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A1S 155 So far AMP executives are not sure where the Pearl is going wrong nor what they would do about it, other than perhaps improve the British group's technology and have more centralisation of the selling operations.

ADK 787 Thus you can run thirty electric typewriters off one 13 amp socket but only three 800 watt lamps.

ADK 789 You can pull around 3,000 watts off one 13 amp socket.

B0X 737 The potent inhibitory action of prostacyclin on platelet aggregation correlates with its ability to stimulate the platelet adenylate cyclase system, thus increasing cyclic AMP levels within the cell (Tateson et al, 1977).

B78 715 Tien claims a photocurrent of 22 nanoamps (22 x 10 -9 amp) at a photovoltage of 302mV.

C9H 89 An instrument of torture in all but the most capable of hands, the bass guitar rack has been lagging behind in the preamp/power amp technology already enjoyed by guitarists the world over.

C9H 816 Hollis Research GX-7 Amp Simulator

C9H 1043 ‘The guitar amp we use is a blue-speaker Vox AC30, and the bass amp's a really old Ampeg stack.

C9H 1209 If you're rich/daft enough you can pay hundreds of pounds for a 1 metre pair of pure silver, hand-woven, dew-picked interconnects to join your three grand CD player to your ten grand amp!

C9H 1225 Suffice it to say that Jim Marshall appears on merit and I, for one, hope that he returns in five years’ time with yet another superb anniversary amp series.

C9H 1905 Kittyhawk stereo power amp, £300 ono.

C9H 2020 Or swap for stereo power amp.

C9H 2045 PIGNOSE 150-R, crossmix true twin channel amp, designed by Rivera, unbelievable distortion, bargain at £250. 15 pm.

C9J 1476 The guy who arrived with the Mr Bigs, though, was none other than Lee Jackson, one of the amp world's own Mr Bigs.

C9J 1572 When I came aboard they didn't have a lead amp line as such; they were famous for their bass amps, obviously, but their lead amp line was just there, no real profile, and the consumer didn't really realise that they had anything other than bass amps.

C9J 2237 Is there any reason why the ‘decibel’ rating of an amp can't be given by the manufacturer and/or yourselves?(3–4 years ago I was in a band where we always had a decibal reading at the soundcheck.

C9K 1645 Rivera's latest addition to the designer amp market features two independent preamp sections fed into a stereo power amp.

C9K 1699 Paul Rivera has attempted to create an amp for all playing seasons and, by George, I think he's done it.

C9K 1735 Inspired by the arrival of The Beatles to play the guitar, he bought a cheap Harmony electric and a Kalamazoo amp and dabbled for a few years before joining a high school covers band, playing soul, rock and a good deal of Hendrix.

C9L 194 I remember spending hours looking at the cover of Deep Purple's ‘Machine Head’, looking at the little photos and thinking, ‘He's playing a Strat and he's standing on a Vox amp; right, that must be the sound.’

C9L 237 A lot of time we're just messing with the amp and getting it sounding pretty cool, and then the engineer will whack something on it and away you go.’

C9L 1381 The DOD DI box is a mono unit with a high impedance jack socket input (with parallel wired output jack for connection to guitar amp or other high impedance monitoring device) and a 3 pin balanced output socket.

C9L 1455 It's obviously a reasonably-sized practice/small gig amp, but even so the limiter comes in really quickly — perhaps because my style is to hit the strings really hard.

C9L 1541 ‘I like the layout of this Ampeg amp — a minimum of bullshit, and you don't have to slave over a hot graphic to find a sound.

C9L 1902 An LED display in the top left corner of the front panel allows the user to check input gain and compression levels (there's up to 30dB available if selected), while another display in the opposite corner indicates output level, thus warning against possible power amp overload.

C9L 2430 Below the vernier is an illuminated mute button which shuts down the output socket sited on the far right, so when the tuner is put in line between the guitar and amp it mutes the signal after the tuner, for silent tuning on stage.

C9M 96 There are various pick-up points around the Amp Clinic's home area where you can leave your equipment for collection, including The Drum And Guitar Centre in Cambridge, Machinehead Music in Harlow and Drum And Sound in Royston, or else gear can be sent direct to The Amp Clinic.

C9M 539 I tried lots of EQ and various level changes, but when pushed hard the combination of the pre and power amp made for a hard, aggressive sound which, okay, some players might really go for.

C9M 2339 My amp is a 1969 Marshall, and I think there's soul in those valves.

C9M 2808 AMP and speaker cab, 50 watt, £60, f-hole acoustic, £20, 4 basic mics, £5.

C9M 2908 Silvertone amp in case guitar, £250.

C9M 3014 HARTKE 3500 bass amp, as new, boxed, £425.

C9M 3138 MESA Boogie Quad preamp, 295 power amp, 2 1x12 EG speakers, Boogie flight case, £1,700 for quick sale.

C9N 19 Does the amp respond or does it buckle under the strain?

C9N 430 The onboard switchable amp simulator (it isn't listed as an effect) makes a difference, but again I would strongly recommend experimentation, as the sound character can change between mixers — and amps as well for that matter.

C9N 904 Their use of the term ‘monitor’ as opposed to‘satellite amp’is rather confusing, though.

C9N 1430 ‘Someone recently got me a small Vox practice amp which is okay, but when I'm recording at home I go straight through a JHS Rock Box.

C9N 2566 Cobra lead amp, £125.

C9N 2632 FENDER The Twin amp, new valves, good condition with aluminium flight case, £550 ono.

CG5 712 The 13 amp Check Plug (price around £15 from B&Q stores) simply plugs into a live 13 amp flat pin socket to show whether or not the socket is correctly wired.

CK6 2410 Then panellists start wandering off without making excuses and someone tops everything by asking ‘Crispin of Chainsaw’ how he gets his guitar sound: ‘Like, do you kick in your amp or do you use distortion pedals?’

FUU 331 Again if you go over the thirteen amp you're trying to draw out more elec electricity and you're causing overheating.

G37 1156 For example, a regulator should be used with a 2 amp (24W) generator if the battery has a capacity of less than 100 amp/hr.

HWS 3694 Hatt and Hanson found that preincubation with TPA inhibited the stimulation by histamine of the cyclic AMP content of rat perietal cells, but this finding was not replicated by Ostrowski and Bomsztyk.

HWS 3701 To enable the identification of the sites of action of protein kinase C, the actions of TPA on the cyclic AMP response to histamine, gastric inhibitory polypeptide, TGLP-1, cholera toxin, and forskolin have been compared.

HWS 3749 Preincubation with staurosporine alone enhanced the cyclic AMP responses in HGT-1 cells incubated with 0.5 mmol/l histamine for five minutes at 20°C by 36 (7) % (Table I).

KC1 2836 Twin amp power supplies, he uses that erm

KCY 218 the speaker's actually being pushed by the amp and staying out

KCY 1663 yeah I thought about, about that amp you know

KCY 1866 C D, two video recorders through it, why you would want to put er the video recorders through an amp I don't know, but you can