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AN2 847 The 110 rims will fit straight onto your Land Rover.

AN7 1104 ‘There's nothing we can do but hang on here and wait for morning,’ Lawler said to his wife, helping her onto her feet.

APM 3071 She put her hands onto his arms, gripping the stuff of his jacket, then leaned her head quickly forward onto his shoulder.

AR2 713 Every night that Madame stepped up onto the stage in her dress, Boy would be watching her; he always stayed for that.

B7C 1145 As a final step, all the animation data in the computer memory store must be transferred onto video tape or film, one picture frame at a time.

BM9 1266 Without any regard for his own safety, Andrews climbed onto a wing of the blazing plane, and kicked frantically at the toughened perspex of the cockpit canopy until it shattered, then dragged out the semi-conscious pilot.

BMW 71 Roger Swansborough's hand balled into a fist and he brought it slamming down onto the desk top so that loose paperclips jumped in the big crystal ashtray.

BPG 1691 Mix together the other ingredients and pile onto the potatoes.

CD9 247 By then, and with a couple of non-championship wins under his belt, Emerson and the whole Lotus team knew they were onto a winner in I972.

CDJ 10 Simply spray Hot Shapes onto clean, dry hair before setting to get instant hold with a glossy finish.

CFK 478 The numerous wells at the port of Hamwic , Saxon Southampton, may have been encouraged by the high density of population, but the wells on farms like Odell, Bedfordshire, may imply an awareness of the risks from polluted water brought about by a growing population, or even the need to extend settlement onto good soils which were not close to water.

CG3 243 Hold onto all you have experienced in the day through your writing: write about everything you have touched.

CKF 1359 I fell onto the settle, hit my elbow on the carved arm-rest, and drew in my breath to scream again.

CLV 64 One flight with a party of American fishermen on board, ‘DRD blew one of its cylinders and the aircraft was put down very quickly onto a small lake, in a decidedly unserviceable condition.

CMR 485 And both women and men may project their ideas about gender, rather than about themselves, onto stimuli like the story above.

CRM 954 The B helices also serve to lock the motif down onto the phosphate backbone by their N termini.

CT9 79 All applications will be transferred onto the NCR 3450s and 3550s from the mainframe and will be accessible from all Mead Data Central field locations.

EDR 276 Once past Black Head speed over the ground increased as the tidal stream lessened and on arrival at Falmouth the yacht was finally secured alongside the lifeboat and manoeuvred onto a mooring just after 0400.

F7L 311 right, well we've not got very far erm, what I wanted to do with you next week is going to go immediately onto this programme, which I promise I'd let you see, and the first one is actually funnily enough

FP9 469 The music industry packaged rock 'n roll — noting the charged effect that Elvis Presley had on his fans — as pop for a new generation of economically enfranchised young women, grafting extreme youth and a generic look greasy hairstyle, sideburns, a sallow pout — onto the ‘romantic’ stylings of earlier idols.

FRC 781 The dog's eyes glittered unnaturally because they were made of pieces of coloured glass stuck onto the canvas.

FRC 1303 At last the boy counted out sixpences and pennies onto the counter and picked up his final selection, an elephant mask with moulded plastic tusks of extreme sharpness and a foam-rubber trunk you could raise or lower by pulling a string.

FRS 1653 Alleyne stepped onto a specially constructed rostrum and cut a pink and white ribbon to release a profusion of pink and white fresh hibiscus petals onto the crowd who exclaimed and applauded.

FT8 2431 Almost everything is built onto the motherboard — bags of memory expansion, top-notch video, Ethernet and SCSI interface.

FU8 1516 Once inside he removed his shoes and trousers very slowly then drew back her mosquito net and smiled lopsidedly at her before lowering himself unsteadily onto her cot.

FYY 374 As they moved out onto the entrance steps, they saw a breakdown wagon thundering by and raising up dust in the square.

G0A 2031 ‘Guest room's good enough for him tonight,’ Fiona grunted as they swung him onto the bed and dropped him.

G2C 95 In fact, if you could put the game in a packet and onto a shelf, think of all the labels you could put on it: ‘CFC-free!’,

GXJ 607 To continue on the main route, turn right onto the A904 and after 1 kilometre turn left for Abercorn.

GXJ 2658 Its supporting structure is typical for its age; a concrete deck on flat metal deck panels, with cross girders and main supporting beams of riveted plate girders spanning onto stone abutment walls.

H0R 288 Feeling that she had given her due of politeness to the curate, the due exacted by her mother and elder sister, she pattered onto Maurice, and, after having a bit of a poke round, shot across the connecting gangplank onto Grace.

H8M 618 Without half a bottle of red wine inside me I might have slipped on the slimy breakwater, but I jump onto the stony beach and chase her along the shore.

HA3 67 He shifted his grip on his sword and, as the leading rider drew near, stepped out onto the road with a hand held up and his face set in a grin nicely calculated to reassure yet threaten.

HAC 3695 Once converted FAXgrabber automatically places the text onto the Windows clipboard for insertion into whatever Windows application you are using.

HC1 721 It also expressed concern that the proposals simply passed the problem onto another business sector — the exempt international investor.

HCV 78 This is the time of year when new members are welcomed onto the Executive Committee and farewell is bid to those who are leaving.

HEP 179 So what I'd like to do without further ado is is move onto the video and show you a recommendation for products .

HGW 996 If you do not have many outlets, or cannot add extra lights, think of adding track-lighting to the ceiling since you can fix as many spots onto a track, trained to as many angles as you think it will take.

HJC 801 She's a dead weight clamped onto me.

HJC 2184 A frown ambled onto her face.

HJD 155 His brain exploded with fury and he was about to force his numbed body onto its feet again, when his right hand fell on something hard and metallic.

HS3 391 Plant has also been streamlined into a more obvious production line flow with the transfer of winding machines onto the ground floor.

HU4 486 The probe was labelled with approximately 0.5 MBq of technetium dried onto a small square of filter paper, sealed under waterproof tape, and placed very close to the electrode tip.

J1E 1496 All that the Arse were doing were playing simple balls over the top of Fairclough & Newsome, for Wright & Campbell to run onto, and the defence couldn't really cope.

K1M 2578 These travellers, many from Stroud in Gloucestershire, are just the latest to have moved onto private land, infuriating the owners and people living nearby.

K1S 1805 Children so unused to hugs before, clung onto their English friends until the last minute.

K63 139 So with you mentioning leather then it leads me onto another question erm was there much done in the way of leather work in the Caldmore area?

KC0 6490 Yes, erm all our sort of cabbage stalks and beans stalks go onto the muck heap to turn into a sort of compost, but other people they just sort of burn or take them away and buy a bag of compost.

KCH 5591 Onto the side I think.

KE4 1228 See I could, I could just take it round the edge of your carpet, you know, just, if er, if you want me to, if you want me to I'll, I can lift the edge of your carpet and put it down onto the floor