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A19 1160 In any future release, two welcome refinements would be the simultaneous inclusion of source and load resistances in divider computations; and audio and communications designers would like to be able to toggle divider ratios and percent error, to read out in dB voltage (log20) and maybe power (log10) deciBels.

ADL 277 The CIA man at the airport said he did not see any winking going on; but the NHAO humanitarian flights, of which Duemling was in charge, routinely allowed ‘10 percent lethal’.

APN 534 At a completion rare of one percent per annum the total task would take 100 years.

EDJ 304 The sort of fellow who gets an erection when he hears the bank rate's gone up a tenth of a percent.

F8E 27 Major constituents account for ninety nine point nine percent of the material dissolved.

F8N 80 So in fact five percent of our electricity comes from French nuclear power stations, in fact at the present time.

FLS 549 between sort of two and four percent tend to get referred on.

FU8 921 Sometimes the Chinese charge thirty-six percent and the peasants are foolish enough to agree.

FUG 295 The main competitors are are Perrier Water with te twenty four percent of the market, Highland Spring with six percent, Well's Soft Drinks own label er twenty eight percent, Nestle four percent, er Coca-cola Schweppes four percent, Evian fifteen percent.

FUG 433 Erm I personally feel although some members of me team don't agree er with the with the heavy a advertising expenditure we've got, we can probably do better than two and a half the first year certainly erm and maybe ten percent of the market in the end of the at the end of the day.

FY1 670 Twenty five percent, fifteen percent and ten percent, you see?

FY1 671 Well the twenty five percent was whole life business and fifteen percent was a commission er a term endowment and the ten percent was endowment, you see?

FYA 851 Okay four percent is a fraction.

HBP 529 Almost 60 percent more candidates took Foreign Languages for Industry and Commerce (FLIC) while demand for Foreign Languages at Work (FLAW) rose by close on 40 percent on last year.

HLU 143 Independent analysts have estimated that a minimum wage set at three pound forty an hour would add one point eight percent to the total labour costs in Britain.

HM5 107 Keeping out of the book, in fact, has become increasingly popular, with the national average of twenty five percent, being one of the highest in the world.

HM6 52 Erm and the reason we set this is that we are erm er the er, er we believe that this above average er growth in the in the, erm, er, earnings per share of the company is what shareh increases in shareholder value really depend on and er again to give an example erm, if you take the, the, the, the, the, the F T S E a hundred companies erm, and you do analyses of their er, growth rates and earnings per share you will find that the average growth rate was eleven and a half percent and ours er, was er, twenty, twenty percent so it's above average remuneration erm, er, er, for above av for above average performance.

HUP 93 Therefore although the interest charge is well down, profit before tax was down sixteen percent, it's down sixteen percent er because of course the old extraordinaries, the extraordinaries we had below the line in ninety one the eight million you see net profit on disposals are back above the line in under F R S Three, that's the Elsevere profit less the Smith Var losses very broadly speaking.

HYC 840 and ten percent of the wi er th er the, the bonus of everything in the winnings?

HYE 108 So trading profits down twenty four percent and although the interest charge was down er, quite sharply, largely, of course, as a reduction in net depth through the Elserver sale, profits before tax ended up as you heard before, twenty three percent lower.

HYF 34 Profits are well up, cost reduction obviously played a major part in this and the F T group is er, fifty five percent up on last year and this is against the background of a five percent drop in advertisement volume and we have an eleven percent drop in advertisement volume from the continent of Europe erm, which of course doesn't affect other national newspapers.

HYF 57 Just to remind you er, we have a fifty percent interest in Lazzard brothers and a ten percent interest in the New York and Paris partnerships.

HYF 81 You've got the nineteen percent and, as the statement says, there was some degree of benefit from currency.

HYL 194 Now, some fifty percent of this commerce takes place among developed countries.

HYT 62 Right, so normally we, you know, we want to be reasonably confident, right, so we want to have a reasonably small significance level we don't want that significance level to be too small, otherwise the power of the test will diminish very rapidly so we normally use the ten or the five percent, five percent level and if you just look at the er the five percent column, right, overall realistic sample sizes, right, from a hundred and twenty down to, to about twenty, I, those T ratios were the critical value they are all about two and that's why we say you can have a T ratio of about greater than two, then you can be at least ninety five percent confident about your inference.

HYX 373 Er, that means that the, that the, that area will be eligible for European er, Commission funding er, on, of fifty percent for eligible projects during the next six year period.

J0V 165 With eighty percent of the scholarly publications in research libraries printed on acidic paper and major campaigns underway in the US and Europe either to reformat or substitute that material in new formats such as microfilm or digital media it is possible that retrospective conversions will eventually digitize millions of volumes.

J2P 159 Proponents claim that the plant goes a long way toward addressing the heavily oil dependent state's energy needs, and, would entail the destruction of at most 2 percent of the Wao Kele tract.

J3P 26 First of all the local authority's S S A as you know, has not been as we would have wished it to be, and that gives us less headroom for er, manoeuvring as it were er, with the various committees, and secondly the community care money is now solely distributed through the S S A whereas last year fifty percent of it came relating to usage.

J3P 27 In other words the numbers of private beds that we have in the county and fifty percent was related to S S A for the elderly.

J9H 31 and what they did, and you were there, and you must've been listening, what they did, percent for people, they moved it up to Policy and Resources, Policy and Resources percent for people came around, Councillor spoke.

J9H 31 and what they did, and you were there, and you must've been listening, what they did, percent for people, they moved it up to Policy and Resources, Policy and Resources percent for people came around, Councillor spoke.

J9U 439 I should say that the figures of seventeen percent, nineteen percent, twenty eight percent and twenty three percent, the first four figures, are figures on the A fifty nine.

JAD 926 I mean what you're looking for is a reduction or what you would have liked to have seen a reduction in the land allocation for employment needs, and yet in the other breath you are saying to North Yorkshire, you should really cater for one hundred percent migration.

JJE 164 V A T has risen from eight percent to seventeen and a half percent.

JJT 387 I consider therefore despite Mr arguments to the contrary that the proper rate of interest to take is two percent.

JSG 505 In the current financial year budgets what authorities would have spend in delivering services, not what the Welsh office consider they should spend, were two thousand six hundred and eighty eight million pounds and against that the next years settlement which we're debating tonight, represents only a point six percent increase.

JSH 46 Er Madam Speaker the United Kingdom has sixty nine percent of its working age population in work and it is rising.

KB7 1877 The benefit of this one as well is if, let's just say we, that you knocked him right down on his money force as cheap a buy as possible then ask if you can do a hundred percent.

KBD 8788 But even, even against the goalkeeper they fucking lose fifty percent of the, like

KE2 2339 So what you're doing, in fact is to if you've got a hundred and twenty percent if you divide that by of a hundred in other words, you move your decimal point two places that's a decimal.

KE2 2348 Now calculate a hundred and forty percent of seven point five kilogrammes.

KE2 2543 Alfred's salary is eighty thousand four hundred and twenty pounds and Alberta's is seven thousand a hundred and eighty four Alfred has a twenty two percent increase and Alberta a thirty eighty percent increase who earns more after all this ?

KGL 89 And I'll give the other guy fifty percent.

KGX 391 The government contributed just eighteen point two percent so the bulk of our expenditure was born by local people directly.

KJS 76 Well Boris Yeltsin this morning has said that he wants a veto over the use of nuclear weapons and about ninety percent of which I think are on Russian soil, that perhaps can be interpreted,additional safeguard to have another veto.

KM0 130 In thirty five percent of women it's found in the vagina as well.

KM6 337 low, by erm raising the sort of base rate from three percent to six percent and lowering the top

KP1 5967 I mean he's made about fifty percent recovery in hospital hasn't he?

KPA 1251 There's ninety eight percent meat in ours.