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APV 2079 As a final touch spray the now exposed grouting with strong (8 percent) hypochlorite and leave to dry.

BM4 853 77 percent of it was cut off in 1922 and called Trans-Jordan; the remaining section was partitioned by the United Nations in 1947.

EC1 101 The decline in smoking prevalence and tobacco sales is particularly significant because in March of this year, the Health Department reported that there had been a 14 percent rise in tobacco advertising during 1990, apparently in anticipation of the advertising ban.

F8R 144 Here's the peasants The gentry made up three percent of the population in the countryside.

FAB 4207 As I'm sure you're aware, we need people on it who will give it one hundred percent….’

FUG 333 Erm the actual percentage of the ingredients used over the first year erm is about five percent for water, twenty three point six percent for the bottle, I'll explain that later that's quite high, the cap is four percent, one percent for the gassing,erm one percent for the case, two point seven percent for labour, four percent for transport, a general overhead would be about seventeen point one percent.

FUK 2233 If you add those two up they come to about sixty one percent nearly sixty two percent.

FUS 43 In a mean of thirty percent of patients across the region there was evidence o well there was written evidence of counselling for retrograde ejaculation and this varied from zero to just under seventy one percent.

G32 475 Not surprising, given that 90 percent of Peters' guests are men drawn from the upper management ranks of many large UK and European companies.

G3U 997 I was about to say seventy percent of women and forty six percent of men are overweight.

G4F 106 Or if a wife was earning, working or had a pension and did use her allowances, but the husband was paying forty percent, the same switch of investments, transferring income to the wife, even though it was chargeable at twenty percent or twenty five, was relieving the husband's forty percent.

G4F 106 Or if a wife was earning, working or had a pension and did use her allowances, but the husband was paying forty percent, the same switch of investments, transferring income to the wife, even though it was chargeable at twenty percent or twenty five, was relieving the husband's forty percent.

G4F 214 Or if you're forty percent you would have actually paid a thousand and sixty seven, but because you didn't pay that because it's tax exempt you actually gained that amount of interest on the tax that stayed in with your account.

G4H 148 And er one of the ways you can use is er National Savings Income Bonds, er which are er okay, but they're, the trouble is they're at a variable rate, so at the moment they're paying seven percent, so that's on National Savings Income Bonds, so that that person would get seven hundred a year at the moment gross, and of course er you don't need to t to fill in an R eighty five for that type of investment because it's not a bank or building society account.

G4U 198 We cannot carry on increasing water service charges by ten to fifteen percent, year in and year out.

G4U 469 Is there any possibility of going to a separate system and using er non potable water for all these other activities which must take up about seventy five or eighty percent of the quantities?

HB2 435 ‘Current frac pack completions are flowing at or slightly better than 100 percent efficiency.

HJ4 4205 The RUC has the highest number of Special Branch officers in Britain — six percent (662 staff)— compared with around one percent in most UK forces.

HLW 222 During the eighties the proportion of employees in union membership was down to forty eight percent in nineteen ninety, from fifty eight percent in nineteen ni eighty four.

HM7 45 has been affected on the revenue front mainly in the medical publishing but to some extent in the erm in the financial sector although we're still absolutely market dominant in that sector but we've increased the circulation there by ten percent.

HSL 1041 The success rate' is well below 10 percent.

HVK 491 If the issue today in some people's eyes is the need for this community in Greater York to be one hundred percent self sufficient then perhaps we really ought to go pack up and er go home, er because there's no way that er a settlement that one could envisage in Greater York or perhaps anywhere else can be a hundred percent self sufficiency, self sufficient, you're not going to get a shopping mall, you'd be unlikely to get a a major touring theatre, so you cannot aim for a hundred percent self sufficiency, you aim for what is appropriate for the size of the community and particularly its relationship to existing settlements er in the general area.

HYE 283 I think that it is difficult to see under any clear complexion of government that our present holdings er, in newspapers, which are mainly the Financial Times which has a small erm, comparatively small circulation for a national newspaper and less than twenty percent in a television company would, would be affected by, by any government.

HYF 34 Profits are well up, cost reduction obviously played a major part in this and the F T group is er, fifty five percent up on last year and this is against the background of a five percent drop in advertisement volume and we have an eleven percent drop in advertisement volume from the continent of Europe erm, which of course doesn't affect other national newspapers.

HYP 85 So is, is lack of information, or lack of relevant information, is that why we get this apparent paradox of erm, people migrating from rural to urban areas, despite there is in actual fact, twenty or thirty percent unemployment in the urban areas, and the migrants have very little chance of ever getting a job?

J3P 167 The conditions attaching to grant are that the D S S transfer, eighty five percent of it has to be spent on the independent sector, and there are monitoring mechanisms in place whereby the government is going to assure itself that has happened.

J3R 127 We do have er, performance targets, they seem to be working well, er, ninety percent figure was given, that does seem to be holding up.

J8D 710 The year erm which was done last year myself, self assessment and that I've actually my form tutor to suggest it and they are reasonably positive, like sixty five percent to move into

J9X 827 But er what we say is that we will pay thirty percent up to a hundred miles away from home

JA2 1039 You must tell them on the phone after telling them the price and what it's all about you say, Right when I come round tomorr er whenever to er strike up the deal with you I want the contract signed I need a thirty five percent of the first year's payment as a deposit cheque.

JJE 446 Not the miserable thirty four percent spent at the moment, all due to Labour slowing down the regeneration of our district by delaying financial support.

JK8 576 Twenty one cancer, and nine percent strokes.

JSG 509 So if that figure is removed from the spending total the current increase is only two point three percent above the settlement for nineteen ninety three, ninety four and being twenty eight million pounds, or one percent, below the current years budgets actually represents a four percent real terms reduction and that is a measure of the cuts which the government this year wishes to force on local government.

JSN 528 And what I would like us to do is to be able when we leave here tomorrow, to say that by what we've learned about one another, and by what we've actually decided, that we can probably improve what we're doing by something between five and ten percent.

JYL 860 So I really, my, my, my advice is not to aim for a hundred percent efficiency but always to programme five percent optimistically.

JYM 185 Is it thirty three percent thirty three percent thirty three percent or is it all weighted one way or the other?

K27 2169 The cuts will also mean redundancies at a theatre which has seen its grant reduced by forty percent.

K4B 3 Last year, attendances at Flint of 65,931 were eight percent down on the previous year, while Holywell's at a record 123,973 were up by 3.4pc on the previous year.

K6F 117 Er the very fact that we're at our desks er for more than seventy percent of our time filling these forms in er prevents us from moving on to the next prisoner and going out and arresting more people for crime.

KCU 2240 My twenty five percent here cor that'll be an expensive month!

KCU 4217 Pay ten percent interest.

KD5 5525 Ninety percent burns.

KDM 8618 cost a lot er, thirty three percent very heavy

KE2 2457 There's your hundred percent it's got to go up by one point seven to a hundred and seventeen percent.

KGX 364 In nineteen eighty seven, eighty eight, we spent ninety nine point eight eight percent of what the government thought .

KPN 243 Ninety five percent.

KPV 2656 I'll donate some money there, you know, I might even win one percent of the prize at the same time, you know, I might have a chance of winning, but I always think, oh yes, only fifty P, you know, I'll win certainly.

KRM 749 Eighty-five percent are women, all highly-skilled sewing machinists.

KRT 3605 Markets have been buoyant following a thirteen percent gain on the Niki Index, it's the largest ever one day gain, though this merely reversed last week's dramatic falls.

KSN 2021 Now, these countries have ninety five percent, and they will gro , gradually grow into a developed country.