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AMH 630 Cargo forecasts suggest that a growth rate of 11.4 percent for Europe-Far East trade over the next 20 years will be more than double the expected increase across the North Atlantic.

B01 992 For example, the single man's basic pension was 23 per cent of average earnings in 1980 compared with 41 percent in the Netherlands, 36 percent in West Germany and 32 per cent in France.

C88 2081 A NATIONAL organisation representing the training interests of 80 percent of the UK's working population have appointed the Guildford-based Parallel Group to prepare their public relations strategy.

CP6 42 Pick Systems Inc has recognised for some time that it will have to concentrate on the database side of Pick's personality in order to survive, but currently only around 40% of sales comes from Pick for Unix, with a few percent going to the MD-DOS implementation and the native Intel Corp iAPX-86 implementation accounting for the biggest part of the business.

EBE 130 In Africa, they produce some 80 percent of food, and they can produce more if other workload is reduced and if they receive training and technical information.

EC1 102 Excise tax data showed a 4 percent increase in smoking in 1990, and household surveys carried out by the Health Department confirmed the increase.

F7T 367 I mean turn out in the er in, in in er er European elections was er in nineteen eighty four it was thirty two percent and in nineteen er eighty nine, thirty seven percent.

F8N 28 That er, if built, would provide us with about ten percent of our electricity at current rates of use.

F8R 327 here again here again you see in Marx, Marx says that more and more, and he said this in his day, more and more is society spreading into two classes on the one hand the ruling class, the owners of the means of life, on the other hand the r vast majority of people today, it's ninety percent of the population, who don't own the means of l of life but ten percent do.

FUF 73 You you actually contribute six percent of your salary and you know that's that's the sort of basic contribution.

FUG 295 The main competitors are are Perrier Water with te twenty four percent of the market, Highland Spring with six percent, Well's Soft Drinks own label er twenty eight percent, Nestle four percent, er Coca-cola Schweppes four percent, Evian fifteen percent.

FUG 343 The contribution erm made by each of these products after we've used an average sales price erm is seven and a half pence roughly for the smallest size, erm about eighteen pence average for the one litre size and eleven twelve percent twelve pence sorry for the large size.

G3U 279 Erm Of the total of goods that are sold in industrialized countries, such as, that have been manufactured, only three percent of them are made in developing countries.

H47 668 Seventy five percent of what is contained within the blue manual, has nothing to do with the quality of the service that we provide to our clients.

H5D 698 five percent or thirty percent.

H78 149 So all we know is that the universe is expanding by between 5 percent and 10 percent every thousand million years.

HAC 8049 The formula for the earnings ratio is simply +B7/B6 entered into B9 and to show this as a percentage all that is necessary is to set the cells format to percent.

HEP 56 Over ninety percent of the world's data is indeed not held in a relational database, and it may not be appropriate for all forms of information.

HUC 290 At the same time,d the Tories are on their knees, some people, as I said earlier, I think it's just as relevant in this debate, seem to have lost their way and when you took, look at what they're proposing in terms of say, the er the fifty percent, the, the er M Ps, fifty percent of the votes for er the Parliamentary leader which of course is very consistent with , right, fifty percent of the vote, you take that along with proportional representation and what I believe you're seeing is the number of people who have given up the ghost and are preparing to restructure the Party around coalition politics, and that's where they're heading, and they're heading completely in the wrong direction because we're more in tune with what's going on in this country, the po opinion polls are saying fifty nine percent of the people actually I think, believe that er the Labour government is possible and will be voting for a Labour government, the alternative road is to oblivion and it's not about modernizing, the people who're proposing this coalition politics aren't modernizers, they're Victorian politics, that's what they're about, they're about taking us back, back before we created the Party, before we learnt the lesson that we needed to represent ourselves politically, they're going back to, let's skil see what we get out of the Liberals, the free trade Liberals, in the nineteenth century, that's where they're going back, that's not about modernization, real modernization is about making sure that the Labour Party speaks for the working people up and down this country and that's our contribution to make to that Party and therefore we should have a role in decision making and influencing the Party that enables us as an organization to express that feeling, and that understanding of what people actually want in this country, and that's why we're supporting the C E C proposals.

HUK 346 In ten to fifteen percent of fertilized zygotes there will be no implantation and er forty two percent that do implant will fail to cycle and will be re-absorbed again.

HVG 107 And with Ryedale still at thirty eight percent, these are on my figures.

HVJ 485 Er erm we think the nine thousand seven hundred dwellings based on one hundred percent migration for the Greater York area is the appropriate strategic approach erm for the Greater York area, the County Council does not see the need for any policy intervention in terms of migration, in respect of Greater York in the way it feels is necessary in respect of er of four other districts.

HYE 70 Pitman, which is the U K leading er, business book publisher increased sales by sixteen percent and Alhambra after the er, reorganization is doing rather well and the first book we've published on the new Spanish educational curriculum is forty percent ahead of er, budget.

HYE 284 Er, whether they, a different government would legislate erm, against people having more than a twenty percent stake in er, B Sky B for instance remains to be seen.

HYS 111 That's right, it's erm its empirically verified that in developing countries er the civil service or the, the government sector is very very large relative to the, to the economy, now whereas say U K or somewhere like France the government public and semi public er organizations employ ten percent of the, the workforce, perhaps a bit, bit more in France than the U K erm in developing countries the government sector can be, you know, over half of the total urban, urban employment, in some cases it's seventy and eighty percent of er employment.

HYX 701 It's a pity in a way that we didn't have this discussion before, because I do think it's important and I think parties these days, goodness knows what we're matching is to, should be a bit and they want more, sort of less than putting in less fifty percent.

J3T 465 The problem is as Mr has said, if that is expected to be replicated across future years, this would represent a ten percent reduction in the statutory service, er, which is only partly under control of this Committee, with mixed responsibilities with the Registrar General.

J41 170 The second element is the real increased resources for the committee and that comes to thirty five thousand pounds and that's something at one point six percent.

J9M 259 If the government gets its way and starts slapping seventeen and a half percent, twenty percent V A T on fuel, we might need some more residential places you don't know.

J9M 584 I think in Denmark it's twenty percent.

J9U 436 The reductions at those six points are the figures I have given in paragraph three, seventeen percent, nineteen percent, twenty eight percent, twenty three percent, ten percent and thirteen percent.

J9Y 477 I if I can ask you to home in on that five thousand pound figure, once you reach five thousand pound on any assignment you get another fifteen percent bonus.

JJG 82 It's a little like listening to those debates in parliament where parliament vote themselves extra salaries and I feel very uncomfortable in this process, I thought I might be coming here this morning to disagree with my own group, or those members of them that don't agree with me, perhaps joined with the conservatives in opposing this motion, but I find in fact that everybody is saying oh let's put up the er, the heading, I feel very uncomfortable with this having spent six months in the budget review, criticising officers up hill and down dale every time that they exceeded their budget, having told them that either they balance their budget or that they came in next year with a budget with no more than a one and a half percent increase, or their successors would be doing it for us.

JJL 593 Now if, if you accept the ten percent owning the eighty percent, there must've been enough but the poor are not getting it.

JK7 379 Seven percent, you have to add them together.

JK8 576 Twenty one cancer, and nine percent strokes.

JNB 206 Can I can I say that in my opinion that the county council's current budgeting strategy which effectively imposes a two percent efficiency saving which I might add in figures come to something like one point five million erm is, is of concern but what is of greater concern is the further possibility of a four percent er reduction which is being sought in blocks of three percent and one percent next year for ninety four ninety five which is to the amount of two point eight million at the current prices will in my opinion decimate the present level of service provision in policing.

JSF 88 Designated accessible polling stations, er will themselves have to cover fifty percent or so of a constituency initially and people will be allowed to have access to a designated station if their own station is one that has not qualified at that time, although the aim will be a hundred percent designated er polling stations with full access.

JSG 398 This totals five hundred and three million pounds in capital grants and crediting approvals, a four percent increase on nineteen ninety three, ninety four.

JSG 514 All Welsh counties for instance are limited to increasing their budgets of one point seven on point seven five percent over nineteen ninety three, ninety four are as the cities of Cardiff and Swansea and the borough of Newport and it is this cap of one point seven percent as my honourable friend for Cardiff South and Penarth has pointed out, which is at the route of the funding problems of the South Wales police authority area.

JSN 444 And then he got on to explain what the items were, seventy five percent of the items went next day, and ninety thousand went, I'm sorry, and er, and twenty five percent went two day, three day, and if you divide one into the other, what it means is that two point one consignments two me , sorry, two point one items per consignment went Express, and six items per consignment, general.

JYN 406 it's not like my brother did in his physics degree where he sort of ended up getting twelve percent overall in his second year and then took the year again and got six percent erm that's very difficult to do in psychology erm

K23 2002 And the situation is getting worse…in the past five years the number of reported cases of serious backpain has risen by forty percent.

K6J 753 . What's three percent?

KB7 3414 At twenty five percent.

KB9 1765 and then erm in July, you do you don't have to pay out a ha'penny till July and you can either pay cash and get your sixteen percent off free or you can pay terms from July.

KBK 1966 Students with O A level passes for ninety three percent of training teachers Eight out of ten graduates have a good second class honours degree.

KC2 5478 twelve percent.

KE2 2414 A factory plans to increase it's output by fifty percent next year.

KP1 5550 and there's a two and half percent short fall that we've gotta fight so I'm gonna se see where I can get it from.