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A6L 1109 It was as a result of this new approach that Haslam found himself in the Plastics Division, a more glamorous part of ICI, in contrast to the Nobel Division he had recently left.

A7H 904 She met ‘miracle’ babies and, at the less glamorous end of the scale, opened a cervical-cancer unit.

A7V 322 The leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) has been largely discredited in far-right circles by the recent scandal over his relations with an glamorous English-language newspaper columnist.

ABS 735 People normally commute for one of two reasons: to live somewhere beautiful, or work somewhere glamorous.

ADF 772 Anna was a horse who was born on a stud farm that bred show stock, but unlike her glamorous relatives, she born ugly.

AE0 1112 Unable to read the text, he had brought the magazine home from Naples because of its glamorous artwork.

AJJ 69 ‘All this modelling isn't half as glamorous as it's made out to be.

AK6 996 FULL-TIME Communication, the satellite television company who have offered English football £500 million over 10 years, are now bidding for the glamorous final stages of Europe's premier competition, the European Cup.

APV 14 The glamorous secretary does not clean her desk space; a skilled fitter does not sweep his part of the factory floor so why should a food worker have to clean?

AYM 364 Dreams, predictions, a haunting vocal soundtrack and a glamorous set establish Transfer's new show a characteristically rich theatrical presentation.

B2H 464 I am sure that if he had been with one of the stronger or more glamorous clubs at the time, his name would now be held in respect by a far wider clientele than those relatively few of us who were privileged to see him play his heart out for Crystal Palace.

BMW 2399 The first model appeared on the catwalk, looking so glamorous, so unbelievably chic, that Sally could scarcely believe that her very own sister could be a part of this glittering performance.

BP7 638 At the back of her mind, it occurred to her how different real crime was from the glamorous violence portrayed on the screen.

C9U 771 Andrew Sarris accepted that, ‘By following up the glamorous Graduate with the dreggiest drop-out imaginable, Dustin Hoffman has achieved his aim of not becoming the Andy Hardy of the sixties and seventies.’

CAD 2686 ‘The Bangles wanted to emphasise the rock'n'roll side of the band and in doing so thought regalia and kind of hippyish, Hendrix-style clothing was gonna put that image across, but it ended up looking very glamorous, it ended up looking glammier and glammier even though the intention was for it not to be glamour…

CBW 1356 But despite its glamorous image of foreign travel, meeting and dealing with firms' top executives, and making headlines in the financial press when the deal bursts onto the markets, you have to be very committed and prepared to work long and unsocial hours (often at weekends) and be comfortable dealing with people who are often under stress and, in consequence, rude.

CCN 156 And if a woman is tackling strenuous, dirty, physical tasks, she does not want to bother about presenting a pleasing picture; clothes suitable for the job are a priority above a glamorous image.

CGN 311 Glamorous styling on curly hair by the Terence and Maria Renati hair and make-up team

CHA 3194 Not as suspenseful, or as gross, as some claim,The Silence Of The Lambs is still horror's most glamorous film yet, elegant, vicious and even drily amusing.

CHG 452 She might not have been as glamorous as the great vessels loaded with equally glamorous cargo, but she was just as important in her own way.

CLS 275 They brought in their wake a whole range of families who might have been socially ambitious but who were certainly fascinated by the prospect of sharing the movies with even more affluent and glamorous folk.

ED4 1489 Opulent, rich and glamorous — that's the look of this year's table settings.

EFU 616 Mrs Tota was duly coy about the private room decorated with a gold, brown and green paper, oil paintings of Italian scenery and gilt candelabra ( "very snug" , pronounced the Colonel); she enjoyed her dinner, chattered nineteen to the dozen and decided that Room A at Kettner's was almost as glamorous as the dear old Châlet at Simla.

EX6 951 Some of these also specialise in male models, children and so-called"uglies', or the less glamorous type of model.

FP9 749 The new pop stars — self-conscious frauds, tackily glamorous like Boy George — fed a revival of old-fashioned pop gossip, a staple now of the Sun and the Mirror .

FSV 998 It is hard to imagine the glamorous Deborah Moggach impersonating a decrepit roué, but that is what she says she did while writing The Ex-Wives (£14.99), coming from Heinemann on 29th April.

G1H 730 In a singing community of his peers he comes alive and discovers a sense of membership which is denied him elsewhere: all the more reason to embrace the slightly devilish and glamorous identity which is thrown at you by ‘them’ and sing along, ‘We are the famous football hooligans!’

G2E 1795 The Princess of Wales survives attacks because she is glamorous, lovable, a devoted mother of her two boys, because children adore her and she has a natural affinity with them, and because she bravely enters fields which command respect (shaking hands with AIDS victims for example).

G2V 1789 Irresistible to men, they have an astonishing control over their own destinies in the glamorous but cut-throat worlds of high fashion and advertising.

HWX 1148 LA — IT'S big, tacky, glamorous, sleazy and exciting.

H9H 2021 ‘Very glamorous.’

HA7 2748 You — with all your chat about your full social life, your glamorous, eventful bachelor-girl programme, the get-up-and-go philosophy which you expounded so vividly the other evening in your flat?

HAE 3458 Sensible Jayne, 35, married a glamorous foreigner too, Phil Christensen.

HC2 721 They may be less glamorous but cross-border collaborations and intra-industry consortia could be the fashions of the '90s.

HGM 895 Anyway I don't own any really glamorous clothes!’

HGM 1028 He loved driving and no doubt would always do so, but Kate discovered that there was a realist behind the glamorous image.

HJ4 6856 The next showed a glamorous couple sipping champagne in a plush restaurant, and said: So is Paris with Air France.

HKE 9 From casual separates for relaxing to glamorous evening outfits to help you sparkle at the party!

HWXHWX 2284 It needs to be made clear that a company renowned for making solid, reliable, modestly-priced guitars, amps and cabs can just as easily compete in the glamorous, fashion-conscious world of hi-tech keyboards — a bold move the company have recently taken with their new DPM3.

JY0 4311 It wasn't very glamorous, but that didn't matter.

JY1 206 Rosemary searched for a word, then to startle Leith further ‘…glamorous,’ she brought out.

JY5 1253 You'll be returning to the glamorous world of rock as soon as he returns.

JY6 1395 Something glamorous and challenging.

JY6 2597 I don't even like the word glamorous — it's slick and artificial-sounding.’

JYA 547 I'm the comfortable type, not the glamorous type.’

K20 1566 The wives might not have quite as glamorous a job as their husbands flying the planes.

K4W 8367 ‘If you spent your time doing 25 laps with a thousand gear changes, sweating in a flame-proof suit and helmet then you'd want to look a bit glamorous at the end of the day,’ she said, The splendid lady in charge of raffle tickets for RUKBA seemed very knowledgeable about Washington.

K5J 2571 So, who cares if mum is more likely to win the ‘glamorous granny’ competition than Miss World 1993; not me!

K97 15196 ‘I would agree that Liverpool customers like smart casuals and very glamorous clothes for evening.’

KRN 66 erm So I think you want to regard it not as a sort of glamorous place where the troops were drilling and the drums were beating, but a slightly chaotic and rather dirty place, despite the kings existence.