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A1E 12 We have made a bid of nearly £700m for a company with a book value of £200m — we've acknowledged there is some extra worth there, but I cannot see the sort of value they are talking about in property.

A75 1202 They cannot get to sleep until about 2 o'clock in the morning or later, even when they go to bed much earlier.

ACJ 1135 However, a person under the age of 16 cannot give valid consent.

ADK 945 You can turn down a fire hose to water a garden, but you cannot turn up a garden hose sufficiently to tackle a fire.

AK2 689 That cannot be said of the SNP, which campaigned with zest and intelligence, and yet finds itself with only the same three seats that it won in 1987.

AMK 1163 Europe cannot allow itself to become the superpowers’ football.

APH 1306 What these experiments cannot reveal is whether both the equivalence and distinctiveness treatments are effective in producing changes in the discriminability of the cues — clearly the observed difference could be obtained if just one of these treatments worked.

B04 1115 The other thing one can do is once again increasingly to use food that we, ourselves, cannot or will not use, and the imposition of quotas which has put a degree of extensification on dairy production, has in fact encouraged this trend.

B07 1727 This means that the kind of discount which supermarkets, for example, are able to offer on other consumer goods cannot be applied to books.

B30 224 A patient may be so anxious that he cannot begin to act in a way which would resolve his problems.

BMD 1607 But this cannot guarantee a child's safety.

BMY 59 Without plants we cannot exist, and without the other species, plants cannot exist either.

BP8 682 The heavy makeup melting even in the air-conditioning, the legless beggar who sleeps under the office porch and cleans their shoes in gratitude, the slums you cannot observe because no roads go through the swamps and whose inhabitants do not exist for the State because the census officials cannot reach them, the bomb-carriers serving as flower-pots, the boys selling themselves to the rich English ex-public schoolboys, the girls selling themselves to the fat German tourists, the police raping the boys and the girls they are protecting in the police-stations, the Committee officers boasting to Kate about the elegant jerk-offs in the massage parlours, their ever-decorative ever-bored wives boasting to Kate about their jewellery, the Thai girls saving up for eye and breast jobs, the luxury hotels where the high-class white whores hang out, the students shot by the military during a demonstration against the army regime, the girl students daring for the first time to stay out at night on the streets to picket, the crushing of strikes with bullets and beatings, the barring of political books in the Committee library, the anti-Communist adverts punctuating the Western films on TV.

C96 2161 The colour pigments which result in the bright colouration of your goldfish cannot be manufactured inside the fish's body.

CA6 594 Cats she hates — all domestic animals — cannot bear a house where there is a dog.

CBK 167 replied, ‘We cannot agree to single pole construction, from which we presume you mean bracket arm construction, in place of span wires.’

CH1 2474 Pru motor premiums have gone up three times this year and house contents insurance rose by 20p in the £1 this July and further increases cannot be ruled out.

CK1 1309 Two different people cannot have inner perception of the same thing.

CMN 1112 In this passage Plekhanov makes the straightforward claim that, while individuals can hasten or hold up the course of events, determined by the ‘social needs’ of a society, generated by its forces of production, they cannot change it.

CTM 17 The rest of the new machines cannot employ Alpha directly, but come with a ‘guaranteed upgrade price.’

EDL 816 There is another rule, equally old and equally well-established — that you cannot make a mere witness a party in order to get discovery from him’.

EF4 1100 People cannot be expected to buy the co-operative alternative if they do not know of it, or if they misunderstand it.

EFR 196 As a result, marine creatures such as molluscs which would normally feed on blue-greens and keep them in check, cannot survive.

EUS 204 Since a microcomputer is usually dedicated to controlling some fixed task, the program of instructions can be permanently built into the ROM so that it cannot be corrupted.

FDD 389 However this problem will usually arise at that time when this cannot be done.

FEV 733 However, insects cannot see the warning spots, and to them the spider's disguise is deadly perfect.

FP2 404 If shareholders cannot be shown to be morally entitled to the corporate property then they have no antecedent moral right to exercise or allocate the power that flows from it, and accordingly the property rights justification of corporate power must fail, and with it, the project of explaining companies as private shareholder domains.

FT1 970 The answer fails to distinguish between being, on the one hand, uninformed and, on the other hand, aware of enough knowledge to conclude that the question cannot be answered.

FTV 344 It is not only that quantification cannot help eliminate such predicates, but often we have to make use of such predicates in order to make clear that the given quantified sentence does indeed convey an ontological claim.

G19 316 What has also emerged, however, is that private sector attitudes and techniques cannot easily be transplanted into central administration.

G1N 766 He cannot reconstruct his death, but its consequences are still felt:

G2N 1650 If your income is slightly above these levels you should still apply because the figures shown are only a guide and cannot reflect every personal circumstance.

G3R 862 Reza Shah abdicated, saying to his son Muhammad Reza, "I cannot be the nominal head of an occupied land, to be dictated to by a minor English or Russian officer."

GVJ 694 At each moment the effect may be intensely impressive, but if we cannot remember anything with precision afterwards, the music is lost again forever, and its value is therefore diminished.

H7R 1104 Incremental encoders of this type are usually supplied as sealed units so that dirt cannot interfere with the operation of the optical system and the light source/ detector alignment cannot be disturbed.

HBH 19 We cannot afford to be complacent, but I do not believe complacency is in the vocabulary of any one of you.

HD8 316 We were never meant to fall for Satan but despite the poet's efforts to make sure we don't, we cannot forget the magnificent figure encountered in the first two books.

HGU 1708 Keith cannot figure out why Potter looks so funny.

HGX 1536 As far as is known there are no side effects — a procedure cannot alter any quantity not represented in the data structure and not appearing as a VAR parameter of the procedure.

HHV 9939 We cannot regard the present statements as necessarily being set in concrete.

HHV 21727 He cannot have it both ways.

HHX 5631 Do not allow the civil service to say that there are ways in which it cannot be done.

HRT 55 Clearly you cannot.

HVG 564 To what extent that will be modified by by the changes in local circumstances, I cannot say.

HWF 14377 LIFESPAN itself cannot identify the reasons why this should be so, since under some circumstances the identification of faults can be quite difficult.

HXF 193 There is nothing in the present that cannot be better understood in the light of its historical context and origins; ii) to arouse interest in the past.

HXX 1225 Differences between north and south cannot, however, be attributed solely to Scandinavian influence.

J78 860 Writers and speakers cannot be held responsible unless they authorise, or at least foresee, the publication which causes complaint.

K50 58 With this particular letter I cannot say why he chose not to, but he receives so many letters that he cannot physically respond to all of them.’

K54 1252 The council cannot turn down their application and registration is free.