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ASA 796 Players can forget, but you'd better be 100 percent right.

EC1 99 25.1 percent of the adult population of New Zealand currently smokes, down from 26.7 percent last December.

FAH 1632 Fifty to eighty percent of my time goes to meetings, either with one of my engineers or in development meetings, or in planning functions, or — we have a series of meetings set up with this group since they provide a service to us — and oh, I don't know — ten to twenty percent of my time [is spent]on the phone…and the rest of my time, either in filling out forms that I have to fill out or thinking, sometimes.

FM4 1141 eighty percent is one point eight but eight percent, okay seven percent one point O seven.

FMS 429 So you would be intestate towards the ten percent.

FUF 73 You you actually contribute six percent of your salary and you know that's that's the sort of basic contribution.

FUG 429 Erm the second year six percent.

FY1 671 Well the twenty five percent was whole life business and fifteen percent was a commission er a term endowment and the ten percent was endowment, you see?

G3U 279 Erm Of the total of goods that are sold in industrialized countries, such as, that have been manufactured, only three percent of them are made in developing countries.

G4H 838 So it, if it's an ordinary unit trust, your initial charge can be somewhere about five to six percent, however, a number of companies have realized that they can discount if you, if they've got your s if they've got your commitment, they'll discount.

GY7 152 is probably not one hundred percent medically fit,

H47 510 percent.

H5E 15 We've actually been successful in that again because we've got, last year I think we got six thousand pounds, and this year we've been told we can have eighty percent of the same again.

H78 1063 Our own sun contains about 2 percent of these heavier elements because it is a second — or third-generation star, formed some five thousand million years ago out of a cloud of rotating gas containing the debris of earlier supernovas.

HJ4 4214 Around 10 percent of the force is Catholic.

HM6 12 We had another excellent year in nineteen eighty nine with a twenty percent increase in earnings per share and a nineteen percent increase in dividends per share.

HMG 190 Eighteen percent of their mines have this so called deep cut system, but has more than fifty percent of all the fatal accidents in those eighteen percent of the mines.

HUM 695 According to tax criteria, the top ten percent of the U S population produces an eight percent excess of males by comparison to the bottom ten percent.

HUP 90 Six sectors down ten percent, that of course included investment banking which we haven't touched on, but er the Lazard Houses profits were down a little less than ten percent which is rather good going, given their erm heavy specialist skills in M and A which were a little bit in short supply last year.

HUP 93 Therefore although the interest charge is well down, profit before tax was down sixteen percent, it's down sixteen percent er because of course the old extraordinaries, the extraordinaries we had below the line in ninety one the eight million you see net profit on disposals are back above the line in under F R S Three, that's the Elsevere profit less the Smith Var losses very broadly speaking.

HYR 65 So this T ratio on income elasticity is for the bit right and if we were using the five percent or ten percent as our sort of cut off point, we'd actually discard income from our consumption, from our demand function.

HYV 209 Seventy five percent is taken in through the eyes of which we're gonna recall about fifty percent, so fifty percent of that seventy five percent yeah?

J3P 155 That's well over ninety percent of the cases have been dealt with in the er, in the timescale that we've set out and agreed with the health authority.

J3P 167 The conditions attaching to grant are that the D S S transfer, eighty five percent of it has to be spent on the independent sector, and there are monitoring mechanisms in place whereby the government is going to assure itself that has happened.

J41 170 The second element is the real increased resources for the committee and that comes to thirty five thousand pounds and that's something at one point six percent.

J41 242 In the following year, ninety one ninety two, the number of applications held steady, but the total fee income declined slightly and in nineteen ninety two ninety three, whilst the number of applications fell slightly, the fee income fell considerably, so that in ninety two ninety three er there were more applications than in the,th the first of those, of those years that I quoted, but the fee income was twenty five percent down.

J9M 37 The problem is with the fact that seventy five to eighty percent of people are being directed towards the private sector and only twenty to twenty five percent towards the public sector, yet still the private sectors squeal.

JA0 856 This discussion has actually sort of change my perspective on it erm and so it's it's not that there's an element of doubt in my mind I'm just I if I'm gonna go into something it's got to be a hundred percent.

JA2 1207 Remember we've got the thirty five percent deposit cheque

JAD 677 They they erm er in their document identified er the fact that Richmondshire is getting six point one percent of the housing allocation and five point one percent of the employment allocation.

JJE 172 More people own shares but, as a percentage of the number of shares held, the individual shareholding has fallen from thirty percent in 1979 to eighteen percent today, and if all these shareholders c turned up to exercise their right and their power at the annual meeting of British Telecom or British Gas, or any other, to say, we think it's outrageous the sort of money that you are now paying your chairs and your directors, what would happen?

JJE 273 The organisation and Company produced a report on N H S Trusts based on discussions with nearly sixty percent of the chief execs of the first wave.

JSN 10 Er, she's been at the, well something I didn't know, she's been at the depot the shortest time of all our indoor, but she's the first one to get the first day to , percent,, so that's good.

K21 570 Of those just below forty thousand were solved…that represents a clear-up rate of roughly twenty percent…and that's ten percent below the national average.

K23 487 Sainsbury's says it's carried out a survey and found that eighty three percent of those asked want a new supermarket in Stroud.

K25 370 The hole in the pension fund has increased by sixty-five percent over the last year.

K6C 194 It's quite poignant that ninety percent of the people here were protestant.

K70 847 and we, and we were looking at er at ten percent, my maths are good, we're looking at what three, three thousand a year?

K7G 62 Because at the end of the day we had a hundred percent women in the union in that bakery.

K9K 414 Forty percent of those procedures were written for the '89 shutdown and the other sixty percent for the 1991 overhaul.

KBK 2423 Well, I can re-offer this at five hundred and sixty to the half thousand dollars, instead of, six hundred and eleven thousand, six hundred, that sounds like a ten percent reduction to me.

KBK 4830 The essence of is copper alloy, it's got more than fifty percent copper in it.

KE2 2415 So if this stands for this year's output at a hundred percent fifty percent of it has to be added on to give next year's .

KE6 8123 twenty five percent cash

KGL 155 And by the way, if we only give you fifty percent we'll allow you to rattle our cage, which is a bit of a cheek really, but we'll allow it.

KGN 739 yeah because ten to fifteen years earlier there wasn't this amount of class consciousness and now you're saying that bond's completely broken down which I may agree with you on but, but they're now organizing themselves purely on this hey we're all friends now or s and we've gotta gang together all seventy percent of us against the landlords which wasn't

KM6 337 low, by erm raising the sort of base rate from three percent to six percent and lowering the top

KM6 855 Tax erm I can't remember where it was that, I think it might have been one of you saying that how that a peasant of subsistence level erm would still have to pay eighteen percent of its income

KRL 2297 By fifty percent, but I certainly wouldn't be I certainly wouldn't be referring to them as a peripheral area.

KST 4956 Well it's not it's not a hundred percent but this is how I'm gonna be I think.