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A6L 1109 It was as a result of this new approach that Haslam found himself in the Plastics Division, a more glamorous part of ICI, in contrast to the Nobel Division he had recently left.

A7P 997 Inside all of us there is a sultry, glamorous model just waiting to step under the studio lights.

ACM 22 Sal went for a subdued but glamorous sparkly hair band and matching lead.

ADG 1079 Many, if not most, women are not glamorous and feminine — at least not most of the time.

AHP 69 ‘This spacecraft is not glamorous,’ said Dr Floor van Leeuwen, the northern team leader.

AJY 1919 Originally designed as freight ships, these may not be the most glamorous vessels afloat, but are pleasantly spacious.

APL 338 Don McCullin says that when he was young he thought it exciting and glamorous to risk his life.

ASC 854 Doing that on the victim's head ‘leaves your hair in one hell of a mess, so after that we all had camomile shampoos from glamorous coiffeuses in white tunics’.

AYM 479 This intensive project will be on a large scale and will be glamorous.

B1L 17 Hampden Babylon picks up the challenge, but shifts the spotlight away from Hollywood and its tinsel stardom to the less glamorous football grounds of Scotland, where a cast list of rogues, reprobates and reckless drivers star in the most squalid film never made.

BMC 3293 My guess however is that the Ariston's unusually musical qualities will appeal in the long term where some more glamorous looking contrivances will ultimately be found tiresome or wanting.

BMM 2180 Many people imagine that it is a glamorous life, jetting around the world for the big athletics meetings and receiving much media attention.

BNL 1527 There are other, safer ways of looking glamorous or attractive and lots of gold on display is a powerful temptation to thieves or muggers.

BNL 1680 For decades (since the First World War) society has encouraged smoking, depicting it as glamorous, soothing, attractive.

CB0 662 Many of his boxing stories take place in less glamorous circumstances — fairground boxing booths, for instance.

CBD 1269 No sooner has the smiling executive received the accolade or the happy couple been shown in their glamorous home, than the axe seems to fall, as the high flyer is ousted and the divorce lawyers summoned.

CGM 447 For a more glamorous style, hair was brushed out after it had been set.

CGP 195 Soft and glamorous waves created by using a Clairol Flexi Brush heated appliance

CH6 4217 JOHN Bryan's glamorous personal assistant has a history of mischief herself.

CH6 4922 Meanwhile Mick is reported to have been seeing glamorous 21-year-old Aussie model Peta Wilson in Los Angeles.

CHA 2554 Where Sly went for an inward-looking drum-numbed indifference (made bearable, glamorous even, by a wonderfully impenetrable jungle funk), Gaye wrought a song cycle that takes the whole world through doubt, disillusion, destruction and eventual redemption through the power of love and community.

CHA 4118 Brett howls ‘He's my insatiable one’ like a man who's going to get wicked pleasure from baffling passing milkmen, and it's all rather lurid and glamorous and hilarious and marginally affected and hugely,wildly effective.

CHG 452 She might not have been as glamorous as the great vessels loaded with equally glamorous cargo, but she was just as important in her own way.

CSK 67 ‘If we try to market UnixWare as a glamorous front-end solution we'll fall flat on our face,’ a Univel official said.

ED9 3166 They are, of course, gentler than Archdeacon Grantly; more democratic, less worldly and less glamorous.

EES 84 However, handwriting recognition has attracted far less research investment than speech, possibly due to the less’ glamorous’image it possesses.

EET 2344 Named the ‘Home of the Stars’ when it opened in 1927, this glamorous hotel has recently been restored to all its former glory.

EWM 173 A more benign and glamorous model was embodied in the young women teachers with their New Look skirts and wide-belted dresses.

FSV 998 It is hard to imagine the glamorous Deborah Moggach impersonating a decrepit roué, but that is what she says she did while writing The Ex-Wives (£14.99), coming from Heinemann on 29th April.

FT5 406 Changing demography and limited resources mean that manpower issues will be increasingly important for the provision of health services in the years to come, not only in less glamorous specialties such as old age psychiatry but in all areas of medicine.

FYV 2647 The fierce and sentimental music and the ignorant colours, the prettiness and the disease under the fake-gold light, the tuberculosis and syphilis, the fires showing through the branches like illuminated brains, the glamorous nomas of eye and mouth, the childishness and all the valueless trash.

G2C 740 Life is not as glamorous as it is cracked up to be on Tour.

G2V 3480 Now there is a body and bath line, too, in glamorous pink and gold packaging.

GVL 544 Dr Groome flashed up snips of a series of scheming, glamorous femmes fatales.

HGS 2350 ‘My role is not a glamorous one.

HJ4 1637 LIFE-SAVING may not be the most glamorous part of swimming, but its value to society is supreme.

HJ4 4956 Glamorous 36-year-old Jacqui is positively blooming with the prospect of motherhood for the fourth time.

HSJ 803 Never before has charity been so glamorous.

HSJ 824 There are drawbacks, though, to this great glamorous whirl.

HTR 114 Puddephat, who is separated from his glamorous blonde wife Veronica, was not available for comment yesterday.

JY0 1975 Nurses out of uniform just aren't glamorous any more, and it can be quite disappointing.’

JY6 1395 Something glamorous and challenging.

JYA 2656 But that was before — when he was a distant, glamorous idol for the masses to worship.

JYE 1481 The glamorous Dawn — his veterinary nurse.

K4J 311 After his retirement, media interest focused almost exclusively on a string of glamorous relationships.

K4W 8367 ‘If you spent your time doing 25 laps with a thousand gear changes, sweating in a flame-proof suit and helmet then you'd want to look a bit glamorous at the end of the day,’ she said, The splendid lady in charge of raffle tickets for RUKBA seemed very knowledgeable about Washington.

K5D 4620 More film roles are expected to come rolling in after the Oscars on 29 March, although Thompson claims she is a no-hoper for glamorous parts.

K5J 2571 So, who cares if mum is more likely to win the ‘glamorous granny’ competition than Miss World 1993; not me!

K99 438 It specialises in giving everyday people a glamorous look that would do the cover of any top fashion magazine proud.

KA7 96 Being a lady gardener is not a glamorous occupation.