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A7N 736 A glamorous 20-year-old who spends two hours in front of the mirror each morning is unlikely to empathise with a working mother of three.

A7P 997 Inside all of us there is a sultry, glamorous model just waiting to step under the studio lights.

A7P 1246 Just For The Night stocks a wide range of evening dresses in sizes 8 to 20, from the simple to the very glamorous.

ABH 506 As such he is popular, but not as an ideologue: with his late actor brother, Yujiro (known as Japan's James Dean), he formed one of the country's most glamorous families.

AJJ 69 ‘All this modelling isn't half as glamorous as it's made out to be.

ALH 515 He was called Howard Hughes and had lived what appeared to be a glamorous, exciting life.

AM0 479 It's not all frogs legs and strings of onions in the South of France — the resorts are glamorous and the scenery beautiful.

ARK 63 In life she had been glamorous.

ASJ 726 Opposite Still glamorous, New York harbour today.

ASS 2963 At which point Billykins, perhaps mindful of the more glamorous, civilized life she could have had as the wife of the editor of Holiday '76 , burst into tears and was comforted by Elinor.

AYM 364 Dreams, predictions, a haunting vocal soundtrack and a glamorous set establish Transfer's new show a characteristically rich theatrical presentation.

B34 177 It may have been a glamorous enough life on stage and, despite the famous Tiller ethos, at the stage door, where the young lads who laid siege to the girls came to be known as Stage Door Johnnies.

B3F 1068 This was in 1941, when the Battle of Britain was over and thousands of young men were flocking into the RAF, hoping to become Fighter Pilots, or failing that one of the slightly less glamorous Bomber boys.

B7C 42 Contrary to rumour, periodical publishing is not an especially glamorous or profitable venture.

C8E 1515 How smart and glamorous they looked when they went off to London in the evenings, Dad in his suits and Eva with shawls and hats and expensive shoes and handbags.

CAU 688 The vast majority recognise that the short sectors, three engines and stringent safety standards offer as much security as with more glamorous operations.

CH6 4976 AN actress old enough to be drawing her pension begged to play glamorous Scarlett O'Hara in a sequel to Gone With The Wind.

CM0 523 She has strong views on ill-informed observers who think that headhunting must be a glamorous life of leisurely meetings with prestigious clients and candidates, punctuated by breakfast at the Savoy, lunch at Claridges, and dinner at the Ritz.

CMM 355 The prima donna admired by the crowds in the marquee may give up outside in the rain — like the glamorous film star whose bikini must never be allowed to get wet!

CMM 379 It is clear that we should not be led astray by glamorous starlets.

EEF 680 Over time, less glamorous ‘tortoises’ can change the rules of competition and the structures of industry just as much as the ‘hares’of rapid change.

EUU 2261 DPR AEs sent out to clients a glossy brochure entitled "Opportunity Unlimited" containing a photograph of a glamorous country house with a Porsche parked in front of it.

F9U 28 Bobby, attempting to impress one of the more glamorous female students, had invented for Wood the name ‘Oska’ and this nickname, in Bobby's spelling, stuck.

FNU 2279 ‘It sounds rather glamorous,’ he said.

FP6 1482 People reckon the Natural History Museum is the most glamorous — partying in the shadow of all those dinosaurs in that huge space is just the business — but for The Gadget Shop the Science Museum along the road was the obvious venue, as well as being cheaper.

FPB 1681 She also knew that, generally speaking, good, worthy men did not look flashy and glamorous, let alone theatrical; on the other hand, many rats were as good-looking as they were confident.

FRS 2922 I think he sees in you and the hotel industry the opportunity to be part of a glamorous, high-profile business, and one his hard-faced wife would approve of.

FSV 998 It is hard to imagine the glamorous Deborah Moggach impersonating a decrepit roué, but that is what she says she did while writing The Ex-Wives (£14.99), coming from Heinemann on 29th April.

FT2 1205 Such negative stereotypes are often reinforced by pervasive media images which portray the young as capable and glamorous.

G0S 1357 She liked the sound of these words, even delivered with her mother's genteel sneer, but Miranda didn't match any of these, they were too glamorous.

G1R 594 This is a crusading, flamboyant Marxism, emphasising the role of the supposedly heroic and glamorous armed struggle.

G2E 321 As a measure of the car's enduring versatility, the photographer tells of a glamorous grandmother he knows who drives a dark green one.

G2E 1795 The Princess of Wales survives attacks because she is glamorous, lovable, a devoted mother of her two boys, because children adore her and she has a natural affinity with them, and because she bravely enters fields which command respect (shaking hands with AIDS victims for example).

G32 803 Dull photographs of domestic details (Wellington boots, a washing basket and a lawn) were shown in stark contrast to the glamorous image of advertising.

HWX 2284 It needs to be made clear that a company renowned for making solid, reliable, modestly-priced guitars, amps and cabs can just as easily compete in the glamorous, fashion-conscious world of hi-tech keyboards — a bold move the company have recently taken with their new DPM3.

H7W 3363 Besides, it's not me they want, it's the glamorous, high-profile media image.

HAD 16 The face of defiance, the face of seduction, the posed face, the glamorous face, the troubled face…

HAE 3449 And when he finally married last year, it was to a glamorous foreigner, the French-Canadian skater Isabelle Duchesnay.

HGM 1061 At least you know that's true, that it is just a job, not the glamorous lifestyle that it appears to be, entailing flying around the world in private jets.

HTV 825 Second, the transnational capitalist class aims to downgrade certain domestic practices by comparison with new and more glamorous transnational practices and to create a ‘comprador’ mentality.

HXU 1101 This was certainly not the most glamorous or heroic of episodes.

HYA 2065 Not many children are likely to have been to a circus; but although they're not as glamorous or as attractive as they once were, they still hold a fascination for children.

JY1 206 Rosemary searched for a word, then to startle Leith further ‘…glamorous,’ she brought out.

JY1 207 ‘Glamorous!’

JY1 229 But even so, even though she was sure Rosemary must be exaggerating, her remarks about her being too glamorous in relation to her work place nagged away at her.

K3A 544 ‘The staff at the Hillcrest then invited my husband Bill and myself to sit down and have a special anniversary dinner — I felt very glamorous indeed!’

K4J 311 After his retirement, media interest focused almost exclusively on a string of glamorous relationships.

K5J 4354 Norma deemed him ‘glamorous, gorgeous, kind.’

K5L 1987 There was Sibylle's older brother Georg in the peaked cap of the German army officer — as darkly glamorous as in a war movie.

K9J 14 Had ICI decided to hive off its less promising activities to struggle on as best they could, leaving the main field to more glamorous products?