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A0H 1157 The secret is to have sufficient height and to get the angle to the field about right before turning onto the base leg.

A0H 1442 A person who is scared of ballooning will nearly always fly the aircraft onto the ground instead of making well held-off landings.

A0H 1614 It is not satisfactory or acceptable, especially in a modern glider, to fly onto the ground by easing forwards on the stick.

A0N 2008 Feeling out of place, Cameron laid his rope on the ground, bundled a mass of hay onto it, and began to make a slip-knot round it.

A0R 2107 By the time they started ‘I Guess it Doesn't Matter Anymore’ they were onto the last saucepan and the table was covered with clean, dry things.

AKV 530 Boss Man tumbling out of the ring, Berzerker dragging him back in, Boss Man pulling hair, Berzerker slamming Boss Man into the corner, Boss Man retaliating with biff-wham-pow punches, Boss Man belly-flopping onto the deck, Berzerker straddling him, yanking his head back as if to break his neck.

B0U 2926 Tessel slipped heavily from the beam and slumped onto the floor.

B22 439 It was a very tricky operation to get the barrels safely down on to the road, up onto and across the pavement to the lift.

B2M 559 The inputs could be details entered onto a form, with a completed form as the output, or the raw materials that are fed into a production process for conversion to assembled components.

B34 1736 The stars must have enjoyed her shouting out her catch phrase of ‘'old onto yer 'at’ followed by her infectious laughter as she launched into their futures.

B3K 2279 The film runs horizontally through an enormous projector (which, in the Museum, can be seen at work from an observation gallery) and throws vast, brilliant images onto a screen 52 feet high and 64 feet wide.

BNV 1436 This is not such a problem in most other EC states which do not demand major modifications for acceptance of imported aircraft onto their registers.

CDR 422 Pile the mixture onto the platter.

CGJ 286 A ground party was immediately organised to manhandle the aircraft onto sheets of corrugated iron positioned on the tarmac.

CHJ 1196 The trail goes onto the Derryadd Road and follows a quiet country road for around four miles with lakes on the right.

CME 876 From Castle Cary the Way passes to the left of the George Hotel into Paddock Drain, onto Lodge Hill and across to North Cadbury.

CTU 303 Walnut Creek, California-based PeopleSoft Inc has put its PS/HRMS personnel management system onto Sequent Computer Systems Inc's Symmetries running Oracle and says the PeopleSoft Financials client-server financial accounting applications announced in April, will move to Sequent computers later; the two will team to sell applications on Symmetry running Oracle.

ECF 4483 Sumptuous public rooms, marble floors and rugs give it a style of its own, and the restaurant opens onto a splendid waterfront terrace.

ED4 3099 Using a slotted spoon, carefully lift the fish rolls onto a warmed serving platter.

EF1 2928 ‘A Diet Cola if you have it,’ Bernard replied then eased himself onto the stool beside Rosie.

EUU 1769 The shares were suddenly suspended, and returned, worth almost nothing in the form of an investment holding company with plans to bring a Harvard director Charles Mitchell, onto the board.

EVS 1142 Wives, mothers, daughters of the oligarchy, business women and their lower middle-class employees erupted onto the political scene in a series of well-orchestrated demonstrations against the first junta in late December 1979.

EX7 164 In times of danger you said rapidly under your breath, Hail Mary hill of grace — with a great leaning breath onto the H — Holy Mary Mother of God Pray for us sinners Now and at the hour of our death Amen.

F7N 116 Digging, they're going onto double Gs now, why would it be double G?

F9Y 1057 But doing this required mounting each Dalek onto a specially enlarged fender frame to hide the pneumatic-tyred tricycle underneath.

FP6 2237 I ask, letting the man roll forward onto his face again.

FRH 2935 She sat on the rim of the bath and then fell onto the floor.

FRS 32 He slammed his drink onto the bar top, slopping the rum sour across the grubby pine surface.

G0A 1406 Then I imagined Lewis, boots tied round his neck, for some reason suddenly resembling Shane MacGowan, skinning her jeans off, not me, and he turned into Rodney Ritchie, at home with his parents, unpicking the individual stitches of her jeans with a tiny knife, and the Ritchies all wore badly-fitting jeans and had denim curtains and denim carpets and denim light shades and denim wallpaper with the little rivets left on like poppers so you could just press paintings and photos onto the wall…except that Mr Ritchie looked like Claude Levi-Strauss, which is when I think I started to get confused.

G21 1343 Cotton or fine linen can be used as a painting support either by itself stretched onto a wooden frame or stretcher, or it can be glued onto strong card or hardboard to give a good painting surface to oils or acrylics.

G29 831 ‘We can provide information for over 3.5 million companies, businesses and organisations in the UK, giving immediate notification of changes in the financial status of the organisation, as the data is loaded onto our commercial database’, confirmed Mr McKiernan.

G2G 293 it mapped directly onto the fault-finding model and coped with both experienced and inexperienced personnel.

G59 969 the new tee, is our official tee and er that's where it will stay a onto the new green.

GXG 2139 Butler's earnest sincerity made him a popular hero and leader, especially among the oil-field workers, but despite its success in the elections his radical minority party was not invited onto the Executive Council by the Governor.

H9Y 2961 The lid fell onto the bridge of my nose.

HGW 274 Hooded brass or chrome floor lamps make especially good reading lamps since they can be moved around to various chairs or sofas, and set to shine on books, or they can be directed onto a wall or ceiling.

HH0 1880 Heavy ripe droplets of rain splatter ominously onto the windscreen, regular and damning.

HM2 369 You don't get the good, really good light until you get across the water and out onto these hills and that's where the the good light is in that erm top i third of the picture I think is where the real quality is.

HTV 101 Through their (respective) straightforward colonial and convoluted imperialist trajectories the transnational practices of these two countries etched the forms of capitalism onto the global system.

HWF 128 The user must log onto the LIFESPAN installation account with the default directory and UIC set to that of the process directory.

J1B 844 The final blow in 1933 was when Granny lost his life while landing a Sportster, trying to avoid two men who had wandered onto the runway.

J2A 30 To be eligible to enrol onto a programme of study leading to the award of the professional certificate or to any area of study within that programme applicants must:

K1K 3823 After 5 years in captivity, John McCarthy flew back into this region, his first step onto British soil taken at RAF Lyneham.

K1M 3401 Hunt stewards are trying to force the saboteurs off private land onto a public footbath.

K1N 2976 Fifteen thousand revellers squeezed onto the Castlemorton common for last weekends festival, many have now left.

K2N 1183 The Ring safestop costs just £3 and can be stuck onto the dash.

K32 1976 No wonder ‘Wallaby Walker’ was hopping up out of the dug-out onto the pitch again.

K54 4950 He said: ‘When I park my aeroplane it can be a couple of miles from the terminal building so I hop onto the skateboard and whizz off at 20mph.

K5A 2323 The ultimate accolade caps a dramatic rise for Platt who was rejected by Manchester United before establishing himself in the game with Crewe, then joining Taylor at Aston Villa and then going onto Juventus via Bari.

KM5 699 But what's good now, is actually you can go onto a computer, and the computer will all say, also say, whoa, that's a bit unrealistic, that doesn't marry with that, that doesn't match that, no, alter your plan accordingly.