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A07 587 The conclusion to the argument will be that there is a specific form of violence of a political kind outside of state control which cannot be reduced to crime.

A0D 2097 That Agatha Christie's reading was wide-ranging cannot now be denied, but, even so, the source of one of Hercule Poirot's favourite ploys — almost, it could be said, his trademark, the gathering together of the suspects at the climax of one of his investigations — is surprising.

A0H 1127 Don't look at the fields immediately below, because the slopes cannot be seen from directly above.

ABM 850 As Locke says, ‘in some of our ideas there are certain relations, habitudes and connections, so visibly included in the nature of the ideas themselves, that we cannot conceive them separable from them, by any power whatsoever’.

ACG 706 If we cannot guess Jacob's motives, the storyteller makes them plain: ‘I may appease him with the present that goes before me, and afterwards I shall see his face; perhaps he will accept me.’

ADS 994 I cannot think what his poetry would be like.’

AK6 301 The worst of it is that one cannot yet express a proper anger about the state of things, since it is just about possible that the Frauleins Krabbe, Breuer and Moller are innocent of any serious wrongdoing (if that's the right term) in the affair of the Uniform Urine.

AN3 54 This change can not take place without the involvement of the people themselves and, therefore, they must be moved from their traditional passivity towards an active role in shaping their own lives.

ANH 147 Sometimes authorities are understood to be limited by the kinds of acts which they can or cannot regulate (given some restrictive ways of classifying acts).

ARH 254 This appears, sadly, to be the situation in many countries, and suggestions like the one from the WHO document Social and health aspects of sexually transmitted disease (1977) that ‘it is essential for clinics to have the basic equipment required for making rapid diagnosis: the darkfield examination, a quick micro-flocculation test for syphilis, and smear and culture of specimens for gonorrhoea’ are not much use to a health worker in a village in India, who, far from considering buying a microscope, cannot obtain the antibiotics needed to cure gonorrhoea had he the facilities for diagnosing it.

ASF 1153 Their opponents retorted that time per se cannot be perceived and that inference is the only means of our knowing time as an ontological reality.

B2C 889 This seems to be because of the small size of the owl in relation to its prey, so that it cannot swallow the prey whole but tears it up as do the diurnal raptors (see Appendix for details of little owl biology).

B77 354 Is this an offer the world cannot afford to refuse?

BN7 445 This involves an operation in which the fallopian tubes are closed so that the egg cannot travel down them to meet the sperm and start a pregnancy.

BN9 1075 You cannot become a bad player overnight in terms of technique but undoubtedly you can become so mentally — if you start doubting yourself, for example.

BPF 833 We regret that if, for any reason, the winners cannot accept their prizes there can be no cash alternative.

CBR 732 To the extent that language learners, by definition, are deficient in competence they cannot authenticate the language they deal with in the manner of the native speaker.

CBV 2370 Similarly, bankers become committed to a customer if they cannot withdraw facilities without causing that customer financial distress.

CBX 1044 He has experimented successfully himself with low price hardbacks, but stresses that price cannot be looked at in isolation.

CDA 539 ‘You cannot see it, you cannot measure it by instrumentation, but there are incredibly powerful air currents up in the stratosphere which can move at anything up to 300 mph.

CEN 6855 She cannot concentrate on her exams,’ said Miss Korner.

CET 1579 will continue to evolve in the future, and therefore cannot exist in its current form forever

CG0 1076 These young intellectuals in the TOEFL examination queues are seeking overseas what they cannot obtain in China under the present circumstances: money, material goods, higher academic training and qualifications, and advanced technical skills, which they may, at a later date, take back with them to China.

CRM 10626 Until the proper motion of the pulsar is measured, we cannot be sure that this star is its optical counterpart, but it seems likely.

CS2 843 However, wherever there is hesitancy or opposition in ethical attitude which is not rooted in hesitancy or disagreement in belief, in the sense that no amount of factual certainty or agreement would cause the final ascendancy of one definite attitude, Stevenson thinks that the ethical question cannot be resolved rationally.

EA4 534 The Act emphasises the crucial importance of support for those carers, and without strategies to empower them the Act cannot work.

EDF 1279 Yet since these cannot have presented much of an obstacle, they were of little or no use against large and determined forces of men, against whom only walled towns and castles constituted reasonably sure places of safety.

EEB 899 If you are sorry that you cannot be of assistance, then you should say so.

EW4 1121 Although their boundaries cannot be other than arbitrary, the South-West, the West Midlands, the Northern and the rest are for the most part easily identifiable territories, demarcated with a fair degree of consistency by public authorities, the media and national associations of all sorts including political parties.

FTD 348 Trans-splicing introns are expected to be very resistant to intron-loss, because the correct replacement of genomic copies of trans-spliced genes cannot be achieved by simple homologous recombination and should therefore be extremely rare.

G0H 1327 Since in most species the individual animals cannot control their own colour, Lamarckism could not be invoked to explain the phenomenon; selection was the only alternative to divine creation.

G0S 722 But her mind still works only dimly, and she cannot make the connection now, she must trudge forward, following the one impulse that has taken possession of her: to escape.

G1N 1598 Julian cannot tolerate noise, while Decibel cannot live without it.

H8Y 59 ‘As I was about to say, this situation cannot be allowed to continue, trespassing as we are on my wife's time and goodwill.

H99 1790 Headings tend to be broad and cannot represent complex or specific subjects accurately.

HAC 8294 Your letter makes so much sense that I cannot understand the recommendations of so many manufacturers to regularly fully discharge NiCad batteries.

HGU 3392 He cannot imagine what will happen to them if they're caught.

HHV 18931 Is the Minister aware that last week in Brussels Madame Scrivener, the relevant Commissioner, assured me that there was no question of our being forced by the European Community to extend the coverage of VAT, and that we cannot be forced so to do?

HHW 1899 I cannot tell the hon. Gentleman now what my attitude will be at the end of a meeting that is due to take place on Wednesday because the whole purpose of that meeting is for negotiations to take place.

HHW 9973 At our prompting, all the major brewers have now agreed to allow independent arbitration or assessment of rent in difficult cases where agreement cannot be reached.

HTP 960 As to the melancholy or chronic mild depression which socialist totalitarianisms seem to induce, it is obvious that individuals who have not mastered oral, anal and phallic instinctual drives within their own personalities cannot derive the gain in self-esteem, self-control and narcissistic self-satisfaction which the successful surmounting of an instinctual conflict always brings.

HU1 50 Some twelve months ago I embarked on my year of Presidency, a daunting task some might say, and something that you cannot have a ‘trial run’ at.

HWF 1948 If none of the above errors were reported and the VAX System Manager cannot help, call SST Technical Support for advice.

J3D 762 The local authority, the only one of England's 366 councils still without a plan, says it cannot afford the £10,000 cost and that the government's recycling policy is "grandiose" but ineffective.

J6S 615 The tax is not in fact ACT, so cannot be set against the company's mainstream corporation tax liability.

J75 1067 If the matter cannot be resolved in that way then another person, usually the senior partner within the firm, must be identified by name as the person to whom complaint can be made.

J76 1134 A party cannot, without the leave of the court, adduce evidence or rely on any document which has not been disclosed in accordance with the rules at a hearing or directions appointment (FPCR, r17(3); FPR, r4.17(3)).

J7C 1290 It is arguable that it is not, because since the contract allows the seller to vary the delivery date, the seller has performed exactly in accordance with the contract, and the buyer cannot reasonably expect any other peformance.

J9C 191 Er,a knowledge but erm, I would have to move that we cannot accept this recommendation because, it's not that we don't er support the scheme within this paper, but it's that we cannot accept.

JNJ 138 The current government must recognise that it cannot continue to go down the line of an individualist anxiety- ridden state, of competitive individuals where the poor and disabled are left to starve on city streets.