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A70 820 She spends her working life in the glamorous world of celebrities and top politicians.

ABE 50 ONCE a glamorous adventure, flying seems ever more like a trial to be endured or avoided.

ADG 932 Black people in the media are always either pop stars or sports people, or else really glamorous.

AK6 680 FULL-TIME Communication, the satellite television company which has offered English football £500 million over 10 years, are also bidding for the glamorous final stages of the European Cup.

B01 136 Many school textbooks, from the earliest readers, portray older people as clumsy, frail, pathetic, and needing to be helped across roads, while younger members of the family are happily enjoying an exciting and glamorous life.

B3F 849 She even made the Waaf uniform look glamorous.

B3F 1068 This was in 1941, when the Battle of Britain was over and thousands of young men were flocking into the RAF, hoping to become Fighter Pilots, or failing that one of the slightly less glamorous Bomber boys.

B72 33 For the media, interferon was a glamorous new arrival on the pharmaceutical scene.

BLW 469 ‘Growing older may mean you have to work harder to stay in shape, but it can be done — think of all the glamorous film stars who are in their fifties!’

BMW 2399 The first model appeared on the catwalk, looking so glamorous, so unbelievably chic, that Sally could scarcely believe that her very own sister could be a part of this glittering performance.

CAD 2686 ‘The Bangles wanted to emphasise the rock'n'roll side of the band and in doing so thought regalia and kind of hippyish, Hendrix-style clothing was gonna put that image across, but it ended up looking very glamorous, it ended up looking glammier and glammier even though the intention was for it not to be glamour…

CAE 43 ‘Sources close to the ‘artiste’ suggest the decision to cancel the tour was not made for glamorous or news-worthy reasons, like police/local authority objections or fear on the streets of Britain…just that he can't be arsed.’

CBW 1356 But despite its glamorous image of foreign travel, meeting and dealing with firms' top executives, and making headlines in the financial press when the deal bursts onto the markets, you have to be very committed and prepared to work long and unsocial hours (often at weekends) and be comfortable dealing with people who are often under stress and, in consequence, rude.

CFS 577 Micheal Szell is a leading fabric designer specialising in hand printed glamorous designs on a variety of ground cloths and printed to order.

CGB 1024 It's impossible, of course, not to draw comparisons between this decidedly unsexy image and Pitt's infamous Levi's spot, which also involved parading around in his underwear, albeit a slightly more glamorous pair of boxers.

CGM 447 For a more glamorous style, hair was brushed out after it had been set.

CGN 374 Silvikrin, BaByliss and Hairflair are giving two readers the chance to recreate the glamorous look of their choice, with hair, make-up and photography by the experts.

CH1 4177 It's not very glamorous, I'm afraid, but I'll explain everything to you.’

CH2 11048 ‘Glamorous’ multi-storey wins award

CH6 2894 Yesterday it was also disclosed that glamorous Suzannah Dwyer told her devastated husband of her romance 24 hours before Bates went public with the news at a press conference.

CH6 9579 LANDLORD Roy Tolan has become obsessed with a new woman in his life — a glamorous ghost.

CHG 452 She might not have been as glamorous as the great vessels loaded with equally glamorous cargo, but she was just as important in her own way.

CHW 533 ‘Obviously certain players in certain positions will always be a more attractive proposition to sponsors or advertisers than those of us who inhabit the less glamorous parts of the field.

CK3 493 Especially good for your ‘Empress’ size friends, these are quick to knit, I'd also very much like to knit a golden pleated skirt using several strands of gold lurex for a really glamorous lamé look.

CL1 915 They are depicted by the media as glamorous, exciting and interesting.

E9Y 571 What makes this one a bit special is that she is Wilbur Smith's glamorous wife and the media are certain to love her.

EEF 680 Over time, less glamorous ‘tortoises’ can change the rules of competition and the structures of industry just as much as the ‘hares’of rapid change.

EEW 1174 Ellie also thrilled to hear it, for it sounded so glamorous, and put her in mind of some of the stories Madame had told her of her early days on the stage.

EF1 2982 Meat packaging — far less glamorous than being a terrorist, I'm afraid.’

EVF 116 The most glamorous imaginable TV commercial filmed in the Caribbean with an all-star cast is a failure if, when in the supermarket, the viewer can't remember what the product was called.

EX6 951 Some of these also specialise in male models, children and so-called"uglies', or the less glamorous type of model.

EX6 1286 Unfortunately this is the least glamorous of any of the activities of a busy public relations office and it tends to receive the least attention.

FBL 636 The face is the eight by ten glossy of the 1980s: what women wanted and men mostly resented — young, rich, glamorous, able to reach fine women in a single bound.

FP9 1296 The Butlin initiatives gave mid-twentieth century Britain some of its most enduring popular cultural events: dodgems, beauty queens, glamorous grannies, spaghetti-eating, knobbly knees, marathon walks, cross-channel swims.

FPY 812 Consequently, many young people now see choral singing as less glamorous and challenging than playing in an ensemble.

G2E 1795 The Princess of Wales survives attacks because she is glamorous, lovable, a devoted mother of her two boys, because children adore her and she has a natural affinity with them, and because she bravely enters fields which command respect (shaking hands with AIDS victims for example).

GUE 2695 She could now see the creek, filled with its glamorous yachts and strolling, beautiful people…

H7W 3363 Besides, it's not me they want, it's the glamorous, high-profile media image.

HA7 549 He was probably meeting some woman tonight, and obviously taking her somewhere glamorous.

HA9 1035 She, Shannon Lea, was the living result of that, so she should be better armed than most against the lure of the glamorous.

HGM 1061 At least you know that's true, that it is just a job, not the glamorous lifestyle that it appears to be, entailing flying around the world in private jets.

HTR 2432 ‘You're looking pretty glamorous, I must say,’ he said, his voice carrying across the room.

HYA 2065 Not many children are likely to have been to a circus; but although they're not as glamorous or as attractive as they once were, they still hold a fascination for children.

HYP 232 You could also erm, start to recognize the benefit of the rural sector, and one reason why they were discriminating, L D Cs tended to want to ignore that and sort of shun it, because it's not sort of a glamorous image they were trying to hope for in the urban sector, and, so, if they did help them, say give them units, like the repair men, units to work in, and they put them in really totally crappy accommodation, and up not where you need it, and not where people pass by with their motors and things, they, they'd put them somewhere up on a hill, overlooking a city, so erm, to encourage the informal sector by erm, sort of on a par with the formal sector because erm, their inter- reacting, inter-relating now, like they're providing cheap inputs for the formal industries and, and the formal industries are pro providing clientele all for the informal sector, and so it's all inter-linked and, and it's there now.

JNL 156 Er, you may be glad to know, or unhappy to know, that I'm actually still on contact with the health service because I'm a non-executive director of the Royal London Trust, which works of course, in Whitechapel, one of the poorer areas of London, and it's not quite so glamorous as Guys, but actually it's doing quite a good job.

K2U 1123 Eveningwear makes a dramatically glamorous entrance.

K35 1230 GLAMOROUS actress Rosena Brown was ideally suited to her double life as a ruthless IRA terrorist.

K3A 407 She says: ‘I felt very glamorous indeed but I'll still probably stick to making my own clothes in future.

K4Y 1399 And the unique support was in the form of ventriloquist Neville King, glamorous magicians Secret Trix and the marvellous marionettes of Pavlov's Puppets.

KRN 71 erm There was a great deal of difficulty I think at the court, as well as the rather glamorous exterior.