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A0H 1033 These demonstrations serve to emphasise the importance of moving forwards every time the glider is stalled.

A0M 1168 If so, thrust forwards with a committed attack.

A6C 1133 Other noisy people who were very grey moved rapidly backwards and forwards on the end wall.

A9H 1095 Sole is one of those rare front-row forwards whose remarkable range of skills not only makes him a complete footballer but also brings fresh possibilities to the way the game can be played at the highest level.

AEB 1615 She rocked backwards and forwards, convulsed with helpless mirth.

AT6 601 The rig should initially be inclined forwards and then drawn to the side of the board as it approaches the broad reaching position.

AT6 739 Fig 28 Once round on to the new tack, the board is steered on to its new course by leaning the rig forwards.

B0K 812 The horns are of middle length or can be quite long, and they vary in style according to the herd's origins, but commonly those of the cow grow outwards, forwards and then upwards.

B0K 926 The horns, thicker than the Kerry's, are of medium length, curving forwards and upwards.

B1P 752 In this, the month was divided into two parts, the first (of fifteen or sixteen days) being counted forwards, the second being reckoned backwards.

B2H 540 George's forte was tricky and clever wing play, whereby he consistently gained sufficient, room to put across a steady stream of accurate and testing crosses, from which other forwards regularly benefited .

BNG 2093 Move various parts of you — legs up and down, arms forwards, backwards; look through the arch made by your legs.

C86 3923 She took one step forwards and shouted, ‘Yes, I'm in the middle of my ball period, if you want to know,’ and the brandy slopped out of her glass and dropped into the part of the carpet that was orange and was never seen again.

C9A 858 Like other reptiles the saurischians had three bones in the hip: the one above the hip socket is called the ilium, and the one below — pointing forwards and down — is called the pubis.

C9Y 1483 Move it forwards and back an inch or two, 25 times.

C9Y 2397 Swing the top leg forwards and backwards 10 times each way.

C9Y 2612 Gently stretch forwards for 35 counts, holding each stretch for 1 second.

C9Y 2710 Flex the foot and swing the leg forwards and backwards 5 times.

C9Y 2716 Move it forwards and back a few inches, 30 times.

C9Y 2728 Stretch forwards for 35 counts, holding each stretch for 1 second.

C9Y 3032 From here, gently stretch forwards for 25 counts.

C9Y 3110 Gently jog forwards and backwards, as before.

CA1 1668 Starting with the leading edges, push the loose rear section forwards in its sleeve with one hand while holding the tubular end of the joining ferrule in the other.

CAY 179 The next hurdle is to stop moving forwards and keep the model stationary over one spot.

CB2 742 Neath, the leading Welsh club side of the moment, were more or less ignored because although their forwards could get around better than anyone else's there would not have been much point if they could not win the ball in the first place.

CB3 759 Sole has retired from rugby at the age of 30, when prop forwards such as he should just be coming to their prime.

CF9 571 ‘I am disappointed with the forwards and finishing.

CH3 186 You pick your best players and there is little doubt on current form that Beardsley is one of England's finest forwards.

CH4 3202 The whole object of life, Headmistress, is to go forwards.

CH7 656 ‘I'm really looking forward to playing with the likes of Garry Schofield, Ellery Hanley and new signing Gary Mercer, who is one of the best forwards in the world.’

CJ3 41 In common with toucans, parrots and woodpeckers, cuckoos have two toes pointing forwards and two pointing back.

CJA 1631 So it was transparent, with these little black circles in it that seemed to jump backwards and forwards at you.

CMC 1475 They do not stop but keep whirling forwards oblivious to their surroundings.

ECX 651 The canopy, which hinges forwards, is made of flat sheets of poly-carbonate, framed with carbon fibre for stiffness.

F9F 1410 By undulating this, it drives itself forwards — or, with equal ease, backwards.

FR9 1077 The ‘uprising’ came from the forwards who moaned that they never had anything to do.

GUK 2164 Now they were recognized, pushed forwards, blinking, to the glare of flames.

HRT 1772 Do they go in forwards or backwards!!’

HTH 3356 ‘Or forwards.’

HTN 1370 The face turned, and the Angel Gabriel's shoulders began to drop forwards, his chest to contract, his elbows (which had struck such a heroic posture) to wilt inwards.

HTU 1733 The crutch of the jumpsuit shot forwards as if under the impetus of some mighty erection.

HWF 5707 To move between fields on a page, the user should press TAB to go forwards and BACKSPACE to go backwards.

J1C 1036 Deane seems to have to problem of going to collect the ball on the wings and as a result he's never in the centre when the ball comes across — I hope someone will tell him that centre forwards are supposed to hang around near the goal.

J89 182 The pronoun here therefore "points forwards' to subsequent elaboration in the form of full noun phrases such as" two soldiers', "the officer" and"the soldiers'.

K1B 3082 London Irish thought they'd scored a try here…the ref tho rightly gave a knock on…and the cherry and whites rolled on to take the lead with a penalty from Martin Roberts…another penalty apiece made it six three to Gloucester at half-time…but they deserved more…the forwards were fired up but so too was the exiles defence which took a fair old hammering…the turning point came at the start of the second half when referee David Matthews awarded Gloucester a penalty try…

K1K 3913 In the second half; whilst the forwards tangled with each other here on the left, they missed Gloucester's Peter Glanville drive over for another score.

K3H 831 The South Africans arrived claiming they were going to teach the Welsh pack about power play but Gary Llewellyn's men blew them apart and the Welsh forwards bagged four of the tries.

K5A 679 While their forwards were outplayed, though Andy Macdonald won the occasional good lineout ball, Heriot's competed gamely and the arrival of young Lawrie has made a huge difference to their back play, and especially to centres Stoddart and McRobbie, who appear much more confident than earlier in the season.

K5A 3677 Scotland will hold a public practice at Murrayfield today, though part of it will likely be in camera— when the forwards head indoors to work on the hydraulic scrummaging machine.

K5A 4232 Turnbull admitted it has formed a large part of forwards' practice where the pack try to shift as many as 16 others, which concentrates the mind wonderfully on body positions.