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A06 1260 Like sunnink reely glamorous that everyone wants an' I can't see woss so wrong wiv vat. 'Cos I ain't gonner get no kitchen wiv pitcher winders an' some geezer wiv a pipe like you was on abaht am I now?

A3S 190 Less than glamorous, perhaps, but with lighter regulation and the prospect of consolidation on a regional level, the independent radio business is no longer the ugly duckling of the media world.

A70 820 She spends her working life in the glamorous world of celebrities and top politicians.

ABS 735 People normally commute for one of two reasons: to live somewhere beautiful, or work somewhere glamorous.

ABS 3422 In today's ‘Get Ahead’ publishing world, it is considered vastly more glamorous to be a marketing man than an author.

ACM 22 Sal went for a subdued but glamorous sparkly hair band and matching lead.

ADG 165 Here am I, working for a glamorous journalist in a huge house in Richmond, looking after her brat of a daughter (four-year-old Charlotte, who has her good moments but is mostly involved in a longstanding game of wear-the-au-pair-to-a-frazzle), when my mother needs me just as much to look after her daughter, but doesn't have a big house and can't afford to pay.

AJ6 892 If Mr Major consorts with glamorous personalities such as Bill Wyman, Elaine Page and Fatima Whitbread, he must, despite all evidence to the contrary, be glamorous, too, and therefore deserves my vote.

AK6 680 FULL-TIME Communication, the satellite television company which has offered English football £500 million over 10 years, are also bidding for the glamorous final stages of the European Cup.

APU 124 The Dawn of Dreams had not been her most glamorous role — to play the central role of a disturbed adolescent Jo had gained 20lb and spent hours creating the greyish, pasty complexion of a kid raised in institutions.

AYM 364 Dreams, predictions, a haunting vocal soundtrack and a glamorous set establish Transfer's new show a characteristically rich theatrical presentation.

B22 1349 It never looks half as glamorous today, now that the motive power is diesel.

BN4 1072 First we can be aware of the unnecessary layers of paper, cardboard and plastic used to make products larger and more glamorous than life, and avoid them.

C9M 2404 And yet, there are student and semi-professional models available at more modest prices and, most importantly, the classical instrument industry is unsupported by glamorous, glossy ads.

C9P 1016 To finish, Ian styled Sue's hair using Natural Styling Shaping Mousse to create this soft natural look and New Style Shaping Hairspray for her glamorous upswept style.

CAE 43 ‘Sources close to the ‘artiste’ suggest the decision to cancel the tour was not made for glamorous or news-worthy reasons, like police/local authority objections or fear on the streets of Britain…just that he can't be arsed.’

CAU 688 The vast majority recognise that the short sectors, three engines and stringent safety standards offer as much security as with more glamorous operations.

CB0 662 Many of his boxing stories take place in less glamorous circumstances — fairground boxing booths, for instance.

CBC 9373 SO Gold Blend's glamorous careerwoman, alias Sharon Maughan, has finally got her man after a five-year courtship — if you can call a series of 30-second meetings that.

CBE 1064 Roseanne Barr would make a great Liz during her older, fatter days but could have trouble slimming down for scenes of a 60-year-old Liz in her more glamorous days.

CBF 3 The crash of the giant Rosehaugh development company, once the most glamorous outfit of the Eighties, is the most graphic evidence yet of the slump in property values.

CCN 156 And if a woman is tackling strenuous, dirty, physical tasks, she does not want to bother about presenting a pleasing picture; clothes suitable for the job are a priority above a glamorous image.

CEK 7662 Despite the glamorous careers she creates for her clients, Sarah herself lives a low-key life in Battersea with her daughters Noelle, 13, and 13-month-old Genevieve.

CEM 345 As Bill has sharpened his image to match his growing political fortunes, so Hillary cast aside her intellectual reserve to transform herself from a dowdy schoolma'am type in heavy glasses to a glamorous, designer-dressed head-turner who would grace any State function.

CH6 4922 Meanwhile Mick is reported to have been seeing glamorous 21-year-old Aussie model Peta Wilson in Los Angeles.

CH6 7774 Karen Young's glamorous looks would make her a role model for actress Helen Mirren who tracked down a serial killer in the hit series.

CHG 452 She might not have been as glamorous as the great vessels loaded with equally glamorous cargo, but she was just as important in her own way.

CHU 136 But by now he was getting bored with the relative backwater of the Science Unit and wanted to go to News and Current Affairs, which was not only more glamorous, but offered a more direct opportunity to put his political ideals to good use.

CKH 159 WSR Managing Director Mark Smith explained: ‘You won't see grown men playing with glamorous engines and trains over short lengths of track here.


CMR 719 The power of these discourses, or a method's glamorous novelty, may conceal such associations.

EBV 2001 Although glamorous, the interiors do not attain to the splendour of the famous German Embassy in Paris, but contain some outstanding (and intriguing) works of art.

EVN 1558 I've tried in this book to demonstrate the importance for people in television to ignore the more glamorous and artificial aspects of the job, and to keep their feet firmly on the ground.

G2E 1783 What soon became clear was that he had also acquired a modern-day glamorous superstar.

GUM 4057 A handsome young man and a rather glamorous middle-aged woman, perhaps his mother, looked round the shop and finally bought a small brass rocking horse.

H7W 932 ‘You mean apart from glamorous young women offering the kind of recreation not mentioned in tour guides?’

H9H 2499 She thought a young, rising doctor was glamorous as well as secure, but she didn't have an atom of real interest in his work.

HAE 2906 A RARE chance to launch into the glamorous word of modelling — and the opportunity to become a beauty queen — are both up for grabs.

HGL 1640 ‘She's so glamorous,’ I say to Crilly.

HPG 1512 Lady Macbeth is more glamorous and styled than in play.

JXX 1289 And then, just as Laura was opening her mouth to explain exactly why motherhood wasn't an item on her agenda, she was dumbfounded when Carole added, in a matter-of-fact voice, ‘Leo ladies may be stylish and glamorous, but they also make great wives and mothers.’

JXX 1772 So much for the glamorous, stylish Leo woman ! she thought glumly, remembering Carole Meadows' words.

JXX 1924 The fact that she was used to living in an expensive, glamorous apartment in London, and held down an equally glamorous if exhausting job, had little or no relevance at the moment.

JY0 1975 Nurses out of uniform just aren't glamorous any more, and it can be quite disappointing.’

JY6 2591 ‘And I'm not glamorous, and I don't have any ambition to be either one.’

K20 1566 The wives might not have quite as glamorous a job as their husbands flying the planes.

K2D 404 This scheme will be used in future for it provides an opportunity for the genuine fan who attends games against less glamorous opposition not to lose out in the real crowd pullers.

K3A 396 GLAMOROUS grannie Barbara Flanagan never has to shop around when she fancies a new outfit she simply reaches into her stocks of material and rustles something up.

K4Y 1399 And the unique support was in the form of ventriloquist Neville King, glamorous magicians Secret Trix and the marvellous marionettes of Pavlov's Puppets.

KM0 183 She leads a glamorous, active exciting life.