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AM4 475 Five percent of the mothers in the survey had more than the international limit of 350 micrograms of lead in every litre of blood in their bodies.

C88 2159 Most of these future buy-in managers are currently in their forties, although 23 percent are in their thirties and a fifth are over 50.

CB6 1027 More serious was the outbreak of protest from the ‘stout rustics’ in Horsham and Pulborough in 1648, a response to the government's five percent excise tax on food which, linked with bad harvests and low agricultural wages, increased desperation at the base of the social pyramid.

CH0 1297 There was a ninety-five percent probability they would be hostile.

CPY 154 The three VAX servers are said to be able to cope with 1,000 transactions an hour, though so far they have been tested to only a few percent of their capacity.

EC1 96 Tobacco sales were down 7.6 percent in the first three months of this year compared with the same period last year and 9.6 percent in the second three months.

F7A 531 Not as much as forty percent but er they were down, yes.

F8N 73 Seventy five percent of their electricity comes from nuclear power in France.

F8R 145 The rich peasants made up another seven percent I have to check to see I've got the figure's right the middle peasants, twenty percent the poor peasants seventy percent.

FA1 1495 Policy in the northern agency during the research called for compliance in about 70 percent of routine samples; with the review of consents, the agency has become seemingly less tolerant, calling for compliance in 95 percent of samples.

FL4 84 We don't see them until they're too late and they're having fractures of the spine and shrinking two percent of bone less in a year!

FLX 566 So cast iron is approximately four percent carbon.

FUN 97 So y what you're saying is that sixty three percent of patients in America presenting with B P H have a flow rate above fifteen a and voiding pressure below fifty, right?

FY1 690 Consequently Eventually the twenty five percent went all together.

G3U 217 Tea is eighty five percent by three companies.

G4H 474 So even at ten and a half percent rejection, if you look at the latest figures, it costs you thirty pounds a month for an Eagle Star low-cost super super-duper endowment, but at the end you're only going to replace your money, if you've got erm the ten and a half growth rate, ten and a half percent, which is unlikely i in current circumstances.

GYN 344 As you know erm we, we take the money here we don't charge you for the talk but we give ten percent back to your W I so it's a self funding situation.

H5D 273 Therefore instead of perhaps her being fifty percent case load, perhaps she

HE5 259 One reason is the ninety two percent approval rating it gets from victims of crime, according to a local police survey.

HL1 2038 The dispute began in June 1989 when pilots working for Australian Airlines and Ansett made a claim for a 29 percent pay increase.

HMJ 49 We've er handled nearly ten percent of all U K floats in nineteen ninety three.

HUK 350 In sixty percent of spontaneous abortions the foetuses are normal and thirty percent in the first trimester show gross chromosomal abnormalities.

HVG 109 And York at twenty five percent.

HYE 108 So trading profits down twenty four percent and although the interest charge was down er, quite sharply, largely, of course, as a reduction in net depth through the Elserver sale, profits before tax ended up as you heard before, twenty three percent lower.

HYL 194 Now, some fifty percent of this commerce takes place among developed countries.

HYX 160 The objective to funding from the old objective programme is we've now learnt that we've been successful in getting a grant made towards the Centre feasibility study, Shropshire welcomes Japan television advertisement on the Japanese, Japan area, towards the pipeworks promotion and the fly-drive marketing initiative because, er, to get people from North America into the marches and staying here, so it looks as those projects will be almost fifty percent funded from Europe to objective two.

J3V 232 percent.

J41 168 The headline is that the budget for ninety four ninety five is two point two million pounds and that's an increase of eighty four thousand pounds or four percent on the original budget for current year and that increase of eighty four thousand pounds and it's split into three elements for you.

J41 226 If I can explain inflation which included in the budget at this stage is inflation between November ninety two and November ninety three, so inflation from today if you like er or last November, through to the end of the year, that is provided for in the central contingency of the authority and as pay awards are awarded the money we drawn down from that into the planning committee so the amount there would one point five percent of pay and four point two percent from general commission, that's reflecting inflation that's already happening and is up last year's budget to to the position today if you like so one point five percent of pay was the A P T C award for July ninety two, sorry ninety three and we're not anticipating here what the pay award will be for the coming year, that is dealt with centrally.

J43 179 I noticed, during a recent visit to , that they were offering a twenty five percent below capacity.

J94 9 I thought I had some information here on prices I can't seem to find it no no, can't find it, never,never mind I've got some figures here that looks at erm the growth in in trade,er it's quoting, it says between nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty nine the volume of agricultural trade grew by twenty six percent alright,however that was that represented one third of the growth in manufacturers so agricultural trade is rising but it's rising much less rapidly than manufacturers here are the prices, at the same time, so between nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty nine er food export prices fell the prices actually fell from eleven percent,t , by eleven percent whereas the unit value of manufactured exports, so essentially the prices of manufactured exports rose on average by twenty percent okay so over the, over that period agricultural prices were actually falling in real terms but if we widen erm s the window that we're looking at, erm,agricultural prices probably haven't fallen er say over the post war period or if we er go back to the beginning of the century, agricultural prices probably haven't fallen erm but relative to manufacturing they certainly have okay.

J97 134 Yeah, well yeah you just do that times five percent.

J9H 65 So, Percent for Art is about people.

J9K 99 Forty six point five percent of the children within the school come from Council rented housing, well above the thirty eight percent criterion for the school to receive social disadvantage allowance.

J9M 37 The problem is with the fact that seventy five to eighty percent of people are being directed towards the private sector and only twenty to twenty five percent towards the public sector, yet still the private sectors squeal.

JA0 881 But I have to say that they've been the major percent of them er we think if only they would knuckle down to it they would do it.

JAD 890 Are you arguing Mr Girt that the level of provision of employment land proposed by North Yorkshire County Council is excessive, bearing in mind your request that the County Council should at the same time cater for one hundred percent of past migration trends, including that coming from the Leeds Metropolitan Area?

JJN 182 assume that if you give them a population that owned seventy eight percent of the land and find out fifty percent of the land , then you, you know, you can't just give land, everyone's not just gonna have land, you have to increase production to make everyone better off.

JNG 54 Nineteen ninety three Save The Children Fund week raised nine hundred and forty six thousand pounds, a staggering nine percent increase on the previous year.

JSG 398 This totals five hundred and three million pounds in capital grants and crediting approvals, a four percent increase on nineteen ninety three, ninety four.

K1C 355 60 percent of the parachutes used by Britain's armed forces went up in flames.

K1G 3272 Tony and George have offered to take a fifty percent pay cut to keep their jobs…but, as yet, to no avail.

K21 145 Nurses are on a collision course with the Government after lodging a claim for a ten percent pay rise.

KB0 1988 It's nought percent.

KD8 5004 Probably find that traffic percent

KE2 2455 An airline is to increase all it's fares by seventeen percent .

KE2 2501 So now it says increase twenty eighty pounds by forty five percent.

KM0 170 It's bad enough that unlike razor blades, which are zero rated, sanitary protection attracts seventeen and a half percent V A T because it is not classed as a medical necessity.

KM6 857 in taxation but that still the peasant was, even though this might seem like quite a bit, the peasant was still in a better position than he had been previous because rents were at least thirty percent.

KS2 741 So I expanded to thirty percent on the, they had a Metroset in those days, and I said, you know, this is not likely to work so I'm sending it out getting handset phototype, so I did.