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A0R 2565 The result was all she intended — glamorous, enticing, unusual.

A4G 53 On one side is the spineless Bishop Barrantes, representing the worst aspects of the Church's mugwumpery and corruption; on the other is Father Maby, confidant of Elena and friend to the poor and displaced in his jungle retreat; his work is less glamorous than the revolutionary's, but his wisdom and gentleness make him the unexpected hero of the novel.

A7H 904 She met ‘miracle’ babies and, at the less glamorous end of the scale, opened a cervical-cancer unit.

A7L 464 The films are always set against glamorous backgrounds, with Matthews offering herself for audience identification as the outsider trying to enter a world that seeks to exclude her.

A7P 997 Inside all of us there is a sultry, glamorous model just waiting to step under the studio lights.

A8B 5 Engineering is not a glamorous pursuit, nor does Swindon produce the final glossy motor car which might lure potential workers.

AAU 68 Turning up its coat collar in a hard-boiled way, the voice is briefed on its mission —‘leather couches, portraits of the Queen…this must be MI6’— passes a dingy border checkpoint getting its forged passport stamped, studies a spy plane view of Cheltenham, cracks a cipher or two, and spots a glamorous female spy from the window of the Orient Express to Istanbul.

ACS 580 The babies, the bottles, the cooking, the diapering, the burping, the carriage wheeling, the pressure cooker, the barbecue, the playground and doing-it-yourself was more comfortable, more safe, secure and satisfying than that supposedly glamorous ‘career’ in which you somehow didn't feel wanted and knew you weren't going to get anywhere.

AK6 680 FULL-TIME Communication, the satellite television company which has offered English football £500 million over 10 years, are also bidding for the glamorous final stages of the European Cup.

AP0 430 Warren Beatty also discovered a route to instant fame, co-starring with Natalie Wood, one of the world's most glamorous young actresses in 1959, in Elia Kazan's Splendor in the Grass .

B1L 223 But there was something about them, maybe their mohair suits, maybe the hard men they imported from Glasgow or maybe their bonding as brothers that made them seem glamorous .

B29 1186 Actor John Sessions, performing his one-man show Travelling Tales of the Grand Opera House in Belfast, features glamorous and fast-talking South American tree frogs as characters throughout the first act.

BMG 1494 A less glamorous version of its origin sees the first Manx cat as nothing more than a Manx sailor's pet — a curiosity brought home after travels to the Orient.

BMM 2180 Many people imagine that it is a glamorous life, jetting around the world for the big athletics meetings and receiving much media attention.

BMM 2181 While I will grant you that it beats filing for the Inland Revenue, it is a suitcase existence and no matter how glamorous the location of the meeting we very rarely see beyond the airport, the hotel and the stadium.

C9M 2404 And yet, there are student and semi-professional models available at more modest prices and, most importantly, the classical instrument industry is unsupported by glamorous, glossy ads.

CAH 1621 I bet you they wouldn't find it quite so glamorous if, instead of getting drunk and shooting her, he'd got drunk and accidentally beaten her to death.

CAU 688 The vast majority recognise that the short sectors, three engines and stringent safety standards offer as much security as with more glamorous operations.

CDJ 265 Quick, easy styling methods make glamorous hair achievable for everyone.

CEK 6154 Then there's a homage to the Barbie Doll which goes: Blue eyes, blonde hair, long legs/ she's glamorous, she's welcomed by boys.

CGM 233 Curling tongs are an asset when it comes to home styling but they're particularly vital for creating the glamorous styles of the 40's.

CHA 3194 Not as suspenseful, or as gross, as some claim,The Silence Of The Lambs is still horror's most glamorous film yet, elegant, vicious and even drily amusing.

CHG 452 She might not have been as glamorous as the great vessels loaded with equally glamorous cargo, but she was just as important in her own way.

CHG 452 She might not have been as glamorous as the great vessels loaded with equally glamorous cargo, but she was just as important in her own way.


CS4 370 Interest in golf has grown so rapidly in the last ten years that it has reached out beyond its traditional confines and become glamorous.

E9P 749 Spring is here and our make-over feature is back, offering readers the chance to try out a glamorous new look.

E9Y 571 What makes this one a bit special is that she is Wilbur Smith's glamorous wife and the media are certain to love her.

EBR 1231 By comparison housework is boring, lonely, unrewarding work, and it has none of the prestige associated with meeting famous people and working in a glamorous establishment like Claridges.

EC8 738 To the still ardent John Kemp the old Don is a romantic figure, while Don Baltasar for his part dreams of England as a glamorous country, free from the political pressures of his own adopted land.

FF0 883 After all, it is flattering to a hard-working policeman to think that someone as glamorous, or glamorous-seeming, as an author wants to know about his dull daily life.

FP9 1295 A range of regular routinized but riotous activities accomplished this, from the Glamorous Grannie to the Mr Knobbly Knees competition.

G0S 1357 She liked the sound of these words, even delivered with her mother's genteel sneer, but Miranda didn't match any of these, they were too glamorous.

G0Y 313 On the mantelpiece was a photo of a pleasant-looking woman, fair hair, not beautiful, not glamorous, quite ordinary really.

G2C 740 Life is not as glamorous as it is cracked up to be on Tour.

HWX 1148 LA — IT'S big, tacky, glamorous, sleazy and exciting.

GU9 1537 Nick, by this time leading a glamorous social life in England with his girlfriend Arabella (Ari) Campbell MacNair-Wilson, daughter of a Conservative Member of Parliament, proposed that since nobody wanted a purely business party for journalists and other promotional appendages, each of the children should invite their own friends.

GUE 478 The engine purred throatily, doors clunked with glamorous solidity, the car felt luxurious and astronomically expensive.

GUE 2695 She could now see the creek, filled with its glamorous yachts and strolling, beautiful people…

H9H 2021 ‘Very glamorous.’

HAE 2906 A RARE chance to launch into the glamorous word of modelling — and the opportunity to become a beauty queen — are both up for grabs.

HGD 135 I don't remember seeing Imogen looking anything but glamorous.’

HGS 2350 ‘My role is not a glamorous one.

HSJ 824 There are drawbacks, though, to this great glamorous whirl.

HTT 2116 Featuring a fat balding middle-aged clerk, the slim glamorous starlet madly in love with him, the clerk's wily roguish ne'er-do-well cousin and the cousin's battleaxe of a wife.

K4T 10284 —The glamorous Tyneside girls measure their success in degrees both on and off the stage.

K57 1366 THE Labeque sisters project a glamorous and pleasingly unorthodox image, but it is backed up by their ability to deliver in musical terms.

K5A 6621 I had a holiday, nothing glamorous, just a few weeks with no deadlines, no pressures.

K5F 1790 VAT is certainly not a glamorous subject and it is easy for those dealing with it to be cynical about it.

K5L 1987 There was Sibylle's older brother Georg in the peaked cap of the German army officer — as darkly glamorous as in a war movie.