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A33 403 THERE are more glamorous places than Glasgow in which to be liberated, but Dariusz Dziekanowski has no complaints.

A7P 363 ‘I feel so glamorous I can hardly recognise myself!’ said Meera.

ABH 506 As such he is popular, but not as an ideologue: with his late actor brother, Yujiro (known as Japan's James Dean), he formed one of the country's most glamorous families.

AKY 914 An estimated 3,000 prostitutes, many lured to the city from Eastern Europe on illegal visas with promises of glamorous jobs in nightclubs, turn over £52.6 million a year.

ATA 1172 Aided by her publicity adviser, Sir Gordon Reece, the mousy frump in sensible shoes and off-the-peg clothing transformed herself into the glamorous power-dresser, with coiffed blonde hair and capped teeth, who led President Mitterrand to slaver, ‘She has the eyes of Caligula and the mouth of Marilyn Monroe.’

B22 1349 It never looks half as glamorous today, now that the motive power is diesel.

B3F 1068 This was in 1941, when the Battle of Britain was over and thousands of young men were flocking into the RAF, hoping to become Fighter Pilots, or failing that one of the slightly less glamorous Bomber boys.

B7G 1001 Emphasising these ‘good housekeeping’ roles for opiates, Huda Akil. a professor of psychiatry at Michigan, said ‘People want very glamorous jobs for this system to do.

B7J 1804 But CITES is not just about glamorous mammals.

B7N 1472 Robert Maxwell had a military career more glamorous than Blackett's.

BLW 469 ‘Growing older may mean you have to work harder to stay in shape, but it can be done — think of all the glamorous film stars who are in their fifties!’

CAU 688 The vast majority recognise that the short sectors, three engines and stringent safety standards offer as much security as with more glamorous operations.

CBD 1269 No sooner has the smiling executive received the accolade or the happy couple been shown in their glamorous home, than the axe seems to fall, as the high flyer is ousted and the divorce lawyers summoned.

CC0 509 Allan Ramsay, the 17th century portraitist to the great and glamorous , is currently receiving belated acclaim.

CDG 1625 Caulfield was passing by Stephanie's dressing room with a friend and, pointing to the glamorous actress, said, ‘That , in there, is supposed to be my mother.’

CEK 6154 Then there's a homage to the Barbie Doll which goes: Blue eyes, blonde hair, long legs/ she's glamorous, she's welcomed by boys.

CH1 9436 She had been everywhere, met everyone, was terribly glamorous and unlike anyone I had ever met.

CHG 452 She might not have been as glamorous as the great vessels loaded with equally glamorous cargo, but she was just as important in her own way.

CHG 452 She might not have been as glamorous as the great vessels loaded with equally glamorous cargo, but she was just as important in her own way.


CLU 805 All action photos of DC–3s, DC–4s, DC–6s, Neptunes, C–46s, Privateers and various Convairs abound, along with less glamorous shots of similar types in scrapyards and storage parks.

CLU 880 So often books are published on the 1940 Battle that feature just the Hurricane and Spitfire part of the conflict, forgetting that numerous other, less glamorous types served with equal distinction.

CTW 42 Agriculture is here represented not by the glamorous (and faintly mythical) yeoman but by the workaday husbandman, or small peasant farmer, counterpart of the craftsman.

ECT 1512 Behind even the most glamorous of sporting pursuits, the ritual training is gruelling and unpretty.

ED7 1595 The choice between big city life and small town values is made a great deal easier by the fact that this idyllic southern country village is like Twin Peaks without the psychopaths, peopled entirely by lovable eccentrics and glamorous models.

ED9 2247 The times suited his predilection for historical references in clothes, for dressing up, for being glamorous and the collections he did then saw him develop sureness of touch allied with a taste for a dangerous dare or two which characterised much of what he does today.

F9U 516 Exposed to Minton's freewheeling, glamorous Bohemianism, some found it difficult afterwards to stand on their own feet, for Minton had effectively broken them away from their backgrounds or their jobs.

FP9 749 The new pop stars — self-conscious frauds, tackily glamorous like Boy George — fed a revival of old-fashioned pop gossip, a staple now of the Sun and the Mirror .

FRS 2922 I think he sees in you and the hotel industry the opportunity to be part of a glamorous, high-profile business, and one his hard-faced wife would approve of.

FT2 1205 Such negative stereotypes are often reinforced by pervasive media images which portray the young as capable and glamorous.

G1D 2992 He looked less glamorous without his uniform of short white apron, and he hadn't said much except for that boring rubbish about aliens.

G2E 321 As a measure of the car's enduring versatility, the photographer tells of a glamorous grandmother he knows who drives a dark green one.

GWL 1197 The best of the support glitz and a better seller than many of the above, it is a glamorous big business tale à la her last,Champagne Gold , only with the perfume industry as its backdrop.

GYW 462 And er oh glamorous shows they had on there.

H0M 2853 A glamorous, dressing-gowned housewife was staring in through the open side window, her face framed by my shoes.

HAE 2906 A RARE chance to launch into the glamorous word of modelling — and the opportunity to become a beauty queen — are both up for grabs.

HGD 97 Her own father had left her readily, left her to an uncertain future, his love for some glamorous Frenchwoman overriding his love and duty to his own child.

HGL 1640 ‘She's so glamorous,’ I say to Crilly.

HTT 8 A new breed of men had emerged from the vague grey ranks of the judiciary to stamp themselves on the nation's consciousness: the glamorous investigating magistrates and Public Prosecutors who were to be seen on the news every evening leading the fight against political violence and organized crime.

HYP 232 You could also erm, start to recognize the benefit of the rural sector, and one reason why they were discriminating, L D Cs tended to want to ignore that and sort of shun it, because it's not sort of a glamorous image they were trying to hope for in the urban sector, and, so, if they did help them, say give them units, like the repair men, units to work in, and they put them in really totally crappy accommodation, and up not where you need it, and not where people pass by with their motors and things, they, they'd put them somewhere up on a hill, overlooking a city, so erm, to encourage the informal sector by erm, sort of on a par with the formal sector because erm, their inter- reacting, inter-relating now, like they're providing cheap inputs for the formal industries and, and the formal industries are pro providing clientele all for the informal sector, and so it's all inter-linked and, and it's there now.

J19 1753 Aschmann in his house, all dressed up for a festive occasion, the most glamorous lady in the theatre, was going to make it a party like no other.

JY0 4311 It wasn't very glamorous, but that didn't matter.

JY6 1395 Something glamorous and challenging.

JY6 2597 I don't even like the word glamorous — it's slick and artificial-sounding.’

JYA 2656 But that was before — when he was a distant, glamorous idol for the masses to worship.

K5A 1208 Glamorous uniforms, marching bands, waving banners and gleaming medals have, in many countries round the world, worked their magic.

K5C 1893 MZ250s are not glamorous bikes.

K5J 2571 So, who cares if mum is more likely to win the ‘glamorous granny’ competition than Miss World 1993; not me!

KRN 66 erm So I think you want to regard it not as a sort of glamorous place where the troops were drilling and the drums were beating, but a slightly chaotic and rather dirty place, despite the kings existence.

KRT 5735 But it's a glamorous sport.