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A74 715 When we finish we're hanging onto each other.

AB3 1396 Blast Passion, which has blasted all doubt, mischief and intrigue onto the peripheries, drowned pop in shame.

AK9 360 ‘A Chelsea victory,’ he volleyed — into the back of the net and onto the evening news.

ANU 1625 The poster had been pinned onto a large wooden board to the top of which had been affixed a very small Lebanese flag.

AP7 1073 An Aberdeenshire small farmer had retired, but onto a seven-acre croft where ‘they used to always have fences to mend and trees to cut down;’‘he used to take me round on the barrow, when he was cuttin' down trees.’

ARE 607 The flight recorder itself was positively identified on 13 July, partially buried on the seabed, and was successfully lifted onto the deck of the support vessel, Valiant Service, five days later.

B7C 633 The LC layer is used as a shutter, blocking light or transmitting it onto a screen.

B7M 1571 The book is perhaps especially valuable for the way in which the author is prepared to extend onto the thin ice of speculation and comparison with other animals, a trait sadly lacking in so many agricultural scientists.

BP3 256 Slide it out onto a plate, then invert it back into the pan and cook the other side for about 5 minutes.

BPF 1070 A few alterations to the design were made — Liz chose silk dupion in a pale peach colour instead of the satin of the original and built leg-of-mutton sleeves onto the sleeveless design.

C9R 390 Compare the teeth-together hiss as you say ‘The Mi ssiss ippi flow s s wiftly to the s ea’ to the lower-lip-to-top-teeth of ‘The mu ff ins f ell onto the f loor’and to ‘Judi th 's th ird bir th day is on Th ursday.’

CAB 38 Willie pushed the blanket to one side, wormed his way to the end of the armchair and slid onto the floor.

CE9 1271 Charlotte walked slowly onto the platform and waited for her train to pull in.

CF9 1922 Colchester played up the hill in the first half and began solidly, their pack pushing Walden back onto the defensive.

CLD 495 He drove out onto Mount Pleasant and was stopped at the temporary lights where the new sewer pipe was going in.

CTM 136 Tenon Intersystems Inc, the Santa Barbara, California-based Unix-on-Mac vendor has launched version 2.0 of MachTen, its software that puts the Mach operating system onto Apple Computers Inc's Macintosh.

D95 109 Your hanging onto it Yeah.

EBS 1946 Illustrating twenty-six such fragments which have crept onto the art market in recent years, Wildenstein states that they were preserved against Monet's instructions and drily declares that they have no artistic worth.

EDR 231 However, as soon as the crew saw the lifeboat they hurried along the deck with their suitcases and immediately scrambled over the side onto the lifeboat!

EV6 1278 The second involves the settling of cells onto a slide surface through a sucrose, saline or other solution, and has been used principally for oocytes, but may be useful for spermatocytes if only a thin suspension is available.

EWH 1279 And then it was over, and Jennifer was left alone to watch as the gravediggers, tumbled the pile of earth and stones down onto the coffin, with the wind bending the sea pinks and the guillemots balancing on the upcurrents, and in the distance a farmer's wife called "Pru-it!" to her cow.

F8D 168 you've used a triangular bandage to cover a wound in the scalp, it's not a chopping block wound right, it's not the chopper in its wound right, it's just a minor wound in the scalp, yes, and that came round and tied at the front, tucked at the back, you used these roller bandages to cover a graze or a wound on the end of an elbow or a knee or the hand, foot and then a straight one up the arm okay, so a lot of your bandaging is using these little roller bandages with the lint pad and don't forget when you get into the exam do it, don't do it the wrong way round, remember that you look at your bandage and you put the lint onto the wound, not the other way round right, yeah, you put the lint face down onto the wound, okay?

F9Y 592 The shape of the masks was crafted to suggest a combination of ‘wise old man’ with cat-like timidity, the former emphasised by the size of their skulls plus strands of wispy hair and beards, the latter by the feline expressions sculpted onto the faces, each one of which was different.

FA1 151 A broad array of newly-defined prohibitions, often serving several conflicting social goals, has been grafted onto a criminal law concerned with traditional crimes — such taken-for-granted unacceptable behaviours as murder, rape, robbery, arson, and theft (see Diver, 1980; Thomas, 1980).

FM1 456 But we'll be coming onto that in about five minutes.

FNU 1811 I've cut the ropes that bind me to the shore, she thought, and sinking down onto the arm of Meredith's chair she listened, smiling, to one of the pirates confiding that when he was in town he consulted the same dentist as dear Johnny.

FRX 281 There was still some of the food in the bag, and I dropped some of it onto the ground.

FY5 766 You had a turn out then and I think it lasted till the next spring, not like taking curtains up and down like people do now and hoover for the carpets, course the carpet would be taken out and beaten as you as you know, they weren't they were slung onto a line and beaten with anything that was handy.

FYS 896 Frequently no further or new access will be allowed onto classified roads until bypasses or other road improvements have been completed.

FYY 424 A woman with a shotgun stepped out onto the path some way ahead.

G00 564 It most closely resembles an infinite supply of blank sheets of paper onto which items may be positioned in order to create a page or a document.

G12 1221 ‘Eddy,’ he said sharply, leaning forwards and bringing the front legs of his chair down onto the floor with a crash, so that Bob looked up startled.

G34 792 Scratched onto black 70mm film stock, the two sisters are shown bumbling around their home, busy tea-making and typing.

G3K 216 Turning from or onto northerly headings the compass will give an indication of a turn in the opposite direction.

G62 120 It was er you know they came with a big traction engine and the thrashing mill and then they they got up early in the morning and there was the man that looked after the thrashing mill and fork from the carts onto the onto the mill.

H8T 1620 They were suddenly breathless, falling together onto the pillows.

HAC 3624 In both cases the disks have a series of tracks onto which data is recorded by a read/write head.

HEP 621 And they have a data entry clerk who's entered that order onto their system and then printed it out.

HH0 1633 One of them puts my fallen dress strap back up onto my shoulder.

HH0 2861 The key opens onto a beige carpet that looks like a water poodle with burns and saddle sores.

HJE 770 More recently the roach seemed to disappear, the bream, tench and carp became more prevalent and grew onto specimen size.

J1F 1487 The ball went down the Leeds left wing and was turned onto Deanes outstretching head.

J6T 511 This wording, and the relevant wording in the preamble, means that the burden of proof is shifted onto the trader, businessman or professional relying on a clause falling within the Annex to prove that it is not unfair.

K1S 3889 A pilot for Rolls Royce, he died at the weekend when the Spitfire he was flying crashed onto the runway during an air display in Lancashire.

K1T 987 The man had spent about thirty minutes behind the wheel of a Land Rover Discovery like this one…they'd followed Geoff's normal route from Banbury to the village of Mollington, onto Cropredy, then back into Banbury.

K22 347 We brought Debbie Dent onto the streets of Oxford to find out if shoppers would be fooled…

KBK 5607 Move yellow onto red.

KD1 890 It's straight forward onto his scalp I know what you look, I know what sort you're looking for though

KDM 6155 well you did because your, straight away you go onto money which is our God isn't it?

KPV 2787 so the, so the policeman shoots the gardener and the gardener sort of, phworgh, falls onto the floor, dies.