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A5N 61 They did not look as though they were suckering in the baleful way that the ordinary stag's-horn sumach does, but as I have not grown either myself yet, I cannot vouch for their good behaviour.

AA4 31 ‘What I find unbearable and cannot brook as leader is those who, after we make that decision, will deviate and not comply with our decision,’ he said.

ABB 61 I cannot promise to make you into a world authority on ingredients, but I do hope to share my passion for good food with you, and to inspire you to try a different type of tea or a new way of serving pasta.

ABC 1491 Because Hector's dolphins cannot hold their breath for long and dives rarely exceed 2 minutes (compared with up to 8 minutes for a bottlenose dolphin), entanglement in a set-net is usually fatal.

AJL 46 Hagglers need nerve, particularly the ability to keep calm when they have just turned down an offer but cannot yet be sure that another is forthcoming, says the book.

ALM 472 There is general recognition that, although social workers and their agencies cannot combat the structural causes of social problems, their knowledge of the effects of poverty and other disadvantages places them in a unique position to influence social policies (Wharf, 1985; Townsend et al .,

AN4 3373 Therefore, one cannot claim that there was any potential for real dependence, although Leapor might easily have exchanged flattery for profit in the circumstances.

ARG 1674 We cannot enjoy a happy life with God unless we are willing to be disciplined — unhappy though that may appear at first.

ASF 489 Instead of teleology, however, Epicurus advocated the existence of chance and free will, partly because, like Aristotle, he argued that you cannot blame or punish a man for something he cannot help doing, but also because he believed that there is a kind of spontaneity in men (and possibly in animals) that is manifested in our apparent freedom, to originate actions.

ASW 783 When it is time for recreation, he sets aside his regal dignity for a moment, and is in such a humour that his condescension cannot be criticised, his severity cannot be called bloodthirsty.

B06 66 Quite apart from concern over the traces of solvent often left behind in absolutes, we cannot ignore the environmental effects of solvents being discharged into the atmosphere and possibly being absorbed by distillery workers.

B21 248 We cannot wait until our anger and frustration injures us and our families and loved ones.

B2J 898 On the other hand the relationship to zones of anomalous Carboniferous uplift cannot be ignored and the pattern requires further investigation with a more extensive data base than that available for this study.

B7J 1836 though, is that for all the skill of the anti-missile scientists, we cannot underestimate the inventiveness of the missile makers.

BLY 1123 Indeed, there is no country in English-speaking Africa which cannot boast some useful project in co-operative teaching at lower primary level.

CA4 61 When equality constraints are present, the formulae (6.3) cannot be used, since the assumption of inequality only constraints was made in deriving (6.3).

CAG 1226 The federal army and its bloated officer class cannot exist without Bosnia-Hercegovina, where more than 100,000 soldiers are stationed, and 65 per cent of Yugoslavia's remaining military industries are there.

CB3 1212 The selectors remark studiously that Strachan — only an occasional player for Otago and Auckland in the past — offers some art that the other scrum-halves cannot provide, although this special asset is not readily apparent for Strachan is only an average passer and is very dodgy as a left-foot punter.

CCT 1061 If a number of employees insist on cash payment, an employer cannot simply scrap his old cash-payment system, and so gains far less from instituting bank payment than if he can simply switch to bank payment as the general rule.

CN1 806 A mortar has no wheels or other means to move it once it is on the battlefield, and so cannot move other than turn on the spot to face its target.

EAP 223 This form is to be completed for any ad hoc requests which can not be requested specifically by forms NEWOED1–NEWOED6.

EEC 146 Established ways of doing things are not easily changed; current policies cannot be reversed without disruption; internal and external patterns of relationship are resistant to rapid dismantling.

EW6 325 What will happen on a particular occasion we cannot say, but we can predict that after a large number of photons have encountered the crystal a fraction will be found to have been transmitted.

EWW 389 If in C a unit occurs at a position x, it cannot be removed by a similar transformation.

FAD 247 The second type (2b) consists of lexical sets, the membership of which cannot be reliably predicted on phonological grounds alone, and this type is additional to the types of variable that were studied by Labov (1966) in New York City (these were types 1 and 2a).

FNR 183 In this new state, the rule for unstack cannot be applied at all, but the rule for stack has six instances: x is any one of the three blocks; y is any block other than x.

FR9 1883 If the Empire State Building of English football, the FA Premier League, cannot recognise Mike's ability in management, then what hope has my talent, three blocks away on the taxi rank, where the Multivite/Singletons Division Three languishes.

FTV 526 It follows that, strictly, we cannot justifiably speak of the "same propositions" , or the "same concepts" .

G04 573 Yet I feel I cannot do that without offending you, Li Yuan.

G1C 369 This forces Parliament to consider, for example, the balance between housing subsidies and housing tax allowances, and a ceiling is put on the value of the total — tax relief cannot just grow without anyone noticing.

G3A 1606 And the ensuing battle, of which all Christians are aware in their experience, means either that they cannot achieve the good intentions they have or, if the Greek is taken in another sense, that the presence of the mighty Spirit prevents them doing what, if they followed the dictates of mere self-will, they otherwise would (Gal.5:17).

G3T 332 If the bankrupt cannot himself prepare a proper statement of affairs, the official receiver may either employ someone at the expense of the estate to assist in its preparation (r 6.63(1)) or make an allowance out of the estate to a named person to assist the bankrupt in its preparation (r 6.63(2) and (3)).

H7S 719 From these statements it is possible to deduce that Hizir Bey must have been appointed to the Sultan medrese during the first sultanate of Mehmed II (848–50/1444–6) and that Molla Arab cannot therefore have begun his study with him, much less become anyone's before the summer of 848/1444.

H82 563 ‘You cannot know.’

H83 1649 Some constructs may reflect pre-verbal bases of organization which cannot be accounted for by rational explanation.

H8R 2528 The giant who knows she cannot be helped in any way.

HD2 1632 We cannot support all of a service into Edinburgh, as this would be additional to the 1020 commercial journeys counted by .

HGE 2828 ‘You know perfectly well that it is not me whom you love, but Mrs Greville, and the two children who are your responsibility, and, knowing that your heart lies with them, and not with me, I cannot marry you.’

HGW 979 Ideally, walls on halls, corridors and staircases (if any) should be decorated with the same colour or treatment unless they are in quite different parts of the home and cannot be seen, one from another.

HHX 5471 Conservative Members have obviously been briefed by Conservative central office, because they cannot find anything good to say about their Government, so they give central office speeches attacking the Labour party and asking what it would do.

HJ0 15351 Unlike CFCs, CO2 emissions cannot be dealt with at the micro level by changing technologies: CO2 is so directly linked with almost all productive technology that its control must have profound macroeconomic consequences.

HPG 354 This is clearly inhumane and really cannot be suitably justified .

HRH 660 Establishment overheads are those costs which cannot easily or economically be charged directly to an activity, that is, without creating an unreasonably complex and expensive system.

HU4 5601 This study cannot provide data to confirm or refute this hypothesis, however.

HWF 1603 Note that once you have put some commands into LIFESPAN_SHUTDOWN, your system shutdown procedures should always specify YES for site-specific shutdown procedure (parameter number 4 to SYS$SYSTEM:SHUTDOWN), unless you are performing an emergency shutdown and cannot allow the system the time to execute the LIFESPAN_SHUTDOWN commands.

HWF 8412 Once you have assessed this DC, your decision cannot be changed, so it is important to ensure that the consequences of the decision have been adequately considered.

K4W 6416 It's because Middlesbrough Council cannot afford to increase the subsidy for concessionary fares from £1.35m.

K8Y 432 But we cannot estimate so reliably how many of these will seek university places in 17 or 18 years' time since this will be affected so much by changeable social and economic factors.

KP2 172 no you cannot use nothing

KS9 928 It is not possible for most horse owners to finely tune their horses diets, this is left to the nutritionists and even then this is not absolutely precise, after all we cannot regularly analyse every horse owner's grazing, or feed.