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AK2 1078 He has earned the gratitude of every Conservative, and the brightest of best wishes for the challenging and exciting five years that lie ahead.

ALJ 1816 ‘Best wishes for your career,’ it read, ‘from…’

ANF 1591 We send you and your dear wife best wishes for the New Year.

BNS 1511 Thank you for it and best wishes for your futures.

C9R 3006 Best wishes for the journey forward.

CBF 9073 Instead the princess simply sent the couple her best wishes for the future.

CDF 2039 Your Board and employees at all levels send you our very best wishes for a prosperous future with Palatine.

EEL 224 At an informal presentation by officers of the committee, Judith, who is a keen gardener, was given a gardening book, a rose bush, and garden centre vouchers along with our best wishes for the future.

EEL 770 My best wishes for the University and your work.

H9D 654 With difficulty she repressed comments on the writer's own linguistic proficiency, and how in her view it disabled him from judging Walter's scholastic achievements; with difficulty, too, she refrained from rebutting the idea that she was not getting any younger, for that was precisely what she felt she was getting, these days; and she ended with best wishes for the future, mentally hoping it would not be for him a long one.

HBH 110 With best wishes for Christmas, and a happy and healthy '93.

HBH 144 To everyone within the division who has worked particularly hard this year to establish and improve our business, I would like to pass on my thanks and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

HD3 17 Best wishes for Christmas.

HHG 5 The Committee unanimously decided to send Ken their best wishes for his speedy recovery and hope that he will soon be able to resume his duties.

HLX 2 I'm sure it's your wish to congratulate on his appointment and our best wishes for the future.

HLX 105 We send you our best wishes for a successful Conference.

HP6 219 Bill was given a cheque with best wishes for a long and happy retirement, from all his friends in Scottish Amicable.

HPK 107 With best wishes for the success of your fund-raising efforts.

HPK 273 With best wishes for the success of your dissertation,

HPK 1720 With best wishes for the success of the new Day Care Centre,

HPL 733 Mr Mason sends his best wishes for the success of the event.

HRT 2129 Our best wishes for the future.

HRT 2339 Meanwhile, may I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for the coming year.

HX8 1553 With very best wishes for a successful and enjoyable year,

HX8 2519 We send them both our very best wishes for the future.

JNB 14 I know members will be sorry to hear that Mr Robert and Mr Ken are both unwell and will wish me to convey to them the council's best wishes for a speedy recovery.

JNG 450 Just before we go we are going to hear a recording of a song that's been referred to which I think is called the greatest love of all which I'm told we'll all know by heart er this time next year hmm erm anyway on that note if I may thank you very, very much indeed and I leave you with best wishes for a highly, highly successful birthday year.

JNH 197 So Alan you go with our warm thanks and our very best wishes for a future which I know will be as valuable to the church as it will lead to a gap in our ranks which it will be difficult to fill.

K66 132 May I send you my very best wishes for a most successful reunion.

K96 1049 ‘More than one person at the event was surprised at the comment but it provides a neat balance to the government's best wishes for my retirement’, he says.

KA7 19 With very best wishes for a happy New Year,

KAH 8 Best wishes for the year — I hope to meet many of you personally in the course of it.

KAJ 432 My best wishes for the start of your classes in September, good luck to those of you starting new classes and especially to our newly qualified teachers.

KAR 190 Please give him our best wishes for the year.

KAU 85 Best wishes for 1994.