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A4W 61 Dagenham cannot match other Ford plants right now but its performance will appear even less satisfactory against the Japanese.

AA1 568 The customer's brother — who cannot be named for legal reasons — came into the shop a little later and started an argument.

ABE 3010 They have now decided, at a meeting in Luxembourg, that there is one thing the EC cannot do and three things it can.

ABP 1248 A corporation cannot be made bankrupt; but a company formed under the Companies Act 1985 or similar earlier Acts can be wound up, and its property distributed, according to rules similar to those applicable to bankruptcy.

ADA 531 I cannot yet rest.

ALK 539 This rumour may have been based on someone having witnessed some signs of a growing affection between Richard and Margaret, but we cannot be sure.

AN4 3455 How important these compromises were and to what degree they were amplified by Freemantle or her editors and publishers cannot be judged precisely on the evidence available.

ANA 1219 Because certain people do not conform to academic expectations or social abilities of others, this cannot place them outside society.

ASV 1976 This is a condition that cannot last; it must be changed, must pass, or misfortune will result…

AYK 1872 This takes practice but you can soon learn to use that new-found sense of awareness whether you are going through a tranquil period of your life or whether you are lying in bed wondering why you cannot get to sleep.

B76 1544 I cannot be absolutely sure that there is no mention of Idso in the book because of its other glaring omission — there is no index.

B7J 2233 ‘Robots,’ he said, ‘gave me a means of venting my anger,’a remark whose logic baffled me until I read another ‘Logic alone cannot explain this.’

BP5 351 As a result of the right of establishment, a member state cannot keep out companies incorporated in other member states.

CA1 776 One cannot help but reflect on how much all of this emerging artistry stems back to the exhibitions of Tom Van Sant's work in the USA and UK during 1976.

CCH 385 I cannot find words to thank them enough.

CFT 1789 Advanced technology cannot operate without special glass.

CFX 313 Are we to conclude therefore that eminence cannot be allowed as a yardstick of creativity?

CK3 1314 I have worked with Singer machines for the past seven years, during which time I have come to trust them and admire the work that they produce, which I think cannot be equalled on any other machine.

CLE 55 Collective bargaining institutions and rules cannot be expected to function adequately when wrenched out of their original context and implanted elsewhere, since they are closely linked with the structure and organisation of political and social power in their own environment or habitat.

CM8 71 Without such concepts I cannot see that human infants could acquire a language’(1982: 47).

CR7 1090 A man who cannot base his decisions on precedent and logic has no business being on the bench (a premise that Justice Brennan never forgot).

FAD 86 That is to say, you cannot describe sixteenth-century English as if it were a variant of RP any more than you can do this for divergent present-day varieties.

FB5 1101 Marxists too often tend to take a cavalier attitude towards the findings of such polls — anything which people ought not to think, according to socialist ideology, is regarded as the product of ‘media manipulation’ and cannot really be people's own considered view.

FBK 343 They can accept or reject it, but they cannot test it out in the field.

FD4 363 638 cannot be faulted.

FD7 404 As a matter of principle, if, as I think, the defendant's case for rectification as against the building society cannot be brought under any of the paragraphs of section 82(1), I would conclude that that must be an end to the rectification claim.

FDY 165 In so far as the plaintiffs are seeking to recover from the third defendant money which he has obtained for his own benefit or for the benefit of companies which are, in effect, his alter ego, I can see that the third party would have an overwhelming argument that it cannot be just and equitable to require him to contribute to whatever the third defendant is ordered to pay to the plaintiffs.

FE2 867 But, if I am right in my analysis, one cannot simply be content to say that, if his conviction is restored, the respondent will have suffered no injustice.

FEV 1945 These changes in metabolic rate affect our rate of physiological time, although they cannot account for all the changes in time perception we experience as we age.

FR7 369 Under U.S. law, an ocean freight forwarder cannot act as a common carrier or as an agent for such a carrier and thus cannot be a NVOCC.

FS6 918 Many deaf people complain, with some justification, of being treated as stupid simply because they cannot hear, and many crippled people complain of being avoided, or pitied, and rarely accepted for themselves.

FTT 1370 One cannot reconcile the calculation until it is realised that a clad score equals 21, and the treatment of fractions of a penny is individual.

FTV 347 If such claims cannot be "explained away" ; if they do not reduce to ascriptions of certain attributes to certain entities; if furthermore they cannot be paraphrased simply in terms of knowledge, or translated into claims about the syntactical properties of certain expressions, the question is, how exactly should they be interpreted?

FYX 1544 Consideration of particle emission from black holes would seem to suggest that God not only plays dice but also sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen.

GT2 647 John cannot therefore have been born later than 1236.

GV9 460 ‘But she cannot be Queen.

GVR 413 A person who threatens lawful violence cannot be convicted under this section.

H8V 310 However, the astonishing consistency of Formalist theory cannot in any way be attributed to the pressure of orthodoxy within the group.

H91 996 There is a general agreement from the most ardent Federalists to their staunchest opponents that the EEC simply cannot continue in its present form.

HAC 3971 I cannot simply advise you to go out and buy without trying for the simple reason that it can be very slow on anything less than a really fast machine.

HGE 2811 ‘I cannot believe that I am hearing you aright, my darling.

HRD 1008 So long as this remains true, CDTV cannot suffer by comparison.

HRK 485 An opportunity will be lost if systems in the various departments cannot ‘talk’ to each other and share the same database.

HWF 9588 These relations cannot be deleted once made and version ranges cannot be reduced with the one exception that the ‘next approved’ version A can be replaced with L .

J6Y 1882 J said: "The cases are quite clear that you cannot make a valuer an arbitrator by calling him so or vice versa" .

J9J 284 And in spite of the major reorganisations in education and planned services arrangements, no jobs have been lost and they're at it again on this amendment lies absolute lies and you cannot stand, you lied in P and R, and you're lying now on a speculative business about people's

JS8 499 in relation to er adjustices erm we cannot support the Liberal Democrats er motions in relation to er, to T five, Mrs 's is, is right in saying our representatives of, of Hertfordshire who represent her own who represent erm Hertfordshire, we are also sort of citizens of the United Kingdom and not to afternoon we, er what ever it is now.

K23 2019 He cannot treat wear and tear, but he can ease pain and help people to combat back pain.

K5C 1227 She cannot afford to make a mistake so she must leave herself to the administrations of Lady G, June's of Hamilton or Gina Smart in Ayr.

KA3 38 14a) You cannot guarantee that the work in the chuck runs true because certain areas of the scroll can be worn through continuous use.