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A34 75 Abbey National said a rise of between 1 and 1.5 per cent in early November was inevitable.

A43 496 Holders of the prefs will forego dividends in return for 13.7 per cent compound growth over the trust's seven years, thereby allowing the managers to increase dividends to ordinary shareholders who will hold two-thirds of the capital.

A62 329 By the third week around 17 per cent thought Labour and the Alliance were also concentrating on defence.

A62 508 Amongst party identifiers as a whole, the difference between Conservative and Labour optimism rose from 93 per cent in the Pre-Campaign Wave to 108 per cent by the end of the campaign.

A7W 1170 Other findings were that 67 per cent think standards will decline in the next few years if things carry on as they are and that 77 per cent agree teachers do a good job in spite of everything.

AM8 1159 Over 90 per cent of 3–4 year-olds are engaged in some form of group activity.

B12 1288 The situation is more acute in the rural areas when only 32 per cent of the population aged seven to fourteen years are enrolled at school.

B1E 93 Earth Report (1988), for example, states that in Pakistan more than 65 per cent of the country's 150 000 km 2 of irrigated land are thus affected; in Egypt 35 per cent of farmland has salinity and waterlogging problems and in Iraq and India the situation is similarly acute.

B2C 281 The teeth also were found to be similar to the condition described after 29 months weathering: for a sample of 31 teeth, 25.8 per cent were split (Fig. 1.6A, B) and 9.7 per cent were chipped (Fig. 1.6E); 34.8 per cent of the incisors were broken.

B7J 1392 This display of aesthetic preference is not absolute, but probabilistic: given a choice between two colours that we know from learning experiments they can distinguish reliably — purple and blue, for example— the bees will choose their favourite, purple, only 70 per cent of the time rather than 100 per cent .

BMA 86 The rate of surplus-value, s/v, is assumed to be 100 per cent, or 1, in both departments.

BNL 293 The police report that over 40 per cent of burglaries of urban dwellings are break-ins to basement flats.

BNN 596 The average Jew was the average Englishman, living off a weekly pay packet of four pounds a week or less at a time when, in the worst-hit areas for unemployment, up to twenty per cent of the population was below the poverty line.

C9L 898 Actually, they both have about one per cent of other things in there designed to hold the alloy together…

CAN 58 In a society such as the United Kingdom where over 50 per cent of workers are in the service sector compared with only 30 per cent in manufacturing, new technology in the office may have more consequences than robots in the factory for job loss.

CDK 1684 It's easy to think you are Superwoman and try to give everyone 100 per cent of your attention.

CGD 817 This study was based on an open-ended questionnaire completed by 800 older adults aged 6–91. 35 per cent were males, 65 per cent were females; 48 per cent married, 37 per cent widowed, 11 per cent divorced.

CLN 681 But of the 542 places petitioning in 1792 only 283 also petitioned in 1814 — a ‘persistence rate’ of only 52.21 per cent.

EC3 1565 This lending ceiling was reinforced by a further statement by the Bank in November 1968 which gave the banks four months' notice to reduce their lending to 98 per cent of the mid November 1967 level.

ED9 1501 For example, Nutrifactor 1 (Light) comprises 0.25 per cent of cationic polymers to treat hair which is, perhaps, temporarily under the weather; while Revitalising Creme Bath Nutrifactor 3 (Intense) offers a higher level of cationic polymers (one per cent ) to condition, soften and untangle more seriously dehydrated and damaged hair strands, in preparation for winter temperatures.

EDC 207 Married or cohabiting users accounted for 16 per cent of those known to the Drugs Council, and 22 per cent of those known to the Detoxification Unit.

EDC 423 It was found that 599 (56 per cent) were classifiable as ‘new cases’, that is , as not being known to any of the agencies in the first survey, and having no known first contact date with an agency prior to April 1985.

EDG 1123 As numbers of mortgage arrears and repossessions grow, especially in London and the Southeast, and with up to 10 per cent of mortgage borrowers said to be in minor arrears or postponed repayments, building societies and other lenders are being particularly careful to offer their borrowers help in paying.

FED 1052 Using this method and the data of Goodglass and Quadfasel (1954) she estimates language laterality in left handers to be predominantly or exclusively left-sided in 60 per cent of cases and right sided in approximately 40 per cent.

FP2 1269 It has been estimated that the total fees paid to third parties in the take-over process in the UK in 1985 came to £500 million, about 7 per cent of the value of the transactions, and the figure will be much higher in the case of contested bids.

FPB 2661 ‘It's exactly ten per cent,’ Buzz retorted.

FR4 896 If death rates declined by 10 per cent during the same period (a more realistic assumption) then the growth rate would be only 0.02 per cent higher per annum.

FRT 216 In 1978, of 74 High Court judges listed, over 75 per cent had attended public schools and, of these, 41 per cent had attended one of the Clarendon Schools.

G19 834 Overall, 4 per cent of groups meet weekly, 38 per cent every two to four weeks, and 58 per cent less often.

G1J 504 The Association of British Insurers reported in September 1990 an annual increase in business fire insurance claims of 25 per cent.

H0P 210 The regional variations are as follows: Africa — 40 per cent higher; Arab World — 38; East & South East Asia & Oceania — 42; Indian Ocean region — 50; and the Western Hemisphere — 27 per cent higher.

H83 88 Miles (1962, reviewed in Georgiades and Phillimore, 1975) had found that, although the rate of implementation of changed practices in institutions had improved from 1930 (when it had been estimated that fifteen years needed to elapse before something like 3 per cent of schools adopted a particular change), in the 1960s it still required seven years before 11 per cent of schools adopted an innovation.

HHV 1158 reported more teachers in the schools and 75 per cent.

HKP 1049 Chamlong Srimuang was re-elected as governor of Bangkok on Jan. 7, polling 61.3 per cent of valid votes compared with 48.9 per cent in November 1985 [see p. 34618].

HKY 3078 They were (i) the reduction of the budget deficit from 24 per cent of GDP in 1988 to 10 per cent in 1990;(ii) cutting inflation to around 7 per cent in 1993 from about 14 per cent in 1989; and (iii) achieving a current-account balance in 1993 from a deficit equivalent to 6 per cent of GDP in 1988.

HL7 2976 The first stage began in June 1990 of the government's economic austerity programme, aimed at reducing the fiscal deficit from 5.4 per cent to 1.5 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP).

HL9 138 — cutting Soviet strategic nuclear weapons by more than 35 per cent, from about 11,000 warheads to 7,000;

HLG 1736 During February a number of key industrial companies announced forthcoming contraction and redundancies, reflecting the continued rise in unemployment (to a seasonally adjusted level of 9.2 per cent in January compared with 6.7 per cent a year earlier and 5.7 per cent at the beginning of 1990 — see also p. 38200).

HLK 2212 Milk production was to be reduced by 1 per cent a year over the next three years.

HLP 1615 Industrial production in 1992 was expected to be 20 per cent down, and capital investment 50-55 per cent down, compared with 1991.

HWH 1821 In Brown's 1968 survey only 3 per cent of workers knew the standard rate of tax and only 6 per cent of managers were able to estimate their marginal rate of tax.

HXT 847 The percentage of all medical practitioners in Britain who are in general practice is 46 compared to 12 per cent in the USA (Weiner 1987).

J2X 229 Conservationists maintain that the pet trade would not necessarily suffer from a ban on imports, as 85 per cent of domestic birds are bred in captivity.

J39 375 A survey carried out by local health workers showed that about 20 per cent of Faroese children had levels of mercury in excess of the safety limit as set by the International Programme on Chemical Safety.

J75 117 It is a valuable source of work for any practice and with statistics telling us that 80 per cent of people entitled to claim do not do so, there must be every possibility of expanding this area of work.

JNF 84 We found that the number of visits that on average that they can do has increased by four or five hundred per cent.

K4W 3487 Liberal Democrat To keep up with the growth of the elderly population LibDems are hoping to increase health expenditure by two per cent compared to what they claim is a current increase of only half a per cent.

K56 541 M Rocard's ‘big bang’ proposal has received a positive response from most socialist leaders, left-wing voters (73 per cent approved of the idea), and ecologist supporters (62 per cent approved), while several leading communist dissidents have expressed a cautious interest.

K57 777 In 1991, only 50 per cent of the SCO's income came from the box office, compared to an average of 69 per cent.

K96 818 The rule that 85 per cent of the DSS transfer be spent in the independent sector is feared to protect private residential homes instead of developing services.