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ABD 2243 But the display hall will also be crowded with glamorous, new Japanese cars, like the Diamante, a luxury model from Mitsubishi.

ABE 50 ONCE a glamorous adventure, flying seems ever more like a trial to be endured or avoided.

ABW 185 The job was looked upon as glamorous and attracted some deb-types.

ACP 2481 People talk about ‘underground’ now with a funny mixture of excitement and resignation: artists, image-makers, mediacrats ‘n' brats shaken by the collapse of arts funding, the drive towards mainstream art business sponsorship, the pinch of censorship, absurdities such as the proposed ‘impartiality’amendment to the Broadcasting Bill, the oppressive pressures of being simultaneously controversial, safe, presentable, marketable, accessible, new, glamorous and radical.

ACS 580 The babies, the bottles, the cooking, the diapering, the burping, the carriage wheeling, the pressure cooker, the barbecue, the playground and doing-it-yourself was more comfortable, more safe, secure and satisfying than that supposedly glamorous ‘career’ in which you somehow didn't feel wanted and knew you weren't going to get anywhere.

ASJ 726 Opposite Still glamorous, New York harbour today.

ATA 1172 Aided by her publicity adviser, Sir Gordon Reece, the mousy frump in sensible shoes and off-the-peg clothing transformed herself into the glamorous power-dresser, with coiffed blonde hair and capped teeth, who led President Mitterrand to slaver, ‘She has the eyes of Caligula and the mouth of Marilyn Monroe.’

B01 136 Many school textbooks, from the earliest readers, portray older people as clumsy, frail, pathetic, and needing to be helped across roads, while younger members of the family are happily enjoying an exciting and glamorous life.

B29 1186 Actor John Sessions, performing his one-man show Travelling Tales of the Grand Opera House in Belfast, features glamorous and fast-talking South American tree frogs as characters throughout the first act.

C8B 940 He's been seen with glamorous celebrities like Princess Stephanie and East German ice-skater Katarina Witt, but Boris Becker always seems happiest with ex-waitress Karen Schulz.

C8E 1515 How smart and glamorous they looked when they went off to London in the evenings, Dad in his suits and Eva with shawls and hats and expensive shoes and handbags.

CA5 1541 Have you ever secretly flirted with the idea that it might be rather glamorous or exciting to be widowed young, to go blind, to have cancer or AIDS, to go bankrupt, to be burgled, to be a social outcast, to go crazy, to become homeless, to be a drug addict, even to commit suicide…?

CAH 1278 I could have said that their way of life would slowly become less and less glamorous, more and more morally debilitating.

CDJ 8 If you want to achieve those glamorous set looks then try a new style with Hot Shapes.

CEM 345 As Bill has sharpened his image to match his growing political fortunes, so Hillary cast aside her intellectual reserve to transform herself from a dowdy schoolma'am type in heavy glasses to a glamorous, designer-dressed head-turner who would grace any State function.

CGC 744 ‘She's very inspiring,’ says André, ‘because I think she's very glamorous.

CGN 374 Silvikrin, BaByliss and Hairflair are giving two readers the chance to recreate the glamorous look of their choice, with hair, make-up and photography by the experts.

CH3 2564 Now he drives a glamorous black BMW, owns a palatial house with a swimming pool and earns the kind of salary that would make the average Muscovite's eyes pop.

CJR 770 It is the kind of job that can easily be made to seem glamorous or tempt the power-mad.

CLL 2979 In Book 2, it is Pandora, a glamorous popstar who entertains us with her adventures and in Book 3, Alfred, a shy teenager, meets lively Natasha in ‘Speak out!’.

CS4 370 Interest in golf has grown so rapidly in the last ten years that it has reached out beyond its traditional confines and become glamorous.

EBV 2001 Although glamorous, the interiors do not attain to the splendour of the famous German Embassy in Paris, but contain some outstanding (and intriguing) works of art.

EE5 625 I wanted to change my name, because I thought it would be glamorous to be called Rudi Kesselreicher or Auberon de Hautevilliers.

EEL 500 I don't believe my early conceptions were too different from those of many ‘Contact’ readers who must have their own fond thought of glamorous America.

EFS 24 My father, old but gritty, glamorous in the eyes of the class of '68, a South London wide boy with an authentic background, described his grandfather's funeral, about 1912, when a whole other family, wife, children, grandchildren, turned up out of the blue from somewhere further down the line where they'd been established on the navvy's journey north.

EV1 2267 Whereas, for a time, Cedric Mellings was the ugly duckling of the family turned swan — for who else of his siblings lived this glittering glamorous life?— now there was a shabby-duckling quality again.

EX6 951 Some of these also specialise in male models, children and so-called"uglies', or the less glamorous type of model.

FBM 782 Claudia Schiffer, on the other hand, appears to represent a return to innocence and vulnerability, which has more in common with the glamorous screen goddesses of the 1930s than it does with the predatory allure of Sharon Stone.

FP9 749 The new pop stars — self-conscious frauds, tackily glamorous like Boy George — fed a revival of old-fashioned pop gossip, a staple now of the Sun and the Mirror .

FT1 166 Bed wetting is not the most glamorous of paediatric problems; treating it, however, can be highly rewarding because treatment is so often successful.

G2V 2819 Our special supplement is packed with inspirational ideas for healthy and glamorous hair; tips on how to adapt your skincare and make-up to suit the season; and our essential guide to safe sunning for your and your children.

G33 19 Any broader benefit to less glamorous plants and animals is often no more than a happy accident.

GUE 2071 Actually it's not as glamorous as it looks.

H0C 1335 Then on to the spacious dining saloon with its white and gold decor, now alive with the movement of gold-braided, be-medalled uniforms alongside glamorous ladies in evening dress.

H45 341 Life in New York, working for one of the world's greatest auction houses, may seem glamorous, but as Christopher Hartop explains, it can involve scholarship, tact, diplomacy and hard work.

H8S 711 ‘Oh, nothing very glamorous, I'm afraid.

H8S 1133 In her imagination, the little flat was suddenly peopled with the ghosts of tall, glamorous London women, with names like Wanda and Melissa, who knew when to tip porters and chambermaids and wouldn't have dreamt of unpacking their own shopping.

H9H 2499 She thought a young, rising doctor was glamorous as well as secure, but she didn't have an atom of real interest in his work.

HA4 701 Penelope walked on, thinking, ‘Esther’, some glamorous Jewess, no doubt.

HAE 3458 Sensible Jayne, 35, married a glamorous foreigner too, Phil Christensen.

HC2 721 They may be less glamorous but cross-border collaborations and intra-industry consortia could be the fashions of the '90s.

HGT 4317 Luke's an influential and powerful man — the film industry always has been a glamorous lure for young, hopeful girls — and he's wealthy too.

HJ4 6856 The next showed a glamorous couple sipping champagne in a plush restaurant, and said: So is Paris with Air France.

HTT 2865 But as Zen pointed out, at least in Perugia you were spared the relentless commercialization of the pilgrim city, the three-dimensional postcards of a glamorous St Francis preaching to an audience of stuffed animals, the bottles of ‘Monk's Delight’ liqueur, the ceramic prayer texts suitable for mounting over the toilet, the little figurines of lovable monks with round bellies and mischievous smiles.

JY6 2587 NASA's most glamorous Space Shuttle programmer…who does a little waitress-work on the side.’

JYA 547 I'm the comfortable type, not the glamorous type.’

K2P 163 The most glamorous newcomer to the Golf range is the revamped GTi 16-valve with a new bhp engine under the bonnet.

K4T 10284 —The glamorous Tyneside girls measure their success in degrees both on and off the stage.

K57 1366 THE Labeque sisters project a glamorous and pleasingly unorthodox image, but it is backed up by their ability to deliver in musical terms.

K5M 2093 One of the cartoons showed a full-length view of the princess from the side, with one leg extended in a ‘typical glamorous pose’.