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AMB 1020 Mr Jotter opened the door and Mould fell out onto the grass.

AN7 1104 ‘There's nothing we can do but hang on here and wait for morning,’ Lawler said to his wife, helping her onto her feet.

ANK 1732 He repeatedly stated to Timms, ‘It was a fair fight, two onto two, I'm sorry, I didn't know the man had died.’

AP8 49 It is usually a three foot rod, often beautifully carved as a love token, onto which the prepared material is bound by a ribbon, traditionally red for a girl, blue for a married woman.

AT7 2536 She watched the big woman flop back and onto a chair, then look from one to the other of her silent sons as she said, ‘Did you hear that?

B07 1359 The literature of library management is disappointing, comprising, for the most part, examples from library operations tacked onto a reiteration of general management principles.

B0P 399 Or you can simply slide it onto the line through a hole that runs through the centre of the ‘feeder.

B0U 498 There was the sound of a knife being put onto a plate.

BN1 108 He throws himself without a word onto the blanket beside him.

BP8 1704 He squirmed, and the safety-pin, almost clasped, flew open and onto the floor.

C87 912 Go right and fall down, go left and push the crate right onto the button, go left to a wall, duck down and crawl under it, go left and fall down, go right, fall down and collect the main tape deck, go right, then up on the platforms, right, down, and collect the battery, push the crate left and go up on the lift, go left to a button, then jump two platforms to your right, and then onto the platform to your left, push the crate down onto the button and fall down, go up on the lift, then right to the next lift, go up the passage on the lift and ledge, and then go left along the top.

C8P 1229 They are given several balloons and the object is to try and hit them over the heads of the team opposite and onto the floor.

CA5 533 If you have specific needs or desires, then throw a symbol into the chalice, and watch it multiply by the thousand, until it overflows the Chalice and floods out onto the floor of the cavern.

CA7 1397 It is worth going to Eira da Serrado, just above Curral das Freiras, for an amazing view down onto the village of Curral das Freiras which nestles in a spectacular deep valley.

CAN 1250 In a traditional plant the engine, transmission, and axles are placed onto ‘the track’— a chain-driven series of platforms which move continuously at a fixed pace while the operators work on the cars — and the painted body is lowered onto them.

CCP 1380 Clipped onto his harness were a couple of screw-gate crabs, some RPs and a small camming-device — just the rack required for an overhanging fist jam crack.

CE7 609 Promoted by the ILP and the Women's International League, Peace Crusade branches sprang up throughout Northern England and the Midlands, getting large numbers of women out onto the streets to demonstrate for peace negotiations, despite constant harassment from patriotic bystanders.

CGJ 297 During this period, one Spitfire was manhandled through the mud to the far end of the Abbotsinch field where it was loaded onto road transport for conveyance to Glasgow.

CH2 6596 Now council chiefs hope to move the prostitutes from residential areas, possibly onto an industrial estate.

CL0 87 As we are all busy people we might not have time to repeat the picture onto a larger surface.

CTX 2038 Norton can also tag its own help files onto the DOS 5 help system.

ECF 2921 From the breezy loggia of the Astoria, the lounge doors lead right onto the beach.

EE8 1529 If colleges of nursing cannot supply these, then nurse education ought to be transferred away from the colleges and onto polytechnics and universities.

EX0 1115 The number of these tribesmen has decreased considerably in recent years (due largely to the constant encroachment of urbanized civilization and their forced amalgamation into larger tribal groupings), resulting in a decline in both the number and variety of genuine Turkoman rugs coming onto the market.

F8S 112 The B is a receptor and A is often, although by no means always, an enzyme and in the case the cholera toxin rotusis toxin and several other erm pseudo-membrane toxins and several others, diphtheria toxin they have the specific A viral I think they put the group onto a target molecule and disorder itself .

FLS 13 Onto page one page two page three page four and five.

FRH 2935 She sat on the rim of the bath and then fell onto the floor.

FSP 56 ‘All right,’ he said, rolling lightly onto the floor.

FTB 891 The proteins were then transferred onto nitrocellulose and probed with a 1:1000 dilution of polyclonal antibodies against C/EBPδ (a gift from S.L.McKnight; 27) or IL-6DBP (22).

G00 3402 Whilst the typewriter is still the dominant method of putting words onto paper the ubiquitous word processor marches inexorably onward and by the time this decade ends the majority of published material will at least be electronically created.

G0A 750 Anyway; he brought down this book; history of the War in pictures, and it had like all these photos of the death camps, where the Nazis murdered millions of Jews, and communists, and homosexuals, and gypsies and anybody else they didn't like…but mostly Jews, and there were like just piles of bodies; incredibly thin bodies, like bones; skeletons wrapped with tissue paper, and piled higher than a house…and pits; long pits full of bodies, and the metal stretchers they were put onto to be shoved into the ovens, and the piles of wedding rings and spectacles; glasses, and even artificial legs and weird stuff like that…

G17 2302 It sped across the grass and leapt up onto Jehana's lap.

G3L 247 Put another way, Dicey welded the established theory of parliamentary sovereignty onto the new practice of liberal-democratic government so creating the new constitutional theory.

GV7 865 He held onto the edge of the table, breathing fast through his open mouth.

GW0 17 The harder he worked at it, the less success he seemed to be having; his pain and frustration were combining to make him angry, and he flung the bottle down onto the bed.

H0R 1280 The same flood tide that had brought such a good harvest of tiles heaped a mass of driftwood onto the Reach.

H8M 1618 I stroll out onto the balcony and breathe in the night air.

HA3 3714 He rolled as he hit the ground, and flipped onto his feet again while he looked around frantically for the other dragon.

HJD 234 He spat blood, and a thin trickle painted a red line from the corner of his mouth to his jawline, whence it dripped onto his coat lapel.

HUA 1182 He backed onto the pavement.

HWS 1746 To study the distribution of lactoferrin in ethanol fixed granulocytes cytocentrifuged onto microscope sides, the slides were incubated with rabbit anti-human milk lactoferrin in a moist chamber for 30 minutes.

J1C 3092 Hibs maybe or move onto the coaching staff ready for Wilko's move upstairs to a chief Executive thing.

K1Y 1959 Onto football, and the first Central South derby of the new football season has been won by Swindon Town.

K3K 860 An Egyptian was killed and five Britons injured in the blast after a nail bomb was dropped from a bridge onto their tour bus in Cairo.

K4W 3413 A WOMAN died when her car crossed over onto the wrong side of the road, hit a Transit van and overturned yesterday.

K52 7785 He dealt swiftly with the question and answer session, then moved onto the real business of the day meeting the voters on the streets of Darlington.

K55 273 MR GIBBON points out (HAS January 13) that the test question (Echo January 7) for 14-year-olds shows the man has already stepped onto the first stair and begins to fall into the trap of talking about the man, when the question asks about the load!

K6W 39 Yeah but if we can get him onto the computer system he'll do two days a week if he can do it

KCG 2711 cos Deana used to have a chair by the bunk so she could climb down onto the chair, shut up

KCP 65 The spider was alarmed by the violent rummaging, it suddenly hurried out from its hiding place and ran onto Mademoiselle's hand and up her arm.