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A0H 1157 The secret is to have sufficient height and to get the angle to the field about right before turning onto the base leg.

AM6 668 This projection of feeling onto a structure is often given the generic term ‘tension’.

ANM 771 I had a drip to get things going and the registrar wanted me to move off my nice comfy bed and climb onto the couch to have an epidural.

ARX 466 The effect of these amalgamations, as far as this survey is concerned, has been to put onto the market what must be a large proportion of the original libraries.

B0G 931 Some commoners abused their rights by turning visitors' animals onto the common.

B0P 1532 There is no room for a chair, so I crouch between the willows and hook a plummet onto the size 18 hook.

B3F 824 Those of us near enough to have observed this were by now climbing onto chairs and beds and squealing, ‘It's a mouse!’, but Rosie continued her progression into bed, pulled the clothes up to her nose and regarded us all with mild astonishment.

BMW 2309 For one thing she was very proud of her, for another when she talked about her lovely sister and her exciting life she felt as if some of the glamour rubbed off onto her.

C87 929 Go upwards and stand on top of the wall (above the window), go to the left of the wall and paint some ledges, then go onto the wall on the left, go left and shoot the switch, go up on the painted ledges and head right along the wall above you, go up on the trampoline and paint the button, go left along the passage, jump onto the trampoline, and from there onto the ledge on the left wall, jump to collect the painting, fall down and go up on the right of the window (paint some ledges).

C87 1014 Jump onto the lift to your right, then on the second lift, and finally onto a platform (watch out for the bare wires), climb down the site of this second building if you wish to collect a couple of records, but it's quicker and safer to climb up the purple wall above you and climb the four ladders, grab the crate and jump onto the platform on your left, kill the mugger, climb the ladder and grab another crate, climb another ladder, then another kill the workman in the process, run across to the right, jump before you touch the wire and you should land on the next platform.

C8P 1213 You need two pieces of string and you tie a balloon loosely onto each with a loop.

CE9 1681 Mr Wishart stood up and opened it for her, handing her the wicker basket which seemed surprisingly light; the old lady stepped off the train onto a now deserted platform.

CER 742 To make tritium you can fuse a neutron onto a deuteron, or alternatively add a neutron to 6 Li (lithium-6) which splits to yield one atom of tritium and one of 4 He .

CG2 472 Moving out onto the slab at the start of the second pitch of Torro (photo Bill Birkett).

CG9 143 Although types of users can be mapped onto these specific functions, this restricts the generality and flexibility of the curriculum.

CL7 343 Strenuous laybacking for 40 feet or so brings better holds, allowing exhilaratingly steep bridging, and the whole rope will have run out by the time you pull onto the platform at the top, all too soon for the fit, but thankfully for the tired or those leading at their limit, as I was on this occasion.

CPD 15 Digital Equipment Corp's big-name appointment to head its sales and marketing organisation turns out to be Ed Lucente — nicknamed Neutron Eddie at IBM Corp after he was given the job of pushing administrative staff out of their offices and onto the road as sales and support personnel, so that the people were gone but the buildings still standing.

CR8 1205 As usual, plenty were red-eyed, plenty rubbing impressions of the names of their dead onto paper.

EA9 1093 A device can be fitted to the telephone which enables callers to hear a prerecorded announcement and dictate a message onto a tape.

EB6 1435 Then leap onto the window ledge of Toys N Stuff, then the door and spray the plant pot.

EFD 698 The idea of them having to bring fortnightly evidence that they have been looking for work when in the majority of cases they are not even permitted onto premises to ask for a job suggests an obvious indifference on the part of the policy makers.

EUY 534 Please help me up onto your knee so I can pull your hair and punch you in the mouth."

EW6 779 To calculate Feynman tells us that we should think of all the different ways in which an old-fashioned electron with classically picturable simultaneous position and momentum could travel from the source through slit 1 and onto the specified point on the second screen.

FAF 941 Indeed, this attitude itself marks the transition of the plus side of the national balance sheet since 1979, onto the debit side of the account.

FBN 365 Their flattened bellies reflect their bottom-dwelling and fast water lifestyles, and they have rasping teeth in their suckermouths, which are designed to allow them to fasten onto the rocks and hold firm.

FEX 1736 The saturated fat in a diet, more importantly, stimulates the liver to produce more cholesterol in a form that is easily deposited onto the linings of the arteries.

FNR 1930 Fraser and Azhar experimented to see how the feedforward net reacted when they fixed a piece of metal weighing 450 grammes onto the gripper.

FPP 453 Come up onto the top of the rock!

FRC 2474 Uncle Philip, huge and sombre, came onto the stage, straightening his bow tie, which was askew.

GXJ 2658 Its supporting structure is typical for its age; a concrete deck on flat metal deck panels, with cross girders and main supporting beams of riveted plate girders spanning onto stone abutment walls.

H06 737 Turn the dough onto a floured surface and knead for a minute before adding the cooked onion, extra oil and chopped olives.

H8M 3948 I step out onto the main floor where Rufus stands waiting.

HBC 233 This is partially tissue-typed and the details are entered onto a central computer.

HMN 790 They forced him across the pitch they forced him onto his right-hand side Collimore which isn't his best side and they've managed t they've managed to frustrate him at his shooting at a distance.

HPG 1202 Here the reader has once again been won back onto Pip's side after his care of Magwitch which seems especially significant as upon hearing that he was his true benefactor he loathes the man and tried to distance him from him, physically and socially.

HTJ 1032 Signs outside Dunkirk steered them onto a ring road westward of the town.

HWS 371 The buccal cells were deposited by vacuum onto a membrane filter (5 µm pore size, Millipore Ltd) and washed free of unbound bacteria with phosphate buffered saline.

HWT 1617 Ten microlitre aliquots of the polymerase chain reaction mixtures were loaded onto 2% agarose gels for electrophoresis according to standard protocols, then Southern blotted onto nylon membranes (Hybond-N + , Amersham, Bucks) in 0.4 M NaOH; 0.6 M NaCl.

J1G 3552 Can anyone photocopy the last 6/7 season stats and mail them onto me please.

J83 7 This explains, for example, how, faced with the sentence "Babar the King of the elephants went to a restaurant" (p. 52), we project our experience of real human beings onto the fictional character, and infer that the reason for Babar's action must be the aim to satisfy his desire for food.

JTA 278 So I knew this would come up but I didn't realize he'd be jumping onto the bandwagon that quick.

JTC 311 thing added onto it.

K1B 2702 Onto football, and it's three games without defeat now for Oxford United who kept up their revival in London last night by drawing two all with Charlton Athletic.But United are still three points adrift at the bottom of the table…

K1K 1267 Extra vehicles were brought onto the Oxford to London route, but they weren't necessary.

K9P 41 Starting at 6 am, the field of almost 200 athletes began with 2.4 mile swim in the River Severn, jumped onto racing bikes for a 112 mile loop around Shropshire, and finished with a full 26 mile marathon along the banks of the Severn.

KB0 1950 Now, that as the picture er, leads me onto the next er, stage which is what in ministry, er what can we do in nineteen ninety three?

KD8 10098 Right are we onto and structure, page two of this.

KDW 3063 being an hour it's going onto two hours

KE2 7069 Now there's some of these, I'll just drop them down onto these erm, so I'll drop it down onto that

KP1 9861 to collect the card but did Ms Sutton gracefully rise from her seat to hand it to her, no, she tossed it over the rim of the platform onto the floor below leaving the poor woman to scrabble around for several minutes looking for it and the, and the punch line is a little later an embarrassed Ms Sutton is contesting Cambridgeshire South West for the Lib Dems at the general election, apologised for her cavalier behaviour, let us hope she learnt from the experience yeah