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A0H 1383 Less affected people will move their head back and push forwards on the stick.

A0M 50 Many times the wrong name has gone forwards to the next round because competitors confused who was white and who was red.

A0M 678 (c) Thrust forwards and reverse punch to the opponent's mid-section

A0N 2381 The coach wrenched forwards, the spurred boot of the trooper next them stabbed at his horse's side, blood spurted and red drops hit the window.

A0V 1199 Knees should be flexed comfortably, the racquet pointing towards your opponent, weight on the balls of the feet, and the body bent slightly forwards at the waist.

ABX 3212 He heard Lee flicking the switch backwards and forwards.

ADF 1187 She was even deliberately ridden backwards, which is very hard on a horse, to make her want to go forwards for relief, but she still refused to move on.

AN7 1417 Slowly she sank onto her knees, and tumbled forwards.

AS0 117 If he is being moved onto a chair with fixed arms, the chair is placed at an angle of about 45° to the bed, and the patient's foot which is nearer the chair is placed slightly forwards relative to the other.

AS0 916 The patient places both arms over the ball and rolls it forwards while extending his seat backwards, and then selectively tilts his pelvis forwards and backwards, keeping his arms well in position over the gymnastic ball.

AT6 415 Frantic attempts to sail a straight course by inclining the rig forwards usually fail as the CE is so far back.

AT6 547 Pretend you are a beginner who has inadvertently forgotten which end of the board is forwards and set sail going backwards.

AT6 771 This faces forwards in the direction of travel.

AT6 1020 Not moving the weight forwards quickly enough.

AT6 1442 One way of doing this is to put the mast track further forwards, thus engaging more of the rail.

B2H 660 The defence which had been suspect all season became vulnerable and the forwards simply could not score goals, so poor Palace fell out of the bottom of Division Two.

BM4 2171 Haslemere replied with their forwards working as a unit and gaining tremendous ground.

BNY 818 The ferret may, therefore, finish up in such a fix that it can go neither forwards nor backwards.

C86 4080 One step forwards and he would fall headlong.

C8A 688 Push your hands forwards and feel both arm (biceps) and chest (pectoral) muscles contract.

C9K 1869 Sorry to keep bringing Gibson into the story, but their layout which sites the treble controls towards the guitar's rim and the bass controls nearer the pickups, with volumes forwards and tones rearwards, makes the most sense.

C9Y 1687 Flex the foot and swing the leg forwards and backwards 5 times.

C9Y 2494 Stretch forwards for 35 counts, holding each stretch for 1 second.

C9Y 2821 Swing the leg forwards and lift it up and down a few inches, 35 times, holding each raise for 1 second.

CAL 1672 Connie's visions of her past are expertly merged with the present as she moves backwards and forwards in time, following an order of association, not chronology.

CAY 498 In my opinion, there is a definite relationship between the size and incidence angle of the horizontal stabiliser (tailplane) and the angle of the main shaft (some designs have the shaft raked forwards).

CBG 11918 ‘We have used him as our main battering ram this season and Wigan's forwards will find him a tough customer.’

CGH 386 The head looks out of the proportion to the rest of the body, with the mouth extended well forwards and down, indicating the hoover nature of feeding.

CH5 4813 Bret, 34, is not backwards in coming forwards.

CHW 1376 With a back row which was very strong and relatively heavy, the South African forwards struggled to stay in the game.

CL1 757 Their findings were repudiated by Jones and Hochner (1973) but supported by another study by Dunn and Lupfer (1974) who assessed the performance of 55 white and 122 blacks in a modified game of soccer, calling the forwards' functions self-paced and the defenders' reactive.

CMC 1475 They do not stop but keep whirling forwards oblivious to their surroundings.

CS0 244 It traps us and pins us down in time, urging us to agree with Kierkegaard, that if life can only be lived forwards, it can only be understood backwards.

CSF 52 Mail-it reads, forwards, replies, prints and sends E-mail anywhere on a PC and Unix local area or wide area network.

EEF 674 As the oil majors integrated forwards into petrochemicals, some chemical companies such as Du Pont bought oil companies to give them access to captive sources of petrochemical feedstock.

EVW 251 It occupies the area between the postoccipital sulci which, along with the posterior tentorial pits, have extended forwards on the head capsule.

FNT 3541 He smiled a flash of white teeth at Katherine and from nowhere pulled up a chair, which he turned back forwards to the table.

FNU 1043 St Ives began to pace backwards and forwards, watching himself in the mirror and pulling in his stomach.

GUU 3099 She jumped backwards and forwards in her narrative, creating considerable confusion in Dougal's mind.

GVF 402 2 The block is then converted into a grab; the defender pulls the attacker forwards, who is unbalanced, partly by his own momentum.

GVY 1283 Backwards and forwards the engine passes, increasing its load at each operation, until behind its tender it may have a string of vehicles more than two hundred yards in length with a brake van in the rear.

HGT 2079 Robyn nodded stiffly and moved forwards, aware of his arm brushing hers as he fell into step beside her.

HJH 936 Sylvia suddenly moved forwards and grabbed the book.

HTU 4696 Jonathan plunged forwards on to his face.

JYB 2175 He started the bike, eased it forwards and suddenly they were tilting over as they went round the corner.

K1B 3082 London Irish thought they'd scored a try here…the ref tho rightly gave a knock on…and the cherry and whites rolled on to take the lead with a penalty from Martin Roberts…another penalty apiece made it six three to Gloucester at half-time…but they deserved more…the forwards were fired up but so too was the exiles defence which took a fair old hammering…the turning point came at the start of the second half when referee David Matthews awarded Gloucester a penalty try…

K5A 4342 There is always room for improvement, not least in their tightness and body positions at the breakdown and it would be nice to see forwards hitting rucks in threes and fours rather than ones and twos.

K5J 792 The suggested Fifth Man badly needs to be an up-and-coming forwards' coach.

KBG 3113 No, they've got a st they've got the diggers moving backwards and forwards, yeah.

KE5 286 Well I can drive to Shaun's then go Darren's, then leave the van there and then pick, drive us back home again, but I won't have enough to go backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards all the bloody time, it's nearly on zippo