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A0M 683 The drawing movement is necessary to take the opponent's centre of gravity too far forwards, thus causing him to fall heavily forwards.

A0M 1079 This jars the opponent off balance and brings the head forwards and into range of a following punch.

AEB 396 When the ringing subsided, Biff Thacker was standing over her, with Rose at his side, clutching a bobbin, and the machine was still clattering backwards and forwards.

AK6 339 The supremacy of the Richmond forwards was further emphasised by the concerted drive which swept lock-forward Lewis over.

ALL 2064 The silver ball sped up the slight incline lighting up the Bakelite mushrooms as it struck them,ricocheting back and forwards, up and down, before vanishing down the hole in the corner.

AMM 1642 It turns out that our animal was able to see in almost every direction — upwards, downwards, sideways and forwards, and even backwards, because the eyes bulged out beyond the line of the rest of the body.

AMU 1665 Both hulls were flooded, the water driving backwards and forwards across the saloon deck as the waves lifted first one hull, then the other.

AS0 942 Another advanced pattern is for the physiotherapist to hold a cloth stretched between her hands: the patient holds the cloth in his hemiplegic hand and follows the movements as the physiotherapist takes the cloth in different directions, guiding the patient's arm around, forwards and backwards.

AT6 781 If the hands are too far forwards, as is often the case, the back arm being so close to the CE cannot take all the strain and tends to sheet out causing the board to turn into the wind.

AT6 916 With the front foot on the pedal, the track is moved forwards by pushing downwards on the boom and backwards by pulling on the boom.

B03 2563 In preparation for likely positional changes next season, captain Liz Oehlers decided to make some interesting alterations to the side, effectively swapping the defence with the forwards.

B0L 1285 At half-time he tried to encourage his players by reshuffling his forwards, but they never regained their form.

BMY 687 It is through being able to see simultaneously both backwards as well as forwards, without the need to glance over his shoulder.

BNG 1890 There may be a beginning and end to the track, and the train will go backwards and forwards, instead of round a continuous track.

BNL 1876 If you start to choke on something, put your fist into the soft spot under the middle of the ribcage and keeping ‘punching’ yourself, or bend forwards over the back of a chair and bounce your abdomen off it.

C9Y 952 Swing the leg forwards and lift it up and down slightly, 20 times, holding each raise for 1 second.

C9Y 1282 Move this leg forwards and back 25 times.

C9Y 1464 Sit up with one leg extended forwards and the other leg bent.

C9Y 1471 Extend both legs forwards and squeeze them together 25 times, holding each squeeze for 1 second.

C9Y 1557 Gently pull the body forwards for 10 counts.

C9Y 2899 Relax forwards, then straighten up and repeat to the other side.

C9Y 3174 Extend the top leg forwards as far as possible and then stretch it forwards and back 40 times, each time moving it 3ins (7.6cm).

CAY 202 If the model insists on moving forwards, then rear cyclic trim is needed, etc.

CBG 11566 Full-back Alan Tait will play after taking a knock on the head at Sheffield last Sunday but forwards Steve Molloy (back), Shaun Wane (calf) and Andy Goodway (hand) are out.

CG3 684 Another part of Colette's method of making round , making substantial, is her habit of moving backwards and forwards, towards and away from the object.

CGU 1027 This will prevent the continuous paper feeding forwards after each section is printed out, thus joining up the four printouts automatically.

CH7 2159 ‘I said Gary Pallister is soft, that he gives away too many chances for forwards to dispossess him.

CHH 1299 In order to make it just a little bit trickier the words can read forwards, backwards, up, down and diagonally.

ECJ 108 It's important that treads are level from front to back; although a very slight slope forwards of about ⅛″ for a 12″ deep tread, will help to throw off water, especially on wooden steps which are more slippery.

EFJ 505 Then began scuttering backwards and forwards like a small, frightened mouse, picking up the things they had dropped, clothes in the bedroom, toothpaste tube in the bathroom.

FYV 2119 And the mother with the magazine, the glossy pages ticking past her face: she's reading, or skimming,forwards .

G2S 1715 The natural tendency for a loaded rucksack is to lean away from the wearer, forcing them to lean forwards to counterbalance it.

H7H 392 She fell forwards in dismay — no bird sat there, hot feathered breast spread low over her clutch.

H7K 1045 The three environments were there all the time, just oscillating backwards and forwards a little in relation to uplift inland.

HGW 1083 While you must allow enough space in each area to work efficiently, they must not be spaced too far apart, or you will be walking backwards and forwards much more than is necessary.

HJ3 1837 All credit to Ireland, it was a magnificent performance especially by the forwards.

HJH 936 Sylvia suddenly moved forwards and grabbed the book.

HM2 754 forwards and backwards.

HMN 713 Well that's very harsh particularly in view of the stick the forwards have to take .


HXF 712 Schools could work forwards or backwards in time (though it is expected that at all times there will be reference to time-lines, and time-charts, and that attention will be given to the question "when did this happen in the past?" ).

HYJ 528 Well I, well I, I mean I've had to do my homework, before I come on this meeting for you, and I, and if I can start at the back and work forwards we have got enough money.

J3P 724 Yes, we need to agree this, unpalatable as it is, to go forwards to P and R, to expose what the five percent reduction is, and to indicate as well to P and R other points that we, we want to say about these specific services.

J91 1719 And it was getting dragged back and the engine was going like mad trying to push it along and the wind was pushing me back, and I was thinking am I going forwards or backward here?

K1K 3913 In the second half; whilst the forwards tangled with each other here on the left, they missed Gloucester's Peter Glanville drive over for another score.

K4T 3540 Forwards: N Popplewell (Greystones), T Clancy (London Irish), S Smith (Ballymena), T Kingston (Dolphin), G Halpin (London Irish), P McCarthy (Cork Con), N Francis (Blackrock (College), M Galwey (Shannon), B Rigney (Greystones), R Costello (Garryowen), G Hamilton (Ballymena), M Fitzgibbon (Shannon) K Leahy (Wanderers), B Robinson (Ballymena), N Mannion (Lansdowne), P Lawlor (Bective Rangers).

K4T 3576 Forwards and midfield players have dominated the PFA awards since its inception.

K5J 2631 There will also be great interest in the displays of the two tallest forwards, lock Shade Munro, and lock-turned-flanker Andy Macdonald, the moving of the Heriot's player into the back-row giving the Scots a very strong hand in the lineouts.

K75 687 The only thing that you can really do to take yourself forwards in a shift situation is your scheduling for the following week.

KCP 5299 He's declaring that he's using a taxi and it costs him a hundred and sixty pound a month, every day back and forwards to work, well everyone knows that's a lie cos she takes him to work