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A74 608 Sometimes she holds onto my arm in the street — you know, just natural, like I'm a girl and she's just a friend or summat.

A7K 903 It is hoped that some of this will go towards special development project for the north east so that Jennie Appleby can come onto the staff on a more permanent basis.

AKY 689 Despite elaborate efforts by experts to blast and block underground conduits housing dangerous flows, to force them onto open ground higher up the 10,948-foot volcano, where they could cool and harden, the lava inexplicably broke onto the surface itself.

AN7 3604 ‘Thank God, it's stopped raining,’ Maggie said as they stepped onto the pavement.

ARW 1011 The Abortion Pill, RU 486, developed by the French based pharmaceutical company Roussel Uclaf, could be introduced onto the British market in spring of this year.

ASH 301 He should be encouraged to stretch down onto the bit without losing balance or rhythm.

AT7 619 She turned now as though about to carry out her threat and went out, across the corridor and into her own room, and there, fully clothed, she dropped onto the bed and fell sidewards across the pillow.

B06 1560 Always put the oil onto a cold bulb before turning on the light.

B0P 399 Or you can simply slide it onto the line through a hole that runs through the centre of the ‘feeder.

B1C 2706 And it says come down onto the wet pale sand,

B7C 1067 Even when the slurry finally goes onto the land, it is not immediately of much use as a fertiliser.

B7J 1749 Did the Easter Islander really have the technology to raise such topknots onto their statues?

BNG 1975 Matthew attempted to put a triangular shaped brick onto the pile.

C9A 650 This means they must have been capable of crawling onto the land, like the sole survivors today of such creatures, called the dipnoans, a type of fish with lungs which live in Africa, Australia and South America.

C9J 2349 So I ‘phoned Washburn, explained the problem and was put onto one Nick who, after a quick ferret around in various boxes, told me he'd stick one in the post.

CDR 1687 Sit up a little and touch your right elbow onto your left knee and then your left elbow onto your right knee.

CE2 2256 Where the foot passenger steps onto the limits before the vehicle reaches them, the driver must accord precedence.

CF9 1922 Colchester played up the hill in the first half and began solidly, their pack pushing Walden back onto the defensive.

CFL 190 She is usually working on a series of paintings and says, ‘One picture sets you off on a road, and I have to make perhaps six paintings before I come to a fork, onto another road’.

CGN 640 By simply massaging it onto your scalp every week you can revive and restore your tired tresses.

CMP 1620 He tried to twist away, but instead his horse plunged back onto its forefeet and threw the Lieutenant's weight fast forward.

EAR 292 to which you enter the number of the unit you previously loaded the tape onto i.e. either 580 or 581 then press ENTER .

EB6 2336 Also worth a mention is the impressive update effect — instead of just disappearing, pressing the space bar and causes the screen to melt away, its replacement lapping onto the screen like waves on a beach.

EBN 173 Visit Volendam, an old and picturesque village on the shore of the former Zuiderzee, then onto Marken, joined to the mainland by a dyke.

EET 2551 Then onto the bright lights of Las Vegas where the glittering shows, the gambling and the fun continues 24 hours a day.

F8L 747 Stab the heel and they drip the blood out onto a piece of blotting paper and it dries and they send it to the laboratory and they punch it out and they examine it and they test it.

FY8 310 Onto the onto the the the street.

G2C 557 The most destructive thing to do is to take complicated swing theory or swing movements onto the golf course.

G2D 2208 Use the pips to make a necklace or stick them onto card to make a design.

G2W 776 Reminding visitors that the whole thing had been lifted onto the mountain by helicopter, Robert Smith, the director of APRS said: ‘If you are going along the way of more leisure time then this building is the shape of things to come.’

G3K 1373 Turn onto 0° on the RC.

GWM 493 issued in 1604: it happens to use the same fount of music type as the Select Songs in the Fairy Queen , and it occupies two and a half pages: it could not have been squeezed onto two.

H48 548 the information previously entered onto these other forms.

HAC 4237 Drives can map a logical configuration onto a physical disk.

HDA 85 Nothing happened, though, and in the afternoon the ‘on-call’ has passed onto a fellow doctor.

HPG 234 Although he had managed to get the Lancaster onto a fairly level plane, it was still pitching forwards and was uncontrollable.

HPK 1930 Grass and weeds are growing onto the footway and making it impossible for parents with pushchairs to use if.

HR3 991 The intermediate values between 25 and 90 would be interpolated onto the 0–255 range of the display device.

HTS 54 Suddenly, they were screaming with laughter, Karen coughing tiny specks of olive across her biscuit-coloured stomach, spilling cold wine onto her arm.

HX4 23 ‘I know antiques look impressive’, remarks one frequent traveller, ‘but I do worry about upsetting a cup of tea or glass of wine onto that polished surface.’

HYC 1302 And then, off you go and make them ready and when you get out onto the heath you just, the horses what's galloping together, you've all been weighed out and then who's riding them and they all take the sheets off and they er straightaway.

J1K 766 From that revelatory moment when the box of white paper is opened until the moment of exposure the exchange of light onto receptive surface has begun.

JP0 307 What I was gonna come onto there is erm can we e e that would involve manning wouldn't it?

K1D 756 Lifting the characters from the TV puppet studio onto the live stage takes a lot of adjustment, even if everything is prerecorded in America.

K1F 1422 Brin was the only survivor, parachuting onto German soil.

K1T 1187 The clampdown at Silverstone comes after fans scaled the barriers and swarmed onto the circuit after last year's race.

K6T 563 And then be straight onto the

KB1 4837 She'll probably drop it out onto you tomorrow !

KC0 6835 And the shires are still there fairly strong, still er some of course has now gone onto the rare breeds.

KE6 4200 Lot of work's gone onto them things.