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A5F 103 Onto the deck of the good ship Polar Star comes a net of fish, 40 tons of cod and pollock, flatfish and crabs.

A75 671 B. Threading beads onto a string .

ABW 1846 Those who couldn't get in pushed the Citroën, and three managed to get onto the moped.

AMB 1537 There was a gurgling noise and water started pouring onto the floor.

APS 772 This novel becomes ‘readable’ if we accept the psychologizing interpretation that Wallas is a kind of victim of Oedipal obsessions which he projects onto the objects around him.

APV 738 Cream cleaner should always be poured onto a damp cloth and applied to dry surfaces.

AT7 328 She now flapped her hand as if shooing something away, then went out of the kitchen and onto the landing, and here, as she had before, she stopped, but only long enough to raise her eyes to the whitewashed ceiling as her mind said, Dear God, don't let anything come of this.

B0U 814 The mousy man had gone to sleep and a jolt from the train knocked his steel helmet off the rack onto his knees.

B2K 162 Figure 8.5 Projections of two neighbouring null geodesics onto the plane .

B3F 34 And in order to assess the wind speed, we had to climb up a perpendicular outside iron staircase, which took us onto the flat roof of Flying Control.

B73 219 According to one ITV producer, a deal of the kind agreed by the BBC would mean that many past video releases like The World at War and The Botanic Man would never find their way onto video.

BPG 751 A pedometer is a small gadget that clips onto your belt and you adjust it to the length of your own stride to measure the distance covered.

C8B 1569 Fold 5cm (2″) facing onto right side of fronts.

CK5 355 (ENO throws a copy of Music Week onto the desk)

CLD 269 He could remember the car pulling onto the verge 20 yards behind the target.

EBX 1083 His son keeps on the business still, resigned onto the heavenly will.

ECX 1315 McAlpine had thoughtfully completed the external checks before I ventured onto their Hayes helipad.

EFC 296 The new Colwyn Shopping Centre with bright, interesting shops and ample parking with direct access onto the shopping malls.

EFD 237 I have seen in my own area where wee lads who were on the border line of going one way or another regarding life in Northern Ireland, ending up getting jobs and doing great for a year and at the end of the year just thrown back onto the dole and people have lost interest in them again.

EVG 111 It had backed up against the patio, completely concealing the ornate wall and steps that led down onto the gravelled walks.

FRS 3187 She jumped out and ran the few feet to where a man was struggling out of his jeep, which had tipped onto one side with the two left wheels suspended above the open gully.

FT6 388 Thatcher's legacy has forced the poverty lobby onto the defensive as it fights to simply to maintain child benefit, to restore benefits to 16- and 17-year olds, or to ensure that 18- to 24-year-olds receive the same rate of income support as over 25-year-olds.

FTB 891 The proteins were then transferred onto nitrocellulose and probed with a 1:1000 dilution of polyclonal antibodies against C/EBPδ (a gift from S.L.McKnight; 27) or IL-6DBP (22).

FU8 1973 With its customary fury the northeast monsoon flung its nightly torrent of rain onto the close-packed ranks of rubber trees sprouting from the red-brown jungle soils of the Vi An plantation a hundred kilometres north of Saigon.

G1G 1035 This movement onto the political stage was supported and reinforced by the military.

G2T 1230 And if any splodges onto fabric, just leave it to dry and it turns to dust — then you can rub it off in a second.

G3D 438 The poor internal self-image is reflected outwards onto other people and onto external circumstances rather than being recognised as the diseased part of self.

G3K 351 When turning onto a heading start to ease off bank before heading is reached.

GUX 776 The swelter in summer squeezed on the planes of his skull like a knight's helmet overheating in the sun, before the Saracens taught the Christians to wear veils, and the winds of winter bit into his brows like braces screwed onto scaffolding to keep it rigid, and set pain skirling through his body.

GVF 1567 3 Drop the kick straight down onto the opponent, using the heel of the foot.

H9R 204 Even in the same sample, however, other modes whose frequencies are insensitive to the local environment may well give quite narrow bands, and glasses (best formed by condensation from the gas phase onto a cold surface) should not be ignored as possible samples for the study of vibrational spectra.

HBC 233 This is partially tissue-typed and the details are entered onto a central computer.

HH0 194 Holding onto the balcony as if we were in rough seas, we shout only to have our words whipped away.

HH3 14298 Acid rain has caused such severe erosion of the Sierra del Mar that the entire mountainside could slide down onto Cubatoa.

HJD 2098 Even as he did so, Angel One was already shifting his weight onto his left foot, in preparation for his counter-attack on his second assailant.

HJG 131 Both Yorkshiremen played the hole like Superstars to hold onto their precious advantage.

HPG 1162 The situation could easily get worse if something is not done immediately and I suggest moving the travellers away from the centre of town to the outskirts onto a piece of disused land for example until a short-term site has been rented or a permanent site set-up.

HR3 174 A dot-matrix printer generates a dot on the printed page by striking an inked ribbon with a pin (the pin radius being inch) whereas an inkjet printer produces a dot by firing a droplet of ink onto a specially coated paper, the coating being required in order to prevent the ink from running.

HR3 493 Once the polygon definition file has been created, a second file, containing the statistical data to be mapped onto the polygons, can be generated.

HU3 4764 Patients developing such features (n=6) were excluded from the study and gradually weaned onto a normal unrestricted diet.

HXF 960 Not only are there the possibilities offered by electronic mail in communicating with the other school, but classes might put their information onto the computer and exchange data disks.

JNR 13 The intermediate risk group would have a three monthly cystoscopy for a year and then go onto six monthly for a further year and then annual thereafter.

JSF 338 to all er o o on both sides, erm there's one point he made which is terrible important which is that the costs of this statutory instrument and all the guidelines and rules and regulations and orders that flow from it, will not impact onto small b business because that was the key to the deregulation bill and I wonder whether the deregulation unit has looked at this and whether it is satisfied it's not gonna be an additional cost onto the running of small enterprise.

JSN 391 And we've educated them to go onto next day, and if we're not performing we lose them.

K35 1155 He also put some of the onus for countering terrorism back onto the public.

K5D 13889 The most noteworthy gale around this time was on the 5th when a severe southwesterly gale drove the powerless oil tanker Braer onto a reef in Quendale Bay, Shetland, as a television audience of millions held its breath.

KCG 2165 and what it is the box is stood there and then you back the motor under it and then you drop it onto the body and it folds

KLH 347 There you can see the er wooden staging, and this is where the wagons were brought in, er and were unloaded onto this wooden staging, and the delivery vehicles would come down this er sort of rampway, erm between er well either side,the staging either side.

KN7 6 and it will not in that sense make any difference to God love, make a lot of difference to you and to me, but it will not make any difference to God's love whether we spend our eternity in heaven or in hell, he will not love those in heaven any more than he loves those who are already, who will be punished for ever in hell, because God's love is eternal, it didn't start at Bethlehem, it didn't start at Calvary and it doesn't end when you and I die, as love is eternal, so God has provided salvation for every body and he offers salvation to all who will come to him in repent and and seine fe and except his salvation, you see when the Lord Jesus Christ died upon Calvary's cross he died to make salvation available for who, for every body, you see he didn't just lay your sins on Jesus, listen to what the old testament profit Isaiah says, there in that tremendous fifty third chapter, and, and in what it's in verse six,all of us says the profit like sheep have gone astray, each of us has turn to his own way, but the Lord has caused the iniquity of us all to fall on him , whether you and I reject Jesus Christ or accept him does not alter the fact that our sin was laid on Jesus the sins are the most awful person you can think of were laid on Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ paid the sins for, for, for, for men like Hitler, he paid theirs, the price for their sins, as much as he paid the price for the sins of somebody like St Francis of Assisi So God is not partial, it's clear from scripture that all maybe saved, he made salvation available to all in that same book of Isaiah in chapter forty five, verse twenty two, it says look unto me all the ends of the earth are being saved said the Lord, in Romans one sixteen Paul says I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God onto salvation to all who will believe, and the verse we've already quoted John three sixty, for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who so ever believe in him should not perish, but have ever lasting life and Paul when writing to Timothy says he gives his own personal testimony he says this is a good and a faithful saying, it's worthy of every body accepting that God desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth, so it's quite clear that all maybe saved.

KNF 694 clip it onto your clothes