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A2V 311 The cuts, of about 8 per cent, are on BT's digital private circuits and come into effect on 1 January 1990.

A3C 290 An impressive new range comes from Thresher's five new Wine Rack stores (four in London, one in Gerrards Cross) which, with a 12.5 per cent case discount, aim to offer the cheapest champagne prices in the high street.

A5K 315 Even to maintain his ratings at their present level — with 22 per cent in one poll choosing him as their preferred Prime Minister in a field that included Mrs Thatcher — he has no choice but to be constantly audible and visible.

A6F 243 The increase in oil prices combined with the 1979 June budget's increase from 8 to 15 per cent in VAT on many goods and high wage rises helped to push inflation up to 21 per cent in May 1980.

A9F 416 Fifty-eight per cent passed the use of ‘transpire’ for ‘occur’.

AAS 406 Imports of passenger cars over the three months rose only two per cent by volume, whilst imports of capital goods were down six per cent.

AHF 751 The lowest support was in the 65-plus age group, with 67 per cent in favour.

AHF 1032 The survey, published in Dod's European Companion, once again confirms the Dutch as the most effortless prattlers, with 77 per cent capable of holding a conversation in two or more languages other than their own.

AHN 61 A Sunday Telegraph poll of polls, calculated from six surveys published today, shows Labour ahead on 39.6 per cent, the Tories on 37.5 per cent and Liberal Democrats on 19.3 per cent .

AKB 13 BBC Enterprises, which is funding its share from profits not the licence fee, will take around 20 per cent of the channel.

AKR 498 Germany's 2.3 million public service workers are heading for their first strike for 18 years in support of a 5.4 per cent pay rise recommended by arbitrators but rejected by the government.

ALV 583 Unilever saw a 12 per cent rise in net profits during Q3 1991 to £325m, on a turnover of £6024m (£5783m).

AN3 1284 This group has also lost out, its share being reduced from 8.7 per cent to 7.7 per cent.

AND 593 Even more worrying is that in some LEAs the uptake of free school meals by those eligible for them is less then 65 per cent.

AS6 773 Between 1979 and 1986 the clear-up rate fell from 41 per cent to 32 per cent.

B2C 1213 For many of the owl species the variation is less, for example the barn owl sample range is 95–100 per cent, with a mean of 99 per cent , and similar levels of difference hold for the other bones and parts of bones.

B2C 1278 Intermediate values are seen for tawny owls and great grey owls (50–60 per cent), and high values for the owls that also showed greatest damage to the maxilla, the short-eared owl, spotted eagle owl and European eagle owl (80–90 per cent ).

B77 10 But that does not explain why 12 per cent of 1981's science graduates could not find work.

B7K 471 It turned out that in each of the Triassic faunas, or at least in most of them, one particular taxonomic group (not always the same group in different faunas) was particular abundant; between 40 to 90 per cent of specimens found.

CGT 763 (1984) found that 19 per cent of 2-year-olds, 18 per cent of 3-year-olds, and 11 per cent of 4½-year-olds had tantrums at least daily.

ECE 277 Almost half of women aged 65 + (45 per cent) live alone compared with 17 per cent of males.

ECE 1182 (1986) report that 15 per cent of those aged 70+ living in two areas of South Wales displayed symptoms of anxiety.

ECE 1212 For depression the respective percentages are 15 per cent compared with 7 per cent.

EDC 856 It was about 80 per cent pure and you know there's no rubbish in it.

EDK 1650 So by the 1970s the most effective method was used more by working-class wives (47 per cent of wives of skilled manual workers, 41 per cent of unskilled workers) than by the wives of non-manual workers (32 per cent of professionals, 44 per cent of skilled non-manual workers)(Cartwright 1978).

FPG 479 From Table 6.4, 99.86 per cent of records will be stored in their home cylinder and only 0.14 per cent will overflow on to another cylinder.

FR4 851 Anderson and Bowman, though careful not to speak of causal relationships, tentatively suggest that a literacy rate of 40 per cent was a necessary, but not a sufficient, condition for economic development.

FR4 887 The 1.53 per cent and 1.57 per cent growth rates attributed to labour during the two periods consisted of quantitative changes (increase in the size of the labour force and decrease in working hours per week) and qualitative changes of labour of which education was the most important, an estimate of 0.35 per cent and 0.67 per cent respectively.

FR4 1313 The number of strikers receiving supplementary benefit has always constituted a very insignificant proportion of the total number of persons on strike the lowest figure was 0.12 per cent in 1962 and the highest was 14.46 per cent in 1972 which was the year of the miners' strike.

FST 419 Couples with children also fared badly during the 1980s, but their risk of poverty still remains much lower than that of lone parents (18 per cent in 1988, up from 9 per cent in 1979).

G20 1308 Between 1980/81 and 1985/86 almost two-thirds of local authorities fell short of the target increases of 2 per cent a year, and the most recent expenditure plans indicate that between 1988/89 and 1990/91 real expenditure on the personal social services will fall by 0.7 per cent.

GXF 82 The latest survey of its members shows that, nationally, sales during April — compared with April last year — were 1.9 per cent up.

H8E 1532 To ensure that the Bank can maintain an acceptable degree of influence over short-term rates, the monetary control regulations introduced in 1981 required that banks maintain with the discount market funds equal to a daily minimum of 4 per cent and a monthly average of 6 per cent of their ‘eligible’ liabilities.

HHV 5625 Does he admit that the waiting list for day patients has shot up by 50 per cent?

HHV 25796 Yes, but will the Minister say how he could ever expect to balance exports and imports when the Chancellor has forecast growth of only 1 per cent; when we have rising unemployment, falling investment and companies going bankrupt?

HKU 3876 This rose to 14.8 per cent in 1989 from 14 per cent in 1988 (according to statistics released by the Greek national statistical office in January 1990) and was expected to rise further during 1990.

HL1 2948 The IMF predicted that real GNP growth in the industrialized countries would moderate to 2.75 per cent in 1990, before rebounding to 3 per cent in 1991.

HL4 4323 The overall budget deficit was expected to represent 5.1 per cent of GDP, to be financed from domestic borrowings.

HL5 1878 The economic growth rate was provisionally assessed by the National Statistical Institute (INSEE) at the beginning of 1991 at an annual rate of 1.5 per cent, compared with a figure of 2.8 per cent for 1990.

HLL 1103 Miti also claimed that in the past five years Japan's imports from its 10 largest trading partners had increased by 96 per cent, while exports had risen by only 45 per cent .

HLP 1181 On Sept. 15 the government raised petroleum prices by 18 per cent in an attempt to reduce the fiscal deficit.

HLS 2241 On Nov. 10 IDB president Ahmed Muhammad Ali told delegates that the IDB had approved 194 financing operations worth 968,000,000 Islamic dinars (ID)(about US$1,330 million) during 1991-92, representing a 48 per cent increase over the previous year.

HNM 1465 The mean underwriting fee was 1.4 per cent of the issue's nominal value.

J0P 95 There the area under crops grew by less than 5 per cent.

J2V 54 An example of this is in Java, Indonesia, where hillside farming has led to so much soil erosion that a 4 per cent gain in output thanks to fertilisers and seed improvements is effectively cancelled out.

J39 16 At that time, the total organic output was less than one fifteenth of 1 per cent of all farmers' output.

J3J 108 The figures showed that in 1981-91 the area of vegetables grown in England and Wales fell by 10 per cent but the area treated with pesticides increased by 40 per cent; the volume used fell by 10 per cent , as pesticides became less bulky.

K4W 8380 ‘It's creeping up, from about one per cent in my day to 15pc of engineering students are women.

K5H 3921 In fact nearly half the households in Britain don't have a car, in Glasgow it is 65 per cent.

K5J 4566 By contrast, the annual baseball World Series pulled in 20 per cent of the potential U.S. television audience, while the Super Bowl pulled in a whopping 40 per cent share.