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A0K 778 In the symbolic construction of this community (Cohen 1985) boundary images of inside and outside were elaborated to an intensity, making us crucially aware and ‘conscious…of dirt that has ambiguously got onto the wrong side of the frontier’(Leach 1976: 61).

AC5 1077 On the table was a vase of flowers, a square honeycomb oozing liquid honey from its wax holes onto the dish, three jars of jam, each one a different colour of dark red, and a jug with a muslin cloth over the top.

ACN 1349 Billing itself as ‘a whole new slant on the modern dance’, it crept cautiously onto the newsstands at the end of May with Jerry Dammers staring out in full, glossy colour.

AMB 2593 At the other end the teachers were ready to hoist it onto a trolley for transportation to the basket lift.

AMD 1058 Amenities include a bar, lounge, television room, and restaurant which leads onto a large terrace with wonderful views across the lake.

ART 2133 ‘Panic’, the single, edged its way onto the radio playlists; strange really as ‘Panic’, the single, was aimed directly at the heart of Radio One idiocy.

B3F 132 We stared in stunned shock, realising that the pilot must have made one last superhuman effort not to come down right on our heads, but then just couldn't manage those last few yards which would have brought them safely onto the runway.

BM4 12 When the villains were unable to get the caravan up a small incline, they hitched it to a stolen vehicle and wheel-spun their way onto the road.

BMF 1396 Scott Bader are to close their Stratford Road premises in Birmingham and replace it with a new centre backing onto the Merryhill Estate in Brierley Hill.

BMP 812 One focus of discontent did raise the issue onto a more general level when it was argued that it was the southern origins of the planning officials which.were responsible for their unsympathetic approach to Orkney's housing preferences.

C8U 719 I promptly eased it back onto the lap and desperately tried to imitate someone who has been asleep for hours, with his arm wrapped fiercely round his dog.

C92 1042 The artwork is placed down onto the UV light box so that the ‘Copper Track View’ of the artwork is downwards, towards the light source.

CA5 2494 If we do not face up to our fears, we might project them onto the outside world, perhaps in the form of violent crime, epidemics, disasters or a vengeful God, or (closer to home) in the form of a partner, family or friends who ‘block’ our growth, and thus protect us from facing our fears.

CAN 1040 All mixing now took place in fully enclosed machines, and faults in the process were flashed onto a ‘mimic board’ by the computer.

CB3 1382 The semi-finalists of the previous World Cup — New Zealand, Russia, France and Argentina — have all been seeded, but South Africa's emergence onto the world scene has upset the draw.

CBX 1496 Once the road has been chosen, change management comes to mean knowing how to get off the existing road and onto the new one.

CDH 613 For natural looking, long-lasting hold with shine, simply spray it onto dry hair or add texture and shape by sculpting hair with your fingers after you've sprayed.

CG2 170 At the very last abseil, which crossed a small, then large bergschrund, the abseil snowstake came out and Dave Lister, the third man down, fell past the two crevasses onto an open slope, miraculously stopping after about 50 feet.

CG2 630 Slowly he came upright onto his crazily angled right leg, brought up his left and squashed rubber into a shallow, horizontal ripple.

CHJ 837 The small detachable hood is fixed onto a high neck collar with press studs and the drawcord pulls in tight.

CN4 337 Photocopied onto a grey, A4 sheet of laid paper.

EAR 65 {tape drive}to which you enter the number of the unit you previously loaded the tape onto i.e. either 580 or 581 then press ENTER .

EB3 1505 Edwards used to take a nail onto the field with which to assail the seam, but that was not the only close sailing in which they indulged.

EDR 276 Once past Black Head speed over the ground increased as the tidal stream lessened and on arrival at Falmouth the yacht was finally secured alongside the lifeboat and manoeuvred onto a mooring just after 0400.

EFH 153 The tops of the tables are constructed with lippings of solid ebony, tongued onto MDF faced with 3mm sawcut veneer.

F7G 544 I asked Terry to come along because one of the things I tho I tho I hope we might get round to spending a few minutes on was about Alan's raised it before about records coming in er, and what the state of the game is in records coming into us and how we're transferring that information, or not transferring that information onto dep onto department's national curriculum er material

FEP 985 The bamboo rungs, though wide and strong, were loosely lashed with unreliable cordage, and Lorne's and my first simultaneous step onto the lowest rung resulted in it slipping its knots and depositing us both heavily in the mud — myself for the second time in less than twenty minutes.

FM4 1043 And then you add that onto that.

FRK 1057 She held onto Mrs Corney's arm and pulled her down towards her.

FRS 424 The men went into the kitchen to fix the drinks, and Christina led Elaine out onto the terrace.

FYF 441 Drop onto the walk level at night time.

HWX 2132 Diane, I believe that if I place this disc onto the rotating turntable of a hi-fi system — not forgetting to place the stylus onto the groove, of course— then we may just find the break we're looking for…

G3K 1330 If the RC is between 090° and 180°, then turn right towards the RC to bring it anti-clockwise onto 090°. 7.

GYX 487 map onto people mapping to names.

H0R 2414 Tilda had not gone straight onto Rochester.

H9A 1040 This result spills over onto the optimal output decision: since one can expect better sales prices with a higher σ or a lower k, one should accordingly produce more output with a higher σ or lower k.

HD6 95 I really needed to go to the toilet, but that meant walking past them onto the other side of the hall.

HH3 7629 There is the old English custom of dancing around the Maypole to weave leaves back onto the bare branches.

HJ5 4043 By hand, for retyping onto screen by the CAO; or

HPC 449 All crews agreed it was a top-notch event and plan to meet next July for a re-match, when they hope to entice a couple of crews from Chapelcross onto the water to make it a truly inter-site event.

J9U 1018 That brings me onto another point which is made in the panel's submission that people have talked all the time about the limits of traffic management on the A sixty one as if the objective of traffic management was to get through Harrogate quicker.

JJ9 30 There are two different areas of these accidents, one the driveways of the various village's some of which are blind erm with no pavements and also the four minor roads which junction onto, onto the main road in the village.

K1C 2045 The aim of the laser is to re-shape the cornea which is responsible for bending light rays onto the eys's retina.

K1G 3968 GENTLEMEN, take a step 3 beats forward with your right foot, carrying your weight onto it,

K1J 3484 If the Conservatives are going to get back into number 10, candidates like Simon Coombs are going to have to hold onto marginals like Swindon.

K4W 2559 Mr Bowden said he pulled over onto the grass verge and was about level with the car when he heard two thuds as two other cars ran into it.

K5C 1422 This power, Summers says, was what brought Lyndon Johnson — Hoover's old ally, even though he called him ‘that queer bastard’— onto the ticket with John Kennedy in 1960.

K5D 1979 My surprise does not arise from the possibility of a Government defeat over the social chapter but from the fact that it is only now that such a story has found its way onto the front pages.

K5V 52 15 µg RNA were separated in denaturing agarose, blotted onto nylon filters and hybridized with specific probes according to standard protocols (26).

KD1 228 I'll go and wash this and put it onto his coat