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BM4 1024 The seven percent of the first wave fund-holders was allocated £14.5 million to set up the administrative side of the scheme, but the remaining 93 percent were given a total of £19 million in the 1991 autumn statement.

CBC 10983 This compares with 37 percent of new marriages which end in divorce.

CET 269 Yet the Earth's atmosphere currently consists of about 78 percent nitrogen, 20 percent oxygen and 2 percent other gases.

F7T 240 It was what, seventy eight percent over all, and in, and in a large, very large individual constituencies you were seeing turn out in the eighties.

FM5 996 You know the sys that I mean that's the system this is say this is the key to a good getting on for eighty percent

FUG 284 But this market is expanding at a rate of at least five percent and predictions and calculations show that this is far in e in excess of this base rate.

FUG 296 And there are forty other companies erm which have eighteen percent of the market.

FUM 6 He also found that pati eighty percent of patients who had a negative three month cystoscopy never had another recurrence in the remainder of their follow up.

FUN 44 So here we've got only thirty seven percent,just o about a third of patients who have high pressure and low flow, although all of these patients would have gone to the operating room for a T U R.

FUS 29 Examining the effects of histology, histological type, the early mortality patient with benign was point three percent and this was significantly less than the early mortality for those patients who had prostate cancer, which was two point nine percent, almost ten times greater.

FUS 33 A mean of eight percent of patients developed postoperative sepsis and we have classified patients as having de developed postoperative sepsis if they have developed two out of three of the following, a temperature of greater than thirty eight degrees celsius,or a positive blood culture.

FXT 947 Inflation's fallen again to a new thirty year low, and now stands at one point two percent, down from one point three percent.

FXT 1022 Three Nottinghamshire soccer fans accused of using forged banknotes by police in Turkey have been freed, and inflation's fallen again to one point two percent.

FYA 1826 What's twenty five percent of a quarter?

G4F 106 Or if a wife was earning, working or had a pension and did use her allowances, but the husband was paying forty percent, the same switch of investments, transferring income to the wife, even though it was chargeable at twenty percent or twenty five, was relieving the husband's forty percent.

G4J 31 Now then, I've made, oh er before I go into the capital gains , er capital allowances you can claim a proportion of the capital allowances on a reducing balance, so er if a car for example costs you five thousand pounds, you'd actually be allowed twenty five percent in the first year, the twenty five percent would be reduced from five thousand, and in the next year you'd get twenty five percent off your balance until the five thousand pounds had been allowed against your profits.

GVX 462 Given the resources available to men (99 percent of the world's resources) and the few available to women, and given the institution of male power in every dimension of the education system — grounded deep in the structures, the language and the social context of every exchange — it is unrealistic to imagine that individual women, men of good will, or students, however energetic, resourceful and determined, can change things single handed.

HKX 1909 In the event, however, only 13.8 percent of the electorate voted, well short of the 50 per cent required; of those who voted, 85.9 per cent favoured direct election and 14.1 indirect election.

HLY 188 And when we say, or the A N C and democratic organizations say, that you need a five percent vote to cross the hurdle to get in to the assembly and then you, you, you're a member of their parliament so to say and then what do we hear?

HUP 23 The areas where we put in most effort were Reed Tool the drill bit company where there were redundancies earlier in the year and in particular the U S operations of Redder and also the U S operations of Camco Products where in fact in the U S part of it, there are now thirty eight percent less people employed than there were a year ago.

HVG 81 Erm it is part of our strategy of course erm that we are not er pursuing a hundred percent migration.

HVJ 231 In terms of the definition of er what is historic York I think again an issue we went over for some length of time at the greenbelt inquiry, I would draw your attention back to my earlier comments that York is basically a modern industrial city with a very precious historic core, that historic core er represents no more than actually five percent of the built up area, that something like eighty five percent of the city was built after eighteen hundred, the view that was expressed by the County in N Y Two, in terms of the definition of the greenbelt, the Greater York greenbelt and its purposes was not accepted by the City Council, we do not accept that all of the func elements of the York greenbelt contribute towards preserving the character of the historic city, we rely on the the fact that the two comments the Senior Inspector made at this, the the green wedges and historic core itself that establish the historic character of the city, there are many parts of the edge of York which could repli be replicated in many cities, historic or otherwise around the country and finally just coming back to the issue of scale of development erm the point I should have made earlier about the house builders figures for the city of York is that the house builders did suggest a figure of four thousand for the city, erm, I'm not aware on what basis that was made, but clearly my evidence would quite clearly indicate that I believe that could not be accommodated, certainly on any known sites within the cit current city boundary, thank you Chair.

HYF 57 Just to remind you er, we have a fifty percent interest in Lazzard brothers and a ten percent interest in the New York and Paris partnerships.

HYS 111 That's right, it's erm its empirically verified that in developing countries er the civil service or the, the government sector is very very large relative to the, to the economy, now whereas say U K or somewhere like France the government public and semi public er organizations employ ten percent of the, the workforce, perhaps a bit, bit more in France than the U K erm in developing countries the government sector can be, you know, over half of the total urban, urban employment, in some cases it's seventy and eighty percent of er employment.

J1M 1996 Talks broke down around lunchtime after the technical and clerical staff rejected a one point eight percent increase and an offer of profit related pay.

J3P 268 Thirty five percent of total?

J3R 127 We do have er, performance targets, they seem to be working well, er, ninety percent figure was given, that does seem to be holding up.

J3T 466 Seventy percent of the expenditure is on staff who you do not employ and cannot dismiss, a large part of the income, or all the income is through the fees that are set na nationally by the government.

J9L 138 All this was happening at a time of deep recession worsening by the day with unemployment rising to two and a half million, redundancies up by forty percent in the first four months of ninety one.

J9U 568 It wasn't a marginal decision, the the sum total of the inner routes er represent thirty percent of those er expressing a view whereas the one outer route attracted seventy percent of the response in favour.

J9U 1220 In front of me I can see one link in the town centre where the improvement would only be twenty one percent.

J9X 259 I had a hundred and twenty seven percent er sorry twenty seven percent above target er for the quarter and most of my other com my sales reps er the other sales reps in the business didn't even reach a hundred percent.

JJG 39 I think the most important thing is to make clear, I'm hoping to make clear somewhere that next year this council will have a members allowance budget which is one and a half percent more than this year, at the maximum, and it may not even have that I'm not certain that we've agreed that with the policy committee, I don't know if anybody knows if we have

JJL 591 Now that's a bit of a surprise to you in the sense that you believed that ten percent of the population owned eighty percent of the land and therefore this, this kind of erm a a attack on, on the rich was happening through the May the fourth directive , that would've produced enough to bring everybody up to a reasonable middle peasant status.

JJL 612 But if, if, if you accept this ten percent and the eighty percent that it

JJN 540 If the average per capita of land held in such does not exceed two hundred percent of the average per capita land held in the locality it shall remain untouched.

JNX 852 About fifteen percent er ro roughly fifteen percent extra .

JS9 113 He's a very bright man, Michael Howard, but it's quite clear that he's much more concerned with grabbing the headlines and finding scapegoats, than with taking action through law that will actually improve the chance, both of preventing crime and of detecting crime, and then even more so, deterring people from re-offending, and it's most distressing to see that when research showed that a particular non-custodial method of punishment is effective in perhaps fifty or seventy or eighty percent of cases, whereas prison is not, he goes for prison, he goes for picking on squatters, he goes for picking on the defendants right to silence so that we can see more people like er, jailed when they were innocent.

K25 701 It's a strategy that's boosted half year profits 45 percent to 3.7 million pounds.

K5M 11437 British companies take out 50 to 70 percent of profits in dividends, twice as much as Japan and nearly three times as much for Germany.

K6C 222 Courage with its string of Bulk brews from John Smiths to Fosters now talks of a formidable challenge as it reorganizes in the face of a four percent drop in total British beer sales a year.

K96 640 ‘Even though we are expecting an inflationary increase of 1.9 per cent, our costs have gone up by between 6 per cent and 7 percent.

KB0 1988 It's nought percent.

KB9 1776 your sixteen percent off free.

KCN 1223 You get twenty five percent off.

KCU 4217 Pay ten percent interest.

KGS 26 Is it five percent?

KM1 46 The unemployment level is twelve percent and rising.

KRT 3471 Petrol sales at the pumps have dropped by fifteen percent — is that bad news for the government in terms of revenue?

KRW 62 At the moment, nuclear power contributes approximately three percent to our national consumption of fuels, a small figure and even if we multiplied it tenfold that would be thirty percent.