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A14 248 The new mild (1033°OG, 3.2 per cent ABV) is made without caramel from mild malt, chocolate malt and roasted barley.

A3S 65 Bankers had expected that the fees for the Italy deal would be the standard 0.325 per cent.

A5S 150 Savings deposited in the society's conservation bonds, in its ordinary account (6.00 per cent interest) and 90 day account (8.5 per cent) are used to finance new mortgage business.

A69 1075 If it were 20 per cent greater, there would be no less dissatisfaction and unfulfilled demand at the margin; if it were 20 per cent less — I do not mean if it were reduced by 20 per cent but if it were now 20 per cent less than it actually is, nobody would be the wiser.

AAC 805 Fares go up by 10 per cent in February.

AEA 1613 Eighty per cent of the land is under plough…no railway…difficulty in attracting new industry.…

AL6 51 Coupled with last week's fall in inflation to four per cent, ministers believe the much-vaunted ‘green shoots of recovery’ may at last be showing through.

ARR 1053 This is obviously a gross distortion of the 50 per cent ratio that we expect.

B0W 8 The figures below (Table 1.1) show that whereas the total size of the population aged 65 and over will not rise substantially (it will in fact fall between 1991 and 2001), those aged 85 and over will almost double in number in England and Wales, from just over half a million to almost one million (an increase of 88 per cent).

B76 252 Nonetheless, R&D that is not related to defence has declined by about 10 per cent since Reagan took office, once inflation is accounted for.

BN4 41 This system is highly wasteful and could be made 80 per cent efficient if combined heat and power (CHP) technologies were installed.

BNH 894 Launched in 1989, the produce was the only take-home beer to increase market share in 1991, from 1.9 to 2.6 per cent, helped by intensive advertising support through Ogilvy & Mather, which continued to develop Rutger Hauer as brand spokesman.

C8F 1219 Making 99 per cent of a journey safe and convenient by foot or bike is futile if the remaining one per cent contains a dangerous road crossing or a threatening subway.

CEK 4264 ‘You can also opt for the Woolwich Premium Investment Plus which is guaranteed at 10.2 per cent until January on sums of £25,000 or over.’

CHU 399 Church-going was being abandoned in favour of the new religion of DIY and other time-consuming pursuits, and research showed that only 3 per cent of the population still indulged in the great British institution of the Sunday lie-in, paper included.

CM5 541 It can be seen that 17 per cent altogether were employed, including 6 per cent with part-time study and 11 per cent without (this is an overestimate as it is a category which also included the ‘unclassifiable’— not all of whom were in work).

CR0 329 Fuji Xerox Co Ltd plans to increase imports of parts to take advantage of the high yen in order to cut domestic production costs, Reuter reports from Tokyo: in the long term, it plans to raise the ratio to 30% from just a few per cent but the company is not rushing to achieve this as its export ratio of total products is low at around 20% and the high value of the yen is not severely damaging business.

E9P 40 Although actual passenger numbers on international scheduled services rose 4 per cent during the month, this was well down on the 11 pc increase for January.

EEF 238 In the first two years of the debt crisis, Brazilian per-capita GDP fell by 8 per cent, unemployment rose by 13 per cent , and consumer prices doubled.

EVV 1123 Substitution of numbers for 52 per cent could do this for an words in formulae easy standing charge and number of units' formula and 17 per cent for an electricity bill (p.61).

EW8 1590 "Taking a spouse for granted" — in which, perhaps, something of the same reason exists — was listed by 7 per cent in respect of women and 21 per cent in respect of men; how many men, once their wife's attentions are taken up by child-rearing, leave them to get on with it and follow their own devices?

FAF 338 In 1968, when unemployment had passed the half-million mark, the long-term unemployed total stood at 88,400, or 16.5 per cent of the total.

FAV 1297 Paragraph 6.28 recommended an increase in ‘the rate of efficiency savings from the present target of 0.5 per cent year over year, to say 1.0 per cent’.

FP4 729 As a result, according to the 1985-based projections (OPCS, 1988), while population increase of 15 per cent or more are expected by the year 2001 in some counties (e.g. Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Cornwall, Shropshire), Merseyside stands to lose over 9 per cent and Cleveland and Tyne and Wear both over 5 per cent of their 1985 numbers.

FTA 22 BP Solar's turnover last year was $40 million (compared with Siemens' $50 million), and it grew by 35 per cent, way ahead of the industry growth rate of six per cent .

G08 879 Outside London there was only a handful of districts with over 10 per cent of their population living in households with a NCWP-born head Luton and Slough in the South East, Birmingham, Sand well and Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, Blackburn in Lancashire, and the City of Leicester, being the highest at 21.7 per cent in 1981.

H86 37 As distinctive as ninety per cent of Rotherhithe's young men, and a fair number of its girls, most likely.

HC2 111 They will also receive the benefit of 60 per cent of the infrastructure profits on all the other business.

HCL 664 27 per cent to be long-term claimants

HHV 1408 The assumption on education spending that underlies the revenue support grant to local authorities this year allowed for increased spending on discretionary awards of 15 per cent.

HHV 4484 Will my hon. Friend confirm that exports have increased by 70 per cent.

HHV 12616 for redemption of debt on housing revenue account, and in Wales we have a special offer whereby local authorities which sell land for low-cost housing may use 100 per cent.

HKS 1259 According to the results given in the Soviet central government newspaper Izvestiya after the second round of voting for the Moldavian Supreme Soviet, with all but 10 of the 380 seats filled, such dual endorsements meant that up to 80 per cent of the elected deputies were identified as communists, while both the Popular Front and Yedinstvo were reported each to be represented by around 30 per cent of deputies.

HL1 2992 In France, Italy and the USA, the decline was only about 2 per cent.

HL1 3085 Official creditors accounted for 48 per cent of total long-term debt (up from 38 per cent in 1982).

HL4 4452 Total spending was put at TSh206,000 million, a rise of 45 per cent in local currency terms from the 1989/90 budget estimate of TSh142,000 million (because of the devaluation of the shilling, the rise was equivalent to only 9 per cent in dollar terms).

HL8 2535 According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) there had been a 3 per cent decline in the ozone layer, at all except equatorial latitudes, during the last decade.

HL9 1955 Farmers would benefit from compensatory payments if they took 15 per cent of their land out of production; farmers over 55 (representing nearly half the EC's 10,000,000 farmers) would benefit from a new early retirement programme.

HLA 1710 The PAP share of the vote fell to 61 per cent from Lee's 63 per cent in 1988 (itself down from 65 per cent in 1984).

HLH 60 According to figures released by the Central Election Management Committee (CEMC) voter turnout was 71.9 per cent, compared with 75.8 per cent in 1988.

HLS 1581 (By contrast on Nov. 2 the Bank of France had lowered the intervention rate, the traditional bench-mark rate for French lending which had not been adjusted since Oct. 17, 1991, by 0.25 percentage points to 9.35 per cent.

HNM 197 Ann Act Return; annual actual return (per cent), this is the actual return earned over the past year and includes both capital appreciation (depreciation) and any dividend paid .

JTA 12 And I'll work that into the five per cent and it may reduce the erm period of time to

K59 2142 Margins improved from 7.8 per cent to 8.4 per cent in 1991 and are expected to reach 10 per cent in the current year.

K5D 8585 The survey was made from 14 to 16 February and indicated increasing support since the previous Vilstrup poll a month ago, which showed 53 per cent for ‘yes’, 31 per cent for ‘no’ and 16 per cent undecided.

K5H 80 The economy remains stagnant, yet share prices rose 15 per cent last year and another 5 per cent up to the beginning of this week.

K5H 2920 If the base rate was to remain at 6 per cent, there would be an annual interest benefit of more than £5 million per annum .

K5M 4942 Mr MacGregor will be told that during the first 12 of the 13 four-week periods of the 1992-93 financial year — which ends in a fortnight — fare income was up 9 per cent on the equivalent periods a year earlier.

K92 1747 Suppose his income increases by 25 per cent.

KAK 12 America and the Pacific Rim countries have 80–90 per cent of their young people staying on at school beyond 16.