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AMT 890 The classical legends set down by ancient Greek poets like Homer referred to a number of gods, under their leader Zeus, supposedly located on Mount Olympus, who made occasional forays onto the human scene in various human or animal disguises.

AT7 2141 And when he thrust at her, still yelling, ‘Get up into that house, there!’ and almost pushed her onto her back, the young fellow sprang forward and grabbed her; then, with one arm around her and the other fist doubled, forefinger pointing out straight at the man, he cried at him, ‘You lay another hand on her like that, mister, an' that'll be the last thing you do.’

B7K 856 The apes may also climb onto small, supple trees and swing across.

B7M 1170 His photophonic receiver was a lens which focused the modulated beam onto a very thin, hard rubber diaphragm mounted on a large telephone ear-piece.

BNG 129 Some Home Corners have even extended onto split levels or two floors, where raised areas have been used for this purpose.

C87 909 Go right and push the crate onto the button, go up on the lift and to the left, push the crate off the edge of the platform, go up on the lift and right, climb up six platforms and push the crate left, fall left and duck down to go along the conveyor belt, jump onto the ledges on the wall and go up, go right, up, left, up, push the crate right, fall down, push the crate right into the button, go right and duck down to go along the conveyor belt, drop down to the stationary lift, go left then up, push the crate down, right, right, left, right and right onto the button.

C87 1241 The puzzles are always fair, but you'll need to latch onto Mr Avery's offbeat humour if you're going to get anywhere.

C89 117 Furthermore, Mr Robb's experiences of working onto damp paper seem at variance to my own trials.

CBG 11182 Thorn's flick-on from another Rodger corner caused panic, in the visitors' ranks, but this time Watts's header was deflected onto the crossbar and scrambled away by Rob Jones.

CBP 1564 If you use a stick-microphone, support it on a stand and position it as close as possible while allowing enough room for you to handle the script without rustling noises getting onto the recording.

CDR 1690 Bend your left knee, extend your right leg and touch your right elbow onto your left knee.

CEC 972 A narrow stairway led up to the third floor where an unmarked door opened onto a plush modern office reception area with a deep-pile fawn carpet dotted with pot plants.

CFW 718 Detailed studies of volcanic ash (tephra) deposits have provided new evidence allowing the correlation of late-Glacial and Holocene sequences from the ocean across the slope and shelf and onto the land.

CG1 102 Stewart Hulse, team leader of the Langdale and Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team, has some harsh words for youth groups who set out onto the Lakeland Fells, determined to complete their objectives at all costs.

CHJ 1257 This leads onto the railway line.

EBN 182 Then go onto new land reclaimed from the Zuiderzee.

EBU 1987 In addition a General Directory of Latin American Archives has been launched for which 30,000 archives will be put onto a database.

EEL 400 When the library was built, the wall onto which the extension has been added was designed as a temporary wall.

EVN 291 We toyed with the idea of bringing her down from the gallery and onto the set one evening.

FB8 247 The projector projects, not onto a screen but onto another film of, usually, the same size as the projected film, eg 35mm, though there is some advantage in terms of reduced graininess in projecting from a larger to a smaller stock, such as 65mm or VistaVision to 35mm.

FNR 2025 An example is projected onto the retina.

FPP 328 The waves lifted the Forfarshire and threw it onto the rock, like a child playing with a toy.

G0R 559 So the emancipatory promise of higher education cannot be realized through students stepping onto a plane of value-freedom and interest-freedom.

G0T 980 Tears could be allowed onto the agenda of living.

G0U 725 Some sociologists have researched ‘counter school’ youth cultures, and how they are naturally carried over onto the shopfloor.

G32 840 When the goddess and the life-giving symbol of the chalice were usurped by male gods of war and the worship of the blade, our cultural evolution was forced onto the path of domination — and onwards to the nuclear age.

GVL 2147 Susan had a choice: crash into the cliffs, or strain herself up over onto the plateau and wind up as tyrannosaur munchies.

H4B 211 And then we'd get onto the roof with the little tiny rivets, quarter inch rivets.

H7X 861 Carefully take the ha off the beaker, drop one tiny piece of ‘hypo’ crystal onto the surface of the solution, and watch amazed at what happens.

HAC 6196 Launches Power Keyboard, which allows you to map all sorts of things onto your keyboard

HAC 10509 If a compressed file is too large to fit onto a single diskette, it will automatically be split across as many diskettes as are needed.

HDU 243 This has forced fifty thousand tons of coal traffic and ten thousand tons of toxic chemical traffic onto East Anglia's already congested roads.

HH0 1620 Some crew slide onto the seat beside me, hemming me in.

HP5 352 However, the prospect of the difficult trading conditions continuing, when taken together with our heavy debt position, led us at the mid-year to conclude that we had to put the group's finances onto a more sustainable basis.

HPP 1300 At the first bump the strap sprang off and the bike fell onto the road, but as the front wheel was still tied on, the bike was dragged behind for over a mile, until vehicles hooting from behind warned me something was amiss.

HS0 313 Reaching for his case, Eddie produced an iron to replace and smarten up dog eared lables , using it to smooth them back onto the sample.

J1G 2168 After the game we were held for exactly one hour, then herded onto to a train which didn't move for 40 minutes.

J1M 1137 Onto ITN in London.

JA5 158 Right move onto corres oh no no sorry, representatives' reports.

JNW 111 that you are going onto the Enterprise Allowance scheme as from Monday .

JYL 354 As short-term you can't, at medium- and long-term you can and that's where we've got to recognise in order to muster the resources onto site.

K1H 514 He owned the nearby garage so the highways authority handed it over and he moved it onto his land

K32 3375 Schmeichel failed to hold onto a weak 19th minute shot by Chelsea's Steve Clarke, and Gavin Peacock prodded home the rebound for his third goal of the season.

K7G 43 And I carried on doing that for quite a number of years and I managed to be voted onto the Edinburgh committee.

K97 10129 LEAVE the M1 at junction 21 onto the M69 and leave the M69 at the A5096 (Soar Valley Way).

KBB 9838 She says he's er he's fell over in the, you know, and er, he he's al , he were always running, he gets on left side onto us runs to this corner, calls out to the missus

KCG 1979 Trying to stick it onto your jumper

KD1 890 It's straight forward onto his scalp I know what you look, I know what sort you're looking for though

KDA 7819 and like the thing is obviously like the first realise there on a and they try to stop it, why are you stopping for, remember you are in the British army, if you disobey orders you'll get a court marshall really started laying onto them, and like they've started again and like the first bloke obviously got to the fucking water, cos he's stopped again, one man one sides shouting out and round the other side shouting out and they have they've all gone in, they must of thought fuck it and they've all just fucking marched into the sea, and we marched them in,tent was only about that much above water, and we've lasted thought, this is the thing that got me, he, he shouted at him, cos we, we, we managed to get them and that, he said right,right, go in, go in and tell them to come out, what, I said what, can you just pop in and tell them to come out, I said over here sarge, he said you disobey an order

KLW 1180 And then put a square onto e the end of that.