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A52 253 Members of the West German Dassler family, who own Adidas, the sports equipment company, have decided to sell their 51 percent holding in ISL.

EBU 2450 Baghoomian organised Basquiat's last show in New York, and after Basquiat died of a drug overdose in the spring of 1988, just a few months after that show closed, Baghoomian claimed a fifty percent share of all the works in Basquiat's estate, numbering in the hundreds.

EER 381 Twenty eight percent of Body's electorate is engaged in farming.

F7J 863 other than in that respect it would erm it would reduce representation to mem members I would say by about forty percent at the present time before structures etcetera etcetera were sorted out.

F88 27 And so if we look at what was happening to income at that time, we find that the disposable income, meaning the amount of money we have to spend on other things after we've bought essentials, that figure rose by only one and a half percent throughout this period.

F8R 150 Now the distribution of land was that these two groups making up ten percent of the Chinese countryside owned fifty percent of the land.

FM1 148 I'll be very impressed if one of you gets a hundred percent.

FUG 295 The main competitors are are Perrier Water with te twenty four percent of the market, Highland Spring with six percent, Well's Soft Drinks own label er twenty eight percent, Nestle four percent, er Coca-cola Schweppes four percent, Evian fifteen percent.

FY1 672 But the the results for the ten percent were were better than is had nothing for me.

FYA 819 Well I mean I know that twenty percent is twenty pound in a hundred, but what's a quick way of doing it on the calculator.

FYK 316 Was ninety percent of the people there very law abiding and just got on with own lives, and ten percent that caused the problems it kept re kept sh showing its head because of these.

G32 246 Less than one percent of entries added to dictionary updates are original — most are compounds created by stringing together existing words (global warming; crack house; butterfly effect; daisy age rapper).

G3U 261 It relies on its coffee for ninety seven percent of its exports.

G3U 1085 There's only about one percent of coffee i is roasted in its country of origin.

G4F 213 So that at the end of the five years, assuming you've paid the maximum stake at seven and a half percent, you would, otherwise you would receive the nine thousand back of course, and at that rate you would receive two six seven one and that will include, if you're a twenty five percent payer, six hundred and sixty seven that you would have otherwise lost in, that would have gone out in tax.

G4H 1177 Okay, well you've got two percent plus three and a quarter, that makes five and a quarter.

GYV 130 Er and that the, the final analysis er in regard to time, was reasonable, because you've got to bear in mind that there was money attached to that, and if his figures are out, and your bonus effort could be increased by ten to fifteen or even twenty percent you know, then his time was considered by the management to be much too loose.

HF0 141 Just briefly how do you encourage more women into the Labour party, very briefly, when they constitute fifty two percent of the population?

HLU 149 Fifty nine percent of this, that's four point five million, will be working part-time.

HPM 1604 The best fitting second order polynomial accounts for only 0.056 percent of the variance in this case, no improvement on the fit given by a straight line (r(46)=0.24).

HUP 10 The media and entertainment business brought in excellent results collectively up twenty five percent and as you can see the book businesses performed particularly strongly even better now.

HUP 284 The, the U K pension charge will er er er go up to the extent that pensionable salaries go up, there's a standard surplus being amortized au fait gently rising pension, I mean there's obviously there's an X percent of pensionable salaries is what the will tell you will have to provide and er er not much more at the moment er therefore the charge will go up a little bit but not, not gradually and it's not much.

HUU 40 Fifty five percent are all the other messages that you're giving out, by the way you stand, the way you dress etcetera.

HYR 65 So this T ratio on income elasticity is for the bit right and if we were using the five percent or ten percent as our sort of cut off point, we'd actually discard income from our consumption, from our demand function.

HYT 62 Right, so normally we, you know, we want to be reasonably confident, right, so we want to have a reasonably small significance level we don't want that significance level to be too small, otherwise the power of the test will diminish very rapidly so we normally use the ten or the five percent, five percent level and if you just look at the er the five percent column, right, overall realistic sample sizes, right, from a hundred and twenty down to, to about twenty, I, those T ratios were the critical value they are all about two and that's why we say you can have a T ratio of about greater than two, then you can be at least ninety five percent confident about your inference.

HYT 102 Now, the reason why we're getting a fairly high test statistic is that er, that distribution, although it looks normal on the left hand side, it doesn't look particularly normal erm on the right and that we are missing some observations, we are missing some values of the residuals er in one area of the graph, nevertheless if we had a larger sample, right we probably erm, right it doesn't look, that looks quite encouraging in actual fact, those residuals do seem to be er normally distributed er what the test statistic is doing er it's saying it's performing a, it's a kiescraper two test, it's making two restrictions, one of which is saying, is the distribution of these residuals symmetric er and also it's testing whether there's one of the tails is a lot larger or a lot longer than the other tail of the distribution and er test statistics fairly high but we wouldn't reject the null of normality at the five percent level so our test statistic is four point zero eight and the critical value is five point nine nine and that the five percent significance level, so we've got reasonably er robust residuals.

J91 1292 So I think probably about ten percent, so they lost

J9J 207 There is clearly refutable evidence to suggest that the great majority, as many as seventy five percent, of all such cases are not genuine.

J9X 726 Thirty percent of that equals that

J9Y 622 Oh yeah we we if if it's if you're on a thirty percent and mo which most of them would be if you're on a thirty percent commission assignment then the other five percent just goes in the pot.

JA3 124 Erm I suppose you could say almost fifty percent of the erm er discussions took place on the phone.

JA4 1165 Where it's made up of thirty percent commission and the bonuses.

JK7 372 Anybody from forty to forty nine, will pay three percent and then they've got this strange idea that ladies over the age of fifty are going to have more time off work through illness, so they're going to charge us four percent, and the men three percent.

JK8 574 Look at what we've done to each other, er, to ourselves, in the young, in nineteen hundred, eight percent of people had heart attacks, six percent strokes, cancer, four percent, total eighteen percent.

JS9 50 Thank you Chairman, I, I, I'm rather amazed actually, at Colonel 's er, comments because er, in Stratton St Margaret there has been a sixty-one percent increase in crime, and a four and a half percent detection, decrease in the detection and prosecution of crime, and I was absolutely amazed when he come out with the figure that there's going to be a seven hundred and fifty- three thousand pound shortfall in the police budget, when on the radio, in my car this morning, from a very reputable source of Wiltshire , there was a police officer on there this morning, saying how good they were in producing a freebee newspaper for distribution to every household in the county, to show the police offi , the Chief Constable's report this year.

JSG 406 Since the nineteen ninety to ninety one settlement, revenue resources for local authorities have increased by almost five hundred and thirty million pounds or twenty seven percent.

JSG 410 South Glamorgan county council and the Vale of Glamorgan borough council are reported to be planning increases limited to three percent or below.

JYN 405 just gotta put something in that in the coursework and the exams that sort of gets you over the forty percent barrier and in psychology it's not that difficult to sort of waffle your way up to forty percent erm without wishing ma to make it sound too easy erm

JYN 406 it's not like my brother did in his physics degree where he sort of ended up getting twelve percent overall in his second year and then took the year again and got six percent erm that's very difficult to do in psychology erm

K1B 2196 It housed more than 4,000 parachutes, waiting to be serviced and packed, representing 60 percent of the requirement for the whole of the armed services and worth up to £15m.

K6A 603 While improving the quality of their service to passengers, they've cut their staff by thirty percent.

KB7 2611 Five percent is

KBE 4151 I could have took you down tomorrow night between six thirty and nine right ten percent off everything you .

KBK 6246 I'm not so hundred percent certain it's not one of those things that I think

KCN 1223 You get twenty five percent off.

KCP 5893 So I held his hand all the way and mum was there and I said you'll be alright dad I said don't worry about it I said er, we'll be here when you come out, he said yeah alright, I'm alright, so as the surgeon came out he said look Mrs he said I've seen your daughter, yeah, I have to say this to you he said it's a fifty, fifty percent chance that John will come back from the operation, operation OK and he said it's a one hundred percent chance he won't without surgery of course he don't know anything, got his little cap on

KDJ 540 Yeah, I do, I am actually, I mean, I'm not saying I'm a hundred percent

KM6 992 What i what is really extraordinary I think is the way as you say that in nineteen fifty fifty one, fifty one fifty two, they actually, actually changed the tax schedules so it goes not from the three percent of the bottom, from six or seven percent of the bottom and only up to twenty five percent.

KRP 746 Some of us felt that, you know, the fifty percent, if that were the crucial figure,and doubling the food poisoning for instance, might have been , might be a more snappy headline.

KRT 2756 Yes we have, er I mean, the er there are wasps years recorded way back from Gilbert White's time; there have been certain,wasp years, but in terms of people wanting action against wasps nests, er our own pest control branches throughout the country, er did a telephone survey ten days ago, and er in many parts, they range from er forty percent increase to eighty percent increase to one hundred percent increase in some parts of the country; this season compared with last season.