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A0H 383 Merely pushing the lever forwards as far as it will go is not enough because the lock may be very stiff.

A0H 966 If the spin stops when the full opposite rudder is applied, the stick must be moved forwards to allow normal flight.

A0H 1370 For example, as the stick is moved forwards a little , the eyes see the nose of the glider moving down, and the brain expects the sensation and understands what is happening.

A0H 1394 These make it far less likely that they will dive vertically for hundreds of feet if the pilot pushes forwards on the stick.

A0M 562 The rear guard hand must also be carried forwards; allowing it to rest against the rib cage is a hold-over from basic technique which has no place in competition.

A12 1329 To sweep a floor the broom must be firmly but lightly used to push the dust forwards, then carefully brought backwards just off the floor before repeating the push.

A16 971 For most cuts, the work is steadied against the foot plate which can be angled to bring it into contact with the workpiece; because the teeth of the sawblade tend to become worn close to the foot plate, the plate can be unclamped and moved forwards to bring a fresh section of the blade into use.

AEB 118 And on and on went the machines, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, never slowing, never slacking, never tiring, backwards and forwards, back —

AJY 565 ‘Forwards hit you at every opportunity and my problem was to remember to expect physical contact.

AT6 772 It should look over the front shoulder and not under the armpit; if you do this, you will find that the rest of the upper body will tend to face forwards in the proper way.

AT6 916 With the front foot on the pedal, the track is moved forwards by pushing downwards on the boom and backwards by pulling on the boom.

AT7 2134 He thrust the curtains wider, pressed his face to the glass but still all he could see was the white material flapping backwards and forwards in the wind.

B0K 1658 It had therefore retained, almost uniquely, the suitably balanced carcass of a true meat breed, in contrast to the strong-shouldered, strong-necked draught types in which all the bulk was thrown forwards into the cheaper meat-cut areas.

B2H 654 In his early days with us Hamilton was one of those attacking centre-halves who made for great excitement, supporting his forwards and ever-ready to have a go at goal.

BM4 2158 Buoyed by this, the 'Mere forwards rallied and for most of the remainder of the half they at least managed to hold their own ball in the scrum.

C86 3382 He let the car forwards, down the hill, and on to the white road that led across the lake bed.

C86 3598 Nathan leaned forwards, stared at scenery that, even in the dark, he knew off by heart and could recite.

C87 148 Trickier, this one — with your joystick in port 1, you can move forwards and backwards (left/right), but you can also execute a natty little leap by hitting ‘up’.

C9A 860 But the anterior of many other dinosaurs was aligned alongside and parallel to the posterior bone (the ischium), instead of pointing forwards as with the saurischians.

C9Y 1116 Place your hands on your hips and with one leg in front jog forwards and backwards, transferring the weight from one leg to the other.

C9Y 1425 Relax forwards, then straighten up and repeat to the other side.

C9Y 1467 Slowly lean forwards as far as possible without straining.

CAY 266 Consider a helicopter which is flying forwards and about to make a turn.

CAY 339 No, I have not switched to a lecture on rally driving, your helicopter is moving forwards and you want to stop it.

CB2 479 The forwards were again beaten in the line-outs during the first half.

CB3 804 The First Test in Sydney was a rusty performance with the backline's cohesion missing during the first half before the dominance of the Wallaby forwards at the scrum and line-out took control in the second half to enable them to pile on 20 points and quickly reverse the 9–7 half-time deficit.

CDJ 139 Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you and move backwards and forwards by ‘walking’ on your bottom.

CEG 465 This can usually be done by bending it backwards and forwards a few times.

CEP 5543 With England running in four tries past the static Springbok forwards, Botha could not hide his contempt for the country's administrators.

CEP 8132 The centre of defence did well but I was not happy with the forwards, or the midfield.’

CGH 386 The head looks out of the proportion to the rest of the body, with the mouth extended well forwards and down, indicating the hoover nature of feeding.

CNA 6 The foreskin develops early in intrauterine life as a protuberance of penile epidermis that grows forwards over the glans and adheres to it.

CTY 504 He thus asserts the Truth of History while constantly projecting forwards and deferring its proof.

F9X 2792 Its eyes glowed more brightly, and it scuttled forwards again.

G00 3759 The paper is moved both backwards and forwards in very precise steps while a pen carrier holding four miniature ballpoint pens moves across the surface from left to right and vice versa.

G0E 3424 He staggered, as if drunk, and watched as Cardiff stepped forwards, still holding the gun before him.

HH3 7485 Nowadays you are likely to think that this involves transport moving backwards and forwards.

HJ4 5550 Stuart Barnes, Guscott and forwards Richard Webster, Ben Clarke and Damian Cronin had outstanding games.

HPG 216 Suddenly the plane pitched forwards into a steep dive.

HTN 2845 ‘Thank God,’ mumbled Gabriel, scuffing forwards.

HTY 2286 Spike's head fell forwards and hit the floor.

HX9 1907 As we noted above forwards pruning decisions must be solvable if the method is to usefully reduce the search space.

J3T 464 Er, naturally we're disappointed you're proposing to take er, twenty thousand of our twenty three thousand carry forwards in the registration service.

JYB 621 He just grinned wider, bent forwards and dropped a kiss on her startled lips.

K1U 518 He'd come round and get set up again, and we'd pop round to the other side again, constantly going back and forwards.

K2U 148 But Quinn, playing a withdrawn role behind the two main forwards responded with one of his best performances for Northern Ireland; easily the man of the match.

K3H 1337 When the forwards gave them the ball in the opening four tour wins they proved that with 13 tries.

K5A 726 After the interval, all they could manage was a forwards' try, by McIvor, and it was left to the home scrum-half, Tony Devlin, to notch the only touchdown — in the last minute — with a fine individual effort.

K97 4182 That is our strength and our forwards are in good form at the moment.

KN2 404 Play allowed to continue, forwards towards ,he's had a good game tonight if it's even if it's not his regular position he's been pushed there by and as a result it's a free kick to Shrewsbury Town .