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A0H 383 Merely pushing the lever forwards as far as it will go is not enough because the lock may be very stiff.

A0H 937 This will also affect how far the stick has to be moved forwards to effect a recovery.

A0M 50 Many times the wrong name has gone forwards to the next round because competitors confused who was white and who was red.

A0M 867 Take a fast step forwards, holding your guard hands still as you do so.

A0V 1199 Knees should be flexed comfortably, the racquet pointing towards your opponent, weight on the balls of the feet, and the body bent slightly forwards at the waist.

A5U 414 All our boys ran and handled well and the forwards looked quite tight.

A90 579 Forwards: I Khoihlovs, R Malikov, S Molchanov, Z Bakuradze, S Sergeev, A Mishakov, N Plotnikov, A Sokolov, B Koroliov, A Malinin, A Tikhonov, V Negodin, R Khairulyn.

AEB 80 The wheel never stopped turning, the machines rattled backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, never slowing, never slacking, never tiring; backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, ever anxious, ever urgent, ever eager; full of anger and ambition with a rhythm so consistent, irresistibly insistent, ever beating, never cheating, beating, beating through the brain.

AEB 81 Iron jaws and iron claws, opening the cotton, chewing it, champing it, throwing out the cotton, spewing it, stamping it, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards in a ruthless and remorseless inescapable refrain:

AHU 1342 Instead of aiming to the left, where his forwards were lined up, Parry attempted to deceive the Llanelli defence by taking a quick drop-out.

AS0 877 Holding the arms and hands still, the patient moves his seat sideways a little, then backwards and forwards, so that he is practising using his trunk without provoking any unwanted activity in his affected arm.

AT6 992 Finally, the head and shoulders and hips should all be rotated to face forwards which is the most efficient position.

B0L 860 They were taken up by the fast-running forwards to outplay and outwit the slow and often clumsy defensive play of oppositions who had failed to grasp the significance of the changed offside rules.

C8D 1590 He then carefully peeled the front part forwards, muttering to Montgomery about the bruising this revealed.

C9J 2203 → When the action of a guitar is really high, due to the neck pulling forwards, the intonation at the 12th fret becomes sharp.

C9Y 657 Remember not to lean forwards as you do the exercise.

C9Y 1994 Move it forwards and back a few inches, 35 times.

C9Y 2818 Extend the top leg forwards as far as possible and then stretch it forwards and back 35 times, moving it 3 ins (7.6 cm) each time.

CA1 1849 In contrast, the smaller and faster stunters with higher sail loading can be pirouetted over a designated spot and dropped onto their tails with little more than a quick lunge forwards by the flyer.

CAY 382 What this all boils down to is that, if you make a turn to the left while flying forwards at high speed with clockwise blade rotation, you will probably need to apply full left tail rotor.

CB2 742 Neath, the leading Welsh club side of the moment, were more or less ignored because although their forwards could get around better than anyone else's there would not have been much point if they could not win the ball in the first place.

CB2 986 But if so, how do you account for the fact that the forwards were yet again beaten in the battle for primary possession.

CH1 4051 Britain is now ready to move forwards when are others are sliding backwards.

CH3 5363 The two forwards, bidding for places in the England side against Canada at Wembley on October 17, were on the receiving end in their Courage League matches.

F9Y 1520 The script gave one a hint of what they were all about, but after that it was a question of backwards and forwards passing of sketches, ideas on backs of envelopes, bits of paper until ultimately we came down to this pepper-pot shape which Ray then had to translate into something which could be manipulated and made to work — which he did brilliantly.

G0F 13 whether the girl standing on the opposite side of Highgate Hill (or Highgate West Hill) with the long dark hair blowing forwards over her shoulder will turn so that he can see her face; and if so, whether the face will be the revelation that the long dark hair promises; and what a face would have to be like to be the revelation that one always expects…

GUK 819 The soles of Louis's boots wriggled forwards.

GVF 402 2 The block is then converted into a grab; the defender pulls the attacker forwards, who is unbalanced, partly by his own momentum.

GVL 2048 She climbed to the podium, picked up the surprisingly heavy statuette and leaned forwards to accept Yeovil's peck on the cheek, hoping she wouldn't flinch in three dimensions all over the world at his lizard's touch.

GVL 3093 Even Lorre took notice, and started forwards.

H94 3942 Of their own volition, her hands tightened in his hair, forcing his head forwards, and she responded to his kiss with a passion she never knew was within her.

HA9 630 Dane leaned forwards to stir the fire and, even in her confused state of mind, Shannon couldn't help but notice the man's innate grace of movement.

HCH 26 Accordingly, butchers are learning to help us ‘think forwards to the meal, rather than backwards to the animal in the field’, as the trade press exhorts.

HJ3 7977 Kieran Loughran was fortunate to clear the ball off the line as the Portadown forwards hovered hungrily around the goalmouth but then came a shock — a Cliftonville goal after 39 minutes.

HR9 1309 Then we noticed that the Pike head was sort of pulsing backwards and forwards like a mechanical toy.

HWF 158 To move between fields on a page, the user should press TAB to go forwards and BACKSPACE to go backwards.

HWF 13627 LIFESPAN prohibits users from passing SPRs back and forwards indefinitely.

HX9 1916 Forwards Pruning

HX9 2084 This was the case with SPHINX and so the designers implemented beam search using forwards pruning.

J17 959 Even as he uses the accommodation in Annexe A to manoeuvre Serafin into discovering for himself the waiting garret, so he is using the garret to manoeuvre him into rejecting all the proposed associates in Annexe B. Once Serafin has insisted on installing himself in the garret — against all reasonable advice — he is going to discover that the kind of staff he needs will be young and agile, with a good knowledge of the backstairs of Government buildings and an ability to duck their heads and remain inclined slightly forwards for long periods of time.

J3T 459 That, the thirty three thousand includes twenty three thousand of the registration services carry forwards, but it does not take into account the three thousand which have just been requested here.

JY2 1164 ‘When we have so many spare rooms here it seemed eminently sensible, much better than allowing you to travel backwards and forwards.’

K4T 7295 ‘Perhaps we are striking form at the right time, especially among the forwards.

K5A 4332 Once again, as often is the case, the forwards laid the foundation of victory, but make no mistake, they were made to work very hard before they started to dominate the Welsh pack.

K97 1722 ‘Everybody's talking about the two forwards, but you can have the best forwards in the world and there's still no guarantee they will score,’ he said.

K97 11782 ‘Most teams in this country play with an orthodox back four and in Europe you play against teams that have very quick midfielders and forwards who move the ball around very quickly.

KCY 2484 that's why the, that's why they're running backwards and then forwards again

KGU 891 Because it ca , most, we do lose a lot of money on carriage forwards.

KRH 3921 Then there are a lot of changes that went place took place in locomotion. erm mammals, in other words, learnt to gallop and their elbows rotated backwards and their knees rotated forwards.

KRT 4283 It won't work when you go one nil up, or you're one nil down, you have to hold something in reserve; mid-field players have to come back, the forwards have to come back and hold tight, you don't just go charging up looking to get another goal, or trying to equalize, but that's the basic error.