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A0H 966 If the spin stops when the full opposite rudder is applied, the stick must be moved forwards to allow normal flight.

A0M 610 For example, you could slide the leading foot forwards and outwards and then throw your body-weight forwards, swinging the rear leg in and forwards in a shallow U-shaped movement.

A0M 683 The drawing movement is necessary to take the opponent's centre of gravity too far forwards, thus causing him to fall heavily forwards.

A0M 683 The drawing movement is necessary to take the opponent's centre of gravity too far forwards, thus causing him to fall heavily forwards.

A0M 703 If you have a healthy respect for your opponent, you will thrust forwards on a diagonal line that takes you out of his centre-line, before twisting to face him square-on.

A0M 827 Then drop low under the incoming technique and drive your weight forwards into the punch.

A0M 985 Throw a reverse punch as before and bring the kicking knee forwards without raising the lower leg or turning the hips.

A33 295 With his emphasis on the scrum and close-quarter exchanges, the French coach wants even his loose forwards to be tight, and the new generation he introduced against the Lions looked inadequate.

A6J 2092 They were floppy with laughter, leaning against each other and passing the magic atoms backward and forwards like little kids playing clapping games in the cement playgrounds of primary schools.

ACK 619 Now Sid and Ethel demonstrated a samba, doing scissor-cutting steps backwards and forwards, then with hands on hips somehow entwined, and heads looking behind them, they went round in a circle.

AEB 80 The wheel never stopped turning, the machines rattled backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, never slowing, never slacking, never tiring; backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, ever anxious, ever urgent, ever eager; full of anger and ambition with a rhythm so consistent, irresistibly insistent, ever beating, never cheating, beating, beating through the brain.

AHK 835 He made telling first half stops and saw his forwards come close to securing three points.

AS0 866 With the plinth raised, and the patient sitting forwards on the side of it, he may practise similar controlled movements for the pelvis, or the physiotherapist might mobilize the patient's shoulder girdle to reduce any spasticity.

AS0 912 He practises tilting his pelvis in the correct pattern as he moves forwards and backwards, and he straightens and relaxes his knees as instructed and guided.

ASV 2153 Left foot forwards, knees slightly bent, I rode the board down that precipitous slope like a man tobogganing down a glacier.

AT6 1238 Fig 61 As you rise up lean well forwards; this will transfer much of your weight through the front arm on to the mast foot.

BNG 2242 Is it blowing us backwards or forwards?

C86 3382 He let the car forwards, down the hill, and on to the white road that led across the lake bed.

C89 1068 We view the torso as a flexible tube or sausage-shape, remembering that it is capable of twists and bends in any direction at the waist: forwards, sideways and backwards.

C8P 796 The leader then proceeds to do a few activities around the table such as hitting it with both hands, scratching an ear, winking an eye or nodding backwards and forwards.

C9Y 1371 Swing the leg forwards and lift it up and down an inch or two, 25 times.

C9Y 1776 Gently stretch forwards for 25 counts, holding each stretch for 1 second.

C9Y 2389 Stretch arms up high, then slowly lean forwards as far as you can without straining.

CAB 60 Sammy ran backwards and forwards barking ecstatically.

CAB 2193 They waved to each other and Sammy immediately shot forwards.

CB2 1696 Ennis, Gordon MacKinnon and Bruce Breen, Canada's first choice forwards last year, will be joined by Ian Stuart, a former Canada scrum-half and centre who will be used primarily as a hooker.

CDY 2393 ‘Backwards and forwards to the States, speaks at Noraid rallies.

CF9 1933 Heads began to drop as Rochford's forwards took charge, the absence of Graham Mackleworth as motivator and hooker being very apparent.

CH7 4067 The law puts them at risk from oncoming forwards and I can see a spate of potentially serious injuries.

CJA 3871 It was completely frozen, but for one leg that arced backwards and forwards on the floor of the cave, like the leg of a dying calf.

CLG 903 Designed to take a standard 25kg bag of drymix mortar or concrete, you just measure the water in the calibrated lid, pour in the mix, screw on the lid, then roll the drum backwards and forwards.

CR4 888 I started this book in the middle, with the chapter on ‘strategies for the relief of poverty’ and then worked my way forwards and backwards, drawn by the tasty contents list.

CR8 2590 Inching forwards

EF8 981 When a message allowed unambiguous identification of the requested target, children directed their gaze back and forwards across the array relatively infrequently.

EFR 797 Backwards and forwards they move with their tails held upright, sometimes even intertwined.

FRK 1006 He began to creep forwards.

G3P 331 the old lady darted — no, flung herself — flew — forwards towards the child.

GUK 3076 Her way of leaning forwards, eyes sparkling, fingers almost touching the priest's black sleeve, made Thérèse squirm.

GVF 924 Another typical exercise, which is aimed at stretching the legs, consists of sitting on the floor with the upper body leaning forwards and the legs wide apart and grasping an ankle with both hands.

GVF 1387 2 The attacker lunges forwards with a left stomach punch; the defender sidesteps, and executes a right inside block.

GVY 1283 Backwards and forwards the engine passes, increasing its load at each operation, until behind its tender it may have a string of vehicles more than two hundred yards in length with a brake van in the rear.

HDC 424 Behind Conker whinnied and plunged, then scrabbled forwards, his short legs beating a frantic rhythm, the mane blowing back into Michael's face, stinging a little.

HH3 7485 Nowadays you are likely to think that this involves transport moving backwards and forwards.

HTH 2256 Then he fell forwards.

HTH 3356 ‘Or forwards.’

J1C 1967 Our forwards are also rated 5th in the country (stlg5.9m, not as surprising).

J7C 847 However, the prospect of terms passing backwards and forwards ad infinitum is unrealistic; a sensible course would be for the business to decide that once a certain stage is reached, it will attempt to negotiate a compromise, for instance, a seller might decide to negotiate with customers who "reject" terms in a delivery note.

JY4 1622 She hurt so much it was physical pain, like a knife twisting backwards and forwards.

K5A 355 With five other forwards named in the original squad — John Robertson, Duncan Shearer, Ally McCoist, Eoin Jess and Pat Nevin — Andy Roxburgh is well covered.

KGU 895 A lot of carriage forwards