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A33 403 THERE are more glamorous places than Glasgow in which to be liberated, but Dariusz Dziekanowski has no complaints.

A7P 370 Caroline was delighted and set to work transforming her straight, shoulder-length hair into a glamorous new look.

ABS 735 People normally commute for one of two reasons: to live somewhere beautiful, or work somewhere glamorous.

ADG 165 Here am I, working for a glamorous journalist in a huge house in Richmond, looking after her brat of a daughter (four-year-old Charlotte, who has her good moments but is mostly involved in a longstanding game of wear-the-au-pair-to-a-frazzle), when my mother needs me just as much to look after her daughter, but doesn't have a big house and can't afford to pay.

AP0 267 It was Hollywood's most glamorous studio.

ASS 137 He had hated the little brochure that described it — the pathetic attempt to make it look glamorous, the photographs of it, posed, doors open, doors shut, desperately trying not to look like what it was — a square box with hideous speckled seats.

B0Y 734 But Emily's great wish from childhood, confided to her small admirer David on his first visit, is to be a lady, and when her beauty and refinement attract David's glamorous friend Steerforth, she elopes with him in the hope that he will bring her home a lady.

B7C 42 Contrary to rumour, periodical publishing is not an especially glamorous or profitable venture.

BMM 2180 Many people imagine that it is a glamorous life, jetting around the world for the big athletics meetings and receiving much media attention.

BNL 804 Nor are glamorous stiletto shoes safe until you are at the bottom of the stairs; do not attempt to come down wearing them as the danger is very real — Winston Churchill's mother lost a leg that way.

BNN 1531 It was the least glamorous sector of the army, undertaking labour of all kinds: construction work, handling of stores behind the lines, digging latrines.

C8E 1515 How smart and glamorous they looked when they went off to London in the evenings, Dad in his suits and Eva with shawls and hats and expensive shoes and handbags.

CAH 1621 I bet you they wouldn't find it quite so glamorous if, instead of getting drunk and shooting her, he'd got drunk and accidentally beaten her to death.

CB0 662 Many of his boxing stories take place in less glamorous circumstances — fairground boxing booths, for instance.

CDN 1758 The result was, in the eyes of the ladies present, very glamorous indeed, and they were nice enough to tell her so.

CGC 356 However, this lively lot are not your stereotypical Essex Girls, but a trio of glamorous drag queens with the names Saffron Walden, Kirby Cross and Sible Headingham (all Essex towns), known collectively as ‘The Pleased Wimmin’.

CGL 1026 The one of the Dallachy Strike Wing (FP November, p29) has been less publicised than its counterpart at Banff to the south, perhaps because it operated the Beaufighter rather than the more glamorous Mosquito.

CHU 840 Others said that Horsley saw in Hayling the image of what he had always wanted to be — idealistic, full of derring-do, glamorous, and free from the tedious baggage of conventional business life.

CMR 719 The power of these discourses, or a method's glamorous novelty, may conceal such associations.

EBW 676 ‘Swagger’, in its earliest, Shakespearean use, conveys insolent pretension, but in this exhibition it refers specifically to conspicuously glamorous likenesses, from Van Dyck in the 1630s to Philip de Laszlo in the 1920s.

EC8 738 To the still ardent John Kemp the old Don is a romantic figure, while Don Baltasar for his part dreams of England as a glamorous country, free from the political pressures of his own adopted land.

ECT 2030 This wasn't the sort of international work done in the European branch of security services, which is known as Section A. But it was glamorous enough to keep Dirk Coetzee happy for a while.

ED4 1489 Opulent, rich and glamorous — that's the look of this year's table settings.

ED7 1595 The choice between big city life and small town values is made a great deal easier by the fact that this idyllic southern country village is like Twin Peaks without the psychopaths, peopled entirely by lovable eccentrics and glamorous models.

G2E 1783 What soon became clear was that he had also acquired a modern-day glamorous superstar.

G2V 3377 Derek Malcolm might have a point when he says that our idea of ‘glamour’ has also changed — making it possible for the 90s woman in the street to look glamorous, too.

G2V 3480 Now there is a body and bath line, too, in glamorous pink and gold packaging.

GYW 462 And er oh glamorous shows they had on there.

H9L 116 It had been as if he came from another, alien world, beyond her experience or comprehension, a glamorous, glittering man who made her think of diamonds, so hard and sharp were the edges of his personality.

H9L 3164 You were so young, at an age to want to experiment and to find a DJ a glamorous figure, that I imagined it was superficial enough to have a time limit on it.

HA7 919 And if this was nothing more, at least it had all the trappings of a glamorous evening.

HA9 1575 After the last couple of days spent in her company, he'd probably be more than delighted to welcome Suzie and her two glamorous friends.

HAD 16 The face of defiance, the face of seduction, the posed face, the glamorous face, the troubled face…

HAE 2906 A RARE chance to launch into the glamorous word of modelling — and the opportunity to become a beauty queen — are both up for grabs.

HGT 3657 Everywhere glamorous women!

HHA 333 Both pictured a glamorous brunette, at least a dozen years older than herself.

HRF 1046 ‘I've seen the ‘rushes’ and I look hideous — it isn't glamorous when you're really crying.

HTR 2432 ‘You're looking pretty glamorous, I must say,’ he said, his voice carrying across the room.

HY5 125 Presents of this kind to resident heads of mission were everywhere more standardised and governed by tradition than those to the more glamorous extraordinary ambassadors, whose duties and length of stay were so extremely variable.

JXX 1289 And then, just as Laura was opening her mouth to explain exactly why motherhood wasn't an item on her agenda, she was dumbfounded when Carole added, in a matter-of-fact voice, ‘Leo ladies may be stylish and glamorous, but they also make great wives and mothers.’

JXX 1924 The fact that she was used to living in an expensive, glamorous apartment in London, and held down an equally glamorous if exhausting job, had little or no relevance at the moment.

JY6 2591 ‘And I'm not glamorous, and I don't have any ambition to be either one.’

JYE 1481 The glamorous Dawn — his veterinary nurse.

K35 1256 She played two roles with theatrical precision: one that of the glamorous actress, the other that of the cold, calculating terrorist.

K5D 3476 But there were more middle-aged executives in the audience than glamorous celebrities, at a ceremony where the awards tended to ignore nominees such as Madonna, George Michael and Elton John in favour of many less international names.

K5J 2571 So, who cares if mum is more likely to win the ‘glamorous granny’ competition than Miss World 1993; not me!

K97 15200 At the PAUL SMITH & VIVIENNE WESTWOOD shop in Clayton Square, manager Lisa Muscatelli revealed that even in the upmarket fashion echelons the glamorous casual look is what Liverpool women go for in the daytime.

K99 438 It specialises in giving everyday people a glamorous look that would do the cover of any top fashion magazine proud.

KRL 143 You don't grasp it when you're young, and if you're born, obviously as a lot of the population now are, much younger, and haven't really been either touched or involved in a war, it's very difficult, it's something which we've all seen on television, we've all seen it at the films and you tend if you're not careful, to pick up the glamorous side of it, you don't realise I don't think and in fact I keep saying this — I don't think you can ever realise what it must be like to be in a battle until you've actually been there.

KRN 87 Well, if death can ever be glamorous, that, I suppose, is the glamorous side of war casualties, but I think we need to spend the rest of our time very much looking at what it was like for the ordinary people of St Aldate's. erm And here, I apologise for producing a modern slide of Carfax, but I think just to remind you that we are talking about a very busy crowded city area, and erm about a city whose whole aspect was changing during the war.