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A1E 438 At the time of the acquisition insurance analysts said that AMP had aspirations to expand, and since it controls one third of the Australian life insurance market its opportunities were limited in that country.

A1E 447 If Pearl decided to resist the overtures of AMP it will be the second major takeover battle in the British life assurance sector in barely two years.

A1S 428 Instead of accepting the cash deal Pearl shareholders can sell their shares in return for AMP's loan notes.

A37 130 AMP states Pearl offer is generous

A37 135 AMP's offer document published yesterday claims that the share price has been inflated by speculation and the offer should be judged against the price of 394p per share prevailing before AMP raised its stake in Pearl to 18 per cent last June.

B7N 1876 Thomas's partial list of Ca-dependent events includes muscle contraction, neurotransmission, photoreception, cell division, secretion, cilia, cyclic AMP, and important kinases.

C9H 212 I remember my first gig after joining John was at the White Hart, Acton, and I rolled up with my P-bass and my Gibson amp — a Titan was it?— a grey pyramid-shaped amp.

C9H 393 If I were to draw up a spec list of preferred bass amp facilities, the resulting layout would probably look similar to the Hartke's: uncluttered and functional.

C9H 1310 I think printing Hartley Peavey's letter in the same issue as mine was maybe a bit of a gaffe — but I hope the local amp repairer doesn't have a slip of the brain when he fixes your amp, or your local mechanic doesn't connect up your battery in the car properly.

C9H 1374 We continue to provide the best product, provide factual production information and if a customer is not satisfied that his amp sounds and performs better after installing Groove Tubes, we'll give them their money back.

C9H 2066 SELMER treble and bass amp head, perfect working order, FX loop model, classic amp, £100 ono.

C9H 2103 TRACE Elliot AH-200 bass amp, rack mountable, £380 ono.

C9J 426 At 1U high, containing a pure valve preamp and solid state power amp within that petite package, plus the ability to offer a really wide range of tones, the B-1R is exceptional.

C9J 469 One touch I like about the Champ 25 is that the power LED flashes when the amp is on standby.

C9J 1541 They'd been designing tube amps for decades, and manufacturing them on site, whereas other companies were perhaps wanting to get into the tube amp market from scratch.

C9J 1750 DI'd through a desk and recorded onto both DAT and cassette utilising the onboard amp simulator, the distortion couldn't be described as amazing, but I presume this must be what people expect to hear these days, although to me it doesn't sound too close to what you'd get from a guitar amp.

C9K 924 Stadium ST200 power amp £365.00

C9K 1250 This panel is disguising the cooling gap left between the Intellifex and the power stage of the Utopia system, Rocktron's Velocity 300 power amp.

C9K 1359 My guitar, by the way, is a Gibson Les Paul Standard played direct into the amp.

C9K 1421 → Dealing with your ideas in order, buying a secondhand valve amp to use with your existing combo speaker would not work because of the complex switching required to bypass the amplifiers into dummy loads (a valve amp cannot be left on without the speaker or a dummy load in circuit) as well as input routing to both amps.

C9K 1421 → Dealing with your ideas in order, buying a secondhand valve amp to use with your existing combo speaker would not work because of the complex switching required to bypass the amplifiers into dummy loads (a valve amp cannot be left on without the speaker or a dummy load in circuit) as well as input routing to both amps.

C9K 1638 BLACK VELVET Rivera S120 Stack Given that the guitar world seems to have voted with its feet and demonstrated a fondness for valves which to the average electronics engineer defies reason, where else is there left for amp designers to go…?

C9K 2234 The bridge humbucker has been designed to give a very hot response indeed, and I found that even the centre single coil kicked the amp quite nicely.

C9L 156 ‘I wanted a really good box that I could work from, or that someone could work for me — which is what happens nine times out of ten — and then run direct into the amplifier without losing any gain, without gaining any hum and without losing any of the real naturalness of the Fender Strat and the Vox amp.’

C9L 272 The reason why a lot of Vox amplifiers blow up is because, when you turn the amplifier on, all the preamp tubes and power tubes are powered up, but if you're only going to use one channel, plug the guitar in that one and take out the valves that you don't use from the other channels, so the amp isn't quite as hot.

C9L 430 However, the three-way tone section allows this to be EQ'd out and careful setting up of the guitar and amp or PA enables the 1992-H to put out a most convincing acoustic sound.

C9L 1531 Although Martin has said that some bass players like to be able to significantly alter their sound while they are actually playing on stage, I've never seen the need to have all the gubbins on the bass to do that, then have lots more gubbins on the amp to do more of the same.

C9L 2481 The AC30 test was disappointing by comparison, and I'll own up and say that whatever I did, I couldn't get the Power Tool to accurately attenuate the sound of the amp driven flat out.

C9M 525 All in all this is a very neat, compact power amp.

C9M 1812 Considering the diminutive size of this combo and the fact that it's only an 80 watt amp, I thought the tight, punchy tone and low frequency capabilities were quite remarkable.

C9M 2131 ‘I only had my little Fender Super Reverb, which was basically only a 35 watt amp — undistorted it's about 25 watts — so I couldn't handle it.’

C9M 2339 My amp is a 1969 Marshall, and I think there's soul in those valves.

C9M 2910 Vox bass amp, 50 watts, new combo, £50.

C9M 3114 MARSHALL lead 12, mini-stack amp, great for bedroom or small gig, £100.

C9N 26 And to cap it all, the Brahms and Beethoven so beloved of the buffs was going through amp stages by the score, before and during transmission.

C9N 107 Hughes & Kettner's new £269 Tubeman thingie is designed to function as an amp expander on stage, as a recording amp in the studio, as a floorpedal on stage, as a practice amp at home and as a fully-featured preamp just about anywhere.

C9N 139 Basically, I just sit down with a little Pignose amp and a tape recorder and play all night.’

C9N 1877 The A4 is completely self-contained and MIDI compatible, and it even has amp switching capability, along with built-in simulator and noise gate.

C9N 2495 AMPEG V60 240 watt bass amp, £240 ono.

CBG 3534 Entering the game to a standing ovation, 36-year-old Montana brought the crowd to its feet again with touchdown passes of nine yards to Brent Jones and eight yards to Amp Lee.

CBW 1886 Despite the difficult trading conditions of 1991, Pearl announced a substantial increase in profits after tax, and according to AMP managing director Ian Salmon: ‘The value of Pearl at the end of 1991 exceeded the amount AMP paid in its acquisition.’

CK6 2410 Then panellists start wandering off without making excuses and someone tops everything by asking ‘Crispin of Chainsaw’ how he gets his guitar sound: ‘Like, do you kick in your amp or do you use distortion pedals?’

FUU 326 You can provided you keep under the thirteen amp rating but if you go over the thirteen amp rating then you are asking for trouble.

HU3 3527 Thus ethanol, apart from having an overall stimulatory effect on gastric parietal cell metabolism, seems to specifically stimulate gastric acid secretion through an increase in cyclic AMP and subsequently adenylate cyclase.

HWS 3755 At 37°C, 100 nmol/l TPA did not alter the effect of cholera toxin on cyclic AMP content (Fig 5B).

KCY 571 that amp's good

KCY 1663 yeah I thought about, about that amp you know

KD5 3766 What's the difference between a volt and an amp?

KD5 3808 To the amp meter, from the meter to the battery

KD5 3894 I mean, you can use a volt meter as an amp meter if you put a shunt across it.