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A06 1260 Like sunnink reely glamorous that everyone wants an' I can't see woss so wrong wiv vat. 'Cos I ain't gonner get no kitchen wiv pitcher winders an' some geezer wiv a pipe like you was on abaht am I now?

A33 403 THERE are more glamorous places than Glasgow in which to be liberated, but Dariusz Dziekanowski has no complaints.

A6L 1109 It was as a result of this new approach that Haslam found himself in the Plastics Division, a more glamorous part of ICI, in contrast to the Nobel Division he had recently left.

A6L 1163 By then the product will have reverted to being a reasonable business again — but not in a glamorous way as in the first phase.

A7P 1246 Just For The Night stocks a wide range of evening dresses in sizes 8 to 20, from the simple to the very glamorous.

ABH 1914 And on the various powerful but unseen committees that sit in contemplation of Britain's future defence policy, the consequent evaporation of any strategic productive capacity in less glamorous areas is causing unease.

ABS 735 People normally commute for one of two reasons: to live somewhere beautiful, or work somewhere glamorous.

AJ6 892 If Mr Major consorts with glamorous personalities such as Bill Wyman, Elaine Page and Fatima Whitbread, he must, despite all evidence to the contrary, be glamorous, too, and therefore deserves my vote.

B7G 1001 Emphasising these ‘good housekeeping’ roles for opiates, Huda Akil. a professor of psychiatry at Michigan, said ‘People want very glamorous jobs for this system to do.

BPJ 792 The incident also offered us a glimpse of the glamorous , sometimes expensive, globe trotting lifestyle of a successful wine merchant.

C9P 1016 To finish, Ian styled Sue's hair using Natural Styling Shaping Mousse to create this soft natural look and New Style Shaping Hairspray for her glamorous upswept style.

CAD 2686 ‘The Bangles wanted to emphasise the rock'n'roll side of the band and in doing so thought regalia and kind of hippyish, Hendrix-style clothing was gonna put that image across, but it ended up looking very glamorous, it ended up looking glammier and glammier even though the intention was for it not to be glamour…

CDJ 8 If you want to achieve those glamorous set looks then try a new style with Hot Shapes.

CDN 1758 The result was, in the eyes of the ladies present, very glamorous indeed, and they were nice enough to tell her so.

CEK 4508 At what point did that slight, pretty girl turn into this glamorous and voluptuous creature?

CEK 7662 Despite the glamorous careers she creates for her clients, Sarah herself lives a low-key life in Battersea with her daughters Noelle, 13, and 13-month-old Genevieve.

CFS 577 Micheal Szell is a leading fabric designer specialising in hand printed glamorous designs on a variety of ground cloths and printed to order.

CH1 9436 She had been everywhere, met everyone, was terribly glamorous and unlike anyone I had ever met.

CH6 7866 ‘The thing about showbusiness marriages is that you are both rich and famous in a very glamorous world.

CHG 452 She might not have been as glamorous as the great vessels loaded with equally glamorous cargo, but she was just as important in her own way.

CKK 335 At £95, the two hour long chance to tread surely the most glamorous footplate in preservation is the same price as the standard half-day long course based around the controls of Great Western Castle Class ‘Defiant’.

CL2 325 Saying, if I get a farm with cows and sheep and a five-bar gate and chickens and a coop and a metal stream and a few trees about the place and a green field made of billiard cloth and a dog or two and a cat — never mind the cat — and perhaps a fox on a hill…if I get this, with a pair of ball-bearing roller skates so that I can gleam and flash and go backwards through the heavy Friday traffic and be as glamorous as Boy Davids from the Park…

EES 84 However, handwriting recognition has attracted far less research investment than speech, possibly due to the less’ glamorous’image it possesses.

EET 2344 Named the ‘Home of the Stars’ when it opened in 1927, this glamorous hotel has recently been restored to all its former glory.

EVF 116 The most glamorous imaginable TV commercial filmed in the Caribbean with an all-star cast is a failure if, when in the supermarket, the viewer can't remember what the product was called.

F9U 516 Exposed to Minton's freewheeling, glamorous Bohemianism, some found it difficult afterwards to stand on their own feet, for Minton had effectively broken them away from their backgrounds or their jobs.

FP7 665 Much more glamorous.

FPB 2092 Overworked and depressed, she felt as if she were being turned into a glamorous business machine.

FRS 2199 There was one of them caressing on the beach at Crystal Springs, and another of the glamorous couple wrapped around each other in the crystal-clear water of the hotel beach.

FYV 2647 The fierce and sentimental music and the ignorant colours, the prettiness and the disease under the fake-gold light, the tuberculosis and syphilis, the fires showing through the branches like illuminated brains, the glamorous nomas of eye and mouth, the childishness and all the valueless trash.

G2E 1684 He became like a male ballet dancer — a support to lift up his glamorous partner and help her turn beautiful pirouettes.

G2E 1796 Above all, we still find the role of Diana as glamorous heroine appealing.

H0M 2853 A glamorous, dressing-gowned housewife was staring in through the open side window, her face framed by my shoes.

H45 341 Life in New York, working for one of the world's greatest auction houses, may seem glamorous, but as Christopher Hartop explains, it can involve scholarship, tact, diplomacy and hard work.

H8S 711 ‘Oh, nothing very glamorous, I'm afraid.

HA9 1035 She, Shannon Lea, was the living result of that, so she should be better armed than most against the lure of the glamorous.

HAE 3449 And when he finally married last year, it was to a glamorous foreigner, the French-Canadian skater Isabelle Duchesnay.

HHA 333 Both pictured a glamorous brunette, at least a dozen years older than herself.

HXU 1101 This was certainly not the most glamorous or heroic of episodes.

JY4 2964 We said that we understood things could happen in a glamorous environment —’

JYA 2656 But that was before — when he was a distant, glamorous idol for the masses to worship.

K1B 3763 Just ordinary furniture like anyone would have I'm surprised it isn't more glamorous somehow, only larger than life which is what you'd expect I suppose

K22 341 So during a recession, glamorous designer names…offered at rock bottom prices can be alluring.

K22 408 He mightn't look too glamorous today…but nineteen years ago this rubber alligator was a film star.

K25 3616 But a win will bring them more glamorous and more lucrative opposition.

K3C 1387 Before yesterday's behind-the-scenes look, Coun Lloyd experienced another, less glamorous, side of the fireman's work.

K4P 676 For the rest, tin hats abound everywhere, not only on top of the curls of a very glamorous AFS girl but also rather oddly around the back of a classical Venus de Mile torso.

K5F 1790 VAT is certainly not a glamorous subject and it is easy for those dealing with it to be cynical about it.

K99 438 It specialises in giving everyday people a glamorous look that would do the cover of any top fashion magazine proud.

KA1 1172 And he would show me a picture of a large white vessel sailing through a beautifully blue sea on a sunny day, with a glamorous crew smiling happily as they lay gracefully about the deck.