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A0M 673 Finish with a thrust forwards and a reverse punch.

A0M 686 If you are liable to do this, then keep hold of the opponent's ankle as you thrust forwards, lifting and pushing the trapped leg so that you turn his closed side towards you.

A0M 860 Try sliding diagonally forwards and outwards with the front foot turned slightly inwards.

A0W 540 Other movements brought about by the pecs are shoulder flexion, which draws the arm forwards and upwards, and shoulder extension, which draws the arm down and forwards.

A40 105 The Widnes forwards especially would give the Kiwis some punch; the present pack is simply unable to dominate.

AB3 692 He spends his money and himself too quickly, runs up massive bills, gives, gives, gives, takes, takes, takes, fast forwards himself to extremes of bliss, extremes of abjection, invests unwisely in the single love-object, the addiction or the fetish.

ACR 2936 If the tractor hit an obstruction there was no much to stop the driver falling forwards and on to the rotor blades.

ALJ 2581 ANNE STARTED forwards, to hug her sister.

AS0 144 The patient's hands are clasped together, with his arms straight, and the carer places her hands under his upper arms, to help bring his shoulders forwards.

AS0 974 He may do the movements he has practised during physiotherapy sessions standing up, but supporting his whole trunk by leaning forwards over a cabinet or cupboard of suitable height.

AT6 992 Finally, the head and shoulders and hips should all be rotated to face forwards which is the most efficient position.

BNG 1928 Vocabulary : up — down — slow — fast — higher — lower — backwards — forwards — over — under — above — below — edge — corner — straight — curved.

BNG 2103 Let's jump sideways as well as forwards and backwards.

BNG 2242 Is it blowing us backwards or forwards?

C89 1068 We view the torso as a flexible tube or sausage-shape, remembering that it is capable of twists and bends in any direction at the waist: forwards, sideways and backwards.

C9Y 383 Place your hands to either side of your head with elbows pointing forwards.

C9Y 593_1 Then swing the leg forwards and hold in this position, with foot still flexed.

C9Y 780 Extend the top leg forwards as far as is comfortable and hold in this position.

C9Y 1015 Relax forwards, then straighten up and repeat to the other side.

C9Y 1425 Relax forwards, then straighten up and repeat to the other side.

C9Y 1874 Gently stretch forwards for 30 counts, holding each stretch for 1 second.

C9Y 2619 Still lying on your side, swing the top leg forwards and backwards 10 times each way.

C9Y 3051 Move it forwards and back slightly, 40 times.

CA1 483 This forwards and backwards movement of 4in (102mm) of thread occurs no less than 32 times if the stitches are 1/8in (3mm)!

CA3 1627 He was gazing forwards and he looked as if he had just stepped on a drawing-pin.

CB2 767 Because Wales could not win the ball there was no purpose in having gadabout tight forwards.

CB2 1696 Ennis, Gordon MacKinnon and Bruce Breen, Canada's first choice forwards last year, will be joined by Ian Stuart, a former Canada scrum-half and centre who will be used primarily as a hooker.

CB3 1227 Mains and his men have chased after the mobile forwards and only time will tell whether this philosophy of fast-footed men will work in the rough and tumble of test rugby.

CBG 2864 Graham said: ‘I changed it against Ipswich and left three forwards up front to add more firepower.

CBG 12544 London hardly set foot in their own half in that second half, but, with Morris constantly exhorting his forwards and putting in key tackles, the North restricted them to just one Rob Andrew penalty goal.

CEP 2024 ENGLAND, including forwards Steve Brain, Mike Rafter and Bob Hesford, struggled to overcome host nation Bermuda 39–24 in the first round of the World Rugby Classic tournament for ex-internationals over 33 years old.

CEP 5372 ‘They are a big, heavy side and they pride themselves on having rugged forwards,’ said Moore.

CHW 594 At the moment pretenders to the forwards' crowns are in short supply.

CHW 946 He's smaller than most forwards, quietly spoken and unobtrusive of manner.

CKA 835 The more people complained about the Neath forwards' haircuts, the less inclined the Neath forwards were to change them; the more people complained about Neath's rugby, the less Neath were inclined to change.

CS0 244 It traps us and pins us down in time, urging us to agree with Kierkegaard, that if life can only be lived forwards, it can only be understood backwards.

FB3 1028 Because it frees performance from time, assembling it bit by bit, it encourages demystified production: ‘Tape runs forwards, backwards and at many speeds.

G2M 320 It gave a number of different speeds forwards and backwards.

GVL 2048 She climbed to the podium, picked up the surprisingly heavy statuette and leaned forwards to accept Yeovil's peck on the cheek, hoping she wouldn't flinch in three dimensions all over the world at his lizard's touch.

H7H 392 She fell forwards in dismay — no bird sat there, hot feathered breast spread low over her clutch.

H7V 814 I waved my light backwards and forwards across the window.

H90 1614 He had been thrown violently forwards, the blood which had spurted from nose and mouth splattering the base of his brother's coffin.

HBH 27 The Cardiff depot will strengthen our presence in South Wales and will eliminate the need to drive service vehicles backwards and forwards from the Bristol branch to that area.

HSC 1351 The serial strategy involved thinking of or placing your finger on an imaginary scale and moving backwards and forwards along that scale as adjectives were successively read out until a final impression was reached; ‘after the first adjective I rated the person in my head, then moved backwards or forwards along the scale after each attribute’ or ‘1.

HYX 662 Okay, so these, these are the the fa the facts of the, of the situation, and one of the points about the strategy, er, and perhaps looking further, that was highlighted, was the use of carry forwards, which Chair's already referred to.

J1C 1967 Our forwards are also rated 5th in the country (stlg5.9m, not as surprising).

J1G 0 The big problem was the forwards.

J3P 315 If I could refer you to the block beneath there on carry forwards, you started this year, bringing forward savings and under-spendings and various other contingencies of just over one and half million.

J3T 481 If the registration service was erm, asked to ma to reduce its budgets for ninety four, five and future years, by twenty thousand, it could do it in to three, four, five because it would bring forward twenty thousand pounds worth of carry forwards.

KGU 782 Th ,ca , what do most people use carriage forwards for?