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B7N 1876 Thomas's partial list of Ca-dependent events includes muscle contraction, neurotransmission, photoreception, cell division, secretion, cilia, cyclic AMP, and important kinases.

C92 1256 The circuit is based around the LM3914N dot/bar driver i.c., with a simple 741 op. amp microphone amplifier.

C9H 34 As long as your amp is high enough to support your guitar properly then GuitaRest does exactly the same job as a guitar stand — except that it's neater, lighter, takes up less space, costs less than most and also incorporates a recess to accommodate your armoury of assorted plectra.

C9H 816 Hollis Research GX-7 Amp Simulator

C9H 820 A third possibility is one of the small amp simulators; SansAmp was the first of these, followed by Award's SessionMaster.

C9H 1043 ‘The guitar amp we use is a blue-speaker Vox AC30, and the bass amp's a really old Ampeg stack.

C9H 1059 T-RIDE Former Satch student and Valley type, Jeff Tyson holds an amp scavenging masterclass…

C9H 1374 We continue to provide the best product, provide factual production information and if a customer is not satisfied that his amp sounds and performs better after installing Groove Tubes, we'll give them their money back.

C9H 1419 Hopefully,Guitarist readers see through this attempt by Mr.Peavey to re-write tube amp history to include himself.

C9H 2105 TRACE Elliot VA-350 valve bass amp, recent re-valve, immaculate condition, £799 ono.

C9J 448 Around the back it's sparse, since the amp's effect loop and headphone sockets are sited on the front panel, where the ‘phones socket is most easy to access in the practice situation and where floor pedals most sensibly connect.

C9K 740 For his lead sound Marty uses a Bogner preamp (Triplet Giant) and VHT Power amp.

C9K 1341 Would my system sound better at high volume with a valve pre or power amp?

C9K 2115 If I did, I'd just put another amp up.

C9L 518 The upper part of the Quad's front panel carries the controls which, apart from the ‘cloaking’ device, have an overall effect on the amp.

C9L 522 This last feature is quite a nice touch, because it would enable control over a mono mix of your amp's signal for monitoring purposes.

C9L 1455 It's obviously a reasonably-sized practice/small gig amp, but even so the limiter comes in really quickly — perhaps because my style is to hit the strings really hard.

C9L 2077 That amp had the best sound I ever heard — there's nothing to beat those old EL34s.

C9L 2845 Hint: go to your local music shop, plug into the biggest, loudest amp, play the intro to Stairway To Heaven and then follow it immediately with this one.

C9M 112 The amp head pushes out an extremely loud 100 watts, and you can complete your stack by adding a separate valve-driven spring reverb unit and two cabinets — one 2x12″, one 4x12″ — both loaded with Celestion G12 speakers.

C9M 615 What do you expect from a guitar amp?

C9M 1231 I'm really not keen on having the processor affecting my amp's EQ, although some guitarists like to shape the sound this way.

C9M 1873 If you actually like the tone of your existing pickups, but just require more of it, why not try an overdrive pedal to give your amp (you don't actually mention what it is) a bit of a boost?

C9M 2093 After a time spent playing a sort of country blues acoustic guitar, Otis got a Sears Roebuck Silvertone, with one lipstick pickup — the one with the amp in the case.

C9M 3016 HARTKE 3500 bass amp, as new, boxed, £425.

C9N 26 And to cap it all, the Brahms and Beethoven so beloved of the buffs was going through amp stages by the score, before and during transmission.

C9N 109 A line out lets you connect to a power amp and cabinet, while a speaker-simulating recording out enables you to record, to connect with a PA or, alternatively, your inner soul via headphones.

C9N 375 There was a slight tendency for the pickups to squeal when the amp was pushed hard and loud, but then I have to remind myself that this is a Korean-made instrument and I've yet to find one with its pickups totally sorted out.

C9N 415 This is achieved by connecting the A4's rear panel jack to the channel change footswitch socket on the amp — a really useful idea.

C9N 866 The bottom line is, however, that an amp with an effects loop which couldn't be used properly before, not only handles one processor but can feed four with no trouble at all and with no signal corruption.

C9N 904 Their use of the term ‘monitor’ as opposed to‘satellite amp’is rather confusing, though.

C9N 2492 AMPEG R15R superb reverb valve amp, vibrato, reverb, 15″ speaker, classic '60s valve sound, virtually unmarked, £400.

C9N 2536 BURNS Double 12 reverb combo amp, excellent condition, offers around £330.

C9N 2559 ELECTROVOICE system 200 with controller plus bass bins plus Peavey CF800 power amp, £1,750 ono.

C9N 2802 MARSHALL vintage Bluesbreaker amp, 1966, all original except the speaker cloth, £1,500.

C9N 3071 20 Watt Aria combo practice amp for drum machine, cash difference will be paid.

CK6 2410 Then panellists start wandering off without making excuses and someone tops everything by asking ‘Crispin of Chainsaw’ how he gets his guitar sound: ‘Like, do you kick in your amp or do you use distortion pedals?’

FUU 273 And ninety percent of the things they're attached to still got thirteen amp fuses.

FUU 322 And then I know full well that I'm well within the guidelines of not going over the thirteen amp that this is designed to operate at maximum efficiency and safety.

G37 1156 For example, a regulator should be used with a 2 amp (24W) generator if the battery has a capacity of less than 100 amp/hr.

GYR 221 So it's a half amp so what sized fu and they would probably give you erm, are you going to use a three amp, a five amp or a fif or a thirteen amp fuse?

HU3 3525 Low concentrations (1%- 5%) of ethanol caused an increase in the content of cyclic AMP in human corporic gastric mucosa in vitro.

HU4 4410 Microenvironment pH is also increased by cyclic AMP, cyclic GMP, and activation of protein kinase C, interventions which, as discussed in section (3), inhibit intestinal Na + /H + exchange.

HWS 3691 Recently, truncated glycagon like peptide 1 (TGLP-1) has been shown to stimulate secretory activity in parietal cells by increasing cyclic adenosine monophosphate (AMP).

HWS 3777 Such an action would have been expected to lower the cyclic AMP content irrespective of the agonist used to stimulate the cells.

KCY 210 Mm, is his amp like that?

KCY 218 the speaker's actually being pushed by the amp and staying out

KCY 571 that amp's good

KD5 3790 an amp meter

KSS 3207 so three amp, amplifier I can get for about