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ANM 46 Onto a very serious subject — the future of the health service in Birmingham.

B1P 398 This fashion of dimidiation was abandoned by at least the late fourteenth century and replaced by the style of compressing each set of armorial bearings onto one half of the shield — the husband's being placed on the dexter and the wife's on the sinister.

B7J 150 In our Galaxy, these include young massive stars, newly-formed pulsars (like the famous Crab Pulsar in the Crab Nebula), and streams of gas in double-star systems where matter is falling from one star onto a compact star — a neutron star or black hole.

BMF 131 Access will be the issue of the 90s and freedom to use rivers doesn't just stop at getting onto the rivers.

BPG 1631 Flatten into a sausage shape and put 2 pieces of meat onto each kebab.

C87 1017 Jump the gap and make your way down the steps and platforms to another ladder, pick up another crate to your left and climb down the ladder, kill the workman and run right (out of the building), get on the lift and jump into the little room (this contains a couple of records), get the crate and climb up the ladder to kill the last workman, get on the lift to your left and go to the top, jump onto the platform, and the next, and the next, until you reach the furthest one where there's an extra life.

C9L 2390 To try out the 238 Syncaset I recorded a track using a drum machine on tracks 1–2, rhythm guitar doubled onto tracks 3 and 4 (then mixed and bounced onto track 8, then bounced again through a compressor/noise gate back onto track 3), bass guitar onto track 4, harmony lead guitars onto tracks 5 and 6 (again bounced onto track 8 and mixed back to track five with delay), lead vocal on track 6, first vocal harmony detuned using the pitch control on track 7 and second harmony in normal pitch on track 8.

CBP 1300 They operate in basically the same way, but VITC coding has to be recorded onto the tape (of course without being visible in the picture), at the time of shooting or while being copied onto a second tape; RCTC coding on the other hand can be carried out at any stage of the editing process, and so is the more flexible of the two systems.

CG0 33 The blame for the excesses of the Cultural Revolution could all be placed onto the ‘Gang of Four’.

CG1 692 Where the terrain increases in difficulty, or the whole party is forced onto the same flank, the leader climber can place sling and nut runners, which are clipped back down the rope and collected by the last member.

CGN 465 Apply Sorbie Curl Forme onto hair to revitalise curls and add body and shine.

CHH 1058 Follow the path which heads away from the water beside a laurel hedge, and onto a gravelled road.

CJ3 158 Swooping onto a reed warbler's nest, this female cuckoo removes one of the host bird's eggs and lays one of her own to replace it in a matter of seconds.

CLD 793 They saw the casket taken from the cargo hatch, and draped in their flag, and lifted onto the shoulders of Harry Lawrence's work friends.

CMC 386 With typical Dwarf stubbornness Duregar led his troops up onto a small mound, the remains of an ancient Dwarf tomb, to make his last stand.

EBU 2645 Using wood-engravings from old anatomy text books and first aid manuals, he projects images onto a screen and paints what he sees.

ED4 1908 After all, from the same set of statistics, half the politicians in the country will instruct you to break open the champagne and dance in the streets, while the other half will suggest an honourable stroll onto the balcony with a pistol to the temple.

EEC 472 Towards the end of 1987, Ministers decided that the informal links between the three departments should be strengthened and put onto a more systematic basis.

EFD 236 I would like certainly to see schemes starting where people can be put into worthwhile jobs, where people can start jobs knowing at the end of it that they are not going to be thrown onto the dole queue again.

EUS 0 With each generation of computer technology, the physical space taken up by the electronic components has become smaller and smaller, until with the introduction of large-scale integration (LSI) it became possible to fit thousands of components onto a silicon chip less than a quarter of an inch square.

EV8 299 Gohlke has written thoughtfully about the way in which photographs can appear to embrace features of the past, the present and the future: "Projecting oneself into the future so that one can view the present with more apparent dispassion, and projecting an image of the past onto the future in order to take the measure of the present are different strategies.

FAJ 2203 They make their way down through the courtyard past the concierge's busy-lizzies and geraniums in their cluster of terracotta and out onto the street where the Mercedes and driver are double-parked squeezing the traffic to an irascible trickle.

FEV 1452 The farmer can persuade a ewe which has lost her own lamb to accept another by tying her dead lamb's skin onto it.

FP1 979 Having gone out onto the lake as calm as the surface itself, he had caught, as it might be, some of the immovable unsettling darkness and chill which lay for ever imprisoned deep below, like his own too-recent self.

FP6 118 We collapse together onto the bed, breathing in time.

FP9 574 What did it feel like, this popular music, as every kind of male sexuality was wheeled out of the closet and onto the marketplace with a febrile flourish?

FU8 2422 The anguished force of the stroke drove the Corsican to his knees and, paralysed with shock, he remained in this posture, groping ineffectually for the bone-handled knife as his blood spurted onto the red dust around him.

G1R 1097 The root of the problem lay in the fact that, having cut its links with the United States, Cuba ‘was forced to graft itself onto a bloc which, apart from being totally different, was already afflicted with its own specific illnesses.

G3K 216 Turning from or onto northerly headings the compass will give an indication of a turn in the opposite direction.

GW2 2397 He led Lucien onto a narrow street lined by tiny, dark shops.

H07 1225 The retina at the back of the eye, onto which images are projected, is the film.

H51 79 again and we'll get onto the

H57 101 I want you to go onto this.

HH3 1329 Probaby the most hopeful news is that Brazil, the world's largest Catholic nation is going to put AIDS and sexual education onto the curriculum of state schools for the first time from February this year.

HP6 546 When we got through Ramsgate town centre and onto the motorway we hit roadworks and a long traffic jam, the weather became very overcast and it started to rain.

HTJ 2327 Stevie's ball pitched short, climbed onto the green and rolled to the back about fifteen feet from the flag.

HX4 1244 Allow this to work on the cooking residues for 20 minutes and then switch the combi-steamer onto the steam mode for 10-–15 minutes.

HXH 625 Another useful resource is offered by the possibility of putting very large dictionaries onto a single compact disc.

HXU 788 The grafting of anti-communism onto the RPF's ideology in the summer of 1947 was itself a highly political decision.

J2A 406 HCIMA supplies a triplicate standard form onto which assessment marks for an area of study should be entered.

J8B 837 Yes, that's us moving onto Edinburgh now mate

K1F 3469 He claims he only pushed her away but she fell back onto the knife.

K1X 1756 The badgers have also been innoculated against TB, a disease some farmers and vets think the animals pass onto cows.

K54 2820 This has ruined my sitting room and I have been onto the council about it but they have done nothing.’

K97 10123 On approaching Lady Bay Bridge continue on A6011 through traffic lights, take first left into Scarrington Road onto the East car park of Nottingham Forest Football Club where all visiting coaches will be parked.

KA1 663 A rosy cheeked, double chinned girl answered, with such confidence that Joy almost fell back onto the shiny, checked floor.

KB8 6456 And in fact, when the river rises they it drops down onto that house, and the house next door.

KC0 7297 er after they got so you hadn't got no more life in them we used to weld short bits onto .

KGU 1918 I think my daughter really weaned me onto it.