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A1S 95 Morgan shares were also given a helping hand by the AMP offer.

A1S 159 No meeting of AMP policyholders will be called.

AS1 982 The line should be capable of at least a 60 amp supply and possibly up to 100 amp for a large property or heavy user.

B0X 737 The potent inhibitory action of prostacyclin on platelet aggregation correlates with its ability to stimulate the platelet adenylate cyclase system, thus increasing cyclic AMP levels within the cell (Tateson et al, 1977).

C9H 89 An instrument of torture in all but the most capable of hands, the bass guitar rack has been lagging behind in the preamp/power amp technology already enjoyed by guitarists the world over.

C9H 523 However, at one stage, one of Tony's roadies — apparently a bit of an electronics whizzkid — wired the guitar to send the signal from one of the sockets to a transformer and into a mixer, while the other went straight to the amp.

C9H 1364 Very astutely, he uses most of his response to promote his latest tube amp launch: ie. ‘our latest tube amp efforts far surpass anything done in the past’.

C9H 1905 Kittyhawk stereo power amp, £300 ono.

C9H 2029 PEAVEY Triumph 60 watt valve combo, 3 channels, reverb, footswitch, versatile and powerful amp, excellent condition, £325.

C9H 2066 SELMER treble and bass amp head, perfect working order, FX loop model, classic amp, £100 ono.

C9H 2236 Your Ampeg amp for my Trace Elliot Twin valve combo, immaculate condition.

C9J 410 A ‘power amp in’ socket bypasses the B-1's preamp, and a ‘preamp out’socket offers the converse facility for external power amping or front-of-house mixing.

C9J 446 The last ‘box’ on the front panel contains the amp's two Master controls, one for the onboard reverb and the other taking care of the Champ's overall output volume.

C9J 1552 And it's wired right into the power amp, so you don't have to worry about tone circuits or reverbs — you've just got a good sound to play along with.

C9J 2104 Generally speaking I try and use a fairly clean sound and overdrive it with effects, rather than overdrive the amp.’

C9K 223 We had stuff like a ‘79 Marshall combo, which was really wonderful and a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp, which was a beautiful amp.

C9K 517 For instance, with the live rig that we set up to check out the JMP-1 (Boogie 50/50 power amp and ART Multiverb Alpha 2.0 MIDI processor), if you wanted to get louder you could tweak the Marshall's output, increase the power amp's volume or even adjust the level of the processor.

C9K 847 The power amp on the other hand looked like it might be a problem, until a box arrived containing three Stadium power amps.

C9K 1138 WITH REGARD TO EQUIPMENT, the normally shy and retiring Mr Simmons has some interesting and unusual opinions, particularly in relation to the recent debate about chrome versus brass jackplugs, and about people who demand fastidious and exacting details like ‘what amp settings does he use on any particular track, and what angle were the machine keys at?’

C9K 1338 A friend of mine suggests this is because my system is all transistor rather than valves, but the processor and power amp both sound fine when the volume of each is turned up with the volume of the other turned down.

C9K 1359 My guitar, by the way, is a Gibson Les Paul Standard played direct into the amp.

C9K 1645 Rivera's latest addition to the designer amp market features two independent preamp sections fed into a stereo power amp.

C9L 116 New amp?

C9L 261 Anyway, it's not a bad amp, but the one I've got at home is much better.

C9L 681 ‘Right, it's an amp I got in late 1954.

C9L 1470 Moving up a price bracket, we reckon on a fictitious £500 for the amp and the remainder on the bass.

C9L 1907 The curiously-named ‘master break’ jacks provide a feed to additional power amps etc., the return socket catering for an incoming signal which will bypass the DSP's preamp, to be fed straight to the power amp.

C9L 2456 Amp In controls the level going into the Power Tool from the amp's speaker output, while Line Level is used when connecting outboard preamps or effect devices to the Power Tool.

C9M 95 There's also a vintage amp hire service for video shoots and recording.

C9M 494 The Attax and the CF-200 power amp fit together into a 2U rack case, constituting a small, very portable setup.

C9M 539 I tried lots of EQ and various level changes, but when pushed hard the combination of the pre and power amp made for a hard, aggressive sound which, okay, some players might really go for.

C9M 1775 The familiar bright green printed front panel is sensibly recessed to avoid accidental damage to the controls, as are the rear panel and amp cooling fins.

C9M 1778 Basically, the standard Trace Elliot GP7 preamp, running into a transistor power amp, feeds its 80 watt output into a single 10″ speaker.

C9M 1810 I was very impressed by the volume and depth of sound from such a small cab, and although there's not the power to cover a very large stage, I found there was no great loss in tone when standing to the side of the amp — a problem with some larger rigs.

C9M 3071 LANEY Linebacker 100 watt bass amp, good condition, £165.

C9N 607 What guitar amp do you use?

C9N 866 The bottom line is, however, that an amp with an effects loop which couldn't be used properly before, not only handles one processor but can feed four with no trouble at all and with no signal corruption.

C9N 1982 I know the problem is not the amp or the pedal, as every other guitar I've tried is nowhere near as bad.

C9N 2212 An amazing difference occurred; the guitar suddenly became cleaner, clearer when played acoustically and through an amp, plus I still had full use of the tremolo unit.

C9N 2632 FENDER The Twin amp, new valves, good condition with aluminium flight case, £550 ono.

EVG 825 Hyde's room was small and squalid, hot and stuffy in summer, cold and amp in winter.

FUU 326 You can provided you keep under the thirteen amp rating but if you go over the thirteen amp rating then you are asking for trouble.

FUU 331 Again if you go over the thirteen amp you're trying to draw out more elec electricity and you're causing overheating.

HWS 3683 The cyclic AMP response to 100 nmol/l gastric inhibitory polypeptide was enhanced by preincubation with TPA, while the responses to cholera toxin and forskolin were unaffected.

HWS 3768 Indeed not all cyclic AMP phosphodiesterases are inhibited by this compound.

HWS 3771 It is necessary to establish that the effects of TPA on the cyclic AMP content of HGT-1 cells were mediated through activation of protein kinase C. The half maximally effective concentrations of TPA were in the low nanomolar region or below, which indicates specificity, as does the lack of effect of the inactive isomer 4α-TPA.

HWS 3776 A stimulation of the breakdown of cyclic AMP by the activation of a cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase is unlikely to be responsible for the effects seen here.

HWS 6922 SCFA can maintain normal fluxes in one direction of sodium and chloride in vitro even after a secretory stimulus, a finding that has been interpreted to mean that the pathway for electroneutral NaCl absorption stimulated by SCFA remains unaffected by cyclic AMP.

HWW 100 Like parathyroid hormone it also increases nephrogenous cyclic adenosine monophosphate (AMP) and decreases the tubular phosphate threshold.

KCY 571 that amp's good