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A17 1039 The veteran classes are our equivalent of the glamourous granny or grandpa competitions!

A2S 136 A sport, like a new spouse, can be so infatuated with its glamourous partner that it loses its head.

CKY 152 While Fountains Abbey, the great Gothic ruin set in beautiful parkland, could naturally be transferred to the National Trust given a suitable endowment (who would provide the millions needed for that?), and Westminster Abbey's Chapter House could be entrusted to the Church of England, it is uncertain whether some of the less glamourous archaeological sites could be hived off to local councils without risk to their future.

EC5 63 She sees herself as a driving force to get new ideas for new courses onto the University books particularly interdisciplinary courses and others which, she says, have got glamourous, ‘rather sexy’ images.

HSL 653 Similarly, the women may be isolated and destructive or glamourous and powerful; possible to be pitied, perhaps to be envied.

HSL 816 The underdog cuts off her glamourous tresses for’ serious hair’and begins to impersonate the boss.

HX4 241 Glamourous maybe, but years of staying away from home, and being accommodated in everything from a Seamans Mission to a Penthouse Suite, seriously dampens initial enthusiasm.

K1N 1186 It glamourises what is not at all a glamourous job.

K4P 2624 Many people think that working in showbusiness is an easy glamourous job.