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A2M 141 Mr Gorbachev knows full well that, unlike his counterparts in Poland and Hungary, Mr Honecker cannot replace doctrinaire communism with appeals to nationalism.

A6S 1013 The fact that several types of relatives can be called by the same term does not mean that they cannot be distinguished.

AAP 53 Most important, given that a rogue GMO in the environment might continue to reproduce and spread, it cannot be assumed that any system of regulation can adequately guard against an environmental catastrophe.

AKU 145 It cannot afford, however, to upset its bankers — not least by asking them to finance a settlement with the sub-contractors.

ASK 1821 To say that the patient cannot demand to be stabbed because he cannot suspend the operation of the criminal law and absolve the other of liability begs the question, depending as it does on a determination of what the criminal law is.

B02 281 Article 3(4) areas — zone Defavorisee hors montagne — a zone comprised mainly of land that cannot be cultivated and which does not lend itself to intensive production.

B08 1376 If you have been validly dismissed for gross misconduct, you cannot add the statutory minimum notice period to your period of service.

B17 718 Of course, corporate crime is actually carried out by individuals; organisations cannot themselves plan and commit crimes.

B2X 316 If one cannot — and that is happening in some cases — it only means that…’

B72 1295 But most workshops in developing countries cannot meet these tolerances, ‘so the spares simply don't fit,’ says Unwin.

B7C 174 ‘Pre-wetting’ provides further protection — jets of seawater spray all over the ship's superstructure, so radioactive dust cannot settle.

BNY 1541 The average man may perhaps think it an exaggeration but I do assure you that this is factually so and nights are not now so dark that I cannot be completely aware of what is happening around me before, during and after the nets have been set.

C9B 1026 But the question that arises is whether it can be said of any morality that it cannot be divorced from religion.

CCN 1151 Exposing oneself to the night can not only have a powerful personal effect, but, in modern cities, be very dangerous for a woman.

CFS 1231 Every year, your body replaces 20% of its bone calcium and you simply cannot afford to fall behind in this natural process.

CLP 749 If a comprehensive task description can be completed then it is legitimate to enquire why the task cannot be allocated to a technical device rather than a human being.

CML 2535 He hit V1 (the speed at which a takeoff cannot be aborted) at 97 knots and pulled the stick back for rotation at 106 knots.

CRM 680 These findings are consistent with the lack of transactivation by GAL4-Max fusions in mammalian cells, although a transactivation function for Max cannot be entirely eliminated.

CRT 321 Freer use of the telephone is being extended to prisons with a lesser security category; men in Maidstone cannot believe it would jeopardize security there if it were available.

CS3 1350 Planning cannot be socially rational, as it would be under socialism, where planning for need would replace production for profit.

ECD 1190 Only individuals can be insiders, companies cannot.

EE1 931 The grouping by ranks therefore shows two senior NCOs, the Sergeant Major and Quartermaster Sergeant; then seven, from Hopkins to Nicholl, all of sergeant's rank, including the presumed Drum Major Bailey; and two — Blake and Claybrook — whose rank cannot be deciphered.

EEM 729 The popular notion of a complete fusion of Christianity and Aristotle, obstructive to all criticism, cannot stand.

EES 2106 An important point concerning all modules apart from the character recogniser is that they are effectively acting as filters in this context, i.e. they cannot contribute further interpretations of the data.

EVB 1091 Thus initial gh symbolise f, and final ti cannot symbolise sh in English.

FCS 222 Baynton v. Morgan shows, amongst other things, that this last contention may not always be relied on by the lessee; and accordingly the position of the defendant is not put otherwise than favourably to himself if it is said that the measure of his liability here, that of a lessee after an assignment, is the performance or non-performance of the covenants in question by his assignees when he cannot and does not aver any performance by himself.

FPL 755 He cannot kill me now.’

FU3 2452 (b) They are essentially personal, and although historians may try to be objective and impartial they cannot free themselves entirely from their own ideas about people and the world, their personal likes and dislikes, and the assumptions and values of the age in which they live.

G02 2743 Even the full immersion, even pure rainwater from the caravan roof, cannot prevail when the Devil has such a hold.

G0C 280 The truth is, that the clock cannot be put back.

G3A 92 And it is not possible for us to know anything at all about him unless he is generous enough to disclose himself Another book in this series has tackled the question of revelation; suffice it to say at this point that without revelation we cannot say anything about the Lord who is Spirit.

G4U 198 We cannot carry on increasing water service charges by ten to fifteen percent, year in and year out.

GXJ 939 If new shops cannot be provided in these centres, completely new centres will only be considered where strict conditions can be met.

H7U 616 Where the two conditions mentioned above are satisfied, section 3 applies and its effect is that the seller can not (section 3(2)):

HDP 291 If they heard a knock at the door or if they heard shouting and bawling in the street, but there's nothing they can do what we're asking for here is and I'm asking for support is a phone to the people who cannot afford one whereas if they hear something they can phone the police, or they can phone the support unit because are two people staying together in this day and age where they cannot walk in the streets they're attacked even in broad daylight going to get their pensions never mind at night-time.

HGG 1588 And he is not yet so low that he cannot bring down many a better man.

HGP 1452 However, other economists believe that the social costs of monopoly cannot be ignored.

HH7 1030 We have just seen that the general rule is that since X is not the owner he can not confer ownership on Y, who similarly can not confer ownership on Z. If Z refuses to return the goods to O, O has a claim against Z for conversion of the goods.

HHV 11006 The simple fact remains that, if we cannot get agreement, we may consider taking unilateral action in the United Kingdom.

HHX 16707 I should point out in all fairness that quite a few Northern Ireland Members are engaged in talks with the Secretary of State on the future government of Northern Ireland and therefore cannot be present at the moment.

HTP 192 The ego knows that if it has to make choices in the world of actuality it cannot keep its cake and eat it too; the id does not.

HWF 3343 If for any reason Offline cannot make the required copies, a LIFESPAN mail message will be sent to the Offline Manager, giving the reasons for the failure.

HWF 5094 The user currently logged on to LIFESPAN via PI is not the associated user of the DCs listed, therefore they cannot be activated via the package.

HWW 1686 SIR,— In your April 24 editorial you state that the risk for patients exposed to an HIV-infected healthcare worker (HCW) cannot be accurately calculated but must be small.

J25 49 Beer was a very important part of monastic life where the daily ration of a monk could be as much as a gallon:of course there was always the caveat If any monk through drinking too freely gets thick of speech so that he cannot join in the psalms, he is to be deprived of his supper .

J6Y 1032 The provision in the expert clause of a person or institution to make the appointment where the parties cannot agree avoids the risk of deadlock and should also help to ensure that a suitable person is appointed.

J76 1385 Where a child has been seriously and deliberately injured by his parents the court may consider that a care order would still be in his best interests although a suitable placement cannot be found immediately.

JYA 3677 I, Miguelito, cannot compete with your ordinary boss.

K35 1714 The story of Mr Lock's mind-bending trip was told at Bristol Family and Youth Court yesterday, when the 16-year-old girl, who cannot be named, denied unlawfully administering a poison alleged to be LSD with intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy on May 13.

K97 2905 ‘It is outrageous that a British citizen cannot go to another European country without provoking such a move.’