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A0H 1171 Often they cannot be practised on the home site because they are not acceptable on a busy airfield.

A1B 2051 No harm in that: pedestrian documentation is what there is a call for — Pound himself, and his admirers emulating him, have been so sprightly for so long that they have persuaded people they, and he, cannot be in earnest.

A4P 296 Faldo said at Wentworth yesterday that he made the decision because he feels he cannot now finish at the top of the European order of merit by playing in Spain.

A5Y 1009 Hence experience and type originate together: the individual cannot endow experiences with meaning without types, yet types are constituted from and through lived experience (see Rogers 1981:.

ABP 399 The infant cannot give a receipt which executors, administrators or trustees can safely take.

AE8 1054 What Havel recently referred to when he said that ‘I cannot speak about everything I know’ were secret treaties between Czechoslovakia and the USSR which cannot as yet be disclosed.

AN5 913 The Secretary of State cannot interfere on a parent's behalf over a curricular matter until the complaint has been pursued via the local complaints machinery.

APN 587 In the final analysis, if the small farmer and peasant of the Third World cannot or will not take conservation to heart, no amount of model-building, empirical plot studies, erosion risk assessment or legislation will result in the preservation of the soil's resources.

AS0 481 Equally, there are many games which can be played from a wheelchair, if the patient cannot stand, but his sitting balance is good.

B32 1863 In the same way, we cannot hear very low tones.

B3K 687 Tickets cannot be exchanged or money refunded.

B7D 618 (Marzipan made from apricot kernels cannot be called marzipan, but it is good.)

BML 1299 And there are readers who have been deeply moved and impressed in the ways that we have described by books that cannot be described as the best of anything.

BPC 1966 TELEPHONE BOOKINGS cannot be accepted except for CREDIT CARD bookings (booking fee 50p per transaction).

C95 2341 The same cannot be said of ozone , if used indiscriminately.

CB1 53 No doubt if I cannot break out of the convention of thinking as though I were a detached Ego contemplating unmoved both the possible consequences and my fear of them, it will seem that I can have no reason to stop smoking unless I recognize some further imperative such as‘Take care of your health’.

CB1 209 There is something paradoxical about this aspiration to lift myself out of nature by the use of reason, since I cannot without setting arbitrary limits to reason forbid the sciences of physiology, psychology and sociology to reincorporate me into nature, as a phenomenon in principle explainable and predictable like everything else.

CBU 230 Most would like to see the auditor's period away from the audit in question extended from the proposed two years (which, as Touche Ross says, ‘could lead to this guidance being perceived as a cosmetic exercise'), but cannot agree over how long.

CDC 1248 In Mandalay Burmans are making bricks because they cannot get enough timber to rebuild their houses, tho' Burma is a land of timber.

CDV 1218 Here they are totally secure, for though the orcs can splash across the Nimrodel —‘curse their foul feet in its clean water!’ says Haldir — it seems they cannot wade or swim the Silverlode.

CDW 468 The main purpose of Marx's economic theory is to explain the phenomenon of surplus value in the capitalist system and the reason why capitalism as an economic system cannot survive but must give way to socialism.

CH2 8925 Amanda Piper, 24, said daughter Cherie craves cigarettes so much that she screams if she cannot have one.

CJ9 2278 But when someone has AIDS, he or she may be unwell from a number of illnesses because the body's defence or immune system is not working properly and cannot fight infections.

CS2 370 Wherever it is thought important to claim that things of a certain sort are good, being of that sort cannot be what ‘good’ means (what the property good is).

EDD 834 The explanations are not flatly in conflict but neither are they compatible — a nuanced matter which suggests that facts and interpretations cannot be kept apart.

FAV 1574 Any money not required to meet chargeable expenditure in that year cannot be carried forward to the next financial year; it must be surrendered to the Consolidated Fund.

FEU 387 The income is 168 hours and remember you cannot increase this even in times of severe inflation — you have all the time there is.

FPH 1104 I cannot be here long…’

FRN 981 Turning now to policy, it seems clear that a prohibitions-based or per se illegality form of legislation cannot effectively deal with tacit collusion.

FYX 768 The basic postulate of this is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which states that certain pairs of quantities, such as the position and momentum of a particle, cannot be measured simultaneously with arbitrary accuracy.

G17 2980 ‘We cannot —’

H78 902 Because energy cannot be created out of nothing, one of the partners in a particle/antiparticle pair will have positive energy, and the other partner negative energy.

H8U 82 More water percolating through the soil is likely to leach out minerals which may not be easily replaced; calcium may be removed and, where the bedrock cannot replace the material essential to the soil ‘crumb-structure’, permanent damage and degradation may result.

HHV 14015 That cannot be good for the environment.

HJ5 2552 Such a review is undertaken with a view to saving the purchaser the costs of more expensive, full scale investigations (and other professional fees), which may be incurred unnecessarily if the above issues cannot be resolved and the deal has to be aborted.

HJ5 2929 The seller will of course wish to restrict these conditions as far as possible and sometimes the conditions are restricted to events which fundamentally affect the business or value of the offeree and which cannot be adequately compensated by an offer of financial or other compensation which the seller may be prepared to make.

HLW 591 However, before these aims can be achieved, we first of all have to recruit and this, as I said before, cannot be done without literature required.

HRK 2366 On the other hand, care has to be taken to prevent the scope of applications being limited, as users cannot be expected to know all the possibilities that computers offer.

HRN 583 Original artwork is returned when a manuscript cannot be published.

HSE 564 By seeking partners to develop a project, the sponsor can not only spread the risk of failure (and also the rewards of success) but also achieve the best balance of expertise and contribution.

HTP 191 A managerial agency —any managerial agency, be it psychological or otherwise — cannot cope easily with contradictory demands and impulses if it is responsible for a choice of action and must take into account the limitations of the real world.

HVK 246 The view of Flaxton is that the greenbelt should be kept tight round the urban area of York city, and it is because of that view that we think whether there is a need for a new settlement depends basically on the numbers game into which we cannot go.

HWF 6730 Warning — DC Requested users cannot be changed when activity is inhibited

HXF 193 There is nothing in the present that cannot be better understood in the light of its historical context and origins; ii) to arouse interest in the past.

HYB 1541 Any view of RE that sees a split between a feelings/affective approach and a thinking/cerebral one is seriously mistaken, for both are involved all the time and cannot be separated.

J52 294 On it I shall argue that there is nothing that cannot be understood, that there is nothing that cannot be explained, and that everything is extraordinarily simple A great deal of the universe does not need any explanation.

J7F 280 It was formed to elicit an open-ended response, which cannot be quantified, other than to note that only two of the respondents answered negatively.

JK8 548 She says to me, I cannot continue, she's dead already, I will never forget her face, never.

K2D 375 The current formula for the opening tournament cannot continue with preliminary games staged in August.

K8U 344 The ease with which management could organize ‘second unions’ cannot be explained simply by intimidation, important though that was.