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B03 177 But Mr. Foster, who lost his deposit after failing to gain the required 5 percent, said: ‘You can rest assured that the Green Party will remain active in East Hampshire.

B03 428 A further 40 percent of young people have been registered for jobs and training at careers offices for between two and six months.

B03 3058 For example, an agreement to use a minimum of 20,000 copies per month at an initial 5.4p per copy, and with a built-in annual increase of nine percent, totals more than £168,000 over nine years.

CB6 568 In the manor of Alciston, the bailiff of Battle Abbey had to raise wages by up to 75 percent to get the year's work done by the survivors.

CCU 1090 5.3.2 a sum representing two percent (2%) of the Net Invoiced Price per Licensed Product sold, to be paid in accordance with the provisions of clause 6 hereof.

EEM 1437 Of the 195 members of the Paris Academy of Sciences to be honored with an official eulogy before the Revolution of 1789, at least twenty percent had received a Jesuit education.

F88 101 At the same time, there was a growth in the age group between sixteen and twenty four of about seven percent.

FES 1310 Owners, although required to pay 50 percent of surplus profits towards the cost of the war, retained nevertheless a 575 per cent increase on 1913 profits on average.

FLH 398 So I mean, these foxes are still widespread and abundant, they can sustain seventy percent losses, so what human intervention are you doing?

FP2 1259 While Jensen contends that ‘[a]lthough the evidence is not literally 100 percent in support of the efficient market hypothesis, no proposition in any of the sciences is better documented’, there is in fact substantial disagreement about whether the market is efficient in the most relevant sense, that is, in reflecting companies' underlying value.

FUG 163 Again if you think about how many people actually provide their goods on time to their customers ninety five percent of the time or provide the goods and provide them on time that record is their record is very good.

FUG 333 Erm the actual percentage of the ingredients used over the first year erm is about five percent for water, twenty three point six percent for the bottle, I'll explain that later that's quite high, the cap is four percent, one percent for the gassing,erm one percent for the case, two point seven percent for labour, four percent for transport, a general overhead would be about seventeen point one percent.

G4F 106 Or if a wife was earning, working or had a pension and did use her allowances, but the husband was paying forty percent, the same switch of investments, transferring income to the wife, even though it was chargeable at twenty percent or twenty five, was relieving the husband's forty percent.

G4H 806 So a one percent dividend yield, not, not worth writing as a P E P.

G4H 1183 I, I'd suggest that it is a good bet, particularly if you think that erm if we do get rising inflation, er in the next year we could be, I mean the projected figures are round about er, by the middle of next year, round about five percent.

H48 429 Form D One, the project remit, no thirty percent estimates .

HDN 318 Now his view obviously has to be seriously considered put forward, as it is, by a leader who has the support, when he was elected, of ninety percent of the Party, including ninety percent of the unions.

HEP 517 However in fact behind a navigator or a navigation server there will be any number of SQL Servers working on parallelized S Q L. Now this solution provides us with total linear scaleability, as we run out of processing power we will add another node to the environment and take advantage of all of the processing power of that node using parallel S Q L. This is a hundred percent software solution it's not a hardware software combination.

HUD 582 But we need to fill the gap, and by the way colleagues, I think it is appropriate, just to end this particular section of my reply with the comment that at the public services section conference from our count forty percent of the delegates there had never been to a G M B conference before.

HUM 695 According to tax criteria, the top ten percent of the U S population produces an eight percent excess of males by comparison to the bottom ten percent.

HVJ 249 In comparison the er the the smallest projection put forward by Mr Thomas, would actually result in a twenty one percent decrease in building rates over that approved in the adopted adopted plan, and a thirty two percent increase over the actual rate experienced since nineteen eighty one.

HYE 210 Now, you've got sixteen percent and you're the Chairman when shouldn't you equity account it?

J8D 710 The year erm which was done last year myself, self assessment and that I've actually my form tutor to suggest it and they are reasonably positive, like sixty five percent to move into

J9J 255 Number one, you could lobby the Government to remove the twenty percent.

J9X 827 But er what we say is that we will pay thirty percent up to a hundred miles away from home

JA0 611 On the spot you can have ten percent discount if you need it.

JJE 164 V A T has risen from eight percent to seventeen and a half percent.

JSG 180 The other factor we should also bear in mind is the great majority of the people are not only not interested, they're basically hostile the whole business and I think that members may not have really noticed if they looked at the European newspaper, the highest ever figure, fifty three percent of all the people of Britain are now totally and completely opposed to the whole business of the E C, they don't think it's a good idea.

JSG 183 It was also of course, we were put forward for objective two, this was turned down by these two commissioners simply because they sliced off two percent of the application.

JSH 80 The European community on the other hand also saw a growth of output of over twenty percent, twenty three point seven percent but that gave rise not to eighteen million but to only six million additional jobs and I just say to the honourable gentleman the lesson for Europe is to go further down the route that I have suggested of further deregulation and less bureaucracy and a stable economic framework, than to go down the route that he is advocating in his short address and question to me.

JSH 298 That represents sixty percent of secondary schools and seventeen percent of primary schools and despite the er endeavour to which he refers of Essex county council, I can tell him that the latest school to decide to hold a ballot on such status is Notley High School, Braintree.

JSN 565 That, I mean, the, the appointments what Jane and Linda do make me, I'll be honest, they're quality appointments, not all of them but I would sixty, seventy percent of them are good quality appointments.

JWA 332 The average Council Tax payer, the council tax can't be more than, around four percent erm which reminds me of the last miracle budget we had, ninety eighty nine I think it was, again a Labour budget which I think was three point nine per cent increase then and the lowest rate of increase for twenty years erm and the highest level of growth erm .

K1R 1302 The Home Office says that it already pays fifty one percent of the cost of policing the royals, but if the county council can adequately demonstrate that it needs more then funds are available.

K6C 194 It's quite poignant that ninety percent of the people here were protestant.

K6H 15 We see the U K certainly coming out of recession and we are something like twelve percent up on same time last year in the U K. Having said that, the E C is well over twenty percent down on same time last year.

K96 640 ‘Even though we are expecting an inflationary increase of 1.9 per cent, our costs have gone up by between 6 per cent and 7 percent.

KB0 2079 We now move to the erm sort of, two A which I will now as and this will be that Synod urges local churches through their consultations with district treasurers and the finance committee to incrus , increase their contribution to MMF in nineteen ninety three in such a way that the provincial commitment may be increased by at least five percent over the nineteen ninety two budgets targets sorry!

KCU 9128 A, eighty five percent, B, fifty five percent or C, ninety percent ?

KDM 6875 which the vinegar's only about two percent probably that

KDW 3291 for fifty percent of the overall assessment.

KE2 2348 Now calculate a hundred and forty percent of seven point five kilogrammes.

KE2 2476 One if you're increasing it by forty five percent if it was a hundred percent and you increase it by forty five hundred percent

KE2 2479 A hundred percent plus forty five percent will be what?

KE6 8123 twenty five percent cash

KGL 120 It'll only work if we give in our hundred percent, it'll only work if you give your hundred percent.

KGX 365 In nineteen eighty eight and eighty nine we spent ninety eight point two nine percent and in eighty nine ninety, ninety seven point one four percent of what the government thought we need we actually underspent in their terms.

KP6 262 I don't feel a hundred percent well I can't relax when Sara and Phil's there.

KP7 281 er er so what he's done, he's kept that money back to cover his self in case the tax say like they want twenty five percent.

KRP 724 It did actually explain in one key phrase what, what the newsworthy bit was, which was the pivot sentence ‘fifty percent increase’, in applications.