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ABP 994 The compulsory system now covers virtually all built-up areas, and about 90 percent of the total population of England and Wales.

B03 168 Mr. Mates polled 47,541 votes (51 percent) compared to the Liberal Democrats' Sue Baring on 18,376 (20 percent) and Labour's Jim Phillips on 6,840 (7 percent).

B03 2965 The survey revealed that nearly 40 percent of those questioned have increased marketing activity in the past year while 57 percent have maintained their activity levels.

CRY 57 Ten percent used the set for video games.

EEV 301 Without the recession it would be higher but we must be thankful for what we can get in these times when other railways are reporting reductions of up to 20 percent.

FM3 86 Now ours, we've helped you by already mixing it, so ours have got three percent of essential oil to a carrier oil, which in our case happens to be grapes erm grapeseed oil, which is a very light carrier oil.

FUF 74 Er the pay eight point nought five percent so that's a total contribution of fourteen point O five percent to the er scheme.

FUG 295 The main competitors are are Perrier Water with te twenty four percent of the market, Highland Spring with six percent, Well's Soft Drinks own label er twenty eight percent, Nestle four percent, er Coca-cola Schweppes four percent, Evian fifteen percent.

FUK 2509 twenty one percent

FYA 849 . What does four percent mean?

G4F 119 But you can see that er for someone who has no, a wife who has no income and her husband's paying twenty five percent or forty percent then by moving a, say er twenty thousand at erm well er whatever percentage to fill up these allowances er if you're getting ten thousand or twenty thousand put, put it into the wife's name that they give us the interest is then hers, if she has no other income it neatly can be swallowed up by the allowance.

G4H 474 So even at ten and a half percent rejection, if you look at the latest figures, it costs you thirty pounds a month for an Eagle Star low-cost super super-duper endowment, but at the end you're only going to replace your money, if you've got erm the ten and a half growth rate, ten and a half percent, which is unlikely i in current circumstances.

G4H 1181 You're thinking that the gross is round about seven percent.

G4X 894 A hundred percent funding for more than fifty percent of the day you know.

H5D 1046 And you could then if you wish say well we've got point five of a post, and that person saw eighty percent of those or ninety percent or

HDY 746 I mean really severely handicapped so they really need sort of helpers with them for you know at least fifty percent of the day or something.

HM4 40 Well, ninety percent, nine O percent agreed.

HM7 43 On the cost side, apart from the redundancies I mentioned, well including the redundancies I mentioned er, the non volume related costs are only three percent ahead of the previous year.

HMH 128 Sixty four percent of small businesses are on either overdrafts or short term loans.

HUK 346 In ten to fifteen percent of fertilized zygotes there will be no implantation and er forty two percent that do implant will fail to cycle and will be re-absorbed again.

HVF 466 We can see from that table that even on unconstrained land, we are talking about a difference of point one nine percent of land take.

HVK 491 If the issue today in some people's eyes is the need for this community in Greater York to be one hundred percent self sufficient then perhaps we really ought to go pack up and er go home, er because there's no way that er a settlement that one could envisage in Greater York or perhaps anywhere else can be a hundred percent self sufficiency, self sufficient, you're not going to get a shopping mall, you'd be unlikely to get a a major touring theatre, so you cannot aim for a hundred percent self sufficiency, you aim for what is appropriate for the size of the community and particularly its relationship to existing settlements er in the general area.

HXW 103 Thirty-five percent of Great Britain is mountain and moorland.

HYE 57 Er, we swopped our sharing expense on the er,Sp Spanish financial daily er, with cash for a twenty five percent stake in the Group and er, one of the things this er, does is to give us a stake in, in Marca, which is the second biggest newspaper in Spain and incidentally has the same social and economic profile as El , The Times of Spain er, and it's a sport paper which sells seven days a week, two hundred and thirty four thousand circulation and its nearer, nearest competitor sells one fifty thousand.

HYF 178 To start with it's a specialist newspaper and secondly erm, the, the F T is, is profitable and erm, even if, even in a great recession and erm, the other element is we every year increase our overseas sales, six percent.

HYL 164 During that same period, food export prices fell by eleven percent alright, whereas manufactured export, prices of manufactured exports rose by twenty percent.

HYT 122 It seems that we now have serial correlation in our model as a result of including the dummy right, now we've got to test statistic, I mean always look at the F version of the test, right, er our F statistic of three point seven six is significantly different from zero, right, that leaves seven percent level, so a five percent test we probably accept that we didn't have any serial correlations and we just got there by the skin of our teeth on that particular test erm yes, you could probably get away with this one, functional forms fine, no problem there, hetero skilasticity right, are F statistic three point nine but significantly different from zero that's six percent level, right, so again we just scrape it if we were looking at the ninety five percent confidence it wants to be five percent if you are using as five percent significance level.

HYV 209 Seventy five percent is taken in through the eyes of which we're gonna recall about fifty percent, so fifty percent of that seventy five percent yeah?

J41 226 If I can explain inflation which included in the budget at this stage is inflation between November ninety two and November ninety three, so inflation from today if you like er or last November, through to the end of the year, that is provided for in the central contingency of the authority and as pay awards are awarded the money we drawn down from that into the planning committee so the amount there would one point five percent of pay and four point two percent from general commission, that's reflecting inflation that's already happening and is up last year's budget to to the position today if you like so one point five percent of pay was the A P T C award for July ninety two, sorry ninety three and we're not anticipating here what the pay award will be for the coming year, that is dealt with centrally.

J94 9 I thought I had some information here on prices I can't seem to find it no no, can't find it, never,never mind I've got some figures here that looks at erm the growth in in trade,er it's quoting, it says between nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty nine the volume of agricultural trade grew by twenty six percent alright,however that was that represented one third of the growth in manufacturers so agricultural trade is rising but it's rising much less rapidly than manufacturers here are the prices, at the same time, so between nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty nine er food export prices fell the prices actually fell from eleven percent,t , by eleven percent whereas the unit value of manufactured exports, so essentially the prices of manufactured exports rose on average by twenty percent okay so over the, over that period agricultural prices were actually falling in real terms but if we widen erm s the window that we're looking at, erm,agricultural prices probably haven't fallen er say over the post war period or if we er go back to the beginning of the century, agricultural prices probably haven't fallen erm but relative to manufacturing they certainly have okay.

J9J 255 Number one, you could lobby the Government to remove the twenty percent.

J9U 956 There is a very small change on the A sixty one of two and a half percent.

J9U 1110 Erm one of the points that hasn't been mentioned in terms of the benefits discussed earlier is that the forecasts are that n because of the horrendous accident record of the A sixty one, that transfer of thirty percent of the traffic onto a high standard, modern and much safer road, will result in a reduction in between seven hundred and a thousand people er being injured on the A sixty one during the thirty year er lifespan of the western relief road.

JJG 90 The point I'm going to make is that erm, if we aren't going to get through the year and we're all going to have to take a percentage of our March allowances because the money's run out and we're cash limited even if we give ourselves five percent extra, erm, could I get an assurance from the officers that the people that haven't put in their forms will get a note to remind them to do so, so that everybody is in there, you won't suddenly find that because you haven't had your claim form in by the fourteenth you're gonna get nothing and everybody else is gonna get something.

JJG 307 I think also, the people of Wiltshire will be glad that it us here setting the budget, and therefore the precept and their council tax next year, and something that people will be looking at is their council tax bills, and noting that they go up by six point three percent, or are proposed to, with the provisional assets aim which is set by the government.

JK8 559 But on the whole, of the diagnoses of cancers made today, more than fifty percent will survive more than five years.

JK8 576 Twenty one cancer, and nine percent strokes.

JNR 38 So in conclusion adoption of the M R C follow up follow up policy would have resulted in targeting of cystoscopic follow up to higher risk group patients, a two percent increase in the cystoscopic resources required and delayed diagnosis of tumour progression in one patient, and as I've said I I think that G three P T one tumours should be excluded from er this type of protocol.

JSH 298 That represents sixty percent of secondary schools and seventeen percent of primary schools and despite the er endeavour to which he refers of Essex county council, I can tell him that the latest school to decide to hold a ballot on such status is Notley High School, Braintree.

K6Y 304 hundred percent of it then if this is so good?

K78 285 But in the total picture if you take what a, any, an average American state spends and you ask the question what proportion of that money comes from the federal government, the answer is wait for it, the answer is about twenty percent.

KB0 1995 in the level of commitment he has made to the MMF fund of nineteen ninety three on behalf of the provence and we now know that that's a commitment, was a commitment of a nought percent increase.

KB9 4672 Any of the machines shown in there top terms apply less, less thirty percent and the

KCN 4400 Twenty two percent VAT if the tories get back.

KD0 2094 hundred percent better

KDA 8001 Cos five percent on a on a hundred pound would be a fiver wouldn't it?

KE2 2489 So, if you want to increase something by forty five percent what do you multiply it by?

KE3 7251 Also if one or other of the partners, well it would have to be the partner that wasn't signing was seriously ill then the reduct deduction would be twenty percent.

KGS 27 Ten percent?

KRT 2756 Yes we have, er I mean, the er there are wasps years recorded way back from Gilbert White's time; there have been certain,wasp years, but in terms of people wanting action against wasps nests, er our own pest control branches throughout the country, er did a telephone survey ten days ago, and er in many parts, they range from er forty percent increase to eighty percent increase to one hundred percent increase in some parts of the country; this season compared with last season.