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A1E 447 If Pearl decided to resist the overtures of AMP it will be the second major takeover battle in the British life assurance sector in barely two years.

A1S 422 As officials began their investigations the board of directors of Pearl, led by chairman Einion Holland, said AMP's takeover bid ‘is unacceptable and totally inadequate because it fails to reflect the group's financial strength and prospects’.

A6E 272 But, playing through the amp, I began to realise how daft it was sitting up in my bedroom by myself with it, trying to work my way through tunes.

A6E 1228 They ended up trying to sell a Marshall amp in Glasgow.

AS1 982 The line should be capable of at least a 60 amp supply and possibly up to 100 amp for a large property or heavy user.

B0X 742 In addition, platelet phospholipase A2 (Minkes et al , 1977) and cyclo-oxygenase (Malmsten et al , 1976) are inhibited by the elevated cyclic AMP levels.

C9H 212 I remember my first gig after joining John was at the White Hart, Acton, and I rolled up with my P-bass and my Gibson amp — a Titan was it?— a grey pyramid-shaped amp.

C9H 816 Hollis Research GX-7 Amp Simulator

C9H 1418 He would lead us to believe the classic amp designers were mere technicians, while he's been making tube amps since 1957.

C9H 1976 MESA Boogie 22 watt amp, £450.

C9H 2103 TRACE Elliot AH-200 bass amp, rack mountable, £380 ono.

C9J 68 B510 BCK) contained, amongst other things, a Status Series 4000 bass serial no. 015, a black Westone Thunder fretless, a Fender Stage 185 amp with the Channel 1 midrange pot snapped off, an Orange 4x12 cab, a Peavey MkIV bass amp, a new-style Fender 4x12 cab, a Rhodes electric piano, a Hammond X5 organ, a Solton combined Leslie cabinet and amplifier, various Sonor drums, a pair of Bose 402 PA speakers and a custom-built effects board containing an old Tube Screamer, a CE2, a Cry Baby, an Ibanez Phaser, an orange ‘mute’ box and a Korg chromatic tuner.

C9J 410 A ‘power amp in’ socket bypasses the B-1's preamp, and a ‘preamp out’socket offers the converse facility for external power amping or front-of-house mixing.

C9J 1552 And it's wired right into the power amp, so you don't have to worry about tone circuits or reverbs — you've just got a good sound to play along with.

C9J 2244 However, who's to say that this figure wouldn't be as open to exaggeration as amp output always used to be?

C9K 893 This was an incredibly accurate valve amp sound which more than one person commented had the character and warmth of an AC30, especially when using the A2 through the solid state Stadium power amp into a Proamplifiers speaker cab.

C9K 1150 In terms of sound it hardly matters, because once you plug in live, the real sound is brought out in the house — you go both direct and to the amp (racked Gallien-Krueger and Ampeg SVT heads through Hartke cabs in Gene's case ).

C9K 1359 My guitar, by the way, is a Gibson Les Paul Standard played direct into the amp.

C9K 1421 → Dealing with your ideas in order, buying a secondhand valve amp to use with your existing combo speaker would not work because of the complex switching required to bypass the amplifiers into dummy loads (a valve amp cannot be left on without the speaker or a dummy load in circuit) as well as input routing to both amps.

C9K 1645 Rivera's latest addition to the designer amp market features two independent preamp sections fed into a stereo power amp.

C9K 2115 If I did, I'd just put another amp up.

C9L 269 He said, ‘Man, look, this is the amp,’ and from that point on I didn't look back.

C9L 272 The reason why a lot of Vox amplifiers blow up is because, when you turn the amplifier on, all the preamp tubes and power tubes are powered up, but if you're only going to use one channel, plug the guitar in that one and take out the valves that you don't use from the other channels, so the amp isn't quite as hot.

C9L 552 Follow a similar path with the other two memory functions and the amp will remember the arrangement, enabling a fairly staggering amount of flexibility.

C9L 561 With the power amp switched up in the test rack, floors shook dutifully, furniture shifted, ice caps melted and ocean levels rose…


C9L 2456 Amp In controls the level going into the Power Tool from the amp's speaker output, while Line Level is used when connecting outboard preamps or effect devices to the Power Tool.

C9L 2710 Its job is to condition the tonal content of your bass's signal prior to its final amplification…hence ‘pre’ amp.

C9M 1789 Nearly all rack effects have their connectors at the back and I find it looks very untidy having cables hanging all over the front of an amp.

C9M 2957 GALLIEN Kreuger 250 professional studio/stage amp, £400 ono.

C9M 3172 PEAVEY Studio Pro 40 amp, £100.

C9N 855 One of the things claimed for the Quad-FX is its ability to take an amp's effects loop — one which won't line up with effects units — and correct the levels so it will.

C9N 922 The ‘tuner’ output is fine — mono, of course, but post-EQ and pre-master output, as it should be; in other words, changing the master volume on the amp does not affect the level of the signal to the desk.

C9N 1677 It's the only guitar and the only amp he actually owns and, basically, that's his sound.

C9N 2610 FENDER Strat copy Encore with trem, excellent condition plus practice amp and lead, £65.

C9N 3061 SELMER amp wanted.

CBG 3534 Entering the game to a standing ovation, 36-year-old Montana brought the crowd to its feet again with touchdown passes of nine yards to Brent Jones and eight yards to Amp Lee.

CG5 712 The 13 amp Check Plug (price around £15 from B&Q stores) simply plugs into a live 13 amp flat pin socket to show whether or not the socket is correctly wired.

ECJ 566 Rewirable circuit fuses are rated at 5, 15 or 30 amp, and must be rewired with fuse wire of the correct size for the circuit.

G37 1156 For example, a regulator should be used with a 2 amp (24W) generator if the battery has a capacity of less than 100 amp/hr.

GYR 221 So it's a half amp so what sized fu and they would probably give you erm, are you going to use a three amp, a five amp or a fif or a thirteen amp fuse?

HU3 966 Cyclic nucleotides were extracted from homogenates by boiling and sonicating, as previously described, and their values measured by radioassay (cyclic AMP assay kit, code TRK 432; cyclic GMP RIA kit, code TRK 500, Amersham, Buckinghamshire) in freeze dried 3500 g supernatants (20 minutes at 4°C), reconstituted in water.

HU4 4375 Cholera toxin induces severe diarrhoea by stimulating HCO 3 -and Cl -secretion throughout the intestine, via increases in intracellular cyclic AMP.

HU4 4381 Cyclic AMP causes opening of apical Cl -channels in several secretory epithelia.

HWS 3704 The 1 2 5 I radioimmunoassay kit for cyclic AMP was from NEN,(Stevenage, UK).


HWS 5655 In vitro studies of cells showed that somatostatin inhibits pepsinogen secretion by decreasing cyclic AMP in chief cells.

HWW 89 Pretreatment measurements of serum PTHrP, calcium and phosphate, nephrogenous cyclic AMP, tubular threshold for calcium and phosphate (TmP), and the presence of bone metastases were correlated with response to pamidronate.

KD5 3764 Tell me the difference between a volt meter and an amp meter?

KD5 3770 An amp amps is current, and volts is volts !