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A2E 271 ‘Think how long BBC2 and Channel 4 have been on the air and they still have barely 10 per cent of the British audience.

A5S 259 The net cost of borrowing for those with loans of £30,000 or less works out at 10.87 per cent for a basic rate taxpayer, 8.7 per cent for those paying tax at 40 per cent.

A6A 2438 The first figure relates to the writer's or composer's percentage (95 or 85 per cent), and the second to the amount retained by the publisher (5 or 15 per cent ).

A6F 116 The government claims that total spending is larger in other western states because many have a larger private sector; in the United Kingdom it is just 0.8 per cent of total spending.

ACN 389 As house becomes a serious commercial proposition (in a recent poll of 13- to 17-year-olds, nearly 40 per cent made ‘acid house’ their musical preference), many are going underground, viewing dance music as an art form rather than a way to generate karma with bank managers.

AJU 258 Turnout was 81 per cent, two per cent higher than the last general election.

AKH 315 When losing to the Tories in the '50s, Labour used to win 44–46 per cent of the popular vote.

ALV 1036 According to the study the European market totalled 480 000 tonnes in 1990, accounting for 34 per cent of world consumption.

ARC 685 Rut, when all had been done to make provision more level and selection more scientific, a stubborn error of 10 per cent would remain.

B7H 867 In addition, patterns were most frequent amongst duodenal sufferers in the thenar I (21 per cent compared with 3 per cent ) and interdigital IV (54 per cent compared with 45 per cent ) areas of the palm.

C8A 556 ‘The drug works for up to 85 per cent of patients

C9L 849 ‘We're also experimenting with taking the basic nickel-plated steel wire and having it made in various different tempers or levels of hardness: five per cent, ten per cent , fifty per cent harder.

CHS 766 For example, at Cadbury Schweppes the disturbance allowance is 12½ per cent of annual remuneration.

ECE 299 At the 1981 census people of pensionable age represented less than 4 per cent of all households with a head drawn from the New Commonwealth (Asia, the Indian subcontinent and pakistan).

EDK 1122 Eleven per cent were protected by sterilization after one birth, 35 per cent after two (GHS 1987).

FB2 1327 Some 24 per cent of daily contacts in rural Lincolnshire were by phone, a proportion that rose to 28 per cent for non-local contacts for information.

FEW 1185 There were substantial differences between men and women, with four in ten of the former giving this as their principal reason and only 16 per cent claiming they did not want a permanent job.

FST 1243 By 1963 somewhat comparable proportions were 40 per cent of ‘non-manual’ women in schemes (80 per cent of men) and 15 per cent of ‘manual’women (55 per cent of men)(Government Actuary, 1966, p.

G2T 1114 This is a condition that occurs in ten per cent of pregnancies after 28 weeks.

GU9 1127 Because import duty (35 per cent on ornamented goods) and freight charges, had from the start pushed prices up in the US, Peter now decided to make a virtue of necessity and deliberately aimed for an exclusive designer image with corresponding price tag.

GUR 834 Ten years later, after a 17 per cent drop in the secondary school population of the area, suspensions are up 230 per cent, the centres admit suspended as well as pre-suspension pupils and a fourth centre has been opened.

H9M 843 Similarly, just as when expectations of inflation were zero actual inflation of 5 per cent might sufficiently fool workers to generate an unemployment rate of 3 per cent, now, if expectations of inflation are 5 per cent , actual inflation would need to be 10 per cent to fool them by the same amount as before and hence generate the same unemployment rate of 3 per cent .

HHV 668 However, it should be some consolation to the hon. Gentleman and the hon. Member for Bradford, South (Mr. Cryer) that in the past five years the average sentence for rape has increased by 70 per cent.

HHW 3792 but spending has risen by no less than 26 per cent.

HHW 6427 for the elderly, 59 per cent.

HHX 3661 As I said at the outset, spending plans in Scotland are 8.1 per cent.

HKT 550 The government claimed that the policy had brought inflation down from 84 per cent per month to 5 per cent.

HKV 2263 Export earnings covered only 12 per cent of imports in 1989, down from 14 per cent in 1988.

HKV 3231 These included increases of 23.6 per cent on development projects, 78 per cent on the transmigration (internal resettlement) scheme, 200 per cent on spending on the bureaucracy and an 87 per cent increase in the President's own fund for rural development.

HL0 3953 GDP fell by 3 per cent in the final quarter of the year.

HL3 1199 The overall turnout was around 60 per cent compared with 76 per cent in 1986, and an average in past elections of just under 80 per cent.

HL4 3578 Manufacturing contributed 17 per cent of GDP in 1989.

HL4 3647 Mining — especially diamonds, but also uranium, copper, lead and zinc — is the cornerstone of the economy, accounting for 30 per cent of GDP and 75 per cent of foreign exchange earnings.

HL8 2026 The state was expected to retain a 30 per cent share in each factory, with employees receiving 10 per cent of the equity.

HNL 837 If the semi-annual yield to maturity on a bond is 12.38 per cent, what is

HNL 1808 By paying this amount to the short, the long gets a yield to maturity of 9 per cent on his holding of Treasury 12' per cent 2003 05 as required by the futures contract.

HU3 1874 Although the calculated CSI in very dilute bile (total lipid concentration <10 g/l) possibly has an error as described by Carey, the molar per cent of cholesterol was also similar between the two groups.

HWG 999 Represented as a share of the market, this means that denizens increased their figure from 43.0 per cent to 49.7 per cent, the Hansards theirs from 35.6 per cent to 44.5 per cent , while other aliens, whose earlier share had been a substantial 21.4 per cent now had only 5.8 per cent (94, pp.345–6).

HWS 307 Seven per cent reported that their symptoms were unchanged which reflects the difficulty of being certain that symptoms are caused by gallstones.

HXT 599 Up to 50 per cent of the rise in health spending in the United States has been attributed not only to the introduction of new technologies but to the inappropriate overuse of existing ones (Banta and Thacker 1990).

J2Y 750 Twenty US states have warned people to limit or remove consumption of fish caught from a number of lakes, while Canadian officials have discovered mercury at significant levels in 95 per cent of lakes tested in Ontario.

J31 414 ICI, which had set itself a target of recovering 10 per cent of the CFCs it manufactured for use in cooling systems, has blamed lack of co-operation from local councils, industry and commerce for its failure to recover more than 1 per cent.

J7E 1093 For instance, a potential bidder might be looking to acquire up to 3 per cent of the target's voting rights undetected and then, during the Companies Act disclosure period of two business days, to acquire as many shares as possible to get up to 14.99 per cent (after which the SARs apply).

K59 386 As a guideline to how this fee is calculated, to give a total annual trust fee of 1 per cent(that is , a 0.2 per cent fee for outperformance) then the trust must outperform the 2000 Index by 6 per cent .

K59 3885 At constant exchange rates, turnover rose only 4 per cent, pre-tax profits by 11 per cent and earnings per share by 9 per cent .

K59 4533 The trust, a capital-growth specialist in Far Eastern investment, excluding Japan, lifted its NAV from 26.26p at the year-end to 36.44p in the six months to 31 January, easily beating the performance of the comparable benchmark, the FT Actuaries Pacific Basin ex-Japan Index, which rose by 20.1 per cent in sterling terms over the same period.

K59 4772 The gearing of the two companies will stabilise at around 30 per cent each.

K5H 4238 An audit office analysis of 2,300 forest areas revealed that 49 per cent of trees were being felled on average more than five years before, or after, their age of theoretical maximum economic return.

K5M 8605 Mr Dewar stressed that in 1979 the richest 20 per cent of households had 37.7 per cent of their disposable income claimed in taxes, which had dropped to 33.5 per cent in 1990.

KSN 1517 Pro score eighty per cent.