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A1E 436 In June this year AMP's shareholding jumped to 18 per cent when it acquired a block of over 23 million shares, representing 13 per cent of Pearl's equity, from FAI Insurances, a leading Australian insurance and investment group.

A1S 101 On the insurance pitch Pearl romped ahead 87p to 639p, with many suggesting AMP will have to pay more than 700p a share to win the battle.

A1S 155 So far AMP executives are not sure where the Pearl is going wrong nor what they would do about it, other than perhaps improve the British group's technology and have more centralisation of the selling operations.

A1S 422 As officials began their investigations the board of directors of Pearl, led by chairman Einion Holland, said AMP's takeover bid ‘is unacceptable and totally inadequate because it fails to reflect the group's financial strength and prospects’.

A6E 1234 Canny Scot that he is, he guessed what was happening, followed them out of the shop and offered them a tenner for the amp.

AN2 557 He mentioned that a special piece of equipment was a split-charge alternator of 133/65 amp output.

C91 1527 The fuse in the mains plug (which should be a 2 or 3 amp type for most projects) should ‘blow’ and prevent any serious problems.

C9H 483 Plugged into an amp the EQ takes things from bright, jangling treble to a fat bass which feeds back at the lowest volumes when the relevant slider is pushed way up.

C9H 523 However, at one stage, one of Tony's roadies — apparently a bit of an electronics whizzkid — wired the guitar to send the signal from one of the sockets to a transformer and into a mixer, while the other went straight to the amp.

C9H 2223 MARSHALL amp and cab wanted urgently, age and condition unimportant, can collect.

C9J 68 B510 BCK) contained, amongst other things, a Status Series 4000 bass serial no. 015, a black Westone Thunder fretless, a Fender Stage 185 amp with the Channel 1 midrange pot snapped off, an Orange 4x12 cab, a Peavey MkIV bass amp, a new-style Fender 4x12 cab, a Rhodes electric piano, a Hammond X5 organ, a Solton combined Leslie cabinet and amplifier, various Sonor drums, a pair of Bose 402 PA speakers and a custom-built effects board containing an old Tube Screamer, a CE2, a Cry Baby, an Ibanez Phaser, an orange ‘mute’ box and a Korg chromatic tuner.

C9J 426 At 1U high, containing a pure valve preamp and solid state power amp within that petite package, plus the ability to offer a really wide range of tones, the B-1R is exceptional.

C9J 477 By including the footswitch and having it Velcro in place inside the amp Fender win more Brownie points.

C9J 1109 It took me a few minutes to get the hang of things when I put the Legend through an amp.

C9J 1476 The guy who arrived with the Mr Bigs, though, was none other than Lee Jackson, one of the amp world's own Mr Bigs.

C9J 1526 All the studio guys used hopped-up Fenders, and all the rock players used Marshalls, but ultimately there was nothing on the front of the amp that said my name.

C9J 1530 I guess I was the first person to develop the idea of the modular system: ie. everything from the preamp to the power amp was modular.

C9K 206 ‘Yeah, the sound in front of the amp is sort of a cross between a Les Paul and a Telecaster.

C9K 1336 Dear Doctor I own a Rockman XPR processor and an ADA power amp running through a Gallien-Krueger 2x12 Celestion cab.

C9K 1359 My guitar, by the way, is a Gibson Les Paul Standard played direct into the amp.

C9K 1421 → Dealing with your ideas in order, buying a secondhand valve amp to use with your existing combo speaker would not work because of the complex switching required to bypass the amplifiers into dummy loads (a valve amp cannot be left on without the speaker or a dummy load in circuit) as well as input routing to both amps.

C9K 1648 On this amp, Ch.1 is the lead channel and the standard volume, treble, middle, bass and master volume controls are also given the secondary tasks of channel select, gain 1, gain 2 and a notch shift.

C9K 1798 His main amp is a blackface pre-CBS Fender Super Reverb with four 10″ speakers, sometimes augmented by a Twin Reverb.

C9L 156 ‘I wanted a really good box that I could work from, or that someone could work for me — which is what happens nine times out of ten — and then run direct into the amplifier without losing any gain, without gaining any hum and without losing any of the real naturalness of the Fender Strat and the Vox amp.’

C9L 552 Follow a similar path with the other two memory functions and the amp will remember the arrangement, enabling a fairly staggering amount of flexibility.

C9L 1522 Martin recommends Ampeg's B1-R rackmount amp (recently reviewed in Guitarist ), a combination valve preamp and solid state power amp kicking out 150 watts.

C9L 1902 An LED display in the top left corner of the front panel allows the user to check input gain and compression levels (there's up to 30dB available if selected), while another display in the opposite corner indicates output level, thus warning against possible power amp overload.

C9M 529 Balancing the master volume against the power amp's levels will have some effect on the sound so, again, I settled for about half-way, with the CF-200 feeding a pair of Celestion-loaded Proamplifier 2x12 cabinets.

C9M 543 I continued using this guitar for the distortion sounds and, as with the power amp and cabs, the Attax sounded too processed and clinical for my liking.

C9M 1202 To be fair, the diagram turned up on page 45 and, anyway, the Alpha 2.0 proves straightforward enough when it comes to hooking up to a power amp, combo or mixer.

C9N 109 A line out lets you connect to a power amp and cabinet, while a speaker-simulating recording out enables you to record, to connect with a PA or, alternatively, your inner soul via headphones.

C9N 855 One of the things claimed for the Quad-FX is its ability to take an amp's effects loop — one which won't line up with effects units — and correct the levels so it will.

C9N 880 Maybe one day they'll have a Lakewood Acousticube in the window, and I'll score £1,100 worth of amp for the price of a pair of All-Stars.

C9N 1671 ‘I had a Fender Twin, a graphic EQ with everything on ten and the amp with everything on ten.

C9N 1675 Whenever I use anything else — a different amp or something — I just can't get anything to happen, so I've given up trying, basically.’

C9N 2495 AMPEG V60 240 watt bass amp, £240 ono.

C9N 2559 ELECTROVOICE system 200 with controller plus bass bins plus Peavey CF800 power amp, £1,750 ono.

C9N 2839 PA Bose 802s and graphic, mosfet Studiomaster 500 amp, 6/2 Studiomaster desk, £1,000.

C9N 2858 PEAVEY Triumph 60 watt amp, £325 ono.

CAD 664 I fought my way through the crowd and there's these kids playing electric guitars through this tiny amp.

CRM 9341 It has been suggested that the cyclic AMP and InsP 3 messenger pathways may interact with each other to enhance odorant discrimination.

FUU 278 This is a this is a question we very often get asked, why do they sell a thirteen amp fuse with a thirteen amp plug if it only wants a five amp in?

H7B 1079 You can plug these into an ordinary 13 amp socket at your remotest depot and call up the computer, no matter how far away, via the normal GPO telephone system.

HU4 4410 Microenvironment pH is also increased by cyclic AMP, cyclic GMP, and activation of protein kinase C, interventions which, as discussed in section (3), inhibit intestinal Na + /H + exchange.


HWW 123 Cyclic AMP was measured in 2 h fasting urine and plasma samples with a commercial kit (Amersham International plc, Amersham, UK).

KCY 571 that amp's good

KCY 1866 C D, two video recorders through it, why you would want to put er the video recorders through an amp I don't know, but you can

KD5 3764 Tell me the difference between a volt meter and an amp meter?

KD5 3808 To the amp meter, from the meter to the battery