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A4F 239 BM shares rise as profits climb 78 percent

B03 428 A further 40 percent of young people have been registered for jobs and training at careers offices for between two and six months.

B03 1238 The Green Party fielded 256 candidates, and averaged 1.3 percent of the vote.

B2X 188 The first numbers refer to the percent of occasions on which both is included, conditional on a plural reference being made anyway.

C88 834 Ten percent of last year's income had again been designated for outward giving, the sum of £1,754 going to such national charities as the Emily Fund for abused children and the Church Housing Trust, and £844 for Kurdish and Romanian victims and other overseas causes.

CCU 1090 5.3.2 a sum representing two percent (2%) of the Net Invoiced Price per Licensed Product sold, to be paid in accordance with the provisions of clause 6 hereof.

CLT 344 However, a well looked after culture should last at least three to four months, at which time it is probably best to dump ninety percent of the medium and to then add fresh medium.

EBE 130 In Africa, they produce some 80 percent of food, and they can produce more if other workload is reduced and if they receive training and technical information.

FMS 424 Is it any reason why you shouldn't express it in percentage terms say twenty percent to this, thirty percent to that ten percent to

FUG 272 In year two er up to six percent and in year three eight percent of the United Kingdom bottled water market.

FUG 295 The main competitors are are Perrier Water with te twenty four percent of the market, Highland Spring with six percent, Well's Soft Drinks own label er twenty eight percent, Nestle four percent, er Coca-cola Schweppes four percent, Evian fifteen percent.

FXT 603 The air is good today and the outlook is fine at first but a seventy five percent chance of rain by mid afternoon.

FY1 672 But the the results for the ten percent were were better than is had nothing for me.

GW6 1687 The few percent of solar energy that filters down is just one of these sources — I shall discuss the other sources in section 9.3.3.

HDT 345 The U K is the wettest country in Europe and water companies should be forced to cut leakages from corrode corroded pipelines which allow up to twenty five percent loss from the water supply before it reaches the consumer.

HF0 142 But they're not fifty two percent of the candidates.

HLU 139 Sixty eight percent of ad adult earnings, an increase of twenty five percent since nineteen seventy nine.

HM7 11 In this analysis er, if you set aside the effect of our sale of Elsivir er, the variance was forty nine million seventy percent of which relates to the U K. The drop in profits from our newspapers was the biggest and probably the most widely expected a substantial proportion of their costs are fixed and, er, they therefore are particularly sensitive to, er changes in volume.

HM7 42 In advertisement, er in the advertisement volume area, again we've increased our market share amongst the qu er, quality dailies a marginal increase er but it's nationally we've done very well and for instance in Europe we're sixteen percent head, ahead of last year in volume and revenue terms.

HUP 95 Primary earnings under F R S Three including everything down twenty one percent, but taking out the non-operating items, that's the erm fixed assets, er profit sales on the one hand and the old extraordinaries on the other, and you have I think a more meaningful guide to our performance a reduction in any nine percent.

HVF 469 If we convert your nought point one nine percent into hectares we're talking about roughly five hundred, is that right?

HVG 107 And with Ryedale still at thirty eight percent, these are on my figures.

HVK 97 I take in my opinion the size, scale of settlement that is being pursued by erm North Yorkshire is of sufficient size, erm my experience erm are twelve fifty to fifteen hundred new settlement is sort of of a size that can sustain a reasonable balance of community facilities, I think in looking at the new village and in the context of P P G thirteen its highway implications, we see from table one of er Mr Curtis's supplementary statement that public transport, I E bus and train, in terms of journeys to work to the Greater York area amounts to about eight percent of all journeys made, now I think if we were to follow Mr Curtis's view through and put all development on the periphery of York, if we put two hundred to the North, two hundred to the East, two hundred to the South and so on and so forth, the contribution that those, that new housing can make to improving the public transport system, will be very small, if you concentrate your developments in a new settlement, or or maybe two new settlements which is another point, erm you have a better opportunity to provide a public transport system which would not only serve that new village, but also settlements in the surroundings, and I think you will find that the percentage of people in the new village who are reliant on public transport as a means of getting to work is greater that what you find in the Greater York area at the present time.

HYE 95 Turning to investment banking and I should just remind you that er, we take fifty percent of Brothers' profits and ten percent of New York and Paris and given the conditions, given the environment last year, I don't think need be ashamed of the performance er, although in London the only business to really come in, come in with impressive returns was er, asset trading money, broking and banking.

HYF 34 Profits are well up, cost reduction obviously played a major part in this and the F T group is er, fifty five percent up on last year and this is against the background of a five percent drop in advertisement volume and we have an eleven percent drop in advertisement volume from the continent of Europe erm, which of course doesn't affect other national newspapers.

HYT 100 Right so the functional form test, if we look at the kie squared version, right, again we've got a very small er test statistic implying there's no breach of functional form right, the, the log er specification, right, seems to be working okay, there's no problems with it erm if we now look at normality we've got a bit of a problem with normality, right in that our test statistic is now four point nine, if we look at the critical value at the five percent level of kie when kie squared two, ah it's not too bad, our five percent critical value of the kie squared two is five point nine nine, so although that test statistic is reasonably high, I mean you'd probably reject, oh yes, we can reject the null at ten percent of normally distributed errors we wouldn't reject the null at five percent erm let's just have a look at in actual fact at those errors to see what the problem is.

J3P 233 Yes, well you are talking about children's services, but, I, I think if Mr 's going to talk later to this, if you want, but we are absolutely at the moment, we know that eighty nine percent of work at the child care centre is to do with child protection with to deal with it, and by that I mean abuse, physical and sexual abuse, er, concerns about that and a lot of that of course is, is tied up in procedural ways, and we're dealing with events almost after the situation has er, got going, er, and of course, with the courts, you know that we've got duties in relation to the courts, that we, we have to fulfil or else we are the subject of criticism from the er, courts, and we have been rapped at various er, times.

J9H 10 There is nothing ins intrinsically long with the concept of Percent for Art, but we saw an opportunity to extend that concept to make sure that the real need of real people in real communities were properly reflected in any scheme.

J9J 208 In only twenty five percent of United Kingdom cases do applicants have a well-founded fear of persecution.

J9M 259 If the government gets its way and starts slapping seventeen and a half percent, twenty percent V A T on fuel, we might need some more residential places you don't know.

J9U 439 I should say that the figures of seventeen percent, nineteen percent, twenty eight percent and twenty three percent, the first four figures, are figures on the A fifty nine.

JA2 1044 If we we pay thirty percent as you

JA3 366 well erm we we pay thirty percent commission up to a hundred miles away from home.

JNG 395 Reduction to be increased beyond the existing fifty percent to eighty percent for the most needy.

JS9 451 And if it means fifty percent of whatever we get in capital receipts going to pay off our debts, it's a worthwhile attitude, and I think we ought to take our debts responsible.

JSH 174 to tell his constituents that with London's share of world trade in financial services is increasing and is now at twenty seven percent that the financial services sector round the U K four point three billion, that those employees that he refers to are in fact in an industry which even if it is redistributing employment it's nevertheless growing.

JSH 320 Thirdly I can tell him that eighty percent of prescribed items are now free of charge compared with sixty percent in nineteen seventy nine.

JYN 405 just gotta put something in that in the coursework and the exams that sort of gets you over the forty percent barrier and in psychology it's not that difficult to sort of waffle your way up to forty percent erm without wishing ma to make it sound too easy erm

K1P 2171 This year it's a one hundred percent success rate.

K1U 2128 If the scheme does get the enthusiastic backing of farmers, the government hopes that up to ten percent of the countryside's most damaged hedgerows could be saved.

K23 487 Sainsbury's says it's carried out a survey and found that eighty three percent of those asked want a new supermarket in Stroud.

K59 4169 The council's proposed gross budget of £351.4 million — an increase of £13.8 million or 4 percent — represents savings of almost £5 million.

K6Y 304 hundred percent of it then if this is so good?

K70 853 Interest rates at the moment, I think er er returns er are not ten percent are they?

KBK 6640 I know I know in the past I have er ten percent or something.

KE2 2338 Now the decimal equivalent of hundred and twenty is one point two and there you've got nought and nought a hundred and one so ninety percent is point nine, eighty percent is point eight and a hundred and ten percent is one point one, and a hundred and twenty percent is one point two.

KE6 5317 Like I say, the choice is yours hundred percent!

KJS 200 I thought it was twenty five percent of their it's a big sum anyway.

KM5 170 Number eight, when an increasing benefit or an inflation-proof plan is in payment, the payments will escalate by, C, the increase in Retail Price Index at the policy anniversary, subject to a maximum increase of ten percent per annum.

KRT 3557 Well, there are three million people in the U K who suffer from asthma, and about forty percent of that number, er I, I can't do the fi, can't the figures either, er are allergic to dust mites.