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A7C 1203 ‘How they were done I cannot imagine…‘

A7G 940 While larger mammals can often adapt, many lovely birds, butterflies, moths and other insects cannot.

AB6 1346 Timothy O'Riordan, of the University of East Anglia, thinks sustainability might be accepted as the ‘mediating term’ between developers and environmentalists, although he leans to the view that it will eventually languish as a ‘good idea’which cannot sensibly be put into practice.

ABS 2462 But if all the dogs and guns and mobile-response patrols cannot guarantee your safety, where do you go?

AHN 1707 Where the difference lies…er, well, I cannot quite remember…something about the Tory expenditure being spread over several years and Labour splurging its all at once.

ASK 424 Thus, Pace argues,Corbett cannot serve as the authority on which Parker J. wished to rely in Tan .

B01 1828 One cannot, he says, discriminate more or less.

B04 1643 However, there is no reason to believe that behaviour cannot be switched by simpler means such as false cues.

B3D 520 Use of PLATO has the disadvantage that special PLATO terminals have to be used for the instruction; this means that users cannot be taught in their own congressional offices and carry out the training as and when required.

B74 970 They cannot keep up this luminosity for long, however, and they should have burnt out long ago.

BMH 469 We cannot contain it and still expect that the wider health of freedom of expression may be unaffected.

C8R 1263 In the final analysis, one cannot prescribe for the whole of constitutional development — to some extent, one can do no more than describe and speculate.

CA4 509 When , which means , as we saw above, we shall show that increases, so the preceding BFS cannot recur in this case, either, since and are uniquely determined by the basis (and ).

CAH 921 But the bottom line remains that Labour is not, and cannot become, a nationalist party in Scotland or anywhere else.

CAU 1302 Money may be able to buy flying time, but it cannot buy skill — and it most certainly cannot guarantee success in an aerobatic championship.

CB2 413 He also cannot afford to get pulled out of position in the line-out.

CCN 739 Psyche, so lovely that she cannot find a mortal husband, is condemned to be the bride of Death.

CEG 779 Apparently one cannot have it both ways.

CEY 3300 How can I give you a dress allowance when I cannot even afford to pay the rent on this flat?’

CG2 421 Despite this, the face cannot fail to evoke a sense of wonder; the fusion of sheer scale and complexity of the rock architecture sees to that.

CHH 676 This was an enlightened decision, but it cannot have been easy given the high level of unemployment in the rural west, and the need to find more material resources.

CK2 1110 As guardians of its wildlife, Hong Kong's British tenants cannot be said to have done very well, though in the last ten years there have been attempts by Hong Kong conservationists to save what is left.

CM2 1126 Moreover, the fly's path cannot be adjusted in mid-flight, there being no way in which the pursuer can be influenced by feedback from the (perhaps unpredictable) movement of the target animal.

CMM 290 Ninety -nine gardeners in every hundred have to put up with the garden they have, facing the way it is, and cannot pick and choose or move it around.

CS4 1752 But we cannot yet assume that Froggy Davies was murdered by, or on behalf of, either Martinez, Jefferson or Harley.

EEC 169 At the preparatory stage in drafting legislation civil servants will try to find a way of indicating Parliament's intentions as to the sort of considerations of policy or fact that are to be treated as properly relevant to the decision, and the procedural requirements to be observed, but without tying the Minister's hands too tightly in situations which cannot be foreseen.

EF3 713 O'Connell concluded that it is difficult to reject the cogency of Jenks’ argument ‘that the sociological achievement of a complex, interlocking conventional system cannot be squandered through conservative reliance upon irrelevant political history and immature notions of the role treaties play in an advanced society.’

EWX 909 We have given it up, partly because we cannot afford all the exercise tests and partly because we believe that once you know the patient has got ischaemic heart disease, which he has by definition if he has had an infarct, that the exercise test on a beta blocker is as useful prognostically.

F9B 1745 Yet as we shall see in the next chapter, with poorer clients the problem is not simply one of providing lawyers for people who cannot afford them from their own resources.

F9K 1338 And hence we cannot check on whether we are following the rule by recalling the original sensation.

FA6 645 Rose (1982), for example, believes that the practice of science cannot be removed from its social context: a context both of male dominance and the drive for profit.

FBM 4000 Hardest hit are those who cannot afford either to service their loan or to sell their house.

FBS 86 ‘It cannot be said that the contract was cancelled by [the petitioner]when payment was not made by [the first and second respondents]on 23 May 1988.

FDP 163 Compensation for loss cannot, under the Act, be claimed against persons ‘knowingly concerned’ in the breaches of the Act.

FT3 377 Substantial progress has been reported in understanding the molecular pathology of presenile Alzheimer's disease but this cannot be extrapolated to senile forms before the epidemiology of presenile disease is known.

G0W 504 However, equality in language cannot be measured purely in social terms.

H0M 1880 Unless a man is born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God."

H8Y 59 ‘As I was about to say, this situation cannot be allowed to continue, trespassing as we are on my wife's time and goodwill.

HC2 289 Notwithstanding, the firm has backed all the way, and has continued to work for Bell Lawrie, even if he cannot give advice to clients.

HCB 91 What the questionnaire responses cannot tell is how many individual pupils miss out on information relating to these topics throughout the whole of their school career.

HH3 3576 cannot eat money’

HHV 23495 It cannot justify increased expenditure on the scale that it proposes, and we are not prepared to renegotiate in any way the present rebate to the United Kingdom.

HJ1 8196 There are large variations in the inter- and intra-national rates for this operation, which cannot be explained adequately by differences in morbidity, and there is at present little professional consensus on the appropriate indications for hysterectomy.

HNL 1588 Similarly, the obligations of one counterparty under the contract cannot generally be transferred to a third party.

HPG 913 Even if he's your husband he cannot go through the pain you went through and so cannot know what it is like.

HRD 583 However, so long as the images are in analogue form, they cannot easily be processed and manipulated.

HXB 881 It must however be emphasized that these powers cannot be used by a solicitors' incorporated practice to do anything in breach of the Solicitors Act 1974, the Rules or any rules, principles or requirements of conduct applicable to incorporated practices — in this regard attention is drawn to the proviso set out in Clause 3(a).

HYA 334 Note that the children have seen that the outcome of the game cannot be pre-planned, and are likely to take this understanding with them to the Example continued drama itself.

J90 190 We cannot save ourselves!

K4W 5812 The 17-year-old single mother from Middlesbrough, who cannot be named for legal reasons, elected jury trial when she appeared on a cruelty charge at Horseferry Road Magistrates Court in Westminster yesterday.