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A1A 985 And for some there were conferences and congresses in glamorous places, the glittering prizes satirically displayed in Lodge's Small World .

A24 155 It links the three floors of the shop and makes for a glamorous, if vertiginous, catwalk.

A6L 1109 It was as a result of this new approach that Haslam found himself in the Plastics Division, a more glamorous part of ICI, in contrast to the Nobel Division he had recently left.

AB4 755 In the great high hall there is an enormous and glamorous portrait of Webb on a black charger, by Wooton.

ABE 50 ONCE a glamorous adventure, flying seems ever more like a trial to be endured or avoided.

ABG 1469 In the Gulf, France's lack of modern heavy armour pushed it into a glamorous, but marginal, job on the flank.

ABS 735 People normally commute for one of two reasons: to live somewhere beautiful, or work somewhere glamorous.

ACP 2481 People talk about ‘underground’ now with a funny mixture of excitement and resignation: artists, image-makers, mediacrats ‘n' brats shaken by the collapse of arts funding, the drive towards mainstream art business sponsorship, the pinch of censorship, absurdities such as the proposed ‘impartiality’amendment to the Broadcasting Bill, the oppressive pressures of being simultaneously controversial, safe, presentable, marketable, accessible, new, glamorous and radical.

AE0 1112 Unable to read the text, he had brought the magazine home from Naples because of its glamorous artwork.

ARK 63 In life she had been glamorous.

ASS 137 He had hated the little brochure that described it — the pathetic attempt to make it look glamorous, the photographs of it, posed, doors open, doors shut, desperately trying not to look like what it was — a square box with hideous speckled seats.

ATA 1172 Aided by her publicity adviser, Sir Gordon Reece, the mousy frump in sensible shoes and off-the-peg clothing transformed herself into the glamorous power-dresser, with coiffed blonde hair and capped teeth, who led President Mitterrand to slaver, ‘She has the eyes of Caligula and the mouth of Marilyn Monroe.’

B08 118 Before you accept a seemingly glamorous offer of a job abroad, however, it is important to pay careful attention to a number of legal and practical points.

B11 1141 In fact Andrew showed considerably more affection for our mutual and pretty little friend Mary McLeod, and he was often in the company of a blond and beautiful girl, the glamorous Gloria, who looked better in a bikini on the Windrush verandah, it must be confessed, than many another.

B7N 1472 Robert Maxwell had a military career more glamorous than Blackett's.

BMG 1494 A less glamorous version of its origin sees the first Manx cat as nothing more than a Manx sailor's pet — a curiosity brought home after travels to the Orient.

BN1 546 She supposed the story would be more realistic with someone like Sarah in it, who wasn't glamorous or the love of Jean's life.

BN1 1862 To all of us schoolgirls the convent seemed a beautiful, exciting place and the nuns simultaneously frightening and glamorous.

BNL 1680 For decades (since the First World War) society has encouraged smoking, depicting it as glamorous, soothing, attractive.

BPJ 795 A mere £1,250.00, fully inclusive, will secure your Pullman seat on the glamorous Orient Express for the journey of a lifetime.

CAD 3113 WHAT DO you do when your image as a bunch of glamorous rock'n'roll animals starts wearing thin, and you still haven't made it into the big time?

CBE 901 ‘I suppose plumbing isn't the most glamorous job in the world.’

CDJ 265 Quick, easy styling methods make glamorous hair achievable for everyone.

CEY 1225 Constance was so thrilled at the idea of working in such a glamorous world that she would have agreed to anything in order to have the job.

CGM 233 Curling tongs are an asset when it comes to home styling but they're particularly vital for creating the glamorous styles of the 40's.

CH2 11048 ‘Glamorous’ multi-storey wins award

CH6 4217 JOHN Bryan's glamorous personal assistant has a history of mischief herself.

CKK 332 Gresley's masterpiece is, of course, the most glamorous recent addition to the scheme, introduced last Autumn with Tyseley facing increasingly serious financial problems.

CLS 275 They brought in their wake a whole range of families who might have been socially ambitious but who were certainly fascinated by the prospect of sharing the movies with even more affluent and glamorous folk.

CM0 523 She has strong views on ill-informed observers who think that headhunting must be a glamorous life of leisurely meetings with prestigious clients and candidates, punctuated by breakfast at the Savoy, lunch at Claridges, and dinner at the Ritz.

E9P 749 Spring is here and our make-over feature is back, offering readers the chance to try out a glamorous new look.

EBT 1619 Buyers are attracted to the glamorous provenance of works recovered from the sea bed and prices are generally higher than for similar objects without such watery origins.

ED7 1595 The choice between big city life and small town values is made a great deal easier by the fact that this idyllic southern country village is like Twin Peaks without the psychopaths, peopled entirely by lovable eccentrics and glamorous models.

EEF 680 Over time, less glamorous ‘tortoises’ can change the rules of competition and the structures of industry just as much as the ‘hares’of rapid change.

EET 2344 Named the ‘Home of the Stars’ when it opened in 1927, this glamorous hotel has recently been restored to all its former glory.

FNT 3288 That most glamorous of all the angels of the hearth, who had come in her little pillbox hat to preside over the purest and most gracious of all houses, the White House.

G1D 2992 He looked less glamorous without his uniform of short white apron, and he hadn't said much except for that boring rubbish about aliens.

HJ4 4956 Glamorous 36-year-old Jacqui is positively blooming with the prospect of motherhood for the fourth time.

HJ4 6856 The next showed a glamorous couple sipping champagne in a plush restaurant, and said: So is Paris with Air France.

JXX 1924 The fact that she was used to living in an expensive, glamorous apartment in London, and held down an equally glamorous if exhausting job, had little or no relevance at the moment.

JY6 2597 I don't even like the word glamorous — it's slick and artificial-sounding.’

JYA 2656 But that was before — when he was a distant, glamorous idol for the masses to worship.

JYA 4346 It doesn't conjure up any very glamorous pictures,’ smiled the old lady.

JYE 47 Lots of glamorous men, theatres, the night-life et cetera?’

K1X 1772 So why should a man more used to glamorous roles want to play a mean old miser?

K22 341 So during a recession, glamorous designer names…offered at rock bottom prices can be alluring.

K3A 544 ‘The staff at the Hillcrest then invited my husband Bill and myself to sit down and have a special anniversary dinner — I felt very glamorous indeed!’

K4T 10284 —The glamorous Tyneside girls measure their success in degrees both on and off the stage.

K57 1366 THE Labeque sisters project a glamorous and pleasingly unorthodox image, but it is backed up by their ability to deliver in musical terms.

KM0 193 Tampons are not glamorous, they are truly bloody dangerous.