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A7H 904 She met ‘miracle’ babies and, at the less glamorous end of the scale, opened a cervical-cancer unit.

A7P 363 ‘I feel so glamorous I can hardly recognise myself!’ said Meera.

ACP 2481 People talk about ‘underground’ now with a funny mixture of excitement and resignation: artists, image-makers, mediacrats ‘n' brats shaken by the collapse of arts funding, the drive towards mainstream art business sponsorship, the pinch of censorship, absurdities such as the proposed ‘impartiality’amendment to the Broadcasting Bill, the oppressive pressures of being simultaneously controversial, safe, presentable, marketable, accessible, new, glamorous and radical.

ADF 772 Anna was a horse who was born on a stud farm that bred show stock, but unlike her glamorous relatives, she born ugly.

ADG 1079 Many, if not most, women are not glamorous and feminine — at least not most of the time.

AKH 470 If the nearly-invisible Mrs Shephard is the John Major of parliamentary women — the glamorous Mrs Bottomley, 44, is more like an old-fashioned ambitious networker, closely plugged in to politics by virtue of both her birth and her marriage.

B1L 254 Full-time football and a career at a more glamorous club were both a matter of time.

B22 1349 It never looks half as glamorous today, now that the motive power is diesel.

B34 1651 Rarely did any Tiller Girl stand out in a glamorous way but stunning was always the word used to describe Violet Bryant nicknamed Ginger because of her glorious red hair, she could not possibly blend in with the others.

B7C 35 Some people in publishing like to think of theirs as a glamorous medium, so they sometimes copy the Hollywood glitter, They certainly did so last week, when the Periodical Publishers Association handed out its awards for 1983.

BMC 3293 My guess however is that the Ariston's unusually musical qualities will appeal in the long term where some more glamorous looking contrivances will ultimately be found tiresome or wanting.

BMW 768 With a child's resilience she had quickly adjusted to the loss of her mother, who had never been more than a glamorous appendage on the periphery of her world, and Sally had stepped in to fill the breach more than adequately.

BPH 203 This warned the inhabitants that the average infantryman, in spite of his glamorous uniform, was lowly paid and impecunious.

C9M 2404 And yet, there are student and semi-professional models available at more modest prices and, most importantly, the classical instrument industry is unsupported by glamorous, glossy ads.

CAE 2252 The same applies to Scrash, although they're about as glamorous as a donkey on Skegness beach and marginally less attractive.

CBC 6677 Tony, with his dark, youthful good looks, and glamorous Tracey were the ideal screen couple.

CBF 3 The crash of the giant Rosehaugh development company, once the most glamorous outfit of the Eighties, is the most graphic evidence yet of the slump in property values.

CBG 9038 They are still the most glamorous club in Britain, but our confidence is so high now that we could take them apart.

CGC 744 ‘She's very inspiring,’ says André, ‘because I think she's very glamorous.

CGN 311 Glamorous styling on curly hair by the Terence and Maria Renati hair and make-up team

CH6 4922 Meanwhile Mick is reported to have been seeing glamorous 21-year-old Aussie model Peta Wilson in Los Angeles.

CK3 493 Especially good for your ‘Empress’ size friends, these are quick to knit, I'd also very much like to knit a golden pleated skirt using several strands of gold lurex for a really glamorous lamé look.

CL1 915 They are depicted by the media as glamorous, exciting and interesting.

CM0 523 She has strong views on ill-informed observers who think that headhunting must be a glamorous life of leisurely meetings with prestigious clients and candidates, punctuated by breakfast at the Savoy, lunch at Claridges, and dinner at the Ritz.

CMR 719 The power of these discourses, or a method's glamorous novelty, may conceal such associations.

EBT 1619 Buyers are attracted to the glamorous provenance of works recovered from the sea bed and prices are generally higher than for similar objects without such watery origins.

EX6 951 Some of these also specialise in male models, children and so-called"uglies', or the less glamorous type of model.

FAY 1531 In the longer term, is there a risk that in focusing attention on such ‘hard core’ racist groups there is a danger of making them seem glamorous?

FP6 1481 A shop is just a shop, and even a shop selling expensive executive toys is still just a shop, but a museum is, well, glamorous.

G1H 730 In a singing community of his peers he comes alive and discovers a sense of membership which is denied him elsewhere: all the more reason to embrace the slightly devilish and glamorous identity which is thrown at you by ‘them’ and sing along, ‘We are the famous football hooligans!’

G2W 1341 Many of the more glamorous film and photographic opportunities crop up at short notice, so you have to be flexible.

G33 19 Any broader benefit to less glamorous plants and animals is often no more than a happy accident.

GUM 4057 A handsome young man and a rather glamorous middle-aged woman, perhaps his mother, looked round the shop and finally bought a small brass rocking horse.

H0F 588 Even in her shop overall she looked glamorous, Marion thought.

H9H 178 That sounded intriguingly glamorous

HC2 721 They may be less glamorous but cross-border collaborations and intra-industry consortia could be the fashions of the '90s.

HGM 895 Anyway I don't own any really glamorous clothes!’

HGT 476 Beautiful, of course, elegant, glamorous.

HJ4 1637 LIFE-SAVING may not be the most glamorous part of swimming, but its value to society is supreme.

HJ4 9835 ‘Before, all I was interested in was the glamorous side of the sun, and being able to wear short skirts and skimpy tops.

HLW 462 The problem is the long-term industrial strategy for prosperity is not a glamorous thing.

HRF 1817 In no way glamorous, a cuddly bundle of soft feminine humanity, she expresses Doris's sweetness as powerfully as her animal desires.

HTT 8 A new breed of men had emerged from the vague grey ranks of the judiciary to stamp themselves on the nation's consciousness: the glamorous investigating magistrates and Public Prosecutors who were to be seen on the news every evening leading the fight against political violence and organized crime.

JNF 47 But those in the field, the front line could not continue without the less than glamorous work that has to be carried out back here in H Q. They also serve, who work in our offices, collect our money, keep our accounts make sure the administration is working well.

JY4 2964 We said that we understood things could happen in a glamorous environment —’

JY5 1253 You'll be returning to the glamorous world of rock as soon as he returns.

JYC 418 ‘Not glamorous enough for you?’

JYE 1481 The glamorous Dawn — his veterinary nurse.

K2P 163 The most glamorous newcomer to the Golf range is the revamped GTi 16-valve with a new bhp engine under the bonnet.

K4P 1444 After the winners were named the pair found it hard to convince some that their glamorous subjects were not professional models but clients who had had new images created for them in Mrs Simmons's Skinnergate studio.