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A0M 50 Many times the wrong name has gone forwards to the next round because competitors confused who was white and who was red.

A0M 632 He will either come forwards to meet you, ‘dig in’ and prepare to punch, or back off.

A0M 836 Practise an advancing double reverse punch by throwing the first reverse punch with a slight slide forwards on the front foot.

A0M 948 Where the opponent does not advance on to your kick, you should generate extra range and power by sliding forwards slightly on the supporting leg as the kicking knee rises.

A12 1549 A dancer coming forwards can convey a variety of meaning: giving a greeting; asking a question, even if it is only an inquisitive movement of the head; saying Yes, or agreeing with a nod or with a particular wave of the hand; giving something with arms circling outwards, e.g. Natalia and the Tutor when they open their arms to each other; or merely proffering a hand at the beginning of a dance, e.g. Paris offering his hand to Juliet.

A5U 414 All our boys ran and handled well and the forwards looked quite tight.

A6C 1133 Other noisy people who were very grey moved rapidly backwards and forwards on the end wall.

AN7 1417 Slowly she sank onto her knees, and tumbled forwards.

AS0 948 He can move forwards, rolling the ball forwards, and then come back almost to sit on his heels.

AT6 409 When steering by moving the rig forwards or backwards we are moving the CE either side of the daggerboard, which is the fulcrum about which the board turns.

AT6 1159 Next came the football style skegs, which, with a hooked leading edge, apparently stop the air bubbles since at speed air cannot flow forwards along the front facing section.

AT6 1442 One way of doing this is to put the mast track further forwards, thus engaging more of the rail.

B0K 812 The horns are of middle length or can be quite long, and they vary in style according to the herd's origins, but commonly those of the cow grow outwards, forwards and then upwards.

B32 1636 Are you leaning backwards or forwards?

C86 4032 He leaned forwards.

C8D 1590 He then carefully peeled the front part forwards, muttering to Montgomery about the bruising this revealed.

C9Y 859 Make sure the foot is pointed and the knee is facing forwards.

C9Y 933 Sitting as shown, bring the head and shoulders forwards and down as far as possible.


C9Y 2388 Sit with one leg extended forwards and the other leg bent.

CB2 300 The forwards grunt and grapple while the backs stand idly around and get cold hands.

CBG 11918 ‘We have used him as our main battering ram this season and Wigan's forwards will find him a tough customer.’

CDR 1655 Place your hands behind you, draw up your feet, keeping your knees a comfortable distance apart, and gently rock backwards and forwards.

CDR 1718 Before you start any waist exercise, check that you are centred, leaning neither forwards nor backwards; that your legs and feet are a comfortable distance apart and your bottom tucked under.

CEP 8132 The centre of defence did well but I was not happy with the forwards, or the midfield.’

CF9 160 Harlequins yesterday warned the players about using illegal studs after three forwards were ordered to change boots during the match.

CGH 386 The head looks out of the proportion to the rest of the body, with the mouth extended well forwards and down, indicating the hoover nature of feeding.

CKA 1530 Canada's Norm Hadley and Glenn Ennis, widely recognised as two of the outstanding forwards during the ‘91 World Cup campaign, have been in Japan since late last year and are now looking ahead to the new season.

CL1 757 Their findings were repudiated by Jones and Hochner (1973) but supported by another study by Dunn and Lupfer (1974) who assessed the performance of 55 white and 122 blacks in a modified game of soccer, calling the forwards' functions self-paced and the defenders' reactive.

CMH 1388 The third is that, in the real world, the eyes are moving all the time so that even cells that would behave transiently in electrophysiological studies in which the eyes are routinely immobilized, would generate a continuous output as the stimulus sweeps backwards and forwards across the receptive field.

EEF 668 Owners of facilities such as a mine or oil well can reduce uncertainty by acquiring customers, or integrating ‘forwards’.

FS2 773 The little bird was flying busily backwards and forwards as fast as he could, carrying pieces of dry grass.

G0E 3675 Lightning flared and flickered beyond the shattered windows and Rohmer took another step forwards, as if he wanted to join it.

G3P 331 the old lady darted — no, flung herself — flew — forwards towards the child.

GVL 2054 The figure came forwards.

GVL 3093 Even Lorre took notice, and started forwards.

H98 2926 Sir John fenced on, parrying sideways, backwards and forwards, playing with his opponents.

HA9 630 Dane leaned forwards to stir the fire and, even in her confused state of mind, Shannon couldn't help but notice the man's innate grace of movement.

HGY 230 He was — interesting, and looked as though he knew his way around the world both backwards and forwards, including the inside of a lady's bedroom — not that she was intending to let him inside her bedroom, but it might be fun to indulge in a little flirtation, mightn't it?

HM2 754 forwards and backwards.

HTY 4335 Thomas couldn't see and bent forwards.

JYB 2175 He started the bike, eased it forwards and suddenly they were tilting over as they went round the corner.

K3H 1335 The 6ft 10ins Northampton and England lock spoke for the forwards when he said: ‘Our backs can run rings round New Zealand.

K4T 3576 Forwards and midfield players have dominated the PFA awards since its inception.

K4T 7295 ‘Perhaps we are striking form at the right time, especially among the forwards.

K5J 3935 Again, none of the other back-row forwards — no, not even Ben Clarke, on the evidence of the Calcutta Cup — is in his class as a lineout jumper.

KBG 3113 No, they've got a st they've got the diggers moving backwards and forwards, yeah.

KGU 782 Th ,ca , what do most people use carriage forwards for?

KGU 798 And that's why we don't make money on carriage forwards cos we don't sell carriage forwards for the positive reasons, we say, well if they don't want them send them back, or if they're damaged send them back.

KLG 1255 flipping backwards and forwards