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A23 62 Channel tunnel funding crisis deepens: Consortium seeks fresh finance after costs soar by 50 percent to 7 billion pounds

B03 1114 Having been a mathematician in the years gone by, I was amazed at the audacity of the polling companies to state that a sample of 1,000 voters was representative plus or minus three percent of a total electorate of some 43½ million.

C88 1039 In response to 50 percent of all emergency calls, an ambulance will reach the patient within eight minutes.

F7V 99 We've currently been allocated just over one point three million from the housing corporation which represents about forty one percent of the money that we need to do the scheme.

FF0 499 You are by means obliged to cast in your lot one hundred percent with any critics-made category, though it is well worth while when your book is still an idea vaguely moving in your head to decide what sort of a book it is on the whole.

FLM 75 About thirty percent of fifteen year old girls smoke, which is a very depressing statistic!

FUG 158 Erm and it's a bit like timekeeping I mean they they've got their own system now for evaluating how good they are at time keeping and I think the erm the figure they try and hit is about ninety five percent isn't it of trains arriving on time.

FUJ 2579 Get fifty percent of Dave now, we only used to get like twenty five before

FUM 47 Twenty percent of our patients would have had recurrence in that year, but on the basis of our experience, we think it unlikely they would have come to any great harm, as a result of having their cystoscopy delayed, and we would recommend this protocol to the management of superficial bladder cancer.

G4J 4 Now in the in the first year of business, you'd be allowed capital allowances on that which is m may well er varies i in the proportion, but just say just say it's er ten percent, five hundred pounds, actually will you make that four hundred.

H5E 307 Whereas our year eleven figures are thirty five percent.

HLP 2361 The IMF's World Economic Outlook, due for publication in October, trimmed its expectations of growth in world output in 1992 from 1.4 percent in May [see p. 38888]to 1.1 percent, and in 1993 from 3.5 per cent in May [ibid.]to 3.1 per cent.

HLY 192 Because and Ian Carter can only manage three percent.

HM5 105 The residents of Tunbridge Wells in Kent, are,th the dismay, of British Telecom at the moment, because, about thirty five percent of B T's sixty thousand customers in Tunbridge Wells, are not in the book.

HUK 344 For example, in er twenty five erm percent of cases er of infertility in women as reported by infertility clinics there's an antibody reaction to sperm.

HUL 78 It increases their resting metabolic rate by about five percent engine is running about one twentieth faster all the time, so perhaps this is why it wears out quicker.

HUP 47 We control the pay round, the pay round increase in Pearson was less than three percent a a and we've continued with capital expenditure designed to reduce costs.

HUP 63 The Financial Times itself, the er trading profit was up ten percent, despite having to cope with an advertisement volume which is now higher than during the er seventy four recession.

HUP 65 Circulation just about held its own in U K, but was up six point three percent in Europe and is now one hundred and thirteen thousand five hundred and the electronic publishing was up eighty one percent.

HVG 81 Erm it is part of our strategy of course erm that we are not er pursuing a hundred percent migration.

HVG 724 If you with Hambleton, forty four percent, with a very constrained housing requirement, a seventy percent constraint.

HYJ 165 That's as against a national average of about five percent.

HYT 102 Now, the reason why we're getting a fairly high test statistic is that er, that distribution, although it looks normal on the left hand side, it doesn't look particularly normal erm on the right and that we are missing some observations, we are missing some values of the residuals er in one area of the graph, nevertheless if we had a larger sample, right we probably erm, right it doesn't look, that looks quite encouraging in actual fact, those residuals do seem to be er normally distributed er what the test statistic is doing er it's saying it's performing a, it's a kiescraper two test, it's making two restrictions, one of which is saying, is the distribution of these residuals symmetric er and also it's testing whether there's one of the tails is a lot larger or a lot longer than the other tail of the distribution and er test statistics fairly high but we wouldn't reject the null of normality at the five percent level so our test statistic is four point zero eight and the critical value is five point nine nine and that the five percent significance level, so we've got reasonably er robust residuals.

HYY 23 Now interesting because erm one of the things I did before Christmas was I went out to and it I think it's my memory it's sixty percent of Scotland is, is, gets its power from nuclear power

J1M 1996 Talks broke down around lunchtime after the technical and clerical staff rejected a one point eight percent increase and an offer of profit related pay.

J2P 159 Proponents claim that the plant goes a long way toward addressing the heavily oil dependent state's energy needs, and, would entail the destruction of at most 2 percent of the Wao Kele tract.

J3R 127 We do have er, performance targets, they seem to be working well, er, ninety percent figure was given, that does seem to be holding up.

J9H 28 Councillor Community Environmental Services Committee are responsible for the large number of partnerships, social partnerships, with big business that the Labour Group are bringing to and the reason the Percent for Art was on that Committee was to link in to that er those those partnerships' proposals.

J9J 208 In only twenty five percent of United Kingdom cases do applicants have a well-founded fear of persecution.

J9U 704 A little misleading in two respects, on is I think the average person doesn't realize that it's very hard to perceive very much of a difference when there's only a twenty to thirty percent reduction.

JA1 310 And if they were doing their own mailing themselves er mailshot, they'd be lucky to get between one and two percent reply.

JA1 446 Because every erm slot above that all revenue above that we will pay an extra fifteen percent.

JA2 875 right? you would get another fifteen percent on top of your five hundred pounds.

JA2 922 If you sold to the target on a on a revenue there of a two and a half thousand, which is one of the smaller surgeries, we will pay thirty percent on all of that right?

JAE 319 sixty seven percent of business goes through network marketing .

JJE 172 More people own shares but, as a percentage of the number of shares held, the individual shareholding has fallen from thirty percent in 1979 to eighteen percent today, and if all these shareholders c turned up to exercise their right and their power at the annual meeting of British Telecom or British Gas, or any other, to say, we think it's outrageous the sort of money that you are now paying your chairs and your directors, what would happen?

JNX 170 So thirty three percent off is off the price of one?

K1C 3619 Homeowners are putting up barbed wire to keep out thieves in a city where burglaries have shot up by almost seventy percent.

K2X 97 I would like to emphasise the point I made in my previous letter, that a recent BMA survey showed that 85 percent of doctors believe a ban on animal research would damage medical progress.

KDA 4813 Oh no he was hundred percent on side.

KE2 2455 An airline is to increase all it's fares by seventeen percent .

KE6 5317 Like I say, the choice is yours hundred percent!

KGX 364 In nineteen eighty seven, eighty eight, we spent ninety nine point eight eight percent of what the government thought .

KJS 88 Yes most certainly because er the point is that er we're involved er with the erm, er and the honouring of the start of an agreement, and er I think that the West er therefore has er direct er responsibility also in this matter and er I fear that er ten percent, er alright ten percent of the nuclear weaponry is in Ukraine is in and er we do not er have some kind of proper arrangement being er agreed too.

KJS 201 No, I ,it's an enormous sum I mean I don't think anybody in the West is spending er as much as ten percent on armaments and er I heard a on television not so long ago saying that in eighty percent of their industry is on armaments.

KM1 288 Well we know that in our company by the jobs lost, we know that in the Midland region because it could be a loss of up to ten percent of our membership, six thousand members.

KP6 2123 So we got but we got a hundred percent acting or something and the two masters are gonna take us out, the five of us out to dinner.

KRW 23 I mean we look at the motor car and see that as a energy conversion system it's approximately eighteen percent efficient.

KS1 811 That's to say someone is leaving and we are going to take that post out and put it into the food section, and on b, I would say to Matthew that before committing us to a budget of two and a half thousand against a background of ten percent cuts, I would suggest that the health educational help-line and their day-long courses for E H Os might be made good use of in the forth-coming year.

KS2 265 So, I would say that the design, the actual literal design, the graphics part of the projects I work on, is twenty percent of the work and the rest is all trying to explain and get it understood.