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A2V 439 As soon as the Bundesbank announced at 2pm that its discount rate would go up to 6 per cent and its Lombard emergency funding rate to 8 per cent, the Bank of England pushed up the base lending rate of British banks to 15 per cent , the highest for eight years.

A62 750 Overall, in this panel, the Conservative lead over Labour increased by 10 per cent between 1986 and election day in 1987.

A8H 209 Although bakery closures by the Mothers Pride, Mr Kipling and Bisto purveyor were reflected in slightly lower sales in this area, turnover was 7 per cent ahead at £1.79billion.

A8W 10 Palau's constitution bans nuclear activity unless agreed by at least 75 per cent of voters.

AAS 432 The NACAB has recorded a rise of 120 per cent in the number of debt related inquiries in the last 10 years.

ANY 1181 Angleside is the black ghetto of Rummidge, where youth unemployment is eighty per cent and rioting endemic.

ARC 1308 Of the fathers of the boarders in these schools, 92 per cent were in the Registrar-General's Class I or II, and 52 per cent had been to Public Schools themselves.

B0K 1410 Originally an all-purpose type, it was later developed for milk and yields now average about 3,500kg at a little over 4 per cent butterfat.

B0X 459 Lamda found that 68.2 per cent of diabetics had cholesterol levels greater than 6.5 mmol/l and, of the 23 diabetics with cholesterol levels above 7.75 mmol/l, 87 per cent had cardiovascular complications (Lamda et al, 1974).

B17 947 Figure 4.1 summarises the total number of serious offences per 100,000 of the population for the period 1957 to 1977, and shows a 290 per cent increase over those two decades.

CBF 3499 Just eight per cent of homes are rented from private landlords — compared with 45 per cent in West Germany and around 33 per cent in the US.

CCU 1577 On sales of the Video: % (per cent) of the Publisher's net receipts on 1 to 2,000 copies, % (per cent ) on 2,001 to 4,000 copies, and % (per cent ) on 4,001 or more copies of the Work sold irrespective of standard or format

CCW 1282 That money is pure commission, Nick, a mere ten per cent of the value of the cocaine that was stored on their island while it awaited transportation to the good old US of A; and neither you, nor I, nor even the dickheads in the Drug Enforcement Administration will ever know just how much money was not put in the bank, but stored in paper bags under the bed.’

CEK 5567 We need interest rates to drop by another three per cent.

CN9 479 These show public industry to have accounted for 11 per cent of GDP, not far short of 10 per cent of the workforce and a level of investment equivalent to the whole of private manufacturing [Prest and Coppock, 1983].

CRY 1442 As we saw, Murdoch was able to control LWT in 1971 with initially just 7.5 per cent of the voting shares.

EAY 1004 The major network evening news programmes were being watched by an estimated 50 — 60 million people and 65 per cent of people were said to be getting 100 per cent of their news from such programmes.

EBR 1477 In reply to three direct questions ninety per cent report fragmentation, and seventy-five per cent monotony, but the percentage drops to fifty per cent in the case of time pressures: these are more often referred to spontaneously in the course of discussing housework tasks.

ECE 157 This difference in marital status increases with age; for those aged over 75 61 per cent of men are married compared with 21 per cent of women (figure 2.2).

ECU 218 It is lamentable that few butchers have the storage or the cash to put away half a hundredweight of potential turnover, watch it shrink by ten to fifteen per cent and charge the prices needed to make it all worthwhile.

EDK 1393 These changes in society seem irreversible, especially when the household's standard of living comes to depend more on the wife's income in dual earner households (60 per cent of all households with two adults under retirement age in 1987, compared with 52 per cent in 1973).

EF6 409 These were located mostly in two areas — launcher rockets (primarily the Ariane programme), accounting for 50 per cent of the workforce and satellites for 45 per cent.

FAF 414 In 1972 the official unemployment rate was under 4 per cent, and of those questioned in the Nuffield survey, only 5 per cent told interviewers that they were currently out of work.

FAV 893 Let us continue by reconsidering our two mutually exclusive projects, A and B, and assume that 10 per cent represents a fair assessment of the opportunity cost of capital.

FPG 1319 The best that can be achieved is 95 — 98 per cent packing if keys are small and no overflow is expected.

G20 598 Between April 1988 and March 1989 average rents in housing association properties rose by 24 per cent with most of the increases occurring in the first four months of 1989.

G3H 743 He is correct that 50 per cent.

GU9 326 Although somewhat bulky and unflattering, it was not unsuccessful as it blended with the current trend for layered clothes and endorsed the rustic air of a bygone age that other ‘Laura Ashley’ clothes were now describing, As they would not consider offering anything that was not made of 100 per cent natural fibres, they managed to complete the range by producing dresses in brushed cotton and cotton corduroy.

GX8 627 The £100 million 9 ½ per cent 1999 Notes were issued on 16 December 1992 for net proceeds of £99.4 million, to refinance existing debt and for general corporate purposes.

H9J 1244 In the limiting case where (i.e., a 100 per cent tax on bequests), the inequality is that due to the variation in the income of the current generation (and var[Β]), moderated by saving (if ).

HC1 663 Turnover was up ten per cent a t£2.1 billion and pre-tax profits increased 21 per cent to £256m…=’

HH3 9675 In Mauritania, for instance, where only one per cent of women uses contraception, the average number of children born to a woman is only 6.25 and the number surviving is even fewer.

HKU 3116 Argentina, along with Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Uruguay, were reported to have been willing to propose a 50 per cent reduction in tariff levels and a 10 per cent increase in the list of goods covered.

HKU 3126 Exports rose by 9 per cent in 1989 (albeit at a lower rate than the 14 per cent recorded in the previous two years), to $110,000 million (fob) and imports by 8 per cent, thus leaving a commercial balance of $28,000 million.

HKV 2260 Industrial production, he said, had grown by 5.5 per cent in 1989, less than expected because of interrupted production in the second half of the year due to sabotage of power transmission lines to Maputo from South Africa.

HKW 1579 If the strategy was accepted, the report estimated that the number of poor could decline to 825 million by 2000; Asia's share of the poor would fall from 72 to 53 per cent, but sub-Saharan Africa's share would rise from 16 to 32 per cent .

HKX 2707 The main reason for the better than expected results appeared to be a delay in expenditure by the regional governments but in the longer term he said that cuts in public expenditure had helped to reduce the budget deficit from a peak of almost 13 per cent of gross national product (GNP) in 1982 to 7.8 per cent in 1988 and 6.6 per cent in 1989.

HL0 2670 Inflation fell to 25 per cent, compared with a target of 15 per cent , from 31.4 per cent in 1988.

HL1 3337 According to figures provided by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on Dec. 27, 1989, total air traffic in 1989 (passengers and freight) increased by an average of 6 per cent in comparison with 1988, with a 3 per cent increase in passengers, an 8 per cent increase in freight and a 3 per cent increase in mail carried.

HL5 1738 While the rate of inflation had fallen from 10.9 per cent in September-October 1990 to below 9 per cent in February 1991, unemployment in the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland) had risen (seasonally adjusted) from around 5.7 per cent in the first half of 1990 to 6.0 per cent by October and to 7.0 per cent by February 1991; in the last quarter of 1990 the index of industrial production was about 3@1/2 per cent down on the figure a year earlier and gross domestic product at constant 1985 factor prices about 1@1/2 per cent lower.

HLC 282 Chiluba won the support of 75 per cent of voters, while Kaunda won 24 per cent.

HLD 4673 At the end of December total foreign debt stood at US$28,549 million, an increase of 3.37 per cent over the previous year, whilst inflation averaged 10.6 per cent for the year.

HNM 1609 For example, suppose we have a company from which we expect a dividend growth of 25 per cent for the next 5 years.

HXC 993 As Dr Von Tunzelmann has pointed out, if the same price data are used, with the Lancashire wage data it would produce an increase in real wages from 1750 to 1780 of around 20 per cent, while with southern wage data a fall of around 15 per cent appears.

HY2 292 A major problem for LTOM is that it derives only 30 per cent of its turnover from retail investors unlike the average of 70 per cent achieved at other pure options exchanges such as the CBOE and the EOE.

J56 79 But somehow I just managed to miss Leading Aircraftsman by two per cent when I passed out.

J9N 153 fifteen something low eighty per cent obviously varies

K5H 320 For men in the 16-19 age group it was just 1.9 per cent, while for the 60-64 age group it was 10.2 per cent .

K8W 160 Land, property and ground rents are also significant, at approximately 8 ½ per cent of the portfolio.

K9V 482 Flexible working is now ubiquitous — 88 per cent of all operators report flexibility within grades and over 80 per cent across grades.