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A0H 960 If this happens, it is important to move the stick forwards sufficiently to ensure that the glider does not re-stall.

A0H 988 In fact he found it very difficult not to jerk the stick forwards for recoveries.

A0H 1430 Then, if they have learned to associate the feeling with stalling, they will move forwards on the stick, making what they remember to be a normal stall recovery.

A0M 759 Do not lean forwards as you block since this will bring your chin close to the opponent's other fist.

A0M 856 The snap punch (a) Advance your rear guard hand slightly as your front foot skims forwards…

A0M 948 Where the opponent does not advance on to your kick, you should generate extra range and power by sliding forwards slightly on the supporting leg as the kicking knee rises.

A0M 1107 Your opponent performs a roundhouse kick to the head and you slide forwards and drop your shoulders, throwing your weight forwards to free the rear leg.

AEB 80 The wheel never stopped turning, the machines rattled backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, never slowing, never slacking, never tiring; backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, ever anxious, ever urgent, ever eager; full of anger and ambition with a rhythm so consistent, irresistibly insistent, ever beating, never cheating, beating, beating through the brain.

AHK 508 Perhaps, though, it was Pepper's display which exposed some of their deficiencies for the impetus was created and maintained almost exclusively by the forwards, who dominated the lineout and drove magnificently.

AS0 114 The carer gently levers him forwards by placing her hands behind his seat and swivelling his hips sideways and forwards.

AS0 317 Leaning forwards, the patient then slides his unaffected arm into the second sleeve.

AT6 743 The board is steered away from the wind by initially inclining the rig forwards and then leaning it over the windward side of the board.

C86 4032 He leaned forwards.

C89 884 This has an additional pivot, allowing the easel to swing backwards and forwards from a pathway along its length.

C9L 2528 It's also a very spooky guitar to hold, because the headstock is completely straight, in line with the neck, which almost makes it look like it's pointing forwards .

C9Y 367 Keeping your arms straight, raise them as high as possible without slumping forwards.

C9Y 841 Relax the body forwards, return to the starting position and repeat to the other side.

C9Y 933 Sitting as shown, bring the head and shoulders forwards and down as far as possible.

C9Y 951 Lying as shown, flex the foot and swing the leg forwards and backwards 5 times.

C9Y 1557 Gently pull the body forwards for 10 counts.

C9Y 1889 Extend the top leg forwards as far as possible and then stretch it forwards and back 30 times, moving it about 3ins (7.6cm) each time.

C9Y 1994 Move it forwards and back a few inches, 35 times.

C9Y 2399 Extend the top leg forwards as far as possible and then stretch it forwards and back 35 times, moving it 3ins (7.6cm) each time.

C9Y 2399 Extend the top leg forwards as far as possible and then stretch it forwards and back 35 times, moving it 3ins (7.6cm) each time.

C9Y 2710 Flex the foot and swing the leg forwards and backwards 5 times.

C9Y 3032 From here, gently stretch forwards for 25 counts.

CA1 1668 Starting with the leading edges, push the loose rear section forwards in its sleeve with one hand while holding the tubular end of the joining ferrule in the other.

CAY 408 The model may now be facing you and flying forwards through the air yet be stationary, or flying backwards, relative to the ground.

CB2 1726 Forwards control the game today.

CEP 9802 ‘Jonathan Griffiths, Allan Batement and Anthony Sullivan are class backs and Mark Jones and David Young are big, powerful forwards who deserved their chance on tour.

CF9 1811 The Ipswich forwards were out-scrummaged by the solid Stortford pack and it was from a push-over try after 20 minutes of the second half that Stortford scored their next points.


CH7 4067 The law puts them at risk from oncoming forwards and I can see a spate of potentially serious injuries.

CHJ 297 But in my panic stricken state I still remember the advice to face forwards with feet stretched out in front to fend off the rocks, kicking myself off as they come rapidly one after the other.

CK5 3089 They play early '80s-style American guitar rock in the vein of REM circa ‘Reckoning’, but with tunes pulled backwards, forwards and sideways off the beaten track by unusual chord progressions and smatterings of psychedelic-tinged guitar.

ECU 1294 My father's forwards, believing this blow was unprovoked, rushed in to defend him.

FXY 217 And it was a little square thing, about two foot square, with a er and about eight inches deep, tt and you used to put the clothes in, with warm water and your your powder, close the top and you used to have a handle, and Like that there, and you used to be backwards and forwards, like that,, with this paddle going backwards and forwards inside it.

FYE 457 S see that everything's going backwards and forwards.

G0N 2022 Charlotte chose one of the least ostentatious chairs, only to find, when she rested her hand on the rounded end of the arm, that it had been carved in the likeness of a naked woman bending forwards, between whose ample gilded buttocks one of her fingers was dangling.

GVL 2127 Susan stepped forwards and fell over.

HRA 2252 Woolley side-slipped and fell behind it, then climbed and injected a long burst into its belly, searching forwards until he saw the bullets slashing up between the wing-roots.

HTU 5048 I know I shouldn't, but I'm just going to pop forwards half an hour and see what's going to be going on.

HTY 4335 Thomas couldn't see and bent forwards.

J1F 1493 On the one occasion Southampton did threaten after Leeds scored Kelly made a very timely interception as one of the Southampton forwards beared down on goals.

J3P 258 I think it's very much linked with the safeguard being that we have got the one year cushion of, of carry forwards sums there to meet any immediate problems within the year, and give ourselves breathing space to, to address those in the longer term.

J3T 481 If the registration service was erm, asked to ma to reduce its budgets for ninety four, five and future years, by twenty thousand, it could do it in to three, four, five because it would bring forward twenty thousand pounds worth of carry forwards.

K5A 3406 Backs and forwards then have their final session together, rather than apart, and by tomorrow morning McGeechan will have completed an extraordinary preparatory workload.

K5A 3726 As far as he's concerned, there's still far too much kicking and he argues strongly that the new laws have not helped, with forwards standing off and forward driving teams not able to maintain any offensive because they lose the ball in the opposition 22.

K5J 430 For the past few years, when playing against sides with big lineout forwards, much of the Scottish game plan revolved around keeping the ball in play.

KBG 3113 No, they've got a st they've got the diggers moving backwards and forwards, yeah.