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A1S 152 AMP has made its play for Pearl as part of long-term expansion plans.

A1S 159 No meeting of AMP policyholders will be called.

AS1 982 The line should be capable of at least a 60 amp supply and possibly up to 100 amp for a large property or heavy user.

B0X 1020 In addition, Shattil and Cooper (1976) described increased platelet membrane microviscosity following incubation of platelets with ‘cholesterol-rich’ liposomes and Sinha et al (1977) found an impaired response of the membrane-associated enzyme adenylate cyclase to the stimulating effect of various agents including prostaglandin E 1 as shown by a decrease in production of cyclic AMP.

C92 1746 SERVO AMP

C9H 89 An instrument of torture in all but the most capable of hands, the bass guitar rack has been lagging behind in the preamp/power amp technology already enjoyed by guitarists the world over.

C9H 393 If I were to draw up a spec list of preferred bass amp facilities, the resulting layout would probably look similar to the Hartke's: uncluttered and functional.

C9H 1043 ‘The guitar amp we use is a blue-speaker Vox AC30, and the bass amp's a really old Ampeg stack.

C9H 1138 As with all guitar noise problems, this effect is most prevalent when the amp is very loud, or set up for an overdrive sound.

C9H 1976 MESA Boogie 22 watt amp, £450.

C9H 2035 PETERSON 120G 120-watt split channel guitar amp, footswitches included, 1x12 Electro Voice speaker, exotic hardwood cab, above excellent condition, £549 ono.

C9H 2074 SQUIER ‘62 Jazz Bass, black with white plate, made in Japan, hard case and stand, plus H/H 100 watt bass amp, £345 ono.

C9J 87 It has passive and active input jacks, gain and master volume controls, an ‘aural enhancer’, a tuner input, tone controls for bass, midrange and treble, an effects blend control, clip indicators for both the preamp and power amp and a balanced line output.

C9J 421 What is especially good about this unit is that you can also replicate big brother SVT's trademark ‘growl’, if required; the limiter can be set to allow the power amp to be safely overdriven, without fear of blowing the speakers apart with harmful transistorised clipping.

C9J 1476 The guy who arrived with the Mr Bigs, though, was none other than Lee Jackson, one of the amp world's own Mr Bigs.

C9J 1526 All the studio guys used hopped-up Fenders, and all the rock players used Marshalls, but ultimately there was nothing on the front of the amp that said my name.

C9K 1160 ‘Ultimately, since we're dealing with an essentially distorted sound, I don't know what ‘sounds good’ means anyway — you're distorting the sound by overdriving the amp, so that is a contradiction in terms anyway.

C9K 1421 → Dealing with your ideas in order, buying a secondhand valve amp to use with your existing combo speaker would not work because of the complex switching required to bypass the amplifiers into dummy loads (a valve amp cannot be left on without the speaker or a dummy load in circuit) as well as input routing to both amps.

C9K 1428 The best solution is to have two different amps — I don't think that one amp alone can ever provide all the sounds you ever need, and people who use Dumbles and Soldanos for their dirty sound will often prefer a Fender Twin for clean.

C9K 1874 First of all there's power, and quite a lot of middle, too, and with this one you actually want to press the amp's distortion button…!

C9L 273 The channel runs really hot, but the amp doesn't run as hot.

C9L 471 For example, the bass knob, when pulled, provides an extra dollop of low EQ so that playing at lesser volumes will sound more natural (having the same effect as the loudness control on a domestic hi-fi amp).

C9L 492 It is probably going to be impossible to sum this amp up without re-introducing the age old arguments concerning transistor vs tube technology.

C9L 518 The upper part of the Quad's front panel carries the controls which, apart from the ‘cloaking’ device, have an overall effect on the amp.

C9L 2481 The AC30 test was disappointing by comparison, and I'll own up and say that whatever I did, I couldn't get the Power Tool to accurately attenuate the sound of the amp driven flat out.

C9L 2709 A preamp is the tone circuitry of your amp, before the power stage.

C9M 519 On the one hand, it's a guitar power amp, using its ‘current feedback’ circuitry to provide (claim H&K) the same warmth and punch as a tube power amp.

C9M 525 All in all this is a very neat, compact power amp.

C9M 1118 With the same amp settings the low hum single coils sing with almost the character of a Gibson P90.

C9M 1775 The familiar bright green printed front panel is sensibly recessed to avoid accidental damage to the controls, as are the rear panel and amp cooling fins.

C9M 1788 Personally I prefer effects loops and line links to be situated at the back of an amp.

C9M 3016 HARTKE 3500 bass amp, as new, boxed, £425.

C9M 3208 SESSION 75 2x12 amp, cover, footswitch, 2x12 extension cab, £185 complete.

C9N 375 There was a slight tendency for the pickups to squeal when the amp was pushed hard and loud, but then I have to remind myself that this is a Korean-made instrument and I've yet to find one with its pickups totally sorted out.

C9N 888 It's a two-channel amp, for a start.

C9N 934 And, ultimately, you're bound to realise that this amount of money would go a long, long way towards buying your own small PA system — cabs, mixer amp, processor, parametric, vocal mike and all.

C9N 1982 I know the problem is not the amp or the pedal, as every other guitar I've tried is nowhere near as bad.

C9N 2606 FENDER Strat ‘62 American reissue, in good condition with case and amp, £500.

FUU 273 And ninety percent of the things they're attached to still got thirteen amp fuses.

FUU 278 This is a this is a question we very often get asked, why do they sell a thirteen amp fuse with a thirteen amp plug if it only wants a five amp in?

GYR 221 So it's a half amp so what sized fu and they would probably give you erm, are you going to use a three amp, a five amp or a fif or a thirteen amp fuse?

GYR 221 So it's a half amp so what sized fu and they would probably give you erm, are you going to use a three amp, a five amp or a fif or a thirteen amp fuse?

HE9 73 And their amp was the Fleet Canteen.

HGJ 377 Ken said, ‘I had to put it down while I put the amp into the van.


HWS 3772 Furthermore, the inhibitor of protein kinase C, staurosporine, completely prevented the effects of TPA on stimulation of the cyclic AMP content by histamine, TGLP-1, and gastric inhibitory polypeptide.

HWS 3774 This action cannot be interpreted as an inhibition by stauro sporine of negative modulation of the histamine H 2 receptor by a basal activity of protein kinase C because similar effects were found with gastric inhibitory polypeptide, the action of which was not inhibited by activation of protein kinase C. Finally 1-oleoyl-2-acetyl-glycerol, a diacylglycerol analogue which activates protein kinase C in intact cells, inhibited histamine stimulation of cyclic AMP content in HGT-1 cells at a concentration at which it inhibited histamine stimulated aminopyrine accumulation in partietal cells.

HWS 5655 In vitro studies of cells showed that somatostatin inhibits pepsinogen secretion by decreasing cyclic AMP in chief cells.

KD5 3808 To the amp meter, from the meter to the battery

KD5 3852 amp meter for?