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A6R 145 The association's concerns have been backed by the National Rivers Authority who said in a letter: ‘The site and building is on the flood plane of the River Eden and the flooding of the area and the building cannot be discounted.’

A6S 1282 We are not yet in a position, therefore, to replace Marx's and Engels's view with a clear alternative specifying under what conditions a society based on slavery is likely to occur, but similarly we cannot accept Marx's and Engels's theory fully.

A87 492 The lesson since Bismarck has been that France cannot compete politically, militarily or economically with a united Germany.

ACK 1915 Maybe they'll elope to Gretna Green if they can't find a vacant Martello tower, then it will leave me with more time for my Roman friend and dear Boudicca not to mention Dorothy Wordsworth's Journals of which I have perused the first paragraph six times yet cannot seem to recall it to mind.

AKH 392 ‘This level of public borrowing cannot be sustained in the longer-term,’ he said.

AN2 441 I want to be able to secure the white eight spokes onto my SWB IIA, but cannot find a Net of locking wheel nuts to fit.

ANH 285 For the same reasons one cannot properly express one's willingness to share the fortunes of a group by submitting to an authority which grossly betrays the trust it owes to the group.

APN 317 Clearly this cannot be the case.

AYK 387 And a mind which is affected by stress or tension cannot think as clearly.

B2D 264 It cannot be used, therefore, in respect of odours emanating from residential premises.

B2U 140 The shareholders cannot sell or transfer their shares to anyone else, and the company's accounts have to be examined by the Registrar of Companies each year.

B30 224 A patient may be so anxious that he cannot begin to act in a way which would resolve his problems.

B7N 705 We cannot, for example, bring into the argument British Polaris boats which, like comparable US and Soviet submarines, deploy strategic weapons.

C9K 8 Whilst we cannot deny the odd typographical error on our part, these problems are almost always the result of a lack of clarity on the part of the caller.

C9K 1357 Yet, equally, right close up in front of the cab the sound is muffled and I cannot hear myself accurately.

CCE 141 As heirs of the philosophical Enlightenment and the modern scientific world-view, they cannot grasp the possibility that Evil could be personified or exist as a spirit opposed to God and his creation.

CGS 2919 Even if an intervention is successful in solving a discrete problem like this, the whole process cannot be counted as a success if every step has to be repeated for the next discrete problem.

CKL 292 If, in 1993 and beyond, the double-up Championship Series will also be in the open market far more blatantly than they are at present and (at the other end of the scale Challenger tournaments can include some players ranked between 10–50 — and presumably get away with paying appearance money too —) then the long term life expectancy for World Series tournaments) which for middle-range players are their bread and butter in addition to a stepping stone from their first step on the ladder to fame and hoped for fortune — cannot be improving.

CLE 55 Collective bargaining institutions and rules cannot be expected to function adequately when wrenched out of their original context and implanted elsewhere, since they are closely linked with the structure and organisation of political and social power in their own environment or habitat.

CM6 1016 Such survivals in attitude and custom, however, cannot obscure the fact that the fundamental direction of European society had been for decades moving increasingly into the hands of a bourgeoisie whose assumptions were at bottom not those of aristocratic society, even if it aped aristocratic style.

CR9 1904 Social Democrats now cannot decide whether to offer new policies or simply conservative ones better managed.

CS3 414 Almost by definition, crises are periods when the normally routinized operations of the bureaucracy are insufficient or cannot be relied on, when decisions have to be quickly pushed up through the chain of command, and where unusually large and direct role in controlling policy implementation has to be taken by political leaders.

EBR 1320 The difference cannot simply be dismissed as a question of personality, since certain patterns of job satisfaction or dissatisfaction seem to be associated with particular kinds of jobs.

ECV 1548 But one cannot assume that an everyday ‘coherent’ sense of self is readily available.

EFT 1188 Its theme is that man cannot hope for immortality, the only one who gained it being the Babylonian Noah.

EW4 265 "A lower preference cannot count against a higher preference" , say the pundits.

FAH 405 Milestone planning and monitoring can indicate the need for such rethinking; it cannot, however, answer all the questions.

FB6 340 Marx maintained that, with the possible exception of the societies of prehistory, all historical societies contain basic contradictions which means that they cannot survive forever in their existing form.

FT0 1233 Furthermore, our data suggest that we cannot be complacent about the risks of tuberculosis in the white population.

FT1 978 Unlike in trial based research, the subject could be harmed but cannot benefit and therefore, unlike in trial based research, there is potential conflict between advancing knowledge and ensuring the safety of the individual.

FYX 1637 But we know it cannot be quite right because it doesn't incorporate the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics.

G13 1200 ‘I cannot escape my human life-span.

G3T 238 A petition cannot be heard until at least fourteen days have elapsed since the petition was served on the debtor and the supervisor of a voluntary arrangement (r 6.18(1)) unless it appears that the debtor has absconded or the court thinks it a proper case for an expedited hearing, or the debtor consents (r 6.18(2)).

GUC 1545 First, if the action must be taken very urgently, it cannot be taken as part of a full corporate strategic analysis; there would not be the time.

GYT 451 We'd just have no I just cannot think of it.

H9M 1127 McCallum assumes that the government decides its monetary and fiscal policies for period t at the end of period t -1 and cannot or does not change them in period t.

HB6 853 If an individual item cannot be matched, the wording of this clause should be brought to the attention of the policyholder.

HGG 1039 What more has happened cannot be of your doing.

HGV 3812 ‘You cannot fob me off so.

HHW 12892 They know perfectly well that we cannot afford to be left out.

HHX 13527 Braine), who represents the Police Superintendents Association, cannot be present at the debate and wishes to be associated with what I have to say.

HPX 1106 These elements of teacher growth cannot be forced.

HVK 195 And I think that the alternative of the new settlement is by far the best solution, provided it is mixed with some peripheral development, one can't go into a position where there is all peripheral development or all new settlement, it has to be in perfect balance, because some needs cannot of course be met by the new settlement.

HX9 429 A major difficulty with this approach is that structural relations cannot be represented, and so the type/token relationship of items in permanent memory and in working memory cannot be represented.

HXE 1159 If the accused is charged under one part of s.16(2) he cannot be convicted of an offence under the other paragraph: Aston & Hadley [1970]1 WLR 1584 (CA).

K27 2893 it's always going to be the case that you cannot provide a bus for everybody at every time.

K2D 2028 So now the Channel Islands businessmen want to buy out what they cannot beat.

K5L 1824 ‘It's a case at the moment that I cannot go ahead with the case because I cannot afford £700,’ said Barbara.

K60 248 The reader cannot see anything lovable in Mr Rochester, nor why he should be so deeply in love with Jane Eyre.

KS9 928 It is not possible for most horse owners to finely tune their horses diets, this is left to the nutritionists and even then this is not absolutely precise, after all we cannot regularly analyse every horse owner's grazing, or feed.