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BM4 2842 But over the last year there was a 3.3 percent decline in prices, compared with 2 percent for 1990, according to the company's business facts, which puts the average price at £128,598.

EC1 96 Tobacco sales were down 7.6 percent in the first three months of this year compared with the same period last year and 9.6 percent in the second three months.

EC1 99 25.1 percent of the adult population of New Zealand currently smokes, down from 26.7 percent last December.

F8E 52 So we know that so far about fifty percent of our anthropogenic C O two has been locked away in this system in the ocean.

FU8 921 Sometimes the Chinese charge thirty-six percent and the peasants are foolish enough to agree.

FUG 296 And there are forty other companies erm which have eighteen percent of the market.

FUJ 253 So the survey would be constituted as se er twenty percent of the fees.

FUL 863 in ninety nine percent of the cases.

G0W 2388 They reported that as many as 17 percent of Panjabi (U) workers in Bradford work for Panjabi speaking employers.

G4H 824 But I mean they actually do work, er ten percent gross yield and erm if you asked me to explain how they get the ten percent, I'd have to use some notes they gave to me cos it's, cos it's complicated, but they use derivatives, and they buy in er in the shares and options market, and erm the company I'm thinking of actually own the shares, but you take options on them, and they take commission on the options, they also take dividends, er and by the time you've read the, the, the spiel, it sounds a bit like you've fitted all these petrol savers to your car and you're driving to Nottingham, and the tank overflows, it's that sort of

G5B 222 Erm we produce about thirty percent in house.

GXF 116 At £1,622 million, the May figure was less than two percent down on the April total of £1,651 million.

GYV 75 And so after a while erm we found that, apart from one or two minor anomalies, er that our members were able to achieve round about forty seven, forty eight, forty nine percent.

HDP 288 But over and above this is a terrible fact that despite what they are already putting up with, they've got more they've got the seventeen percent coming on their .

HEP 101 On Monday morning everybody starts posting data into the database through the application interface and Fred's posting in data at fifteen percent V A T, everybody else is posting in the data at seventeen and a half percent V A T. So we're looking at a two and a half percent margin.

HJ4 4214 Around 10 percent of the force is Catholic.

HLY 201 Unemployment forty to fifty percent.

HRY 613 In each trial he won a trophy given to the top twenty percent.

HUP 84 The churn rate is now down to eleven percent, the result of positive action that we've taken there and we expect to add a million homes during this year and the cable audience I am pleased to say is growing still very very slowly er but that should help as well.

HUP 369 Er obviously the erm better for overseas visitors pound will help tourism in this country, particularly in London erm the Chairman says Madame Tussauds in fact gets about sixty percent visitors over from overseas, Rock Circus at the moment is about fifty percent and it's still rising, which partially explains why it had a very good year last year.

HY3 295 Table 5.10 Commissions on eurodollar fixed rate bonds by supranationals (percent) Margins or spreads, for example over domestic government bonds, are typically influenced by a wide variety of factors, including default risk of the issuer, call risk that bonds may be liquidated early, tax exemption, maturity, and expected market liquidity.

HYF 43 Marylebone Road was up by eight point two percent, Rock Circus attendances were up by twenty eight percent and Chessington twenty one percent.

HYR 70 how to distinguish a statistically significant coefficient, right, rule of thumb is that the T ratio has to be greater than two with absolute value right and the figures in square brackets next to the T ratios tell us the exact level of significance, right, er of that coefficient, right, so the incoming elasticity of demand is statistically significant from zero only at the eighty five percent level, a correspondence of fifteen percent significance that incoming the price elasticity demand, highly significant, right, significance level as given by the probabil by the probability er unit in square brackets, the timing level therefore we could be very highly confident about that coefficient okay.

HYS 111 That's right, it's erm its empirically verified that in developing countries er the civil service or the, the government sector is very very large relative to the, to the economy, now whereas say U K or somewhere like France the government public and semi public er organizations employ ten percent of the, the workforce, perhaps a bit, bit more in France than the U K erm in developing countries the government sector can be, you know, over half of the total urban, urban employment, in some cases it's seventy and eighty percent of er employment.

HYT 100 Right so the functional form test, if we look at the kie squared version, right, again we've got a very small er test statistic implying there's no breach of functional form right, the, the log er specification, right, seems to be working okay, there's no problems with it erm if we now look at normality we've got a bit of a problem with normality, right in that our test statistic is now four point nine, if we look at the critical value at the five percent level of kie when kie squared two, ah it's not too bad, our five percent critical value of the kie squared two is five point nine nine, so although that test statistic is reasonably high, I mean you'd probably reject, oh yes, we can reject the null at ten percent of normally distributed errors we wouldn't reject the null at five percent erm let's just have a look at in actual fact at those errors to see what the problem is.

HYV 209 Seventy five percent is taken in through the eyes of which we're gonna recall about fifty percent, so fifty percent of that seventy five percent yeah?

J41 226 If I can explain inflation which included in the budget at this stage is inflation between November ninety two and November ninety three, so inflation from today if you like er or last November, through to the end of the year, that is provided for in the central contingency of the authority and as pay awards are awarded the money we drawn down from that into the planning committee so the amount there would one point five percent of pay and four point two percent from general commission, that's reflecting inflation that's already happening and is up last year's budget to to the position today if you like so one point five percent of pay was the A P T C award for July ninety two, sorry ninety three and we're not anticipating here what the pay award will be for the coming year, that is dealt with centrally.

J9K 206 One training organisation, which had taken a twenty three percent cut in funds in 1990 ninety one, had to take a further twenty percent cut this year, and the people who are worst affected by these cuts were the very people that the Tory Party had been crying crocodile tears over for so long.

J9U 1202 Er whether it's er slight moderate or substantial er i is er I say is irrelevant but there certainly is significant benefit as a result of er of thirty percent reduction.

J9X 726 Thirty percent of that equals that

JJD 439 Under Labour it was cut by five percent.

JJN 182 assume that if you give them a population that owned seventy eight percent of the land and find out fifty percent of the land , then you, you know, you can't just give land, everyone's not just gonna have land, you have to increase production to make everyone better off.

JSF 68 In London the figure is only eighty eight point four percent but even the ninety five percent figure and the eighty eight four percent figures are artificially inflated because those elements include people who have died and not have not been removed from the register, people who have emigrated, people who have otherwise moved to other parts of the country and who it is unreasonable to expect will all be seeking to make use of postal or proxy vote facilities.

JSG 132 The central statistical office er show regional G T P figures for Cornwall in nineteen ninety one that put Cornwall so badly off er that our G D P is in fact just er seventy three percent of the national average, whilst Devon's figures are eighty seven percent and I might add in terms of the different progress of the two, in nineteen eighty nine Cornwall's G D P was seventy five point six percent so it's actually fallen back whereas Plymouth's was eighty five point five percent and you've actually seen it grow.

JT0 165 Er but ear defender use is only thirty five percent, which is fairly grim.

K1C 3619 Homeowners are putting up barbed wire to keep out thieves in a city where burglaries have shot up by almost seventy percent.

K24 1620 That's a rise of eleven percent in the past year.

K6G 88 The Bundesbank reduced its discount rate by a half of one percent to five point seven five percent.

KB0 1958 Now, nobody er er,a at this stage at the er Financial Resources Committee er, challenge us on this figure, I think we will just stage of of doing arith arithmetic of adding it up, but no doubt that the staff will be comparing what going to be, er what within a but have prepared for next year with what we're supposed to do this year and ours is an increase of another percent.

KB9 5039 No, thirty percent off that one.

KBF 13509 Then you drop back into your usual slot but I tell you what if you go skiing and your not hundred percent fit or as fit as you can be from what I've, what I've read about it and that your gonna be in a right two and eight out there.

KBK 1971 A good honours graduate now has a starting salary of eleven thousand five hundred, why should good honours graduate teachers earn fifty percent medical, medical practitioner, seventy five percent less than new accountants or eighty percent less than new civil engineers?

KBK 4830 The essence of is copper alloy, it's got more than fifty percent copper in it.

KCS 246 now what's it you know five hundred percent

KD0 2094 hundred percent better

KE2 2338 Now the decimal equivalent of hundred and twenty is one point two and there you've got nought and nought a hundred and one so ninety percent is point nine, eighty percent is point eight and a hundred and ten percent is one point one, and a hundred and twenty percent is one point two.

KE2 2476 One if you're increasing it by forty five percent if it was a hundred percent and you increase it by forty five hundred percent

KE6 3698 Oh no,tha that's it, hundred percent!

KM6 810 estimates that in nineteen fifty the tax amounted to nearly forty two percent of the national budget receipt which was clearly a significant contribution.

KPV 3490 because they have to pay, sort of, two or three percent on