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A5S 263 Returns of 12 per cent and more are on offer from banks and building societies while the rate of inflation — even taking into account this latest mortgage rate rise — is around 7.5 per cent.

A62 143 Overall a majority of 34 per cent preferred television for issue-information, while a majority of only 18 per cent preferred television for information about leaders.

A69 1075 If it were 20 per cent greater, there would be no less dissatisfaction and unfulfilled demand at the margin; if it were 20 per cent less — I do not mean if it were reduced by 20 per cent but if it were now 20 per cent less than it actually is, nobody would be the wiser.

ADW 527 ft was wrong, one Kufran Islamic socialist explained, that a man who owned a drilling machine should keep 80 per cent of what it earned each month while those who worked it should share only 20 per cent.

ALW 467 Investment will decline by 2 per cent and employment will fall by 1 per cent,ie twice the 1991 rate.

B1E 274 In the period 1965–83, encouraged by tax incentives, 470 cattle ranches with an average size of 23 000 ha were established in Amazonia which, according to Repetto (1988a), accounted for c. 30 per cent of the total deforestation apparent from remotely sensed data collected between 1973 and 1983.

B1G 144 The reduction to just the two land-cover categories, concerned with housing, loses only 3 per cent explanation when compared with the Shotgun model.

B2D 106 The dilution factor: the number of times a sample of the odorous gas has to be diluted with odour-free air before 50 per cent of the panel of the six observers will just NOT detect an odour.

B30 1550 About 60 per cent of self-poisoners take psychotropic drugs that have been prescribed for them in their overdoses (Hawton et al.1977).

BM1 262 Other studies put the figure even higher, some as high as 50 per cent.

CBF 8123 BA has submitted a sealed bid for up to 35 per cent of the airline, due for privatisation.

CGT 763 (1984) found that 19 per cent of 2-year-olds, 18 per cent of 3-year-olds, and 11 per cent of 4½-year-olds had tantrums at least daily.

CH5 946 This has helped lift profits of Unilever, the Wall's ice cream to Persil food and detergents giant, by 10 per cent to £888 million in the first half of this year.

CH5 1812 During 13 years' rule by the party of law and order the police have had only a five per cent increase in manpower.

CS7 139 Although there was a reduction in mental hospital beds of 17 per cent between 1955 and 1975, this hardly bears comparison with the trend in the USA where for the corresponding period the reduction was 66 per cent.

EF4 1069 Yet, productivity rose by 50 per cent over the levels previously achieved.

FR2 61 Indeed, 22.4 per cent of the migrants could be defined as return migrants (Shaw, 1984) and although this isn't as high as the 30 to 40 per cent rates recorded in north Norway (Nicholson, 1975) it is much higher than the 5.5 per cent found in northwest Ireland (Foeken, 1980), and very different from the situation in northern Scotland where Jones et al .

FYW 1162 In the late 1980s nearly 40 million prescriptions for psychotropic drugs were issued every year, of which 40 per cent were minor tranquillizers such as Valium.

G2F 946 AMDEA represents about 90 per cent of the companies that make domestic electrical equipment in Britain and was the first trade association to draw up a code of practice approved by the OFT.

HBB 81 Sales in 1992 increased to IR£76.3 million, despite a generally hostile economic environment At constant exchange rates, sales increased by 9 per cent which benefited from a full year's contribution from the new Marquis brand.

HHX 6963 When I met the Association of British Insurers about six months ago, it was reluctant to take a collective view, but when I met it about two months ago, its views had changed considerably, because the claims paid by insurers rose by 46 per cent.

HHX 11923 —(1) In subsection (3) of section 131 of the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992 (community charge benefits) in paragraph (a) the words’ and is not there shown as undertaking a full-time course of education on the day’shall be deleted;(2) In subsection (5) of that section after’concerned’there shall be inserted:—’up to 100 per cent.

HKT 988 (Of the six DEMOS parties, the Christian Democrats performed best with 12.98 per cent of the vote and 11 seats, followed by the Peasants' Union with 12.55 per cent and 11 seats.)

HKT 2474 He had secured a narrow victory, 50.7 per cent of the vote against 49.3 per cent(a difference of 227 votes), in defeating the official Republican candidate in an almost 100 per cent white constituency in New Orleans.

HKT 3050 Compared with 1988, gross national product (GNP) was up 3 per cent in 1989, national income 2 per cent, industrial output 1.7 per cent and labour productivity 3 per cent (all at "comparable prices" ).

HKU 1171 It had made its participation conditional on the undertaking that at least 60 per cent of the bank's total lending should be to the private sector, with no more than 40 per cent for infrastructure projects.

HKU 3961 The burden of the deficit, he said, was falling on the troop-contributing countries, which had already had to absorb more than 71 per cent of costs.

HKV 3828 The government on Aug. 25, 1989, awarded contracts to three private television channels — Canal Plus (25 per cent French-owned), Telecinco (25 per cent owned by the Italian magnate Silvio Berlusconi) and the Spanish-owned Antena 3 — breaking the 33-year monopoly of the state company TVE and finally fulfilling the constitutional requirement for pluralism in the media with respect to television.

HL4 904 In response the Federal Reserve on Feb. 1 cut its discount rate (which determined the cost of short-term loans to banks) by half a percentage point to 6 per cent, its second half-point cut in six weeks, in an attempt to stimulate investment by encouraging banks to increase consumer borrowing.

HL7 1225 With some votes still to be counted, the coalition had won around 44 per cent of the 3,600,000 votes cast, a fall in support of some 5 per cent compared with the election of 1988.

HL8 1323 The proportion actually rose from 2.4 per cent in 1970 to 20.3 per cent in 1990.

HLC 1484 On Oct. 11 the Italian vehicle manufacturing group FIAT agreed to buy a 51 per cent stake in its Polish associate, the car manufacturer Fabryka Samochodow Malolitrazowych (FSM).

HLC 1810 Iceland would retain control over its fisheries but allow an EC catch of 3,000 tonnes redfish equivalent, in exchange for some access to EC waters and customs-free market access for 97 per cent of its fisheries products by 1997.

HLD 5282 By the end of February 1991 unemployment had reached 738,000, a six-year high at 8.7 per cent.

HLJ 1512 (Currently students gaining a baccalauréat were guaranteed a university place; however, 50 per cent of students dropped out in the first two years.)

HLR 1312 At 46 per cent the turnout was too low (due to an opposition boycott) to allow the required 50 per cent of the 7,000,000 voters in Serbia to approve the constitutional amendment, although 95 per cent of those who voted were in favour of early elections.

HNM 1545 They found that where the market value was 85 per cent or less of that predicted by the model, shares outperformed the market.

J14 509 Ninety-three per cent of the discordant family subgroup had a child (often as a teenager) compared to 51 per cent of those remaining in the institution, and 30 per cent of those going to harmonious families.

JTA 596 Right, so er you certainly don't want to be giving in at at two per cent unless the volume we're sure's gonna be higher again this year.

K56 488 Thereby the publisher's final profit would drop some 50 per cent: so he would need to raise his price.

K59 319 For example, the average rate of growth in the FT All-Share Index during the 1980s was 18 per cent per annum , compared to only 4.2 per cent per annum for the period 1 January, 1990 to 31 December, 1992.’

K59 4890 WITH net income rising by 28 per cent to just above £3 billion, 1992 was far from being the feared annus horribilis for the Royal Dutch/Shell group, writes Frank Frazer

K5D 10490 They state that a political decision would also be needed to add regions — listing the candidates as Hainaut in Belgium (77 per cent), Highlands and Islands (79 per cent ), and Merseyside (79 per cent ).

K5E 325 Only around 30 per cent of those who have been vaccinated go on to contract a mild dose of flu, and even then the risk of secondary infections is considerably reduced.

K8W 160 Land, property and ground rents are also significant, at approximately 8 ½ per cent of the portfolio.

K9V 469 Not surprisingly, customer demands for lower charges and improved service were cited as the major source of competitive pressure in the industry (reported by over 55 per cent of all operators).

KAK 17 In France, 95 per cent of the same age group have nursery education.

KAK 238 The gross cost per trainee in Britain has been cut by 10 per cent since 1985.

KRH 3326 It deals with pains like appendicitis, coley cystitis, which is inflammation of the gall bladder — about nine different diseases — and it merely says to you at the end of the operation based on the last five or six hundred patients I've seen, the probability of this patient having appendicitis is ninety per cent, the probability of something else being ten per cent .

KSN 1563 That is a hundred per cent and all.