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AM4 476 Eleven percent of their newborn babies exceeded the limit.’

B03 1302 Furthermore, in a survey carried out last year, over 88 percent of British doctors agreed that animal experiments can be misleading because of anatomical and physiological differences between humans and animals.

BM4 2842 But over the last year there was a 3.3 percent decline in prices, compared with 2 percent for 1990, according to the company's business facts, which puts the average price at £128,598.

BPB 62 ‘If you don't ask him with 100 percent commitment and effort he won't do it, yet the feeling I got when it suddenly clicked was just amazing!’

F8R 150 Now the distribution of land was that these two groups making up ten percent of the Chinese countryside owned fifty percent of the land.

FLG 63 stems completely, entirely, hundred percent from the the greyness of the law in this country.

FLR 285 which again, there is nay a hundred percent safe contraception

FM4 1075 Well if we do something like what we finish up with is thirty five percent of two hundred of two hundred okay, plus a hundred percent isn't it?

FY1 682 Anyway You see the trouble was that the twenty five percent business was falling, falling fast.

FY1 691 And they'd still got a majority of ten percent, you see the fifteen percent went as well, you see?

FY1 711 Instead of talking about an average twelve percent or thirty percent, you see?

G4F 106 Or if a wife was earning, working or had a pension and did use her allowances, but the husband was paying forty percent, the same switch of investments, transferring income to the wife, even though it was chargeable at twenty percent or twenty five, was relieving the husband's forty percent.

H5E 307 Whereas our year eleven figures are thirty five percent.

HHV 5189 The record shows that during the 1980s we were able both to increase public expenditure in real terms by about 20 percent.

HJ4 4204 Ten percent of the force is CID (1,059 detectives) and three percent is Traffic Branch (280 staff).

HJ4 4205 The RUC has the highest number of Special Branch officers in Britain — six percent (662 staff)— compared with around one percent in most UK forces.

HLU 143 Independent analysts have estimated that a minimum wage set at three pound forty an hour would add one point eight percent to the total labour costs in Britain.

HLW 222 During the eighties the proportion of employees in union membership was down to forty eight percent in nineteen ninety, from fifty eight percent in nineteen ni eighty four.

HM7 66 On the entertainments side er, last year of course we had that one-off benefit with not having to absorb the first quarter's loss and this year the er first quarter was pretty disastrous because we had an er er an er amalgamation of, of A the Gulf War B the recession and in London I R A bombing and that really stopped tourists coming to London from overseas and from the rest of the U K. But I'm pleased to say that er we, we're coming back very strongly and for instance in July at virtually all of our centres attendances were either up to last year very nearl very nearly up to last year or ahead of last year and er at Chessington our revenue was thirteen and a half percent up on last year which I think justifies our investment there.

HPM 1840 Such comments were relatively rare, accounting for less that five percent of the sentences transcribed.

HS0 425 In a recent survey for the Glenpatrick News, it showed that twenty percent of the Elderslie workforce have twenty five or more years service.

HVF 352 The figure that we have come up with in fact is derived by holding constant the numbers rather than the rate of vacant dwellings through to the year two thousand and six, which implies that by the year two thousand six, we'd have would have a vacancy rate of six point two percent or or thereabouts.

HYF 17 Earnings per share are up er, more than forty percent over the same period last year and when the E P S is adjusted to take account of the non-operating items, the figure has increased by nearly ninety percent.

HYS 51 If they knew that the unemployment rates were twenty or thirty percent in urban areas that they wouldn't migrate but because they don't have that information that's, that's the reason.

HYV 209 Seventy five percent is taken in through the eyes of which we're gonna recall about fifty percent, so fifty percent of that seventy five percent yeah?

HYV 209 Seventy five percent is taken in through the eyes of which we're gonna recall about fifty percent, so fifty percent of that seventy five percent yeah?

J2P 424 If the new approach were adopted, Britain would have to cut emissions by more than almost anyone else — 60 percent — in order for Europe to achieve an overall cut of 30 percent.

J3P 269 Thirty five percent of people supported by the D S S, they are assuming will, will not be there at the end of the first year.

J91 1292 So I think probably about ten percent, so they lost

J94 5 Right O K yeah that's the other major erm feature is that agriculture's share of world trade has declined and manufacturing er share of world trade has increased and I've got some er some numbers here erm so it says before the first world war agriculture's share of world trade was over fifty percent, today it is less than fourteen percent okay, so agriculture's share in world trade is declining and has been declining er essentially over the the last sort of seventy years or so.

J9H 31 and what they did, and you were there, and you must've been listening, what they did, percent for people, they moved it up to Policy and Resources, Policy and Resources percent for people came around, Councillor spoke.

JJL 28 This was based upon their assumption that how that eighty percent of the land was owned by ten percent of the population which in actual fact wasn't the case.

JJL 807 They made up almost forty percent of the army

JK0 682 well there was two parts to the brochure, erm, the, there was the general part within the brochure about eighty percent of the brochure was general for every development, the other twenty percent which would prefer specifically to that development, so there was a corporate field to the brochure, but for each development it would have it's individual flavour, that would show pictures of the locality for example, hence the golf and the erm lake and the erm specific costs of running that, that responsibility would be the responsibility then of the region putting in, cos obviously at the centre I wouldn't know whether there was a golf course in that area or not.

JK8 574 Look at what we've done to each other, er, to ourselves, in the young, in nineteen hundred, eight percent of people had heart attacks, six percent strokes, cancer, four percent, total eighteen percent.

JNJ 37 Now at, at the moment we have to keep fifty percent of our investments in the narrow range and we may place fifty percent in the wider range.

JNX 170 So thirty three percent off is off the price of one?

JSH 298 That represents sixty percent of secondary schools and seventeen percent of primary schools and despite the er endeavour to which he refers of Essex county council, I can tell him that the latest school to decide to hold a ballot on such status is Notley High School, Braintree.

JT7 198 Er, another thing that we need to consider is that sixty percent at least, of our tenants are on benefits and that hardly speaks of people income in any way trying to to get round the system.

K21 773 Their Sunday’ congregation’totals eight thousand — that's nine percent of the weekly trade.

KB7 11319 Not hundred percent either.

KBF 13509 Then you drop back into your usual slot but I tell you what if you go skiing and your not hundred percent fit or as fit as you can be from what I've, what I've read about it and that your gonna be in a right two and eight out there.

KC3 2005 Oh, it was a disaster, he was er my estimation of him went down a hundred percent because she smoked

KDW 3205 they, if, I mean, if the pass mark is ninety percent and I've already decided it's worth a pass then I give it ninety percent you see !

KE2 8621 There's one here about British Gas complaints about British Gas rose a hundred and thirty four percent last year according to the recent Offgas report.

KE3 7206 But do you get the reduced rate, is it reduced forty percent for all sort of categories whether you're married, single?

KGL 88 I'll recruit somebody to help me service my client bank, because it's better to have fifty percent of something than fifty percent of nothing.

KGS 26 Is it five percent?

KM5 25 Twenty four thousand, at seventy five percent will give you eighteen K.

KP6 2116 got a hundred percent for acting