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A1S 141 View from City Road: AMP tries to knock out Pearl

A1S 424 Mr Holland was due to meet AMP's chairman, David Anderson, today in a meeting which had been planned since June.

B0X 1020 In addition, Shattil and Cooper (1976) described increased platelet membrane microviscosity following incubation of platelets with ‘cholesterol-rich’ liposomes and Sinha et al (1977) found an impaired response of the membrane-associated enzyme adenylate cyclase to the stimulating effect of various agents including prostaglandin E 1 as shown by a decrease in production of cyclic AMP.

C9H 1225 Suffice it to say that Jim Marshall appears on merit and I, for one, hope that he returns in five years’ time with yet another superb anniversary amp series.

C9H 1758 FENDER reissue Twin Reverb 100 watt valve amp, brand new, £725.

C9H 1961 MARSHALL Model 3310 100 watt amp with two 12″ cabs, makes a great stack, mint condition, home use only, £325 ono.

C9H 2020 Or swap for stereo power amp.

C9H 2029 PEAVEY Triumph 60 watt valve combo, 3 channels, reverb, footswitch, versatile and powerful amp, excellent condition, £325.

C9H 2066 SELMER treble and bass amp head, perfect working order, FX loop model, classic amp, £100 ono.

C9J 356 The VG-15, despite its size, is a creditable little amp.

C9J 367 The overdrive, too, benefits from reverb and the presence control allows a bit of sophistication in the upper treble range, giving more control over the amp's response.

C9J 448 Around the back it's sparse, since the amp's effect loop and headphone sockets are sited on the front panel, where the ‘phones socket is most easy to access in the practice situation and where floor pedals most sensibly connect.

C9J 1526 All the studio guys used hopped-up Fenders, and all the rock players used Marshalls, but ultimately there was nothing on the front of the amp that said my name.

C9J 1572 When I came aboard they didn't have a lead amp line as such; they were famous for their bass amps, obviously, but their lead amp line was just there, no real profile, and the consumer didn't really realise that they had anything other than bass amps.

C9J 1750 DI'd through a desk and recorded onto both DAT and cassette utilising the onboard amp simulator, the distortion couldn't be described as amazing, but I presume this must be what people expect to hear these days, although to me it doesn't sound too close to what you'd get from a guitar amp.

C9K 539 I have to say I loved the sound through the Boogie power amp, although the essence remained distinctly Marshall.

C9K 1407 If the amp head were not connected to the speaker when switched on would it damage the amp?

C9K 1638 BLACK VELVET Rivera S120 Stack Given that the guitar world seems to have voted with its feet and demonstrated a fondness for valves which to the average electronics engineer defies reason, where else is there left for amp designers to go…?

C9L 474 A push button switches in the amp's ‘Enhance’ circuitry, the effect of which is to condition the high order harmonics of the distorted sound, reputedly offering a less ‘fizzy’tone than one might expect from a transistor amp.

C9L 561 With the power amp switched up in the test rack, floors shook dutifully, furniture shifted, ice caps melted and ocean levels rose…

C9L 563 I tried inputting the X-Amp through a mixer straight to an ADAT using the amp's cabinet voicing facility.

C9L 1455 It's obviously a reasonably-sized practice/small gig amp, but even so the limiter comes in really quickly — perhaps because my style is to hit the strings really hard.

C9L 1930 This scepticism apart, most bass amp manufacturers would opt for a similar system if they thought the market would stand it, but realising that it places significant extra financial strain on the consumer, most don't.

C9L 2710 Its job is to condition the tonal content of your bass's signal prior to its final amplification…hence ‘pre’ amp.

C9M 112 The amp head pushes out an extremely loud 100 watts, and you can complete your stack by adding a separate valve-driven spring reverb unit and two cabinets — one 2x12″, one 4x12″ — both loaded with Celestion G12 speakers.

C9M 517 CF-200 POWER AMP

C9M 609 ‘I use it for a couple of songs every night, but because I don't use effects — I just plug into an amp — I always use different guitars to get different tones.

C9M 1444 Actually, on the song you're talking about, I didn't like my amp that day, I was mad about it, but I guess it sounded good.

C9M 2159 Without that amp, I can't survive.

C9M 2833 BOOGIE 295 power amp, perfect condition, £950.

C9M 3097 MARSHALL 100 valve amp, £150, Angle 4x12, £100, Turbo Ratt £35, Nady 101, £100.

C9M 3207 SESSION 30 watt, 2 channel amp, loud enough to gig, footswitch, cover, as new, £80.

C9N 435 For instance, the tuner is the best I've used on any processor — it's accurate and very easy to use — and the facility to externally channel-switch your amp is a sensible bonus.

C9N 838 If you have a home recording setup, the Quad-FX will expand the number of insert points on 4- or 8-track recorders; add extra inputs to your mixer (4 in stereo, 8 in mono); act as a DI box for bass and guitar or anything else that requires a high impedance input section; work as a 4-way distribution amp and an 8-mono or 4-stereo into 2-line mixer (both at the same time!); match analogue effects pedals to mixer insert points; convert your hi-fi into a 4-stereo-input monitor system; and even expand a power amp's inputs to accept signals from up to four separate stereo sources.

C9N 880 Maybe one day they'll have a Lakewood Acousticube in the window, and I'll score £1,100 worth of amp for the price of a pair of All-Stars.

C9N 934 And, ultimately, you're bound to realise that this amount of money would go a long, long way towards buying your own small PA system — cabs, mixer amp, processor, parametric, vocal mike and all.

C9N 1430 ‘Someone recently got me a small Vox practice amp which is okay, but when I'm recording at home I go straight through a JHS Rock Box.

C9N 1677 It's the only guitar and the only amp he actually owns and, basically, that's his sound.

C9N 2766 MARSHALL 25 watt rev/trem amp, 15″ speaker, footswitch, good condition, £250 ono.

C9N 2802 MARSHALL vintage Bluesbreaker amp, 1966, all original except the speaker cloth, £1,500.

CBW 1886 Despite the difficult trading conditions of 1991, Pearl announced a substantial increase in profits after tax, and according to AMP managing director Ian Salmon: ‘The value of Pearl at the end of 1991 exceeded the amount AMP paid in its acquisition.’

CRM 9341 It has been suggested that the cyclic AMP and InsP 3 messenger pathways may interact with each other to enhance odorant discrimination.

EVG 825 Hyde's room was small and squalid, hot and stuffy in summer, cold and amp in winter.

FUU 278 This is a this is a question we very often get asked, why do they sell a thirteen amp fuse with a thirteen amp plug if it only wants a five amp in?

FUU 322 And then I know full well that I'm well within the guidelines of not going over the thirteen amp that this is designed to operate at maximum efficiency and safety.

H7B 1079 You can plug these into an ordinary 13 amp socket at your remotest depot and call up the computer, no matter how far away, via the normal GPO telephone system.

KC1 2836 Twin amp power supplies, he uses that erm

KCY 211 Yeah, his amp's got, yeah his amp was built for this particular type of er, I can't remember what bloody amp he's got now there were no, no particularly flash like, you know, er, er, they were saying something to do with clipping, I think it's to do with clipping they saying the power up, the power point's alright as long as you don't clip, because what happens is if the wave forms doing that

KD5 3808 To the amp meter, from the meter to the battery

KD5 3823 You've gotta be a bit careful cos if you stick an amp meter or a current meter across a battery you're effectively shorting the battery out.