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ABD 884 The simple translation is, first, that the 750m people in the countryside, including 90m who work in what amount to private factories, cannot be sent back to the commune, however much China's old-guard ideologues might wish.

ABJ 4305 The big funds realise that, in practice, they cannot sell out of most companies they own for they will always need them in their portfolios.

AC9 1347 Together, they underpin rather than oversee the disciplines they serve, and reliance upon them can be so complete that procedures simply cannot be carried out without their aid.

ADE 1084 In a few instances the loss of someone close can propel the survivor into an overwhelming emotional whirlpool that cannot be contained without expert help or hospitalization or treatment or a combination of all of these.

ALU 815 The communication between Britain and North America being cut off, the French botanists cannot, in that channel, be supplied as formerly with American seeds, etc.

ALW 851 Clearly, it cannot be a comprehensive dictionary of every word used in science, but the editors have shrewdly picked those likely to cause problems or confusion — distinguishing Zygomycetes from Zygomycotina, for instance, or helping to spell Richard Adolf Zsigmondy's name, or reminding how many letters are doubled in old-fashioned arsenurretted hydrogen.

ANR 462 I cannot explain this sentiment unless it was that I observed that the members of the household appeared not to have perfectly learned their parts and also that having seen and known the Emperor for so many years in such a totally different position, his present one looked like a dream or a play; but when each actor becomes acclimatized by time it will be a magnificent Court, with a Sovereign who will command the attention of all Europe.

ANY 1117 The face of Marion Russell is absent, and Robyn cannot suppress a tiny, ignoble twinge of resentment at this ungrateful desertion.

B0N 1596 With such a healthy list of urgent needs, advice workers might be excused if they become impatient when training for which they cannot see an immediate need is imposed upon them.

B2F 152 Unfortunately, most groups cannot boast a chairperson or co-ordinator who is up to the job.

BLX 532 The South American porcupines (below, left) may not look as impressive as the great crested species from Africa (below, right) but their quills are sharply barbed so that once they have entered a predator's flesh they cannot easily be removed.

BM0 905 Not being in the present will contribute a great deal to the unhappiness caused by worries and anxieties of modem-day living, because we allow our minds to dwell upon the past which we cannot change and the future which has not yet happened.

BMG 739 If the bird's head disappears behind some small obstruction, the cat can be seen to rush forward and pounce, as though it knows that at that moment the bird cannot see its rapid advance.

BNY 1064 Should the rabbit — even the front rabbit — already be dead, there is no problem, but at this stage you are not aware of that so you cannot afford to take any chances.

C9W 277 Now when you go to sleep it is only the conscious mind which shuts down; the subconscious cannot do so.

CA5 557 Perhaps you cannot even remember.

CBU 436 Funded by its member bodies, the Committee works on an extremely tight budget and cannot afford to undertake all the work it would like to.

CD0 1165 Generally, VAT cannot be waived on bad debts and you must pay the revenue even though you haven't been paid yourself.

CHL 363 For although we can be fairly sure that the recorded homicide figure is reasonably valid, we cannot have the same confidence in the data on occupationally related deaths.

CS2 265 Many think that in spite of strenuous efforts by Mill, utilitarianism cannot really do justice to the concept of justice.

CS3 1181 Many of these differentiating characteristics are closely linked to personality and cannot be homogenized out of existence, although their significance as factors fragmenting proletarian unity can vary widely.

E9U 705 ‘If Croats and Moslems cannot live together, side by side, there will not be a Bosnia-Herzegovina.

EF8 709 As Astington herself acknowledges, intentions cannot be readily depicted.

FD3 982 It cannot have been ostensible authority.

G0R 898 Research theses and postgraduate courses can fulfil ends other than purely educational ones; but they cannot become, as part of higher education, simply instrumental, whether in the direction of academic careers or professional careers.

G1R 435 Revolution is not made by proclamations, strikes cannot be declared every twenty-four hours, and in order to struggle against the bourgeoisie it is not enough to have a weekly publication or a hundred militants.

G3H 929 Four English Tory Members were members of the Committee considering the Bill and we look forward with interest to see whether that number will rise to seven when we consider the Scottish education Bill because the fidelity of the Hon. Member for Dumfries and the right Hon. Member for Kincardine and Deeside (Mr. Buchanan-Smith) cannot be relied upon.

GWN 49 It is, as Lord Renton pointed out in an address to this Society in 1990, too much to ask that legislation should always be expressed simply; for the complexities of modern life do not always admit of simplicity and we cannot afford, in providing a code of conduct, to sacrifice certainty to simplicity.

H0E 1400 Target dates and cut-off dates and review procedures can all be specified, but the time taken to solve a problem or make a break-through cannot be predicted.

H7K 328 Certainly, if we exclude our own species, we cannot find any one factor having this sort of effect.

H84 1871 ‘That is what I cannot understand,’ the general had turned in upon himself again, hardly aware of the presence of his guests any more.

H9A 169 These two probabilities cannot be identified separately because of how they are specified.

HGT 2181 ‘You cannot do this!’ she cried breathlessly.

HH9 759 He sat by his mother's bed, biting the skin at the side of his nails, and thought that of all the grudges you bear, the grudges you bear against your parents are the ones you live with always — you cannot fight them any more than you can fight heat or cold or some virulent infection in the blood.

HHX 2165 It makes it clear that a shopkeeper who sells cigarettes to young people cannot simply say that he did not know that he was doing so.

HHX 4009 At the EC level, and after 13 years in power, the Government cannot escape responsibility for the operation of the CAP.

HHX 6783 Surely it cannot be right for a foreign company, faced with recession and a lack of profitability at home, in Sweden, to cut its overseas operations and, in doing so, close down the United Kingdom's strategic bus manufacturing plant.

HHX 18012 We cannot make forecasts, but in 1991-92 our aid is expected to be about 0.3 per cent.

HJA 3317 It is probable that current developments in IT will solve many of our present and future problems in ways which we cannot foresee.

HRG 1194 As independent chain mobility cannot be discounted for these longer chains after the onset of entanglement, a modified model is required to account for the ability of long chains to translate and diffuse through the polymer matrix, i.e. the entanglement network must be considered as being transient.

HTX 1141 Unfortunately —’ he caught Owen's eye meaningfully —‘they cannot answer for others.’

HU3 5379 We therefore cannot comment on the use of supplemental oxygen in these patients.

HX9 140 Since HWIM's acoustic-phonetic component cannot be relied upon to correctly segment and label at the phonetic level, a number of alternative hypotheses have to be maintained to ensure that the right word has a chance of being considered.

J6V 44 1.6 There are special rules of pleading in RSC Ord 18, r7A (see Appendix C) that must be observed: the party who is facing a pleaded conviction cannot simply traverse his opponent's pleading otherwise he runs the risk of having his own pleading struck out.

J6Y 1358 Even if the court cannot point to the actual error, nevertheless, if the figure is so extravagantly large or so inadequately small that the only conclusion is that he must have gone wrong somewhere, then the court will interfere in much the same way as the Court of Appeal will interfere with an award of damages if it is a wholly erroneous estimate.

J7E 628 This is in contrast to the compulsory sale procedures under CA 1985, s429 where, although market purchases made before the posting of the offer document cannot count towards the 90 per cent threshold, purchases afterwards may be counted provided they do not exceed the offer price.

JT9 103 You cannot rely on stewards because you know they're they're not here all the time.

K94 1520 However, their benefits are much less tangible than a physical product in that they cannot be stored or displayed and satisfaction is achieved through activities (e.g. transportation from one place to another rather than say a seat on a train).

K95 1860 ‘I cannot,’ the friar repeated.

KN3 343 It is really in my mind almost a repeat of the situation we found ourselves in, in the Sudbury Western bypass some year or two ago, which strayed into Essex onto which the Essex County Council raised objection, er, one cannot build a road in an adjoining County without the consent in law of the County Highway Authority on whose ground you trespass, it's almost as simple as that and in this case with Norfolk standing presumably indicating their intention to oppose the construction for a day, we have something of a static bar situation unless we can reach agreement.