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A03 868 I cannot sleep at night…my heart is weak…my feet are heavy…

A0T 1347 To assert this is merely to reiterate a point that should be obvious: that science, however sophisticated its instrumentation, cannot generate observations that somehow enable us to look at the relationship between experience and the world as it were from outside of experience.

A68 2380 If we take a knife to the Bible and cut out the bits which the modern world cannot understand we compromise the message which Christianity has to give to society.

ABB 1467 I cannot devote a whole book to the subject, so my descriptions of the numerous cheeses available will be rather brief.

AMT 745 They would readily accept that an omnipresent divine being cannot be viewed through a telescope, however powerful, just as heaven is not a place which can be spied upon as though it were a distant planet.

ANL 1355 ‘I cannot say precisely how long the blade was, but I think you will agree that it is legitimate to deduce its length, from a progressive diminution in the width of the wound.

ARG 1675 We cannot receive the happiness of being sons and daughters of God without the chastening education of our Father's love.

AS0 126 If the patient is very heavy, or the carer cannot manage for some other reason, the patient's moves during the day have to be carefully planned in advance, to ensure that two people can always be present.

AS3 37 Not only that, but one imagines such huts to be found in the very heart of the wilderness, where one cannot ascend a peak and walk out in a single day, and must take shelter for the night.

ASK 1625 An objection to liability in this case, advanced by Williams, is that the doctor who fails to treat has not done something; he has merely failed to act, and an omission cannot amount to an abetment.

B2T 644 Schools cannot achieve a major change on this and the ‘basics’ unaided by the rest of us.

B77 245 But they cannot mimic the complex metabolism of a living mammal.

B7C 472 As one of Bonn's most distinguished physicists, Professor Wolfgang Paul put it, ‘Now it's so well-organised bad things cannot happen, maybe good things cannot either.’

BMJ 204 Although the recently announced European Air Traffic Control information system may facilitate the movement of aircraft across national boundaries, it cannot create more airspace in the already crowded skies over southern England.

CEJ 635 It cannot be proved that the virgin birth did not happen.

CET 986 It seems probable that a mixture of the two factors is involved, but we cannot be sure that this is the case and we most certainly cannot say which is more important than the other — let alone quantify (in terms of percentages) their relative importances.

CMM 927 But that cannot continue forever.

CRX 53 Thus property offences should be dealt with by fines (to be earned by forced labour if the offender cannot pay) and violent offences by corporal punishment.

CSG 68 Forte says it has lined up a dozen beta sites among Fortune 1000 accounts — it cannot publicly identify yet.

CTY 1045 Such a history cannot be represented by the movement of a linear progression of unfolding time.

CTY 1246 It elides the fact that the historian will always also be historically located and therefore cannot be in a position to produce a final totalization, a dialectical situation anticipated by Sartre.

EA0 1177 A low phenylalanine diet cannot fully substitute for the fine tuning of phenylalanine turnover normally exerted by hepatic phenylalanine hydroxylase.

ED0 358 Unless specifically agreed by us in writing at the time you make your booking, we cannot accept any booking which is made conditional upon a special request being satisfied.

ED3 79 Does anybody know who's got the spare key to the back door, I just cannot understand why people can't put it back where it belongs…

EWX 769 I can excuse them for not knowing all the facts that have now come to light but I cannot forgive them or the government for failing to steer the health of the nation.

F9D 322 All I would claim is that given the existence of this phenomenon of extensive, very long-term memory of the campaigns of successful brands, the onus is on the mathematicians to disprove the existence of any long-term effect: the fact that they cannot find such an effect, with the somewhat rudimentary apparatus at their disposal, is not enough.

FAG 2023 Fortunately, the tractor and the bulldozer cannot easily destroy the great hedge-banks and stone walls of the anciently enclosed parts of England; nor is it worth doing, for the good farmer knows the value of these banks and walls as shelter, and of the hedges for timber.

FAY 356 I cannot emphasize too strongly that I have not here attempted to provide a detailed exposition or erect a comprehensive critique of multiculturalist and antiracist assumptions and practices.

FEU 1980 Anyway, questions in such examinations are composed so that answers cannot be lifted from your library!

FPJ 733 Such policy appears to place political beliefs above the concept of needs when some individuals demonstrate that they cannot flourish educationally in an integrated environment.

FTU 504 It may come as a surprise to learn that in the last years of the twentieth century there is still a part of one of Europe's most enlightened democracies where women cannot vote.

G1Y 1408 Johnson, outlining a preference for vegetable derivatives rather than animal, said, ‘I have often thought, that, if I kept a seraglio, the ladies should all wear linen gowns, or cotton — I mean stuffs made of vegetable substances’ and declared a hatred for silk: ‘you cannot tell when it is clean.’

G3G 702 Even an advanced Intelloid cannot be properly programmed with an inclusive appreciation of human laughter-stimulation…’

GUC 733 The first company cannot understand why, given that it almost certainly has lower costs.

GVG 1106 But the difference cannot be more than seven days, since although the next financial year begins from the end of the last, it has to end within seven days of the next accounting reference period.

GW6 264 Such efficient trapping cannot be produced by the CO 2 alone, in spite of the enormous mass of CO 2 in the atmosphere.

H81 1380 I cannot find out of the evidence any facts which support the view or which justify the inference.

H84 971 We have been pestered for men to protect several houses, and as these people have such influence, we cannot refuse.’

HGW 190 The treatment of space is what good design is all about but far too many people think that if they cannot afford to change a room structurally nothing else is going to alter the look and feel.

HHX 7076 Is my hon. Friend aware that, under the Criminal Justice Act 1991, the parents of convicted children will leave themselves liable to meeting an unlimited fine, as levied by a Crown court, if their children cannot themselves pay?

HNV 223 Establishment overheads are those costs which cannot easily or economically be charged directly to an activity, that is, without creating an unreasonably complex and expensive system.

HPP 1713 Since tandems etc are at present being carried, and there are no substantial proposed changes to the rolling stock, the ban cannot be justified by space constraints.The extending of the charges will only encourage cyclists to take their bikes by other means, thus losing revenue for the railways.

HTF 1450 As a commodity, labour cannot be allowed by management to participate in decision-making since this loss of control could endanger the private appropriation of profit (Nichols 1980, pp. 287–9).

HTK 1335 Since CNAA reports were always likely to reach a wide readership they ‘must be based on conclusive evidence and should not identify individuals for serious criticism in a manner which cannot allow them to defend themselves in accordance with the established rule of law’.

HWS 4882 If this definition is applied when reviewing surveillance studies the result is that cancers found earlier than eight years from onset or found in left sided colitis or a cancer found at colonoscopy performed for any reason other than surveillance (such as rectal bleeding), cannot be regarded as a success.

HXE 1007 However, if the accused obtains property on credit but he cannot pay when the instalments fall due, he has not acted deceitfully if he intended to pay at the time of obtaining the item.

J7G 71 I reject (1) because this cannot take account of the vast range of human communication which does not take place within the canonical situation of utterance — i.e. face-to-face.

KC3 304 She really has this er attitude which I cannot understand because erm a a as I think it was Al Reeve said, you know, erm some people can't bear children, we can't, but we like them but if you have actually borne children, you are in other words a mother, you've gotta have a attitude, not only to children in general but to your children in particular, which is very very difficult for er a male to understand and a non-father, it's gonna be very very difficult cos I personally don't have any children at all and therefore it is very very difficult for me to even comprehend but given that I can erm I can sympathize with something I do not comprehend it must be monumentally difficult for her

KE6 9393 I can't see them two paying out for somebody to look after it and I cannot really I cannot Seasons, well what you got on today?

KRG 11 Now if the child cannot interpret and relate the symbols to the animal, then he's left wondering what the symbols mean, he can't relate the symbols to understanding that a cow is spelt verbally as C O W, and he's left quite mystified, and he doesn't know what we're talking about.