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A5R 200 Given the most cynical interpretation, although one that seems to be surprisingly widely held in New York, ‘those four beautiful books have become the most glamorous mail order catalogue in history.’

B11 1141 In fact Andrew showed considerably more affection for our mutual and pretty little friend Mary McLeod, and he was often in the company of a blond and beautiful girl, the glamorous Gloria, who looked better in a bikini on the Windrush verandah, it must be confessed, than many another.

B72 33 For the media, interferon was a glamorous new arrival on the pharmaceutical scene.

B7C 35 Some people in publishing like to think of theirs as a glamorous medium, so they sometimes copy the Hollywood glitter, They certainly did so last week, when the Periodical Publishers Association handed out its awards for 1983.

BMR 518 ‘Save you 30p, it all adds up,’ he said, reducing my glamorous cosmopolitan personality to its due place in the Oxford scheme of things.

BMW 2399 The first model appeared on the catwalk, looking so glamorous, so unbelievably chic, that Sally could scarcely believe that her very own sister could be a part of this glittering performance.

BN4 1072 First we can be aware of the unnecessary layers of paper, cardboard and plastic used to make products larger and more glamorous than life, and avoid them.

BP7 457 An evening meeting on a Tuesday at Kempton is not one of racing's most glamorous occasions.

BPJ 792 The incident also offered us a glimpse of the glamorous , sometimes expensive, globe trotting lifestyle of a successful wine merchant.

BPJ 795 A mere £1,250.00, fully inclusive, will secure your Pullman seat on the glamorous Orient Express for the journey of a lifetime.

CAH 1278 I could have said that their way of life would slowly become less and less glamorous, more and more morally debilitating.

CAT 910 Such events normally draw a large crowd but hers is very much the glamorous end of the market.

CEK 7662 Despite the glamorous careers she creates for her clients, Sarah herself lives a low-key life in Battersea with her daughters Noelle, 13, and 13-month-old Genevieve.

CGB 1024 It's impossible, of course, not to draw comparisons between this decidedly unsexy image and Pitt's infamous Levi's spot, which also involved parading around in his underwear, albeit a slightly more glamorous pair of boxers.

CH2 4341 After Mona agreed with Mr Carman that she shunned publicity, he produced glamorous photos of her taken at her mother's mansion in Hampstead, North London.

CH6 4217 JOHN Bryan's glamorous personal assistant has a history of mischief herself.

CH6 7866 ‘The thing about showbusiness marriages is that you are both rich and famous in a very glamorous world.

CH6 9579 LANDLORD Roy Tolan has become obsessed with a new woman in his life — a glamorous ghost.

CHA 2554 Where Sly went for an inward-looking drum-numbed indifference (made bearable, glamorous even, by a wonderfully impenetrable jungle funk), Gaye wrought a song cycle that takes the whole world through doubt, disillusion, destruction and eventual redemption through the power of love and community.

CHT 422 Such jobs enjoy a higher status and may be considered more popular and glamorous than others.

CLS 275 They brought in their wake a whole range of families who might have been socially ambitious but who were certainly fascinated by the prospect of sharing the movies with even more affluent and glamorous folk.

CSK 67 ‘If we try to market UnixWare as a glamorous front-end solution we'll fall flat on our face,’ a Univel official said.

ED9 3166 They are, of course, gentler than Archdeacon Grantly; more democratic, less worldly and less glamorous.

EET 2344 Named the ‘Home of the Stars’ when it opened in 1927, this glamorous hotel has recently been restored to all its former glory.

EFG 740 His success and the nature of the job mean they lead a glamorous lifestyle, although as he gets up at 4.15am and goes to bed at 9pm weekdays, Simon might not agree.

FAY 1531 In the longer term, is there a risk that in focusing attention on such ‘hard core’ racist groups there is a danger of making them seem glamorous?

FPB 2092 Overworked and depressed, she felt as if she were being turned into a glamorous business machine.

G0Y 313 On the mantelpiece was a photo of a pleasant-looking woman, fair hair, not beautiful, not glamorous, quite ordinary really.

G2V 2819 Our special supplement is packed with inspirational ideas for healthy and glamorous hair; tips on how to adapt your skincare and make-up to suit the season; and our essential guide to safe sunning for your and your children.

GVL 544 Dr Groome flashed up snips of a series of scheming, glamorous femmes fatales.

H0C 1335 Then on to the spacious dining saloon with its white and gold decor, now alive with the movement of gold-braided, be-medalled uniforms alongside glamorous ladies in evening dress.

HA4 701 Penelope walked on, thinking, ‘Esther’, some glamorous Jewess, no doubt.

HJ4 1637 LIFE-SAVING may not be the most glamorous part of swimming, but its value to society is supreme.

HLW 462 The problem is the long-term industrial strategy for prosperity is not a glamorous thing.

HTG 3814 They weren't glamorous enough for you to have known about them: they consisted of the people who weren't medically A1.

HWXHWX 1148 LA — IT'S big, tacky, glamorous, sleazy and exciting.

J19 2964 Make it more glamorous for the poor wretches.’

JY0 1975 Nurses out of uniform just aren't glamorous any more, and it can be quite disappointing.’

JY1 229 But even so, even though she was sure Rosemary must be exaggerating, her remarks about her being too glamorous in relation to her work place nagged away at her.

JY4 2964 We said that we understood things could happen in a glamorous environment —’

JYA 2454 I'm afraid I don't run to pink body suits — and the jeep is quite glamorous enough for me.’

K1B 3763 Just ordinary furniture like anyone would have I'm surprised it isn't more glamorous somehow, only larger than life which is what you'd expect I suppose

K2P 163 The most glamorous newcomer to the Golf range is the revamped GTi 16-valve with a new bhp engine under the bonnet.

K2U 1123 Eveningwear makes a dramatically glamorous entrance.

K35 1256 She played two roles with theatrical precision: one that of the glamorous actress, the other that of the cold, calculating terrorist.

K3A 402 Barbara has won countless glamorous grandmother contests since becoming the first ever winner of the Widnes title in 1977.

K4P 1444 After the winners were named the pair found it hard to convince some that their glamorous subjects were not professional models but clients who had had new images created for them in Mrs Simmons's Skinnergate studio.

K4Y 1399 And the unique support was in the form of ventriloquist Neville King, glamorous magicians Secret Trix and the marvellous marionettes of Pavlov's Puppets.

KM0 193 Tampons are not glamorous, they are truly bloody dangerous.

KRN 87 Well, if death can ever be glamorous, that, I suppose, is the glamorous side of war casualties, but I think we need to spend the rest of our time very much looking at what it was like for the ordinary people of St Aldate's. erm And here, I apologise for producing a modern slide of Carfax, but I think just to remind you that we are talking about a very busy crowded city area, and erm about a city whose whole aspect was changing during the war.