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A08 2282 What floats onto it floats onto it.

A65 735 We headed onto a small lane which took us straight towards Marloes' magnificent sands.

ABB 298 Sprinkle the gelatine onto the boiling water in a small bowl and stir well — then leave for a minute or so to dissolve.

AEB 2009 He used to swing me up onto his shoulders and carry me round…’

AMB 170 When the train stopped he dragged his heavy suitcase onto the platform; if you could call it a platform because it was only some wooden planks resting on a pile of milkcrates.

APV 2152 The liquid residue usually drains onto the floor around the oven where it can be mopped up.

B19 1932 Even upon discovering the full facts of life, my father's role in my conception, I failed to shift some of my guilt onto him.

B26 200 You are now entering text onto the screen using a word processor.

BMX 156 Then, as they came out onto an open stretch of bitten turf at the foot of the hill where the rabbits were running, as though a signal had been given a universal clamour broke out, a clatter, a din of singing, from the unseen roof-tops of the village behind them, from the beeches on the Down, from the ash trees that stood like singing poles in the hedgerows along the hollow track, from every tree it seemed of the whole vast forest birds were singing and singing and demanding to be heard.

BN7 1143 difficulty getting to or onto the lavatory because of a physical disability;

BNV 245 To accelerate to flying speed the noses of the floats are now lowered onto their bow waves, lifting their tails from the water and minimising drag by running along on their small middle portion, or step.

CAU 910 It is easy to put your left toe into the low fuselage-side kick-in step, swing your right foot over the sill and down onto the cockpit floor to settle into the surprisingly upright seat.

CFT 736 The shorts, printed with the fish motif, are full cut and gathered onto a wide, basque style waistband which is elasticated at the back.

CH0 2555 He stepped out of the wall of flame onto the steps of the saloon, and strode, still burning, into the street.

CLD 803 And ten years ago he had been hurt worst of all when the Zionist Air Force, the E-16s and the E-15s, had come to Tuwaithah out of the setting sun to put down 16 tons of explosive ordnance onto the Osirak reactor.

CRM 9680 If a cloud of gas is released into a potential, the cloud will shear and then settle onto closed orbits, because collisions between parcels of gas tend to dissipate energy of libration around these orbits.

EBV 2640 He connects large sheets of handmade paper into vast surfaces (one of his works is six by fourteen feet) and then copies out texts onto them in long, continuing penmanship.

EUY 270 The artist of the red dot work may have dropped the dot onto the large white area from 20 metres with an uncertain gusty wind blowing just as the handbag may have been dropped onto the seat from an overladen pair of hands.

EX0 1310 The majority are now made in workshops, but a number of authentic tribal items still find their way onto the market.

F9P 793 Sometimes the excess products could be released back onto the market, but at other times they were sold abroad at a loss or simply destroyed.

FBN 1942 The latest concerns Lucky a Koi who leapt from a tank onto the carpet in the absence of his owner Nellie Eves of Brighton.

FEV 1551 They act as a powerful aphrodisiac on pigs, and synthesised versions of them are sprayed onto sows to make them receptive before artificial insemination.

FP6 107 I stop to put a condom on, then climb onto the bed behind her, put the knife onto the sheets just within reach, grip her hips with both hands and pull her onto my cock.

FP6 659 We were told not to do this, told not to come here, told to sledge and throw snowballs and make snowmen all we wanted, but not even to come near the loch and the river, in case we fell through the ice; and yet Andy came here after we'd sledged for a while on the slope near the farm, walked down here through the woods despite my protests, and then when we got here to the river bank I said well, as long as we only looked, but then Andy just whooped and jumped down onto the boulder-lumped white slope of shore and sprinted out across the pure flat snow towards the far bank.

FPP 328 The waves lifted the Forfarshire and threw it onto the rock, like a child playing with a toy.

G00 1325 Developed by Adobe Systems and launched onto an unsuspecting world in 1984 by Apple with its LaserWriter printer it became the underlying reason that desktop publishing succeeded.

G01 2891 Hitch motioned them back onto The Sandhopper .

G0P 2502 In the first bedroom a door opened onto a short flight of rickety steps that led to an attic.

G4J 33 Now then onto the capital, capital gains .

H8M 3948 I step out onto the main floor where Rufus stands waiting.

HAX 93 Pedestrians also have a responsibility to signal their intentions — Do NOT walk off the pavement onto the road — PRACTISE the Green Cross Code and teach it to children — Rule 7.

HC1 191 ‘I think it's critical that a solution is reached which enables companies, that are not of sufficient size to go onto the full list, to have some marketability,’ said KPMG partner,.

HJA 1978 Some subject specialists have worked out their own way of using such systems, for instance many molecular biologists post sequences onto these networks rather than writing or publishing.

HJD 479 As he pulled out of the gas station exit onto the highway, he drove carefully at first, getting the feel of the big powerful car.

HM2 188 It's er erm a little bit more straightforward a we're looking straight onto this wall, looking straight onto the steps, and we're looking straight onto the door, so everything is looking, sort of erm full-faced as it were and I think that makes for a less interesting composition than the previous one.

HTS 2824 After a while longer, Rory nosed the car onto a patch of spare land.

J0V 1268 As machines were introduced to record activity, these support data were printed out onto paper, were signed, dated and cross referenced by the scientist and became attached to the book's pages.

J1F 773 About 50 fans poured onto the pitch to join in with the players.

J9U 1110 Erm one of the points that hasn't been mentioned in terms of the benefits discussed earlier is that the forecasts are that n because of the horrendous accident record of the A sixty one, that transfer of thirty percent of the traffic onto a high standard, modern and much safer road, will result in a reduction in between seven hundred and a thousand people er being injured on the A sixty one during the thirty year er lifespan of the western relief road.

K1E 3085 The hunt recently fenced off 6 and a half miles of the M40 to stop foxes getting onto it.

K1F 1422 Brin was the only survivor, parachuting onto German soil.

K20 2670 It replaces an old incinerator which caused problems when half burnt hospital notes rained out of its chimney onto nearby gardens.

K3X 1232 It is the first time since 1987 that the race has been held over onto the standby day.

K4W 2559 Mr Bowden said he pulled over onto the grass verge and was about level with the car when he heard two thuds as two other cars ran into it.

K4W 5520 A boy of about 12 was kept in Northallerton's Friarage Hospital for observation last night after falling off his bike onto the bonnet of a passing car on the A684 in Leeming Bar.

K6J 1624 And then sort of set those two on the side and then go onto products Sorry, quotients.

KCF 2072 or onto the carpet there.

KM1 385 we go on hoping and fighting and imagining, despite whatever goes wrong with anybody but the Tory Party is diverting itself with internal feuds and in focusing attention on whether Mr Major will remain Prime Minister or not and this is presumably so that they may ignore the real issues of how to the get the country onto some shared basis of consensus, trust and pragmatic politics which would give our society a chance of facing up to questions of economics, politics, pollution and living together in community in the sort of world we've actually got.

KNC 379 So his foot went down two steps, and sure enough down came the wardrobe onto his toe and didn't do any damage and then just bounced to the next step down.

KRH 4873 It is as if the economy, the restraint of much of the writing passed over onto them to give them a curious accidental dignity.