years' time that machine is scrap.

HUL 130 Their children will have half again, twenty five percent increase in reproductive success.

HUL 217 And, as you can see, if I did have a m a mutant gene that promoted reproductive success by a hundred percent what natural selection means, enhanced reproductive success.?

HUM 583 Which suggests that ninety five percent of the males had virtually no reproductive success at all.

HUP 67 In circulation of Les Ecca was up four percent year on year.

HVF 349 I think our concern is that the vacancy rate erm in the census indicates that some seven point one percent of the the properties in the county are vacant at er at that time.

HYV 206 They reckon that of the information our senses receive, seventy five percent of it is received visually.

J9N 2 First the figures, furniture retailing continues to be highly competitive so I am pleased to report that turnover for the twenty eight weeks was through to the twenty million five point five percent better than the same period in the previous year.

J9V 150 And it seems to me perfectly understandable that the local planning authorities in the county would like to take one hundred percent control of the unbuilt upon part of the county.

J9X 725 And that's made up of thirty percent and tha that's the total revenue you can get on, sell all that card and that's the total revenue you can get.

JA0 696 We want I want to collect mister advertiser a thirty five percent of the first year's payment deposit cheque from you.

JAD 145 But I just I simply need to point out that these I five allocations are targeted at twenty eight percent of the workforce.

JJE 167 National Insurance contributions have risen from six point five percent to nine percent and child benefit cuts have cost a family with two children a hundred and fifty four pounds.

JJL 593 Now if, if you accept the ten percent owning the eighty percent, there must've been enough but the poor are not getting it.

JK7 821 Bid offer about five percent.

JNB 498 As Mr pointed out in outline,our county estate of some eight thousand acres of which only three quarters or roughly six thousand acres is suitable for hunting, is less than one percent of the county's acreage of six hundred and fifty thousand.

JP2 23 Now you know, to be to be honest I was talking about it, I couldn't tell you what the average percent is from last year.

JSF 67 In official figures it is shown that only ninety five percent of people who are eligible to be registered in England and Wales appear upon electoral registers.

JSG 406 Since the nineteen ninety to ninety one settlement, revenue resources for local authorities have increased by almost five hundred and thirty million pounds or twenty seven percent.

K78 287 Or put the other way round every American state raises eighty percent of the money it spends within the state whereas a British local authority is raising ten percent or fifteen percent.

K7G 62 Because at the end of the day we had a hundred percent women in the union in that bakery.

KB7 12827 It's more than eight percent.

KB9 5018 yo seventeen off, I said, and the order's mine, then I went in at twenty percent.

KCG 784 that would go up into the forty percent

KDJ 1644 at the cost of single glazing and our price is usually by fifty percent cheaper than the bigger national companies because we don't advertise and we're a trade com company and I wondered if we could offer you a free quotation, no obligation whatsoever to buy?

KDR 1795 it should be reasonably quiet on a Sunday because most, because ninety nine percent of all er contracts goes Saturday to Saturday

KGX 364 In nineteen eighty seven, eighty eight, we spent ninety nine point eight eight percent of what the government thought .

KLV 435 A thousand hours er i i i hundred and sixty seven hundred and seventy percent increase.