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A0K 942 They are also well aware of the limited ability of detectives simply to go out and detect crime and know but cannot easily articulate that the symbolic import of the detection rate is a manipulation (see Chapter 5).

A1F 145 Electors are always prepared to criticise the Government in answer to pollsters' questions, but when the same individuals arrive at the polling booth they simply cannot bring themselves to vote Labour into power.

A3S 346 The EC ministers have been told that if they cannot agree voluntarily on measures to ensure the harmonisation of the telecommunications industy some time early next year the European Commission will force them to do so.

ABH 1074 This is a perfectly respectable analysis, based on the idea that an economy's long-run growth cannot exceed the growth in its labour force.

AC6 2267 But for some reason I cannot remember, it was impossible to get permission to ship the motor bike.

ADS 26 She is pleasant enough but how reliable I cannot say and I am not depending on her for the birth.

AJY 336 ‘I'm sure that the majority of runners have to get money because you cannot survive without it, and only a few are in a position to do otherwise.’

AS0 47 Similarly, pets such as dogs, cats or budgerigars have to be provided for, if it is not practical for anyone to look after them while the patient cannot.

BNE 302 Lord Denning has written that the whole of the English law of criminal negligence, and indeed the biggest change in civil law this century, derives from the commandment to love thy neighbour enunciated by Lord Atkins in 1932, when he ruled that, even if a man cannot love his neighbour, he must still refrain from harming him, and that in law his neighbour was anyone who was so closely and directly affected by his actions that he ought to have had that in mind when he acted.

C9W 70 The first is anyone who is in any way mentally deficient, as such people cannot cooperate sufficiently with the therapist to achieve the desired result.

CAF 2436 Despite political struggle, scientific advances and social battles, some things cannot be changed, marched for or campaigned against.

CBX 3206 The example auditors' reports given in the exposure draft are unlikely to help narrow the expectations gap because they do not include references to the inherent limitations of financial reporting and, in particular, to the need to recognise that the balance sheet is not intended to be a statement of a company's net worth and that there cannot be a guarantee that the company will survive as a going concern.

CGH 2451 in such circumstances temperature itself poses no problem, but in both summer and winter actively decomposing material can not only reduce oxygen supply but also produce not only carbon dioxide but toxic gases such as hydrogen sulphide (‘rotten eggs’).

CH9 448 ‘However,’ Don Mini continued, still addressing Little Billy, ‘you cannot go flying around all over the place on Swan's back in full daylight.

CMH 1180 Unfortunately, your visual system cannot do this.

CMR 435 She criticizes the individualist reductionism, and the ineffectualness, of conventional psychology's attempts to solve gender inequalities by manipulating female psychology: ‘Psychologists cannot change the world so they fix women.

CRM 1473 But we cannot exclude an effect of ACE on the metabolism of other peptides in view of its wide substrate specificity, nor can we exclude the possibility that a variant of another gene, closely linked to the ACE gene, causes the observed association.

EA8 322 Indeed one of my personal invariable rules is that when I have mentally decided that something cannot be done, for what appears to be a very good reason, I test that apparent constraint, hopefully to destruction.

EDD 595 But the role of the state is limited or conditional, since the dominant class will cease using it if it cannot manage their interests.

EF8 1227 The author of written language, however, cannot respond in this way.

EFR 1412 Hungry for food, relentless in pursuit of it and capable of killing most creatures that cannot run from them, they terrorise the bush.

EFV 1083 But however frustrated he was, however jealous of his younger brother's reputation as a successful soldier, it cannot have been an easy decision.

EUX 334 That relation, as we have seen in the study of the parallelism of greater precision, is a dynamic one which cannot be mechanically delineated, but which often yields itself only to patient exegetical probing, each couplet in its own right.

FSS 848 Far from getting any title against him, the finder, if he appropriates the chattel, not only commits the tort of conversion, but is also guilty of the crime of theft unless he appropriates the chattel in the belief that the owner cannot be discovered by taking reasonable steps.

G14 591 Some change is certainly necessary , but by itself cannot be said to be sufficient or specific .

G1J 1091 Each Home Secretary has in turn drawn back from taking the most obvious and practical steps with the excuse that they cannot legislate for the judiciary — its independence is inviolable:

G3L 943 Corporatism tends to "fit" the facts best with respect to the major functional economic groupings of capital and labour; with respect to issues of economic policy (especially in so far as they concern incomes) in periods of boom when labour cannot be easily disciplined by market forces; and at the level of the central state.

GV7 1133 But I cannot write much more — I have very little time.

GWN 501 However, the European Monetary System itself shows what can (and cannot) be achieved in the grey area between political agreement and ‘soft’ law: its ground-rules adopted in December 1978 are contained in a ‘Resolution’(an act nowhere defined in the Treaties) of the ‘European Council’(a body whose existence was first legally recognized in the Single European Act and which is treated in the Maastricht Treaty as an organ of the Union rather than of the Community).

HGV 3895 ‘I cannot, I cannot, I cannot !’ she almost screamed.

HHV 13289 Is my hon. Friend aware that I have lived for a number of years without any such advice, and I cannot believe that it is really necessary?

HHV 20414 The Housing Corporation cannot meet the demand in the rural areas.

HHW 5962 However, because most students and student nurses on Project 2000 cannot obtain social security benefits, we have made special arrangements for them.

HJ9 242 I did not sample any of the catering so I cannot comment on quality and value, but the everything was ready on time, and the queues seemed to move reasonably well.

HSL 1231 The point is, if genital mutilation cannot be discussed by white social workers, health workers and teachers who have no knowledge of mutilation, how will they know how to handle it?

HTP 191 A managerial agency —any managerial agency, be it psychological or otherwise — cannot cope easily with contradictory demands and impulses if it is responsible for a choice of action and must take into account the limitations of the real world.

HTV 1178 This realization has led to a great deal of debate and, although it cannot be said that a general consensus has been reached on how best to define development, a good deal of light has been shed on the processes involved in different types of development.

HTX 240 Cannot you pay a woman to come in?’

HU0 2411 ‘I cannot remember everybody, Monsieur.’

HWH 979 As for unemployment, arguments about the statistics cannot mask the realization that the UK has a considerable unemployment in the 1980s.

J7B 1231 The concerns of Scott J were echoed by Harman J in Systems Reliability Holdings Plc v Smith [1990]IRLR 377 where the judge concluded (in a case where he was concerned with an express restriction on the use and disclosure of, in particular the knowledge acquired by the defendant during his employment of the ability to modify an old computer by a small addition so as to make a new product of significant commercial value) that the controversial part of Neill LJ's judgment did not bind him to hold that there cannot be in an express restrictive of covenant any restriction on information held by an ex-employee which is not a trade secret or something similar.

JA0 318 You cannot do one single bit of this job you cannot come by train to do it because what, you may not dash around we hope you don't because if you follow our advice

K4W 1874 Today, you cannot find a parking space.

K5F 1558 One publisher, who did not want to be named, agreed: ‘Jackie Collins has got a new book out called American Star but I cannot see it doing very well.

K8Y 1157 ‘step-by-step’ question responses cannot be obtained because the respondent usually reads all the questions before starting

K93 1254 It follows that if there is no stressed syllable before the tonic syllable, there cannot be a head.

K95 1531 I cannot make the connection between Mowbray's fall and these fragments of evidence.’

KB5 437 Cos they don't actually, if you do something like that, say you put plus five, minus five and then sit down and , you're the one that plus three and minus three you don't actually lose marks doing something wrong, you cannot be penalised for doing it wrong, you can only gain credit for doing something right, because they'll, give you five marks to doing that bit right and then knock three off for doing something else wrong, they, they would never give you penalty marks, they will only credit for doing things right, but so often it's quite like down as you want, you can't .

KCV 4494 Yes well They think cannot be as far enough

KJV 9 Scientists contend that the principles of natural law that govern our universe cannot be turned aside, you cannot ignore them, they are fixed, they are great things that, that you cannot alter God cannot do anything about them.