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A1S 95 Morgan shares were also given a helping hand by the AMP offer.

A1S 152 AMP has made its play for Pearl as part of long-term expansion plans.

A1S 444 AMP has had a business in the UK since 1908.

ADK 789 You can pull around 3,000 watts off one 13 amp socket.

AS1 982 The line should be capable of at least a 60 amp supply and possibly up to 100 amp for a large property or heavy user.

AS1 990 All wiring should be in pvc-covered cable, and all outlets should be modern 13 amp and switched.

C91 1108 Six amp three-core mains flex is used for the mains input which connects straight to the p.c.b.

C9H 47 Fortunately, all the Trace management staff are staying on, and Kaman have a history of encouraging its subsidiary companies to retain their own product identities, so we at Guitarist sincerely hope that one of Britain's brighter amp companies will be allowed the freedom to continue with the experimental stuff.

C9H 404 Effects loop send and return sockets operate in conjunction with an ‘FX mix’ biasing control, which lets you select how much of any external effect is fed to the amp's dry signal.

C9H 1374 We continue to provide the best product, provide factual production information and if a customer is not satisfied that his amp sounds and performs better after installing Groove Tubes, we'll give them their money back.

C9H 1661 ARIA Pro 2 Cat Bass, Columbus chorus pedal, JHS headphone practice amp, all £160.

C9H 1747 FENDER Deluxe 85 amp, excellent condition, £230.

C9J 310 To achieve a sound similar to that on the record (forgetting, if we can, the unbelievable production quality of this whole album) you should use a fairly distorted amp setting and play the solo using fingerstyle throughout.

C9J 2237 Is there any reason why the ‘decibel’ rating of an amp can't be given by the manufacturer and/or yourselves?(3–4 years ago I was in a band where we always had a decibal reading at the soundcheck.

C9K 206 ‘Yeah, the sound in front of the amp is sort of a cross between a Les Paul and a Telecaster.

C9K 224 Peavey lent us a 5150 amp, which was great on some stuff and I rented a Soldano amp and that was also really nice.

C9K 253 And he said, ‘Well, we had this Tremolux amp and I put it through this compressor.’

C9K 900 Tonally the A2 seems to match up to any amp or processor, and although there are some lead sounds which didn't quite make it, they were closer than many processors can claim to get.

C9K 1798 His main amp is a blackface pre-CBS Fender Super Reverb with four 10″ speakers, sometimes augmented by a Twin Reverb.

C9K 2234 The bridge humbucker has been designed to give a very hot response indeed, and I found that even the centre single coil kicked the amp quite nicely.

C9L 492 It is probably going to be impossible to sum this amp up without re-introducing the age old arguments concerning transistor vs tube technology.

C9L 563 I tried inputting the X-Amp through a mixer straight to an ADAT using the amp's cabinet voicing facility.

C9L 980 As well as the four switch sockets on the back of the amp there are sockets for providing power to a foot controller, the usual MIDI in, thru and out, recording outputs for DI'ing into a desk, and the aforementioned FX loop.

C9L 1381 The DOD DI box is a mono unit with a high impedance jack socket input (with parallel wired output jack for connection to guitar amp or other high impedance monitoring device) and a 3 pin balanced output socket.

C9L 1731 But I had the amp set with the treble full on, the presence full on and the bright switch kicked in before I could get close to what I'd call a classically nasty Telecaster bridge pickup tone.

C9L 2449 Well, we recently reviewed a couple of power attenuators by Palmer, and now the American company PS Systems have launched a product to help you run an amp flat out, but at a volume that won't offend even the most sensitive ears.

C9L 2710 Its job is to condition the tonal content of your bass's signal prior to its final amplification…hence ‘pre’ amp.

C9L 2845 Hint: go to your local music shop, plug into the biggest, loudest amp, play the intro to Stairway To Heaven and then follow it immediately with this one.

C9M 609 ‘I use it for a couple of songs every night, but because I don't use effects — I just plug into an amp — I always use different guitars to get different tones.

C9M 615 What do you expect from a guitar amp?

C9M 1234 Subtle use of the EQ here can help add sparkle, or crispen a flat-sounding amp; conversely it can dull a digital sound to create an analogue type effect.

C9M 2338 It sounds great with new strings and it records brilliantly: I get the real bassy sound from the amp and use the treble from the desk.

C9M 3118 MARSHALL Valvestate 8080 amp, 6 months old, limited private use, £275 ono.

C9M 3167 PEAVEY Bravo USA valve guitar amp, virtually new with footswitch, £225, also Marshall 4040 power amp, £145, recession forces sale.

C9M 3207 SESSION 30 watt, 2 channel amp, loud enough to gig, footswitch, cover, as new, £80.

C9N 107 Hughes & Kettner's new £269 Tubeman thingie is designed to function as an amp expander on stage, as a recording amp in the studio, as a floorpedal on stage, as a practice amp at home and as a fully-featured preamp just about anywhere.

C9N 109 A line out lets you connect to a power amp and cabinet, while a speaker-simulating recording out enables you to record, to connect with a PA or, alternatively, your inner soul via headphones.

C9N 838 If you have a home recording setup, the Quad-FX will expand the number of insert points on 4- or 8-track recorders; add extra inputs to your mixer (4 in stereo, 8 in mono); act as a DI box for bass and guitar or anything else that requires a high impedance input section; work as a 4-way distribution amp and an 8-mono or 4-stereo into 2-line mixer (both at the same time!); match analogue effects pedals to mixer insert points; convert your hi-fi into a 4-stereo-input monitor system; and even expand a power amp's inputs to accept signals from up to four separate stereo sources.

C9N 866 The bottom line is, however, that an amp with an effects loop which couldn't be used properly before, not only handles one processor but can feed four with no trouble at all and with no signal corruption.

C9N 904 Their use of the term ‘monitor’ as opposed to‘satellite amp’is rather confusing, though.

C9N 1081 (If more volume really were needed then the direct outputs could be fed to a stereo power amp and then to additional speakers, but I'm sure Marshall have aimed the S80 at a specific player who would find its volume adequate and who, if he or she needed more, would probably upgrade to a more powerful Marshall product.)

C9N 2539 CARLSBRO Renegade 150 watt amp with channel change, overdrive and reverb, £200.

C9N 2848 PEAVEY Classic Chorus 2x12 stereo guitar amp, 150 watts, vgc, £220.

CER 1251 They decided to scale down the experiment and worked with a thinner piece of palladium, an 8 cm × 8 cm × 0.2 cm sheet rolled into a cylindrical shape, and also lowered the current to less than 0.2 amps instead of the 1.5 amp current that blew up the block.

FUU 273 And ninety percent of the things they're attached to still got thirteen amp fuses.

FUU 278 This is a this is a question we very often get asked, why do they sell a thirteen amp fuse with a thirteen amp plug if it only wants a five amp in?

FUU 326 You can provided you keep under the thirteen amp rating but if you go over the thirteen amp rating then you are asking for trouble.

GW0 766 With amp and practice speaker.

HWS 3691 Recently, truncated glycagon like peptide 1 (TGLP-1) has been shown to stimulate secretory activity in parietal cells by increasing cyclic adenosine monophosphate (AMP).

KCY 210 Mm, is his amp like that?