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A30 268 ‘We cannot commit ourselves to sacking senior managers who have simply been doing their jobs.

A3F 48 The muddled thinking that makes us claim at least some vague idea of what God is leads us disastrously to thinking that if we say God cannot be one kind of thing we must be saying he is the other.

ABE 276 If they are to throw themselves fully into battle by land and sea, they cannot wait for ever.

ABP 644 Bodies or groups of human beings may have legally recognized rights and duties, which cannot be treated as the rights and duties of the members.

ANL 2042 She cannot get parish relief without relinquishing her baby, so she is half-way to losing it already.

ANR 782 It really appears to me that almost the only thing in the world which other men do but which Frenchmen cannot, is the making of drains and sewers.

B1F 427 One that I saw looked like harp in a chamber of pure light; and at that moment I could understand the frenzy and madness of the bees that visit these studios of paradise, full of sweetness, and cannot cease until they die.

BLW 1206 Teenagers who consistently fail to let parents know when they will be home, or where they are likely to be, cannot expect to be allowed to stay out to all hours.

BM4 1486 Black cannot defend the threat of Q-Kt7 mate but has an immediate win by pressing home his own attack.

CAE 934 Now for those of us that have been slightly biased by the dubiously titled ‘Warehouse Raves’ compilations that Rumour have been responsible for in the past, well we can not sit up and take note, because here comes their most exciting release for as long as I care to remember (sorry Rumour!).

CB1 470 However, even if we cannot blame him for murdering the other in his sleep, we might respect him more if he did put himself at a disadvantage by clinging to one of his last disintegrating scraps of morality.

CBU 2442 Clearly, given the depths it has recently plumbed (as shown in the Treasury survey above), there cannot be much more downside even in the face of a tax-raising Budget.

CET 1104 We cannot take such ideas too literally.

CFE 533 They cannot be adequately explored here, but practitioners are urged to read Greengross' book and to consider the position of old people with whom they work.

CH1 399 But they STILL cannot say that radiation is to blame.

CJT 2100 Because in the life of the camp, if the wife of the strongman has terminal bowel cancer and will be dead within a month, then that is weakness, and from weakness there cannot be spawned authority, and without authority the man who breeds fear throughout the hut will disintegrate.

CMH 215 Anything that cannot be measured does not exist.

CMR 1059 The concept of the body, on which these theories centre, is also associated with female-identified excesses of subjectivity which science cannot understand.

CN2 370 And his decision cannot be reversed.

CRU 380 The second episode which Mrs Whitehouse says she remembers with a mixture of ‘amusement and incredulity’ involved a scene in which Alf and his son-in-law were in the living room reading: Mike, a football book, and Alf a book that cannot at first be seen.

EB2 708 The market cannot be seen to be a neutral, fair process whose structure simply permits participants to exercise free choice in negotiating and concluding exchange transactions.

ECV 264 Hodge argues therefore that women's epistemological position cannot be exactly the same as men's.

EV9 656 (ii) The word "irreducible" is a good one for elements with the property listed in 1.3.5(ii) since according to that definition an irreducible element is one which cannot be represented as a product of two properly "smaller" elements.

EVY 49 If the manager cannot honestly answer"yes' to the following questions, then it will be necessary to undertake some fundamental review of the manager's own attitudes and if a negative response is commonplace in the organisation, then the management team had better reappraise its style.

EW6 437 The going will be a bit tough, not because I shall use sophisticated techniques (I shall not), but because I cannot avoid producing in fairly quick succession a sequence of ideas which will be new to many of my readers.

F9S 1243 One cannot, however, jump to the conclusion that, because many old people live alone, they have little support from their families.

FBE 303 We cannot be one hundred per cent sure that the next dropped stone will not ‘fall’ upwards.

FDN 61 (3) A requirement under this section to provide a specimen of blood or urine can only be made at a police station or at a hospital; and it cannot be made at a police station unless —(a ) the constable making the requirement has reasonable cause to believe that for medical reasons a specimen of breath cannot be provided or should not be required, or (b ) at the time the requirement is made a device or a reliable device of the type mentioned in subsection (1)(a ) above is not available at the police station or it is then for any other reason not practicable to use such a device there, or (c ) the suspected offence is one under section 4 of this Act and the constable making the requirement has been advised by a medical practitioner that the condition of the person required to provide the specimen might be due to some drug; but may then be made notwithstanding that the person required to provide the specimen has already provided or been required to provide two specimens of breath.

FEU 2114 If, however, the examiner cannot read the words, he cannot possibly give you the credit that should be yours.

FPH 1462 Once Laurence said acidly, ‘You are meant, you know, to be amorous of little Lily — You cannot leave all the passion to Polly and me…’

FSS 762 Where, however, there is no question of pursuing enquiries to see whether delivery to the claimant is proper, the defendant cannot justify a refusal because compliance with the demand may have unpleasant consequences for him.

FT1 1572 Although the laryngeal mask does not protect the airway against gastric contents, it has potential for use in resuscitation and emergency medicine when intubation is impossible and a patent airway cannot be maintained with a face mask.

FTV 721 What this boils down to, briefly, is this: that one cannot treat "Shakespeare" as a "rigid designator" without at the same time assuming that some essence "attaches to it, and hence that certain descriptions necessarily go with it, although no such description, or set of descriptions, can fully reproduce its" meaning".

FYX 865 An observer at a distance from the black hole can measure only the outgoing particles, and he cannot correlate them with those that fall into the hole because he cannot observe them.

G34 154 The artist who speaks, works, paints behind the curtain cannot be named and labelled and authenticated — pinned down — as tidily as the academic art historian, identifying a drawing, would believe.

G3N 170 (5.3) If one of a pair of parallel processes is a conditional, then the choice represented by that conditional may be performed before the parallel construct is entered, provided the choices are exhaustive (so that the conditional cannot stop the PAR being entered).

GVH 1459 The contributions payable are significant financial burdens, particularly for an applicant towards the top end of the financial eligibility range, and probably lead to rejection of the offered certificate by a number of applicants who cannot afford the contribution.

H7S 800 It is also, perhaps, not without significance that Fahreddin Acemi is the first to be mentioned as receiving a salary specifically in respect of his function as Mufti, though it cannot be shown beyond doubt that he was actually the first to have done so.

HE4 256 Whether the new charge of conspiracy to poison the people will be proved, is still unclear, but the evidence cannot be ignored, and unless decisive steps are taken it could be too late.

HGR 932 The major problem with top-down parsing is the time wasted in expanding rules that cannot possibly be satisfied by the input.

HHW 5970 I obviously cannot give that guarantee.

HHX 19498 That cannot be our role.

HWE 303 I cannot understand where her weakness comes from.

HWF 5215 The specified package has no active DCs and so QA operations cannot be performed.

J3P 327 But it only needs one that you cannot avoid, and you'll be spending said fifty thousand pound plus per annum in respect to that one patient.

J6N 1561 Due to the personal nature of the contract several problems will arise:(1) A vendor cannot transfer an employee unilaterally against his will.

J6U 1195 Thereunder in the county court, Ord 20, r 15 enables notice to be given of intention to give evidence at the trial pursuant to s 2 of the Act whensoever, for reasons to be given in the notice, a witness cannot be called: see Ord 20, rr 14–24 and notes thereunder in The County Court Practice.

J75 841 This is of limited use in personal injury work where these items cannot be recovered separately on a taxation.

J7B 1363 His goodwill with those customers belonged to him and cannot reasonably be taken from him by a covenant of this kind.

KRH 1986 erm Turner replied, ‘If you go up to the top of Mount Edgecombe, and look at the ships against the light, with the setting sun behind them, you will realise that one cannot distinguish the portholes.’