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A1S 428 Instead of accepting the cash deal Pearl shareholders can sell their shares in return for AMP's loan notes.

A1S 435 Although AMP has a significant stake, other British insurance companies own over 20 per cent of Pearl's shares.

A1S 441 AMP has approximately 30 per cent of the life insurance and superannuation markets in Australia and is the largest manager of private retirement funds in that country and New Zealand.

A6E 269 Some time later I got an amp as well It was as big a piece of junk as the bass — a Fenton Weill Mk II with a Goodman speaker, which is nothing but a cheap copy of the Ampeg Portaflex B15N.

ADK 787 Thus you can run thirty electric typewriters off one 13 amp socket but only three 800 watt lamps.

C9H 212 I remember my first gig after joining John was at the White Hart, Acton, and I rolled up with my P-bass and my Gibson amp — a Titan was it?— a grey pyramid-shaped amp.

C9H 1138 As with all guitar noise problems, this effect is most prevalent when the amp is very loud, or set up for an overdrive sound.

C9H 1758 FENDER reissue Twin Reverb 100 watt valve amp, brand new, £725.

C9H 1788 FENDER Twin Reverb amp, silver face, beautiful sound, £320 ono.

C9H 1961 MARSHALL Model 3310 100 watt amp with two 12″ cabs, makes a great stack, mint condition, home use only, £325 ono.

C9H 2103 TRACE Elliot AH-200 bass amp, rack mountable, £380 ono.

C9H 2252 Or swap for Fender The Twin amp, cash adjustment

C9J 387 As you move around the amp, your eye is drawn towards a mini-fan situated in the input side of the unit.

C9J 436 Of course, we all had to admit that the 25SE was built well, using ‘proper’ looking materials, components and hardware, something the Americans are so expert at and where so many British amp manufacturers fall down.

C9J 1750 DI'd through a desk and recorded onto both DAT and cassette utilising the onboard amp simulator, the distortion couldn't be described as amazing, but I presume this must be what people expect to hear these days, although to me it doesn't sound too close to what you'd get from a guitar amp.

C9K 224 Peavey lent us a 5150 amp, which was great on some stuff and I rented a Soldano amp and that was also really nice.

C9K 224 Peavey lent us a 5150 amp, which was great on some stuff and I rented a Soldano amp and that was also really nice.

C9K 253 And he said, ‘Well, we had this Tremolux amp and I put it through this compressor.’

C9K 892 The sound that really got me going came from one of the A3's ROM cards, numbered SPC-04, a patch called ‘Amp 66’ which is also stored in the A2's internal memory as patch 63.

C9K 1407 If the amp head were not connected to the speaker when switched on would it damage the amp?

C9K 1421 → Dealing with your ideas in order, buying a secondhand valve amp to use with your existing combo speaker would not work because of the complex switching required to bypass the amplifiers into dummy loads (a valve amp cannot be left on without the speaker or a dummy load in circuit) as well as input routing to both amps.

C9K 1645 Rivera's latest addition to the designer amp market features two independent preamp sections fed into a stereo power amp.

C9K 1798 His main amp is a blackface pre-CBS Fender Super Reverb with four 10″ speakers, sometimes augmented by a Twin Reverb.

C9K 1874 First of all there's power, and quite a lot of middle, too, and with this one you actually want to press the amp's distortion button…!

C9K 2115 If I did, I'd just put another amp up.

C9L 273 The channel runs really hot, but the amp doesn't run as hot.

C9L 474 A push button switches in the amp's ‘Enhance’ circuitry, the effect of which is to condition the high order harmonics of the distorted sound, reputedly offering a less ‘fizzy’tone than one might expect from a transistor amp.

C9L 492 It is probably going to be impossible to sum this amp up without re-introducing the age old arguments concerning transistor vs tube technology.

C9L 2453 Housed in its 2U 19″ rack format is a four-band EQ section, variable level line-out with three voicing options, a variable amplifier output controlling the Power Tool's internal 50 watt solid state amp, also with voicing options, and a headphone socket with adjustable level.

C9L 2475 At a very tolerable volume level I managed to produce the sound of a heavily overdriven amp at full tilt, but at a volume where Granny could still hear The Archers.

C9L 2709 A preamp is the tone circuitry of your amp, before the power stage.

C9M 96 There are various pick-up points around the Amp Clinic's home area where you can leave your equipment for collection, including The Drum And Guitar Centre in Cambridge, Machinehead Music in Harlow and Drum And Sound in Royston, or else gear can be sent direct to The Amp Clinic.

C9M 539 I tried lots of EQ and various level changes, but when pushed hard the combination of the pre and power amp made for a hard, aggressive sound which, okay, some players might really go for.

C9M 543 I continued using this guitar for the distortion sounds and, as with the power amp and cabs, the Attax sounded too processed and clinical for my liking.

C9M 1118 With the same amp settings the low hum single coils sing with almost the character of a Gibson P90.

C9M 1788 Personally I prefer effects loops and line links to be situated at the back of an amp.

C9M 2575 Read the review, try the amp; judge the sound, not the LED.

C9M 2820 AXIS SuperStrat, Floyd licensed trem, VGC plus Dean Markley practice amp, £110 ono.

C9M 2828 BEAUTIFUL Les Paul copy with case, amp, books, pedal, tuner, strings, strap, leads and picks.

C9N 139 Basically, I just sit down with a little Pignose amp and a tape recorder and play all night.’

C9N 610 That's the only amp on stage?

C9N 3071 20 Watt Aria combo practice amp for drum machine, cash difference will be paid.

CBY 847 The accruals method has been in development for over three years, and was triggered by the takeover of Pearl by AMP on a price/ earnings ratio of 9.6 times earnings calculated under an embedded value method.

FUU 326 You can provided you keep under the thirteen amp rating but if you go over the thirteen amp rating then you are asking for trouble.

GYR 221 So it's a half amp so what sized fu and they would probably give you erm, are you going to use a three amp, a five amp or a fif or a thirteen amp fuse?

HU4 4381 Cyclic AMP causes opening of apical Cl -channels in several secretory epithelia.


HWS 3739 At 20°C, the cyclic AMP response to histamine was much more sustained, with little variation in the cyclic AMP content between one and 15 minutes after the addition of 0.5 mmol/l histamine (Fig 2A).

HWS 5655 In vitro studies of cells showed that somatostatin inhibits pepsinogen secretion by decreasing cyclic AMP in chief cells.

KD5 3833 If you put an amp meter across a battery?