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A4W 93 Management has decided that workers are still not ready to be pushed too far towards Japanese-style working methods, or as one assembly worker at Dagenham put it: ‘If they think I'm going to do physical jerks and sing the company song before I start my shift, they've got another think coming.’

ACE 1630 If anyone thinks I'm going to miss my lovely Alvar Liddell they've got another think coming.

ALH 1072 Anyway this particular Monday morning I didn't feel like getting up although my Mam had already shouted: ‘If he thinks he's going to have me at his beck and call just to get him his breakfast when he wants, he's got another think coming.’

B3J 337 ‘Yanto Gates,’ she squeaked, ‘if you think I am going to hare around the country in all winds and weathers in a contraption like that, you've got another think coming.

CFJ 196 ‘If you think we're going to stand for this,’ shrieked the shrews in their shrill little voices, ‘you've got another think coming!’

CFJ 793 ‘If she thinks we're going to stand for her having tea while our homes are dug up and flung about, she's got another think coming!’

CFJ 1554 ‘You've got another think coming, flatfoot!’

HHB 810 If he thinks he's going to kiss me — he's got another think coming, she decided firmly.

JY2 3999 ‘If you think for one moment I'm going to wear another woman's ring while you make love to me you've got another think coming…’ she choked.

JYE 4656 ‘If you think I'm going to let you turn out at this time of night you've got another think coming.