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C88 1040 In response to 95 percent of all emergency calls, an ambulance will reach the patient within 14 minutes in an urban area.

CH5 2702 Cheapest is 19.4 percent from the Yorkshire Bank — nearly four per cent lower than most of its rivals.

EC1 99 25.1 percent of the adult population of New Zealand currently smokes, down from 26.7 percent last December.

F7V 449 So, I think we should say we are sceptical, and I think the paper puts it correctly er, we are sceptical of whether the reforms of the first consortium in fact, is going to meet the needs in terms of new health area and I know that time will come, they're talking about the lot, it's gonna wonderful and that the our economies should get all I can say is that the likelihood is the only f the area committee er, so that residents can comment managers, but since we've already had a nine hundred percent increase in senior management in the health service in the past five years up from nine hundred to over ten thousand at a cost of fifty to two hundred and fifty million pounds I'm rather sceptical about that one as well!

FLX 371 The average smoker at any one time has approximately ten percent of their blood out of action with carbon monoxide poisoning.

FUS 28 The late mortality rate for elected admission was two point nine percent and this again was significantly less than the er er late mortality rate for emergency admissions which was six point one percent.

G27 665 What I should perhaps point out here is that seventy percent of people who have fallen from the top of the falls have died in the process.

G4H 135 Er so er let's say that the ten percent rate applies, er mind you ten percent is a long way from where we are now, but it makes the figures easy to look at, so er let's say that he's getting ten percent gross on his return on a building society, he'd actually get seven and a half percent net, er so on his ten thousand he's going to earn seven fifty.

G4H 828 I mean you might have about forty percent of the fund in shares and the rest will be input options, derivatives and all sorts of complicated devices.

G5B 222 Erm we produce about thirty percent in house.

GU8 881 Carnivores feed on other carnivores (which make up 10 percent of the diet of the leopard, for example), scavengers feed on the dead carcases of all kinds of animal, and most important, the decomposing fungi and bacteria return the nutrients from dead bodies to the soil, from whence they can be re-used by plants.

HLP 2361 The IMF's World Economic Outlook, due for publication in October, trimmed its expectations of growth in world output in 1992 from 1.4 percent in May [see p. 38888]to 1.1 percent, and in 1993 from 3.5 per cent in May [ibid.]to 3.1 per cent.

HM7 41 Er in Europe we've gone up six percent in circulation and in Japan we're on target there and under budget.

HMG 190 Eighteen percent of their mines have this so called deep cut system, but has more than fifty percent of all the fatal accidents in those eighteen percent of the mines.

HUL 214 It won't be dilute, therefore part of my offspring will find their reproductive success enhanced by one hundred percent offspring will find their reproductive success enhanced by one hundred percent.

HUM 583 Which suggests that ninety five percent of the males had virtually no reproductive success at all.

HVF 741 I think it's impossible to explore why there is a difference, it does not explain why the matters we have already discussed, like vacancies,households and death rates why there is a difference between what the County Council say is one hundred percent , and what the H B F and others are advocating which is considerably more.

HVF 992 We're talking about point one nine percent.

HVG 388 As far as the H B F's scenario's concerned, this would probably lead to an increase in the building rates above the approved plan of around about fifteen percent.

HYE 3 Six months ago we reported interim results,fifty eight percent down on the previous year but held out hope for a stronger performance in the second half, in the event our os optimism was justified.

HYE 51 Er, Profile did very well, increasing sales by twelve percent last year and following the deal with Texline er, sales moving well ahead again this year.

HYF 169 Er, yes we do er, our overall television strategy has been to establish er, a U K base, where we are restricted because of the newspaper ownership in most cases other than B Sky B to twenty percent, though the rules may change and our strategy is to develop er, overseas, both in erm, er, broadcasting and, and, and in programming.

HYP 194 I put erm, studies by Helen and Tate, nineteen eighty three, found public sector employment averaged forty four percent of non-agricultural employment in twenty L D Cs and in extreme cases were Tanzania and Zambia, were as high as seventy eight and eighty one percent respectively.

J8K 244 Curiously the channel when it's cloned and sequenced, exhibits around fifty percent homology with a calcium channel which is found not in the endoplasmic reticulum but in the sarcoplasmic reticulum of muscle cells.

J9U 1180 In other words if there's nothing wrong with the modelling technique, even then the level of re relief is perhaps something closer to twenty five percent over the A sixty one as a whole.

JA3 124 Erm I suppose you could say almost fifty percent of the erm er discussions took place on the phone.

JJG 39 I think the most important thing is to make clear, I'm hoping to make clear somewhere that next year this council will have a members allowance budget which is one and a half percent more than this year, at the maximum, and it may not even have that I'm not certain that we've agreed that with the policy committee, I don't know if anybody knows if we have

JJX 38 I think that whether as er Mr submits and is a guideline case and to be adapted to changing conditions or whether it is a case which lays down a bounding rate, that it is a case which I should follow and that the reasoning leading to the adoption of two percent as the appropriate percentage to be applied still applies today, thus the calculation is one hundred and thirty five thousand pounds times two percent, is two thousand, seven hundred pounds times seventeen, is forty five thousand, nine hundred pounds, to this there is to be added a cost of conversion, thirty two thousand, four hundred and seventy two pounds less the enhancement in value thereby created of twelve thousand, five hundred pounds that is a figure of nineteen thousand, nine hundred and seventy two.

JK7 410 Erm, if it's up to that, it's a hundred and three percent.

JK7 434 I mean, literally, you'll get, er, you invest the thirty thousand units, er, and you'll get a hundred and three pounds extra percent of the money of the money invested.

JSG 514 All Welsh counties for instance are limited to increasing their budgets of one point seven on point seven five percent over nineteen ninety three, ninety four are as the cities of Cardiff and Swansea and the borough of Newport and it is this cap of one point seven percent as my honourable friend for Cardiff South and Penarth has pointed out, which is at the route of the funding problems of the South Wales police authority area.

JT7 334 We have on our a a a as councillor er er erm was saying must earlier on her piece, sixty six to seventy five percent of people housed are homeless anyway and will be housed because of that situation.

JWA 205 I see that percentage is quite high, way above the in the in the inflation figure er at seven point five per, er percent

JYM 245 Fifty five percent is how you communicate through what sort of .

K1B 126 Of 1200 families who asked for help in 1991, 56 percent of marriages are breaking down, 55 percent are depressed, 39 percent are drinking too much, and one in five is abusing their partner.

K1B 1632 Company chiefs hope the industry's prospects will be given a boost in the Budget when they'll look to the Chancellor to help ease the situation by, amongst other things, reducing taxes on company cars which make up 55 percent of the new car market.

K21 570 Of those just below forty thousand were solved…that represents a clear-up rate of roughly twenty percent…and that's ten percent below the national average.

K6B 51 That's a very odd moment for the government to load on up to seventeen and a half percent er there which would er threaten I think, the existence of a number of newspapers, particularly in the provinces but also possible at the national level and that would be a great shame.

KBU 562 There's about sixty percent

KBW 16619 yeah, I find that, that I've done it and I've written down the answer and then I can't think which number does it go to, and by the time I've got to number one they're on about six, so I might as well, I'm lost it completely, so I can't do that either and my project work, course work, goes towards certain percent of my marks and I can't think for the life of me why

KDV 5085 Now they were only one pair were er, eleven ninety nine, and one pair, well I mean she is ten now one pair were eleven ninety nine, and one pair were thirteen ninety nine I think, but then we've got ten percent off so that weren't too bad.

KDX 766 If Labour won the morrow and they only had twenty five percent majority it would be a hung parliament.

KE2 2501 So now it says increase twenty eighty pounds by forty five percent.

KGM 7 Ninety percent of them said yes, that it depends on how you present the figures, so in actual fact I wonder how our tenant farmers all of a sudden find themselves in a position that they perhaps would rather sign a petition and not put their heads above the parapet bearing in mind you are in a community, bear in mind you are connected, bear in mind that your livelihood is with those others and I have to say it is true that a certain business in my area connected with farming has been threatened.

KGN 662 Erm he makes a distinction between poor peasants, some being utterly destitute and some just being less destitute but er basically as er seventy percent of the population erm they're the main group that's pushing revolution forward and s so therefore I mean it's this group that the Communist Party mustn't alienate, you know, they mu mustn't do anything to harm this group,associations the Communist Party mustn't attack erm the associations .

KGN 664 So, I mean these are the supporters that they, they've got to sort of focus on erm even i he does say that some of the erm er leaders of the associations aren't actually up to scratch but he says eighty five percent of them are and it would be wrong to attack or to arrest, you know, the other fifteen percent and it's got to come from their own discipline of the association, you let the movement grow together, don't try and er become er, you know, resisting forces because er these are the people who we've got to erm s stay with and to look after, to harness erm to work for and er so that's basically, is his conclusion.

KGX 391 The government contributed just eighteen point two percent so the bulk of our expenditure was born by local people directly.

KJS 200 I thought it was twenty five percent of their it's a big sum anyway.

KNF 24 Our crime rate erm, for burglaries is about thirty two percent and that's home.

KP1 5574 parties that take about three, four percent of the vote but they have got far more sway over the government than their vote really.