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A6L 1163 By then the product will have reverted to being a reasonable business again — but not in a glamorous way as in the first phase.

A7H 904 She met ‘miracle’ babies and, at the less glamorous end of the scale, opened a cervical-cancer unit.

AB9 552 Keeping the paperwork straight might not be glamorous but it was eighty per cent of the battle as he well knew, and he made certain his staff did too.

ABS 735 People normally commute for one of two reasons: to live somewhere beautiful, or work somewhere glamorous.

ABS 3422 In today's ‘Get Ahead’ publishing world, it is considered vastly more glamorous to be a marketing man than an author.

ALH 515 He was called Howard Hughes and had lived what appeared to be a glamorous, exciting life.

ARM 333 P. To start with it was the ‘glamorous lifestyle’, cruising around in T-shirt and shorts, like everyone does at first.

ASS 138 The Volkswagen Passat was about as glamorous as a visit to the supermarket, which was what it was principally used for.

B1L 1480 Dallas is dull by comparison, at last Scottish football has thrown off the mantle of miserable weather and abortive pies, the glamorous dynasty of soap-opera management had arrived.

B2H 464 I am sure that if he had been with one of the stronger or more glamorous clubs at the time, his name would now be held in respect by a far wider clientele than those relatively few of us who were privileged to see him play his heart out for Crystal Palace.

B7G 1001 Emphasising these ‘good housekeeping’ roles for opiates, Huda Akil. a professor of psychiatry at Michigan, said ‘People want very glamorous jobs for this system to do.

B7J 1804 But CITES is not just about glamorous mammals.

BM5 1014 The least glamorous car of this group is ironically the best.

CAE 2252 The same applies to Scrash, although they're about as glamorous as a donkey on Skegness beach and marginally less attractive.

CBE 901 ‘I suppose plumbing isn't the most glamorous job in the world.’

CDR 2004 But that does not stop us yearning for a glamorous tan.

CEN 5704 She is a glamorous 40-year-old, he has only just left school.

CEY 3182 They look like deliciously glamorous mice, don't you agree, Ludo?

CGL 1026 The one of the Dallachy Strike Wing (FP November, p29) has been less publicised than its counterpart at Banff to the south, perhaps because it operated the Beaufighter rather than the more glamorous Mosquito.

CGL 1121 The glamorous side of aviation, flying, has of course been brought to the attention of the public over the years; but what of the ladies who drove staff cars, rode despatch motor cycles and undertook much arduous work often under enemy fire?

CGM 447 For a more glamorous style, hair was brushed out after it had been set.

CH1 4177 It's not very glamorous, I'm afraid, but I'll explain everything to you.’

CHB 2595 Perhaps he regards the flag as a suitable prop to emphasise the sentiments of ‘Glamorous Glue’, but he well knows its other connotations.

CHU 136 But by now he was getting bored with the relative backwater of the Science Unit and wanted to go to News and Current Affairs, which was not only more glamorous, but offered a more direct opportunity to put his political ideals to good use.

CKK 335 At £95, the two hour long chance to tread surely the most glamorous footplate in preservation is the same price as the standard half-day long course based around the controls of Great Western Castle Class ‘Defiant’.

CMR 719 The power of these discourses, or a method's glamorous novelty, may conceal such associations.

CTW 42 Agriculture is here represented not by the glamorous (and faintly mythical) yeoman but by the workaday husbandman, or small peasant farmer, counterpart of the craftsman.

ED9 58 A glamorous restaurant and bar surround a central palm-fringed swimming pool, and three tennis courts have been built at the foot of Anchorage Hill.

ED9 903 Among the audience looking at this cleverly designed glamorous collection was Princess Margaret looking very chic in blue, who holidayed with the Weinbergs on a yacht last summer.

EET 2344 Named the ‘Home of the Stars’ when it opened in 1927, this glamorous hotel has recently been restored to all its former glory.

FP7 665 Much more glamorous.

FP9 1295 A range of regular routinized but riotous activities accomplished this, from the Glamorous Grannie to the Mr Knobbly Knees competition.

FTU 411 With its numerous holiday facilities, coupled with history and glamorous country, Rorschach invites a stay.

G2E 1661 The Lady Diana Spencer who had reporters camping on her doorstep ten years ago was a fascinating mixture of fresh and vulnerable, shy and glamorous.

G36 396 Glamorous couple: ‘We've been so lucky.

H0C 1335 Then on to the spacious dining saloon with its white and gold decor, now alive with the movement of gold-braided, be-medalled uniforms alongside glamorous ladies in evening dress.

H0F 588 Even in her shop overall she looked glamorous, Marion thought.

H9L 116 It had been as if he came from another, alien world, beyond her experience or comprehension, a glamorous, glittering man who made her think of diamonds, so hard and sharp were the edges of his personality.

HA7 2748 You — with all your chat about your full social life, your glamorous, eventful bachelor-girl programme, the get-up-and-go philosophy which you expounded so vividly the other evening in your flat?

HGL 1221 Gemma is glamorous as always, her lips a large pucker of blood red, her hair a shock of bleached white-blonde, her legs fish-netted and mini-skirted, high Doc Martens on her feet.

HJ4 4956 Glamorous 36-year-old Jacqui is positively blooming with the prospect of motherhood for the fourth time.

HXU 1101 This was certainly not the most glamorous or heroic of episodes.

HYP 232 You could also erm, start to recognize the benefit of the rural sector, and one reason why they were discriminating, L D Cs tended to want to ignore that and sort of shun it, because it's not sort of a glamorous image they were trying to hope for in the urban sector, and, so, if they did help them, say give them units, like the repair men, units to work in, and they put them in really totally crappy accommodation, and up not where you need it, and not where people pass by with their motors and things, they, they'd put them somewhere up on a hill, overlooking a city, so erm, to encourage the informal sector by erm, sort of on a par with the formal sector because erm, their inter- reacting, inter-relating now, like they're providing cheap inputs for the formal industries and, and the formal industries are pro providing clientele all for the informal sector, and so it's all inter-linked and, and it's there now.

J1H 2375 One day, waiting in the car in Albion Street to pick up my brother-in-law from work (he looks like Norman Lamont, incidently, but she loves him dearly), she suddenly saw me, her brother who's supposed to be living in exile down south, walking along the road in the company of a glamorous lady.

JY6 2597 I don't even like the word glamorous — it's slick and artificial-sounding.’

K20 1566 The wives might not have quite as glamorous a job as their husbands flying the planes.

K2D 404 This scheme will be used in future for it provides an opportunity for the genuine fan who attends games against less glamorous opposition not to lose out in the real crowd pullers.

K3A 544 ‘The staff at the Hillcrest then invited my husband Bill and myself to sit down and have a special anniversary dinner — I felt very glamorous indeed!’

K5A 6621 I had a holiday, nothing glamorous, just a few weeks with no deadlines, no pressures.

KA7 96 Being a lady gardener is not a glamorous occupation.