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AKY 689 Despite elaborate efforts by experts to blast and block underground conduits housing dangerous flows, to force them onto open ground higher up the 10,948-foot volcano, where they could cool and harden, the lava inexplicably broke onto the surface itself.

AN8 209 ‘This time I'm onto a…a big thing.

AN8 417 ‘I'd like to know how the hell they got onto it,’ Briant said with a sudden cold fury.

AS0 1286 She could walk, but had to hold onto things for support.

ASN 2472 The young woman had visited both the museum and the castle before and had looked down from their heights onto the epidemic of streets below, between the top of the hill and the broad curve of the Bay.

AT3 823 He tucked the knife behind his seat and climbed backwards out of the cab down onto the loose stones and sand.

B04 1351 It collapses onto the ground, which happens to be a deep pile of manure, and it lies there until it is trampled to death by the other cows which are milling continually around it.

B0U 2230 But what are my chances of getting onto it?’

B7E 109 That has meant sleeping in bus stations and caves, bumping in lorries across the Kalahari desert, crowded for days onto the trans-Siberian railway, and sheltering in a mud hut from a rainstorm in Ethiopia.

C87 910 Go left, down, right, then fall down, push the crate onto the button and go up on the lift, then left along the lower platform, push the crate left onto the switch, fall down, then go up on the lift, collect the speaker, fall down, go right and up on the lift, go left along the top platform, go up and left, go up on the lift, and continue going up on the platforms.

C91 1015 It must be borne in mind that more copper equates to more adhesive holding the copper foil onto the glass fibre panel.

C95 1863 Air curtains and long airstones can be used to release bubbles where they will play onto other features.

CFS 2820 Turn out onto a lightly floured table top and knead thoroughly until smooth.

CGH 2594 My concern is that the Plec sometimes chases the Comet and the Lionhead and attempts to suck onto their sides.

CGL 1180 Pictured at Ipswich Airport on October 2, the following day the aircraft was dismantled and loaded onto a low loader for transportation to Felixstowe Docks and from there was shipped to its new owners in New Zealand.

CHJ 1200 The trail continues to another section of forest at Mullaghfad, leading out of the forest onto a road and ends nearby at the Glenoo Bridge over the Colebrooke River on the boundary between Co Fermanagh and Co Tyrone.

CLD 753 The effect of micro-second synchronised detonation of chemical explosive onto beryllium, then onto uranium 238, then onto uranium 235, then onto weapons-grade plutonium 239, and then onto the innermost pit and the core of tritium/deuterium.

EF1 1324 Whitlock shoved him back onto a tarpaulin in the corner of the warehouse and scooped up the Browning.

EWH 1679 For several weeks the project had been the talk of Polruan: the Russell had been put into extended refit, volunteers had been sought by extravagant promises of Spanish prizes and — to prove that this time Harry's adventure was to be more than just talk — two six-pounder sakers and a couple of falconets had been delivered aboard a hoy from Plymouth, and hoisted onto the Russell's deck under Harry's personal supervision.

FSK 553 Lady Blemley's hand shook with excitement and some of the milk went onto the carpet.

FT8 1597 This vaporizes a droplet of ink and forces it out of the nozzle in the printhead and onto the paper.

G14 476 To take but one other example from an experimental approach common in the late 1960s and early 1970s, suppose one trains a mouse by putting it onto a small shelf in the wall of a cage with a grid flour which can be electrified.

G3L 1403 There was little room for popular participation except through the ballot box, and the public was given no real right to press demands onto governments or parties.

GUB 45 Café curtains, which traditionally only cover the lower half of the window, offer a very simple solution to privacy and are ideal in kitchens which face onto a busy road.

GW0 3171 On the desk before her lay a slip of paper, onto which she'd copied the basic details of a single credit card entry noted in Charlie's records.

H9U 597 As he looked, the great rat dropped from the rope onto the old oak chair.

H9U 1373 His head was bent over onto his shoulder, and they could not see his face.

HAC 10509 If a compressed file is too large to fit onto a single diskette, it will automatically be split across as many diskettes as are needed.

HJ4 7362 Cut into heart shapes using a sharp knife and place onto a non stick baking sheet and prick well.

HJC 1489 Pete climbed back onto his bunk.

HNX 558 and opened the chipped door onto daylight

HPT 1133 Nithard does so, however, while the author of a curious single annal for 830–1, tacked onto the Prior Metz Annals (the last entry otherwise was for 805) makes Judith the central figure in the story, and explains the 830 rebellion in terms of her stepsons' hostility to her and her "very goodlooking son Charles" who "they feared might succeed as heir in his father's realm" .

HS1 421 The first department to move onto three shift operation some time ago was the Wilton weaving.

HU4 7170 Antral biopsies cultured for H pylori were inoculated onto blood agar and Skirrow's medium and incubated at 37°C in an anaerobic environment for seven days.

HUE 618 However, it would be virtually impossible to force that onto people, on the branch officers and we recommend acceptance again with that qualification.

HWA 3344 The following day he lunched with George at Windsor, and that evening the prisoner was removed from Drymen and packed onto the LMS night sleeper from Glasgow.

HX9 1115 Before lexical access can take place, any broad- and mid-class symbols posted onto the Chart must be superseded by the addition of a fine class label for each fine class description in that set.

HXF 802 Pupils using early photographs as one of their sources for instance, may want to put the invention of photography onto their time-line, and this could be linked with experiments and science work on the behaviour of light.

J35 640 As a compromise, the Administration is expected to insist that vapour traps are installed directly onto petrol pumps.

K1R 3936 But for dairy farmers there's another side to the badger; a carrier of the lung disease TB, which can be passed onto cattle.

K24 3366 The best option may be a mains operated smoke alarm…which will require minimal maintance…but the council warns the cost will be passed onto the tenants in the form of higher rents.

K4Y 1524 WEDNESDAY evening, 7.30: In Coronation Street Mavis is once again getting her pinny in a twist, and in Coronation Road William Hague is moving effortlessly onto automatic pilot.

K5H 2388 The figures also had to bear the cost of rationalising the company's Thermalite aircrete block factories in the UK onto three sites, which accounted for most of a £10.4 million exceptional charge.

K97 9012 NFU North West senior policy adviser Rodney Bacon commented:’ Lifting the moisture content from 14.5 to 15pc will put us back onto a level playing field.

KAL 577 I can easily walk out onto the streets to do some shopping: the centre of the town is crammed with funny little shops of all kinds, bars, cafes, etc., many of them open to the street, there was even a shop selling nothing but plastic bags (they didn't seem to be doing much of a trade).

KBB 7128 Oh I know,w when we were going we, I stood in the gangway alongside you and I could see, as they were swaying, people were pushing onto other people who were sitting down.

KCW 2051 Well that's, what I do is I use that metal that you can hang it with and just hang it onto a little hook so it's up and over and out of the way.

KD8 10098 Right are we onto and structure, page two of this.

KLV 161 I mean you've had Sue, Sue for example tied up on and all those sort of issues, Bob 's been dealing with pr pension conversions and stuff like that for, for months on end, so we've been dealing with other projects, all that's happened is the work has been redirected onto a different type of project.

KSR 1651 Anyway , can, onto the next bit.