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A0H 942 In others the stick will have to move quite a long way forwards before the wing unstalls and the spin stops.

A0H 945 Always make a progressive, steady movement forwards until the spin stops.

A0H 960 If this happens, it is important to move the stick forwards sufficiently to ensure that the glider does not re-stall.

A0H 966 If the spin stops when the full opposite rudder is applied, the stick must be moved forwards to allow normal flight.

A0M 159 I have seen a disengaging contestant step forwards straight into the path of an incoming technique.

A0M 291 In this example, the opponent has thrown himself forwards, with no thought of a face guard

A0M 686 If you are liable to do this, then keep hold of the opponent's ankle as you thrust forwards, lifting and pushing the trapped leg so that you turn his closed side towards you.

A0M 866 Snap punch stepping forwards

A52 214 French Barbarians have included Harlequins' England forwards, Paul Ackford and Peter Winterbottom, and the Springbok stand-off Naas Botha against Fiji in Bordeaux on Sunday week.

A6T 2168 The man jabs his left ski down as Odd-Knut goes by, gets the ski between dog and trace and is hauled over and forwards.

AE7 1193 I solve it by pointing my eyes towards C, bringing my body into line with my eyes, and walking forwards.

AT6 1238 Fig 61 As you rise up lean well forwards; this will transfer much of your weight through the front arm on to the mast foot.

B03 2785 To counter the strong-running Yorktown forwards, the Manor defence was re-organised, and with Neil Pink as sweeper, the back four of Michael Hefferman, Michael Larkin, Jamie Minto and Chris Payne took full control.

B0L 838 The other forwards were told to go fast, like ‘flying columns’, round the slow, old-style defences and if possible to make for goal direct.

B1C 2574 Your skin translucent — as you face forwards —

BNU 328 Another dhāmi has joined him and they link arms for a while and then move closer together, stretching their arms across each other 's shoulders so they dance as one, their bodies tilting first forwards and then back as they bounce across the roof.

C86 3598 Nathan leaned forwards, stared at scenery that, even in the dark, he knew off by heart and could recite.

C86 3923 She took one step forwards and shouted, ‘Yes, I'm in the middle of my ball period, if you want to know,’ and the brandy slopped out of her glass and dropped into the part of the carpet that was orange and was never seen again.

C8B 1496 From nine months to four years a child can use a seat in the back that faces forwards and which can be secured by rear seat belts or their anchorage points.

C8D 1590 He then carefully peeled the front part forwards, muttering to Montgomery about the bruising this revealed.

C9J 2203 → When the action of a guitar is really high, due to the neck pulling forwards, the intonation at the 12th fret becomes sharp.

C9Y 367 Keeping your arms straight, raise them as high as possible without slumping forwards.

C9Y 510 Still lying on your side with lower leg bent, gently swing the top leg forwards and backwards 10 times each way, without straining.

C9Y 660 Twisting your wrists forwards, turn your hands upside down so that your palms face upwards and your thumbs point away from you.

C9Y 952 Swing the leg forwards and lift it up and down slightly, 20 times, holding each raise for 1 second.

C9Y 955 Roll over again and swing the top leg forwards with foot flexed.

C9Y 1425 Relax forwards, then straighten up and repeat to the other side.

C9Y 3032 From here, gently stretch forwards for 25 counts.

C9Y 3042 Extend the top leg forwards as far as possible and then stretch it forwards and back 35 times, each time moving it 3ins (7.6cm).

CA3 1627 He was gazing forwards and he looked as if he had just stepped on a drawing-pin.

CHF 618 Then take one step backwards again (to the ‘a’ node) and down the next route forwards (to the ‘c’node), and so on down the first route from each node, until the end of the graph is again reached (i.e. the complete candidate string ljaclc).

CJ3 38 The cuckoo's zygodactyl toes, with two pointing forwards and two pointing back.

EVW 251 It occupies the area between the postoccipital sulci which, along with the posterior tentorial pits, have extended forwards on the head capsule.

FB0 2130 She hugged Nicholas in her arms and rocked him backwards and forwards in the basket-backed rocking chair, in the damp Islington basement, night after night, morning after morning, holding on to him in his little cream Viyella nightdress and blue sleeping bag.

FBG 913 just parachute slowly forwards, marking

G3F 405 A variety of techniques are also available to produce curves that "fit" data and extrapolate it forwards for forecasting purposes.

GVF 924 Another typical exercise, which is aimed at stretching the legs, consists of sitting on the floor with the upper body leaning forwards and the legs wide apart and grasping an ankle with both hands.

GVF 1647 In taekwondo the basic stances resemble those used in karate — the forward stance, which is achieved by extending the leading foot forwards, with the feet at shoulder width, and the back stance, which is formed by transferring the body weight to the back, supporting leg, with the hip lying above the bent, supporting knee.

HA9 801 Uttering a vivid stream of oaths, most of them directed at Dane, she turned back, forced to drop her head forwards against the driving force of the snow.

HUA 482 She rocked Kim backwards and forwards.

HYJ 528 Well I, well I, I mean I've had to do my homework, before I come on this meeting for you, and I, and if I can start at the back and work forwards we have got enough money.

J17 1773 I'd imagined her leaning forwards and smiling, but not looking like this, somehow.

J52 1883 It is probable that the "melon" , the bulging dome on the front of a dolphin's head, looking — pleasing coincidence — like the weirdly bulging radar dome of a Nimrod "advance-warning" surveillance aircraft, has something to do with beaming the sonar signals forwards, but its exact workings are not understood.

K5A 355 With five other forwards named in the original squad — John Robertson, Duncan Shearer, Ally McCoist, Eoin Jess and Pat Nevin — Andy Roxburgh is well covered.

K5A 726 After the interval, all they could manage was a forwards' try, by McIvor, and it was left to the home scrum-half, Tony Devlin, to notch the only touchdown — in the last minute — with a fine individual effort.

K5A 4333 This domination eventually came more because of what the forwards were doing when they had not won possession as when they had.

K5A 6454 and Irvine had their work cut out containing the United forwards.

K9B 250 The key thing that matters now is how rapidly we drive forwards.

KP1 9040 It's just been moved backwards and forwards!

KS9 732 Perhaps he is bringing his forearm forwards and leaving the lower leg hanging down.