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A1E 440 AMP would like 5 per cent of the life insurance market in Britain, which experts feel can only be achieved through acquisition.

A1S 428 Instead of accepting the cash deal Pearl shareholders can sell their shares in return for AMP's loan notes.

A1S 434 In June this year AMP increased its shareholding in Pearl to 18 per cent when it acquired a 13 per cent stake from FAI Insurances, a leading Australian insurance and investment group.

AS1 982 The line should be capable of at least a 60 amp supply and possibly up to 100 amp for a large property or heavy user.

C92 1256 The circuit is based around the LM3914N dot/bar driver i.c., with a simple 741 op. amp microphone amplifier.

C92 1746 SERVO AMP

C9H 212 I remember my first gig after joining John was at the White Hart, Acton, and I rolled up with my P-bass and my Gibson amp — a Titan was it?— a grey pyramid-shaped amp.

C9H 1059 T-RIDE Former Satch student and Valley type, Jeff Tyson holds an amp scavenging masterclass…

C9H 2109 VINTAGE Vox V125 bass amp with matching 2x12 cab, recently serviced, absolutely mint condition, £350 ono.

C9H 2269 Swap for Vox AC30 valve amp, any condition.

C9J 403 In the second ‘window’ on the front panel are two controls related to the amp's ‘solo voice’soloing channel.

C9J 421 What is especially good about this unit is that you can also replicate big brother SVT's trademark ‘growl’, if required; the limiter can be set to allow the power amp to be safely overdriven, without fear of blowing the speakers apart with harmful transistorised clipping.

C9J 1476 The guy who arrived with the Mr Bigs, though, was none other than Lee Jackson, one of the amp world's own Mr Bigs.

C9J 1530 I guess I was the first person to develop the idea of the modular system: ie. everything from the preamp to the power amp was modular.

C9J 1541 They'd been designing tube amps for decades, and manufacturing them on site, whereas other companies were perhaps wanting to get into the tube amp market from scratch.

C9J 2104 Generally speaking I try and use a fairly clean sound and overdrive it with effects, rather than overdrive the amp.’

C9K 223 We had stuff like a ‘79 Marshall combo, which was really wonderful and a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp, which was a beautiful amp.

C9K 223 We had stuff like a ‘79 Marshall combo, which was really wonderful and a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp, which was a beautiful amp.

C9K 253 And he said, ‘Well, we had this Tremolux amp and I put it through this compressor.’

C9K 850 I housed both the processor and amp in an SKB 2U rack case and hardwired a double mains board in the back.

C9K 893 This was an incredibly accurate valve amp sound which more than one person commented had the character and warmth of an AC30, especially when using the A2 through the solid state Stadium power amp into a Proamplifiers speaker cab.

C9K 1346 The main reason for the lack of definition is that the response of the amp and speakers changes with an increase in volume.

C9K 1359 My guitar, by the way, is a Gibson Les Paul Standard played direct into the amp.

C9K 1421 → Dealing with your ideas in order, buying a secondhand valve amp to use with your existing combo speaker would not work because of the complex switching required to bypass the amplifiers into dummy loads (a valve amp cannot be left on without the speaker or a dummy load in circuit) as well as input routing to both amps.

C9L 999 To put together a complete Boogie rig comprising the TriAxis (£1325), a 395 stereo power amp (£1420) and a pair of half-and-half (open top, closed bottom) Boogie cabs (£635 each) would just break the £3,000 barrier.

C9L 1574 For amplification, my main amp in the studio is a Polytone Mini Brute with the velvet cover.

C9L 1902 An LED display in the top left corner of the front panel allows the user to check input gain and compression levels (there's up to 30dB available if selected), while another display in the opposite corner indicates output level, thus warning against possible power amp overload.

C9L 2467 There are two speaker outputs, plus an effects loop and ‘line in’ and ‘amp in’sockets.

C9M 109 The Orange/Matamp GT120, the beefy 1960s British amp that helped define the sound of bands like Free, Wishbone Ash and the original Fleetwood Mac, is available again as part of the Matamp ‘Roots’ range, with only one big difference — it's green.

C9M 518 Although the CF-200 power amp might seem less glamorous, it's equally essential to the overall sound and, what's more, it leads an intriguing double life.

C9M 1775 The familiar bright green printed front panel is sensibly recessed to avoid accidental damage to the controls, as are the rear panel and amp cooling fins.

C9M 1810 I was very impressed by the volume and depth of sound from such a small cab, and although there's not the power to cover a very large stage, I found there was no great loss in tone when standing to the side of the amp — a problem with some larger rigs.

C9M 2571 You want the sound of a valve amp but you don't want the hassle; Smooth Tubes are analogue preamp stages packaged in a valve-like format.

C9M 3208 SESSION 75 2x12 amp, cover, footswitch, 2x12 extension cab, £185 complete.

C9N 146 On stage I still have humbuckers in everything, although for the next tour I hope to change my amp setup to accommodate single coil guitars as well.

C9N 435 For instance, the tuner is the best I've used on any processor — it's accurate and very easy to use — and the facility to externally channel-switch your amp is a sensible bonus.

C9N 934 And, ultimately, you're bound to realise that this amount of money would go a long, long way towards buying your own small PA system — cabs, mixer amp, processor, parametric, vocal mike and all.

C9N 1671 ‘I had a Fender Twin, a graphic EQ with everything on ten and the amp with everything on ten.

C9N 1877 The A4 is completely self-contained and MIDI compatible, and it even has amp switching capability, along with built-in simulator and noise gate.

CRM 9332 A role for cyclic AMP in olfactory and taste organs is well-established, but InsP 3 has also been implicated for detecting certain chemical modalities.

FUU 291 three amp

FUU 326 You can provided you keep under the thirteen amp rating but if you go over the thirteen amp rating then you are asking for trouble.

FUU 326 You can provided you keep under the thirteen amp rating but if you go over the thirteen amp rating then you are asking for trouble.

HE9 73 And their amp was the Fleet Canteen.

HU4 4386 As discussed in the section on NaCl absorption, cyclic AMP and calcium usually inhibit Na + /H + exchange in absorptive epithelia.

HWS 3701 To enable the identification of the sites of action of protein kinase C, the actions of TPA on the cyclic AMP response to histamine, gastric inhibitory polypeptide, TGLP-1, cholera toxin, and forskolin have been compared.

HWS 3728 Portions of the supernatants were evaporated in a vacuum oven at 40°C, dissolved in 0.05 mol/l sodium acetate buffer (pH 6.2), and were analysed for cyclic AMP by using an acetylated [1 2 5 I]radioimmunoassay procedure (New England Nuclear kit).

HWS 3737 The effect of preincubation with various concentrations of TPA on the cyclic AMP content five minutes after the addition of 0.5 mmol/l histamine was investigated (Fig 1B).

KD5 3852 amp meter for?

KD5 3889 an amp meter!