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A6L 1109 It was as a result of this new approach that Haslam found himself in the Plastics Division, a more glamorous part of ICI, in contrast to the Nobel Division he had recently left.

A70 820 She spends her working life in the glamorous world of celebrities and top politicians.

A7H 904 She met ‘miracle’ babies and, at the less glamorous end of the scale, opened a cervical-cancer unit.

AAU 68 Turning up its coat collar in a hard-boiled way, the voice is briefed on its mission —‘leather couches, portraits of the Queen…this must be MI6’— passes a dingy border checkpoint getting its forged passport stamped, studies a spy plane view of Cheltenham, cracks a cipher or two, and spots a glamorous female spy from the window of the Orient Express to Istanbul.

ABD 2243 But the display hall will also be crowded with glamorous, new Japanese cars, like the Diamante, a luxury model from Mitsubishi.

ABG 1469 In the Gulf, France's lack of modern heavy armour pushed it into a glamorous, but marginal, job on the flank.

ABH 506 As such he is popular, but not as an ideologue: with his late actor brother, Yujiro (known as Japan's James Dean), he formed one of the country's most glamorous families.

ACW 751 Cartoon characters chased each other across the screen, glamorous women won the hearts of kings, innocent settlers set themselves against ruthless cattle-ranchers, war heroes plotted and schemed and died for their beloved country.

AJY 1919 Originally designed as freight ships, these may not be the most glamorous vessels afloat, but are pleasantly spacious.

B34 1510 Perhaps it was because the glamorous life was too far away to show off their child to friends and relatives.

B3F 849 She even made the Waaf uniform look glamorous.

BLW 469 ‘Growing older may mean you have to work harder to stay in shape, but it can be done — think of all the glamorous film stars who are in their fifties!’

BPJ 792 The incident also offered us a glimpse of the glamorous , sometimes expensive, globe trotting lifestyle of a successful wine merchant.

C8U 292 Henry would have you think he's a real no-nonsense type — more the rugged Bryan Brown than a glamorous Mel Gibson — but upon entering Robert's car, I had my chin joyfully slurped by the rising star himself.

CBD 1269 No sooner has the smiling executive received the accolade or the happy couple been shown in their glamorous home, than the axe seems to fall, as the high flyer is ousted and the divorce lawyers summoned.

CCN 156 And if a woman is tackling strenuous, dirty, physical tasks, she does not want to bother about presenting a pleasing picture; clothes suitable for the job are a priority above a glamorous image.

CEK 3565 They are glamorous, snuggly and ecologically sound.

CGP 195 Soft and glamorous waves created by using a Clairol Flexi Brush heated appliance

CH6 7866 ‘The thing about showbusiness marriages is that you are both rich and famous in a very glamorous world.


CLU 880 So often books are published on the 1940 Battle that feature just the Hurricane and Spitfire part of the conflict, forgetting that numerous other, less glamorous types served with equal distinction.

EBW 676 ‘Swagger’, in its earliest, Shakespearean use, conveys insolent pretension, but in this exhibition it refers specifically to conspicuously glamorous likenesses, from Van Dyck in the 1630s to Philip de Laszlo in the 1920s.

ED2 644 At the end of that season he did the best thing he'd ever done — he split with 13- times tiddler world champ and team manager Angel Nieto to create his own team with the help of glamorous wife Sylvie.

EV1 2267 Whereas, for a time, Cedric Mellings was the ugly duckling of the family turned swan — for who else of his siblings lived this glittering glamorous life?— now there was a shabby-duckling quality again.

FBR 423 With so much media space currently devoted to the heinous depredations the naked ape has inflicted on his habitat, it seems an inappropriate moment to celebrate the career of an artist whose entire work reflects his abiding faith in mankind; an artist who gloried in presenting humanity dressed up in the paraphernalia of a glamorous performer, or as an honest victim of other men's rapacity, so as to elicit for him the onlooker's sympathy.

FP6 1481 A shop is just a shop, and even a shop selling expensive executive toys is still just a shop, but a museum is, well, glamorous.

FP6 1482 People reckon the Natural History Museum is the most glamorous — partying in the shadow of all those dinosaurs in that huge space is just the business — but for The Gadget Shop the Science Museum along the road was the obvious venue, as well as being cheaper.

FP9 1296 The Butlin initiatives gave mid-twentieth century Britain some of its most enduring popular cultural events: dodgems, beauty queens, glamorous grannies, spaghetti-eating, knobbly knees, marathon walks, cross-channel swims.

FPB 943 Feeling self-conscious at entering a pub by herself, she slunk into the Markham Arms, a glamorous tavern in the King's Road where men-about-Chelsea relaxed in the evening.

FT5 406 Changing demography and limited resources mean that manpower issues will be increasingly important for the provision of health services in the years to come, not only in less glamorous specialties such as old age psychiatry but in all areas of medicine.

FTU 594 There is more glamorous mountain scenery ahead, but this unfortunately is not the way to Zurich.

G0S 1357 She liked the sound of these words, even delivered with her mother's genteel sneer, but Miranda didn't match any of these, they were too glamorous.

G2C 740 Life is not as glamorous as it is cracked up to be on Tour.

G36 396 Glamorous couple: ‘We've been so lucky.

GUE 2695 She could now see the creek, filled with its glamorous yachts and strolling, beautiful people…

H8S 1133 In her imagination, the little flat was suddenly peopled with the ghosts of tall, glamorous London women, with names like Wanda and Melissa, who knew when to tip porters and chambermaids and wouldn't have dreamt of unpacking their own shopping.

H9H 178 That sounded intriguingly glamorous

HGL 1221 Gemma is glamorous as always, her lips a large pucker of blood red, her hair a shock of bleached white-blonde, her legs fish-netted and mini-skirted, high Doc Martens on her feet.

HGM 1028 He loved driving and no doubt would always do so, but Kate discovered that there was a realist behind the glamorous image.

HPG 1543 Lady Macbeth is meant to be glamorous and powerful.

HRF 1817 In no way glamorous, a cuddly bundle of soft feminine humanity, she expresses Doris's sweetness as powerfully as her animal desires.

HWXHWX 1148 LA — IT'S big, tacky, glamorous, sleazy and exciting.

HYA 2065 Not many children are likely to have been to a circus; but although they're not as glamorous or as attractive as they once were, they still hold a fascination for children.

JXX 1661 And because she, too, was feeling hot and sticky she decided to join the girls in the nursery suite's jacuzzi — one of three such glamorous items in the large house.

JY6 2587 NASA's most glamorous Space Shuttle programmer…who does a little waitress-work on the side.’

K22 341 So during a recession, glamorous designer names…offered at rock bottom prices can be alluring.

K25 3616 But a win will bring them more glamorous and more lucrative opposition.

K35 1256 She played two roles with theatrical precision: one that of the glamorous actress, the other that of the cold, calculating terrorist.

K4P 676 For the rest, tin hats abound everywhere, not only on top of the curls of a very glamorous AFS girl but also rather oddly around the back of a classical Venus de Mile torso.

K5J 4354 Norma deemed him ‘glamorous, gorgeous, kind.’