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A3C 104 But the Journal also comes up with some curious contradictions: 36 per cent blame the microwave for poorer flavour, 20 per cent think it makes food soggy.

A43 295 MANUFACTURING industry's raw material costs jumped 1 per cent last month due mainly to higher prices for imported food for the processing industry.

A5G 354 This policy has brought it £24m of borrowings, most at variable rates, and Mr Linacre said replacing these borrowings with convertible preference shares, yielding 7 per cent, would save the group about £1.8m a year.

A5R 731 ‘The owners of the poached ivory stock piles have been able to achieve a virtual monopoly of the international ivory trade, which was used to force prices up by as much as 300 per cent in three years.’

A64 1154 The number of ARA truck-loads failing to reach their destination had accelerated, from 11 per cent in October 1921 to 35 per cent by the end of January 1922.

A85 162 For those savers who are prepared to lock up their minimum deposit of £5,000 for six months there is the Interest Assured Bond paying at least 11.5 per cent net.

ABC 1175 Yellowfin tuna taken inside the ETP make up about 8 per cent of the world's tuna catch.

AC2 110 Very generous financial assistance would be given by the Government, in the form of a grant of up to thirty per cent of capital and remission of all taxation on export sales for ten years.

AN3 1543 There is some disagreement about the size of the informal proletariat, which is not surprising given that its informal nature does not lend itself to the gathering of statistic, but most commentators see it representing about 40–60 per cent of the economically active population.

AP7 482 In Britain today only 9 per cent of those over sixty live with another relative apart from their own spouse, in contrast to 12 per cent in the United States, 14 per cent in France, and 29 per cent in Japan and China.

AT1 1648 The French record market is very conservative and about 80 per cent of the records in their chart are actually French.

ATG 297 Since the average rate of interest paid on the deposits was about 9 per cent(Mates 1986), the banks would have needed to charge an average interest rate on their counterpart dinar loans of over 50 per cent in order to cover themselves.

B1G 295 They found that the error ranged from 43 per cent for the soil maps to 83 per cent for the DTMs.

B1U 1588 These accounted for about 60 per cent of local jobs in 1981, but only half that figure by 1987.

B2C 806 Skull and mandible breakage is also higher in the fledglings' pellets: 22–25 per cent in the pellets from the adults compared with 31–72 per cent for the fledglings.

B2L 536 As a consequence, any increase in overall spending determined at local level will require a substantial increase in local taxation (assuming central grant remains the same), i.e. a 1 per cent increase will require a 4 per cent increase in locally raised funds including the community charge and specific fees and charges, thus reducing the likelihood of substantial local variation.

B7C 308 NCI judged 50 per cent of the 170 compounds to be carcinogenic.

CBC 1913 Ex-display furnishings at 30 per cent discount.

CE8 732 Under Phase 2 of the scheme, Nissan proposed to increase output to 100,000 cars a year by 1991, with local content rising above 60 per cent during 1988 and subsequently rising to 80 per cent.

CH2 10080 Fresh pressure on the Irish punt forced the government there to raise the bank rate by three per cent to 13.75 per cent yesterday.

CH3 3691 Betting shops deduct ten per cent from punters' winnings — a whopping two per cent over the odds which puts a £10million perk in bookies' pockets.

CKP 1259 The proportion of men aged 65–69 who are economically active has decreased particularly quickly, from 30 per cent in 1971 to only 11.4 per cent in 1986 (Table 5.6).

CKT 205 Academic staff at the museums will be paid the maximum wages for civil servants plus a fifty per cent supplement.

CR0 329 Fuji Xerox Co Ltd plans to increase imports of parts to take advantage of the high yen in order to cut domestic production costs, Reuter reports from Tokyo: in the long term, it plans to raise the ratio to 30% from just a few per cent but the company is not rushing to achieve this as its export ratio of total products is low at around 20% and the high value of the yen is not severely damaging business.

CS1 27 In 1977 32 per cent of rape complaints were concluded by conviction of the rapist, while in 1987 only 18 per cent were similarly convicted.

EDK 567 But thanks to the newspapers, now circulating millions of copies in a population over 80 per cent literate, birth control was ‘brought onto every Englishman's breakfast table’(Banks and Banks 1954).

EEF 1245 By the late 1980s, Brazilian inflation had created such a thriving (and openly tolerated) black market in foreign currency that some multinationals found it worthwhile to exceed the 12 per cent limit.

FAV 852 Stabilized at 1970 prices, they calculated public sector capital expenditure at 5. 1 per cent of GNP in 1966 but only 3.0 per cent of GNP in 1980.

FBC 1113 Indeed, so close is the degree of correspondence between prosecution preference and decision as to venue (96 per cent according to one study: Riley and Vennard, 1999) that magistrates might almost be said to have sub-delegated their responsibility to the latter.

FCL 298 The Shipping Controller purporting to act under Defence of the Realm Regulations had imposed as a condition of licensing the sale of a ship to a foreign purchaser the payment to him by the seller of 15 per cent.

FST 1260 Likewise Townsend and Wedderburn (1965, Chapter 4), studying elderly people over 65 in Britain in 1962, found only I 1 per cent of non-married women with occupational benefits — 18 per cent of single women and 9 per cent of widows, the older women being the poorest.

G08 418 Average personal income rose in real terms by as much as 5 per cent per annum in the early 1960s, and continued to grow by an average of more than 1 per cent per year in the 1970s, resuming a level of 2–3 per cent per year in 1983–88.

G1J 850 In May 1985, Leon Brittan, then Home Secretary, was booed despite his figures saying that prison officer ranks had increased since 1979 by one-fifth, and that the budget for the Prison Service had risen 85 per cent.

GVA 1150 However, even in the hesitant phase, the planning of short clauses appears to have occurred during preceding utterances, since over 80 per cent of four-word clauses did not contain a pause in initial position, and nearly 75 per cent of three-word clauses did not contain any pauses at all.

GX9 65 Some of the major reasons for the increase in resource consumption include a 23 per cent increase in Royline customers over the past year, a 60 per cent increase in the number and complexity of Back Office account enquiries and a 40 per cent increase in authorisation processing associated with online systems such as SWITCH, EDI and Cashline Reciprocity.

HH3 14400 Research indicates that 72 per cent of the Philippines' population is dependent on wood and charcoal for fuel.

HHV 6403 property tax and a 50 per cent.

HHW 11560 British and German inflation rates have moved together, but the German economy is growing at a rate of 3.5 per cent., while the British economy is in recession and shrinking by 2.5 per cent .

HKX 437 Iraq's imports, with a total value of $10,290 million, came 19.2 per cent from the USA, 12.7 per cent from Brazil, 11.7 per cent from Turkey, 9.1 per cent from Japan, 6.3 per cent from France, 5.1 per cent from Italy, 1.1 per cent from West Germany, 0.7 per cent from the UK and 14.4 per cent from other EC countries (notably Benelux countries).

HL5 1816 Kokoomus, led by the outgoing Prime Minister, Harri Holkeri (who did not stand for re-election), lost 3.8 per cent and 13 of its 53 seats.

HL5 1994 Poland had received 40 per cent of the total and Hungary 27 per cent.

HL7 2347 It reported that while members of CSCE had already agreed to allocate US$1,000,000, the centre had requested "50 per cent more without giving valid reasons" .

HLN 1745 In the legislative elections, preliminary results carried by Tanjug gave the HDZ 42.6 per cent of the vote, the HSLS 17.7 per cent, the HNS 6.9 per cent and the HSP 6.4 per cent .

HY1 40 During the 1980s, inflation in Britain measured by the retail price index averaged around 6 per cent per annum; a rate sufficient to halve the real value of a fixed sum of money in twelve years.

J3B 311 Some 0.02 per cent of Britain's energy needs or 12,000 homes are now supplied by a power station in Suffolk which runs on chicken droppings.

JJA 371 I put them down as a 'No', eight per cent couldn't bring themselves to support this strategy, they are 'Nos'.

K59 837 Looking ahead, a balance of only 5 per cent expects to see an annual increase in February 1993, compared with figures of plus 23 per cent last May and plus 26 per cent in June, figures which proved to be wildly over-optimistic in the event.

K5H 4958 In the household and toiletries division, sales were close to 1991 levels, but food sales fell by 8.1 per cent and operating profits, by 1.3 per cent, reflecting the disposal of the group's food interests in South Africa.

K9C 466 Europe remains the key market, taking 80 per cent of production, with the United States, Korea and North Africa sharing the remainder.

KM2 739 Yeah a hundred per cent.