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A4H 200 Four years after the murder of ‘little Gregory’ his successor is still pondering the whole business, and until he makes up his mind Mrs Villemin cannot finally be cleared of all suspicion, and her husband cannot be tried for shooting Mr Laroche.

AAE 74 The tour dates cannot be changed too much.

ACS 458 You cannot doubt it would be a better city with more public and less private investment.

ALX 449 I have been talking to the whites many years about the lands in question, and it is strange they cannot understand me; the country they claim belonged to my father, and when he died it was given to me and my people, and I will not leave it until I am compelled to.

AM6 982 It is not difficult to think of other examples — the man who takes up golf to be seen with the ‘right sort of people’ the competitor more interested in the prize than the process of winning it; the senior common-room member who cannot converse without showing off.

ANU 710 ‘She cannot smile,’ he said bleakly, ‘because she has lost her land.’

B2A 463 However, it continues, GPs cannot interpret the provisions for extra-contractual referrals as a licence to disregard the contract arrangements since DHAs are accountable for expenditures and ‘cannot therefore be put in the position of being a mere cypher and reflecting individual GPs' wishes regardless of their effect on other patient services’.

C8M 734 Considerably lesser wines, however, are made from an isolated plot of vines around the south-western edge of Ambonnay — obviously these vines cannot be compared to those situated north of the village.

C9B 889 Tillich concludes from this that even the most profound expression of compassion within Buddhism cannot be compared with agape because it lacks the power to accept the unacceptable and the desire to change man and his society.

CBR 482 Unless these issues are satisfactorily resolved, ideas emerging from disciplinary study cannot be effectively assessed or acted upon in the pedagogic domain.

CH9 455 ‘Even so,’ Don Mini said, ‘we cannot risk you making daylight flights.

CLH 48 A standard story, repeated by travellers and natives alike, holds that if you travel 50 miles in Britain you will encounter a different sign language that cannot be understood in the region you have just left.

CM8 176 Kenny disagrees: ‘Anthropomorphism comes in only if we attribute to [animals]concepts whose possession cannot be manifested by recognition and non-verbal reaction ‘(1975: 51).

CMH 604 If we know what animals with cytochrome oxidase blobs in their visual cortices can see that those lacking them cannot we can learn something about the functions of the blob system.

CMN 371 He aims to show that concepts which appear to be independent are actually interdependent, so that one cannot abandon one and leave the others intact.

CNH 163 Global networks will be used by computer users first, the report concludes, while the owners of the highways — both public telephone companies and independent carriers — which charge for traffic, ‘cannot fail to profit.’

E9S 587 ‘Problems often arise in childhood which may have affected their lives in a way they can not understand.

ECE 1699 Third, studies cannot accurately quantify mortality rates.

ED6 761 But it's all for the rest of my life, an important fact for me, and to say, OK, I don't need it any more, it has to be a very strong and bad change inside Kirov, I will be so upset or so unoptimistic or so helpless that I will feel I cannot do anything more.

EEG 20 Nottinghamshire County Council cannot be held responsible for any error, omission or subsequent alteration to the information contained in this brochure.

EFR 536 In some ways they are even better than our own, for a squid can distinguish polarised light which we cannot do and their retinas have a finer structure which means, almost certainly, that they can distinguish finer detail than we can.

EVX 1163 If it were, we should be subject to a kind of indecision about the causal connection between condition-sets and their effects which is in fact entirely missing from our deliberations. (ii) On the given probabilistic analyses an event e, if it lowers the probability of an event f, cannot be cause of f.

EVX 1171 At least certain of the theories of probability, notably the frequency theory, cannot possibly allow it to be meaningful to speak of the probability of single events, and hence cannot be used in analysis of particular causal beliefs, those which are most common.

EW9 493 "We cannot close the report without mentioning the great satisfaction expressed by the Mayor and Corporation and Inhabitants of the Town of Stockport at the re-establishment of the School, and the high sense they entertained of the liberality and kindness of the Goldsmiths' Company."

FEV 1195 Although their pulses cannot penetrate the surface of the water, they reveal the tell-tale ripples of swimming fish.

FS1 757 You may tell me that your personal life is not my concern and that it is not for me to comment — and you would be justified however, I cannot help but make it my concern because I have your future very much at heart.

FTV 674 But if descriptive phrases are necessary to introduce names or things that can be seen and pointed at, they are clearly even more necessary in respect of objects that cannot be seen, or no longer exist.

FTV 808 In the following, I shall argue that while this distinction is a vital conceptual ingredient in any meaningful references to object-topics qua ontological existents, it cannot be "explained" in terms of the criteria under which such existents are numerically and qualitatively re-identified and distinguished from one another.

G0W 3345 Professional training cannot take place in a vacuum.

G1J 887 As Box reminds us, and as we discussed in Chapter Five, the arrest rate is higher for young blacks (Stevens and Willis 1979) and these cannot be accounted for entirely by differences in criminal activity.

G2D 1401 ‘They cannot be expected to know this, given inadequate food labelling.’

H8R 3497 The lambs cannot find

H9G 593 But the brain and questions of its function, and the part ‘memory’(and I put it in quotes) or rather, a consideration of memory, can play in furthering our understanding of this function, belongs of course to everyone as a human being, from the stupidest person who cannot read or write to the top people in biochemical research.

HAC 8488 If you are new to comms you cannot go far wrong with

HD8 317 Milton cannot lift Satan to such great heights and put such great speeches in his mouth and then snatch them back denying in his authorial intrusions what he has just proclaimed through his character.

HEP 491 In those types of applications those types of systems, we cannot afford inavailability of information we need to invest significant sums of money if fault tolerant hardware in mirrored disks in duplex networks.

HGD 3942 I cannot face a quarrel and I can see nothing to quarrel about.

HGG 939 I cannot be sure now.

HHX 11756 His neck cannot move; it is fused rigid.

HMP 139 I cannot for the life of me see why the County Council as the Statutory Authority and supposedly an independent er er body to British Coal is so resistant to a full public inquiry when only the clear er proposals of British Coal will come out.

HX2 327 holds a qualification in hotel and catering management which cannot be accepted for complete exemption from the Association's education criteria.

HXE 227 If something is not property, the accused cannot have an intention permanently to deprive the owner of that property.

HXE 2112 Boys and girls cannot consent to indecent assault, no matter how willing they are: McCormack [1969]2 QB 442.

J2E 123 Weak European industries cannot face global competition without support — any more than the weak economies of Central and Eastern Europe will be able to cope with immediate entry into the Single Market.

J37 418 The researchers, whose findings are published in Nature, say that the findings are consistent with those to be expected as a result of the greenhouse effect, but warn that they cannot be sure "whether this is part of an overall climate change trend, or the normal variability of this section of the Tasman Sea" .

J6P 573 By far the most effective arrangements presently available are those which:(1) provide for the continuing partners to have the option to acquire the share in the firm of an outgoing partner (which overcomes the tax problems noted in Chapter 10 and offers some desirable freedom of manoeuvre to the continuing partners without ordinarily causing any disadvantage to the outgoing partner);(2) finance the purchase of the share of a partner who dies before retirement by way of insurance effected on the lives of each of the partners the proceeds of which are declared to be held on trust for the partners for the time being;(3) finance by endowment insurance the purchase of the shares of partners whose retirement can be predicted;(4) ensure that in any case which is not or cannot be sufficiently covered by available insurance (eg payments to a partner who is expelled or who otherwise leaves the firm before normal retirement date) payment of any capital sum is spread over a period so to reduce the burden on the continuing partners without imposing any great hardship on the outgoing partner or his estate; and (5) impose on each partner an obligation (Clause 14.02) to take out adequate (as discussed with all the partners from time to time ) retirement provision for the benefit of himself and his familyso as not to impose any burden in that respect on the firm, which in former times would have accepted responsibility.

K4W 127 Now she cannot work, she cannot walk, she cannot drive and she is dependent on family, friends and professional carers.

K5D 6350 Feminists in the party claim there is a glass ceiling which most women cannot break through to win the most influential posts.

K8W 641 The holder is locked into the old, lower rate of return and cannot enjoy the superior returns now available.

K8Y 1646 Where this cannot be done and the chance of subjective bias remains, experimental subjects are best divided into two groups — one group to receive the ‘active’ drug (D), the other to receive a placebo (P); this is literally a ‘provider of comfort’and is an inactive imitation of the true drug that is identical in appearance, taste, etc.