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A0H 960 If this happens, it is important to move the stick forwards sufficiently to ensure that the glider does not re-stall.

A0M 159 I have seen a disengaging contestant step forwards straight into the path of an incoming technique.

A0M 850 Begin from a fighting stance by thrusting forwards with the back foot and sliding a short distance with the front.

A12 111 The corps de ballet neglect the turn-out and step forwards sur les pointes , raising the working knee and resting the toe on the calf of the other leg, before moving forwards.

A2E 177 In a competition renowned for its ferocity, where even forwards can be burned out in their twenties, a 35-year-old winger is most unusual.

A6C 1133 Other noisy people who were very grey moved rapidly backwards and forwards on the end wall.

ALJ 140 No one came forwards.

ALJ 1598 It was hot in the thin corridor, and the hanging husks made going forwards practically impossible.

AMM 1286 The mid-part of the head is covered with coarse tubercles and expands forwards; the eyes include a few, very large lenses.

AS0 114 The carer gently levers him forwards by placing her hands behind his seat and swivelling his hips sideways and forwards.

AS0 974 He may do the movements he has practised during physiotherapy sessions standing up, but supporting his whole trunk by leaning forwards over a cabinet or cupboard of suitable height.

AT6 503 Try rotating your hips in all the different directions possible, facing both forwards and backwards.

AT6 595 Key Points Angle the rig forwards and across the board; keep low; depress windward rail; kill turn by moving forwards; use an efficient rig change.

AT6 601 The rig should initially be inclined forwards and then drawn to the side of the board as it approaches the broad reaching position.

AT6 1010 If, when you get on, all your weight is left on the back foot, the back of the board will inevitably sink and you will go for a swim — as you step on to the board move the weight forwards quickly.

BMC 3307 The SD Ribbon is tall and slender, matched by a comparatively shallow fore-aft dimension which in earlier incarnations made the system rather unstable, and liable to topple forwards with the sort of provocation that the average three year-old would have found only moderately challenging.

BNG 1928 Vocabulary : up — down — slow — fast — higher — lower — backwards — forwards — over — under — above — below — edge — corner — straight — curved.

C9Y 780 Extend the top leg forwards as far as is comfortable and hold in this position.

C9Y 933 Sitting as shown, bring the head and shoulders forwards and down as far as possible.

C9Y 1986 Swing the leg forwards and lift it up and down 30 times.

C9Y 3042 Extend the top leg forwards as far as possible and then stretch it forwards and back 35 times, each time moving it 3ins (7.6cm).

C9Y 3136 Gently pull the body forwards 25 times.

CAB 2193 They waved to each other and Sammy immediately shot forwards.

CAY 151 You will find that, in the initial stages, it is much easier to control the tail if the model is always kept moving slowly forwards.

CAY 180 Having got used to moving forwards, this can produce problems in knowing whether you are moving or not.

CB2 742 Neath, the leading Welsh club side of the moment, were more or less ignored because although their forwards could get around better than anyone else's there would not have been much point if they could not win the ball in the first place.

CB2 1740 Their two-try victory was built on a solid performance by the forwards and inventive play from the backs.

CEU 4180 If the world was a bathtub, the progress of the Ship through it would be like the soap, shooting backwards and forwards and never being where anyone was expecting it to be.

CEX 1059 All I could see of her was the tip of her nose on Richard's other side, bobbing backwards and forwards as she walked, like a bird eating grain.

CH7 2722 ‘But with seven forwards on this summer's tour and Andy Platt back on the scene, he would have struggled to get into the team.’

CHJ 297 But in my panic stricken state I still remember the advice to face forwards with feet stretched out in front to fend off the rocks, kicking myself off as they come rapidly one after the other.

CKA 172 Obviously this applies to backs as well as forwards.

CKA 1461 He always had steady and sturdy forwards, but never any real line-out height, and the Otago scrum was sometimes struggling to keep up.

CKB 261 She fell — first to her knees, then forwards on to her hands.

FR9 1505 Thankfully their absent-minded forwards kept the score to a respectable 3–1.

G0Y 1558 She tried to reconstruct the physical Peter Datchett: tall, thin, black hair that tended to flop forwards, a mole on one cheek.

GUE 2082 She extracted him determinedly and set him down on his feet, whereupon he wobbled perilously backwards and forwards, then set off at a tremendous pace across the courtyard, with his mother following, calling apologies back to Caroline as she disappeared from view.

GVF 402 2 The block is then converted into a grab; the defender pulls the attacker forwards, who is unbalanced, partly by his own momentum.

GVL 2127 Susan stepped forwards and fell over.

H90 1614 He had been thrown violently forwards, the blood which had spurted from nose and mouth splattering the base of his brother's coffin.

HRT 1772 Do they go in forwards or backwards!!’

HSC 1351 The serial strategy involved thinking of or placing your finger on an imaginary scale and moving backwards and forwards along that scale as adjectives were successively read out until a final impression was reached; ‘after the first adjective I rated the person in my head, then moved backwards or forwards along the scale after each attribute’ or ‘1.

HYX 188 All I would say, Jerry, is that it'll have to come out of something like our carry forwards for this.

J1C 1036 Deane seems to have to problem of going to collect the ball on the wings and as a result he's never in the centre when the ball comes across — I hope someone will tell him that centre forwards are supposed to hang around near the goal.

J1G 964 For them, they played it on the ground, and so their forwards could get to the ball…or pressure the defence for a back pass, or a throw in.

J89 182 The pronoun here therefore "points forwards' to subsequent elaboration in the form of full noun phrases such as" two soldiers', "the officer" and"the soldiers'.

JNB 613 Chairman, the motion before us today if passed, will act as a lever a lever against the weight which is rolling inextricably forwards.

K5J 2708 There will also be great interest in the displays of the two tallest forwards, lock Shade Munro, and lock-turned-flanker Andy Macdonald, the moving of the Heriot's player into the back-row giving the Scots a very strong hand in the lineouts.

K75 687 The only thing that you can really do to take yourself forwards in a shift situation is your scheduling for the following week.

KGU 891 Because it ca , most, we do lose a lot of money on carriage forwards.