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A33 446 Ninety per cent are very poor and 10 per cent are very rich.’

AB6 1071 Doubling rail traffic would cut carbon dioxide emissions by only about 3 per cent.

ALV 592 For the nine months ended 30 September 1991, profits were £735m, up 16 per cent on the previous year, and turnover rose 2 per cent to £3435m.

ALW 9 Forty three per cent of all workers are women.

AN3 1393 Portes using statistics for 1972, has assessed the proportion of the Latin American economically active population that constitute the formal proletariat as being 22.4 per cent(see Table 7.2).

ANX 952 An international team of astronomers estimated that the distance to Supernova 1987A, and therefore the LMC, is 169 000 light years, a figure which they say is accurate to within 5 per cent.

AP7 471 The English figure climbed briefly to 9 per cent in the mid-nineteenth century and then fell back to a mere 1 per cent today.

AP7 523 The proportion in work had begun to fall, however, and from the 1930s dropped rapidly: according to official figures, today in England a mere 7 per cent of men over 65 remain employed.

B7K 1322 Because of the drought, cotton farmers in north-western New South Wales are receiving only 10 per cent of their normal allocation of water from irrigation projects, while the cost of water has risen by as much as 30 per cent.

BMB 954 Tiphook has 40 per cent of the trailer rental market, TIP Europe 20 per cent.

CB4 927 Don't forget that 10 per cent discount!

CLE 473 Furthermore, at a disaggregated level corresponding to where collective bargaining is actually conducted in most countries, unions may be well-organised in spite of an overall low average density (e.g. in the USA 70–80 per cent in some areas of employment).

CLN 485 During most, but not all, of the years of high levels of antislavery publication a significant proportion of titles (50 per cent in some years) were published in provincial towns or in the provinces and London at the same time.

CRY 1382 ITV was unavoidably vulnerable to the impact of economic recessions upon advertising revenue (for instance, revenue fell by 12 per cent in real terms in 1969 — 70).

ECE 193 Parker (1987) indicates that in Australia 14 per cent of those aged 75 + live in an institution as compared with about 5 per cent in Britain.

ECE 214 This decline is most notable with siblings; 80 per cent of those aged 70 — 74 report that they have brothers or sisters compared with about 50 per cent of those aged 85 +.

EDG 887 As only about 1 per cent of households have water meters, there's still little information on how metering works in practice.

F9P 1144 In the August 1949 election the German people favoured the CDU (31 per cent) over the SPD (29 per cent ), and other parties too proved willing to support Adenauer for the Chancellorship.

FPG 384 For example, with a file that is only 50 per cent packed, we must expect 21.31 per cent of the records not to be stored in their home record positions if we randomize to a specific address.

FRB 71 In the period from 1832 to the 1880s, the number of party issues (nine-tenths of one party voting together) fell to 25 per cent of all divisions under a Liberal Government in 1860 and 31 per cent under the Conservatives, this low level of party cohesion being much the same from the 1830s to the early 1880s.

G20 488 In 1984 the Housing and Building Control Act reduced the qualifying period of tenancy from three years to two and increased the maximum discount from 50 per cent to 60 per cent, and this was followed by the Housing and Planning Act of 1986 which increased the discounts available on flats to 70 per cent .

G20 1791 A report on the first three months of the system claimed that 77 per cent of contracts had been won by in-house tenders.

G38 372 In the domestic market, which represents just over three per cent of coal output, marketing is handled by Central Marketing Services, created when the Solid Fuel Advisory Service was phased out in December 1989.

GU5 508 The most serious form of skin cancer is malignant melanoma, which has a 30 per cent fatality rate (Panofsky, 1978).

GU5 713 (1981) concluded that radiative forcing by greenhouse gases together with volcanoes accounted for 75 per cent of the variance in the 5-year smoothed global temperature for the past century, while the addition of a hypothesized variation in solar luminosity increased the figure to 90 per cent.

GUV 151 The new sector, for which the body would have responsibility, would provide for at least 80 per cent of the advanced student population in further education, the other 20 per cent being provided in about 300 other institutions, each with a relatively small stake in public sector higher education, and excluded from the body.

GX8 286 Immediately adjacent to Sanga Sanga, LASMO is the operator of the large and relatively unexplored Runtu PSC with a 65.63 per cent interest.

HCL 591 27 per cent of total unemployed placings achieved to be long-term claimants

HHV 11745 Ten years ago only 6 per cent.

HHV 15003 and 25 per cent?

HHW 6706 At present local taxation accounts for only 14 per cent.

HKX 1595 On Aug. 22 a new company formed by three leading West German companies agreed to take 75 per cent of shares in the East German state-owned electricity concern, with the remaining 25 per cent to be made available to other investors.

HL0 3437 It was also reported in December that a 10 per cent wage reduction for public-sector employees, introduced in the 1989 budget and strongly opposed by the trade unions, would be extended for a further year.

HL2 363 The meeting also approved changes to voting arrangements, abolishing certain procedures first employed in 1988 party elections [see p. 36137], including the controversial queue-voting system (whereby voters in primary elections queued publicly behind a picture of their preferred candidate) and the rule under which candidates obtaining 70 per cent of the votes in such primaries were entitled to go forward unopposed.

HL7 5301 GATT's annual trade report submitted to the Council by the Director-General on April 23, 1991, showed that world merchandise trade growth, in volume terms, fell from 7 per cent per annum in 1989 to 5 per cent in 1990, while world output growth slipped from 4 per cent per annum to 3 per cent.

HLJ 1502 The policy of economic rigour and monetary stability, which had kept inflation to around 3 per cent, would nevertheless be maintained.

HLK 838 Despite falling export earnings from oil products, government policy was blamed for modest growth of 2.9 per cent in 1991, for annual inflation of 50 per cent, for a 30 per cent underemployment rate and the fact that an estimated 70 per cent of the population was living below the poverty line.

HWD 1186 Charles Booth found that 31 per cent of London's population in the 1880s lived in primary or secondary poverty and a decade later Seebohm Rowntree claimed that 28 per cent of the people of York lived in equal hardship.

J32 139 The dams have provided people and industry in the Pacific Northwest with clean, abundant power at only 40 per cent of the cost of electricity in most other US states.

J38 626 A total of 5 per cent of samples taken fall below the Inspectorate's standard, compared to a national average of 1.3 per cent.

J7E 227 When the acceptance condition (ie acceptance in respect of over 50 per cent of the voting rights in the target) attached to an offer is satisfied, the offer is described as being unconditional as to acceptances.

J7E 242 There are very few exceptions to the obligation to make a mandatory offer when the 30 per cent threshold is reached.

JP4 444 Right, and just, just work out what seventeen per cent, just try seventeen over a hundred times four hundred, just to check, see what it comes to, you wouldn't normally check it.

JTA 207 We budgeted twenty K at sixty two per cent margin, we're actually eighteen at sixty five per cent margin.

K35 1829 Republicans responsible for 142 incidents (83 per cent) and loyalists for 30 incidents (17 per cent ).

K55 404 He cited Corby as one area attracting 15 per cent development grant aid while Darlington only received nine per cent, and Scunthorpe whose unemployment in November was 7.9 per cent compared to Darlington's 8.1 per cent .

K59 1634 THE Bank of England remains concerned that underlying inflation is still running at least 2 to 3 per cent higher than it should at this stage of the economic cycle, and repeats its belief that there is no real room for further cuts in interest rates while the pound remains so sensitive, writes Clifford German.

K5M 10889 Next year an 8 per cent tax would be levied on bills and the following year that would more than double to 17.5 per cent.

K8U 1985 Production for the international market is concentrated in the most powerful capitalist state: the United States accounts for around 50 per cent of world grain exports.

KLS 298 Secondly the decision is a nineteen ninety one budget by the Chancellor of the Exchequer who raised the level of the Value Added Tax to seventeen and a half per cent from fifteen per cent hit the income of the majority of County Federation and certainly the National Federation because Customs and Excise when VAT was introduced ruled that the annual subscriptions was made VATable.