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A0H 955 In addition, the elevator may overbalance so that the force needed to move forwards on the stick is abnormally high.

A0H 1370 For example, as the stick is moved forwards a little , the eyes see the nose of the glider moving down, and the brain expects the sensation and understands what is happening.

A0M 617 This means that the opponent always has to step forwards in order to make an attack, thus warning you well in advance.

A0M 1139 Each time one hip thrusts forwards, the other draws back by an equal amount and is thus cocked for the next punch.

A12 1636 Bodies should be fully stretched upwards and curved either slightly forwards or backwards from the waist only.

A7D 1778 Fingers are moved backwards and forwards by these delicate sinews — flexor tendons in the palms, which bend the fingers, and extensor tendons on the back of the hand, which straighten them again.

AEB 75 By leaning her back against it and pedalling with her feet she could move it forwards inches at a time.

AEB 81 Iron jaws and iron claws, opening the cotton, chewing it, champing it, throwing out the cotton, spewing it, stamping it, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards in a ruthless and remorseless inescapable refrain:

AKE 1398 The RAF enjoyed a territorial advantage throughout most of the game and their pack did what was required in preventing the Army forwards from winning the quality possession they sought.

ALJ 140 No one came forwards.

AT6 786 Remember that the front foot faces forwards.

AT6 1340 When you put the board in the water to launch, punch the board through any advancing waves by pushing hard forwards on the rig with one or both hands on the mast.

B0K 1672 The round, tapering horns are white and can be quite long, growing outwards and forwards, curving up at the tips.

BM4 2158 Buoyed by this, the 'Mere forwards rallied and for most of the remainder of the half they at least managed to hold their own ball in the scrum.

BMU 459 Then Breeze ran forwards and hugged Susan, who presently drew her into the hall.

BNG 2105 Vocabulary : front — back — forwards — backwards — fast — slow — curved — straight — next to— in front of — behind — by the side of — through — in — out — over — under.

BNG 2175 There are a great many different swings, but a child must be aware of the skill necessary to make a swing work, that is, transference of his own body weight, as he goes forwards, backwards, up, down and sideways.

BPB 855 The horse dentist will smooth the sharpness away by using a metal rasp which is rubber backwards and forwards over the teeth.

C9Y 510 Still lying on your side with lower leg bent, gently swing the top leg forwards and backwards 10 times each way, without straining.

C9Y 572 Hold for 20 counts, stretching forwards gently with each count.

C9Y 662 Without slumping forwards, take your arms behind you, holding them up as high and as close together as possible.

C9Y 764 Hold for 30 counts, stretching forwards gently with each count.

C9Y 1015 Relax forwards, then straighten up and repeat to the other side.

C9Y 1049 Lying as shown, flex the foot and swing the top leg forwards and backwards 5 times.

C9Y 1357 Hold for 30 counts, stretching forwards gently with each count.

C9Y 2907 Stretch forwards for 35 counts, holding each stretch for 1 second.

CAY 263 Apart from the obvious lift produced by the rotors, which are revolving wings, there is another lift component produced by the rotor disc when moving forwards through the air (like a sort of flat, circular, wing).

CB2 741 When John Ryan became Welsh coach in 1988, the shattering tour of New Zealand having instantly expunged memories of the first Welsh Triple Crown in nine years, he had no compunction about picking old-style tight forwards who, if they did nothing else, would scrummage till the cows came home.

CB2 990 If they'd spent time doing that, once against the backs would have stood idly around until the forwards reckoned that they'd got their act nicely in order.

CEP 8035 And, in the 67th minute, again after good work by Saints' forwards, a clever combination of passes between skipper Shane Cooper and scrum-half Jonathan Griffiths put centre Garry Connolly over.

CEP 9806 England boss Reilly, lacking the muscle of Wigan forwards Denis Betts, Andy Platt and Kelvin Skerrett, has opted for a blend of youth and experience.

CJA 1631 So it was transparent, with these little black circles in it that seemed to jump backwards and forwards at you.

CKA 1461 He always had steady and sturdy forwards, but never any real line-out height, and the Otago scrum was sometimes struggling to keep up.

CLN 1016 Such heroic examples, concluded Brougham, looking both backwards and forwards in 1822, permitted reformers to have confidence for the future.

CN5 729 This neatly explains why the curriculum proposals appear so simplistic and old-fashioned and constructed in apparent disregard of the professional approach of teachers, inspectors and academics, for they read the sequence in a forwards direction, each step being derived logically from the one before.

E9W 589 the corners of the Polychromos Pastels produced the finest lines; rubbing them backwards and forwards on the leading edge gave the greatest intensity of colour.

ED4 1722 Then soften the charcoal and copper shadows using a cotton bud; start where the colour is deepest, and brush and roll it backwards and forwards onto the lighter areas.

EE5 528 A Corporal had given me a coathanger and a broom and showed me the Foreign Legion's way of unblocking a difficult lavatory bowl; it involved unbending the coathanger, jamming it down the U-bend, and working it vigorously backwards and forwards.

EVC 139 Topaz took a step forwards and in spite of her superior position, Liti drew back in alarm.

G0F 742 He can see them, all down the table, leaning forwards over their plates, then back in their chairs, an irregular series of nodding heads like a shop window full of sipping chicken toys.

GV7 684 From the study above them, however, came the sound of footsteps moving backwards and forwards across the floor.

GVL 3093 Even Lorre took notice, and started forwards.

GXG 2597 Hence for Wales as a whole, the historically high population growth experienced during the second half of the 1980s is being projected forwards at virtually the same rate for the 1990s.

HJH 936 Sylvia suddenly moved forwards and grabbed the book.

HUH 28 Okay, now erm, today as you realize with feelings of immense relief is the last lecture of the term, so, so what I'm gonna do, is to start talking about the er, so called black books of Freud, the set texts in this, in this course and I'm gonna start talking today about the first, and in some ways, one of the most important of these, Totem and Taboo, and since it's the last lecture of term, and you probably all forget what I said over the Christmas holiday, and won't be able to recall it afterwards, through the alcoholic haze, er what I thought I'd do today, was talk about Totem and Taboo in the way in which it looked backwards rather than forwards.

J17 1374 It fell forwards and I managed to catch it on my outstretched forearm.

JYB 2175 He started the bike, eased it forwards and suddenly they were tilting over as they went round the corner.

K47 409 Hastings said: ‘I am very proud of my boys and I thought we played very well, especially the forwards.

K4T 4297 Former Harrogate player David Casado, who had switched to full back to accommodate Johnson, was Northern's most dangerous player, while Boro had the most effective forwards in prop Phil Wright and No 8 Tom McGrath.

K5J 792 The suggested Fifth Man badly needs to be an up-and-coming forwards' coach.