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A0T 97 The tendency of the mind to move from one thing to another has to consist in the straightforward fact that one thing usually follows, or is caused by, the other; the tendency or association cannot be thought of as some experienced feature of the situation without reviving the original situation of having an unanalysed conception of the mind's ability to reach out and apprehend things.

A9T 481 ‘A dress, you ignoramus’), all he does is look in the mirror and say, ‘This cannot be true!’

ABA 134 In the first three years of a Service's Long-Term Costing after the actual estimates year, there seems to be a bow-wave of requirements that cannot be fitted into the programme.

ADB 614 The importance of the Second World War to this generation cannot be overstated.

ADS 270 He would not need above four days' leave from them and since Oreste is now or will be by then nearly three which is the age Pen first travelled at I cannot see any reason why he need inconvenience the party.

AMD 1402 Another glorious day can be spent walking through the Fern ‘distant’ Pass, where you cannot help but admire the jewel-like splendour of the turquoise coloured lakes.

ANL 1580 There cannot be many missing girls of her class.

APC 1619 Some things you cannot steal.

AS1 37 The report is expensive and cannot be sold to another buyer if you decide not to proceed.

B07 635 Since monographs can go out of print a year after publication, and since the heaviest use of monographs is normally in the year and a half following publication, librarians obviously cannot rely upon reviews as a selection tool.

B1C 1473 and cannot be older.

B71 1211 Of course science and technology alone cannot produce complete solutions to such complex problems.

B72 1932 But we cannot expect to live on this inheritance for ever.

BM5 803 You cannot be serious!

BNM 506 It is interesting to note that although cost benefit has undoubtedly remained attractive to local authorities operating in difficult financial circumstances, evaluation theory has long recognized that cost benefit analysis cannot be applied uniformly:

C8F 1169 However admirable may be the aim of the Urban Safety Project — ten to fifteen per cent reduction in accidents — the limited scope of these schemes cannot be ignored.

C8Y 301 This can be done by making a point of asking their advice on small matters, which cannot create any anxiety in them.

C9B 1026 But the question that arises is whether it can be said of any morality that it cannot be divorced from religion.

CET 1591 At the same time, spacetime itself will break up; as matter and energy cannot exist without spacetime as a ‘basis’, the end product of this process can be nothing butnothing.

CH2 9074 Many videos ‘make claims they cannot live up to— and some of the workouts are dangerous,’ exercise physiologist Dr Chris Riddoch tells tonight's programme.

CM2 115 His ‘robust realism’ results from the fact that he cannot attain the standpoint of transcendental reflection from which he can notice what we take to be idealist tendencies in his work.

CMS 1108 This deviant case analysis, while yielding important insights, cannot be regarded as providing all the variables needed to explain firm by firm variations, as more research is necessary to construct a more refined typology, in particular one which could distinguish between the different types of professional integration here revealed, i.e. attitudinal, dependence on court, and dependence on the good opinion of high status practitioners.

EB2 846 Questions about what law can or cannot do raise wider issues about people, behaviour and social theory.

EDC 1488 He has sought treatment on a number of occasions and has come to the conclusion that he cannot break the habit and that what he needs and wants is a maintenance regime, preferably on heroin — something that the medical profession in Wirral does not want to give him.

EDD 1258 A set of desires can be inconsistent in the sense that they cannot all be satisfied.

EEB 296 These are necessary and you cannot spend all of your time studying.

EFD 1182 Some BAT leaders have stated that the problem they have with places like Ballymurphy is that they cannot get any community leadership to support, financially and otherwise.

F9F 1694 Nuthatches, nesting in tree holes, habitually narrow the entrance by rimming it with mud so that nothing bigger than they can enter, and even the probing beak of a magpie hunting for nestlings cannot reach the young within.

FA9 825 Anyway, the speaker added, with a grin, the women are willing cooperators, for they ‘cannot understand why their visitors expect to pay for sex’.

FBV 475 If the right to criticise the government is a privilege which, with the exceptions above enumerated, cannot be restricted, then all civil as well as criminal actions are forbidden.

FRA 1637 A few will now find their position alleviated by obtaining a scholarship from their Inn of Court or a loan from funds administered by the Senate, but these cannot be counted.

FRN 729 Since the games are played just once, with the firms making output or price choices simultaneously, the equilibria cannot be rationalized by appeal to a process of action and reaction through time.

FTV 1013 Although this proposition is unlikely ever to be falsified, nevertheless one cannot maintain that it cannot in principle be false.

G1L 1591 The bloodied torso of what had been Balor lay twitching on the ground, moving clumsily, trying to pull itself along the ground, like a monstrous beetle which has been turned on its shelly back and cannot right itself.

G28 361 Now, I cannot say whether advice from the spirit world would prove superior to advice from investment analysts still living in this value of tears.

GVD 1117 Emphasis upon the link between evaluation and change draws attention to the often neglected fact that evaluation evidence cannot determine system goals nor can it indicate whether system goals are being optimally achieved unless the goals are clearly specified.

GWN 49 It is, as Lord Renton pointed out in an address to this Society in 1990, too much to ask that legislation should always be expressed simply; for the complexities of modern life do not always admit of simplicity and we cannot afford, in providing a code of conduct, to sacrifice certainty to simplicity.

H8R 3497 The lambs cannot find

HAC 30 Question: I bought some inexpensive 3.5″ diskettes, but I cannot format them.

HH3 169 That we cannot cope with another child, that we are not ready for parenthood, that we cannot face raising a child without a partner, that we cannot afford a child, that our method of birth control failed, that we are the victims of rape, that we cannot bear the anguish of carrying a child to term and giving it up for adoption, that we cannot accept the responsibility of caring for a handicapped child — these are the reasons why we seek abortion in the vast majority of cases.

HHW 8133 However, because the individual has settled here the Government say that they cannot send that person back.

HHW 11684 We cannot have a single currency, a single immigration policy, a single foreign policy and a single defence policy without being a united states of Europe.

HNL 1587 However, one disadvantage of a forward contract is that it cannot be cancelled without the agreement of both counterparties.

HPX 176 While uniformity of view between the managing partners cannot always be achieved every effort has to be made to avoid discrepancies.


J0T 1563 Deep weathering mantles cannot develop even though the actual rate of weathering is probably very high as a result of the proximity of the weathering front to the surface and the associated rapid downslope movement of soil water.

J6T 888 Where the UCTA controls exclusion clauses its approach is either to state that liability for the matter in question "cannot be excluded or restricted by reference to any contract term" (imposition of a total ban) or to state that such liability cannot be so excluded or restricted unless the relevant contract term "satisfies the test of reasonableness" .

J76 935 A witness cannot be asked in examination-in-chief about any previous statement made out of court which is inconsistent with his testimony unless he has been declared a hostile witness by the court.

K55 4527 But Mr Fallon claims to relish a fight and Mr MacMullen says the outcome of Darlington cannot be predicted.

K5H 3540 We can stand on our own two feet; deep mines cannot do so.’