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A2V 215 With Jaguar revealing more misery in the US where September sales were down 19.1 per cent year on the year, the company needs the takeover interest to keep its share price alive.

A30 549 The ground floor has largely survived beneath the rubble, including 95 per cent of the contents such as furniture, paintings, books and china, the trust says.

A8H 231 RADIO CLYDE'S profit rose 28 per cent to £1.9million on turnover up 23 per cent at £7.76million in the year to September 30.

A9D 486 Further questioning showed that 58 per cent said they ‘knew nothing’ about the average engineering company and only 8 per cent felt ‘well informed.’

ADD 1173 The Nuremberg Trials lifted the scales from the eyes of many Germans, and later OMGUS surveys reported that only one in eight (12 per cent) of those questioned in the American Zone recalled trusting Hitler as Leader up to the end of the war, while 35 per cent claimed never to have trusted him and a further (6 per cent to have kept faith in him only until the outbreak of war.

AHJ 390 Then the Administration wants the more closely watched federal funds rate that banks charge each other for overnight reserve borrowings to be cut from its long-standing 4 per cent to 3.5 per cent.

AHN 1335 Nearly three-quarters of voters, 71 per cent, expect no party to win an outright majority.

AN3 753 Between 1950 and the mid 1970s in the Bolivian Andes, the production of cold and temperate-climate crops, grown by the peasantry, expanded at an average annual rate of 4.4 per cent, particularly high levels being recorded in the 1950s after agrarian reform (Ortega 1982).

B0X 461 Clinical evidence of vascular disease was found in 38.3 per cent of patients and 30 per cent were hyperlipidaemic.

B1U 1140 About 50 per cent of the companies in the zones are engaged in manufacturing, 7 per cent in retailing and 16 per cent in distribution, although there is considerable inter-zone variation.

B31 1609 Autumn records fell between 6 August and 17 October, with a marked peak in September involving about 60 per cent.

B3C 1016 Some 60 per cent of the course is devoted to design studies and 40 per cent to related studies.

B73 210 Davies's research also shows that some 40 per cent of land in inner London is unsuitable for growing vegetables.

B7K 1366 In January 1983, the water content of reservoirs in South Africa had fallen to 50 per cent of its level at the same time last year, and the 1982 maize crop was 40 per cent lower than the record of 40 million tonnes harvested in 1981.

CAN 899 In the United States they have moved, according to his figures, from 15 per cent of the workforce in 1900 to 35 per cent in 1970.

CCT 437 But the Crowther Committee and Consumers' Association reported that where mail order prices could be compared directly with prices in the shops, they appeared to be between 5 and 15 per cent higher.

CH2 12918 Four per cent fewer cars were sold last month than in September last year.

CMK 1108 If you are between the ages of 46 and 50, the amount is 25 per cent.

CRY 1284 There was no increase in the licence fee to pay for a 50 per cent jump in programme hours.

EAY 1420 Above all else, Baker understood the essential role of compromise in executive-legislative relations and it was the LSG that prevailed upon Reagan to give ground on the tax cut by accepting reductions of 5 per cent— 10 per cent — 10 per cent in three successive years in place of the 10 per cent — 10 per cent — 10 per cent of Kemp-Roth.

EBR 1477 In reply to three direct questions ninety per cent report fragmentation, and seventy-five per cent monotony, but the percentage drops to fifty per cent in the case of time pressures: these are more often referred to spontaneously in the course of discussing housework tasks.

EDK 1072 US evidence suggests a 20 per cent increase in coital frequency at all ages from 1965 to 1975 (Trussell and Westoff 1980).

EDK 1089 If married persons sterilized for non-contraceptive reasons are included, the proportion of the subfecund rises to 25 per cent(most non-contraceptive sterilizations are for conditions which would themselves cause sterility: McFalls and McFalls 1984).

EE8 1359 The majority of leg ulcers (291: 62 per cent) had been present for under two years, 48 per cent (141) of these for less than six months.

EWR 1193 It requires only a small further step to argue for the exclusion from English of "those unfitted to benefit" from studying literature, Indeed, in 1968, T. R. Henn is to be found recommending that at Cambridge the number of students taking English should be cut by 40 per cent on the grounds that many students tend simply to "drift" into the discipline.

FBJ 57 They comprised about 16 per cent.

FST 1294 Furthermore, only 20 per cent of the women were getting more than £5 per week in non-state pension income, as compared with 50 per cent of the men.

G1C 827 Chief officers became used to submitting last year's ‘base budget’ corrected for price and salary rises plus an extra X per cent.

GVA 408 Very often these mispronunciations were corrected when the subject repeated the speech, and in about 50 per cent of cases the correct pronunciation was restored with no disruption of the fluency of shadowing.

GWJ 971 Only five authorities in our sample (10 per cent) even acknowledged a need to integrate care management and care programming in their 1992/ 93 plans.

H0H 22 for SERC funded students, 56 per cent of conversion and 48 per cent of specialist students would be in or about to start work at the end of their courses;

HH3 9529 Pill use in the US dropped from 61 per cent of couples in 1973 to 45 per cent in 1982.

HHW 4753 We now have evidence of a cluster of breast cancers in and around Bolsover — 50 per cent.

HKT 3254 The plan envisaged a rate of growth in gross domestic product (GDP) of 8 per cent a year and an increase in per capita income of 4.8 per cent a year.

HKV 2240 Reporting on progress on the economic recovery programme, Machungo said that the measures taken had had a "positive effect" , with a gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate of 4 per cent a year and increases in agricultural production.

HKV 2815 Export volume rose by 23 per cent and import volume by 19 per cent in 1989, but the increase in the value of imports outpaced that of exports and the trade deficit increased by over US$1,000 million to $4,900 million.

HKV 3229 Projected spending was Rp42,800,000 million, which represented an overall real increase of 10 per cent on the previous year.

HKY 2059 According to the Guardian of July 30, the economic reform package approved by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and introduced on Jan. 1, 1990 [see p. 37130], produced the following results in the first six months: a reduction of inflation from a monthly rate of 80 per cent in January to 3.4 per cent in June; the transformation of a budget deficit equivalent to 8 per cent of GDP into a 6-7 per cent surplus; and the stabilization of the zloty at 9,500 against the dollar.

HL0 1814 According to UN envoy Jean Ripert, sent to Jordan in October, the crisis would cost Jordan as much as 30 per cent of GDP in 1990 and about 50 per cent in 1991.

HL0 3003 Under an agreement signed in Havana on April 17, 1990, it was announced that the volume of Cuban-Soviet trade would increase in the next year by 8.7 per cent compared with 1989, and would be worth up to 9,200 million roubles (US$15,160 million).

HL6 179 The cost of bread, rice, flour and meat went up by 300 per cent, as did the prices of children's clothing; the cost of milk, eggs, cheese, sugar and tea, and adult clothing, went up by 200 per cent ; fares on public transport went up by between 70 and 140 per cent .

HL8 2008 A succession of government-union talks throughout June failed to reach conclusive settlements of widespread union demands for higher wages, settlement of outstanding overtime pay, reform of the excessive wage tax, compensatory payments for the 140 per cent and 110 per cent increases respectively in gas and electricity charges introduced on May 27, and cancellation of government plans for higher rents and other charges anticipated in the July budget.

HL8 2008 A succession of government-union talks throughout June failed to reach conclusive settlements of widespread union demands for higher wages, settlement of outstanding overtime pay, reform of the excessive wage tax, compensatory payments for the 140 per cent and 110 per cent increases respectively in gas and electricity charges introduced on May 27, and cancellation of government plans for higher rents and other charges anticipated in the July budget.

HNW 1945 The majority (76 per cent) claim to have understood what was required of them well or very well, and that the introduction of the scheme in their school had been fairly to very adequate,(78 per cent ).

HWG 994 Wine imports over the same period were reduced by just over 40 per cent.

J38 666 A joint French-Greek research team's claims to have developed technology which eliminates 90 per cent of particulates emitted by diesel bus engines appear to have been borne out in tests on 110 buses in Athens.

K59 4055 The trust's portfolio was 55 per cent invested in UK equities, with the other 45 per cent in overseas markets, practically the same proportions as last year.

K5D 3247 More than 70 per cent of adult Albanians have been dismissed on ethnic grounds from jobs as various as toilet cleaners, museum curators and power plant directors.

K97 11369 More than half the respondents, 54 per cent, said they had been readers for at least ten years and three quarters (76 per cent ) had been readers for five years.

KSN 1517 Pro score eighty per cent.