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A0M 610 For example, you could slide the leading foot forwards and outwards and then throw your body-weight forwards, swinging the rear leg in and forwards in a shallow U-shaped movement.

A0M 720 (a) Step diagonally forwards, catching the opponent's advancing punch with your leading forearm

A0M 836 Practise an advancing double reverse punch by throwing the first reverse punch with a slight slide forwards on the front foot.

A0M 867 Take a fast step forwards, holding your guard hands still as you do so.

A0N 2381 The coach wrenched forwards, the spurred boot of the trooper next them stabbed at his horse's side, blood spurted and red drops hit the window.

A52 214 French Barbarians have included Harlequins' England forwards, Paul Ackford and Peter Winterbottom, and the Springbok stand-off Naas Botha against Fiji in Bordeaux on Sunday week.

A67 640 Motability forwards the form to Blackpool and within 4–6 weeks will inform you how much they will pay towards the costs.

A6B 1884 As in After Strange Gods , he is concerned in his conclusion with a return to sources, that is with going back to the savage and working forwards towards his solution to the problem– of modern industrial life; again such a movement is presented in terms of a familiar encounter.

A6W 1066 Plastic side-screens form part of the weather protection, with the rear half sliding forwards for ventilation.

A90 313 Allan Martin, sacked as coach to Aberavon's forwards this week, believes that Welsh rugby is becoming too much like football with the current spate of hiring and firing based on league results.

ACB 864 It would droop lower and lower until it rested on her knees, then she would clasp her knees with both hands and rock herself, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, moaning, her face hidden in her skid.

AHU 1213 There was no score at this point, but the Waterloo forwards had achieved such fast territorial advantage that a landslide defeat for the home side seemed inevitable.

ALJ 2722 It went into the crowd, deflated and insubstantial, and was caught as they surged forwards.

AMB 1170 He had a terrible sense of direction, always getting left, right, up, down, forwards and backwards mixed up.

AS0 877 Holding the arms and hands still, the patient moves his seat sideways a little, then backwards and forwards, so that he is practising using his trunk without provoking any unwanted activity in his affected arm.

ASV 2153 Left foot forwards, knees slightly bent, I rode the board down that precipitous slope like a man tobogganing down a glacier.

AT6 823 With the track forwards, the front or back foot can be placed in the strap.

AT6 1238 Fig 61 As you rise up lean well forwards; this will transfer much of your weight through the front arm on to the mast foot.

AT6 1299 To stop the board from turning too much and possibly heading into wind, the turn can be stopped by swiftly moving forwards on the board

B03 2785 To counter the strong-running Yorktown forwards, the Manor defence was re-organised, and with Neil Pink as sweeper, the back four of Michael Hefferman, Michael Larkin, Jamie Minto and Chris Payne took full control.

B0L 935 What was needed was a foraging inside-forward who could pick up passes from defence and create scoring chances for the other forwards.

BNG 2242 Is it blowing us backwards or forwards?

C85 1703 Sally Dade trundled backwards and forwards in and out of the kitchen carrying table linen, candlesticks, silver and cut-glassware in a bath of sweat and giggles, while Mrs Stocks, who usually only came once in five weeks for an orgy of washing, wept silently into the pan of onions she was skinning.

C86 3625 ‘That's all right,’ he said and, stepping forwards, he kissed her on the cheek.

C98 1959 Poor Sam had been backwards at coming forwards, she told herself.

C9Y 1169 Keeping the top leg straight, flex the foot and swing the leg forwards and backwards 5 times.

C9Y 1874 Gently stretch forwards for 30 counts, holding each stretch for 1 second.

C9Y 2077 Sit up with one leg extended forwards and the other leg bent.

C9Y 2296 Flex the foot and swing the leg forwards and backwards 5 times.

C9Y 2584 Relax the body forwards, return to the starting position and repeat to the other side.

C9Y 2621 Extend the top leg forwards as far as possible and then stretch it forwards and back 35 times, each time moving it 3ins (7.6cm).

CB2 667 In Stuart Davies and Emyr Lewis we have two forwards in the same mould who could do the same to France one day.

CB2 1740 Their two-try victory was built on a solid performance by the forwards and inventive play from the backs.

CH7 3053 Bishop looked to be held on the line by two Trinity forwards but wriggled like an eel to get free and touch down.

F9X 1772 Then it surged upwards and forwards with a noise like a washing machine spinning itself to oblivion, and crashed into the underside of the platform.

FF0 653 No longer will you need to work backward: you can take some crime situation, such as the possibility that your main character has committed a murder, and from there work forwards.

G02 1871 Then she went and spoiled everything by behaving as if pissed, lurching backwards and forwards till she ended up hanging upside down from my finger, gripping so tightly she almost drew blood.

GVF 1578 The jumping front kick 1: drive upwards and forwards, thrusting the leg out to strike with the ball of the foot.

GXG 2597 Hence for Wales as a whole, the historically high population growth experienced during the second half of the 1980s is being projected forwards at virtually the same rate for the 1990s.

H84 738 It had buried its adze in his fontanelle, and was working the thing backwards and forwards methodically to split open his skull.

HMN 713 Well that's very harsh particularly in view of the stick the forwards have to take .

HR8 2538 He jerked his head backwards and forwards.

HUA 1248 Smith started humming ‘Danny Boy’ again and rocked backwards and forwards on his immense black brogues.

J1E 1536 I think we all chose these two as our starting forwards.

J1E 1834 Forwards.

J1K 245 Pennina Barnett fast forwards to a touring exhibition courtesy of the Crafts Council

JY4 1622 She hurt so much it was physical pain, like a knife twisting backwards and forwards.

K4C 183 He added: ‘John Devereux and Richard Eyres have been allowed to play in Australia this summer and I'm suffering because other Widnes forwards are injured.’

K5A 528 ‘I do not want to view any of what has happened in a negative light, though it goes without saying that I could have done without the loss of our first-pick forwards for a game of this type.’

K75 687 The only thing that you can really do to take yourself forwards in a shift situation is your scheduling for the following week.