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A30 444 ‘Good teaching cannot be sustained indefinitely in inadequate and underequipped accommodation.’

A4X 490 ALMOST two months into Colombia's crackdown on the cocaine cartels, it is becoming increasingly clear that President Virgilio Barco has launched a war he cannot win.

AE0 2333 Throwing yourself at men, men of gross natures, is a still-greater act of self-abuse, and I cannot warn you too strongly that you are placing yourself in the very gravest danger.

AHT 61 I cannot recall an occasion when he asked me for help before.

B10 1756 She cannot help you pack your box at the supermarket and have a tantrum at the same time.

B1J 842 It does not take an intimate knowledge of logic, never mind Greek and Hebrew, to conclude that they cannot all be right.

B1P 418 They mark especial favours from the sovereign, for although ordinary grants of arms can be purchased (subject always to the Earl Marshal's pleasure and discretion), an augmentation cannot, for its bestowal is in effect a royal warrant under the hand and seal of the reigning monarch.

B76 299 But the two countries cannot agree on the crucial question of whether, as the Canadians maintain, the evidence shows an immediate need to fix a limit on emissions of sulphur dioxide.

B7G 2026 Compendia of information cannot solve all the problems associated with mapping out one's life, but they do provide basic and practical information.

C8L 75 If we cannot answer, ‘Yes this is our motive,’ then all the other good pragmatic reasons for church planting are irrelevant.

C9W 240 It works the other way around too; hypnotic therapy cannot have any adverse effect upon whatever form of medical assistance you might be receiving.

CA3 813 I speak truth because I cannot bear to live otherwise.’

CBR 355 You cannot communicate with what you have learnt, nor it seems can you learn by communicating.

CDW 497 Because of the capitalist's desire for profit and wealth Marx develops a number of arguments to show that the system cannot survive.

CH2 12191 Amsterdam police spokesman Sergeant Janice Verteegh said: ‘There are so many bodies we cannot count them yet.

CJ3 1029 Even those mammals best adapted to desert conditions, such as the camel, cannot begin to match this ability.

CKS 1015 But in a stressed state, and especially if one is playing helpless, one cannot see clearly what the opportunities and risks actually are, and one therefore cannot act with discernment and intelligence.

CMT 629 Moscow cannot repudiate the orthodoxies imposed upon its clients without repudiating its clients.

CN5 467 Without probing too deeply into the reasons for the emergence of that national consensus — and the cogency of the Munn report's argument and the compactness of Scotland as an educational entity, cannot be disregarded in this connection — the existence of that consensus is beyond question and it undoubtedly made the introduction of a national curriculum framework a relatively unproblematic matter.

CS2 1041 Similarly the value of something is intrinsically bound up with the way in which someone who recognizes it is drawn to it, or repelled by it if the value is negative, but is not merely a disposition to attract or repel, for we cannot be thus attracted or repelled except by recognizing (or at least seeming to recognize) a value

CTW 1041 In the Midlands and south of England values average out at roughly £20-£30 per thousand acres, but although this represents an average of about 6d. an acre — which was near enough the going rate for rent — it cannot be employed as a general conversion factor, for while it may be applicable to a county or other major division, the ratios for individual parishes and hamlets are subject to extreme variations.

EBM 374 It is now accepted that new prerogative powers cannot be created, but the scope of many established prerogative powers is unclear.

EBM 1157 It is also the case that delay in hearing cases can benefit applicants who wish to use judicial review as a delaying tactic: delay caused by waiting lists cannot justify claims of vexatious litigating in the way that delay caused by the applicant can.

ECF 603 There is a small beach and as the beach cannot be reached by traffic, so there is a really relaxed, holiday feel.

ED4 1944 Well, this is truth time, and even though she warned me I'd never get away with it, I cannot live a lie.

EFF 820 As Ed Wilson, of the East African regional office in Kenya, points out, conservation cannot thrive in isolation.

EUS 882 Extend the algorithm to deal with a general dividend and divisor, and include a test for overflow (i.e. when the quotient cannot be represented in n bits).

EX6 1419 3 Make sure that personnel who are to be present from sections other than the PR department are fully briefed on their role and on what can and cannot be said.

F9A 477 It is possible to protect the excavators from inclement weather conditions, such as by the use of shelters, but the sites themselves cannot be dried out as the waterlogging actually preserves the sites.

F9K 748 But apart from the general implausibility of this suggestion, there is surely one sceptical argument which he cannot reject in this way.

FBN 2809 This accusation cannot be levelled at Phoenix 2000 , a British floating pellet manufactured by Notts-based Gold Line Feeds and distributed by Remanoid.

FPV 1062 How sad that people cannot learn from the Houys!

FYW 12 Her memory is extremely poor and she cannot sustain a normal conversation.

G2D 1401 ‘They cannot be expected to know this, given inadequate food labelling.’

GUC 1545 First, if the action must be taken very urgently, it cannot be taken as part of a full corporate strategic analysis; there would not be the time.

GW1 254 Generally speaking, non-consensual sexual intercourse which takes place within marriage cannot constitute rape.

H0F 228 It's a cowardly thing to do, but I cannot bear to face her…not yet.

H0M 806 Perhaps they were also saying — you cannot go slumming, not in New York.

HHW 12970 He said:’ There are certain administrative arrangements which are handled by the Commission and which are clearly defined in the Treaty of Rome, and they cannot go beyond their powers.

HNV 383 They have been well mixed and cannot be seen.

HPK 1455 There are two narrow bridges, both on bends, and many other blind corners where pedestrians cannot step off the carriageway to avoid oncoming vehicles.

HSF 1785 Mr Bush cannot embrace Camp David without looking wimpish.

HXR 292 While the benefits of faster growth may spread throughout the EC, it cannot be assumed that this will occur in a balanced manner.

J52 718 The Bishop believes in evolution, but cannot believe that natural selection is an adequate explanation for the course that evolution has taken (partly because, like many others, he sadly misunderstands natural selection to be "random" and"meaningless').

J6P 1149 A properly drafted lease will ensure that the lessor cannot object to such formal assignment and will expressly provide that the named lessees hold the term for the partnership.

JJV 48 A knowledge of the working of a solicitor's office, particularly er o of those departments handling non-contentious business, cannot be automatically imputed to the judge or to council and he may as well make it is not uncommon for an expert witness to give evidence of what he would have done in a particular situation after consideration and er I resign on that because in my submission er the issues in this case are clearly issues of mixed fact and law and my Lord it is seen from the report handed up that there is particularly in relation to the erm financial aspect of the case, reference to a provision within a professional conduct of solicitors guide as to what the nature of the er duties of the solicitor in the situation is.

JXG 777 You cannot use the AUTO command within a program or a multi-statement command line.

K54 1476 We cannot hope that Protestant and Catholic would begin peacefully to coexist once peace-keeping British soldiers had departed.

K8S 1279 Unless he will forswear this feud of his own will I cannot release him.’

K97 9291 Owner Karen Alexander said at her home in Middlewood Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire: ‘I cannot describe how I feel about the people who have done this.