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A8K 957 BRITAIN cannot reach European standards for safe bathing beaches because of salmonella in the water, the Government's pollution watchdog, the National Rivers Authority, said yesterday.

ABE 2862 Besides, the causes of some 60% of birth defects have yet to be discovered: it cannot be assumed that all of them travel down only the female line.

ABH 665 The National Security Council, they insist, hums with meetings on just this, but the meetings cannot get very far until more is known about how the post-war world looks.

AMS 1325 In temperate forests, fungi and detritus eating insects cannot work as quickly as in the tropics, and leaf litter builds up.

AN2 183 These work fine expect for one annoying problem which I cannot seem to eliminate.

APR 1329 I feel, I know with a certainty that cannot be the product of folly or misapprehension, that you and I must speak again —

APX 282 Let me advise Council now, that if they proceed down this primrose path any further then it becomes a resignation issue for me and, I suspect, many others who cannot believe this farrago.

AYK 818 If you cannot leave your children with anyone, find someone else in the same position as yourself and take the babies with you.

AYK 1818 If you become aware and are willing to keep going, you cannot fail.

B06 132 However, we need to adopt a balanced viewpoint and accept that the use of drugs cannot be totally ruled out; everything has its place in the holistic scheme of things.

B3F 68 One of the Signals assistants was male, a Leading Aircraftsman whose name I cannot now recall, but I will call him Fred.

BPD 760 But no, I cannot agree with you.

CCF 168 A town that stands on a hill cannot be hidden.

CGF 1498 What cases like these show is not just that reform measures are often ineffectual, it is that — as with word meanings — their reception and transmission cannot be controlled by the people, in this case the feminists, who proposed them in the first place.

CLE 129 The consequence of all this for a study of comparative industrial relations is that international differences cannot be understood solely in terms of cross-sectional analysis at any one point in time.

CM6 194 Such questions cannot be answered without many more secondary studies.

CMF 642 If it cannot be proved wrong, then the scientist will conclude that there is a causal law in operation, and will advise farmers, who are likely to have paid for the research, of this.

CMT 74 Those things which confer privilege (quality shops, education, flats and health care) are acquired through privilege in the first place; they cannot be had for money.

EDT 1820 The problem for companies like ICI is that while the transitional arrangements last, the power suppliers frequently cannot bid for their custom because the suppliers are limited to a 15% slice of the REC's business, rising to 25% in 1994.

EEM 453 They may define positions that have often been repeated, but they cannot be given a timeless quality.

EF4 985 It would recognise, too, that industrial democracy cannot be conjured into being overnight, no more than was political democracy, no more than was the joint stock company as the common expression of industrial capitalism.

EW8 1097 Consent cannot be given by a child, for example, or by a severely subnormal individual.

FA0 796 But…the growth in net exports (of) services and food cannot be relied on to replace the loss of manufacturing and oil net exports and secure further growth sufficient to achieve full employment’(p. 139).

FP8 1322 When Maugham LJ stated that Parliament cannot bind itself as to the form of subsequent legislation, was this obiter or ratio?.

FRA 142 If one accepts the golden rule, this involves rejecting Lord Diplock's opinion that the inexpediency, injustice or immorality of the proposed application of the statute cannot in itself be a reason for finding an ambiguity in the statute.

FTE 788 Furthermore, complexes formed by oligonucleotide I cannot be competed with oligonucleotide III and vice versa oligonucleotide III complexes cannot be competed with oligonucleotide I (Fig. 3, lanes 1–4).

FU3 1239 They cannot carry great quantities of information.

FYX 1842 In fact, of course, we cannot even measure what the initial state was, because to do so we would have to take the brain apart.

G0W 325 We cannot conclude this report of the questionnaire findings without thanking all those who completed parts of the questionnaire in their own institutions and the administrators who facilitated the process.

GU7 425 One may feel that while an artist may fudge a picture, the camera cannot lie.

GUB 132 Shaped curtains fitted to arched windows cannot be operational.

GV2 586 ‘Certainly I cannot forget that.

GVG 250 ‘I cannot find any precise definition of the term, it is not either in law or commerce a strictly technical term, or what is called a term of art.’

H8A 1840 ‘Always I ask myself this, but I cannot answer myself.’

H9C 2106 ‘I cannot force you, Father, but heed my warnings.’

H9J 737 A closed economy cannot dispose of more goods and services than it is currently producing, and the reduction in resources available for current non-government use is independent of the method of finance.

HGU 2099 He cannot speak.

HJ1 19344 In Romania the legacy of the late President Ceausescu's National Stalinism' will persist for a considerable time and the directions of change cannot easily be predicted.

HL2 475 We cannot run away from reality".

HSD 1682 Lattice enthalpies cannot be determined directly.

HU4 6090 New research into the underlying duodenal mucosal defect is required and since the basic science of duodenal ulcer cannot easily be studied in man, an animal model of chronic duodenal ulcer is required.

HWF 12437 The Client name is not known to LIFESPAN and therefore cannot be used.

HWF 12854 Module names cannot be removed and version ranges cannot be reduced, once the SSR has been submitted.

J15 1954 If the economy is in recession, no matter how low interest rates are driven, people cannot be forced to borrow if they do not wish to.

J52 35 We are ill-equipped to comprehend the very small and the very large; things whose duration is measured in picoseconds or gigayears; particles that don't have position; forces and fields that we cannot see or touch, which we know of only because they affect things that we can see or touch.

J72 190 Thus, while it is clear that Chinese walls are effective for the purposes of regulatory rules, they cannot, as a matter of pure private law, safely be relied upon as affording firms protection against breach of fiduciary duty.

J75 938 Costs can not be claimed before Legal Aid is granted or beyond the Green Form limit or any limitation on a Legal Aid certificate.

K55 3295 But he said: ‘Monitoring is all it is as we cannot prosecute.

K97 2477 The spokesman explained: ‘When problems cannot be resolved in just one 15 minute call, Grant Thornton can provide further help either by telephone or by a visit to the caller's farm subject to their normal terms of business.’

KLG 1645 I cannot I cannot do I cannot differentiate that I'll tell you what I could do I'd have no problem at all if you gave me something Y equals U squared no problem