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AA7 111 Leeds, who could not beat Wigan's 12 men on Saturday, cannot have dreamed that Hanley would figure in their pre-match planning.

ACJ 600 Section 19 penalises possession of a loaded firearm in a public place, presumably in circumstances where the section 16 offence cannot be proved, but on the argument that the mere possession is sufficiently dangerous because accidents can happen with loaded guns, and the consequences might be life-endangering.

ADH 637 For instance, a study of the dies used for the bronze coinage of Antoninus Pius (AD 138–61) circulating in Britain has suggested that the total stock of bronze coinage in circulation was of the general magnitude of about ten million sestertii; as the population of the province was about five million at the time, we can conclude from the low figure of two sestertii per capita that most of the population cannot have used coinage on anything like the scale required in a fully monetised society (see also p. 51).

AMW 1270 Car Hire cannot be pre-booked within 7 days of departure.

APS 1122 The novel proves that knowledge is possible, but also that it is in a sense artificial: it does not come from the past, historical knowledge in particular cannot simply be uncovered, laid bare and put out to view (or rather, the novelist can no longer create the illusion that the past is speaking for itself); it is a construction of the past, and the reader is conscious of, and in compliance with, the careful disposition and organization of the disparate elements that go to make up the whole edifice.

ASH 1306 If they can't help you speak to the feed companies themselves, and if they cannot give you the information you want don't buy their feed, its as simple as that!

B75 1123 Clearly made to be all jackrabbit starts and pounce, lions cannot sustain high speeds for long.

BMP 718 Although he may have the option of ignoring them, possibly at some cost to himself, he cannot manipulate these rules and conditions in the same way that he can those within his own sphere of competence.

BMR 1128 It cannot be simply the distortions of hindsight that cast Alison Kraemer in the role of spoiler, for the effect was to throw us all into a foul temper, heightening the existing tensions until they exploded a few days later with devastating results.

BNY 1541 The average man may perhaps think it an exaggeration but I do assure you that this is factually so and nights are not now so dark that I cannot be completely aware of what is happening around me before, during and after the nets have been set.

CA5 589 Similarly, your subconscious cannot try not to be a failure without first of all picturing failure.

CAM 1571 But they cannot be confused with glass by an examiner of moderate skill and experience.

CBT 2469 Crucially, they cannot take advantage of the two week cooling-off period available to individuals.

CBW 2109 Mr Scully adds that security considerations may limit what data an individual can look at — London, for instance, cannot look at the accounts specific to Hong Kong.

CEF 636 We cannot see that power is a means of dealing with fear, of acting and doing in order to gain control over it; when we are powerless our fears overwhelm us.

CET 1654 Then, in the early part of this century, the quantum theory appeared; its details need not concern us except for the fact that it implied that all forms of matter and energy came in tiny discrete packages called quanta (by ‘discrete’ is meant that you cannot have half a quantum).

CGS 2830 He is terrified that Keith is ‘going the same way as Andrew’ and feels frustrated and emasculated, because he cannot control either of his sons' behaviour.

CK1 1235 He can understand imagining something (a cave, perhaps) as a dwelling; but cannot understand imagining a butterfly exactly as it is, but ugly.

CN1 560 To summarise, it moves independently in the same way as a large monster or individual character model, cannot make a march move, but is obviously unaffected by penalties for wheeling or turning as such manoeuvres are unnecessary.

CR8 3015 He cannot.

CRS 497 Research in Scandinavia and the United States has identified the cost of lifelong dependent care for those with disabilities as something developed economies cannot sustain in the future.

E9T 383 ‘This would then reduce the waiting list for those parents that really cannot afford it.

EBR 839 The felt need to get the cleaning done conflicts with the desire to be sociable; one can iron, or perhaps cook, while talking to a friend or neighbour, but one cannot wield a vacuum cleaner and carry on a conversation at the same time.

EC4 1337 Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded

EDD 846 A test cannot be a moment of pure empirical truth where theory is judged against reality.

EES 1664 There are certain classes of English word combinations that cannot be explained using existing syntactic or semantic theories.

EFD 495 We had one particularly bad sexual harassment case which came out of West Belfast a couple of years ago, which I think was a landmark in the recognition by the courts that women cannot be treated with indignity and in the way that that girl was treated.

EX2 1073 Therefore, in order to maintain control it cannot specify the production function and so on explicitly as a constraint.

FA6 78 What I should like to suggest is that the issue of subject specialization cannot be tackled without examining our taken-for-granted assumptions about academic subjects, and their place in society.

FC0 39 I regret I cannot give the petitioner relief.

FP3 164 I cannot…’ but he could not go on because his voice was shaking with such rage.

FPL 234 La Carlotta cannot sing — she has a very ugly voice, like a toad.

FR3 1525 I cannot do justice to the disagreeable impression that this man, one Broadhurst, had upon me…

G0S 987 On her own, she cannot stop the churn from tumbling round and round.

G17 853 ‘And if you cannot see a Merkut hand behind what has happened, so are you.’

G3T 428 If the proxy was signed by the proxyholder himself, he cannot vote in favour of any remuneration being paid to himself unless he produced written authorisation from his principal showing that he was entitled to sign the proxy.

GW6 1840 However, a significant contribution to the internal magnetic dipole moment from liquid iron and other materials nearer the centre of Jupiter cannot quite be ruled out.

H9Y 1073 People who for one reason or another cannot fight for themselves.’

HDP 291 If they heard a knock at the door or if they heard shouting and bawling in the street, but there's nothing they can do what we're asking for here is and I'm asking for support is a phone to the people who cannot afford one whereas if they hear something they can phone the police, or they can phone the support unit because are two people staying together in this day and age where they cannot walk in the streets they're attacked even in broad daylight going to get their pensions never mind at night-time.

HHV 12971 Although my hon. Friend makes persuasive and powerful arguments, I cannot accept that they are convincing reasons for moving the line.

HPY 803 The examples of (32) are simply associatives, as treated above in Chapter 2:(32) a criminal lawyer subterranean explorer electrical worker 6.6 This leaves us with a small number of other phrases such as those in (33), which turn out to be worth further investigation:(33) a true poet our late president a sheer fraud a real friend the future king my old school We certainly agree that there is an intuitively different "feel" to these, and a few others which can be found in the corps of English adjectives, and we would agree also that this has something to do with the distinction between referent (or entity) and sense; however, we cannot agree with Bolinger's verdict that they are adjectives which qualify sense only.

HU4 6090 New research into the underlying duodenal mucosal defect is required and since the basic science of duodenal ulcer cannot easily be studied in man, an animal model of chronic duodenal ulcer is required.

HXT 1424 Bureaucratic hierarchies and the role cultures consistent with them are valuable for ensuring consistent reliable results under stable predictable conditions but cannot cope with "turbulent times" (Drucker 1981).

J19 1461 Therese cannot be Snow White or Cinderella, but she can be Queen of the Night.

J6Y 2039 He said that if evidence and submissions are not present the procedure "cannot" be an arbitration.

K2N 203 I'm left, according to the glass people, with a damaged windscreen and cannot do anything about it.

K4T 5500 Guisborough, in fourth place, slipped up in midweek, and cannot afford another lapse if they want to maintain their outside title chances.

K59 732 Neil Davidson, counsel for the Deans, said they denied allegations levelled at them by the shareholders, many of which cannot be reported because of restrictions imposed by Lord Cullen.

K91 1125 They are different men here, men I cannot properly understand, whom I envy and despise.

K93 23 For example, in the word ‘father’ the second syllable, which is weak, is shorter than the first, is less loud and has a vowel that cannot occur in strong syllables.