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A3J 38 BRITAIN'S 7.6 million homebuyers face another rise in mortgage repayments following this week's one per cent hike in bank base rates to 15 per cent.

A4G 327 And over the whole six-year period 1979-85 the average growth of M3 was 13 per cent, which happens to be exactly the same as it was between 1965 and 1973, the period analysed by William Rees-Mogg in his famous article in The Times (13 June 1976), ‘How a 9.4 per cent excess money supply gave Britain 9.4 per cent inflation’, which denounced the conduct of economic policy in the early Seventies.

ALM 792 As Table 5 shows, 66 per cent of the investigations conducted alone by the Team resulted in partial or complete substantiation, 20 per cent were judged to be unsubstantiated and well intentioned and 14 per cent were unsubstantiated and suspected of being maliciously intended.

APV 289 They are the natural repositories for micro-organisms as something approaching 60 per cent by weight of faeces is made up of bacteria.

B0K 1089 The type is basically as described for the Ayrshire of Scotland and average milk yields are about 5,800kg at 4.4 per cent butterfat (the Finnish Friesian averages similar yields but only 4.1 per cent butterfat).

B71 1289 In some states, infestation reaches 40 per cent.

B73 714 The same team discovered the halophosphate group of phosphors which are now used in 90 per cent of all fluorescent tubes.

B7H 237 A former electrical engineering student is now in charge of a microcomputer company which generated $50 million in revenues in 1981 and has an annual growth rate of 200 per cent.

CAH 801 So even on this minimal change scenario, eliminating the imbalance in tabloid partisanship would be worth a 1 per cent swing to Labour.

CB3 1309 And physical strength and basic skills meant that the quota of ball-retention was way above 90 per cent.

CBC 8516 In 1978, a DoT study showed that 55 per cent of adults thought being caught over the limit was simply ‘bad luck’.

CEG 303 They were not thought particularly interesting, until, in 1952, Herring and Galt chanced to bend some tin whiskers and noticed that they could be bent to a strain of about 2 per cent and still recover elastically.

CGT 1647 This study found that intermittent buzzing reminded the child to go to the lavatory and so avoided wetting in 68 per cent, but in the group when the buzzer was related to actual wetting there was a bigger improvement rate of 80 per cent .

CJG 402 As it is estimated that 25 per cent of schoolchildren will have a sight problem that needs attention (Optical Information Council) it is essential that vision screening procedures should be effective.

CLW 146 Over 50 per cent, and in some cases over 60 per cent said they would like to learn about the human heart, germs and illnesses, how our muscles work, what food is good for you, life in the sea, what makes a rainbow appear and how a record is made.

CMK 1057 A Section 226 policy limits you to a maximum of 27.5 per cent of your earnings.

CMK 1093 Despite fears that the rebate would be cut in 1993, the government has announced that for people over 30 it will continue to remain at its existing level of 5.8 per cent(i.e., 4.8 per cent which applies to everyone plus a special 1 per cent age-related addition).

EAX 497 In two of Japan's leading export items, colour TV sets and motor vehicles, it is estimated that only 25 per cent of the value-added in production is generated internally by the company that sells the final product in contrast to 50 per cent in the UK or US.

EAY 1500 After the seventh month of his presidency (July), Reagan's popular approval rating, according to Gallup, was 60 per cent which compares with 66 per cent for Carter, 62 per cent for Nixon and 73 per cent for Kennedy at the comparable point in their first terms.

EF6 1093 Peyrefitte cites a public opinion survey (IFOP, April 1962): all the RTF stations together totalled an audience of 9 per cent; the audience of the ‘peripheral’ stations was 91 per cent .

FNX 559 If they were to set up their own company in America instead, and negotiate a distribution deal with an American major just as they had done with Island when first setting up Virgin — then that profit margin could be inflated from around 18 per cent to 80 per cent.

FNX 1297 It had not escaped Oldfield's attention that even young, inexperienced artists signing to Virgin were commanding 3 or 4 per cent more than he was.

FST 1485 For example, a study of earnings in Leicester suggests that, in 1990, 86 per cent of Asian women in employment had gross earnings of less than £150 a week.

GUW 593 In the metal, engineering and shipbuilding trades, which accounted for 12 per cent of the male workforce, 20 per cent of all men over the age of twenty earned less than 22/ and 30.6 per cent less than 25/, while the notoriously poorly paid male agricultural labourer received an average of 18/4d a week.

GV0 1511 Peel (1966) estimates that only about 10 per cent of the area of the Sahara is formed of ergs or sand seas and that these remain more or less fixed in position.

HAS 115 Export sales accounted for more than 50 per cent of the company's turnover, with the Middle East being a particularly successful market.

HGP 774 The following table shows estimates by Professor David Newberry of Cambridge University of the efficient way to achieve a 30 per cent reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions in Europe.

HHX 41 A further 16 per cent.

HJ4 208 ‘Overall this is a paper aimed at the top 15 per cent of children.

HKP 1418 At the same time the Italian government undertook to reduce from 6 to 2.25 per cent the margin either side of the central rate by which the lira's exchange rate was allowed to fluctuate.

HKY 1568 SPA deputy director Karoly Szabo declared that the privatization programme aimed to reduce the state's present 90 per cent stake in the economy to 40 per cent within five years.

HKY 2346 Retail sales rose by 16.2 per cent but were 1.5 per cent down in value.

HL0 837 The government had announced in early August its decision to implement the Commission's recommendations to reserve 27 per cent of public-sector jobs for members of the lower castes, a decision which had resulted in widespread civil disorder and had exacerbated the already tense political situation [see pp. 37653; 37710-11].

HL1 2898 Around 500,000,000 people in South and East Asia (40 per cent of the total population), 160,000,000 in Sub-Saharan Africa (30 per cent) and 90,000,000 in Latin America and the Caribbean (25 per cent ) suffered from malnutrition and diseases such as malaria, diarrhoea, tuberculosis, respiratory illnesses and AIDS.

HL4 2406 All support for military equipment purchases, worth some $30,000,000, was withdrawn and economic aid was reduced by 76 per cent, from $12,500,000 to $3,000,000; food aid would not be affected.

HLD 4759 Investment commitments had mainly been in the electronics industries, which accounted for almost 49 per cent of the total, and in chemicals, which had almost 29 per cent.

HLF 365 Gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 4.3 per cent in 1991, he said, compared with 8 per cent in 1990.

HLJ 1552 Public-sector workers began industrial action on April 27 — the first such action in the sector since 1974 — after employers rejected a mediating panel's proposal for a 5.4 per cent wage rise on the grounds that it failed "to take account of current economic conditions" .

HLM 1350 The SPA won control of 43 per cent of municipal councils (compared with 41 per cent for the DP, which nevertheless secured marginally more of the overall vote in the municipalities).

HNL 186 Later you sell the CD when there are 10 days to maturity and the yield is 10 per cent.

HNM 340 Hence the equation leaves unexplained just over 70 per cent of the total variance, or conversely it explains just under 30 per cent of the variance [].

HXG 986 Here the companies are now in a position to apply their mineral depletion allowance to 50 per cent of the value of their finished products — and they would be foolish not to take advantage of this measure — but the sentence itself does not say that they actually do so.

J23 74 Over a ten year period, drink related road traffic deaths fell by over 60 per cent in the UK and by a similar percentage in Germany.

J3J 334 In order to reduce agricultural land use by 50 per cent to a sustainable level of half an acre per person, meat consumption would have to be cut by 60-80 per cent, to the equivalent of an ounce per person per day.

J7E 16 (a) an offeror's or target company's group companies (including 20 per cent associated companies);

K3C 1603 But the overwhelming majority of the party was fully prepared to give Mr Major full credit for winning the general election and driving the Maastricht Bill through ‘and back him 100 per cent’.

K5M 7259 There is real hope, probably futile, that the second hike to 17.5 per cent will somehow be wished away.

K8W 1414 Market capitalisation of domestic equities listed throughout the world stood at £6 551 billion in 1989, with European stock exchanges representing 23.1 per cent of the market capitalisation, and the ISE accounting for 30 per cent of European domestic equity capitalisation (the largest proportion of any European country).

K8W 1686 The risks of a fall in profitability are covered by base capital (25 per cent of a firm's annual costs), whilst position capital is held to protect against large falls in share prices in those shares held.

KRF 597 If you invested a pound on a horse, then the amount of money you'd expect to get back would depend on the odds that that horse was offered at, but if you confined yourself to horses that had a reasonable chance of winning, say, the sort of horses that tend to be offered at odds of, say, six or seven to one or better, then your average rate of return might be nearer ninety per cent than thirty per cent, so putting it one way betting a pound a week on the horses is a slower way of losing your money than betting a pound a week on football pools, but football pools gives you a much greater chance of winning an absolutely astonishing sum of money.