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A07 1136 But, one week later, this had fallen to 49 per cent in favour (see Irish Times , 5 May 1986 and Sunday Press , 11 May 1986).

A10 983 Seventy-five per cent said they had received at least 3 days notice of the visit and 94% were happy with the amount of notice.

A3J 107 Charges are 6 per cent initially and 1 per cent annually for unit trusts, 5 per cent plus VAT initally and 1 per cent, again plus VAT, annually for shares.

A5G 416 September's 7.6 per cent inflation rate follows one of 7.3 per cent in August and compares with a current peak of 8.3 per cent in May.

A66 202 Even Scotland was far removed from the necessary 40 per cent margin.

A66 1087 By 1985 it was recorded that the top 6 per cent of the population in income terms now received 25 per cent of national income, while for the poorest 20 per cent their share had actually fallen from even the 5.9 per cent they enjoyed in 1979.

A7W 316 The Government's formal negotiating stance on pay was set out by Mr Clarke, who said there was no question of increasing the general 6.5 per cent offer.

AAG 66 The Agriculture and Food Research Council reckon cereal yields could be increased by another 25 per cent this century, freeing even more land.

AK2 894 Observers said they expected pro-reform supporters of President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani to win 70 per cent of the 270 seats.

ALY 997 During the next three years, nearly 10,000 million dollars were made available to Europe in ‘Marshall Aid’, which not only enabled Europe to recover and increase goods and services by twenty-five per cent over that three years, but also ensured a market for American-made goods.

ATG 203 The actual outcome was that in the twelve months ending in December 1986 the money supply rose by 109 per cent(the highest on record) and the cost-of-living index rose by 90 per cent .

ATG 241 In the first quarter of 1987 the discount rate was fixed at 61 per cent, but the cost of living for the full year increased by 120 per cent .

B1E 699 This industrial wood accounts for 20 per cent of Nigeria's wood consumption while the other 80 per cent is consumed as fuelwood which is mainly derived from the more northerly savanna zones.

B7D 1105 One industry observer, Bill Welter. a consultant to Applied Concepts, believes that by 1983 there will be three chess calculators available that will be good enough to play against the top 5 per cent of rated players.

BN8 499 Because the types of jobs lost are quite different from the ‘new’ jobs, the proportion of Docklands residents in the new jobs is much lower (about 15 per cent) than the percentage in the ‘old’jobs (about 40 per cent ).

CBE 1205 Seventy-five per cent of couples said sleeping together all the time was a turn-off.

CDF 1418 Approximately 88 per cent of the tied pubs offer some form of lunchtime catering, including 5 per cent which have restaurants attached.

EC3 623 The Bank's statute stipulates that its lending cannot exceed 250 per cent of its subscribed capital.

EDC 601 The majority were single (62 per cent), and living in rented, mainly council, accommodation (72 per cent ).

FEW 1217 An even clearer result was that, of those who had entered into unemployment because a temporary job had come to an end and who found a new job within 10 months, nearly twice as many (44 per cent) took temporary jobs as did the generality of those finding work (25 per cent )[see Table 4.6].

FEW 1335 We reported earlier that in 1984 20 per cent of all establishments used such workers and seven per cent used them in numbers equal to at least five per cent of their labour forces.

FRB 71 In the period from 1832 to the 1880s, the number of party issues (nine-tenths of one party voting together) fell to 25 per cent of all divisions under a Liberal Government in 1860 and 31 per cent under the Conservatives, this low level of party cohesion being much the same from the 1830s to the early 1880s.

G20 196 In state primary schools the pupil-teacher ratio went down by 7.5 per cent and in state secondary schools there was a fall of 9.5 per cent, but in the same ten year period the pupil-teacher ratio in independent schools came down by 17.7 per cent .

G20 1403 It is instructive to note that 24 per cent of professional workers and 22 per cent of employers and managers were covered by private insurance in 1986, as compared with 1 per cent of unskilled workers, 2 per cent of the semi-skilled and 3 per cent of skilled manual workers.

H0H 78 The response rate on returns to date, then, is 68 per cent.

HB2 387 BP and Conoco each have a 50 per cent share in Viking which has been in production since 1972 and all the gas was sold to British Gas for a fairly low price in present terms.

HC4 469 ‘The main issue for us is to close the gap and we have now brought our discount rate down to the level where the highest anybody pays is 3.95 per cent.’

HGP 1516 A company can be referred if it supplies more than 25 per cent of the total market.

HKV 2404 Gross domestic product (GDP) growth in 1989-90 was 9.7 per cent.

HL0 1374 The turnout was 60.25 per cent of the Basque electorate of 1,500,000, about 8 per cent lower than in 1986.

HL0 2542 The general administrative budget, at 489,822,000 million francs CFA, was 2.1 per cent down on the previous year's budget but 1.3 per cent above the actual figure for 1989.

HL7 5687 Sea trade made up 95 per cent of international trade relations in 1989, with tankers shipping 1,730 million tonnes, or 6.9 per cent more than 1988, and dry cargo at 2,210 million tonnes, up 4.4 per cent.

HLB 4513 In April Prime Minister Pavlov announced that compared with the first quarter of 1990 there had been in the first quarter of 1991 a 10 per cent fall in national income, a 5 per cent fall in industrial output and a 13 per cent fall in agricultural output.

HLB 4885 The public-sector borrowing requirement (PSBR) remained high, at 9.5 per cent of GNP in 1990; 4.5 per cent of the total PSBR was said to be accounted for by the deficits of inefficient public enterprises.

HLD 4172 According to the government's economic report for 1990, the economy registered a 9.4 per cent growth in gross domestic product (GDP) as compared with 8.8 per cent in 1989.

HLH 1022 The key features of the budget were a rise in the corporate tax rate (by 1 per cent to 17.5 per cent) and the closing of a number of tax loopholes.

HLH 1514 The more radical nationalist Catalan Republican Left (ERC), led by Angel Colom, won 11 seats with 8 per cent(six and 4.1 per cent in 1988), on a platform calling for a referendum on independence for Catalonia and the other autonomous regions.

HLH 2308 This move had the effect of driving the value of the pound down by 25 per cent against the US dollar in February (as at Feb. 24 US$1.00=L£992.561).

HLR 1455 The new programme provided for an average increase of 3 percentage points in turnover tax, the introduction of value added tax (VAT) and improved tax collection in 1993, and a temporary 10 per cent surcharge on 75 per cent of Polish imports.

HNL 332 Because RHS 1 and RHS 2 lie on either side of LHS, we know that the correct rm lies between 12 and 13 per cent.

HR0 1580 Holders of less than £500 formed around 21 per cent of the total number of accounts in both Bank and East India stock, 38 per cent of holders of the 4 per cent stock and more than half of the holders of South Sea stock, but in all four cases this group held less than 10 per cent of the total stock.

HRN 354 In contrast, growth in R&D spending between 1990 and 1991 was only 5 per cent, largely as a result of a rationalization of research on agrochemicals.

HWG 994 Wine imports over the same period were reduced by just over 40 per cent.

HY7 1171 Because peasants had to pay back the sums of money which the government advanced on their behalf at 6 per cent interest over forty-nine years, it was to be a long time before their freedom was complete.

HY8 1400 There were plenty of favourable answers to the open-ended question "What is your opinion of the United States?" in October 1958 (61 per cent) and February 1960 (66 per cent ).

J3J 120 * Exports by the US of banned and hazardous pesticides rose by 12 per cent in 1991, compared to 1990, according to government figures analysed by the Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education.

JP4 231 erm, but the first thing is to get these straight about your seventy five per cent, what we're ta , can you work out what, as a fraction, what twenty per cent would be?

JXW 4396 Five per cent.’

K59 4319 In 1991, productivity rose about 3 per cent, which compared favourably with total Scottish manufacturing productivity, down more than 1 per cent .

K8T 1747 ‘In which case I will automatically take over sixty per cent of the assets.