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A1A 985 And for some there were conferences and congresses in glamorous places, the glittering prizes satirically displayed in Lodge's Small World .

A7Y 12 Suddenly it is glamorous to appear nice and normal, and those who used to want to run the boardroom or run away to Paris now want to stay at home and watch programmes like Roseanne and Kate And Allie — new cult programmes that offer a cosy and entirely spurious view of family life.

AAY 256 And the glamorous good looks of the ‘Chippenham’ kitchen ensure that it will be equally at home in the town as in the country.

AB3 1531 It's dated flailing and useless, hardly crucial or fresh, but the real problem is: how can you conceivably make trudging through the wet leaves and puddles to your local primary school, in order to tick a piece of paper in a polling booth, seem like a glamorous and dynamic act of self-realization, or even solidarity?

AB9 552 Keeping the paperwork straight might not be glamorous but it was eighty per cent of the battle as he well knew, and he made certain his staff did too.

ABW 185 The job was looked upon as glamorous and attracted some deb-types.

ACS 580 The babies, the bottles, the cooking, the diapering, the burping, the carriage wheeling, the pressure cooker, the barbecue, the playground and doing-it-yourself was more comfortable, more safe, secure and satisfying than that supposedly glamorous ‘career’ in which you somehow didn't feel wanted and knew you weren't going to get anywhere.

AJY 1486 An economy version of the more glamorous (and expensive) XR3i ‘hot hatch’.

ASJ 726 Opposite Still glamorous, New York harbour today.

AYM 364 Dreams, predictions, a haunting vocal soundtrack and a glamorous set establish Transfer's new show a characteristically rich theatrical presentation.

AYM 479 This intensive project will be on a large scale and will be glamorous.

B3F 1068 This was in 1941, when the Battle of Britain was over and thousands of young men were flocking into the RAF, hoping to become Fighter Pilots, or failing that one of the slightly less glamorous Bomber boys.

B7C 42 Contrary to rumour, periodical publishing is not an especially glamorous or profitable venture.

BNL 804 Nor are glamorous stiletto shoes safe until you are at the bottom of the stairs; do not attempt to come down wearing them as the danger is very real — Winston Churchill's mother lost a leg that way.

BNL 1680 For decades (since the First World War) society has encouraged smoking, depicting it as glamorous, soothing, attractive.

BPJ 792 The incident also offered us a glimpse of the glamorous , sometimes expensive, globe trotting lifestyle of a successful wine merchant.

CAT 1122 In MAKING IT BETTER , the improbably, coolly glamorous Jane Asher plays Diana Harrington, half of a couple who work for the BBC and have sex problems: her husband of 20 years tells her he is leaving her to set up as an homosexual, an announcement which seems to disturb her less than a wheel clamp.

CDN 1758 The result was, in the eyes of the ladies present, very glamorous indeed, and they were nice enough to tell her so.

CH6 4976 AN actress old enough to be drawing her pension begged to play glamorous Scarlett O'Hara in a sequel to Gone With The Wind.

CHA 2554 Where Sly went for an inward-looking drum-numbed indifference (made bearable, glamorous even, by a wonderfully impenetrable jungle funk), Gaye wrought a song cycle that takes the whole world through doubt, disillusion, destruction and eventual redemption through the power of love and community.

CHB 1478 There was something both tacky and glamorous about them.

CKK 332 Gresley's masterpiece is, of course, the most glamorous recent addition to the scheme, introduced last Autumn with Tyseley facing increasingly serious financial problems.

CMM 379 It is clear that we should not be led astray by glamorous starlets.

ED9 3166 They are, of course, gentler than Archdeacon Grantly; more democratic, less worldly and less glamorous.

F9S 259 Again, while the emphasis in television has changed slightly from a few decades ago, for instance in the acceptance that women can be sufficiently authoritative to read news broadcasts, nevertheless we still have Westerns full of macho cowboys and soap operas with glamorous full-time housewives.

FPX 1863 ‘That's all I ever want, glamorous lady.’

FU1 2262 All through the pregnancy I felt special, then suddenly all my friends didn't want to know me, only one friend, Karen, and she made me feel worse, as she was so glamorous and I was sitting there all fat.

G1D 2992 He looked less glamorous without his uniform of short white apron, and he hadn't said much except for that boring rubbish about aliens.

G2E 1783 What soon became clear was that he had also acquired a modern-day glamorous superstar.

G2V 1789 Irresistible to men, they have an astonishing control over their own destinies in the glamorous but cut-throat worlds of high fashion and advertising.

GU9 1537 Nick, by this time leading a glamorous social life in England with his girlfriend Arabella (Ari) Campbell MacNair-Wilson, daughter of a Conservative Member of Parliament, proposed that since nobody wanted a purely business party for journalists and other promotional appendages, each of the children should invite their own friends.

H7W 3363 Besides, it's not me they want, it's the glamorous, high-profile media image.

H8S 711 ‘Oh, nothing very glamorous, I'm afraid.

H9L 116 It had been as if he came from another, alien world, beyond her experience or comprehension, a glamorous, glittering man who made her think of diamonds, so hard and sharp were the edges of his personality.

HA9 1035 She, Shannon Lea, was the living result of that, so she should be better armed than most against the lure of the glamorous.

HC2 721 They may be less glamorous but cross-border collaborations and intra-industry consortia could be the fashions of the '90s.

HGM 895 Anyway I don't own any really glamorous clothes!’

HHB 1641 I understand she has large ideas, but there's nothing grand or glamorous about this place.’

HKE 9 From casual separates for relaxing to glamorous evening outfits to help you sparkle at the party!

JY3 1882 The hotel nightclub was packed with guests, avidly watching the show, most of the women in glamorous evening outfits which almost rivalled the exotic plumage of the limbo costumes.

JY6 2587 NASA's most glamorous Space Shuttle programmer…who does a little waitress-work on the side.’

JYA 4126 The shirt with full sleeves, the boots and the guitar, slowly turning her nice conservatively dressed Dr Rafaelo into the glamorous and dashing young singer, speaking only in Spanish, every girl's heart-throb.

JYC 418 ‘Not glamorous enough for you?’

K1D 849 They have an awful lack of facilities, sloppy accommodation which may be inevitable when you're uncfder the wing of a more glamorous institution like Grendon

K22 408 He mightn't look too glamorous today…but nineteen years ago this rubber alligator was a film star.

K3A 396 GLAMOROUS grannie Barbara Flanagan never has to shop around when she fancies a new outfit she simply reaches into her stocks of material and rustles something up.

K4J 311 After his retirement, media interest focused almost exclusively on a string of glamorous relationships.

K4J 1408 There is a far less glamorous side to Warne, however.

K4Y 1399 And the unique support was in the form of ventriloquist Neville King, glamorous magicians Secret Trix and the marvellous marionettes of Pavlov's Puppets.

K97 15200 At the PAUL SMITH & VIVIENNE WESTWOOD shop in Clayton Square, manager Lisa Muscatelli revealed that even in the upmarket fashion echelons the glamorous casual look is what Liverpool women go for in the daytime.