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AMB 1334 But the figure leapt through the air onto the next shelf and Endill watched helpless as it disappeared into the darkness.

AN2 443 The best way to lock the wheels onto the vehicle is to change the hubs for later S2 or S3 with the larger studs.

ANC 1331 The pulp was then passed onto rollers and subsequently pegged out to dry.

B1T 789 Thus by the outbreak of war a number of questions and problems had forced themselves onto the agendas of middle-class society, and by the end of the war all these factors were resolved into one major consideration: the nature and control of ‘industrial democracy’.

B2X 838 However, it seems likely that this burden cannot be lightened without forcing too much of the decision-making task onto the focusing component of a system, with consequences such as those we saw earlier.

B2Y 670 Recently, I was faced with the task of transferring a set of thirty lessons of Britain's first commercial language course, the Linguaphone French course of 1906, onto tape.

B3J 556 Red in the face he dumped the burden onto the massive wooden kitchen table, which gleamed white after countless years of daily scrubbing.

B76 1332 The total number of representative points in the system is unchanged, so these circles consist of closely-spaces points that have ‘condensed’ from forbidden parts of k -space onto the nearest circle as the strength of the magnetic field increases.

BN1 768 I put the basket on the counter and held onto it to keep it from banging into the shopping of the woman in front.

BNG 107 Perhaps paint place setting onto mats so that knives and forks can be matched to picture.

C87 909 Go right and push the crate onto the button, go up on the lift and to the left, push the crate off the edge of the platform, go up on the lift and right, climb up six platforms and push the crate left, fall left and duck down to go along the conveyor belt, jump onto the ledges on the wall and go up, go right, up, left, up, push the crate right, fall down, push the crate right into the button, go right and duck down to go along the conveyor belt, drop down to the stationary lift, go left then up, push the crate down, right, right, left, right and right onto the button.

C87 912 Go right and fall down, go left and push the crate right onto the button, go left to a wall, duck down and crawl under it, go left and fall down, go right, fall down and collect the main tape deck, go right, then up on the platforms, right, down, and collect the battery, push the crate left and go up on the lift, go left to a button, then jump two platforms to your right, and then onto the platform to your left, push the crate down onto the button and fall down, go up on the lift, then right to the next lift, go up the passage on the lift and ledge, and then go left along the top.

C8U 751 He thinks it's fun to hang onto the back of my coat with a grip of iron, so that I have to take my coat off and pry him loose.

C9L 1677 Okay get that dialling digit busy, we're waiting for your call and we'll be onto the lucky winner as soon as the competition closes.

CBK 1248 Once war damage had been repaired, the rebuilding programme gained momentum, largely when the Whitgift School moved away from behind North End and was replaced by a large shopping centre, backing onto Wellesley Road, which has been widened, with a fly-under where it crosses George Street.

CD9 247 By then, and with a couple of non-championship wins under his belt, Emerson and the whole Lotus team knew they were onto a winner in I972.

CDJ 10 Simply spray Hot Shapes onto clean, dry hair before setting to get instant hold with a glossy finish.

CE5 189 He flung the ball of paper across the tiny room, picked up a tin mug with his shaving stick and soap inside it, and followed Chrissie through onto the landing.

CFK 547 Some amber can be found washed up onto the shores of East Anglia, but its role as a source appears to be minimal given its relative rarity in cemeteries near to that coast.

CHF 1071 So far it has been assumed that levels of processing within the system operate serially, from the pattern recognition, to the lexical look-up, then onto syntactic and semantic analysis.

CLU 1699 At Seletar he had been flying Vildebeest torpedo bombers, and he now underwent a conversion course onto the more modern Beauforts.

CLY 127 Norman, an aggressive nine year old, exploded at a boy walking in front of him who had thoughtlessly trodden on a painting which had fallen onto the floor.

CN4 103 When I am satisfied that I have enough information, after maybe seven or eight sittings, I will square the drawings up and transfer them onto board.’

CPV 183 Asked whether raising new capital was sufficient to put Olivetti back onto an even keel, he said ‘We must be very clear.

CRM 954 The B helices also serve to lock the motif down onto the phosphate backbone by their N termini.

CRM 7581 Similar behaviour has been seen in compact galactic X-ray binaries, and we suggest that intensity-correlated QPOs may be a generic feature of accretion onto a compact object.

CT0 64 The depth of the recession facing Germany means that the boom must fall soon, and then about the only way for Siemens to save the company will be to make a major acquisition that finally puts it onto the world stage.

EB6 1427 When Moe comes through the door spray him, then jump onto the washing line and knock the sheets onto the purple toys.

EB6 1435 Then leap onto the window ledge of Toys N Stuff, then the door and spray the plant pot.

EEE 700 The brothers seized both heiresses and hung onto the family lands themselves.

EVN 1003 I was also dropped by winch onto a precariously narrow ledge, while reporting on the police rescue team in the Avon Gorge.

EW6 602 However when a measurement is made the state vector undergoes a discontinuous change, collapsing onto that particular eigenvector which corresponds to the result actually observed on that occasion.

F9Y 1048 Having sellotaped the coloured strips onto the floor the sellotape reels were left sandwiched behind each Dalek's waistband as a further rehearsal aid — a red reel in Dalek Two's waistband for instance.

FRS 94 You concentrate on interpreting my ideas, putting them onto paper and making them work.’

G0A 2121 He padded through the hall, up the four flights of stairs to the little landing where you either went straight ahead and out onto the battlements, or ducked through the wee door into the observatory.

HGL 2488 From the inner-city I steer shakily over the Liffey and through the cobbled streets and mixed primary colours of old Dublin, through a wide stretch of bleak, bland suburbs and onto a motorway.

HH3 1806 More than half the small peasant farms are squeezed onto just 16 per cent of the land.

HMA 94 Well if you live in Snainton towns then I've got details of an organization that can help out with all those things and help you get back onto the learning ladder and maybe into a job.

HPG 184 Charlie's thumb pressed the little red button which dropped the bombs onto the unseen enemy below.

HPK 981 Brambles, foliage and long grass are starting to encroach onto the highway.

HU2 4796 The hybridisation mixture containing 10 5 cpm/µl of 3 5 S-labelled RNA probe was pipetted onto dry slides and covered with siliconised glass coverslips.

HYN 232 No, no eventually, protectionism will, will lead to a cessation of production in the most efficient er regions of the world which by and large, are the, are the regions that sell onto the world market.

J7Y 4 Freeman constructs a highly schematic reading of King Lear in terms of a cognitive theory of metaphor, which views metaphor as a mapping from a source domain which is ultimately derived from bodily experience onto a target domain which is more abstract (Lakoff 1987, 1989).

JYL 335 We would hope that that has been defined er by somebody of the hierarchy but, if we're moving onto new work areas, it might not The sequence maybe self-evident but it may not be and it would be nice to have it written down.

K4T 10095 But it is almost certain Middlesbrough manager Lennie Lawrence, who has plans to strengthen his squad for the Premier League next season, will want to hold onto Ripley.

K55 4458 The Dales School at Morton on Swale near Northallerton wants to shorten the long summer holidays from six to five weeks, putting the extra week onto the summer halfterm.

KCP 6698 and put the phone down and she rung straight over onto Jan's extension and asked to speak to Maureen and Jan, so Debbie got a snip of it cos Judith refused, she said rude cow, she said she needn't have slammed the phone down she could have at least said hello so they had her dinner time said Jan was that Lynnette on the phone?

KDA 7260 I was born a poor black boy down in Mississippi, out in Alabama and he's like a jet white ain't he? and he says I always felt different cos all the other kids they just sit there and they'd be tapping their feet and then you go onto the oh and they're getting the old rhythm going, like they do and he'd be going like I all so different I couldn't quite do this and he used to get in look, and er

KM4 123 We've just gone on pink onto red .

KPV 67 Erm, we won't say too much about transcription systems at the moment, erm, just do, do it according to what you think are the most important bits to get down onto paper.