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A11 12 As the government squeezed the finances ever harder, British Rail became more efficient, and while even InterCity began by pruning 10 per cent of its mileage, at the end most of the sectors were more concerned about how to handle their increasing traffic.

A55 496 It is structured so that LWT's managers will end up with between 5 per cent and 15 per cent of the new company, depending on how well LWT performs in the meantime, which they will pay for in 1993-94 at today's prices.

A79 687 By the same token, in contrast to the conversion of St James's, Knatchbull Road, where 50 per cent of the cost of external repairs to this listed building was met by English Heritage, only 25 per cent of the cost of this work at All Saints was covered by a central government grant.

AJM 184 Mr Major's standing has fallen slightly compared with Mrs Thatcher's — 41 to 39 per cent— but Mr Kinnock's rating has risen sharply.

AN9 1660 Swift-Hook estimated that about 30 per cent of the CEGB's researchers were then working on Pressurized Water Reactors.

ARY 442 Nevertheless, all have a probability of success which is less than 100 per cent.

B0K 719 Average milk yields are now about 4,600kg at 3.9 per cent butterfat.

B2C 273 This splitting has occurred on 24.4 per cent of the teeth, which is a higher percentage than has been found in any of the pellet assemblages (Table 3.10).

BN4 176 In Denmark, private investors have been successfully encouraged to build their own small wind turbines and now wind accounts for one per cent of electricity consumed there.

C8F 57 One English study showed accident rates of 5–9 year olds 15–20 times higher in residential areas than the 17–59 age group, whilst another has shown that young pedestrians account for 38 per cent of recorded casualties in residential area accidents and young cyclists a further nine per cent.

CAL 559 Conservative Party and business interests make up 46 per cent of the 90 members, 19 per cent nominated either by themselves or the boards.

CEN 6645 The increase in real terms is three per cent more than original plans for 1992–93.

CF8 502 He introduced VAT on domestic fuel and power bills as well as hiking National Insurance contributions by one per cent to avoid estimated Government borrowings of £50 million next year.

CRY 1992 Peace immediately sent the news ratings down by one-third, but the pulling power of radio in its heyday is shown in the fact that 45 per cent of the people listened to the half-hour general election speeches in the 1945 campaign — feats of concentration (however imperfect) inconceivable in 1990.

EDC 230 Injection was the sole route of use of less than 4 per cent of the clients, but in combination with other methods (smoking and sniffing), injection was used by one in ten of the users.

FES 1309 In the first full year of the war freight charges increased, according to destination, by amounts varying between 75 and 230 per cent.

FP4 348 In Britain, 15 per cent of the 18–24-year-old population are enrolled on higher education courses.

FR2 267 For example, Drudy (1978) in a study of a prosperous farming area, north Norfolk, found that changes in agriculture were the foremost reason why the population of the area had decreased by 3.7 per cent between 1951 and 1961, and by 6.9 per cent between 1961 and 1971.

FR4 1428 Again, the recent reduction of the maximum rate of 83 per cent to 60 per cent has changed the situation substantially.

FS8 3173 I mean, 90 per cent of stolen pictures end up there.’

FSS 1197 In order to preserve 100 per cent.

FTA 79 This, together with other advantages, means that Saturn cells have a typical efficiency of 17 to 18 per cent.

G05 1128 The inter-censal decade 1961–71 saw some very heavy losses: Liverpool recorded a population loss of 18.2 per cent of its population in the 1960s, Manchester 17.9 per cent, Newcastle upon Tyne 17.6 per cent and Birmingham 8.6 per cent — much higher than the losses of the 1950s.

G3L 1137 It did not simply result in a situation in which the Liberals won 2.2 per cent of the Commons seats in return for 19.3 per cent of the national vote since Labour also sneaked into office with only 37.1 per cent of the votes cast — less than the Conservative total.

GU5 667 As much as 14 per cent of the Amazon basin has been destroyed, especially in Brazil and Colombia (figure 6.13).

GVY 1154 By 1914, however, the situation was totally transformed: 96 per cent of London's milk came by train.

H0P 1067 PER CENT(PERCENTAGE)— A proportion or a part in a hundred; i.e. the number of cases of a part divided by the number of total cases and multiplied by 100.

H8E 1355 On 9 March, however, the Bank lowered its dealing rate to 10.75 per cent and banks cut base rates to 10.5 per cent.

HH3 1665 Despite corn acreage increasing by ten per cent last year, nitrogen fertilizer sales dropped by more than ten per cent.

HHV 13265 When my hon. Friend meets the chairman of the East Cumbria authority, will he congratulate him warmly on the fact that having, since 1982-83, secured a budget increase, after inflation, of almost 15 per cent.

HHV 25373 It is very difficult to meet the 3 per cent.

HHW 6706 At present local taxation accounts for only 14 per cent.

HHX 1699 A further fall of 20 per cent.

HKP 551 Bush proposed a budget of $26,700 million (an increase of 12 per cent) for civilian research and development; and $41,400 million (a 4 per cent increase) for defence research and development.

HKP 2572 The most serious industrial disruption was a strike by 1,700 miners in Morocco's largest coalfield at Jerada, 450 km east of Rabat, which began in mid-December 1988 with demands for a 20 per cent wage increase.

HKR 922 Therefore, whilst in theory the compact could be approved by a simple majority, in practice it required the removal of the anti-nuclear clauses from the Constitution, a process which required a 75 per cent vote in its favour.

HKX 437 Iraq's imports, with a total value of $10,290 million, came 19.2 per cent from the USA, 12.7 per cent from Brazil, 11.7 per cent from Turkey, 9.1 per cent from Japan, 6.3 per cent from France, 5.1 per cent from Italy, 1.1 per cent from West Germany, 0.7 per cent from the UK and 14.4 per cent from other EC countries (notably Benelux countries).

HL7 1598 These would reduce the basic income tax rate to 28 per cent which with 7.8 per cent social security contributions would bring the basic overall contribution rate to 35.8 per cent as against 48.3 per cent currently.

HL7 4975 Costa Rica achieved a 64 per cent reduction of its $1,500 million external debt in a deal reached on May 6 [see p. 37450], while Venezuela negotiated a debt reduction deal worth some $20,000 million in March 1990 [see p. 37313], with an eventual saving estimated at some $2,000 million.

HLB 4657 Figures released at the end of year showed a fall in hotel occupation of 18.1 per cent and in revenue of 8.5 per cent, resulting in an increase in the current-account deficit from 2.9 per cent of GDP in 1989 to 3.3 per cent in 1990 (instead of the targeted reduction of 2.5 per cent ).

HLE 133 The two largest creditor republics, Russia and Ukraine, would take 61.34 per cent and 16.37 per cent of the debt respectively.

HLS 886 Official figures showed that increases in petroleum prices [see p. 39099]had pushed inflation to an annual rate of 10.03 per cent in the week ending Oct. 24, up from a low of 8.8 per cent in mid-September [see p. 39145].

HTY 2903 ‘Sixty three per cent,’ Copra said, reading out the machine dials.

HX7 290 EC dumped beef is up to 50 per cent cheaper than local west African beef.

J37 242 Swan numbers in the UK have increased by 25 per cent in the five years since anglers stopped using lead weights, according to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

J3C 563 Ozone concentrations in the atmosphere above northern Europe, Russia and Canada were 12 per cent below normal in winter and spring 1992, the lowest level in 35 years of continuous monitoring, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

K5H 2890 The 17.5 per cent stake represents roughly a quarter of Anglia's market capitalisation, but David McCall, chief executive, said he believed ‘the share price has a long way to go yet’.

K5H 4140 Worldwide, life profits rose 15 per cent to £444 million, with the UK contributing £276 million, up 5.7 per cent on 1991.

K8U 1142 Between 1960 and 1968 materials prices rose about ½ per cent per year and final goods prices by about 1 per cent.

KRH 3284 I think probably something like twenty per cent of the marks for most Boards will go on the multiple choice erm paper.