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A1B 1922 His anti-Semitism may be a separate issue (though many of course will deny even that); but his Fascism cannot be, since it represents a disastrously false judgement made in the course of following through a conviction not self-evidently false — about there being a connection between the health of letters and the health of the commonweal.

A89 443 ‘This, however, cannot take place if they are brought up properly.’

AAT 171 At this stage I cannot give an explanation for their presence in that Peruvian cave, beyond saying that we have found something that indicates contact with the Old World.

AE7 300 However, if one error is fatal, two cannot be worse, so by causing a recombination element R has given itself an evens chance of survival, whereas without recombination it had none.

AK6 301 The worst of it is that one cannot yet express a proper anger about the state of things, since it is just about possible that the Frauleins Krabbe, Breuer and Moller are innocent of any serious wrongdoing (if that's the right term) in the affair of the Uniform Urine.

ANH 299 The difficulty in assessing this point is that in most cases the normal justification cannot be established unless the putative authority enjoys some measure of recognition, and exercises power over its subjects.

ARG 1070 Unless we can see the profound radicalism of the spiritual meaning of his poverty, we cannot hope to enter into all the other aspects of the truly happy way of living.

AS0 213 If the patient cannot walk or be transported safely to the kitchen or the dining room, you have to bring the food to him.

B7G 651 According to the Lords's report on the water industry, 191 do not appear to have an owner and valid engineers' reports (required under the 1930 Reservoirs Act) can not be found for more than half of them.

B7G 2026 Compendia of information cannot solve all the problems associated with mapping out one's life, but they do provide basic and practical information.

BNF 1712 Men cannot breastfeed babies, nor can they experience what it is like to have carried a child, however much their partners may have encouraged them to feel the moving infant inside the belly.

CBC 4095 I CANNOT judge the rights and wrongs of this interminable conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

CBX 2589 It penalises the realisation of losses later than gains; donors of gifts who die within seven years; owners of non-fungible (lumpy) assets who cannot ‘bed and breakfast’ to use up annual exemptions; as well as direct as compared with indirect investors through tax-exempt institutions.

CEM 1185 ‘You think you buy into somewhere crime cannot reach and then it hits you with the worst kind.’

CG6 161 Clearly, children cannot speak at birth, but Chomsky wishes to credit them with two distinct kinds of knowledge.

CGS 534 You cannot see a relationship.

CJC 399 ‘People say I've got the best serve in the world and that if I don't serve well I cannot win matches.’

CM2 1039 However, such performances cannot be necessary conditions for such ascription, because of all those we would naturally deem conscious but who cannot, for various reasons, provide them.

CR8 2943 At the last minute, enough congressmen rally round to get the package through the House of Representatives: not because they believe in it, but because Mr Clinton has made them an offer they cannot refuse, or worse, because they pity him.

CRX 873 A common reply to this is that you cannot have social control without crime or deviance and hence, if social control is necessary, then crime and deviance must be, too.

E9U 779 But yesterday a statement issued by Mr Sadler revealed the council's continued hard line over Sunday opening — which cannot be altered until councillors discuss the matter on June 16.

ECD 945 Manne now acknowledges that this argument may be less persuasive than he initially thought: ‘[t]hat kind of trading may have some impact, but we cannot be sure a priori how much impact it will actually have, if it will have any at all.’

ED5 797 Redcliffe-Maud summed up: ‘Size cannot statistically be proved to have a very important effect on performance’(Redcliffe-Maud 1969, Vol.

EV9 361 To prove we must show that every element of B is also contained in A. Since has no elements we cannot show .

FB2 271 A second reason is that many smaller farms simply cannot afford to pay higher wages because of the low price elasticity for farm products (Bellerby 1956; Metcalf 1969).

FBW 102 (5) The general topics it is proposed to discuss with you are:(a) the existence and whereabouts of certain accountancy books and records believed to contain information material to the case;(b) the existence and whereabouts of assets which should have been in the possession of companies under your control and now cannot be traced;(c) the extent of your control and interest in various Canadian companies and trusts and the extent and nature of your dealings with these entities;(d) details of personal bank accounts and assets currently held and how current liabilities are being met.

FCH 186 A grant for an uncertain term which takes the form of a yearly tenancy which cannot be determined by the landlord does not create a lease.

FEW 7 Because it is conducted at a particular point in the year, the spring, the LFS cannot be used to investigate seasonal variations in the size or structure of the temporary workforce.

FPR 378 This has led many farmers to believe that the skilled, responsible and versatile labour which they require cannot be purchased at any price, and that the future expansion of the industry will be jeopardized by a chronic shortage of the requisite workers.

FRG 12 Survey methodology is a highly developed technique for obtaining a representative sample of opinions and attitudes from an enumerated population, but the interactive technique used in such surveys is designed to keep rapport at a moderate level and filter out all information that cannot be coded in the scheme developed.

GUC 733 The first company cannot understand why, given that it almost certainly has lower costs.

H0Y 2483 Thus the word gladness has a structure consisting of two elements whose exponents are the morphemes glad and ness, but these morphemes cannot be further analysed grammatically.

H10 1061 In a book such as this I cannot say more than that about how the modern fieldworking anthropologist conducts his research.

H7K 1154 At the end of Precambrian times, one cannot but be impressed by the similarities of deposits such as the Eocambrian of Greenland, the Swedish Jotnian, the Scottish Torridonian and the French Brioverian.

HAE 637 ‘With Celon, we cannot possibly have football conversations.

HGP 575 Yet without these forward markets the price system cannot be expected to ensure that the marginal cost and marginal benefits of planned future goods are equal.

HHV 243 What does his patients charter offer to the thousands of patients who, through the College of Health helpline, have chosen a hospital with a shorter waiting list, but cannot get into that hospital because their health authorities will not pay for them to be treated there?

HHW 1256 We cannot even get the Government to say that they will fully support oil sanctions against Yugoslavia.

HHX 10489 How, a week after that crazy decision, are we to place confidence in Ministers who talk about policing and crime prevention in our urban and rural communities when they cannot tell one from t'other?

HRK 2362 The information centre needs to be a centre of education — what computers can and cannot do, the importance of good standards, security provision and so on— as well as a source of training, reference material and advice on particular problems or the appropriateness of particular hardware and software solutions.

HU3 4397 The possibility that the complex may be effective by all of these mechanisms cannot be excluded.

HXE 1282 A hire-purchase agreement which is not properly executed cannot be enforced by the sellers' recapturing the item but only by a court order.

HXV 1985 The duty is personal as it cannot be delegated and is discharged by the exercise of due skill and care.

J0U 1553 Outsiders, even those who were until recently insiders, cannot penetrate the ranks of the insiders and, as a result, can no longer influence the course of wage bargaining.

J2L 785 One cannot be so clear when considering other mosaics which appear to owe much to this manner of arrangement and depiction.

J6Y 1714 14.6.6 "Quasi-arbitrator" cannot be defined

K3G 271 ‘We cannot bury our heads in the sand and become competitive just by thinking that we are.

K5H 487 To date the ecologists have refused to be drawn, but a last-minute pact cannot be ruled out.

K97 9261 Her mother Fran said: ‘I cannot believe we are just a few hours from going home.

KAY 1070 This causes her to write a letter to God, asking for a sign, because she cannot understand what has happened.