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A49 164 John Gummer, Secretary of State for Agriculture, said: ‘We cannot have a situation in which the consumer does not have absolute confidence in British eggs.

A5N 88 If you cannot do the whole garden at once, I have found it better to do a small area really well and then concentrate on another the next year.

A68 2225 In it the mutual affections of bishop and diocese cannot be missed.

ADC 249 ‘He cannot have God for his Father who has not the Church for his mother.’

AK6 1081 THREE more Lloyd's syndicates, with a combined capacity of £282 million, are poised to announce they cannot close their 1989 accounts and will have to ‘run them off’, exposing names to a stream of claims without premiums.

ANH 74 The point is that reasons that could have been relied upon to justify action before his decision cannot be relied upon once the decision is given.

ASK 1181 But it cannot be stated too emphatically that the principles by reference to which decisions are made are not within the unique prerogative of doctors to lay down.

B1C 1155 The stars cannot die.

B76 1352 So at low enough temperatures, with the gate voltage,Vg , chosen to put EF in a mobility gap, all the current is in effect carried by electrons that cannot be dissipatively scattered, and the resistance falls to zero.

BLX 1770 Zoos really cannot provide this without giving them enormous, pseudo-natural enclosures.

BMY 623 A sperm whale, for example, cannot see directly fore and aft, a factor made use of by the mariners of old, who quietly crept up upon them from straight astern or dead ahead.

BP2 100 ESs are increasingly being used to model knowledge which cannot be represented by conventional programming (Fig. 2).

CA4 507 This method cannot cycle.

CAN 607 their demand for control cannot be restricted to one of self-government within the enterprise, but it will have to aim at the development of a complex institutional system that will be able to strike a balance between the need for worker autonomy within the enterprise on the one hand, and the need for economic co-ordination at higher economic levels on the other.

CBV 2690 Any ACT that cannot be offset against the relevant period is known as ‘surplus ACT’.

CBV 3694 They will keep this addition, which is intended to compensate for the VAT they cannot reclaim.

CFF 1404 This fellowship does not of course embrace Rome; in Pilgrim's Progress , Christian encounters Giant Pope, old and biting his nails because he cannot get at the pilgrims, and mumbling to them, ‘You will never mend till more of you be burned.’

CFH 365 Human rights activists and journalists cannot fathom why the Paris government has been so lukewarm to the Bourequats.

CGS 1813 For example, the child who has been taught and has learned to make his babysitter laugh whenever he plays with her cannot also hit her over the head with a toy when he is playing with her.

CGY 715 It is for later developments in the theory of ideology that we have to wait for in account that does not raise Marx's materialism to a status such that it cannot itself be analysed as ideology.

CHS 279 Although the costs of relocating can usually be easily quantified, the benefits associated with the relocation often cannot, in the short term, be transferred into cash values.

CMM 34 I cannot tell you everything about roses, because I don't know it all — nobody does, or ever will.

CN5 1520 Rather, what this chapter has been concerned to make clear is that the potential impact of records of achievement, as well as that of the GCSE, cannot be determined without making reference to both initiatives.

ECU 314 If you cannot get to a manicurist, the following hints will help you achieve a salon finish for yourself at home.

ED6 3433 When one turns to Katsaris's Mendelssohn piano concertos some of the same problems of self-conscious technical prowess remain, but one cannot help responding to the sheer verve and impetus of the playing.

EF3 380 Under Article 37, an obligation that has arisen for a third party cannot be revoked or modified without the consent of the parties and the third party unless they have agreed otherwise.

EVW 364 They cannot be reconciled easily with the embryological evidence and are not widely accepted.

EX0 620 Finding the optimum location is largely a matter of trial and error, but aim to place them where they cannot be seen upside-down (i.e., with the top end facing a wall), or use them as wall-hangings.

EX2 29 The first part of this is a more general political question which cannot be covered fully in an economics text.

F7W 312 The case cannot go ahead without your driving licence.

F9D 1603 Some films have to be shot on location: you cannot create a moving ‘face’ out of several thousand people for a British Airways commercial in any other way.

F9R 858 ‘One cannot tell about Anna without Constanza coming into it.

FB2 866 This is because a major aim of public sector housing policy has been to provide a good standard of accommodation usually for the less well-to-do who cannot or do not wish to buy their own homes.

FYV 337 But I cannot bear to see the stars, even though I know they're there all right, and I do see them, because Tod looks upwards at night, as everybody does, and coos and points.

G05 31 National population growth slowed perceptibly, but the major concentrations of population remained, tightly drawn in conurbations as Geddes described them; ‘Constellations we cannot call them; conglomerations is, alas! nearer the mark at present, but it may sound unappreciative; what of ‘Conurbations’?’

G1H 1418 Here, too, are sedimented conventions of presentation: the need to personalise the issue by interviewing hapless victims, to make comparisons with other events classified as similar in kind and, most obviously in the case of television, to be attracted to that which can be pictured and distracted from that which cannot.

G3T 539 Also until such time as a creditor has lodged a proof of debt, he cannot vote at meetings of creditors.

GU6 901 It cannot provide the reason why all matters of law should have an interpretation provided by the ordinary courts.

GWM 650 I seek, but cannot find her .

HAC 6071 More than that we cannot tell you at the moment, but we will, of course, give you a full (p) review as soon as it is possible.

HGK 2856 I have to fix some sort of bolt on her door that she cannot reach.’

HHW 429 But that cannot and will not achieve sustained recovery — experience here and everywhere else proves that.

HHW 4582 If they cannot agree it will have to go to a public inquiry.

HR0 263 We cannot work above 7½ hours in winter and about 12 in summer."

HSD 1330 It is given the symbol U. The absolute value of the internal energy of a system cannot be determined experimentally.

J0V 1149 A voice message on a cassette with no context to support it cannot be complete as a record.

J0V 1934 The results of such work, when made available, must also be presented in such a form that the data subject can not be identified.

J7W 271 Finally, although characters within the play itself cannot be treated as objective observers, there are occasions, as with McKendrick's sardonic comment on Anderson's urbanity, where their statements on others in the play may be accurate and influential on our interpretation of characters.

KE6 4666 They blocked the pavement, there was three cars in the drive which you cannot get!

KRL 1106 Technically it cannot, physically it cannot, because we have such erm large programmes of development that you need the manpower, you need the muscle, and the majority of them have left now and that'll be a new dilemma for Kuwait and it's rebuilding operation to bring back people to help develop with it's own Kuwaiti