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A65 735 We headed onto a small lane which took us straight towards Marloes' magnificent sands.

A68 222 Some afternoons he was forced onto the field and trotted around with boredom.

A7J 1733 ‘We'll clear one shelf onto the table here, and then we'll see.’

ART 2133 ‘Panic’, the single, edged its way onto the radio playlists; strange really as ‘Panic’, the single, was aimed directly at the heart of Radio One idiocy.

ASV 2308 While the others started looking for land, he slid back onto his gun.

B1P 1400 All petitions for leniency failed and the transportees were loaded onto the prison hulk York on 4 February 1831.

C8N 736 The 'plane hit his raised arm which deflected its flight path, onto the desk of Rebecca Bradshaw.

CAU 910 It is easy to put your left toe into the low fuselage-side kick-in step, swing your right foot over the sill and down onto the cockpit floor to settle into the surprisingly upright seat.

CBK 1286 After the 1914–18 war, the Bostwick gates were replaced by leather covered chains, which hooked onto the saloon corner grab rail.

CBP 1246 If there is, and if both music and commentary are to be pre-recorded onto parallel tracks of a cued tape, the stop-start transfer routine cannot be used: the sound tape has to be run non-stop, and we are then back with problems of tape-to-tape synchronisation.

CDH 592 A They are designed to put moisture into and onto the hair.

CDM 1071 I tried to lift Joey into my arms but he wriggled onto the slack and ashes on the floor and started giggling.

CH2 11348 His Escort clipped the pavement and somersaulted onto the verge where the children sat on a bench.

CKW 726 Recent visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art who have entered its restaurant have encountered a newly acquired sculpture squeezed onto the first floor landing which now serves as gift shop, restaurant lobby and Greek and Roman antiquities gallery.

CL7 818 Descending from the mountains onto the Spanish plain, our first view of Montserrat was impressive.

CPA 144 Micro Resources' SwitchTerm is an X Window and Unix-based tool that enables network managers to consolidate multiple operating systems onto a single console, where they can be viewed in windows on the screen.

CRF 97 Some writers have speculated that we could see the development of new patterns of support such as an increase of private loans within families, or substantial bequests to grandchildren rather than children, since the younger generation are the ones who will find the most difficulty in getting onto the first rung of the housing ladder (Murie and Forrest, 1980; Means, 1987).

CSU 45 The video and disk controllers and network interfaces have been integrated directly onto the motherboard.

EUY 270 The artist of the red dot work may have dropped the dot onto the large white area from 20 metres with an uncertain gusty wind blowing just as the handbag may have been dropped onto the seat from an overladen pair of hands.

EWH 1063 But it was not a dream: she heard her own voice making promises to worship João with her body and to be faithful to him unto death; she felt the ring being pushed onto her finger, and found herself looking into her husband's melting eyes.

F7U 655 This is an alcohol this is an ether now while we've got the opportunity we'll talk about the naming of ethers before we get onto this this last form of structural isomerism.

FAH 417 How would the Myers-Briggs types map onto this framework?

FET 1486 On that morning, descending the steel ladder onto the sandy Nîmes siding in two-inch heels and an inverted tulip skirt, she looked all these things.

FL6 148 but do they really actually dig into the the real reasons for the eating disorders or they just try and get you back onto a stable diet?

FSW 47 While it is clear what the publishers stand to gain by investing both money and effort in ensuring that their key titles are on the shelves at all times, there might be more reluctance on the part of the booksellers to accept this encroachment onto their territory.


FXR 1523 Then we can superglue it onto her window and it won't get wet in rain .

G00 2049 (see Lithography) a printing method whereby the image is transferred from a plate onto a rubber covered cylinder from which the printing takes place.

G14 476 To take but one other example from an experimental approach common in the late 1960s and early 1970s, suppose one trains a mouse by putting it onto a small shelf in the wall of a cage with a grid flour which can be electrified.

G1N 1084 The same parodic tactics used in Between are evident in this novel, but transposed onto the self-reflexive plane of metafiction they become magnified, hence more overt.

G2W 397 To get onto the glacier you first traverse the top of the mountain, then sideslip into a gully hanging onto a thick rope.

G37 2340 Lycian rock tombs glare down onto the two yachts in Tomb Bay

G52 32 And then we'll get you back onto them after five or six days, Gerald.

GUJ 978 Then again the painting illustrates in a very concrete fashion the pull Picasso felt between the desire to give forms an explicit, volumetrical treatment, and the need to flatten them up onto the picture plane (compare, for example, the almost sculptural treatment of the breasts and the arms with that of the head, which is rendered in terms of two flat planes).

GVF 609 3 She slams it down hard in a stamping kick onto the attacker's instep.

GW0 403 Some slept rough, the more streetwise would find their way onto somebody's floor or into a squat…

GW0 1852 The third and final door opened onto another dark passageway.

HAC 5388 Clicking the mouse onto a screen key sounds the respective pitch.

HH3 9724 But it was skewed development priorities that forced people into a continued dependence on livestock in the first place and huge, often foreign-owned ranches that pushed those people and their herds onto fragile, marginal land.

HJG 803 Aim at getting it down onto the ground before it reaches the bank, hooding the clubface by setting the hands well forward, to reduce the effective loft of the club.

J1M 1137 Onto ITN in London.

JYL 354 As short-term you can't, at medium- and long-term you can and that's where we've got to recognise in order to muster the resources onto site.

K1T 987 The man had spent about thirty minutes behind the wheel of a Land Rover Discovery like this one…they'd followed Geoff's normal route from Banbury to the village of Mollington, onto Cropredy, then back into Banbury.

K1W 3036 Her owner hopes eventually Thumper will fly down to eat from his hand so he can fasten her onto his training glove.

K32 1292 Lennox should have scored in the 75th minute when McLaughlin's long-range strike was pushed onto the post by O'Shea, but with an open goal in front of him, Lennox sliced his shot into the side netting.

K3A 736 The list of casualties in New Zealand has become truly horrific, with one player following another onto the plane home, and plenty of others needing a bit of attention like the 12 stitches Stuart Barnes had put in his face after the game with Southland.

K54 6344 At the moment traffic using the A66 interchange can only get onto the southbound lane but protestors argue that a northbound carriageway would remove the need for a cross-town route.

KBL 4974 Yo just hold onto your frame.

KPB 232 the number you start with, you keep that in your head and you always add the number you find out onto that.

KRE 462 They're retiring to various parts of the country, down here onto the Sussex coast and on the whole coast into the South West — to the pleasant places if they can afford to do it, and they're leaving the inner city and leaving behind there a lot of young families, often single parent families and older people, and of course the kind of provision you have to make, the Social Services, the needs of these communities differ quite widely.