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ADL 451 If I discounted 75 percent of what he intimated, there was a lot to suspect but it was nothing hard and fast.’

CCU 848 10% (ten percent) of the Publisher's net receipts on all units sold between 2,001 and 5,000 units

CH5 2702 Cheapest is 19.4 percent from the Yorkshire Bank — nearly four per cent lower than most of its rivals.

CSV 103 The value of computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided engineering and geographic information systems shipped last year grew by 10.5 percent, according to Dataquest figures.

EC1 97 Tobacco released to the market was down 11.3 percent in the first half of 1991 compared with the same period of 1990 and 17.7 percent down compared with the second half of 1990.

F7T 240 It was what, seventy eight percent over all, and in, and in a large, very large individual constituencies you were seeing turn out in the eighties.

F7V 99 We've currently been allocated just over one point three million from the housing corporation which represents about forty one percent of the money that we need to do the scheme.

FBH 620 Output of Mozambican doctors has been low; about seventy five percent of doctors are expatriates.

FUG 295 The main competitors are are Perrier Water with te twenty four percent of the market, Highland Spring with six percent, Well's Soft Drinks own label er twenty eight percent, Nestle four percent, er Coca-cola Schweppes four percent, Evian fifteen percent.

FUJ 54 And if the job was only at say er tender let stage to only take seventy percent of the fee,

FUJ 1704 It is five percent of our expenditure budget for this year of course.

FY1 673 I think it's next door The te er the fifteen percent was less than the ten percent, you see?

FYA 835 Two see you've got a percent key marked there, how do you get

G4H 859 Well the risk now is staying in Abbey National because your rate's down to about four percent net.

G4H 1083 the, the debt rolled up against the value of the home, and once it gets to seventy five percent, you lose the home, or could do, and of course people who took this out, it was before the housing collapse,you're in difficulties.

G4U 63 Twelve, thirteen percent.

HDN 231 He spent a great deal of time in his efforts certainly for this trade union and in recruitment where he works, he's made it not hundred percent, hundred and ten percent and is constantly, er, recruiting constantly recruiting.

HLW 222 During the eighties the proportion of employees in union membership was down to forty eight percent in nineteen ninety, from fifty eight percent in nineteen ni eighty four.

HUP 364 Erm well you've Stuart who erm had it at his fingertips equally, but er they have substantial, I, I'll let him talk about oh, over fifty percent export are you not Stuart?

HVF 361 That's right, yes, from seven point one to six point two percent over the period through to two thousand and six.

HVF 823 And indeed there are some who make think that the County Council has been too generous in that the reduction from the hundred percent migration in four districts, er amounts only to somewhere about four and a half er thousand dwellings.

HYE 3 Six months ago we reported interim results,fifty eight percent down on the previous year but held out hope for a stronger performance in the second half, in the event our os optimism was justified.

J3R 127 We do have er, performance targets, they seem to be working well, er, ninety percent figure was given, that does seem to be holding up.

J9T 1035 I find a little difficulty in understanding the basis of your argument Mr , given the point you made last week about the need for Yo North Yorkshire as a whole to cater for one hundred percent migration, so as to make adequate provision for those coming from Leeds.

J9Y 623 If you're on a thirty five percent then we're covered.

JA9 258 Well, except that work on the submission of twenty five percent going through the complaint examiner.

JJE 371 Brussels related, the cost of the trips, less than one percent.

JJN 577 So we, we, we're still working to middle peasants being able to earn twenty five or thirty percent of their income from exploitation, either hired labour or renting out land and we won't touch it at all.

JK0 682 well there was two parts to the brochure, erm, the, there was the general part within the brochure about eighty percent of the brochure was general for every development, the other twenty percent which would prefer specifically to that development, so there was a corporate field to the brochure, but for each development it would have it's individual flavour, that would show pictures of the locality for example, hence the golf and the erm lake and the erm specific costs of running that, that responsibility would be the responsibility then of the region putting in, cos obviously at the centre I wouldn't know whether there was a golf course in that area or not.

JNH 133 I think the, this is quite well illustrated by the figures on employees, where the numbers employed fell by getting on for ten percent, though our spending on employees remained about the same, partly as a result of pay increases, partly also, as a result of changes in the profile of grades of the staff at the Council, and a movement towards better staff, better paid, and then finally the saving we make each year as turnover of staff occurs, and we don't have to pay salaries during the handover period from one person to another, that saving that has reduced because the turnover of staff has reduced.

JSG 499 In the case of the major bodies the D B R W, the W G A and the C B D C of over eight percent.

JSG 509 So if that figure is removed from the spending total the current increase is only two point three percent above the settlement for nineteen ninety three, ninety four and being twenty eight million pounds, or one percent, below the current years budgets actually represents a four percent real terms reduction and that is a measure of the cuts which the government this year wishes to force on local government.

JSN 528 And what I would like us to do is to be able when we leave here tomorrow, to say that by what we've learned about one another, and by what we've actually decided, that we can probably improve what we're doing by something between five and ten percent.

JT8 159 We got advice from the officers that three point five percent might be achieved and therefore we we acted on that advice in making the amendments which we did.

JYM 185 Is it thirty three percent thirty three percent thirty three percent or is it all weighted one way or the other?

K1P 2171 This year it's a one hundred percent success rate.

K25 387 Not all the news is good…thefts from vehicles in Gloucestershire is still going up by four percent.

K6D 105 We'll kee got to keep on getting it in proportion that ninety nine percent of them have been done right and that's as to the seven hundred tests in out of four point five billion, is very small numbers indeed so the vast majority of women can be reassured.

KCU 9128 A, eighty five percent, B, fifty five percent or C, ninety percent ?

KD9 1751 enjoy the ten percent .

KDX 763 You've got to have a thirty percent majority.

KE2 2334 There's B and it's sixty percent of A C's height is a hundred and twenty percent of A's height.

KE2 2416 So there's your hundred percent and you add fifty percent.

KE2 2521 If you want to increase something by seven percent what do you multiply it by?

KGN 664 So, I mean these are the supporters that they, they've got to sort of focus on erm even i he does say that some of the erm er leaders of the associations aren't actually up to scratch but he says eighty five percent of them are and it would be wrong to attack or to arrest, you know, the other fifteen percent and it's got to come from their own discipline of the association, you let the movement grow together, don't try and er become er, you know, resisting forces because er these are the people who we've got to erm s stay with and to look after, to harness erm to work for and er so that's basically, is his conclusion.

KGN 726 But I mean i isn't he right in saying look this is, this is the erm figures he uses are seventy percent of the population that, that they are, if you like, our friends an and if you're gonna have a revolution successfully you've gotta make, distinguish between your friends and your enemies and the poor peasants are your real friends.

KJS 198 Well the er point I'd like to make is that as of last Saturday the er, erm, the Soviets were building a new submarine every forty days, they're spending thirty five percent of the G N P.

KLV 86 Cos we've got a hundred percent hundred percent increase in volume

KM1 288 Well we know that in our company by the jobs lost, we know that in the Midland region because it could be a loss of up to ten percent of our membership, six thousand members.

KRM 437 But you can manage just over nine percent?