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A1E 441 Buying Pearl would give AMP a further market share of over 2 per cent.

A1S 415 AMP offers 1.1bn pounds for Pearl

ADK 787 Thus you can run thirty electric typewriters off one 13 amp socket but only three 800 watt lamps.

APV 1943 Small gaps in joints can be sealed with silicon bath sealant and 13 amp electrical sockets can be protected by blanking plugs, usually available for child safety, from some large stores specialising in goods for children.

C9H 392 In my review of the 3500 head, it was mentioned that Hartke had given the amp a no-nonsense look, and I would re-iterate that opinion here.

C9H 1310 I think printing Hartley Peavey's letter in the same issue as mine was maybe a bit of a gaffe — but I hope the local amp repairer doesn't have a slip of the brain when he fixes your amp, or your local mechanic doesn't connect up your battery in the car properly.

C9H 1364 Very astutely, he uses most of his response to promote his latest tube amp launch: ie. ‘our latest tube amp efforts far surpass anything done in the past’.

C9H 1652 ADA B-200S stereo bipolar amp, £325 ono.

C9H 1730 ENCORE Strat, red, Gorilla 10 watt amp, Boss Turbo Overdrive 2 pedal, leads and books, £150 ono.

C9H 1768 Fender Twin Reverb valve 100 watt amp, fitted with Groove Tubes, £380.

C9H 1849 GIBSON Mercury amp and cab, plus tremolo, classic '60s collectors item, freshly overhauled, £295 ono.

C9H 1879 HIWATT Custom 100 amp head, original '60s model, excellent condition, great tone, collectable, £100 ono.

C9H 2070 SESSION 112 Duette guitar amp, 2 channels, reverb and overdrive, footswitch, excellent condition, £130.

C9H 2252 Or swap for Fender The Twin amp, cash adjustment

C9J 68 B510 BCK) contained, amongst other things, a Status Series 4000 bass serial no. 015, a black Westone Thunder fretless, a Fender Stage 185 amp with the Channel 1 midrange pot snapped off, an Orange 4x12 cab, a Peavey MkIV bass amp, a new-style Fender 4x12 cab, a Rhodes electric piano, a Hammond X5 organ, a Solton combined Leslie cabinet and amplifier, various Sonor drums, a pair of Bose 402 PA speakers and a custom-built effects board containing an old Tube Screamer, a CE2, a Cry Baby, an Ibanez Phaser, an orange ‘mute’ box and a Korg chromatic tuner.

C9J 388 Power means heat production, a situation made even more critical by the fact that internal space for heat dispersion is at a premium on a unit such as this, currently the smallest rackmount amp available with this power rating.

C9J 1530 I guess I was the first person to develop the idea of the modular system: ie. everything from the preamp to the power amp was modular.

C9J 1998 For me it's the bass amp.’

C9J 2234 I'm looking very hard for a new amp as a 30th anniversary present to myself and would really like to own a quality (loud!) amp which I can carry in one hand.

C9K 223 We had stuff like a ‘79 Marshall combo, which was really wonderful and a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp, which was a beautiful amp.

C9K 224 Peavey lent us a 5150 amp, which was great on some stuff and I rented a Soldano amp and that was also really nice.

C9K 740 For his lead sound Marty uses a Bogner preamp (Triplet Giant) and VHT Power amp.

C9K 792 Both amp and speakers are enclosed in wooden cabs and covered in a tactile grey fabric.

C9K 899 Using the A2 with the Stadium amp for a rehearsal, the verdict was ‘great sound but turn the bloody thing down!’

C9K 1153 If you're recording, plug it into the desk and the engineer can make anything sound good, so whether you use one pickup, two pickups, one amp, two amps, Marshall, Crate, anything.

C9K 1699 Paul Rivera has attempted to create an amp for all playing seasons and, by George, I think he's done it.

C9L 999 To put together a complete Boogie rig comprising the TriAxis (£1325), a 395 stereo power amp (£1420) and a pair of half-and-half (open top, closed bottom) Boogie cabs (£635 each) would just break the £3,000 barrier.

C9L 1528 ‘I've always liked Ampeg gear,’ admits John, ‘and it's good to be able to try this amp out, because this kind of format is pretty new to me.

C9L 1541 ‘I like the layout of this Ampeg amp — a minimum of bullshit, and you don't have to slave over a hot graphic to find a sound.

C9L 2845 Hint: go to your local music shop, plug into the biggest, loudest amp, play the intro to Stairway To Heaven and then follow it immediately with this one.

C9M 96 There are various pick-up points around the Amp Clinic's home area where you can leave your equipment for collection, including The Drum And Guitar Centre in Cambridge, Machinehead Music in Harlow and Drum And Sound in Royston, or else gear can be sent direct to The Amp Clinic.

C9M 543 I continued using this guitar for the distortion sounds and, as with the power amp and cabs, the Attax sounded too processed and clinical for my liking.

C9M 1119 With a clean tone they're warm and solid-sounding, offering just the right amount of signal to cause the amp to get gritty when the guitar's volume pot is whacked full up.

C9M 2800 ADA MP-1 preamp, 400 watt power amp, 2 x EV 1x12 speaker cabs, £850 the lot.

C9M 3016 HARTKE 3500 bass amp, as new, boxed, £425.

C9M 3069 LANEY 100 watt amp and 2 100 watt bass bins, good condition, £150.

C9M 3071 LANEY Linebacker 100 watt bass amp, good condition, £165.

C9N 109 A line out lets you connect to a power amp and cabinet, while a speaker-simulating recording out enables you to record, to connect with a PA or, alternatively, your inner soul via headphones.

FUU 278 This is a this is a question we very often get asked, why do they sell a thirteen amp fuse with a thirteen amp plug if it only wants a five amp in?

FUU 309 So if you've got a three amp fuse another three amp fuse and a, a three amp fuse in and another one in it you've got nine amps haven't you?

FUU 309 So if you've got a three amp fuse another three amp fuse and a, a three amp fuse in and another one in it you've got nine amps haven't you?

FUU 309 So if you've got a three amp fuse another three amp fuse and a, a three amp fuse in and another one in it you've got nine amps haven't you?

FUU 331 Again if you go over the thirteen amp you're trying to draw out more elec electricity and you're causing overheating.

HU4 4351 These agents may act via increases in enterocyte cyclic AMP (for example, cholera toxin, prostaglandin E 2 , VIP), cyclic GMP (E coli toxin), or calcium (serotonin, substance P, bile acids).

HU4 4379 Mediators such as cyclic AMP might induce HCO 3 -secretion via several mechanisms.

HWS 3737 The effect of preincubation with various concentrations of TPA on the cyclic AMP content five minutes after the addition of 0.5 mmol/l histamine was investigated (Fig 1B).

HWS 3739 At 20°C, the cyclic AMP response to histamine was much more sustained, with little variation in the cyclic AMP content between one and 15 minutes after the addition of 0.5 mmol/l histamine (Fig 2A).

HWS 3755 At 37°C, 100 nmol/l TPA did not alter the effect of cholera toxin on cyclic AMP content (Fig 5B).

KD5 3770 An amp amps is current, and volts is volts !

KE1 519 With the reverb on the amp as well as the one on the drum machines I'll say God damn heavy!