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B03 168 Mr. Mates polled 47,541 votes (51 percent) compared to the Liberal Democrats' Sue Baring on 18,376 (20 percent) and Labour's Jim Phillips on 6,840 (7 percent).

CN9 639 In 1950 multiples accounted for 22 percent of total turnover, in 1966 for 33 per cent, and by 1971 for 37 per cent .

CN9 645 One measure of this demand is that by the 1950s direct expenditure on goods and services by government was on average just over 20 percent of GDP.

EC2 8 The warnings will cover six percent of the relevant face of the package and will no longer be attributed to the ‘Health Departments’ Chief Medical Officers’.

F7T 129 Er there was a titanic party battle but I think the turn out, the local election turn out was over sixty percent which is dramatically high for local government elections.

F8N 44 Er in fact most of the radiation we get in fact is not from nuclear power, it's from erm man made sourc it's from, from natural sources eighty seven percent of the population as an average comes from our natural environment a lot comes from radon gas erm a small amount of radioactivity in our food erm we were discussing at er er lunch in, in fact the benefits of, of eating er low sodium salt salt is meant to be bad for you so the health er er er freaks say and it's the sodium, therefore you should buy low sodium salt which is calcium chloride rather than sodium chloride what they forget to tell you of course is that potassium er sorry it's, it's potassium chloride rather than er than s than sodium chloride, what they forget, forget to tell you of course is that potassium is slightly radioactive it contains erm a small amount of, of a naturally occurring radioactive potassium so you get a small dose of radiation er to compensate for the fact you aren't eating any sodium.

F8N 45 Erm a small amount of, of erm radiation from cosmic rays from outer space and from building materials and so on er eighty seven percent in total of average.

FL5 84 the ninety nine percent of the male

FLX 566 So cast iron is approximately four percent carbon.

FM5 874 If you know that lot just there, you can probably get through about ooh eighty percent of your chemistry.

FM5 996 You know the sys that I mean that's the system this is say this is the key to a good getting on for eighty percent

FMD 520 Yes so they they say you know there's all sorts of things you do farms and you get into the country and you do land as well but I reckon ninety eight percent of of their people are doing houses so

FUK 1425 one weekend in three's about seven percent isn't it?

FUM 39 Looking at recurrences a little closer, of the eighteen patients, fifty percent only had a solitary recurrence in that first year, and no patient had more than four recurrences.

G4H 1202 It's like my wife saying well it costs me a lot more at Sainsburys than two percent, you know, increase over the last year.

G4U 296 Er it's a large business is Severn Trent, er it's a growing business except we are in s in the water business in the U K water we are reducing numbers by about two percent a year.

H48 175 Thirty percent.

HRY 613 In each trial he won a trophy given to the top twenty percent.

HSL 1041 The success rate' is well below 10 percent.

HUM 713 In other words, Indian parents who could afford amniocentesis, the rich ones, wanted sons and they certainly didn't want daughters, because they aborted ninety five point five percent of the daughters but none of the sons, even when the sons were genetically defective.

HUP 63 The Financial Times itself, the er trading profit was up ten percent, despite having to cope with an advertisement volume which is now higher than during the er seventy four recession.

HYE 288 Thanks er, did the provision for er, properties like Penguin and four and a half million for the year, did all of that come in the second half, because it's noticeable that Penguin is ahead something like what, thirty two percent, second half on second half.

HYF 43 Marylebone Road was up by eight point two percent, Rock Circus attendances were up by twenty eight percent and Chessington twenty one percent.

HYM 47 Most cereal yiel yields, potato yields have risen between two and three percent per year er, in the U K.

HYT 100 Right so the functional form test, if we look at the kie squared version, right, again we've got a very small er test statistic implying there's no breach of functional form right, the, the log er specification, right, seems to be working okay, there's no problems with it erm if we now look at normality we've got a bit of a problem with normality, right in that our test statistic is now four point nine, if we look at the critical value at the five percent level of kie when kie squared two, ah it's not too bad, our five percent critical value of the kie squared two is five point nine nine, so although that test statistic is reasonably high, I mean you'd probably reject, oh yes, we can reject the null at ten percent of normally distributed errors we wouldn't reject the null at five percent erm let's just have a look at in actual fact at those errors to see what the problem is.

HYX 671 In nineteen ninety two, three, er, we made er, we made a four percent reduction in economic development, a, a, about erm, about fifty thousand pounds.

J52 1539 The book goes on to quote Stephen Jay Gould, the noted Harvard palaeontologist, as saying: We avoid the excellent question, What good is 5 percent of an eye? by arguing that the possessor of such an incipient structure did not use it for sight.

J9L 80 The party you support created such chaos that unemployment rose by a hundred and thirty one percent.

J9Y 481 So that anything over five thousand pound you get another fifteen percent in other words forty five percent commission.

JA0 641 But we do that five percent does make an awful lot of difference.

JA3 673 And you can show them of between an eighteen and twenty four percent saving on their business travel.

JA9 136 Erm, now I can produce some variants on the next few figures, they, this is the one in the third paragraph which says that two thousand eight hundred, er took two eight nine one two, er, hours would be needed this year, that is working on the commissions erm current estimate of six percent of complaints going to stage two, erm, the reality in York is that seven point five percent are going to stage two, and if one took account of that reality, and I'm bound to say that in in estimating terms we don't, but if one did take in reality that would push that figure for this year up to thirty thousand four hundred and forty nine.

JJG 309 So in reality our S S A is going up about one and a half percent, and as you know our budget has gone up about one and a half percent, so why is the council tax going up six point three percent?

JJG 309 So in reality our S S A is going up about one and a half percent, and as you know our budget has gone up about one and a half percent, so why is the council tax going up six point three percent?

JK8 461 If you just born you're free, at the age of five, fifteen percent is attacked, at the age of eight, it's forty percent, and eight of you over forty, congratulations, you're all got arteriosclerosis.

JNM 6 The cost is going to be some three thousand four hundred million I think er t to the U K. That's er e gone up by about thirteen percent four hundred million roughly, er over the original estimate.

JSG 509 So if that figure is removed from the spending total the current increase is only two point three percent above the settlement for nineteen ninety three, ninety four and being twenty eight million pounds, or one percent, below the current years budgets actually represents a four percent real terms reduction and that is a measure of the cuts which the government this year wishes to force on local government.

JT0 236 Well research suggests that something like eighty eight percent, that's research by Klaus and Bass, Klaus and Bass nineteen eighty-eight, actually I may have got that date wrong so I'm not sure you should quote the date, anyway it's Klaus and Bass.

K1B 1617 New car sales may be down 19 percent, the lowest figure since 1982, but that, say Rover, is better than the near 21 percent downturn for the industry as a whole.

K6Y 714 Yeah I, well, hundred percent, why not?

K70 51 Erm and people will take on board different methods of being probed, some will respond to audio probes, some will re respond to some visual stimulation er conceptualize er ideas you know the ones we looked at last week like the old PEGGY symbols and erm the cheque book, PHI and life assurance, the ten percent rule and there is one another which we can look at, another mnemonic called er erm some of you may have come across it before, others may not and is hey so Mr Prospect if you hadn't made an adequate retirement plan, what financial problems do you think you or family could have?

KBK 6341 I've done just over fifty percent of them so far.

KBY 630 Erm, we're doing all about this in er E D S the other day and apparently from the pictures on the T V at the time everyone thought it was whole of Ethiopia that was starving, and it was only actually twenty five percent of the population.

KE2 2417 So next year's output is to be a hundred and fifty percent of this year's .

KE2 2427 If something is increased by fifty percent it is multiplied by one point five.

KE6 10550 twenty five is it or twenty percent off or something, but I think I don't know some of the stuff when you

KM6 992 What i what is really extraordinary I think is the way as you say that in nineteen fifty fifty one, fifty one fifty two, they actually, actually changed the tax schedules so it goes not from the three percent of the bottom, from six or seven percent of the bottom and only up to twenty five percent.

KPL 375 Sixty percent of the land is in North Italy, and forty percent is in the south.

KRK 150 For instance, did you know that on average they have increased spending on books and equipment by ninety percent and that sixty percent of schools employ at least one more teacher and many employ more classroom support staff and that morale among teachers is widely reported to be higher, even where before those teachers opposed grant maintained status.

KRM 425 Rents will go up by almost ten percent instead of forty five, and houses themselves won't be sold to a housing association.