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A70 820 She spends her working life in the glamorous world of celebrities and top politicians.

A7P 370 Caroline was delighted and set to work transforming her straight, shoulder-length hair into a glamorous new look.

A7P 997 Inside all of us there is a sultry, glamorous model just waiting to step under the studio lights.

AB9 552 Keeping the paperwork straight might not be glamorous but it was eighty per cent of the battle as he well knew, and he made certain his staff did too.

ABD 2243 But the display hall will also be crowded with glamorous, new Japanese cars, like the Diamante, a luxury model from Mitsubishi.

ABW 185 The job was looked upon as glamorous and attracted some deb-types.

ACP 2481 People talk about ‘underground’ now with a funny mixture of excitement and resignation: artists, image-makers, mediacrats ‘n' brats shaken by the collapse of arts funding, the drive towards mainstream art business sponsorship, the pinch of censorship, absurdities such as the proposed ‘impartiality’amendment to the Broadcasting Bill, the oppressive pressures of being simultaneously controversial, safe, presentable, marketable, accessible, new, glamorous and radical.

ARK 63 In life she had been glamorous.

B1L 361 If Jim Baxter — the pit-boy turned pop star — was one of Scotland's most glamorous working-class heroes in the '60s, then Denis Law was a worthy rival.

BNL 1527 There are other, safer ways of looking glamorous or attractive and lots of gold on display is a powerful temptation to thieves or muggers.

BNP 238 Georgia (Metcalfe)— a clever, glamorous Pollyanna

C9P 446 The team at Aveda have set hair onto barrel rollers for this glamorous style

CBW 1356 But despite its glamorous image of foreign travel, meeting and dealing with firms' top executives, and making headlines in the financial press when the deal bursts onto the markets, you have to be very committed and prepared to work long and unsocial hours (often at weekends) and be comfortable dealing with people who are often under stress and, in consequence, rude.

CC0 509 Allan Ramsay, the 17th century portraitist to the great and glamorous , is currently receiving belated acclaim.

CFS 577 Micheal Szell is a leading fabric designer specialising in hand printed glamorous designs on a variety of ground cloths and printed to order.

CGM 447 For a more glamorous style, hair was brushed out after it had been set.

CGP 195 Soft and glamorous waves created by using a Clairol Flexi Brush heated appliance

CJR 770 It is the kind of job that can easily be made to seem glamorous or tempt the power-mad.

CMJ 1773 Clearly quite a different and much more glamorous God than the Loxford one lived at St Saviour's.

CS4 370 Interest in golf has grown so rapidly in the last ten years that it has reached out beyond its traditional confines and become glamorous.

CTW 42 Agriculture is here represented not by the glamorous (and faintly mythical) yeoman but by the workaday husbandman, or small peasant farmer, counterpart of the craftsman.

ECT 2030 This wasn't the sort of international work done in the European branch of security services, which is known as Section A. But it was glamorous enough to keep Dirk Coetzee happy for a while.

ED9 903 Among the audience looking at this cleverly designed glamorous collection was Princess Margaret looking very chic in blue, who holidayed with the Weinbergs on a yacht last summer.

EFU 616 Mrs Tota was duly coy about the private room decorated with a gold, brown and green paper, oil paintings of Italian scenery and gilt candelabra ( "very snug" , pronounced the Colonel); she enjoyed her dinner, chattered nineteen to the dozen and decided that Room A at Kettner's was almost as glamorous as the dear old Châlet at Simla.

FBM 782 Claudia Schiffer, on the other hand, appears to represent a return to innocence and vulnerability, which has more in common with the glamorous screen goddesses of the 1930s than it does with the predatory allure of Sharon Stone.

FBR 423 With so much media space currently devoted to the heinous depredations the naked ape has inflicted on his habitat, it seems an inappropriate moment to celebrate the career of an artist whose entire work reflects his abiding faith in mankind; an artist who gloried in presenting humanity dressed up in the paraphernalia of a glamorous performer, or as an honest victim of other men's rapacity, so as to elicit for him the onlooker's sympathy.

G1R 594 This is a crusading, flamboyant Marxism, emphasising the role of the supposedly heroic and glamorous armed struggle.

G2V 3480 Now there is a body and bath line, too, in glamorous pink and gold packaging.

G3G 1031 He may look a bit glamorous, in his overdone way, but he's poison all the way through.’

GT0 921 Paradoxically, his ‘Bentley boys’, among them Wolf Barnato, son of the South African diamond millionaire, provided the British motor industry with its most glamorous episode.

GUE 2071 Actually it's not as glamorous as it looks.

GUM 4057 A handsome young man and a rather glamorous middle-aged woman, perhaps his mother, looked round the shop and finally bought a small brass rocking horse.

HAE 3449 And when he finally married last year, it was to a glamorous foreigner, the French-Canadian skater Isabelle Duchesnay.

HRF 1817 In no way glamorous, a cuddly bundle of soft feminine humanity, she expresses Doris's sweetness as powerfully as her animal desires.

HWXHWX 2284 It needs to be made clear that a company renowned for making solid, reliable, modestly-priced guitars, amps and cabs can just as easily compete in the glamorous, fashion-conscious world of hi-tech keyboards — a bold move the company have recently taken with their new DPM3.

HY5 125 Presents of this kind to resident heads of mission were everywhere more standardised and governed by tradition than those to the more glamorous extraordinary ambassadors, whose duties and length of stay were so extremely variable.

J19 1753 Aschmann in his house, all dressed up for a festive occasion, the most glamorous lady in the theatre, was going to make it a party like no other.

JY4 2964 We said that we understood things could happen in a glamorous environment —’

JY6 2591 ‘And I'm not glamorous, and I don't have any ambition to be either one.’

JYA 4126 The shirt with full sleeves, the boots and the guitar, slowly turning her nice conservatively dressed Dr Rafaelo into the glamorous and dashing young singer, speaking only in Spanish, every girl's heart-throb.

JYE 47 Lots of glamorous men, theatres, the night-life et cetera?’

K1B 3763 Just ordinary furniture like anyone would have I'm surprised it isn't more glamorous somehow, only larger than life which is what you'd expect I suppose

K1T 2194 Kath meanwhile is one of the glamorous slippers on sale.

K1U 2184 There's also a less glamorous, but necessary role for the RAF Hercules; to supply far flung British outposts.

K2D 404 This scheme will be used in future for it provides an opportunity for the genuine fan who attends games against less glamorous opposition not to lose out in the real crowd pullers.

K2U 1123 Eveningwear makes a dramatically glamorous entrance.

K35 1230 GLAMOROUS actress Rosena Brown was ideally suited to her double life as a ruthless IRA terrorist.

K97 13655 Hateley, who celebrates his 31st birthday by facing Celtic on Saturday, added: ‘Milan would be a glamorous draw and I would relish every minute of it.

KPG 4972 She goes oh, erm, yeah, just because we've gotta house like this hasn't got such a glamorous house

KRN 87 Well, if death can ever be glamorous, that, I suppose, is the glamorous side of war casualties, but I think we need to spend the rest of our time very much looking at what it was like for the ordinary people of St Aldate's. erm And here, I apologise for producing a modern slide of Carfax, but I think just to remind you that we are talking about a very busy crowded city area, and erm about a city whose whole aspect was changing during the war.