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A3S 190 Less than glamorous, perhaps, but with lighter regulation and the prospect of consolidation on a regional level, the independent radio business is no longer the ugly duckling of the media world.

A4G 53 On one side is the spineless Bishop Barrantes, representing the worst aspects of the Church's mugwumpery and corruption; on the other is Father Maby, confidant of Elena and friend to the poor and displaced in his jungle retreat; his work is less glamorous than the revolutionary's, but his wisdom and gentleness make him the unexpected hero of the novel.

A6L 1109 It was as a result of this new approach that Haslam found himself in the Plastics Division, a more glamorous part of ICI, in contrast to the Nobel Division he had recently left.

A7P 997 Inside all of us there is a sultry, glamorous model just waiting to step under the studio lights.

ABD 2243 But the display hall will also be crowded with glamorous, new Japanese cars, like the Diamante, a luxury model from Mitsubishi.

ACW 751 Cartoon characters chased each other across the screen, glamorous women won the hearts of kings, innocent settlers set themselves against ruthless cattle-ranchers, war heroes plotted and schemed and died for their beloved country.

ADG 932 Black people in the media are always either pop stars or sports people, or else really glamorous.

ADG 1079 Many, if not most, women are not glamorous and feminine — at least not most of the time.

AE0 1112 Unable to read the text, he had brought the magazine home from Naples because of its glamorous artwork.

B01 136 Many school textbooks, from the earliest readers, portray older people as clumsy, frail, pathetic, and needing to be helped across roads, while younger members of the family are happily enjoying an exciting and glamorous life.

B3F 849 She even made the Waaf uniform look glamorous.

BN1 546 She supposed the story would be more realistic with someone like Sarah in it, who wasn't glamorous or the love of Jean's life.

BP9 2191 The story wasn't exactly all over the front page, but it started there with photographs of Mercer and Bambi and continued inside, with a glamorous back-lit formal shot of Xanthe, which made her look a lot older than her published age, fifteen.

C8E 1515 How smart and glamorous they looked when they went off to London in the evenings, Dad in his suits and Eva with shawls and hats and expensive shoes and handbags.

CA5 1541 Have you ever secretly flirted with the idea that it might be rather glamorous or exciting to be widowed young, to go blind, to have cancer or AIDS, to go bankrupt, to be burgled, to be a social outcast, to go crazy, to become homeless, to be a drug addict, even to commit suicide…?

CAH 1278 I could have said that their way of life would slowly become less and less glamorous, more and more morally debilitating.

CB8 2293 I was obsessed with being flat-chested and unglamorous and I used to harp on about how he must be hankering for someone more glamorous.’

CBC 14995 The most glamorous are in gold and silver — the perfect foil for swingy tunics and skinny-rib sweaters.

CBF 10829 And all of them were astonished that the most glamorous member of the Royal Family could be so suddenly and publicly brought down to earth.

CBG 9038 They are still the most glamorous club in Britain, but our confidence is so high now that we could take them apart.

CBW 1356 But despite its glamorous image of foreign travel, meeting and dealing with firms' top executives, and making headlines in the financial press when the deal bursts onto the markets, you have to be very committed and prepared to work long and unsocial hours (often at weekends) and be comfortable dealing with people who are often under stress and, in consequence, rude.

CEN 5704 She is a glamorous 40-year-old, he has only just left school.

CH2 4341 After Mona agreed with Mr Carman that she shunned publicity, he produced glamorous photos of her taken at her mother's mansion in Hampstead, North London.

CH6 2894 Yesterday it was also disclosed that glamorous Suzannah Dwyer told her devastated husband of her romance 24 hours before Bates went public with the news at a press conference.

CHW 533 ‘Obviously certain players in certain positions will always be a more attractive proposition to sponsors or advertisers than those of us who inhabit the less glamorous parts of the field.

CMR 719 The power of these discourses, or a method's glamorous novelty, may conceal such associations.

CS4 370 Interest in golf has grown so rapidly in the last ten years that it has reached out beyond its traditional confines and become glamorous.

ED9 58 A glamorous restaurant and bar surround a central palm-fringed swimming pool, and three tennis courts have been built at the foot of Anchorage Hill.

EEF 680 Over time, less glamorous ‘tortoises’ can change the rules of competition and the structures of industry just as much as the ‘hares’of rapid change.

EF1 2982 Meat packaging — far less glamorous than being a terrorist, I'm afraid.’

FBL 636 The face is the eight by ten glossy of the 1980s: what women wanted and men mostly resented — young, rich, glamorous, able to reach fine women in a single bound.

G33 19 Any broader benefit to less glamorous plants and animals is often no more than a happy accident.

HA9 1035 She, Shannon Lea, was the living result of that, so she should be better armed than most against the lure of the glamorous.

HGD 1242 It was almost impossible anyhow because this was not the glamorous and deadly creature of her imagination.

HGM 1028 He loved driving and no doubt would always do so, but Kate discovered that there was a realist behind the glamorous image.

HPV 1050 Carmen Polo threw steely sidelong glances as her husband (dressed always in military uniform) proudly escorted the glamorous Señora de Perón on her visit.

HSJ 803 Never before has charity been so glamorous.

HTT 2865 But as Zen pointed out, at least in Perugia you were spared the relentless commercialization of the pilgrim city, the three-dimensional postcards of a glamorous St Francis preaching to an audience of stuffed animals, the bottles of ‘Monk's Delight’ liqueur, the ceramic prayer texts suitable for mounting over the toilet, the little figurines of lovable monks with round bellies and mischievous smiles.

HXU 1101 This was certainly not the most glamorous or heroic of episodes.

HYA 2065 Not many children are likely to have been to a circus; but although they're not as glamorous or as attractive as they once were, they still hold a fascination for children.

JY1 229 But even so, even though she was sure Rosemary must be exaggerating, her remarks about her being too glamorous in relation to her work place nagged away at her.

JY6 1395 Something glamorous and challenging.

JY6 3437 Ah, a glamorous jewel thief.

JYA 4126 The shirt with full sleeves, the boots and the guitar, slowly turning her nice conservatively dressed Dr Rafaelo into the glamorous and dashing young singer, speaking only in Spanish, every girl's heart-throb.

K3A 410 Dressed to thrill…glamorous Barbara Flanagan gets set for her anniversary treat

K4P 1444 After the winners were named the pair found it hard to convince some that their glamorous subjects were not professional models but clients who had had new images created for them in Mrs Simmons's Skinnergate studio.

K5C 1893 MZ250s are not glamorous bikes.

K97 13655 Hateley, who celebrates his 31st birthday by facing Celtic on Saturday, added: ‘Milan would be a glamorous draw and I would relish every minute of it.

KA7 96 Being a lady gardener is not a glamorous occupation.

KRN 87 Well, if death can ever be glamorous, that, I suppose, is the glamorous side of war casualties, but I think we need to spend the rest of our time very much looking at what it was like for the ordinary people of St Aldate's. erm And here, I apologise for producing a modern slide of Carfax, but I think just to remind you that we are talking about a very busy crowded city area, and erm about a city whose whole aspect was changing during the war.