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A1J 315 Since then, however, a whole range of staff from administrative and clerical, to senior managers, anciliaries and technicians have won pay rises above, and sometimes well above, the 5 per cent the NHS was given for inflation.

A2V 84 The Indonesian stock market, where 6.9 per cent of funds are invested, has risen 53 per cent since Abtrust New Dawn was launched and the Thai stock market 30 per cent.

A43 302 In spite of high interest rates, price inflation at the factory gate has varied from 4.8-5.2 per cent during the past seven months with little indication that it is set to slip below the range.

A9J 125 According to a recent poll, 58 per cent of Israelis believe there will eventually be civil war.

ADD 1025 Finally, 42 of the Nazis (69 per cent of the ‘sample’) provided responses which could be classed as ‘indifference of conscience’, and pointed to disinterest or internal suppression of knowledge and responsibility for the fate of the Jews.

AJT 25 Some doctors used the instrument two or three times a day, six per cent did not carry one in their bag and half had used them fewer than 12 times in the past six months.

ARC 876 80 per cent of the buildings were more or less seriously inadequate.

ARS 625 Few soils contain the 40 per cent clay to qualify as true clays; few are pure silts or pure sands.

ARX 536 I found only 35 per cent of the books in the catalogue of the nearest library of this standard.

B16 291 In January, February and March, the median is 47 per cent so February's value is unchanged.

B1E 364 Despite these changes, some of which have proved to be environmentally degrading, there is still a food crisis because population growth is rapid (2–3 per cent per annum) and farming systems are failing to provide the necessary increase in productivity of c. 4 per cent per annum (Okigbo 1985).

B73 729 Triphosphor lamps with krypton give up to 70 per cent more light than the standard 38-mm argon-filled lamps.

BN4 407 Over the last five years 50 per cent of Germany's energy producing capacity has been equipped with flue gas desulphurisation systems (FGD) which removes the bulk of sulphur before it even reaches the chimney.

C8U 490 I really have never heard that 80 per cent of dog attacks take place in the owner's home.

C92 760 Our purpose is less exacting and a simple application using the familiar 555 timer gives us an effective PWM with a minimum of components and a duty cycle variation from about 20 per cent to 70 per cent.

CBF 13142 Suzanne, from Moston, Manchester, is still critically ill on a life support machine at Withington Hospital after suffering 80 per cent burns.

CDW 423 Nearly forty per cent of people alive today live under governments which consider themselves Marxist.

CEN 6329 At the same time, income has risen by eight per cent, showing more people are banking their cash.

CF8 621 International waste management company Attwoods pushed profits ahead more than 11 per cent in the six months to January after a good performance from key sectors of its US business.

CHS 491 (These were paid at a rate of 12p per mile with 100 per cent of the extra cost paid in the first year; 75 per cent in the second; 50 per cent in the third; 25 per cent in the fourth and nothing thereafter.)

CS1 486 A further 13 per cent were covered by only two newspapers; 5 per cent were covered by three newspapers and 4 per cent by four newspapers.

ECB 783 If their hours of work can also be limited to less than 16 hours a week, then these workers will also fall outside the employment protection legislation, which means they can be used even more flexibly and cheaply as they then forgo rights to certain occupational benefits (which now comprise a further 9 per cent of labour costs).

EVV 1120 List 1 topic Guide to performance of top third Use of tables and charts 60 per cent could use a hotel guide (p.75) and 41 per cent answered correctly the hardest question about a distance chart (p.77).

EW5 278 Inconsistency is when the personnel director, faced with a request for an increase in pay, says "4 per cent maximum" and then concedes 4½ per cent under threat of strike.

G20 1687 Among men of working age, 78 per cent were in employment with 63 per cent working full time and 2 per cent part time.

G28 248 Fifty-six per cent did not operate the sales ledger on secured terms; 27 per cent did; and 16 per cent sometimes operated on secured terms, using bank guarantees, export credit guarantee, or cash up front.

GUW 46 In the first decade of this century 55 per cent of women had three or more children and 25 per cent more than five, but by the 1940s these figures were 30 per cent and 9 per cent respectively.

H0H 22 for SERC funded students, 56 per cent of conversion and 48 per cent of specialist students would be in or about to start work at the end of their courses;

H81 319 Section 8(1) of the Copyright Act 1956, permits a person to make a record of a musical work for the purpose of its being sold retail, if he gives notice to the owner of the copyright and pays him a royalty of 6¼ per cent.

H8E 1008 Over 85 per cent are then lent out to borrowers on mortgage, part of the remaining 15 per cent is used to buy liquid assets, a small part stays with the society's bank as an increased holding of immediate liquidity, against the increase in deposit liabilities.

HHV 1198 That is why the settlement of 4.4 per cent.

HHV 12724 Today, 18,000 people are employed producing 10 per cent.

HHV 19143 Today the proportion is 40 per cent.

HKT 993 In the first round of voting on April 8 Kucan took 44.5 per cent of the vote, compared with 26.2 per cent for DEMOS leader Joze Pucnik (of the Democratic Alliance), 18.9 per cent for Ivan Kramberger (independent), and 10.5 per cent for Marko Demsar (ZSMZ — Liberal Party).

HL1 2946 The overall growth projection for 1990 was 2.9 per cent, and the same for 1991, as reflected in the G-7 economies.

HLB 1756 As a means of confronting unemployment (9.5 per cent of the workforce) the budget cut the tax on distributed company profits from 42 to 34 per cent, bringing it into line with that on retained profits.

HLB 3832 Enimont had been created in January 1989 with 40 per cent public ownership (through the state energy company Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi—ENI—National Hydrocarbons Agency), 40 per cent owned by the industrial group Montedison, and 20 per cent traded on the stock market.

HLM 767 There was opposition to the existing CET tariff rates which ranged from zero to 45 per cent, with Jamaica proposing new rates ranging between 5 and 20 per cent and the seven-country Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) arguing for rates ranging from zero to 30 per cent .

HLM 1925 Expenditure on employment was to rise 8.8 per cent to nearly DM99,000 million and expenditure on transport was to rise 10.7 per cent to DM44,000 million.

HLR 577 The maximum CET would be further reduced to 25-30 per cent by 1995, falling to 20-25 per cent by 1997.

HRN 1208 President Gorbachev wanted to double Soviet nuclear-generated electricity within 5 years — 50 per cent of this rapid growth was to be achieved by the construction of the Chernobyl-type graphite-moderated reactors RBMK-1000 and RBMK-1500.

HTV 584 In the mid-1970s, only eight oil companies shared 30 per cent of the market, seven copper companies shared 25 per cent, six bauxite companies shared 58 per cent , seven iron ore companies shared 50 per cent , and a few tea, coffee, banana and tobacco companies shared 60 per cent or more of their markets (see Dunning, 1981, ch.1).

HXP 12 The structure of employment has also seen a steady shift out of agriculture (23 per cent 1960: 8 per cent 1987) and manufacturing (40 per cent 1960: 33 per cent 1987) towards the service sector (37 per cent 1960: 58 per cent 1987)(Fig. 6.1).

HXR 155 The objectives represent the basis for defining the regions eligible for aid and it is the structurally backward, or Objective 1 regions, which receive the major share of the Structural Funds (77 per cent).

J2N 644 The report found that 95 per cent of respondents were aware that cars contributed to environmental pollution.

J6N 596 (4) Either:(a) the enterprises are both engaged in supplying or consuming goods or services of the same description and have between them at least 25 per cent of the market of those goods or services in the United Kingdom or a substantial part of it (the "market share test" ); or (b) the gross value of the assets acquired exceeds £30,000,000 (the "assets test" ).

K51 290 Now, despite one of the most difficult trading years in memory, the society has announced record results with:— Asset growth up 11.49 per cent to £225m. — Net profit up 34 per cent at £1.5m. — Mortgage advances up 41 per cent at £38.3m. — Retail investment balances up 11 per cent.

K59 154 This is largely a convenience, as you could just as readily sell trust holdings yourself, but Gartmore offers a 2 per cent discount on the reinvestment into its own trusts, while Fidelity offers 0.5 per cent for sums over £5,000 and 1 per cent on £10,000 plus.

K59 900 Agribusiness profits jumped 23 per cent to £14.6 million helped by the strong growth in the agricultural supplies business and a good performance from the group's Pig Improvement Company where volumes have been impressive.

KRT 4220 Well that Morri poll suggested that er of the risk groups that Wendy's outlining, only seventeen per cent were actually vaccinated.