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A33 403 THERE are more glamorous places than Glasgow in which to be liberated, but Dariusz Dziekanowski has no complaints.

A6L 1163 By then the product will have reverted to being a reasonable business again — but not in a glamorous way as in the first phase.

A70 912 The glamorous life — Sue has moved to chat shows and Desert Island Discs

A7V 322 The leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) has been largely discredited in far-right circles by the recent scandal over his relations with an glamorous English-language newspaper columnist.

ABS 735 People normally commute for one of two reasons: to live somewhere beautiful, or work somewhere glamorous.

AK6 996 FULL-TIME Communication, the satellite television company who have offered English football £500 million over 10 years, are now bidding for the glamorous final stages of Europe's premier competition, the European Cup.

AP0 430 Warren Beatty also discovered a route to instant fame, co-starring with Natalie Wood, one of the world's most glamorous young actresses in 1959, in Elia Kazan's Splendor in the Grass .

ASJ 726 Opposite Still glamorous, New York harbour today.

B7G 30 One way to reduce unemployment would be to attack the problems of a less glamorous but equally important technology.

BMW 2634 Not everything that Paula had to do was quite so glamorous, however.

BN1 1862 To all of us schoolgirls the convent seemed a beautiful, exciting place and the nuns simultaneously frightening and glamorous.

C8B 940 He's been seen with glamorous celebrities like Princess Stephanie and East German ice-skater Katarina Witt, but Boris Becker always seems happiest with ex-waitress Karen Schulz.

C9J 333 A life of serious touring is exchanged for less glamorous travel: moved once a week when mum hoovers the bedroom.

C9M 518 Although the CF-200 power amp might seem less glamorous, it's equally essential to the overall sound and, what's more, it leads an intriguing double life.

C9P 446 The team at Aveda have set hair onto barrel rollers for this glamorous style

CA0 642 Mrs Sherwood, Randy's and Merlin's mother, divorced, with a Brazilian lover, and too glamorous for words in a peach suede suit, was talking to Kevin Coley, who looked like a pig with a thatched, blond tea cosy on its head.

CAU 688 The vast majority recognise that the short sectors, three engines and stringent safety standards offer as much security as with more glamorous operations.

CBC 14995 The most glamorous are in gold and silver — the perfect foil for swingy tunics and skinny-rib sweaters.

CEY 3182 They look like deliciously glamorous mice, don't you agree, Ludo?

CFS 1148 The further outrageous adventures of Harriet Blair: with one foot in suburbia and the other in the glamorous world of the bestselling author — harassed parent, part-time wife, and seductive career woman — Harriet Blair is truly a comic heroine for the 1990s.

CGM 447 For a more glamorous style, hair was brushed out after it had been set.

CHG 452 She might not have been as glamorous as the great vessels loaded with equally glamorous cargo, but she was just as important in her own way.

CJR 770 It is the kind of job that can easily be made to seem glamorous or tempt the power-mad.

CK3 493 Especially good for your ‘Empress’ size friends, these are quick to knit, I'd also very much like to knit a golden pleated skirt using several strands of gold lurex for a really glamorous lamé look.

CL1 256 Dempsey with his image of the ex-hobo riding the roads to fame had been big enough and glamorous enough to blur the controversy from the minds of the crowd.

E9P 749 Spring is here and our make-over feature is back, offering readers the chance to try out a glamorous new look.

EBT 1619 Buyers are attracted to the glamorous provenance of works recovered from the sea bed and prices are generally higher than for similar objects without such watery origins.

EET 2344 Named the ‘Home of the Stars’ when it opened in 1927, this glamorous hotel has recently been restored to all its former glory.

F9S 259 Again, while the emphasis in television has changed slightly from a few decades ago, for instance in the acceptance that women can be sufficiently authoritative to read news broadcasts, nevertheless we still have Westerns full of macho cowboys and soap operas with glamorous full-time housewives.

FBL 776 Even his problems were too glamorous for pity.

FS1 2629 She really did look fearfully glamorous and so…well, I suppose the word is sophisticated.

G2E 1684 He became like a male ballet dancer — a support to lift up his glamorous partner and help her turn beautiful pirouettes.

G2E 1795 The Princess of Wales survives attacks because she is glamorous, lovable, a devoted mother of her two boys, because children adore her and she has a natural affinity with them, and because she bravely enters fields which command respect (shaking hands with AIDS victims for example).

G2V 3377 Derek Malcolm might have a point when he says that our idea of ‘glamour’ has also changed — making it possible for the 90s woman in the street to look glamorous, too.

G33 19 Any broader benefit to less glamorous plants and animals is often no more than a happy accident.

GU9 1507 It was only her ability to view ball gowns as an aspect of theatrical dressing up, not real, everyday life, that allowed her to accept these highly frivolous and glamorous garments now becoming a staple product of the company.

GUM 4057 A handsome young man and a rather glamorous middle-aged woman, perhaps his mother, looked round the shop and finally bought a small brass rocking horse.

H8S 1133 In her imagination, the little flat was suddenly peopled with the ghosts of tall, glamorous London women, with names like Wanda and Melissa, who knew when to tip porters and chambermaids and wouldn't have dreamt of unpacking their own shopping.

HGD 135 I don't remember seeing Imogen looking anything but glamorous.’

HJ4 9835 ‘Before, all I was interested in was the glamorous side of the sun, and being able to wear short skirts and skimpy tops.

HKE 9 From casual separates for relaxing to glamorous evening outfits to help you sparkle at the party!

HSJ 803 Never before has charity been so glamorous.

JNF 47 But those in the field, the front line could not continue without the less than glamorous work that has to be carried out back here in H Q. They also serve, who work in our offices, collect our money, keep our accounts make sure the administration is working well.

JYA 2656 But that was before — when he was a distant, glamorous idol for the masses to worship.

K2Y 116 Britain's most glamorous pensioner actress Joan Collins went out to dinner last night — without the aid of a bus pass.

K4J 300 Hunt found fame and fortune in the glamorous world of Grand Prix culminating in his Formula One world championship victory in 1976 before settling down to a more sedate career as a BBC TV commentator.

K57 1366 THE Labeque sisters project a glamorous and pleasingly unorthodox image, but it is backed up by their ability to deliver in musical terms.

K5J 4354 Norma deemed him ‘glamorous, gorgeous, kind.’

KRL 143 You don't grasp it when you're young, and if you're born, obviously as a lot of the population now are, much younger, and haven't really been either touched or involved in a war, it's very difficult, it's something which we've all seen on television, we've all seen it at the films and you tend if you're not careful, to pick up the glamorous side of it, you don't realise I don't think and in fact I keep saying this — I don't think you can ever realise what it must be like to be in a battle until you've actually been there.

KRT 5735 But it's a glamorous sport.