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A6L 1163 By then the product will have reverted to being a reasonable business again — but not in a glamorous way as in the first phase.

ADG 165 Here am I, working for a glamorous journalist in a huge house in Richmond, looking after her brat of a daughter (four-year-old Charlotte, who has her good moments but is mostly involved in a longstanding game of wear-the-au-pair-to-a-frazzle), when my mother needs me just as much to look after her daughter, but doesn't have a big house and can't afford to pay.

B1L 361 If Jim Baxter — the pit-boy turned pop star — was one of Scotland's most glamorous working-class heroes in the '60s, then Denis Law was a worthy rival.

B22 1349 It never looks half as glamorous today, now that the motive power is diesel.

B7G 1001 Emphasising these ‘good housekeeping’ roles for opiates, Huda Akil. a professor of psychiatry at Michigan, said ‘People want very glamorous jobs for this system to do.

BMW 768 With a child's resilience she had quickly adjusted to the loss of her mother, who had never been more than a glamorous appendage on the periphery of her world, and Sally had stepped in to fill the breach more than adequately.

CAD 2686 ‘The Bangles wanted to emphasise the rock'n'roll side of the band and in doing so thought regalia and kind of hippyish, Hendrix-style clothing was gonna put that image across, but it ended up looking very glamorous, it ended up looking glammier and glammier even though the intention was for it not to be glamour…

CB0 662 Many of his boxing stories take place in less glamorous circumstances — fairground boxing booths, for instance.

CH1 4177 It's not very glamorous, I'm afraid, but I'll explain everything to you.’

CH6 7866 ‘The thing about showbusiness marriages is that you are both rich and famous in a very glamorous world.

CHT 422 Such jobs enjoy a higher status and may be considered more popular and glamorous than others.

CHU 136 But by now he was getting bored with the relative backwater of the Science Unit and wanted to go to News and Current Affairs, which was not only more glamorous, but offered a more direct opportunity to put his political ideals to good use.

CL2 325 Saying, if I get a farm with cows and sheep and a five-bar gate and chickens and a coop and a metal stream and a few trees about the place and a green field made of billiard cloth and a dog or two and a cat — never mind the cat — and perhaps a fox on a hill…if I get this, with a pair of ball-bearing roller skates so that I can gleam and flash and go backwards through the heavy Friday traffic and be as glamorous as Boy Davids from the Park…

CLV 890 Pilot of the lead aircraft,Glamorous Glen III , was Chuck Yeager, flying his aircraft, who led this formation down the display line to open the days flying programme.

CMM 355 The prima donna admired by the crowds in the marquee may give up outside in the rain — like the glamorous film star whose bikini must never be allowed to get wet!

ECT 1512 Behind even the most glamorous of sporting pursuits, the ritual training is gruelling and unpretty.

ED9 903 Among the audience looking at this cleverly designed glamorous collection was Princess Margaret looking very chic in blue, who holidayed with the Weinbergs on a yacht last summer.

ED9 3166 They are, of course, gentler than Archdeacon Grantly; more democratic, less worldly and less glamorous.

EES 84 However, handwriting recognition has attracted far less research investment than speech, possibly due to the less’ glamorous’image it possesses.

EFU 608 The Walsingham was in Piccadilly, on the site now occupied by the Ritz; from the Colonel's description of the panelling of inlaid woods, the white pillars and cornices touched with gold, the curtains of deep crimson velvet, the ceiling of little cupids floating in roseate clouds, the dining-room must have been every bit as ravishing as the pink and white Louis XVI restaurant which succeeded it and which, under the direction of César Ritz, became synonymous with all that was elegant, rich and glamorous in the early years of this century.

EFU 616 Mrs Tota was duly coy about the private room decorated with a gold, brown and green paper, oil paintings of Italian scenery and gilt candelabra ( "very snug" , pronounced the Colonel); she enjoyed her dinner, chattered nineteen to the dozen and decided that Room A at Kettner's was almost as glamorous as the dear old Châlet at Simla.

EWM 173 A more benign and glamorous model was embodied in the young women teachers with their New Look skirts and wide-belted dresses.

EX6 946 Not all models are the curvaceous female variety and studio shots can be set up with less glamorous professional models where this is required.

FP9 1296 The Butlin initiatives gave mid-twentieth century Britain some of its most enduring popular cultural events: dodgems, beauty queens, glamorous grannies, spaghetti-eating, knobbly knees, marathon walks, cross-channel swims.

FPX 1863 ‘That's all I ever want, glamorous lady.’

FT1 166 Bed wetting is not the most glamorous of paediatric problems; treating it, however, can be highly rewarding because treatment is so often successful.

G1D 2992 He looked less glamorous without his uniform of short white apron, and he hadn't said much except for that boring rubbish about aliens.

G2V 3377 Derek Malcolm might have a point when he says that our idea of ‘glamour’ has also changed — making it possible for the 90s woman in the street to look glamorous, too.

G33 19 Any broader benefit to less glamorous plants and animals is often no more than a happy accident.

G36 396 Glamorous couple: ‘We've been so lucky.

GU9 1537 Nick, by this time leading a glamorous social life in England with his girlfriend Arabella (Ari) Campbell MacNair-Wilson, daughter of a Conservative Member of Parliament, proposed that since nobody wanted a purely business party for journalists and other promotional appendages, each of the children should invite their own friends.

GUE 2695 She could now see the creek, filled with its glamorous yachts and strolling, beautiful people…

GYW 462 And er oh glamorous shows they had on there.

H0M 2853 A glamorous, dressing-gowned housewife was staring in through the open side window, her face framed by my shoes.

H9L 3164 You were so young, at an age to want to experiment and to find a DJ a glamorous figure, that I imagined it was superficial enough to have a time limit on it.

HA7 2748 You — with all your chat about your full social life, your glamorous, eventful bachelor-girl programme, the get-up-and-go philosophy which you expounded so vividly the other evening in your flat?

HA9 1575 After the last couple of days spent in her company, he'd probably be more than delighted to welcome Suzie and her two glamorous friends.

HGM 895 Anyway I don't own any really glamorous clothes!’

HGS 2350 ‘My role is not a glamorous one.

HGT 4317 Luke's an influential and powerful man — the film industry always has been a glamorous lure for young, hopeful girls — and he's wealthy too.

HTG 3814 They weren't glamorous enough for you to have known about them: they consisted of the people who weren't medically A1.

JY3 1882 The hotel nightclub was packed with guests, avidly watching the show, most of the women in glamorous evening outfits which almost rivalled the exotic plumage of the limbo costumes.

JY6 3437 Ah, a glamorous jewel thief.

K1B 3763 Just ordinary furniture like anyone would have I'm surprised it isn't more glamorous somehow, only larger than life which is what you'd expect I suppose

K1X 1772 So why should a man more used to glamorous roles want to play a mean old miser?

K2U 1123 Eveningwear makes a dramatically glamorous entrance.

K35 1230 GLAMOROUS actress Rosena Brown was ideally suited to her double life as a ruthless IRA terrorist.

K3A 407 She says: ‘I felt very glamorous indeed but I'll still probably stick to making my own clothes in future.

K3A 410 Dressed to thrill…glamorous Barbara Flanagan gets set for her anniversary treat

K4P 676 For the rest, tin hats abound everywhere, not only on top of the curls of a very glamorous AFS girl but also rather oddly around the back of a classical Venus de Mile torso.