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A1S 152 AMP has made its play for Pearl as part of long-term expansion plans.

A43 90 But whether Pearl's new masters will be AMP is another matter.

A6E 269 Some time later I got an amp as well It was as big a piece of junk as the bass — a Fenton Weill Mk II with a Goodman speaker, which is nothing but a cheap copy of the Ampeg Portaflex B15N.

C9H 1059 T-RIDE Former Satch student and Valley type, Jeff Tyson holds an amp scavenging masterclass…

C9H 1418 He would lead us to believe the classic amp designers were mere technicians, while he's been making tube amps since 1957.

C9H 1849 GIBSON Mercury amp and cab, plus tremolo, classic '60s collectors item, freshly overhauled, £295 ono.

C9H 1860 Fender 65 amp, plus distortion and wah, excellent condition.

C9H 1905 Kittyhawk stereo power amp, £300 ono.

C9H 2020 Or swap for stereo power amp.

C9H 2066 SELMER treble and bass amp head, perfect working order, FX loop model, classic amp, £100 ono.

C9H 2067 SESSION 75 watt combo, excellent amp, £150.

C9J 272 That used to be a completely different tune; I had the lyrics, but I played it on an open tuned National, then when I got the Strat and plugged it into an old Fender Vibrolux amp, it became what it became on record.

C9J 469 One touch I like about the Champ 25 is that the power LED flashes when the amp is on standby.

C9J 1552 And it's wired right into the power amp, so you don't have to worry about tone circuits or reverbs — you've just got a good sound to play along with.

C9J 1574 Take any components you want, design it however you want, just make it a real amplifier landmark like the bass amp is.’

C9K 223 We had stuff like a ‘79 Marshall combo, which was really wonderful and a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp, which was a beautiful amp.

C9K 253 And he said, ‘Well, we had this Tremolux amp and I put it through this compressor.’

C9K 758 To the far right are two output jacks offering Pre-Fade input (for connecting other preamps into the D12's power amp) and Post-Fade output (for hooking up to other power amps or to a desk or mixer).

C9K 899 Using the A2 with the Stadium amp for a rehearsal, the verdict was ‘great sound but turn the bloody thing down!’

C9K 1397 But it doesn't give me a bitey-bluesy sound that a valve amp ought to have when just pushed into distortion.

C9K 1406 Can you suggest any amp heads?

C9K 1655 But this usually means the power amp is hardly ticking over in and so the resulting distortion is rarely fully representative of what the amp can do at full throttle.

C9K 2115 If I did, I'd just put another amp up.

C9L 680 The amplifier that you're using on this tour, is that the Ray Butts amp that you used on Elvis's ‘Comeback Special’?

C9L 1470 Moving up a price bracket, we reckon on a fictitious £500 for the amp and the remainder on the bass.

C9L 1767 Check the terms of your guarantee and see if the amp is covered under them.

C9L 2453 Housed in its 2U 19″ rack format is a four-band EQ section, variable level line-out with three voicing options, a variable amplifier output controlling the Power Tool's internal 50 watt solid state amp, also with voicing options, and a headphone socket with adjustable level.

C9M 539 I tried lots of EQ and various level changes, but when pushed hard the combination of the pre and power amp made for a hard, aggressive sound which, okay, some players might really go for.

C9M 1587 We've spoken in the past about the importance of the acoustic tone of an instrument; the better the tone is at this point, the less work the pickups and amp have to do to produce that sound .

C9M 1789 Nearly all rack effects have their connectors at the back and I find it looks very untidy having cables hanging all over the front of an amp.

C9M 2158 ‘I use a blackface Fender Super Reverb amp.

C9M 2865 DALLAS Arbiter sound city, one 20 watt valve amp, good condition, custom inputs for slave amp, £150.

C9N 832 If there is no loop on your amp, you'll find that passing a guitar signal through a bunch of effects and into the amp's input degrades the true signal to a point where the preamp struggles to compensate for it.

C9N 833 Try hooking up all your effects into the front of your amp and then compare the signal with that of the guitar going straight in, and you'll see what I mean.

C9N 2495 AMPEG V60 240 watt bass amp, £240 ono.

C9N 3061 SELMER amp wanted.

CAE 1704 An amp: to be turned up

CBW 1886 Despite the difficult trading conditions of 1991, Pearl announced a substantial increase in profits after tax, and according to AMP managing director Ian Salmon: ‘The value of Pearl at the end of 1991 exceeded the amount AMP paid in its acquisition.’

FUU 218 Like a vacuum cleaner should be five amp, a deep fat fryer should be thirteen amp and various

FUU 278 This is a this is a question we very often get asked, why do they sell a thirteen amp fuse with a thirteen amp plug if it only wants a five amp in?

FUU 290 Three amp.

FUU 326 You can provided you keep under the thirteen amp rating but if you go over the thirteen amp rating then you are asking for trouble.

HU4 4326 Cyclic AMP, cyclic GMP, and calcium all inhibit Na + /H + exchange in isolated enterocytes or in ileal apical membrane vesicles.

HU4 4386 As discussed in the section on NaCl absorption, cyclic AMP and calcium usually inhibit Na + /H + exchange in absorptive epithelia.

HWS 3713 Preincubation was usually continued for a further 10 minutes, and then agonists were added to the suspensions and the change in cyclic AMP content recorded at intervals over the following 30 minutes.

HWS 3766 The cyclic AMP content of the cell suspension rose to a peak one minute after the addition of histamine at 37°C and then fell.

HWW 89 Pretreatment measurements of serum PTHrP, calcium and phosphate, nephrogenous cyclic AMP, tubular threshold for calcium and phosphate (TmP), and the presence of bone metastases were correlated with response to pamidronate.

KCY 1655 Yeah on a four amp speaker that's it

KD5 3808 To the amp meter, from the meter to the battery

KSS 3207 so three amp, amplifier I can get for about