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A1V 933 Many of the CDU votes went instead to the ultra right-wing Republicans who polled over seven per cent in the bigger cities with problems of unemployment, the housing shortage and a high percentage of foreign immigrants.

A26 181 ADVERTISING and public relations group, Lowe Howard-Spink & Bell, yesterday saw its shares rise 9p to 422p on the announcement of a 16 per cent rise in profits before tax to £7.7m for the half year to end June.

A6F 1527 Between 1979 and 1989 the reduction in public-sector employment, extension of private home-ownership (up from 55 per cent to 65 per cent) and share-ownership (up from 7 per cent to 22 per cent ), increasing scope for private provision of services, and run-down of trade union membership (down from 54 per cent to 46 per cent of the workforce) have all been government objectives.

A6G 738 When Keynes's memorandum was discussed in Cabinet in February 1946, defence expenditure for 1946/7 had already been cut by 14 per cent.

ABC 1140 In April 1990 Starkist Seafood, the world's largest tuna canner with 35 per cent of the huge US market, announced that they would no longer buy tuna which had been caught by encircling dolphins.

AJ6 781 Herr Bjorn Engholm, head of the opposition Social Democrats, who only just managed to retain an overall majority in his Schleswig-Holstein constituency after an eight per cent drop in electoral fortunes, called for a ‘national pact of common sense’ with the ruling Christian Democrats.

ALP 310 The proportions among those aged 75 — 84 were 8 per cent of the married, 34 per cent of the others, and for those aged 85 or more 25 per cent compared with 61 per cent.

ANX 2171 It predicted future power needs in the classic manner, by assuming they would continue to grow at 9 per cent per year.

ARH 362 He produced in 1975 the results of a large survey, hailed as the ‘Italian Kinsey report’, in which he found that 50 per cent of Italian women and 25 per cent of men engaged in sex ‘only to please’ their partners; that 46 per cent of women and 19 per cent of men faked orgasm; and that 49 per cent of women and a surprising 32 per cent of men reported that they were virgins at marriage.

B0U 2480 And personally I'm absolutely confident —’ he repeated the word —‘confident, that the whole show will be a hundred per cent.

B10 1554 The results reported by Schneider and Robin indicate that aggression and tantrums decreased by 46 per cent and 54 per cent in two elementary school classrooms for the emotionally disturbed after eight weeks of training using the turtle technique.

B12 1064 In the Khartoum and Northern regions, in 1986/87 pass rates at both primary and intermediate levels were around 70 per cent for both boys and girls.

B1D 748 As to the saving of fees, any architect, including Pennethorne, would require fees at 5 per cent.

B71 73 Since the virus can spread through blood, transfusions could account for the 25 per cent of AIDS victims who are not gay.

B7N 476 The 12 deaths observed in the 15–24 age group is 210 per cent of what would be expected.

C8F 772 The consequence is that of those questioned in an opinion poll carried out in Buxtehude by the German Automobile Association ADAC, 67 per cent of the car drivers and 76 per cent of the inhabitants approve of 30 km/h as a speed limit.

C8F 1169 However admirable may be the aim of the Urban Safety Project — ten to fifteen per cent reduction in accidents — the limited scope of these schemes cannot be ignored.

CBF 3498 In Britain today, 69 per cent of homes are owner-occupied, with local councils renting out 20 per cent, and housing associations three per cent .

CDF 2300 Some of them involve assumptions, and a difference of plus or minus 5 per cent isn't really significant.

CEN 5928 For the first time — before announcing a further base rate cut to seven per cent— he admitted millions of mortgage payers and business people suffered needlessly with too-high interest rates earlier this year.

CLW 742 As many as 65 per cent of Afro-Caribbean youth in Handsworth, Birmingham, were unemployed in 1985 (Newnham, 1986).

CML 2523 Once the left engine was turning over at 45 per cent, he switched on the right engine, using the live engine's generator to save the battery.

CRT 469 Among the total convicted population at the end of 1980, only 11 per cent were ‘burglars’ and 10 per cent‘thieves’.

EE8 1347 A total of 272 questionnaires, representing 70 per cent of the total patient population were completed: the 272 patients had a total of 480 ulcers affecting 383 legs.

EEF 1472 Many estimate that countertrade accounts for as much as 10 per cent of Brazil's exports of both raw materials and manufactured goods.

FB2 1646 In a Dartmoor study area, key settlements attracted only 22 per cent of outline planning permission compared with 34 per cent in non-key villages.

FYT 732 Although only a small number of weapons had been eliminated, scientists had calculated that just 5 per cent of the weapons that existed were sufficient to destroy the world.

G1J 180 A survey by Living Magazine (14.8.89) which questioned 1,000 women, found that one-third had received obscene phone calls in the last year, 20 per cent of this group more than once, yet only 26 per cent had told the police, 13 per cent had been interfered with and 87 per cent of these kept silent; 9 per cent had suffered indecent exposure and 92 per cent failed to report this.

H0P 317 Taking into account the influence of a number of factors that affect levels of child mortality, including maternal age, one study demonstrated with results of data from developing countries that participated in the WFS, that elimination of fourth and higher order births (i.e., termination of childbearing at third parity) would reduce infant and early childhood mortality by approximately eight per cent(Trussell and Pebley, 1984, p.29).

HHV 21216 The cost of fuel, light and power to the domestic sector is estimated to have fallen by 8 per cent.

HKT 2170 Sugar's share in gross domestic product (GDP) in 1989 was forecast at 8 per cent in 1989 (in 1980 it had been 12 per cent).

HKT 2822 $5,700 million, equivalent to 3.5 per cent of GDP.

HKU 2438 On Nov. 22 Finance Minister Seguel Morel announced that the Central Bank proposed to repurchase $140,000,000 of its foreign debt at a 58.25 per cent discount, costing $81,400,000.

HKU 3256 The measures included:(i) a temporary rise (until the end of 1991) in the rate of VAT from 23.46 to 25 per cent;(ii) delays in the introduction of higher childcare benefits;(iii) indefinite postponement of previously approved extensions of parental-leave periods and annual holidays;(iv) alterations to the sickness pay system, aimed at combating absenteeism; and (v) the abolition of a price and rent freeze introduced in February.

HKU 3296 In the 1987 elections [see pp. 35091-92], however, the SKDL and DEVA combined polled 13.6 per cent and gained 20 seats in the Eduskunta.

HKV 2938 Manufacturing output increased by 15.5 per cent in 1988, while manufacturing growth was estimated at 13 per cent for 1989.

HKY 2218 Official figures released on Feb. 9 showed that the Czechoslovak economy had grown by 1.7 per cent in 1989, compared with 2.8 per cent the previous year.

HL3 1813 Government revenue was projected to rise by 3.9 per cent to 454,900 million kronor (of which one-third would come from value added tax revenue) and expenditure to rise by 3.4 per cent to 455,500 million kronor (of which social welfare accounted for 28 per cent and education and interest on public debt each accounted for 13 per cent).

HL8 1828 According to preliminary results, the Adzharian regional organization of the Round Table Free Georgia bloc won 48 per cent of votes cast; the Adzharian Electoral Bloc 19 per cent; and the Adzharian Organization of the Independent Communist Party of Georgia 18 per cent ; 60 per cent of the electorate voted and elections were to be repeated in 24 of 40 constituencies, with a second round of voting in 11.

HL9 1079 The most basic of the "structural reforms" reportedly being demanded by the IMF was the reduction of India's overall fiscal deficit from approximately 8.3 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) to under 6.5 per cent.

HLD 3935 Although South Korea recorded a growth rate of 9.1 per cent in 1990, this was achieved largely through a boom in the construction industry manufactured by a government-backed residential building programme which aimed to construct 2,500,000 new housing units in 1988-92.

HLF 955 While proposing an increase in value added tax from 10 to 13 per cent and limiting wage increases to 10 per cent, the budget planned an increase in social spending from the equivalent of US$28,000,000 in 1991 to US$102 million in 1992.

HLL 1562 The successful result of the eighth attempt to elect a deputy to the seat of Kisber (Komarom-Esztergom county), vacant since December 1990, was reported on June 21, despite a low turnout of 35 per cent.

HLS 1498 Inflation in the 12 months to August 1992 stood at 1,014 per cent.

HXT 1202 Only 7 per cent gave well-developed quality assurance a high ranking.

J35 448 These account for around half the former Soviet Union's nuclear capacity, providing 6 per cent of its total electricity needs.

J3H 132 The most impressive increase, of 56 per cent between 1991 and 1992, was in Whitethroats, which suffered badly from the impact of the Sahel drought 25 years ago on its wintering areas.

K59 441 The Nationwide has announced a five-year deal but at the higher fixed rate of 8.29 per cent, available on a repayment or endowment, but not interest-only basis.

K59 690 The unemployment rate rose by 36 per cent in Gordon, by 35 per cent in Banff and Buchan, by 33 per cent in Aberdeen, and by 21 per cent in Moray.

K59 4318 The leading sector, in terms of annual growth, had been data-processing equipment, which grew at an annual average of 30 per cent in real terms.