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A62 193 By contrast, the correlation between voters being Conservative and alleging pro -Conservative bias in their newspaper rose from 28 per cent in the first fortnight of the campaign to 39 per cent in the second.

A85 150 It is available on home loans of between £40,000 and £150,000, where payments are deferred on 20 per cent of the loan in the first year and 10 per cent in the second.

A94 108 That suggests a successful Dixons takeover would give Kingfisher more than 26 per cent of the market — above the 25 per cent threshold which normally triggers a monopolies inquiry.

AHJ 806 The Newcastle has launched a two-year scheme at 10.45 per cent.

AJ8 21 Mr East said the singer would expect the Conde Naste publishing group, which has a 40 per cent stake in the magazine, to contribute to an agreed settlement.

AJU 923 Unemployment, where a job was once regarded as a birth right, is 10.6 per cent and rising.

ALV 510 Revenue totalled 30 per cent of expenditure during 1990, compared to 21 per cent in 1989.

APX 633 We could get the 80 per cent shade using heavy traditional materials but we chose the most appropriate

B0K 1344 In 1772 Butaye wrote that the border region of southern West Flanders formed, with a region of North Flanders in France, between Lys and Yser, the breeding centre of a most homogeneous red race which comprised 95 per cent of the region's cattle.

B12 490 Health spending fell from 5 to 7 per cent of GNP in the late 1970s to 2.6 per cent in 1985.

B1U 1140 About 50 per cent of the companies in the zones are engaged in manufacturing, 7 per cent in retailing and 16 per cent in distribution, although there is considerable inter-zone variation.

B31 1097 A comparison of the figures in the table with similar figures for the same areas between 1955 and 1964 shows an overall decline of about 35–45 per cent.

B77 1433 A study from a village in Bangladesh shows that 16 per cent of its families owned 55 per cent of the cropped land, and 46 per cent of the cattle.

BN2 366 Danzig's northern and western districts had as high as 60–100 per cent Polish population, while south of the city the numbers fell to between 10 and 15 per cent.

C9A 28 In fact, the planets possessed barely one per cent of the solar system's mass, but had somehow acquired 98 per cent of its angular momentum.

CBF 3498 In Britain today, 69 per cent of homes are owner-occupied, with local councils renting out 20 per cent, and housing associations three per cent .

CCT 500 But the scale of the increase might come as a surprise: on the 21-week agreement 10p a week extra pushing up the rate of charge from 26. 1 per cent to 72.5 per cent for example, or on the 15-week agreement 1 p a week extra almost doubling the rate.

CDP 781 Business taxation : Small companies tax rate reduced from 29 per cent to 27 per cent; so, too, advance corporation tax.

CEJ 240 About 95 per cent of Mark is contained in Matthew and 65 per cent of Mark is contained in Luke.

CHG 1386 Half an hour later I'll inject fifty millilitres of half per cent Novocaine.

CHS 807 At Lloyds Bank married staff receive a taxable disturbance allowance of 15 per cent of salary (subject to a minimum payment of £1125 and a maximum of £1980).

CHS 1365 However, as many overseas assignments fail because the wife or family are unable to cope with the new way of life and culture (around 50 per cent is often quoted), many organisations choose to invite the wives of short-listed candidates into the company to discuss the assignment and any problems that may be worrying them.

CMF 393 As an example of the pitfalls involved in drafting questions, we can consider the fuss that there was in 1983 when Hill announced that he had found that as many as 40 per cent of six-year-old children had seen ‘video-nasties’(i.e. video films of horror, violence, and sadistic sex).

ECE 23 In 1988 the estimated population of the United Kingdom was 57.1 million (CSO 1990) of whom 8.9 million, or 15 per cent of the total population, were aged 65 years or older.

EDK 1610 In 1977 13 per cent of births to women married once only were third births, but among remarried women 24 per cent of births were third births.

EVA 1278 Categorizing these reports as being either "primary visual experiences" (PVEs) or "secondary cognitive elaborations" (SCEs) they found that 82 per cent of reports of mental activity when woken from REM bursts were PVEs, and 12 per cent SCEs; 80 per cent of reports after awakenings from REM quiescence were SCEs, while only 20 per cent were PVEs.

FP4 583 Therefore the proportion of households headed by a married couple has been decreasing through time — it was 74 per cent in 1971, 70 per cent in 1981, and is expected to be only about 55 per cent in 2001 in England and Wales (Department of the Environment, 1986a).

G05 64 Between 1932 and the peak of activity in 1937 real income increased by 19 per cent, gross domestic production by 23 per cent , industrial production by nearly 46 per cent and gross fixed investment by 47 per cent .

G05 75 Between 1923 and 1939 unemployment rates in these hard-hit industries were high: shipbuilding 38.8 per cent(on average), cotton textiles 20.7 per cent , and coal mining 19.8 per cent .

G1C 968 In France the figure for local revenue is 8 per cent, but in federal nations like Canada and Switzerland it is well over 40 per cent , in the former West Germany and the United States over 30 per cent , and in Sweden over 25 per cent .

G1C 1288 In the United States, for example, people began to pay tax on the first slice of their income at 14 per cent , then 16 per cent for the next band, and so on .

G1J 892 Prisoners are male, and disproportionately young — a quarter of the prison population being under 21, whereas 15–20-year-olds make up only 10 per cent of the British population.

G20 1490 It is alarming that families with children who accept a social fund loan have to try to make ends meet on 85 per cent of their normal income support entitlement.

GVH 1002 The Inbucon Study shows that, in their sample, in county court cases plaintiffs' costs were 98.8 per cent.

H0P 212 On the other end of the childbearing period, infant mortality in the maternal age group 40 years and over is also very high; in the 39 WFS countries about 24 per cent higher than in the 30–39 and about 30 per cent higher than in the 20–29 maternal age groups.

HAC 4211 Designed to improve shock tolerance and data reliability, SafeRite is capable of increasing shock resistance in hard drives by as much as 100 per cent, claims the company.

HHV 8106 Has my right hon. Friend seen a recent public opinion poll which says that 66 per cent.

HKP 1468 The turnout was 83.2 per cent.

HKV 700 In addition the Assembly passed a resolution on granting tax exemptions of up to 50 per cent for peasants during 1990-91 in accordance with the political testament of the late President Ho Chi Minh.

HL1 566 At the same time the government announced a package of new measures under which (i) the minimum wage was increased by 18 per cent from Nov. 18;(ii) a 40 per cent cut in income tax for those earning up to four times the minimum wage was to take effect in 1991;(iii) petrol prices were increased by 20 per cent and diesel oil, liquid gas and electricity prices by 30 per cent;(iv) the peso's rate of progressive devaluation against the US dollar was halved from 80 centavos to an "average" of 40 centavos a day, a depreciation rate of 5 per cent per year, as part of a anti-inflationary move aimed at fixing a future parity for the two currencies and stemming the flight of capital abroad.

HLD 5204 The Democrats achieved their best ever showing in the general election — polling 11 per cent of the vote — and retained the balance of power in the federal Senate.

HLG 2234 Only 92,000 people, 15 per cent of all Kuwaiti nationals, were eligible to take part in the polling planned for October.

HRN 353 This figure represents 11 per cent of the company's total sales and is an increase of 9.8 per cent over R&D spending in 1991.

K23 791 It's because payments are automatically linked to inflation, which now stands at one point eight per cent.

K54 3145 ‘The Department of Education and Science themselves said the teachers should not get more than five per cent that is what teachers have got in recent years.

K5D 1222 Last year Strathclyde experienced a 50 per cent rise in murders, with knives used in 47 of the 92 cases.

K5D 2096 The highest rate of personal income tax (if you earn more than $200,000) goes up from 31 per cent to 36 per cent— raising maybe $10 billion for the Treasury, a mere down payment on the first Clinton domestic schemes.

K5M 1660 In spite of having more than twice the capacity of the old Grassmarket theatre it has been recording 85 per cent audience capacity since opening last year.

K8X 481 By 1986, the proportion of GDP had fallen to under 15 per cent, employment to 1.2 million (less than 5 per cent of the total), and GDFCF to 9 per cent .

K9G 273 Compared to the last major overhaul three years ago, there was almost a 90 per cent drop in ethylene dichloride discharge and around 80 per cent in vinyl chloride.