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A0H 957 The stick must be moved forwards to make the recovery.

A0H 1622 He could have pushed the throttle forwards and avoided the accident by using the engine.

A0M 931 (b) Draw back the spent punch, using this action to bring the knee forwards and up.

A0M 934 This transfers your weight forwards and allows you to lift the rear foot quickly.

A0M 1079 This jars the opponent off balance and brings the head forwards and into range of a following punch.

A12 111 The corps de ballet neglect the turn-out and step forwards sur les pointes , raising the working knee and resting the toe on the calf of the other leg, before moving forwards.

A12 1192 The brilliant bravura variation when Kitri springs lightly forwards sur les pointes whilst fanning herself and Basil attempts to make his zapateado (heel-tapping) appear authentic by the slightly crouching pose of his body, add even greater panache to their efforts.

A6B 1884 As in After Strange Gods , he is concerned in his conclusion with a return to sources, that is with going back to the savage and working forwards towards his solution to the problem– of modern industrial life; again such a movement is presented in terms of a familiar encounter.

A6T 2168 The man jabs his left ski down as Odd-Knut goes by, gets the ski between dog and trace and is hauled over and forwards.

AEB 81 Iron jaws and iron claws, opening the cotton, chewing it, champing it, throwing out the cotton, spewing it, stamping it, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards in a ruthless and remorseless inescapable refrain:

AEB 2530 Jackie collected union funds whenever the meagre wages permitted, Joy Prentice came to work every Monday with a swollen lip or a black eye, the wheel kept turning and the machines rattled backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards.

AK6 339 The supremacy of the Richmond forwards was further emphasised by the concerted drive which swept lock-forward Lewis over.

AS0 948 He can move forwards, rolling the ball forwards, and then come back almost to sit on his heels.

AS0 974 He may do the movements he has practised during physiotherapy sessions standing up, but supporting his whole trunk by leaning forwards over a cabinet or cupboard of suitable height.

AS7 1194 There was a continual passage of soldiers and armies, tramping backwards and forwards through Berwickshire, with the ebb and flow of battle between England and Scotland.

B0K 298 Its unusually long horns grow slightly backwards and then outwards before sweeping obliquely forwards and often downwards and then inwards towards the face.

C9Y 841 Relax the body forwards, return to the starting position and repeat to the other side.

C9Y 864 Flex the foot and swing the leg forwards and backwards 5 times.

C9Y 2509 Move it forwards and back a few inches, 35 times.

C9Y 2607 With one leg extended forwards and the other leg bent, stretch arms up high, then slowly lean forwards as far as possible without straining.

C9Y 2621 Extend the top leg forwards as far as possible and then stretch it forwards and back 35 times, each time moving it 3ins (7.6cm).

C9Y 2818 Extend the top leg forwards as far as possible and then stretch it forwards and back 35 times, moving it 3 ins (7.6 cm) each time.

C9Y 2899 Relax forwards, then straighten up and repeat to the other side.

CBG 8904 Forwards: M Griffiths (Cardiff), R Evans (Llanelli), G Jenkins (Swansea), N Meek (Pontypool), H Williams-Jones (South Wales Police), J Davies (Neath), A Copsey (Llanelli), Gareth Llewellyn (Neath), P Kawulok (Cardiff), E Lewis (Llanelli), M Perego (Llanelli), A Reynolds (Swansea), R Webster (Swansea), S Legge (South Wales Police), S Davies (Swansea).

CF9 1933 Heads began to drop as Rochford's forwards took charge, the absence of Graham Mackleworth as motivator and hooker being very apparent.

CHF 616 Now follow the first backwards pointer (i.e. back to the node we have just come from, e.g. from the ‘c’ node back to the ‘d’node), and take the next route forwards again (to the ‘l’node, giving another complete candidate string ljadl).

CHV 860 Bath have as many people running off the ball, as many ball-handling forwards, as many backs capable of giving a looped miss-pass as anyone at any level.

CHV 1413 Wahl Bartmann, Tiaan Strauss, Jannie Breedt and Ian MacDonald of the forwards and centres such as Pieter Muller and Jannie Classen will revel in this approach, as will all of the very physical players who make up the game here.

CJ3 38 The cuckoo's zygodactyl toes, with two pointing forwards and two pointing back.

CKB 51 As she opened the door, he leaned forwards.

F7Y 7 So erm he travelled backwards and forwards for a year prior to us coming to live here permanently.

FBG 913 just parachute slowly forwards, marking

G1L 1432 If I can just reach the horses, thought Floy, moving stealthily forwards.

GUE 2082 She extracted him determinedly and set him down on his feet, whereupon he wobbled perilously backwards and forwards, then set off at a tremendous pace across the courtyard, with his mother following, calling apologies back to Caroline as she disappeared from view.

HAC 1668 Its use is intended to be for characters that walk, where you don't want to have a Michael Jackson Moonwalk effect (although that's a doddle to do — you just move an actor backwards while it's animated to walk forwards).

HF2 155 Well he's like the pig in the middle again, er they've told him well unless you drive the waggon backwards and forwards through the gates, well you're no good to us sort of down the road.

HGT 2079 Robyn nodded stiffly and moved forwards, aware of his arm brushing hers as he fell into step beside her.

HTU 1354 Elvis had then travelled forwards in time, locating each potential mother of the Anti-Christ and wooed her away from the Satanic father to be.


J17 1659 You might think of it like the clock in your hall being set forwards or backwards at the beginning and end of Summer Time, so that it registers nightfall as coming first later and then earlier…’

J1E 466 These days there are too many quick forwards to do that unless you have an extremely quick centre back.

J1E 2035 Again the defence got the blame, though I think myself if the forwards aren't putting away the chances we'll never get anywhere.

J2J 109 Periodic trajectories (a countable infinity) will have repeating sequences; trajectories that terminate in the origin (an uncountable infinity) will have terminating sequences; trajectories that are asymptotically periodic (in either forwards or backwards time an uncountable infinity) will have aperiodic sequences.

J3P 323 We have had considerable difficulty in the current year, in meeting the demand upon children's services, and we have met those difficulties, in no small part, from the use of carry forwards within the year, and before you come to looking at reductions in services on the salmon papers, the children's service is going to, and in fact is doing a redirection of its funding to ensure that it stays within its base budget in future years.

J52 333 Focus is changed by squeezing the lens with muscles (or in chameleons by moving the lens forwards or backwards, as in a man-made camera).

JA5 70 I haven't actually done the tally backwards and forwards.

K59 3368 ‘The forwards did go well, but you have to wonder just how good the Welsh side were’ Jim Telfer

K5A 528 ‘I do not want to view any of what has happened in a negative light, though it goes without saying that I could have done without the loss of our first-pick forwards for a game of this type.’

K5J 363 The Melrose forwards had control through sterling work by the back row of Andrew Redpath, Doddie Weir and Brian Laidlaw.

K5M 8032 Five forwards — Peter Wright, Kenny Milne, Paul Burnell, Andy Reed and Damian Cronin — will also take part on the 13-game tour.