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A19 317 The development, they say, will make it easier to integrate high-speed prescalers onto counter circuits, multiplexing circuits and other multi-function chips used in communications.

ADD 131 However, such activities at best brought some credit to the NSV itself, with little rubbing off onto the main organization, the NSDAP.

ADY 1897 ‘Don't talk nonsense,’ Tremayne said a shade uneasily, and bumped the Land Rover across the ruts of the track and onto the smooth upland grass before drawing to a halt.

AEB 2604 Seen from the rear, the house was exactly as she had described it, square and imposing with a flight of elegant stone steps leading down onto the grass.

AMB 1215 He had to rip his jacket free from the wooden beam and, sprawling himself over the chair, held onto the rope for all he was worth.

AMR 321 Again in the same area, but from the canal bank and this time we have none other than Great Western 3440 ‘City of Truro’ making its way from York to Didcot and diverted onto the GC on a miserable day in April 1989.

ARE 1032 But in the swordfish these extend onto the lower surface of the ‘sword’.

ARS 1281 After cutting and initial drying of the exposed surface the swathes are turned over by hand or mechanical rake to expose the wet under-surface and to move the whole windrow onto dry ground.

AT3 1230 I clambered onto the wheelbarrow, to pray for a healing miracle, laying aside my glasses and hat.

B0U 208 I climbed onto my bunk.

B19 814 Only after that, and with a few facts from your GP, plus half a page on your stresses during the last five years — I had to overflow onto the back of my page and with a little encouragement could easily have made it a 100,000 words — can you go through the eye of the needle.

B78 955 MATUSHITA of Japan has found a way of printing solar cell material directly onto a glass base.

C87 710 Ray Parker's theme tune was transferred onto the SID chip as perfectly as you could imagine, so when you add the lyrics to the bottom of the screen with a bouncing dot highlighting the words in time with the music…

C89 420 I work straight out of my head onto the canvas.

CAH 1018 At the beginning of October 1991, the Daily Mail ran a five-day series on ‘The Invasion of Europe’, whose opening article was entitled ‘Out of Africa and onto our doorstep’.

CBP 1428 Set it, not frontally, but at an angle onto the subject from a position alongside the camera, and aim it downwards at about forty-five degrees to the horizontal.

CG0 714 Now it became a ‘hotbed’ of student protest as thousands went onto the streets, carrying banners and shouting slogans like ‘Long live democracy’, ‘Down with despotism’, and ‘No modernisation without democratisation’, a direct reference to the words of imprisoned Wei Jingsheng.

CHH 1058 Follow the path which heads away from the water beside a laurel hedge, and onto a gravelled road.

CHJ 1051 Do not pitch close to objects that will reflect the sun's rays onto the tent, such as white caravans.

CKU 1446 The successful sale to the Dallas Museum of Art in 1991 of a group of Greek and Etruscan jewellery by Robert Haber in partnership with Artemis has led the company to invite Mr Haber onto the Board of Directors, indicating their continued commitment to this field.

CL0 852 A simple still life was sketched onto a grainy watercolour paper, again using the Kurecolor KC-1100 Twin Pointed Markers.

CLD 753 The effect of micro-second synchronised detonation of chemical explosive onto beryllium, then onto uranium 238, then onto uranium 235, then onto weapons-grade plutonium 239, and then onto the innermost pit and the core of tritium/deuterium.

CRM 9631 There is good evidence that the infall occurs right down into the central parsec, but at a much smaller rate than the overall mass inflow rate, suggesting that any accretion onto a central black hole is episodic.

EB1 780 Force knuckles of right hand onto right shoulder

ECG 1330 Mike Shell and Tony Sawbridge found Kathleen Turner (HVS) on the Outer St James Stone, and in Short Story Zawn, In One Bound E2 5c, starts up Big Shiner then traverses right onto the face left of Tall Story.

ED4 3012 About 20min before serving remove all but the chocolate-coated truffles from the fridge and pile onto a large platter.

EF1 604 She switched it off then clambered over the fence, landing nimbly on her toes, and walked down another alley which brought her out onto Madison Avenue.

EF1 1295 He tossed the Colt Python onto the front seat then locked the keys inside the police car.

EG0 607 But the pressure was on, with state housing subsidies inciting the architects, builders and local councils to build ever upward and experiment with barely tested materials, to cram the maximum population onto the minimum land mass, so that during the twenty-year tower block boom nearly half a million high-rise homes were built.

EW6 602 However when a measurement is made the state vector undergoes a discontinuous change, collapsing onto that particular eigenvector which corresponds to the result actually observed on that occasion.

FBG 50 how Gorton gives onto Hattersley and Hyde, to where

FRC 1005 A window at one end gave onto a coal hole; a little daylight filtered through at an angle from an iron grating in the pavement above.

FU8 174 When the grille swung open he called two or three seamen to his side and ordered them to haul the corpse out onto the deck.

FYY 685 Her father was dead but her mother was still alive, and had managed to hang onto the old apartment where she now used the extra space to accommodate short-stay workers who needed a bed in the city.

FYY 2369 He led her to a door; the door opened out onto the street.

G0Y 1786 She subsided onto the chair.

G27 600 The kilometre long cutting emerges onto a longer embankment with extensive views over the Tame valley and back towards West Bromwich.

G2A 244 From Adkin, 128 Oxford Road, Cowley office, proceed through the traffic lights by the Original Swan public house and onto the ring road.

H06 1148 Spoon onto buttered rye bread.

H8M 1310 She flittered in the kitchen, piling crockery onto the table.

HGL 1866 Sometimes I held onto the receiver without putting it back into its cradle; distractedly, I held it, with Kool and the Gang wafting from the radio.

HJA 1978 Some subject specialists have worked out their own way of using such systems, for instance many molecular biologists post sequences onto these networks rather than writing or publishing.

HYA 1689 Making a town plan can be done with young children by suggesting the children draw pictures of different parts of the town and sticking these onto a large piece of paper.

HYA 1789 They can either draw their contribution directly onto the paper, or they can stick their drawings onto a large wall map.

J9U 999 as far as the committee was concerned there is they've taken a decision on the preferred route, but we did as I've just referred to in the earlier work, er we did assess that erm and that showed again er that the traffic wouldn't transfer from the A sixty one onto a southern bypass and a inner northern relief road.

K2N 1183 The Ring safestop costs just £3 and can be stuck onto the dash.

K4P 393 This was created by painting onto the pot a thin film of gold, or platinum suspended in oils or solvents; when fired in a special kiln, the metals fused onto the pot, giving the lustrous effect.

K4W 2559 Mr Bowden said he pulled over onto the grass verge and was about level with the car when he heard two thuds as two other cars ran into it.

KDW 3039 onto Thursday and Fridays.

KRL 2701 All right, but before you go onto the plusses, let's talk to Janet.