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A2P 559 A SUFFOLK farmer trying to recover a hoard of Romano-British bronzes, which he claims were illicitly excavated from his land, has been told that the Office of Arts and Libraries cannot help him, writes Geraldine Norman.

A80 259 I cannot understand how that misconception arose.

AA5 156 ‘Teachers alone cannot tackle the problems of society including the standards of literacy,’ he said.

ABP 72 He cannot reverse the rule of Common Law; he cannot interfere — at least directly — with proceedings in the Common Law Court; he cannot say that the legal owner is not the legal owner.

ADS 577 Cannot you have the same faith, Wilson?

ALF 16 Quick radical solutions to complex human, social, technical and economic problems in such areas cannot be expected, but they can be greatly accelerated by the adoption of appropriate financial, administrative and educational systems.

AM4 171 Signor Ripa di Meana said, ‘If Britain cannot meet our demands in two months, it shows a lack of goodwill, and we will definitely go to the courts.’

ARR 677 Always Defect, as we have seen, cannot benefit from clustering, and so does not enjoy this higher-order stability.

ASB 1305 The Salvationists associated together ‘for a purpose which cannot be said to be otherwise than lawful and laudable, or at all events cannot be called unlawful’.

ASH 1306 If they can't help you speak to the feed companies themselves, and if they cannot give you the information you want don't buy their feed, its as simple as that!

AYJ 2334 A common mistake is to compare two figures which cannot be logically linked.

B1G 1406 We cannot pretend GIS is a solution to the political problems of negotiation and justification but at the very least the openness of the procedures goes some way towards satisfying a worried public.

B2J 206 Such organic-rich shales are likely to constitute a much more widespread potential source for hydrocarbons — probably mainly for gas and condensate — than the coals of the deltas which are restricted to the northern part of the region, although the possibility that isolated intermontane coal basins may have developed further south in the later Carboniferous cannot be excluded.

B77 219 It said that the ‘benefit/cost ratio of Super-SARA is low and that, at the present time, the risk cannot be discounted of substantial cost overruns.’

B79 479 Our experiments with Zeta are only the first milestone along what may be a longish road, and we cannot see the end of the road.

C9B 554 But I cannot recall a single act which could be so easily determined.

CBH 155 Without appropriate or just ‘good enough’ object relationships the mature ego cannot develop.

CCE 996 Like a fiery Pandora's box, the lid was thrown wide open, spewing all the good and evil upon the world (and, like the Greek myth, once good and evil are loosed on the world they cannot be called back).

CEC 428 I cannot remember exactly.

CL6 746 By its very nature, faith rests and must rest in a ‘storm-free territory’ which mere historical consideration and reconsideration cannot in any way disturb.

CL6 794 Historical study cannot make place for any such absoluteness, let alone demonstrate it.

CTY 1296 Thus both historicism or entirely differentiated histories are in themselves impossibilities: history will always involve a form of historicism, but a historicism that cannot be sustained.

EC9 736 The Departments cannot accept any liability for inaccuracies or omissions or for any loss or damage in any way connected with or arising out of the publication of this information.

ECY 455 The activity of psychoanalysis in the therapeutic setting cannot be adequately grasped and stated in mechanistic, quantitative terms.

EF3 1620 The rights and obligations in the Red Cross Conventions are reciprocal between the State party and the other party to the conflict, and cannot be sensibly separated.

EVP 61 Here, surely, are sufficient examples to show that, however banal or simple our definition of democracy, it soon turns out that it cannot be used as a plain, uncomplicated term of description at all.

EVP 765 There may be a case for such a restraint upon popular power, but it cannot be a democratic one.

FAC 1836 Thus a coloured photograph cannot be simply black, white and grey;a coloured pencil excludes black;a coloured sheet of notepaper cannot be white, and so on.

FEE 210 A hotel such as this, with a reputation for perfection, cannot afford such incidents.

FS6 1567 But workers for these services cannot just be recruited from the general population, because they should be trained to do the specialized work with which they are faced.

FSA 539 For the FT-SE 100, arbitrageurs cannot guarantee they will be able to trade the shares in the index at the delivery price.

FU3 2166 "Employment on the railways as in other sections of the transport industry cannot be said to have been of such a character as to fit in with the theory of labour aristocracy."

G0M 380 ‘I should be loth to create more difficulties, but I cannot help following a line of thought to its logical end.

G1E 65 Aridity too puts a brake on, for water is the medium for all the chemical reactions in both plants and soil, and these cannot happen in its absence.

G2N 1012 If you are moving for job reasons, the local authority or new town development corporation, even if they cannot offer permanent rented accommodation, might be able to arrange short-term letting for up to a year under Schedule 3 of the Housing Act 1980.

GV5 859 While not wishing to deny that there are differences in the ways executives, bureaucracies and assemblies operate compared with law courts, we suggest that the politics of any system cannot be understood without some awareness of the crucial part played by law in its operations.

GXG 2841 Welcome though any new money is for the conservation of important landscape features such as hedges, we cannot see how CCW can hope to tackle the huge legacy of hedge deterioration apparent in many parts of Wales with this relatively small sum of money.

GXG 3105 Moreover, we cannot understand why the 10% contribution estimated to have been made from this source to total aggregates provision in the past was added to, rather than subtracted from, projected future demand (PIP 2.7).

H8P 279 If you cannot help, there will be difficulty and trouble for one of the most important families in Europe — and perhaps a very big scandal.

H9R 1349 We cannot be sure that this is a sign of (p →d) π bonding in the Si compound; the delocalization could involve the SiH bonding or anti-bonding levels of e symmetry.

HD0 312 A 10 hour traffic survey was carried out on Tuesday, 28th August as a result of which a pelican crossing cannot be recommended.

HHX 9067 The date governing the first instalment cannot be sooner than 14 days after the issue of the bill.

HU4 6092 Ulcers induced by a deliberate state of hypersecretion, such as the histamine in beeswax model, cannot be expected to reveal any new insights into alternative mechanisms.

HVK 195 And I think that the alternative of the new settlement is by far the best solution, provided it is mixed with some peripheral development, one can't go into a position where there is all peripheral development or all new settlement, it has to be in perfect balance, because some needs cannot of course be met by the new settlement.

HXX 134 Adam had spoken to the Danish king Swegen Estrithsson, Cnut's nephew, and cannot be dismissed out of hand, although nor can he be regarded as infallible.

J0U 275 Such a situation cannot persist for long since firms would go out of business.

J7E 628 This is in contrast to the compulsory sale procedures under CA 1985, s429 where, although market purchases made before the posting of the offer document cannot count towards the 90 per cent threshold, purchases afterwards may be counted provided they do not exceed the offer price.

KA5 412 We cannot ignore major factors such as the poll tax, keeping up with rent and mortgage payments and buying the basics which cost the same for all of us.

KBE 4733 And she cannot get up without going on the phone.

KRL 3555 Well have they withdrawn one of their submissions to South Oxfordshire that they've tried to claim that they were using it over the last twelve years and it has now been withdrawn because they know very well that their claim to South Oxfordshire cannot be justified about the use.