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A1S 141 View from City Road: AMP tries to knock out Pearl

A1S 444 AMP has had a business in the UK since 1908.

C9H 47 Fortunately, all the Trace management staff are staying on, and Kaman have a history of encouraging its subsidiary companies to retain their own product identities, so we at Guitarist sincerely hope that one of Britain's brighter amp companies will be allowed the freedom to continue with the experimental stuff.

C9H 212 I remember my first gig after joining John was at the White Hart, Acton, and I rolled up with my P-bass and my Gibson amp — a Titan was it?— a grey pyramid-shaped amp.

C9H 392 In my review of the 3500 head, it was mentioned that Hartke had given the amp a no-nonsense look, and I would re-iterate that opinion here.

C9H 393 If I were to draw up a spec list of preferred bass amp facilities, the resulting layout would probably look similar to the Hartke's: uncluttered and functional.

C9H 1364 Very astutely, he uses most of his response to promote his latest tube amp launch: ie. ‘our latest tube amp efforts far surpass anything done in the past’.

C9H 1419 Hopefully,Guitarist readers see through this attempt by Mr.Peavey to re-write tube amp history to include himself.

C9H 1898 JACKSON Tube amp, 50 watt, like a supercharged Marshall, this is one of only 3 in UK, designed by Jackson USA, made in England, £350.

C9H 2035 PETERSON 120G 120-watt split channel guitar amp, footswitches included, 1x12 Electro Voice speaker, exotic hardwood cab, above excellent condition, £549 ono.

C9H 2236 Your Ampeg amp for my Trace Elliot Twin valve combo, immaculate condition.

C9J 369 This sort of nasal overdrive sound, reminiscent of a blocked sinus (and about as difficult to get rid of), dogs many a small combo amp and I was surprised not to find it in abundance on both VGs.

C9J 387 As you move around the amp, your eye is drawn towards a mini-fan situated in the input side of the unit.

C9J 477 By including the footswitch and having it Velcro in place inside the amp Fender win more Brownie points.

C9K 517 For instance, with the live rig that we set up to check out the JMP-1 (Boogie 50/50 power amp and ART Multiverb Alpha 2.0 MIDI processor), if you wanted to get louder you could tweak the Marshall's output, increase the power amp's volume or even adjust the level of the processor.

C9K 539 I have to say I loved the sound through the Boogie power amp, although the essence remained distinctly Marshall.

C9K 847 The power amp on the other hand looked like it might be a problem, until a box arrived containing three Stadium power amps.

C9K 888 The A2's stereo outputs feature a level attenuator to match the unit to whatever application (mixer, combo, power amp etc.) it's used for.

C9K 924 Stadium ST200 power amp £365.00

C9K 1346 The main reason for the lack of definition is that the response of the amp and speakers changes with an increase in volume.

C9L 497 The price of this combo is excellent for a twin channel amp, but its shortcomings in the lead department may keep it from playing in the World Series and confine it to the Junior League.

C9L 561 With the power amp switched up in the test rack, floors shook dutifully, furniture shifted, ice caps melted and ocean levels rose…

C9L 1765 So, first doublecheck that there's nothing you are doing or using the amp with or for that could be causing the fault.

C9L 2464 The Amp Out section has just two settings: Off, for a straight amp signal and ‘4x12’ which really does transform the sound into that of a full-sized cab.

C9M 512 The amp's master volume pot, headphone socket and mains switch make up the remainder of front panel controls.

C9M 2012 It's still an essentially traditional Strat sound, but with just that extra bit of in-your-face mid-range bite to drive the amp harder.

C9M 2160 I don't use any effects, no pedals, nothing; I just use a guitar straight into the amp and I let the wood and the fingers do the work…’

C9M 2357 But as I say, I hate pedals, because the sound of a guitar through an amp is just a beautiful sound, and if you put it through too many other things it just gets weakened and made mock.

C9N 146 On stage I still have humbuckers in everything, although for the next tour I hope to change my amp setup to accommodate single coil guitars as well.

C9N 933 If you're convinced that an acoustic amp is the way to go — and not everyone is convinced, by the way — then you'd have to compare the Lakewood against the £799 Trace Acoustic TA-100R and perhaps the even more affordable, if more basic, Carlsbro Sherwood.

C9N 1675 Whenever I use anything else — a different amp or something — I just can't get anything to happen, so I've given up trying, basically.’

C9N 1877 The A4 is completely self-contained and MIDI compatible, and it even has amp switching capability, along with built-in simulator and noise gate.

C9N 2241 But rather than saying, ‘Sorry mate, you'll have to wait for it to be repaired,’ Doug said, ‘Take that one over there!’pointing to an equivalent amp.

C9N 2559 ELECTROVOICE system 200 with controller plus bass bins plus Peavey CF800 power amp, £1,750 ono.

C9N 2802 MARSHALL vintage Bluesbreaker amp, 1966, all original except the speaker cloth, £1,500.

CAE 1704 An amp: to be turned up

CBG 3534 Entering the game to a standing ovation, 36-year-old Montana brought the crowd to its feet again with touchdown passes of nine yards to Brent Jones and eight yards to Amp Lee.

FUU 278 This is a this is a question we very often get asked, why do they sell a thirteen amp fuse with a thirteen amp plug if it only wants a five amp in?

FUU 326 You can provided you keep under the thirteen amp rating but if you go over the thirteen amp rating then you are asking for trouble.

GW0 766 With amp and practice speaker.

HU4 4381 Cyclic AMP causes opening of apical Cl -channels in several secretory epithelia.

HU4 4386 As discussed in the section on NaCl absorption, cyclic AMP and calcium usually inhibit Na + /H + exchange in absorptive epithelia.

HWS 3753 At maximally effective concentrations of peptides (100 nmol/l), preincubation with 100 nmol/l TPA reduced the cyclic AMP response to TGLP-1 and enhanced the response to gastric inhibitory polypeptide.

HWS 3755 At 37°C, 100 nmol/l TPA did not alter the effect of cholera toxin on cyclic AMP content (Fig 5B).

HWS 3766 The cyclic AMP content of the cell suspension rose to a peak one minute after the addition of histamine at 37°C and then fell.

HWW 89 Pretreatment measurements of serum PTHrP, calcium and phosphate, nephrogenous cyclic AMP, tubular threshold for calcium and phosphate (TmP), and the presence of bone metastases were correlated with response to pamidronate.

K54 1488 For years now I have conducted a personal campaign, always asking if I can have, for example, a five or three amp fuse instead of the one I am given, a 13 amp.

KCY 571 that amp's good

KD5 3894 I mean, you can use a volt meter as an amp meter if you put a shunt across it.

KST 1208 And two plugs thirteen amp