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A0G 2684 Some absorb the gas quickly, whereas others circulate it slowly and cannot respond to floods of bright light.

A19 2055 I willingly accept that an inventor cannot scrutinise every patent application; by the same token a manufacturer cannot contact all potentially interested parties.’

AD1 923 ‘I cannot understand why we were not informed.’

AK2 465 With Labour facing a period of confusion, the Liberal Democrats will seek to offer ‘leadership’ to demoralised anti-Tory voters who now fear that the Conservatives cannot be beaten.

ANL 2979 I cannot remember anyone else.’

ARC 633 Education and the Working Class , rooted in direct observation and rich reporting, raised ‘the old dilemma: working class life — listen to the voices — has strengths we cannot afford to lose; middle class life transmits within it the high culture of one society, that must be opened freely to all.

ASL 308 Similarly, the future lens cells cannot detach from the sheet unless their CAMs change to allow them to let go of the neighbouring cells.

ASY 304 It cannot, except in a thoroughly perverted form, be a satisfactory instrument for party political indoctrination and it cannot live happily in a situation which subjects it continually to the harsher pressures of party political confrontation.’

B1J 478 Even if you're awkward and want a Japanese aristocrat with no left ear, then you cannot beat the Celestial store at the Vatican.

B20 25 So far as the organization of your operations here is concerned, I cannot congratulate you.’

B20 466 I cannot help you.’

B33 915 From the practical standpoint, it is often claimed that there is never enough time to write objectives; that their use removes the spontaneity from teaching; and finally that from a clinical point of view they are inappropriate, as much of the teaching is ‘crisis, teaching and cannot be foreseen nor planned.

B76 299 But the two countries cannot agree on the crucial question of whether, as the Canadians maintain, the evidence shows an immediate need to fix a limit on emissions of sulphur dioxide.

BNX 47 4-Star (minimum octane of 97) is a leaded petrol for cars that cannot use one of the two unleaded grades .

C96 1163 But because they are listed, many of the more badly deteriorated buildings and terraces cannot be demolished and rebuilt with more modern structures — and are left empty, because the zoo doesn't have the funds available to repair them.

CAJ 184 James Callaghan talked in 1979, in private, of those moments where you feel that the tide of history has changed and cannot be resisted.

CBU 445 ‘Because of lack of human resources and money, we cannot meet the needs of the US and Anglo-Saxon countries, although we would like to.

CCB 1512 The oldest and most worn-out woodcut, representing King Pippin, Two Shoes, or the grim Soldan, sitting with three staring blots for his eyes and mouth, his sceptre in one hand, and his five fingers raised and spread in admiration at the feats of the Gallant London Apprentice, cannot excite in me a feeling of ingratitude.

CGD 1199 The therapist cannot win out against death, but he or she can win out for life, for a sense of the real, for the kind of growth that truly matters; dealing as it does with the evaluation of ways to love and hate, with the meanings of human conduct, an appreciation of human nature, and the succession of the generations.

CH1 8602 I CANNOT remember looking forward to a Tory conference with such relish.

CL1 659 It will be obvious by now that my account of the emergence of black sportsmen runs contrary to such views and I cannot accept that blacks are ‘made for physical things’ any more than I can that their continued failure in more formal academic realms is based on inadequate intellectual resources.

CRM 613 The trace-element fractionations cannot, however, be explained simply as the product of small degrees of partial melting in areas of thicker lithosphere.

CS2 861 All that is missing is reasoning of an inductive or abductive sort (in the parts of ethical thought which cannot be hived off as ‘factual’) and even for this there is a kind of substitute.

EBP 1070 Capetian claims to jurisdiction were therefore certainly experienced in Béarn and Bigorre after 1285, but it cannot be argued that either Gaston VII or Roger-Bernard III were willing instruments of French royal sovereignty.

ED3 1486 It seems that we cannot be the fairest of them all.

EDD 839 The first is that the five senses do not and cannot give us ‘unvarnished news’— information independent of the concepts used to classify it.

EEN 96 Power is not unitary, it does not reside in the stats, it cannot be reduced to class relations; it is not something to hold or use.

EUS 1358 In supervisor mode all the facilities of the computer are available for use, while in the problem mode certain instructions (known as privileged instructions) are disallowed and cannot be executed.

EUX 150 For Israel's way to be hidden Yahweh could mean that God cannot see Israel's way, or will not see Israel's way, or has caused Israel not to be able to see its own way.

EWR 767 It cannot, save by strain and artifice, be divided into aesthetic segments or schools of thought.

F9K 106 The claim that none of our beliefs about the future are ever justified is more important and more interesting than the claim that although our belief that the sun will rise tomorrow is quite probably both true and justified, we cannot really be said to know that the sun will rise tomorrow.

FED 90 Although there is evidence to support Kinsbourne's hypothesis (Kinsbourne, 1975a; Cohen, 1975a) it cannot account for the results of those studies in which opposite field superiorities have been obtained for verbal and non-verbal stimuli presented randomly or simultaneously to each half field of vision (Terrace, 1959; Berlucchi, Brizzolara, Marzi, Rizzolatti and Umilta, 1974; Hines, 1975; Klein, Moscovitch and Vigna, 1976; Pirozollo and Rayner, 1977).

FRG 1194 Particularly where the subject is a plural personal pronoun no variation seems to be permitted; but in our initial search for invariance (cf. 1.1), we still cannot specify this rule as categorical with the same confidence as we can define a constraint on a phonological variable.

FUL 1095 It just cannot work every time.

G13 3590 ‘I really cannot stand this.’

G19 160 Although most departments have drawn up plans, many areas of departmental work cannot easily be broken down into discrete cost centres.

G2N 211 However, this person cannot be held responsible for the charges due from the other residents.

GU8 189 We cannot make generalizations here like those for inheritance, for development is less well understood.

GXG 5080 Critics, of course, argue that even with the best will in the world British Coal cannot replace much of what is destroyed in getting the coal out of the ground.

H81 1275 EARL OF SELBORNE L.C.: My Lords, upon the construction of the agreement of December 21, 1876, I cannot differ from the conclusion in which both the courts below were agreed.

HH1 2914 That a man cannot keep an open house for the benefit of travellers such as yourselves.’

HHT 209 Its BCR number cannot be identified with certainty, but it may be No. 6.

HSF 893 This would amount to admitting that governments cannot save for the future, a view that some describe as pre-emptive capitulation.

HTP 1042 ‘Perhaps,’ I can hear my readers saying, ‘but you cannot possibly suppose that all the totalitarian states which have come into existence in times ancient and modern have been the result of faulty socialization and nothing more.’

J9P 827 They cannot work on their own.

J9S 488 Er the other half of the factors really do depend on detailed site conditions, and cannot easily form part of a strategic assessment.

JJH 830 And you, A types cannot see it in any other way.

K2V 2 EMBARRASSED body-odour sufferers often cannot do anything about their personal freshness problem, researchers announced today.

K73 366 if they're saying there are no restrictions, cos they cannot, they simply cannot give there good clearance if there was something which is something of a restriction of competition, they must give exemption, they have no jurisdiction to do anything else, if they look at a clause and say

KNF 521 It's like, sort of thefts of motor vehicles, we can reduce the theft of the actual vehicle, because there are security devices now to do that, to make it harder and you cannot odds somebody coming along the street, throwing a brick through a window and grabbing your cassette out.