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A0H 960 If this happens, it is important to move the stick forwards sufficiently to ensure that the glider does not re-stall.

A0H 1669 Most gliders are very reluctant to stall in the slip (try it some time), but if the recovery is made at a low speed, or the pilot forgets to ease forwards to prevent the nose rising during the recovery, there is a very real danger of stalling or of flying rather slowly as the glider encounters the wind gradient.

A0K 570 Men get sent back from specialist posts to uniform duties as a punishment and the strength of this metaphorical move downwards or backwards (you can never move ‘up’ or ‘forwards’into uniform) is not lost on young officers.

A0M 708 For this type of block you slide diagonally forwards so that the angle of your advance takes you clear of the opponent's front kick.

A0N 2381 The coach wrenched forwards, the spurred boot of the trooper next them stabbed at his horse's side, blood spurted and red drops hit the window.

A12 992 Therefore in daily training it is customary for each exercise to be performed to the left and right, forwards and backwards.

A33 478 In their imports, Steve Moria and Doug McEwan, they have two of the country's finest forwards, and they also have Stephen and Ian Cooper on their books and have signed Chris Newton from Peterborough to back up Jeff Smith in goal.

A5U 414 All our boys ran and handled well and the forwards looked quite tight.

ALJ 1598 It was hot in the thin corridor, and the hanging husks made going forwards practically impossible.

ALJ 1638 Her light was carried forwards.

ANF 1395 By March, with the Germans driving forwards toward Paris from the north-east and renewed heavy air-raids, Parisians were spending more and more time in cellars and shelters.

AT6 939 Notice that he is looking forwards over his straight front arm, with his back arm slightly bent to adjust the angle of the sail.

AT6 1531 Keep the rig as upright as possible An upright rig presents more sail area to the wind and keeps the driving force pointing in the right direction — horizontally forwards.

B0L 113 ‘The forwards discarded seeking their end by devious ways.

BNF 1142 So they were driven backwards and forwards from one trouble to the other, until they had discovered a mean distance at which they could tolerably exist.

BNU 1290 Already there were people there, silhouettes that wandered back and forwards in the firelight.

C86 888 Reaching forwards, Jed picked up a see-through zip-lock bag.

C86 3625 ‘That's all right,’ he said and, stepping forwards, he kissed her on the cheek.

C8P 2203 When they have moved forwards as far as they feel they want to go they then leave one of the bottles, place both their hands on the other and have to get back without touching the the floor with any part of their body.

C9Y 593_1 Then swing the leg forwards and hold in this position, with foot still flexed.

C9Y 782 Move the leg forwards and back 10 times.

C9Y 1675 Stretch forwards for 25 counts.

C9Y 2350 Relax forwards, then straighten up and repeat to the other side.

C9Y 2389 Stretch arms up high, then slowly lean forwards as far as you can without straining.

C9Y 2907 Stretch forwards for 35 counts, holding each stretch for 1 second.

C9Y 3051 Move it forwards and back slightly, 40 times.

CAY 312 In theory, some lateral trim should also be required when hovering in a wind, or flying forwards, to cancel out the additional lift produced by the forward travelling blade.

CAY 544 Curiously enough, I found that, if this is done in a fairly strong, but steady, wind, it is possible to visualise the model as flying forwards even when it is stationary relative to the ground!

CB2 1696 Ennis, Gordon MacKinnon and Bruce Breen, Canada's first choice forwards last year, will be joined by Ian Stuart, a former Canada scrum-half and centre who will be used primarily as a hooker.

CBG 12322 ‘We have used him as our main battering ram this season and Wigan's forwards will find him a tough customer.

CDR 1655 Place your hands behind you, draw up your feet, keeping your knees a comfortable distance apart, and gently rock backwards and forwards.

CEN 3790 When the sixth failed, various members of Mr Yeltsin's entourage gesticulated wildly as the limo, with a 7.7 litre V8 engine as big as that on a London bus, lurched backwards and forwards.

CH0 1423 The new leaderene tottered forwards on five-inch spike heels — not the ideal sandwear — rolling her hips.

CHH 1299 In order to make it just a little bit trickier the words can read forwards, backwards, up, down and diagonally.

CJA 3871 It was completely frozen, but for one leg that arced backwards and forwards on the floor of the cave, like the leg of a dying calf.

CKA 1462 So Mains had to organise a counter-punching attacking system, keeping the attacks rolling usually close to the forward mass with loose forwards and inside backs combining.

CLG 903 Designed to take a standard 25kg bag of drymix mortar or concrete, you just measure the water in the calibrated lid, pour in the mix, screw on the lid, then roll the drum backwards and forwards.

FNU 1406 He tripped on the bottom step and, losing one boot, lunged forwards, cartwheeling across the pavement on that deadly crutch of glass.

FR9 887 I pulled off my entire six-man defence and, much to his surprise, sent on Reg Pybus as the lone forward and moved the forwards back into defence.

GXG 2597 Hence for Wales as a whole, the historically high population growth experienced during the second half of the 1980s is being projected forwards at virtually the same rate for the 1990s.

H9U 756 Now the rope began to swing backwards and forwards.

HJ3 2142 Their forwards took too much out of the ball when the simple option would have been more productive, but all credit must go to a well-drilled St Mary's defence in which full back Sean McIvor was outstanding.

HJ3 2481 Captain and scrum half Michael Bradley was also a major influence with a steady, measured and controlled performance that always had the pack going forwards.

HYX 715 Could we not agree today to ask the appropriate committee, whether it be Policy and Resources, the Resources Management of Regional Council, that when they're examining this question of the carry forwards, that they themselves review the impact that this will have on, on the benefits of five B for this County?

J3P 724 Yes, we need to agree this, unpalatable as it is, to go forwards to P and R, to expose what the five percent reduction is, and to indicate as well to P and R other points that we, we want to say about these specific services.

K4T 7295 ‘Perhaps we are striking form at the right time, especially among the forwards.

K52 80 Redcar's forwards turned the screw in the second half and tries from hooker Phil Mohan and prop Phil Beal sealed the win.

K97 15673 The Springboks want to take the basis of their lineup into the Twickenham Test, with full-back Theo van Rensburg and forwards Drikus Hattingh and Keith Andrews on the verge.

KDW 1992 You see you're,yo , make sure you're going backwards but he'll keep going forwards so I wouldn't listen to him Ian otherwise you'll end up losing.

KS9 732 Perhaps he is bringing his forearm forwards and leaving the lower leg hanging down.