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A1E 439 Earlier this year AMP acquired London Life, the mutual British life insurer, for just £15m which, with its own operations in the UK, gives it about a 1 per cent market share.

A1S 428 Instead of accepting the cash deal Pearl shareholders can sell their shares in return for AMP's loan notes.

A1S 429 Pearl Group executives were angry at an attack on the company's performance by AMP.

A1S 435 Although AMP has a significant stake, other British insurance companies own over 20 per cent of Pearl's shares.

A1S 446 AMP argues that its proposed acquisition of Pearl represents a significant step in its plans to become a major force in international life insurance markets.

A43 90 But whether Pearl's new masters will be AMP is another matter.

C91 140 Hence a 50W class-A amp would need to dissipate 100W continuously to operate properly.

C9H 393 If I were to draw up a spec list of preferred bass amp facilities, the resulting layout would probably look similar to the Hartke's: uncluttered and functional.

C9H 1661 ARIA Pro 2 Cat Bass, Columbus chorus pedal, JHS headphone practice amp, all £160.

C9J 369 This sort of nasal overdrive sound, reminiscent of a blocked sinus (and about as difficult to get rid of), dogs many a small combo amp and I was surprised not to find it in abundance on both VGs.

C9J 376 But their strength as vehicles for practice or as a first amp for a budding shredder would be difficult to challenge.

C9J 448 Around the back it's sparse, since the amp's effect loop and headphone sockets are sited on the front panel, where the ‘phones socket is most easy to access in the practice situation and where floor pedals most sensibly connect.

C9J 1572 When I came aboard they didn't have a lead amp line as such; they were famous for their bass amps, obviously, but their lead amp line was just there, no real profile, and the consumer didn't really realise that they had anything other than bass amps.

C9J 1746 Soundwise the ME-10 kicks out some really usable sounds, and through a combo or power amp all the effects and processes (like compressor, distortion, noise suppressor, EQ, phaser, flanger, pitch shifter, delay, stereo chorus and reverb) can be adjusted to sound either fat and warm, thin and cutting, and to cover most points in between.

C9J 1998 For me it's the bass amp.’

C9K 253 And he said, ‘Well, we had this Tremolux amp and I put it through this compressor.’

C9K 792 Both amp and speakers are enclosed in wooden cabs and covered in a tactile grey fabric.

C9K 893 This was an incredibly accurate valve amp sound which more than one person commented had the character and warmth of an AC30, especially when using the A2 through the solid state Stadium power amp into a Proamplifiers speaker cab.

C9K 1414 I have tried the new Marshall Bluesbreaker FX pedal but this did not sound like a real valve amp just starting to distort.

C9K 1645 Rivera's latest addition to the designer amp market features two independent preamp sections fed into a stereo power amp.

C9L 691 I had it in an Anvil case, and a shipping crate built for it which cost almost as much as the amp did originally, and it got thrown or dropped real badly, did quite a bit of damage to it.

C9L 998 The really serious financial decisions come when you look at power amp and speaker combinations.

C9L 1427 Your old WEM Dominator uses ECC83 valves for the preamp and two EL84 valves for the power amp.

C9L 1522 Martin recommends Ampeg's B1-R rackmount amp (recently reviewed in Guitarist ), a combination valve preamp and solid state power amp kicking out 150 watts.

C9L 1731 But I had the amp set with the treble full on, the presence full on and the bright switch kicked in before I could get close to what I'd call a classically nasty Telecaster bridge pickup tone.

C9L 1930 This scepticism apart, most bass amp manufacturers would opt for a similar system if they thought the market would stand it, but realising that it places significant extra financial strain on the consumer, most don't.

C9L 2481 The AC30 test was disappointing by comparison, and I'll own up and say that whatever I did, I couldn't get the Power Tool to accurately attenuate the sound of the amp driven flat out.

C9M 519 On the one hand, it's a guitar power amp, using its ‘current feedback’ circuitry to provide (claim H&K) the same warmth and punch as a tube power amp.

C9M 1778 Basically, the standard Trace Elliot GP7 preamp, running into a transistor power amp, feeds its 80 watt output into a single 10″ speaker.

C9M 1809 The previous evening I used the amp in a very large club as my own backline monitor, with a line out to the PA.

C9M 2093 After a time spent playing a sort of country blues acoustic guitar, Otis got a Sears Roebuck Silvertone, with one lipstick pickup — the one with the amp in the case.

C9M 2833 BOOGIE 295 power amp, perfect condition, £950.

C9M 2865 DALLAS Arbiter sound city, one 20 watt valve amp, good condition, custom inputs for slave amp, £150.

C9N 1677 It's the only guitar and the only amp he actually owns and, basically, that's his sound.

C9N 2212 An amazing difference occurred; the guitar suddenly became cleaner, clearer when played acoustically and through an amp, plus I still had full use of the tremolo unit.

C9N 2538 CARLSBRO Marlin 150 watt PA amp, £130, pair Peavey 1x12 PA speakers including stands, mint, £160.

C9N 2839 PA Bose 802s and graphic, mosfet Studiomaster 500 amp, 6/2 Studiomaster desk, £1,000.

CBG 3534 Entering the game to a standing ovation, 36-year-old Montana brought the crowd to its feet again with touchdown passes of nine yards to Brent Jones and eight yards to Amp Lee.

CER 1251 They decided to scale down the experiment and worked with a thinner piece of palladium, an 8 cm × 8 cm × 0.2 cm sheet rolled into a cylindrical shape, and also lowered the current to less than 0.2 amps instead of the 1.5 amp current that blew up the block.

CRM 9332 A role for cyclic AMP in olfactory and taste organs is well-established, but InsP 3 has also been implicated for detecting certain chemical modalities.

ECT 94 You just plug in the amp and away you go.

FNW 2377 She said Jeremy turns his amp up — so his guitar sounds louder than the rest of them.

GYR 221 So it's a half amp so what sized fu and they would probably give you erm, are you going to use a three amp, a five amp or a fif or a thirteen amp fuse?

HU4 4386 As discussed in the section on NaCl absorption, cyclic AMP and calcium usually inhibit Na + /H + exchange in absorptive epithelia.

HWS 3766 The cyclic AMP content of the cell suspension rose to a peak one minute after the addition of histamine at 37°C and then fell.

HWS 3767 The fall in cyclic AMP means that a cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase must have been active despite the presence of IBMX (0.1 mM).

KCY 1323 yeah, it's says low on it oh number, three thousand and under, one point eight amp, four hundred watts

KD5 3764 Tell me the difference between a volt meter and an amp meter?

KD5 3766 What's the difference between a volt and an amp?

KD5 3889 an amp meter!