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A0H 1159 By the time that you turn onto the base leg you need your chosen speed and the airbrakes unlocked ready for use.

AMB 148 His mother helped him up onto the seat beside Mr McDoodle.

B1R 885 If this is not possible you can crush a pill between two spoons to make a powder which can be sprinkled onto the lips and tongue of the baby if needed.

B2U 1949 Calculate the cost of the goods and enter it onto the invoice.

B3F 34 And in order to assess the wind speed, we had to climb up a perpendicular outside iron staircase, which took us onto the flat roof of Flying Control.

BPG 706 Then, as the heel touches the ground, lock your ankle and shift your weight forward with the knee bent, rocking forward onto the toes and using them to push you off to the next step.

C89 258 Two or three colours are mixed with linseed oil, which is poured, in sections, onto the horizontal canvas, which is then stood against a wall.

C92 982 Next, mark the outline of the board onto the film and then lay down the positions of the copper pads to act as a reference, just as we did in the ‘direct etch’ method last month.

C96 2181 The contrast well with slower moving goldfish and koi, and spend most of their time just under the water surface searching for any dried food or insects which may fall onto the water.

C9H 804 Alas, Townshend's monster Hiwatt never made it onto the House Of Love album.

CA8 600 Jim Pickering was one of the four: ‘I was Red 2 in company with Red I and Green Section when I saw a Ju88 engaged by A.A. about 1,000 feet above us…he saw me at this height and turned in a circle onto my tail.

CAU 375 With something as desirable as the Bölkow 207, I didn't need a second offer, and on a thunderstorm-laden day ‘TE turned finals onto Bourn's Runway 19 to rendezvous with an eager air-tester and an equally impatient photographer.

CAU 1700 I pulled Zulu Sierra into a steep right turn onto his tail’.

CCK 173 Why Elena latched onto chemistry as the science which she would master is not clear.

CEC 3048 As soon as the propellers came to a standstill the passengers disembarked onto the parking bay in front of a small terminal building.

CFK 1257 Equally clay moulds may have been produced by carving in the negative directly onto the clay; while carving a negative is difficult it was achieved with success at other times, for instance in the medieval period with stone moulds.

CK4 1231 Dennis Hopper, who got John Lee to put some of his spooky moanings onto his soundtrack for The Hot Spot , figures that this singer ‘proves you can take a steady diet of fried chicken well into your 70s and still try to get all those pretty young things into a hot tub.’

CL0 87 As we are all busy people we might not have time to repeat the picture onto a larger surface.

CN1 2517 The caster may cast this spell onto himself.

D91 742 But this this is spilling out onto the steps of the place.

EUU 1229 After lunch, AEs are given a sales motivational talk, then are whisked onto the dealing floor.

EV6 1150 (iii) Apply one large drop of DAPI (Sigma) solution (0.2–0.4 g/ml in McIlvaine's buffer pH 7.0) and lower a fresh coverslip onto the drop.

F7C 773 they didn't even know how to put the clip onto the microphone, they were sitting holding the microphones instead of slinging it round their neck, and they've never been told about the equipment, so they needn't

FRC 3032 Finn's hand, with a cigarette in it, poked out of the folds of clothing and tapped ash onto the floor.

FUJ 1816 We're looking for about two big paragraphs or so plus some photographs, to go onto one of these.

FXV 215 So being just do as your told, did as I was told and up we went, onto this crane overhead and the job was running up and down th er picking the boxes up, whatever the chappies want, the , and lowering them and doing exactly what they wanted.

G00 172 Secondly there must be an efficient method of getting the information displayed on the screen onto the paper and the PostScript page description language met that requirement to a tee.

G00 654 Aldus' PageMaker, the doyen of the Macintosh desktop publishing world, took rather longer to migrate onto the PC that had been expected but is now very firmly established.

G37 1893 Be prepared to tell the boat to windward that this is what you intend to do so that he does nor barge down onto you and force you further along the line.

HWX 2132 Diane, I believe that if I place this disc onto the rotating turntable of a hi-fi system — not forgetting to place the stylus onto the groove, of course— then we may just find the break we're looking for…

G3K 1634 On receipt of your first QDM, turn onto that heading, assess the wind angle, and allow for any drift.

GYV 215 We can, we can put it all under one roof, and the d the design came out er good erm so that you could walk from the end of the, the machine shop was extended and you could walk from there into the catapult shop directly, or straight into the er fitting base, and thence down onto the welding sections.

H86 1639 A few minutes later they came out onto the bright and still busy Lower Road.

H8M 1310 She flittered in the kitchen, piling crockery onto the table.

HJM 41 There are too many loopholes allowing poached ivory to be "laundered" into the legal trade and thence onto the open market.

HLE 807 With that threat having been neutralized, argued Buchanan, it was time to return to a form of nationalism based upon protectionism, minimal government, an avoidance of foreign entanglements, and a defence of the "Judeo-Christian values" which formed the basis of US culture and which were in danger of being "dumped onto some landfill called multiculturalism" .

HPG 184 Charlie's thumb pressed the little red button which dropped the bombs onto the unseen enemy below.

HR3 291 If the map is to be reproduced, for example, a higher-quality end-product is obtained if the map is output onto film for subsequent printing.

HS3 319 Water was now the problem as it dripped onto machinery from the floor above.

HUA 1083 John ran back and climbed onto the deck.

HWF 2319 The Storage Directories map onto the Charge Codes set up by the LIFESPAN Manager (see Section 2.7)— this is where your configurable items are actually stored.

J1B 227 Jack and Wise were thrown into the water, but scrambled back onto the aircraft, which remained afloat.

J37 185 Over 1,000 elephant, together with several species of buck, zebra and crocodile, are to be herded onto private game ranches in areas not affected by the drought.

K1N 725 There wasn't such a warm welcome though, when they came out onto the pitch a shortwhile ago.

K25 3360 But what had promised to be a happy greeting turned to a strained departure — tonight Adisa was taken onto hospital although she's since been allowed to leave and join other refugees in Northampton.

K97 512 John Aldridge, making a smart run and well-timed header at the near post, had to applaud Poole's reflexes after the goalkeeper turned his effort onto the bar.

KCY 914 goes onto there

KPG 5467 Alright, he's going out with a girl called Laura, he's coming onto her sister but he thinks he's in love with Sally.

KRG 518 If the new, friendlier systems do come onto the market, and if they're bought as presents and so on, and they get into the homes and they get into the schools, then people will just learn to use them, and it's the existing professionals who may have to change their habits to accommodate.

KRN 62 erm They had great services were held in Christchurch Cathedral, and the King would have looked out from the Deans House, and this is the view of Tom Quad, a modern view, of course, of how you can look out onto the Great Quad of Christchurch, but of course it wasn't like that.