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A33 403 THERE are more glamorous places than Glasgow in which to be liberated, but Dariusz Dziekanowski has no complaints.

A6L 1163 By then the product will have reverted to being a reasonable business again — but not in a glamorous way as in the first phase.

A6L 1248 British Coal is a lot less glamorous.

A70 820 She spends her working life in the glamorous world of celebrities and top politicians.

ADG 1079 Many, if not most, women are not glamorous and feminine — at least not most of the time.

AJ6 892 If Mr Major consorts with glamorous personalities such as Bill Wyman, Elaine Page and Fatima Whitbread, he must, despite all evidence to the contrary, be glamorous, too, and therefore deserves my vote.

AJY 1486 An economy version of the more glamorous (and expensive) XR3i ‘hot hatch’.

AK6 996 FULL-TIME Communication, the satellite television company who have offered English football £500 million over 10 years, are now bidding for the glamorous final stages of Europe's premier competition, the European Cup.

ALH 515 He was called Howard Hughes and had lived what appeared to be a glamorous, exciting life.

APU 124 The Dawn of Dreams had not been her most glamorous role — to play the central role of a disturbed adolescent Jo had gained 20lb and spent hours creating the greyish, pasty complexion of a kid raised in institutions.

AYM 364 Dreams, predictions, a haunting vocal soundtrack and a glamorous set establish Transfer's new show a characteristically rich theatrical presentation.

B34 1651 Rarely did any Tiller Girl stand out in a glamorous way but stunning was always the word used to describe Violet Bryant nicknamed Ginger because of her glorious red hair, she could not possibly blend in with the others.

B7N 1472 Robert Maxwell had a military career more glamorous than Blackett's.

BM5 1014 The least glamorous car of this group is ironically the best.

BMM 2180 Many people imagine that it is a glamorous life, jetting around the world for the big athletics meetings and receiving much media attention.

C9P 446 The team at Aveda have set hair onto barrel rollers for this glamorous style

CAT 1122 In MAKING IT BETTER , the improbably, coolly glamorous Jane Asher plays Diana Harrington, half of a couple who work for the BBC and have sex problems: her husband of 20 years tells her he is leaving her to set up as an homosexual, an announcement which seems to disturb her less than a wheel clamp.

CB0 662 Many of his boxing stories take place in less glamorous circumstances — fairground boxing booths, for instance.

CB8 2293 I was obsessed with being flat-chested and unglamorous and I used to harp on about how he must be hankering for someone more glamorous.’

CDJ 265 Quick, easy styling methods make glamorous hair achievable for everyone.

CDR 2004 But that does not stop us yearning for a glamorous tan.

CEK 6154 Then there's a homage to the Barbie Doll which goes: Blue eyes, blonde hair, long legs/ she's glamorous, she's welcomed by boys.

CGC 744 ‘She's very inspiring,’ says André, ‘because I think she's very glamorous.

CH6 7866 ‘The thing about showbusiness marriages is that you are both rich and famous in a very glamorous world.

CHW 533 ‘Obviously certain players in certain positions will always be a more attractive proposition to sponsors or advertisers than those of us who inhabit the less glamorous parts of the field.

E9Y 571 What makes this one a bit special is that she is Wilbur Smith's glamorous wife and the media are certain to love her.

ECT 744 For a time Bond was a bigger draw than Elvis, making Connery intensely glamorous and almost absurdly famous; college kids in the Bahamas mobbed him shouting: ‘You're our leader, we're your people!’

ED3 1073 That seemed to me a very glamorous job.’

EEL 500 I don't believe my early conceptions were too different from those of many ‘Contact’ readers who must have their own fond thought of glamorous America.

EFG 740 His success and the nature of the job mean they lead a glamorous lifestyle, although as he gets up at 4.15am and goes to bed at 9pm weekdays, Simon might not agree.

EVF 116 The most glamorous imaginable TV commercial filmed in the Caribbean with an all-star cast is a failure if, when in the supermarket, the viewer can't remember what the product was called.

F9U 516 Exposed to Minton's freewheeling, glamorous Bohemianism, some found it difficult afterwards to stand on their own feet, for Minton had effectively broken them away from their backgrounds or their jobs.

FPB 2017 The space looked clean, glamorous, and exciting.

FTU 594 There is more glamorous mountain scenery ahead, but this unfortunately is not the way to Zurich.

FU1 2262 All through the pregnancy I felt special, then suddenly all my friends didn't want to know me, only one friend, Karen, and she made me feel worse, as she was so glamorous and I was sitting there all fat.

G2E 1684 He became like a male ballet dancer — a support to lift up his glamorous partner and help her turn beautiful pirouettes.

GUE 478 The engine purred throatily, doors clunked with glamorous solidity, the car felt luxurious and astronomically expensive.

GVL 544 Dr Groome flashed up snips of a series of scheming, glamorous femmes fatales.

GWL 1197 The best of the support glitz and a better seller than many of the above, it is a glamorous big business tale à la her last,Champagne Gold , only with the perfume industry as its backdrop.

H8S 711 ‘Oh, nothing very glamorous, I'm afraid.

H9H 2021 ‘Very glamorous.’

H9L 3164 You were so young, at an age to want to experiment and to find a DJ a glamorous figure, that I imagined it was superficial enough to have a time limit on it.

HTT 2865 But as Zen pointed out, at least in Perugia you were spared the relentless commercialization of the pilgrim city, the three-dimensional postcards of a glamorous St Francis preaching to an audience of stuffed animals, the bottles of ‘Monk's Delight’ liqueur, the ceramic prayer texts suitable for mounting over the toilet, the little figurines of lovable monks with round bellies and mischievous smiles.

HWXHWX 2284 It needs to be made clear that a company renowned for making solid, reliable, modestly-priced guitars, amps and cabs can just as easily compete in the glamorous, fashion-conscious world of hi-tech keyboards — a bold move the company have recently taken with their new DPM3.

JY1 206 Rosemary searched for a word, then to startle Leith further ‘…glamorous,’ she brought out.

K1U 2184 There's also a less glamorous, but necessary role for the RAF Hercules; to supply far flung British outposts.

K35 1256 She played two roles with theatrical precision: one that of the glamorous actress, the other that of the cold, calculating terrorist.

K3A 410 Dressed to thrill…glamorous Barbara Flanagan gets set for her anniversary treat

K4J 311 After his retirement, media interest focused almost exclusively on a string of glamorous relationships.

K4T 10284 —The glamorous Tyneside girls measure their success in degrees both on and off the stage.