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A0M 610 For example, you could slide the leading foot forwards and outwards and then throw your body-weight forwards, swinging the rear leg in and forwards in a shallow U-shaped movement.

A0M 683 The drawing movement is necessary to take the opponent's centre of gravity too far forwards, thus causing him to fall heavily forwards.

A0M 851 Let your rear guard hand move forwards slightly as you do this.

A0M 934 This transfers your weight forwards and allows you to lift the rear foot quickly.

A0M 1137 Thus a snap punch from the leading hand brings the hip forwards and disguises the rear foot as it slides up.

A90 283 SHEFFIELD EAGLES showed their enterprise again yesterday when they signed two forwards from New Zealand's recent tour, Francis Leota and Tawere Nikau, writes Paul Fitzpatrick.

AE7 1193 I solve it by pointing my eyes towards C, bringing my body into line with my eyes, and walking forwards.

AMM 1286 The mid-part of the head is covered with coarse tubercles and expands forwards; the eyes include a few, very large lenses.

AT6 503 Try rotating your hips in all the different directions possible, facing both forwards and backwards.

AT6 601 The rig should initially be inclined forwards and then drawn to the side of the board as it approaches the broad reaching position.

AT6 772 It should look over the front shoulder and not under the armpit; if you do this, you will find that the rest of the upper body will tend to face forwards in the proper way.

B0K 403 The muzzle is dark, the skin lightly pigmented, the broad head of medium length, the white or yellow black-tipped horns curving outwards and forwards.

B0L 1232 The forwards kept up persistent pressure, crowding the opposing goalmouth, while wing-halves Jones and John abandoned their defensive positions to join in the attack, leaving the rear exposed.

BNU 328 Another dhāmi has joined him and they link arms for a while and then move closer together, stretching their arms across each other 's shoulders so they dance as one, their bodies tilting first forwards and then back as they bounce across the roof.

C8P 796 The leader then proceeds to do a few activities around the table such as hitting it with both hands, scratching an ear, winking an eye or nodding backwards and forwards.

C9Y 674 Place your hands at either side of your head, with elbows pointing forwards.

C9Y 764 Hold for 30 counts, stretching forwards gently with each count.

C9Y 1329 Gently jog forwards and backwards, transferring the weight from one leg to the other.

C9Y 2397 Swing the top leg forwards and backwards 10 times each way.

C9Y 2794 Relax forwards, then straighten up and repeat to the other side.

C9Y 3167 Flex the foot and swing the leg forwards and backwards 5 times.

CA1 483 This forwards and backwards movement of 4in (102mm) of thread occurs no less than 32 times if the stitches are 1/8in (3mm)!

CBG 10032 Full-back: J Webb (Bath); Wings: R Underwood (Leicester), T Underwood (Leicester), D O'Leary (Saracens), I Hunter (Northampton); Centres: W Carling (Harlequins), P de Glanville (Bath), J Guscott (Bath), D Hopley (Cambridge Univ and Wasps); Stand-offs: R Andrew (Wasps), S Barnes (Bath), P Challinor (Harlequins); Scrum-halves: S Bates (Wasps), D Morris (Orrell); Props: C Clark (Swansea), J Leonard (Harlequins), J Probyn (Wasps), V Ubogu (Bath); Hookers: B Moore (Harlequins), J Olver (Northampton); Locks: M Bayfield (Northampton), A Blackmore (Bristol), M Johnson (Leicester), W Dooley (Preston Grasshoppers); Back row forwards: M Teague (Moseley), T Rodber (Northampton), J Hall (Bath), S Ojomoh (Bath), B Clarke (Bath), P Winterbottom (Harlequins).

CGA 553 entering a positive or negative number enables the user to browse backwards or forwards through the text in logical sequence of the textual units.

CRM 5560 This type of tail drove the fish directly forwards.

FUL 1120 Erm what we're trying to do here is to get the clerical sections more involved in the projects, and in passing the paper backwards and forwards.

FUU 167 And what happens then, the electric current, as we know, flows backwards and forwards and it gets to this bit here and there's a break, so what does it do?

FXY 217 And it was a little square thing, about two foot square, with a er and about eight inches deep, tt and you used to put the clothes in, with warm water and your your powder, close the top and you used to have a handle, and Like that there, and you used to be backwards and forwards, like that,, with this paddle going backwards and forwards inside it.

FXY 217 And it was a little square thing, about two foot square, with a er and about eight inches deep, tt and you used to put the clothes in, with warm water and your your powder, close the top and you used to have a handle, and Like that there, and you used to be backwards and forwards, like that,, with this paddle going backwards and forwards inside it.

G4P 144 If we were walking backwards and forwards er to our offices, we'd pro er probably wear gloves in the cold weather.

H94 4346 Meredith leaned forwards to the chart she'd made and ticked those items off.

HGD 4246 A sound had her spinning round and she found herself looking into the astonished eyes of Marie as the girl slid from her bicycle and walked forwards to confront her.

HGU 2757 Keith throws his right shoulder backwards and forwards, hoping the pads will somehow slide into place.

HTH 2269 Several nomes pushed their way forwards.

HUA 1248 Smith started humming ‘Danny Boy’ again and rocked backwards and forwards on his immense black brogues.

HWF 6993 This key moves the cursor forwards to the next input field, exiting from the current scrolled area (only applicable when issued from within a scrolled area).

HX9 1934 (ii) Forwards pruning: estimates are made on-line of the possible utility of later information.

J1F 1854 Im happy for us to stick with the present team (when DOL fit), unless we start to make obvious cock ups in one postition. the team looks balanced and functional as it is…just need the forwards to start knocking in a few more goals…

J1G 2036 The big problem was the forwards.

J52 1911 In most fish they contract successively to throw the body into sinuous waves, which propel it forwards.

JA5 70 I haven't actually done the tally backwards and forwards.

JND 36 The weaknesses are lack of security the time difference that it can bring if there's lots of replies going backwards and forwards erm it might get mislaid, it might never get read, you don't know you can't be sure that people are actually reading the memo er you don't know what the reaction of the people is you can't go back on what you've said because it's on paper er and it lacks that personal touch can be expensive on time, times to you but sorry erm but can be expensive not on time but on materials.

K27 1162 and with so much steam coming from the forwards all the signs were that Gloucester were going to take sale to the cleaners…

K2D 1821 Both sets of forwards put their respective defences under pressure for periods and Moyola in particular, with Lavery having a good game, missed a couple of scoring opportunities, especially when Calderwood failed to take advantage of a good cross from Devine in the 35th minute.

K2L 632 Kevin Grogan and Sean Healy helped to give the young ‘Cats’ the midfield cream but their forwards were forced to work hard for their scores.

K32 2538 Murray Kidd did a good job for us for three years, but he had obviously had a greater affinity for three quarter play than forwards.’

K4T 3540 Forwards: N Popplewell (Greystones), T Clancy (London Irish), S Smith (Ballymena), T Kingston (Dolphin), G Halpin (London Irish), P McCarthy (Cork Con), N Francis (Blackrock (College), M Galwey (Shannon), B Rigney (Greystones), R Costello (Garryowen), G Hamilton (Ballymena), M Fitzgibbon (Shannon) K Leahy (Wanderers), B Robinson (Ballymena), N Mannion (Lansdowne), P Lawlor (Bective Rangers).

K5A 3406 Backs and forwards then have their final session together, rather than apart, and by tomorrow morning McGeechan will have completed an extraordinary preparatory workload.

KRL 1610 I'm at the moment chairing a university working party on sexual harassment erm and what this working party erm intends to do is to try to survey experience gathered from the operation of codes and the appointment of people in college with a special responsibility for this sort of thing over the past few years, to see what we can learn from experience, so I'd want to reserve judgement at the moment on what this committee might recommend is the best way forwards.

KRT 3701 Oh it's obvious that safety's involved, I think that er it's also er road use because er if people take a long time er going forwards and back trying to get into a space to park because they don't have the basic skills to enable them to do it, then it's frustrating for other motorists, and obviously accidents can be caused.