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A55 222 And it cannot be ruled out that even higher interest rates -whatever the political consequences — would be used in the last resort.

AA0 128 Rayner cannot resist the British crow that they started downhill at Montana, Switzerland, in 1911; or that the Wengen Swiss are everlastingly grateful to the Downhill Only Club (otherwise, not too literately, the DHO) for teaching them how to race and how to lose.

AAK 35 ‘I cannot be suspected by anyone of seeking prestige,’ he said.

AC0 55 Put simply, Northern Ireland is now the only place on the globe where people cannot vote for or join the Labour Party.

ACG 1492 He cannot let this people go.

ADK 1818 You cannot, for instance, turn someone into a surfing champion just because he's at the seaside, but if it turns out that he has a genuine interest in fishing and some skills as a fisherman you can centre pictures and film on that.

AHB 205 He has been careful to confine his biggest tax penalties to those ‘trapped’ salaried employees who cannot substitute leisure for work, while giving the self-employed special dispensation from higher National Insurance contributions.

AHJ 878 We need to analyse the components of the business and we cannot any longer assume that they will all naturally stick together.’

AM9 889 Our environmental goals cannot be successfully achieved unless action is taken across the Community.

AN5 1094 As with race discrimination, damages cannot be awarded if the discrimination is found to have been unintentional.

APS 983 Yet one understands and sympathizes with the reader who urges for that word to be said (even as he/she understands that it cannot be), and no amount of earnest preaching that this is the way things are, that no certainties can be reached, will attenuate the sense of frustration that accompanies our contemplation of the ruins.

ARS 1087 Oats are mainly used for feeding all types of livestock except pigs whose digestive systems cannot cope with the fibrous husks.

B07 635 Since monographs can go out of print a year after publication, and since the heaviest use of monographs is normally in the year and a half following publication, librarians obviously cannot rely upon reviews as a selection tool.

B1J 549 However, I cannot get excited by them (and that applies to the passion they generate in a sexual as well as a moralistic sense) and would certainly not ever describe them as sublime.

B7E 510 The Chinese have realised that they cannot build homes for their rural people out of modern materials, even though ingenious mini-cement plants and oval shaped multi-chamber brick kilns have been promoted throughout the communes of China.

BMJ 471 The researchers are particularly concerned at the impact on the food industry which currently exports a high proportion of its output to South East England and cannot possibly compete with the substantially improved delivery times open to French competitors once the Tunnel is opened.

C9W 1345 They cannot prove that they are right and you cannot prove that they are wrong.

CBC 10898 WHILE SNES players are in for a treat with Super Mario Kart, sadly the same cannot be said for NES owners, with their Christmas Mario offering, Mario and Yoshi — a game which takes the form of a puzzle startlingly similar to the classic Tetris.

CD0 951 Naturally, you cannot say you are not giving credit because you think the applicant is not trustworthy.

CFE 1560 Such a state of affairs cannot be ignored, as it tends to be in selective and much functional assessment.

CFW 1506 Some of the gold, however, was clearly derived from an ultrabasic source; local higher-level epithermal mineralisation cannot be ruled out, but seems unlikely.

CHL 815 The law can not only be condemned for being ‘unnecessary’ but also because those who formulate and publicly defend it are ‘hypocrites’.

CMB 594 As the Committee reminds us, ‘prepublication censorship (i.e. today's broadcasting regulation)…has no place in a free society….’ and there cannot be any justifications for imposing limits on what should or should not be published or printed.

CRU 1117 In direct criticism of Wolfenden, he argues that one cannot make a simple distinction between public and private morality.

CTX 492 What Personal Computer cannot take any responsibility for money sent to authors whose programs appear on the Mega Disk.

ED6 2637 But at its finest, it reaches heights of eloquence that cannot have been most on the leaders of the next generation and it is music that ought to be heard in our halls.

EDD 1390 The Soviet Union, so the story goes, is simply a different type of state, and we cannot expect it to live peacefully or comfortably with its main adversary.

EWB 494 I cannot express to you the enchanted effect produced by this Arabian scene of colour as the wind blew aside the great waterfall behind which we stood and hid.

FBC 515 But it is obvious that the reparative principle cannot begin to justify the penal system that we have, since most punishments (and most notably imprisonment) contain little or no reparative element, and may even make it difficult or impossible for the offender to make amends.

FBV 248 Nor could it sue in respect of a charge of corruption, for a corporation cannot be guilty of corruption, although the individuals composing it may.

FP4 673 Although the numbers of such changes associated with moves are not large, and they cannot account for more than a very small part of the differential in unemployment rates between the two groups, the sale of a large proportion of public housing to sitting tenants who are more likely to be employed than the general local authority sector population will have contributed to the increase in the unemployment rate differential referred to earlier.

FRA 1618 The Bar examinations should, of course, be got out of the way before pupillage commences, for you cannot do two things at once .

FTY 282 These are difficult issues and cannot be dealt with fully here.

GW2 907 ‘You cannot give him that,’ Cleo said sharply.

GXJ 672 If you cannot go yourself, you can ask somebody else to go in your place and speak for you.

H9A 169 These two probabilities cannot be identified separately because of how they are specified.

HGK 2924 ‘You cannot be so innocent,’ he said tightly, but even so his teeth nibbled at the lobe of her ear as his breath quickened.

HHX 17559 Opposition Members may well decide to make some progress and we may get to new clause 9 and to others further down the list, we cannot be sure about that.

HPK 1575 I am clerk to Nether Wyresdale Parish Council in Scorton and, while I cannot speak on behalf of either the Parish Council or the residents of the parish, I think it would be appropriate to discuss the possibility of Nether Wyresdale becoming part of Lancaster District.

HPU 427 The foregoing discussion has tried to make and illustrate the point that research methods cannot stand in isolation from the theoretical and conceptual issues which constitute the social sciences.

HUB 362 Mitch cannot marry her now that he knows that she is not ‘clean’.

HXE 2108 Persons who do not understand the nature of the act cannot give consent.

J1E 1533 The midfield cannot easily force the forward into space.

J1H 3913 I have my doubts that Batty will ever be world class, that aside I cannot understand why Wilko cannot sit down with the side he's got and bang something out to keep both Strachan and Rocastle in the side.

J79 1287 If there is a defect in the title, it is as well that it be dealt with and agreed from early on in the transaction, and if the defect cannot be put right, it may be necessary to make arrangements for a defective title indemnity policy.

JAD 762 Mr Curtis cannot get another

JXG 1073 Consequently, you cannot reliably use EXT#-1 to discover how much space is left in the current filing system device (: RAM.0, for example).

JXJ 616 If we cannot meet it — if we cannot sustain the importance of consistency in principle against the charge of fetishism — we must reconsider the popular disdain for pragmatism as an interpretation of our legal practice.

JYA 2775 ‘I'm sorry, but I cannot be at your beck and call all the time, my dear.

KBM 2570 no, no, no you know what it means? you cannot stop, you are in a no stopping zone