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A0H 828 Hopefully, a few seconds later you will have recognised the situation, taken heed of your training and moved forwards on the stick.

A0M 708 For this type of block you slide diagonally forwards so that the angle of your advance takes you clear of the opponent's front kick.

A0M 869 Throw your body-weight forwards and pull back the leading fist, using this combination action to snap punch into the opponent's face.

A0M 965 However, unlike with the front kick, the fact you have leaned back means that your centre of gravity is not thrust so far forwards, and you can at least land comparatively lightly.

A12 1261 MacMillan has made this last song a welcome to the future as the three protagonists quietly and slowly come forwards, their hands linked, gradually raising their heads as if greeting a new day.

A33 294 Tight forwards have been Jacques Fouroux's obsession since France were shattered by New Zealand in the 1987 World Cup final.

A6Y 535 Inside forwards would ‘turn on a sixpence’; a centre-forward would ‘rise like a salmon’ and so on.

AA0 257 Oxford's forwards were slow and scattered in getting to the breakdown.

AC5 596 It was too big, a great covered space where people strode backwards and forwards in a hurry.

AHU 1323 Newport's forwards, among whom Moseley dominated the front of the line-out, while George and Withey had excellent games in the loose, were markedly superior, despite the tireless efforts of Bridgend No 8 Williams, and blind-side flanker Simon Bryant.

ALL 597 When he returned the stranger was rocking back and forwards on his chair, his heels on the edge of the table.

AMC 805 As soon as we entered the house we heard a low moaning and, on opening the living-room door, saw our landlady rocking herself backwards and forwards in her chair.

AT6 503 Try rotating your hips in all the different directions possible, facing both forwards and backwards.

AT6 1465 The lower you duck and the harder F pulls back, the better chance there is of getting well forwards on the boom.

BM0 651 In the same way, when a teacher adjusts you into an upright position you will probably feel as though you are about to fall over in a forwards direction.

C9Y 397 Keeping the top leg straight in a sideways position, with the knee facing forwards, point the foot.

C9Y 1170 Swing the leg forwards and lift it up and down slightly, 20 times.

C9Y 1582 Lying as shown, swing the top leg forwards and backwards 10 times each way without straining.

C9Y 1635 Relax forwards, then straighten up and repeat to the other side.

C9Y 1889 Extend the top leg forwards as far as possible and then stretch it forwards and back 30 times, moving it about 3ins (7.6cm) each time.

C9Y 1982 Gently stretch forwards for 25 counts, holding each stretch for 1 second.

C9Y 2482 Gently pull the body forwards 20 times.

C9Y 2820 Flex the foot and swing the leg forwards and backwards 5 times.

CAY 498 In my opinion, there is a definite relationship between the size and incidence angle of the horizontal stabiliser (tailplane) and the angle of the main shaft (some designs have the shaft raked forwards).

CAY 544 Curiously enough, I found that, if this is done in a fairly strong, but steady, wind, it is possible to visualise the model as flying forwards even when it is stationary relative to the ground!

CB2 814 In both the Ireland v Wales and the Scotland v England games, visiting lock forwards were clearly guilty of foul play under Law 26.

CB2 1696 Ennis, Gordon MacKinnon and Bruce Breen, Canada's first choice forwards last year, will be joined by Ian Stuart, a former Canada scrum-half and centre who will be used primarily as a hooker.

CB3 241 If Southland's game is representative of New Zealand rugby, then it's quick and the forwards move at a great pace ’—JACK ROWELL (England ‘B’ coach in New Zealand) after the 31–16 win against Southland.

CEP 5932 The Monmouthshire forwards, coached by legendary Wales prop Charlie Faulkner, broke a scrummaging machine in training.

CEU 3362 Masklin swung backwards and forwards, trying to pull himself up the rough cloth.

CMC 1475 They do not stop but keep whirling forwards oblivious to their surroundings.

CMS 65 Each is marked by an engagement with and a retreat from the world, a constant movement backwards and forwards which ends, if one stays in the profession, largely, though not wholly, in a withdrawal, for these are the picturing not the tinkering trades.

FA6 927 According to classical mechanics, in theory you could write down the position and momentum of every single particle in the universe; you could therefore work out how everything is going backwards and forwards in time, obviously by highly complicated equations, but in theory, everything's predicted so everything's totally determined from beginning to end; but quantum mechanics says that you can never record the momentum and position of everything identically because of the Uncertainty Principle.

G0E 1763 He lunged forwards, hit Rohmer hard with his shoulder in a rugby charge and grabbed his gun arm.

G0Y 1558 She tried to reconstruct the physical Peter Datchett: tall, thin, black hair that tended to flop forwards, a mole on one cheek.

G1C 22 Budgets shift forwards or backwards by small ‘increments’ reflecting the balance of interests.

H9V 1938 Her teeth gritted together to stop herself screaming, she rocked backwards and forwards like a child, oblivious to the drizzle that had begun while she'd been in the kitchen with Gwen as disjointed sentences jostled in her brain for supremacy.

HDA 297 Which is very light so to compensate for this a ply line is used this is a rubber line which is quite thick and the rod is flicked backwards and forwards to let line out.

HGW 1083 While you must allow enough space in each area to work efficiently, they must not be spaced too far apart, or you will be walking backwards and forwards much more than is necessary.

HJ3 4327 The final and best try of the game came five minutes from time with forwards supplying the quick ball, the backs moved the ball across the line with full-back Keith Watson making the extra man and timing his pass well to release right-winger Ross Aiken to score.

HR8 954 She rocked backwards and forwards on the bench.

HTS 3848 It looked more like an animal than a tractor, a long low dangerous thing, crouched forwards with its shoulders hunched.

J1E 1534 What Im saying is the running of the forwards creates space and chances.

J1G 2036 The big problem was the forwards.

JY4 1622 She hurt so much it was physical pain, like a knife twisting backwards and forwards.

K4T 3576 Forwards and midfield players have dominated the PFA awards since its inception.

K5A 4225 Much of the credit for that must go to forwards' coach, Richie Dixon.

K5A 4278 Jenkins' kicking, especially in the first half, gave little encouragement to his forwards.

K5J 4508 Doddie Weir may have to impress at training today to force his way in among the forwards, who held a lineout session with assistant coach John Jeffrey at Happy Valley last night.

KBW 2042 You go backwards and I'll go forwards.