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ALC 1243 Eighty-five percent of the part-time holdings were under 25 acres and only 2% were over 50 acres.

APN 535 The actual rate of completion per annum over the last 27 years has been less than one half of one percent…thus even at several times the projected rate of progress, the great bulk of the conservation task will be incomplete at a time when the most vigorous additional demand is placed on land from massive upsurge of population.

CFW 1483 Four geophysical teams made a total of 600 gravity determinations during the year, as a result of which gravity data coverage increased from 50 to 70 percent.

EEV 300 At the moment our income is approximately 40 percent that in 1990.

FM3 86 Now ours, we've helped you by already mixing it, so ours have got three percent of essential oil to a carrier oil, which in our case happens to be grapes erm grapeseed oil, which is a very light carrier oil.

FM5 874 If you know that lot just there, you can probably get through about ooh eighty percent of your chemistry.

FMM 955 At a profit of thirty three percent of their costs .

FUK 2443 One percent.

FUM 32 Group one, which is the patients we're particularly interested in, there are ninety two patients here, and eighty percent of them, seventy four patients, had no recurrence in the first year.

FYA 846 So don't use your percent button.

G4F 125 And building society, anybody who has a building society account prior to ninety one two if they hadn't income really i they were silly to have money in the building society account because they were having tax deducted but couldn't get it back and at the same time as the independent taxation they changed the er tax system for building societies and banks which meant that banks and building societies were then deducted tax at the standard rate of twenty five percent and it could be refunded or repaid or not deducted in certain circumstances, so back to your question, anybody who has money in a building society now, or isn't taxable, should ask the building society not to deduct tax, as they're entitled to do, fill a form and, and where people can state that they don't, they're not liable to pay tax, building societies and banks will not now deduct income tax.

G4H 514 You can get a seven year fix with Barclays, at about eight point five percent.

G4H 829 But basically as far as you are concerned you can get that sort of dividend yield, which is brilliant because i y as a tax-payer if you can te ten percent erm the, the fund is written as a unit trust and you'd be paying seven you'd be paid seven and a half percent on that one, so which one would you choose?

G4H 860 And the, the dividend yield from a P E P can be anything from sort of five to ten percent and the potential for capital growth.

HB2 427 ‘Most wells in the Gulf produce at about a 35 percent completion efficiency,’ says Ed Park, senior completions engineer.

HBM 1318 The paper showed that in session 1986/87 these centres made up much less than one percent of both candidate enrolments and module registrations.

HE6 47 We have erm er just bought Saboo Saison out so er the twenty percent share holding they had in the airline we've now bought back in-house.

HSL 1041 The success rate' is well below 10 percent.

HUW 310 Well I think it's it's a hiccup, nothing more, but I think the trend is clearly established, and it's very much agreed, it's recognized in the Labour Party, that the world outside has changed, women are now half the workforce, women are now half the college and university graduates, women's work now represents forty percent of our G D P, so we have to increase women's representation to recognize the world has changed.

HVG 41 Er we er accepted the County Councils er sets of figures where we took issue with them is erm the failure to take account of one hundred percent inward migration trends.

HVJ 248 That's a suggested figure of twelve thousand seven hundred, which imply a building rate of eight hundred and forty six a year, in comparison with the adopted re er rate in the in the adopted plan of six o six and an actual building rate of seven o one, er my re calculation shows that that would be a thirty nine percent increase, over the adopted plan rate, and a twenty one percent increase over the actual rate.

HWS 991 Despite this evidence, one cannot preclude the possibility that the α-glucosidase inhibitors produce their effect solely by inhibiting absorption and that the acceleration of MCTT is a secondary phenomenon, more or less irrelevant to the percent absorption.

HYF 17 Earnings per share are up er, more than forty percent over the same period last year and when the E P S is adjusted to take account of the non-operating items, the figure has increased by nearly ninety percent.

HYR 62 In actual fact our incoming elasticity there with er nought point six is statistically significant zero, eighty five percent confidence level.

HYX 160 The objective to funding from the old objective programme is we've now learnt that we've been successful in getting a grant made towards the Centre feasibility study, Shropshire welcomes Japan television advertisement on the Japanese, Japan area, towards the pipeworks promotion and the fly-drive marketing initiative because, er, to get people from North America into the marches and staying here, so it looks as those projects will be almost fifty percent funded from Europe to objective two.

HYX 373 Er, that means that the, that the, that area will be eligible for European er, Commission funding er, on, of fifty percent for eligible projects during the next six year period.

J1M 1996 Talks broke down around lunchtime after the technical and clerical staff rejected a one point eight percent increase and an offer of profit related pay.

J3R 518 The big, the big advantage Chair, and one of the reasons that it appeals to us to, to go along with Age Concern on this is that, as you know, the area of activity in terms of day centre provision in which they are very active, is one whereby on the current grant mechanisms for community care, and our need to spend eighty five percent in the voluntary and independent sector, whilst they were directly employed by us, we couldn't divert a substantial amount of that money in their direction if they wished to develop services.

J43 73 The ceiling was or today is fifty percent, tomorrow it will be er fifty thousand pounds, tomorrow it will be twenty thousand pounds and erm I'm very much tying this in with para four four eight on page ten.

J9H 29 It was the Tories that hijacked Percent for Art and brought the issue of disability about.

J9H 62 The problems of big business are not about Percent for Art, they're about your Government's interest rate policies, about unemployment, so don't come crying crocodile tears for big business.

J9U 779 Thirty three percent of er

JJL 593 Now if, if you accept the ten percent owning the eighty percent, there must've been enough but the poor are not getting it.

JK7 851 One percent.

JK8 461 If you just born you're free, at the age of five, fifteen percent is attacked, at the age of eight, it's forty percent, and eight of you over forty, congratulations, you're all got arteriosclerosis.

JP2 47 Erm but I've just thought, you know, get this away, let him get you know, buy them, go in at say forty percent as an O E margin

JS9 50 Thank you Chairman, I, I, I'm rather amazed actually, at Colonel 's er, comments because er, in Stratton St Margaret there has been a sixty-one percent increase in crime, and a four and a half percent detection, decrease in the detection and prosecution of crime, and I was absolutely amazed when he come out with the figure that there's going to be a seven hundred and fifty- three thousand pound shortfall in the police budget, when on the radio, in my car this morning, from a very reputable source of Wiltshire , there was a police officer on there this morning, saying how good they were in producing a freebee newspaper for distribution to every household in the county, to show the police offi , the Chief Constable's report this year.

JSH 298 That represents sixty percent of secondary schools and seventeen percent of primary schools and despite the er endeavour to which he refers of Essex county council, I can tell him that the latest school to decide to hold a ballot on such status is Notley High School, Braintree.

JSN 673 But because we, we sort of account for just our territory, it's core territory, and our territory accounts for forty percent of revenue, there's an awful lot of accounts registered, so Jenny doesn't get any, hardly any time at all to actually go off and , and do any cold calling or anything like that, it's all B M S.

JWA 21 Three point three has been rather involved er aspects of examining average teachers' salary costs basically will fall down given that we've had a sixty five percent return from schools and we will be able to use this year, coming year the actual mandatory points in determining how delegation of salaries should be proceeded with.

KB7 11319 Not hundred percent either.

KB9 5018 yo seventeen off, I said, and the order's mine, then I went in at twenty percent.

KE2 2375 So, alright calculate a hundred and thirty percent of sixty seven pounds.

KGW 116 Erm now erm as regards when it happens to people erm, again going back to this B B C Childwatch Survey um of girls sixty percent reported that the first incident happened when they were ten, forty percent of boys reported the first incident occurred when they were under ten so it seems, if you look at the sort of average, averages are quite deceptive in this area but nevertheless if you look at the average um it seems to happen slightly earlier for girls than for boys.

KJS 88 Yes most certainly because er the point is that er we're involved er with the erm, er and the honouring of the start of an agreement, and er I think that the West er therefore has er direct er responsibility also in this matter and er I fear that er ten percent, er alright ten percent of the nuclear weaponry is in Ukraine is in and er we do not er have some kind of proper arrangement being er agreed too.

KLV 435 A thousand hours er i i i hundred and sixty seven hundred and seventy percent increase.

KRK 150 For instance, did you know that on average they have increased spending on books and equipment by ninety percent and that sixty percent of schools employ at least one more teacher and many employ more classroom support staff and that morale among teachers is widely reported to be higher, even where before those teachers opposed grant maintained status.

KRP 746 Some of us felt that, you know, the fifty percent, if that were the crucial figure,and doubling the food poisoning for instance, might have been , might be a more snappy headline.

KRT 3492 So with a ten point six percent inflation rate, what should the government do?

KRW 43 In fact electric trains are themselves very efficient, but they draw electricity from the National Grid which is produced perhaps at something like thirty percent efficiency on the power station distribution network.