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A07 1201 By the week of the referendum, an Irish Times opinion poll had a clear and substantial majority against the amendment, 45 per cent for and 55 per cent against (Irish Times , 25 June 1986).

A6W 229 Calvet was in spectacular form at Paris, calling for an immediate rethink on Japanese access to Europe and outlining a five-point plan: that no new transplants be established in Europe; that those in existence have outputs capped; that quotas be maintained between 1992 and 2002 and continued after that if the Japanese don't play ball; that overall European penetration levels should stay at 10 per cent from the East and that France could keep its three per cent quota; and finally, that all Japanese cars, no matter where they're built, should be included in calculations, and the EC should assist automotive industry investment.

A6Y 659 In the early 1950s no more than 10 per cent of households had a television.

A9N 409 Mr Parkinson recently signalled ministerial concern by blocking BR's plans for a 14 per cent fare rise in February.

ADD 727 For example, belief in Hitler among German prisoners-of-war captured in France increased from 57 to 68 per cent between mid July and early August 1944.

AHX 1146 But in 1979 the Welsh voted four-to-one against a devolved assembly while in Scotland fewer than 33 per cent supported the idea, far short of the 40 per cent required by parliamentary decree.

AKM 748 The result has been that sales of diesel cars in Britain last year reached a record 139,810, or 8.8 per cent of a smaller total market, compared with 128,167 (6.38 per cent) in 1990.

ALP 333 However, for a number of these symptoms, more people in residential homes had had them for a year or more: the proportions were 31 per cent against 20 per cent for drowsiness, 22 per cent against 14 per cent for dizziness, 19 per cent against 11 per cent for loss of appetite and 4 per cent against one per cent for bedsores.

AR5 894 The measurement for the length of the trunk, measured from the breast bone to the point of the rump, should not exceed the height at the withers by more than 15 per cent.

ARC 1302 The Commission reported that although 9.3 per cent of all seventeen-year-olds (boys and girls) were in independent schools of all kinds, boys from boarding Public Schools were statistically overrepresented in many careers: 49.3 per cent among the heads of colleges and professors at Oxford and Cambridge, 42 per cent in the Labour Cabinet of the day and 90.9 per cent in its Conservative predecessor (things are no different now), 75 per cent among Church of England bishops, 79.2 per cent among judges and QCs, and 43 per cent among successful applicants to the Administrative Civil Service (in the years l963–7).

B04 1454 This left only 20 per cent who reported a degree of pain which seemed appropriate to the nature and amount of their injury.

B17 958 In 1945, 28 per cent of violent crimes against the person were of the most serious nature — such as serious wounding or homicide — but by 1975 this proportion had dropped to 9 per cent, and by 1979 to 6 per cent .

B1E 1127 These are just a few examples of the use of modern biological control agents, though as Jutsum (1988) points out, the commercial value of these is currently less than 1 per cent of the global market value of crop-protection and public health agents (mainly chemicals) which currently amounts to $16 000 million annually.

BMM 1371 If he had given me the £5000, under the rules at the time I would have had to donate 15 per cent to the British Board — totally unfair in my view as I had had to find the sponsorship myself.

CEK 4288 But independent adviser David Aaron is offering to top that up to 10 per cent for the next year for any Assets reader who invests through him before December 31 (Phone 0908 281544 for details).

CK4 2607 Living proof of this point are tonight's audience, who have come here hoping for some of the screaming industrial hardcore MBM used to play, but nevertheless 90 per cent of them would do their unintentionally amusing Maori rugby player dance to a series of sampled farts if they thought they should.

CM6 605 Meanwhile, the United States increased its share of the world production of steel from 29 to 43 per cent.

CMT 27 Investment growth rates, whilst also declining, continue to exceed the rate of overall economic growth: whereas fixed investment amounted to 25 per cent of GNP in 1970, it absorbed 34 per cent of GNP in 1983.

EBU 744 The institutions themselves succeeded in raising fifty per cent of the price of eleven out of the eighteen drawings and the support of the National Art Collections Fund, the National Heritage Memorial Fund and the Foundation for Sport and the Arts has been crucial in raising most of the remaining moneys required.

ECE 41 In 1901 5 per cent of the population was aged over 65 compared with 15 per cent aged 65 in 1981 (see Table 2.1).

EDC 215 Finally, of 169 opioid users whose educational qualifications were known, 52 per cent had passed no examinations, 30 per cent had CSEs only, 17 per cent had passed O levels, and 1 per cent had A levels.

EDK 1159 In 1986 38 per cent of the 103,000 conceptions outside marriage to teenagers (under age 20) were aborted, declining to 32 per cent of the 25,000 such conceptions to women aged 30–4 and rising to 56 per cent of the 2,000 conceptions to unmarried women aged 40 and over.

EVV 1744 Over the three pairs of tests (N = 269), 46 pupils would have passed on one of the two occasions had the pass mark been 50 per cent and 54 had it been 70 per cent.

FAW 543 A local ballot was held in March 1984 in four of the five ‘non-militant’ fields (Leicestershire was the exception) to decide whether to follow Scargill's strike call under Rule 43; the results were 32 per cent in favour in North Wales, 28 per cent in Staffordshire, 26.5 per cent in Nottinghamshire, and 17 per cent in South Derbyshire.

FEW 394 Of the temporary jobs concerned, nearly three quarters (70 per cent) had been for six months or less (Stern, 1982).

FR2 475 In recent years tourism has also made an increasing impact on farming, particularly in the more scenically attractive and marginal farming areas, and in Scotland, at least 20 per cent of farms indulge in farm tourism, and farm tourism accounts for at least 10 per cent of net income (Denman, 1978).

FR9 1734 Reg gave his life and soul to this club, plus an extra 110 per cent per match, but unfortunately he chose to undermine my authority in such a way that I was forced to demand his dismissal by the board.

G08 220 As recently as 1970 the Commonwealth accounted for 20 per cent of the value of the UK's trade in manufactured goods, but by 1982 that share had decreased to 11 per cent.

G1F 166 Adults, too, spend much time distracted and on routine activities — indeed, such time may even be dignified as ‘incubation’ or ‘thinking time’— and few work for anything remotely approaching 100 per cent of the time they are employed.

G2F 387 Flooring: Chantilly 8138, 80 per cent wool, 20 per cent nylon carpet, £18.50 per sq m

HH3 2921 Within ten years 40 per cent of cars, 70 per cent of trucks and all buses will be forced to run on methanol, natural gas or electricity.

HH3 14522 More than 13,000 Africans study in the Soviet Union (nearly 10 per cent of all foreign students), and many welcome confirmation of the killings as a sign that glasnost may end Soviet press silence on racism, and actively educate people about such matters.

HHV 15001 Is my right hon. Friend aware that the greatest service he can continue to do for the British public is to keep inflation below 5 per cent?

HKT 3257 Investment was planned to rise by 10.3 per cent a year during the five years, with an increasing role for private investment which would account for 60 per cent of the total by 1993.

HKT 3501 A devaluation of the rial by 23 per cent in February 1990 was initially reported as the introduction of a preferential rate in an effort to increase the remittances of foreign currency by North Yemenis working abroad; however, by March 1990 this new rate of approximately US$1.00=12 rials was being cited as the official rate.

HKW 1149 Savings included reductions in subsidies for agricultural exports and increases in state controlled prices, particularly for fuel (which rose by between 19 and 45 per cent), which together amounted to $426,000,000.

HLB 3206 The report predicted a 1.5 per cent growth rate for 1991, as compared with 2.8 per cent in 1990 and with initial government expectations of 2.0-2.7 per cent.

HLH 1513 It now had 71 (with 46.4 per cent of the vote), followed by the Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSC), with 39 seats and 27.3 per cent(compared with 42 and 29.7 per cent in 1988).

HLH 1517 Voter turnout was relatively low, at 54.8 per cent(59.4 per cent in 1988).

HLJ 1355 Regionally, Plaid Cymru got 9.0 per cent of the vote in Wales; the SNP got 21.5 per cent of votes in Scotland; in Northern Ireland the three unionist parties together got 50.2 per cent(52 in 1987); the SDLP 23.5 per cent (21.1); and Sinn Féin 10.0 per cent (11.4).

HLM 1477 Both parties would ask the Federal Assembly to prepare the relevant legislation which would require approval by 60 per cent of votes in both houses.

HNL 404 After three years, 10m of the bonds have been redeemed, leaving 25 per cent(i.e. 10/40) of the remaining bonds to be redeemed in the following year and 75 per cent (i.e.30/40) of the remaining bonds to be redeemed in the final year.

HPC 361 There is also a 10 per cent discount voucher, when enrolling as a new member by post, redeemable at all AA shops if over £7.50 is spent.

HRD 364 In the United States in 1990, OCLC conducted a survey among libraries and found that out of their sample of 249, the proportion using CD-ROM had risen from 6 per cent in 1986 to 66 per cent in 1989.

J2T 233 For Earthlife, however, the fact that seal pup mortality is about 95 per cent indicates that the species needs protection, not culling.

J2W 234 The colonial government of Hong Kong has refused to provide funds for a rescue operation, which has been estimated to cost less than 0.001 per cent of the cost of building the airport.

J3J 333 A sustainable water supply would require a 32 per cent cut in consumption.

K5D 6742 None of them expects miracles in the economy this year and growth forecasts range from a bare 0.2 per cent to 2 per cent.

K5M 7688 The Dundee Sunday Boys' League, which has 130 teams ranging in age from nine to 15-year-olds playing in seven leagues, faces an increase of more than 300 per cent, which an official yesterday forecast would cause 80 per cent of the teams to fold.

K9E 105 Here, the fall is 48 per cent since the objective was introduced.