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A19 1511 The car is part of a driving simulator, which uses a Philips video disc player, in conjunction with an Acorn Archimedes A440 computer, to project video images onto a screen.

A68 222 Some afternoons he was forced onto the field and trotted around with boredom.

ADK 6 Suddenly one would leap onto a bale of hay and exclaim, ‘I know, kids, why don't we do the show right here…?’

AMB 538 If the sum didn't quite fit onto one blackboard he moved onto another and when they were all full up continued on the walls.

APM 479 He put one hand over his mouth, then drew it slowly down over his throat onto his chest.

B72 1046 To watch a firm, the subscriber would issue a set of instructions that loads the relevant disc onto the player.

B75 497 The secondary mirror focuses the light through a small hole in the primary mirror, down onto an array of 62 detectors located in the telescope's focal plane.

BNY 1546 Remember that when a rabbit comes through your boundary fence onto your land it automatically changes ownership.

C8U 968 A clinging-to-the-van-sides return joined us in one jostling clamorous mob as we disgorged onto the platform, at which point the jaundiced guard spoke his first and only words.

C92 997 The lines particularly can be more convenient than transfers because you can simply follow the original artwork like following a map, unwinding from the reel and sticking it down onto the film as you go along — though it can be fiddly on dense or complicated boards.

C9E 1383 Lay down a number of clubs, say four as shown (photo above), at different intervals on the practice green (first make sure you are allowed to chip onto the practice green).

C9N 1492 Sony DTC-1000 DAT machine ‘I do all my demo mixes onto it.

CDM 1071 I tried to lift Joey into my arms but he wriggled onto the slack and ashes on the floor and started giggling.

CFT 4680 Dense 1″ deep hygienic polyester pile bedding is firmly anchored onto a slip resistant backing using a unique patented ‘lock-on understitching’ process.

CGJ 933 Captained by F/O Laurie W Baker, they took-off at 01.12 hours on a six-hour round trip to Royan, where they unloaded their 12,400lb bombload onto troop concentrations in the area, encountering moderate flak .

CGL 492 With John going to Wildenrath, Lindsey decided it was as good a time as ever to be converted onto his aircraft and in October John converted Lindsey onto the Corsair, and in doing so, Lindsey went from 230hp in the ‘Me 108’ to 2,400hp in the Corsair, a horsepower-leap that must be the largest anyone flying warbirds has ever done.

CJ3 457 Several birds, including crows and gulls, carry shellfish into the air and drop them onto hard surfaces in order to break them open.

CKM 714 Footnote : The annual Cliff Richard Pro Celebrity Tennis event, which has in the past enticed such unlikely names as onto court to raise funds for the Tennis Development Trust, will this year be played at the National Indoor Arena, in Birmingham, in December.

CLA 51 This is the first time that Compaq has bought its Triflex Architecture (launched last October in the SystemPro/XL server) onto the desktop.

CRM 237 Tissue was cryoprotected in PBS containing 20% sucrose at 4°C overnight, frozen in OTC Tissue-Tek slides, and 10–12μm paraffin sections cut and thaw-mounted onto slides coated with gelatin and poly-L-lysine.

EDR 276 Once past Black Head speed over the ground increased as the tidal stream lessened and on arrival at Falmouth the yacht was finally secured alongside the lifeboat and manoeuvred onto a mooring just after 0400.

EFH 1108 Having cut these joints I was then able to assemble the curved members onto the bottom frame and check the fit on the template which hopefully would leave a 1mm gap all round.

F8G 116 On death their placed as aggregate and rain down onto the sea floor where they dissolve if the water is deep enough.

F9Y 579 Though greeted with courtesy and politeness by the First and Second Elders, the intrusion of more humans onto the Sense-Sphere is covertly opposed by the City Administrator.

FAU 2274 The plaintiff, a fireman, went into the roof space to tackle the fire and sustained serious injuries caused by steam generated by water poured onto the fire, notwithstanding the fact that he was wearing standard protective clothing.

FBN 1143 Many of our beginners' pieces are at pains to point out that there are three main types of filtration —mechanical — the straining of loose debris from the water;chemical — the adsorption of chemicals from the water onto another media or a resin; and biological — the breakdown of ammonia to nitrites to nitrates.

FEW 968 A number of organizations from both sectors spoke of the problems of an Increase In the number of firms competing to supply particular markets, whilst a number were introducing new products onto the market and were unsure how these would fare.

FML 460 If there's anybody who can't fit in here, there are one or two places round here, we you can er flood onto these activities here to start off and then swap round back again.

FP6 118 We collapse together onto the bed, breathing in time.

FRS 1510 Jean Reece-Carlton strolled out onto the terrace to inspect it.

FU8 1348 Only when Chuck reloaded and shot a third time did the animal slowly crumple to the ground and roll onto its side, leaving one great horn curving majestically upward above the tall grass.

FYY 76 Her window looked out of the back of the house, onto what had once been a small garden.

FYY 1388 Her hair was pinned back, and she was shaking a blob of some kind of cream onto a ball of cotton wool.

G01 1909 The door slid open and he stepped out onto the platform, walking quickly towards the exit.

G3F 1748 The nature of the marketing process may have to vary with customer size; paint manufacturers will for instance have to get themselves onto a list of approved contractors before they can even bid for orders to major customers such as the railways or car manufacturers.

GW0 136 and it swung away from her to shine onto the wall.

GYW 601 Not without throwing a great lot onto the rates because the rates were just Selkirkshire, and Peebleshire had to keep it up then and er we didn't er get grants for it in these days.

H0B 1508 The next operation would have been tubbing (or jigging), The stamped ore was shovelled onto wooden trays with sieve bottoms, and equipped with handles, and these were agitated by hand in large tubs of water with an up-and-down motion.

H9U 1373 His head was bent over onto his shoulder, and they could not see his face.

HAC 1713 Into the Movie Editor, and the first thing I want to do is get that background onto the screen.

HD2 223 A scheme of flexible working hours operates within the Department and we will arrange to put you onto the scheme as soon as possible.

HMN 426 Here's Phillips for Forest still one down Black onto Hill's head.

HPP 553 The point is, a) that a really determined motorcyclist or moped rider will find a way onto a path no matter what barriers are put up, and b) that it is not right that the cyclists, disabled walkers etc at whom the facility is aimed, should be disadvantaged for the sake of the minority of potential abusers.

HV6 20 They lashed alongside and they lowered the stuff right onto the onto the coble To start with we rowed it ashore with a couple or oars or maybe four oars and took off the cattle and that the same way just.

HYA 1789 They can either draw their contribution directly onto the paper, or they can stick their drawings onto a large wall map.

J7Y 4 Freeman constructs a highly schematic reading of King Lear in terms of a cognitive theory of metaphor, which views metaphor as a mapping from a source domain which is ultimately derived from bodily experience onto a target domain which is more abstract (Lakoff 1987, 1989).

JT4 795 A lot of you are doing it because you want to go onto further or higher education, and you needed a third A Level to add to your other two.

JYB 2013 ‘Damn cheek,’ he muttered, and hitched himself up onto the edge of the couch.

KBB 900 up they threw out onto a dust heap and I used to go and sort out all these bits and er

KBD 7729 onto other staff.