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A0M 538 It must be long enough to give you strength in the face of a direct frontal assault but short enough to allow you to spring back or thrust forwards without warning.

A0M 841 (a) Hold your guard still as you run forwards…

A0M 1300 Though extremely painful, you should try walking normally on the injured foot, lifting the heel as you step forwards.

ADF 570 The ears are more like an extension of the eye, pointing where the action is, often flicking forwards, backwards, and even sideways, gathering sounds and information for the horse.

AEB 80 The wheel never stopped turning, the machines rattled backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, never slowing, never slacking, never tiring; backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, ever anxious, ever urgent, ever eager; full of anger and ambition with a rhythm so consistent, irresistibly insistent, ever beating, never cheating, beating, beating through the brain.

AEB 2530 Jackie collected union funds whenever the meagre wages permitted, Joy Prentice came to work every Monday with a swollen lip or a black eye, the wheel kept turning and the machines rattled backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards.

AHK 580 Swansea, with six of their 10 internationals in the pack, kept the opposition's forwards under pressure but, led by captain and prop Richard Llewellyn, Dunvant held firm.

AHU 1213 There was no score at this point, but the Waterloo forwards had achieved such fast territorial advantage that a landslide defeat for the home side seemed inevitable.

AKE 1398 The RAF enjoyed a territorial advantage throughout most of the game and their pack did what was required in preventing the Army forwards from winning the quality possession they sought.

ALJ 990 She went forwards, step by step.

AS0 555 Drivers and riders should always stop still at pedestrian crossings, and not pull forwards until the person is safely on the pavement.

AT6 1057 Key Points: Pull the board close to you by using the back foot; maintain an upright rig; kick hard with the front foot; lean forwards applying weight to mast foot.

B0K 1672 The round, tapering horns are white and can be quite long, growing outwards and forwards, curving up at the tips.

B0L 860 They were taken up by the fast-running forwards to outplay and outwit the slow and often clumsy defensive play of oppositions who had failed to grasp the significance of the changed offside rules.

BNY 1061 A rabbit can suddenly spring forwards, upwards and away.

C89 1068 We view the torso as a flexible tube or sausage-shape, remembering that it is capable of twists and bends in any direction at the waist: forwards, sideways and backwards.

C9Y 776 Lying as shown, flex the foot and swing the top leg forwards and backwards 5 times to loosen the hip.

C9Y 780 Extend the top leg forwards as far as is comfortable and hold in this position.

C9Y 859 Make sure the foot is pointed and the knee is facing forwards.

C9Y 1059 Move the leg forwards and back slightly, 20 times, moving it only 3 ins (7.6cm) each time.

C9Y 2399 Extend the top leg forwards as far as possible and then stretch it forwards and back 35 times, moving it 3ins (7.6cm) each time.

C9Y 2820 Flex the foot and swing the leg forwards and backwards 5 times.

C9Y 2907 Stretch forwards for 35 counts, holding each stretch for 1 second.

CBG 10032 Full-back: J Webb (Bath); Wings: R Underwood (Leicester), T Underwood (Leicester), D O'Leary (Saracens), I Hunter (Northampton); Centres: W Carling (Harlequins), P de Glanville (Bath), J Guscott (Bath), D Hopley (Cambridge Univ and Wasps); Stand-offs: R Andrew (Wasps), S Barnes (Bath), P Challinor (Harlequins); Scrum-halves: S Bates (Wasps), D Morris (Orrell); Props: C Clark (Swansea), J Leonard (Harlequins), J Probyn (Wasps), V Ubogu (Bath); Hookers: B Moore (Harlequins), J Olver (Northampton); Locks: M Bayfield (Northampton), A Blackmore (Bristol), M Johnson (Leicester), W Dooley (Preston Grasshoppers); Back row forwards: M Teague (Moseley), T Rodber (Northampton), J Hall (Bath), S Ojomoh (Bath), B Clarke (Bath), P Winterbottom (Harlequins).

CH3 5388 And among the forwards, Swansea's back row of skipper Stuart Davies, Alan Reynolds and Ian Davies ruled the roost, with Reynolds in particular showing he deserves immediate elevation into the international arena.

CHW 594 At the moment pretenders to the forwards' crowns are in short supply.

CJA 3871 It was completely frozen, but for one leg that arced backwards and forwards on the floor of the cave, like the leg of a dying calf.

CKA 1461 He always had steady and sturdy forwards, but never any real line-out height, and the Otago scrum was sometimes struggling to keep up.

CKA 1530 Canada's Norm Hadley and Glenn Ennis, widely recognised as two of the outstanding forwards during the ‘91 World Cup campaign, have been in Japan since late last year and are now looking ahead to the new season.

EB6 185 To backhead the ball, press the fire button and move the joystick backwards then forwards before releasing the fire button.

ECJ 108 It's important that treads are level from front to back; although a very slight slope forwards of about ⅛″ for a 12″ deep tread, will help to throw off water, especially on wooden steps which are more slippery.

ECJ 192 A very slight slope forwards prevents water collecting on treads

FPX 2371 Her rapture heightened as the wheel turned to move the dildo backwards and forwards inside her with long, regular strokes.

G00 3759 The paper is moved both backwards and forwards in very precise steps while a pen carrier holding four miniature ballpoint pens moves across the surface from left to right and vice versa.

GUA 2428 Head large, with large eyes facing forwards and set in a flattened facial disc, whose feathers usually conceal the short hooked bill.

GUK 1333 She shrivelled up, fell forwards, like a paper doll.

H94 1477 He deliberately shifted forwards so that their bodies were lined up intimately, her soft breasts rising and falling against his firm, masculine chest.

H9N 1757 Kaptan tripped on a green hosepipe, and went flying forwards on his face, and the Corporal, trying to stop too quickly, also skidded and fell on his side, the two rifles he was carrying sliding across the bald lawn.

HJ4 3818 Barnes, Guscott and forwards Richard Webster, Ben Clarke and Damian Cronin had outstanding games.

HR9 202 A heavy, silver casket was swinging backwards and forwards and there was that smell in the air — a smell of old leaves and perfume and musty, clinging sweetness.

HRA 1309 Rogers released it, and the limousine bounded forwards.

HTN 1436 Gabriel shuffled forwards, crippled with terror.

J3P 646 Because I think, approves the use of a hundred and eighty thousand pounds of our carry forwards, contingency figure, which isn't receipted in five, six, and six, seven, that the variation in five, six, before the home closure savings come fully on-stream, is in fact an increase of seven hundred and fifty four thousand, but dropping in ninety six, seven some five hundred and fifty eight thousand.

J3T 488 Er, what in fact this Committee is doing, is saying that at one of the sections that makes up part of it, you happen to have carry forwards spare from last year, therefore use them because we can't identify anything else in budget savings for this, next year.

K4C 183 He added: ‘John Devereux and Richard Eyres have been allowed to play in Australia this summer and I'm suffering because other Widnes forwards are injured.’

K59 3362 ‘Yes,’ he nodded, ‘the forwards did go well, but you have to wonder just how good the Welsh side were.’

K61 185 Well Tony , was who manager at the associated now, er he was very a very popular player, he was a goal scorer on one occasion, they played an away match at Swindon and he scored a goal and the goalkeeper got sent off a John so Tony went in goal and he saved a penalty later in the match, but he was a very popular player he was a a good goal scorer then there was Colin he, he had one of the hardest shots in the league you know, I've, I've seen the goalkeeper shrug his shoulders at, at defenders and say well how do you stop those, they used to call him Cannonball at one time, and er there was Tommy he had his collarbone broken and he never played again after, but he was a great centre forward he used to make a lot of space for the other forwards you know.

KGU 798 And that's why we don't make money on carriage forwards cos we don't sell carriage forwards for the positive reasons, we say, well if they don't want them send them back, or if they're damaged send them back.

KRT 3701 Oh it's obvious that safety's involved, I think that er it's also er road use because er if people take a long time er going forwards and back trying to get into a space to park because they don't have the basic skills to enable them to do it, then it's frustrating for other motorists, and obviously accidents can be caused.

KRT 4283 It won't work when you go one nil up, or you're one nil down, you have to hold something in reserve; mid-field players have to come back, the forwards have to come back and hold tight, you don't just go charging up looking to get another goal, or trying to equalize, but that's the basic error.