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A0N 2666 He fell onto his pallet, breathing hard.

AN7 1185 Maggie had just stepped onto that floor when there was a sudden miaow!

AN8 426 ‘I understand from the Echo man that it was your paper in Nature that put him onto the track,’ Kegan said maliciously.

AT3 1230 I clambered onto the wheelbarrow, to pray for a healing miracle, laying aside my glasses and hat.

B1R 1519 Cold may also go down onto the chest with lots of secretions, coughing and rattling of mucus.

B34 1357 So they spent hours painting brassières onto the nude photographs before sending the souvenir programme home.

B76 924 In the semiconductor industry, light sensitive materials — or ‘resists’— transfer intricate circuit designs from ‘masks’ onto silicon wafers.

B7C 635 In these, the light beam is thrown by rapidly moving mirrors onto a small LC cell to create minute, cursively written characters and graphics.

B7J 1642 RIGHT-THINKING PEOPLE have been angered and shamed by the manner in which our unimaginative leaders bundled that wretched and ill-done-by Papusoiu onto a plane at Heathrow airport bound for a cruel Romanian jail, and have voiced their disgust.

B7M 1170 His photophonic receiver was a lens which focused the modulated beam onto a very thin, hard rubber diaphragm mounted on a large telephone ear-piece.

BMF 287 Day 8) Dave got his head wet today and as soon as he rolled up said ‘To hell with this,’ and crawled out onto a raft.

BMF 1396 Scott Bader are to close their Stratford Road premises in Birmingham and replace it with a new centre backing onto the Merryhill Estate in Brierley Hill.

BMW 1930 Taking a deep breath she gripped the roll and held onto it, not moving.

CA7 592 The design is in this way transferred onto the material (linen, cotton, silk, organdie, etc).

CA7 1397 It is worth going to Eira da Serrado, just above Curral das Freiras, for an amazing view down onto the village of Curral das Freiras which nestles in a spectacular deep valley.

CAN 1250 In a traditional plant the engine, transmission, and axles are placed onto ‘the track’— a chain-driven series of platforms which move continuously at a fixed pace while the operators work on the cars — and the painted body is lowered onto them.

CBJ 638 Those on its northern side had ample yards or gardens abutting Great Prescott Street, which itself gave onto Goodman's Fields.

CBK 251 One of a batch of large bogie cars, delivered to Gravesend where they were found to be too large, also found its way onto the Aurelia Road site, to be tried out when the line opened.

CBP 590 ‘Audio nasties’ can get onto the tape from sources which are much nearer to home than wind or passing traffic.

CBP 1139 Although putting inserts and dubs onto original video tapes is quite straightforward, it does carry the risk that, if you make a mistake, you may ruin an irreplaceable recording.

CCK 173 Why Elena latched onto chemistry as the science which she would master is not clear.

CDR 1687 Sit up a little and touch your right elbow onto your left knee and then your left elbow onto your right knee.

CFL 803 Again, working with very wet paint onto dry paper, I apply successive washes of burnt umber and Prussian blue, burnt sienna and yellow ochre with a little more care, pulling diagonally downwards from top right to bottom left.

CG3 256 Hold onto all these smells until the evening, when you can deliver them up onto the blank paper.

CGL 780 Brown released his safety belt and removed his gloves, and with a crippled leg from the war, scrambled onto the centre section of the fuselage and then onto the wing.

CNT 134 The operator also announced Spheris, a new messaging software designed to integrate its existing telecommunications services onto personal computers.

ECG 1330 Mike Shell and Tony Sawbridge found Kathleen Turner (HVS) on the Outer St James Stone, and in Short Story Zawn, In One Bound E2 5c, starts up Big Shiner then traverses right onto the face left of Tall Story.

EET 1271 Surrounded by coconut groves, it looks out over a large, open-air swimming pool onto an excellent sandy beach and the sea beyond.

EWH 1229 But within a few days, all her mother's youth and vigour were gone and the energetic, independent woman whose health and dependability she had taken for granted for so long had turned into a helpless invalid, unable to hold down the thinnest gruel, unable to sleep more than a few minutes at a time, unable even to answer the calls of nature on her own, so that she had to be lifted like a child onto the pot and lifted back into the jumble of stinking bedclothes.

FAN 938 He decided to shift responsibility for the Dutch Indies onto other shoulders, judging that anyway it was, in language he was accustomed to, a ‘can of worms’.

FNU 2000 Stella jumped up and made a clattering show of stacking the supper plates onto a tray.

FRS 1653 Alleyne stepped onto a specially constructed rostrum and cut a pink and white ribbon to release a profusion of pink and white fresh hibiscus petals onto the crowd who exclaimed and applauded.

FY5 534 But during the er strike he used to go out purposely to get them and he used to go onto these fields.

G01 29 The uniformed officer didn't appreciate the joke and pushed Robinson out onto the landing where, already, a steady file of men were spilling from their cells, joining the long line on either side of the landing as they made their way to the toilets.

G01 3631 Robinson swung himself up onto his bunk and pulled a magazine from beneath his pillow.

G22 693 Trace the promise Badges on page 31 and glue them onto the bookmark.

GVL 3453 The captain staggered backwards, tripped over the dropped gun and fell onto the sidewalk.

H06 406 Mix breadcrumbs and herbs and press onto the lamb.

H9U 1373 His head was bent over onto his shoulder, and they could not see his face.

HBH 207 The soft part of the contract includes low maintenance grass areas, high quality formal rolling lawns backing onto the buildings, putting greens for use by both patients and staff and also a children's green.

HH0 1633 One of them puts my fallen dress strap back up onto my shoulder.

HPL 347 a Extract relevant addresses from Master Mailing List onto floppy disc, using ‘flagging’ system;

J1K 279 How then to conceptualise works such as Polly Binns' minimalist and rather beautiful series ‘Overstrand to Side Strand’(1992), white linen squares, slit, painted and stitched; Beverley Clark's untitled construction with its large wood-stained pieces of canvas threaded onto nylon, like the beads of a child's necklace; or Sally Freshwater's snaking folds of linen held taut with rods, expanding across one wall of the Crafts Council gallery.

KA1 883 Carter lead them through a doorway onto a staircase.

KB1 1926 What backs onto that bungalow, Karen.

KCT 12605 In the end he isn't they who, he sued the insurance company and this, the er solicitor he had weren't getting on very good and they suggested this bloke and he got onto it and he got on it, fifteen thousand quid out of sixteen thousand quids .

KD2 2115 Off of Tracey's onto there.

KE2 8562 But er I don't know how we got onto it er sh and I think she said something about oh, she knew her tables

KM4 123 We've just gone on pink onto red .

KS9 893 Unless the rider can control the energy his legs are creating, the horse will never learn to use his hocks, but will plough onto his forehand.