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A0U 1677 Abe Moses, who was also a poet when he was not gutting fish, died while the children were st ill young, and Miriam Leah, who stunk of fish, decided to go into something more glamorous.

A4G 53 On one side is the spineless Bishop Barrantes, representing the worst aspects of the Church's mugwumpery and corruption; on the other is Father Maby, confidant of Elena and friend to the poor and displaced in his jungle retreat; his work is less glamorous than the revolutionary's, but his wisdom and gentleness make him the unexpected hero of the novel.

A7H 1009 She had seen none of this glamorous life; she had seldom even been to smart restaurants, let alone banquets and star-studded receptions.

A7P 370 Caroline was delighted and set to work transforming her straight, shoulder-length hair into a glamorous new look.

AJ6 892 If Mr Major consorts with glamorous personalities such as Bill Wyman, Elaine Page and Fatima Whitbread, he must, despite all evidence to the contrary, be glamorous, too, and therefore deserves my vote.

APU 124 The Dawn of Dreams had not been her most glamorous role — to play the central role of a disturbed adolescent Jo had gained 20lb and spent hours creating the greyish, pasty complexion of a kid raised in institutions.

ARM 333 P. To start with it was the ‘glamorous lifestyle’, cruising around in T-shirt and shorts, like everyone does at first.

B11 1141 In fact Andrew showed considerably more affection for our mutual and pretty little friend Mary McLeod, and he was often in the company of a blond and beautiful girl, the glamorous Gloria, who looked better in a bikini on the Windrush verandah, it must be confessed, than many another.

B1L 254 Full-time football and a career at a more glamorous club were both a matter of time.

B29 1187 He took time out of a busy schedule to come up to the zoo and meet the rather less glamorous, but real, White's Tree Frog.

B3F 1068 This was in 1941, when the Battle of Britain was over and thousands of young men were flocking into the RAF, hoping to become Fighter Pilots, or failing that one of the slightly less glamorous Bomber boys.

B71 1838 Recently one of my favourites gurgled after them — the illusion that, given the right script and director, I could enter the glamorous world of film and show Messrs Redford, Newman and others a thing or two.

B7N 1472 Robert Maxwell had a military career more glamorous than Blackett's.

BMM 2181 While I will grant you that it beats filing for the Inland Revenue, it is a suitcase existence and no matter how glamorous the location of the meeting we very rarely see beyond the airport, the hotel and the stadium.

BMW 774 Although the glamorous world of fashion and wealth spread wide around her, Harriet's own family circle was tight — her father, Sally, and Sally's illegitimate son, Mark Bristow.

BMW 2399 The first model appeared on the catwalk, looking so glamorous, so unbelievably chic, that Sally could scarcely believe that her very own sister could be a part of this glittering performance.

C8A 334 The glamorous nightdress I'd bought to wear for his visit was still lying in my locker and, instead, I was wearing a shabby old hospital gown.

C9J 333 A life of serious touring is exchanged for less glamorous travel: moved once a week when mum hoovers the bedroom.

CA0 56 Soon the twins and their brunettes and various glamorous hangers-on were all stripped off round the pool.

CAD 1996 Once you've seen the video for their current single, ‘Talk Much’, they're even glamorous.

CAH 234 More glamorous than Dirk's;

CH6 4922 Meanwhile Mick is reported to have been seeing glamorous 21-year-old Aussie model Peta Wilson in Los Angeles.

ECT 2030 This wasn't the sort of international work done in the European branch of security services, which is known as Section A. But it was glamorous enough to keep Dirk Coetzee happy for a while.

ED4 1489 Opulent, rich and glamorous — that's the look of this year's table settings.

ED9 2247 The times suited his predilection for historical references in clothes, for dressing up, for being glamorous and the collections he did then saw him develop sureness of touch allied with a taste for a dangerous dare or two which characterised much of what he does today.

EF1 2982 Meat packaging — far less glamorous than being a terrorist, I'm afraid.’

EFS 24 My father, old but gritty, glamorous in the eyes of the class of '68, a South London wide boy with an authentic background, described his grandfather's funeral, about 1912, when a whole other family, wife, children, grandchildren, turned up out of the blue from somewhere further down the line where they'd been established on the navvy's journey north.

EV1 2267 Whereas, for a time, Cedric Mellings was the ugly duckling of the family turned swan — for who else of his siblings lived this glittering glamorous life?— now there was a shabby-duckling quality again.

EWM 173 A more benign and glamorous model was embodied in the young women teachers with their New Look skirts and wide-belted dresses.

FBL 636 The face is the eight by ten glossy of the 1980s: what women wanted and men mostly resented — young, rich, glamorous, able to reach fine women in a single bound.

G0Y 313 On the mantelpiece was a photo of a pleasant-looking woman, fair hair, not beautiful, not glamorous, quite ordinary really.

G1D 2992 He looked less glamorous without his uniform of short white apron, and he hadn't said much except for that boring rubbish about aliens.

G2E 1795 The Princess of Wales survives attacks because she is glamorous, lovable, a devoted mother of her two boys, because children adore her and she has a natural affinity with them, and because she bravely enters fields which command respect (shaking hands with AIDS victims for example).

G2V 1789 Irresistible to men, they have an astonishing control over their own destinies in the glamorous but cut-throat worlds of high fashion and advertising.

GT0 921 Paradoxically, his ‘Bentley boys’, among them Wolf Barnato, son of the South African diamond millionaire, provided the British motor industry with its most glamorous episode.

GUE 2071 Actually it's not as glamorous as it looks.

GUE 2695 She could now see the creek, filled with its glamorous yachts and strolling, beautiful people…

H9Y 2288 Veery Glamorous!’

HSJ 824 There are drawbacks, though, to this great glamorous whirl.

HTR 2432 ‘You're looking pretty glamorous, I must say,’ he said, his voice carrying across the room.

HYA 2065 Not many children are likely to have been to a circus; but although they're not as glamorous or as attractive as they once were, they still hold a fascination for children.

JY0 4311 It wasn't very glamorous, but that didn't matter.

JY6 2591 ‘And I'm not glamorous, and I don't have any ambition to be either one.’

JY6 2597 I don't even like the word glamorous — it's slick and artificial-sounding.’

K5A 6621 I had a holiday, nothing glamorous, just a few weeks with no deadlines, no pressures.

K5C 1893 MZ250s are not glamorous bikes.

K5D 3476 But there were more middle-aged executives in the audience than glamorous celebrities, at a ceremony where the awards tended to ignore nominees such as Madonna, George Michael and Elton John in favour of many less international names.

K5L 1987 There was Sibylle's older brother Georg in the peaked cap of the German army officer — as darkly glamorous as in a war movie.

K97 15196 ‘I would agree that Liverpool customers like smart casuals and very glamorous clothes for evening.’

KM0 183 She leads a glamorous, active exciting life.