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A19 458 Start with a length of about seven metres of wire, precisely half of which should be spooled onto a shuttle thin enough to pass through the centre of the toroid.

A7L 539 These were films that had been grafted onto the Gaumont-British production programme, rather than emerging out of the script department as projects with potential that called for higher expenditure.

AN7 1418 She was crying profusely now, tears dripping onto that awful mud.

B7F 294 Over several years, the company had introduced these new machines onto the shop floor.

B7L 862 Rather, it locks onto the injection only when the injection coincides with the start of the active period.

BMF 1379 The brochure shows a polyethylene sea kayak held with just straps onto simple crossbars on the roof of a gutterless saloon car.

BN7 1525 Some solvent misusers may absorb the product onto a rag (which they carry in their pocket) or onto a piece of their clothing.

C8N 160 James pushes Sandra and she falls over onto the cake that Sharon has just baked in cookery.

C9L 2485 It also offers a very impressive solution to one of guitar recording's biggest problems: getting heavy distortion onto tape.

CAB 1832 He held onto the sides of the tub and let his legs float gently to the surface.

CDR 2014 Don't just rush onto the beach and stretch out for hours and hours.

CEC 2458 He stepped out onto the private road and threw open the gates.

CET 1648 If you have two thin slits, parallel to each other, and shine a very narrow beam of light on them, a barred pattern of alternating dark and bright stripes is projected onto a screen behind.

CET 1742 One theory of the origin of ice ages is that they occur when large masses (for example, comets) crash down onto the Earth, throwing up vast amounts of detritus into the stratosphere which block off the heat from the Sun.

CGM 246 Soft, feminine styling incorporating beautiful ringlet curls falling delicately onto the shoulders.

CGM 619 Use styling glaze to slick hair neatly onto the face.

CH5 2626 You'd think that adding £6,000 onto their existing mortgage of £36,000 would cost them a packet.

CL7 1294 All experienced hillwalkers are well aware of the dangers of venturing onto the hills without being properly equipped and prepared.

CMD 1055 Another thing which struck me was how people seem to take pleasure in adding to the proportions of the many cairns by tossing a stone onto the mound.

CME 668 After a short distance, the path meets a forestry track, turn left onto this.

CTJ 100 Each RS/6000 is active in mode 2, running its own applications, but enabling one system to dump its load onto the other should a processor fail.

EVG 940 He brought his leg back up onto the chair and resumed his original pose.

F9V 1632 6 At first, Birdie's shy, but then she jumps onto the perch I'm holding and sidehops over to the treat dish.

F9Y 1213 The artist would reproduce that grid onto a studio canvas in a proportionately larger scale, using it as a sequence of reference points by which to plot and paint up the landscape configuration exactly to the Design drawing.

FRC 1849 She swayed to and fro; she almost slipped down onto the ground beside the dead queen in the mud but Finn kept hold of her no matter how hard she struck at him, lightly clasping her shoulders so that she would not fall.

FRS 1498 Christina led them under an arched stone portico and through a labyrinth of white-stucco passageways opening onto vine-covered courtyards where tiny humming-birds fluttered through tall bamboo, and antique urns overflowed with red and pink angelica.

FYA 1400 I'm I'm onto a good, I can't lose.

G0H 1190 In the age of imperialism, an older model of history based on the rise and fall of empires could be projected back onto the fossil record to justify the world-wide expansion of modern Europeans.

G0P 2017 The train burst free of the tunnel and Donna shouted in defiance, managing to get her other hand onto the frame, too.

G3K 693 angle of lead When intercepting a track to or from a radio beacon you must allow for the turn onto track from the intercepting heading.

H48 548 the information previously entered onto these other forms.

H48 906 Let's er let's move onto the downhill part of the er proceedings today.

HAC 10731 These now include all of the established PC file formats — PCX, BMP, TIF, WPG, DIB, and so forth, as well as a separate facility for placing EPS — Encapsulated PostScript — files onto the page.

HEH 237 There's er this other one here with a I carried a fish box out onto the wire and set it down and sat on it.

HH0 4352 Although he clearly wants to walk off the boat, the ambulance crew scramble on board and clamp him onto a stretcher, so firmly that I wonder if they think he might punch them.

HJ1 17270 Writing is included because, particularly at the later phases of primary schooling, curriculum guidelines are rare, and it remains unclear as to what might reasonably be expected of children once they have mastered putting words onto paper.

HJD 82 The Prophet stepped out onto the short balcony and slid the glass door closed behind him.

HJG 792 If you try to pitch the ball onto the top, particularly working from a tight lie, you will find it almost impossible to pull the ball up quickly enough.

HSD 214 The rod is then withdrawn and the bottle falls onto a bed of sand.

HU2 2571 Aliquots of suspended cells were cytocentrifuged (Shandon Southern Cytocentrifuge, Cheshire, England) at 5000 rpm for 5 minutes onto slides.

HWS 1746 To study the distribution of lactoferrin in ethanol fixed granulocytes cytocentrifuged onto microscope sides, the slides were incubated with rabbit anti-human milk lactoferrin in a moist chamber for 30 minutes.

HX4 1244 Allow this to work on the cooking residues for 20 minutes and then switch the combi-steamer onto the steam mode for 10-–15 minutes.

J0V 1555 The recommissioning of the hardware, copying onto fresh stock, and documenting the operational quirks of the systems would require additional but affordable technical support.

JJC 33 Good, okay well let's take some details from you and what I'll do is I'll register your details onto our mailing list so that erm, anything that's coming onto the market you'll get a phone call on straight away to let you know but also I'll then check and see what we've got that might suit your requirements at the moment.

K1E 3017 The hunt recently fenced off 6 and a half miles of the M40 to stop foxes getting onto it.

K1W 3036 Her owner hopes eventually Thumper will fly down to eat from his hand so he can fasten her onto his training glove.

K4W 5459 But a short time later Michael saw Dale walk out onto the balcony to play with his toys.

K55 273 MR GIBBON points out (HAS January 13) that the test question (Echo January 7) for 14-year-olds shows the man has already stepped onto the first stair and begins to fall into the trap of talking about the man, when the question asks about the load!

K97 16728 In another incident a 12-year-old Newton-le-Willows boy suffered minor burns after falling onto a bonfire and in Halewood a 40-year-old man went to Whiston Hospital after suffering slight burns.

KBV 661 They all coming onto yours are they?