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A1E 441 Buying Pearl would give AMP a further market share of over 2 per cent.

A1S 428 Instead of accepting the cash deal Pearl shareholders can sell their shares in return for AMP's loan notes.

A1S 446 AMP argues that its proposed acquisition of Pearl represents a significant step in its plans to become a major force in international life insurance markets.

AN2 557 He mentioned that a special piece of equipment was a split-charge alternator of 133/65 amp output.

B0X 1091 Thus gliclazide depresses various parameters of platelet function in vitro and appears to inhibit arachidonate release from platelet phospholipids (Tsuboi et al, 1981) and to activate platelet adenylate cyclase leading to increased levels of cyclic AMP (Lagarde et al , 1975).

C92 1416 In addition to the telephones, you will need a 9V battery and connector also some light-duty twin wire such as‘bell’ wire and some 3 amp (light-duty) screw terminal block.

C9H 406 As ever, the amp is fan-cooled; with the 3500 head I had expressed reservations about not being able to switch the fan off for recording, but John Henry's insisted that it really wouldn't pose a problem in either DI'd or close-miking situations.

C9H 1059 T-RIDE Former Satch student and Valley type, Jeff Tyson holds an amp scavenging masterclass…

C9H 1374 We continue to provide the best product, provide factual production information and if a customer is not satisfied that his amp sounds and performs better after installing Groove Tubes, we'll give them their money back.

C9H 1708 COMPLETE rack, Roland GS-6, Marshall 8004 power amp, 2 speaker cabs, Midi foot controller, power supply, flightcased, £700.

C9H 1747 FENDER Deluxe 85 amp, excellent condition, £230.

C9J 334 Nevertheless, the paradox is that a small, cheapish amp still has to sound like a beast, whilst remaining tame and housetrained in all other respects.

C9J 1526 All the studio guys used hopped-up Fenders, and all the rock players used Marshalls, but ultimately there was nothing on the front of the amp that said my name.

C9J 1541 They'd been designing tube amps for decades, and manufacturing them on site, whereas other companies were perhaps wanting to get into the tube amp market from scratch.

C9K 741 Rhythm is taken care of by a Tube Works preamp and VHT power amp.

C9K 1406 Can you suggest any amp heads?

C9K 1655 But this usually means the power amp is hardly ticking over in and so the resulting distortion is rarely fully representative of what the amp can do at full throttle.

C9K 2645 It may be that the amp sounds okay but do they really need an LED for goodness sake?

C9L 116 New amp?

C9L 518 The upper part of the Quad's front panel carries the controls which, apart from the ‘cloaking’ device, have an overall effect on the amp.

C9L 967 Linking the TriAxis up to a Boogie Fifty/Fifty power amp and ART Multiverb Alpha to build a simple MIDI rig (the same setup as for last month's Marshall JMP-1 review), I set about organising myself a set of sounds.

C9L 1930 This scepticism apart, most bass amp manufacturers would opt for a similar system if they thought the market would stand it, but realising that it places significant extra financial strain on the consumer, most don't.

C9L 2707 Very simply put, you'd have one amp to deal with the low end and one to deal with the upper mid of your bass signal.

C9L 2845 Hint: go to your local music shop, plug into the biggest, loudest amp, play the intro to Stairway To Heaven and then follow it immediately with this one.

C9M 1789 Nearly all rack effects have their connectors at the back and I find it looks very untidy having cables hanging all over the front of an amp.

C9M 2131 ‘I only had my little Fender Super Reverb, which was basically only a 35 watt amp — undistorted it's about 25 watts — so I couldn't handle it.’

C9M 2808 AMP and speaker cab, 50 watt, £60, f-hole acoustic, £20, 4 basic mics, £5.

C9M 2908 Silvertone amp in case guitar, £250.

C9M 3014 HARTKE 3500 bass amp, as new, boxed, £425.

C9M 3114 MARSHALL lead 12, mini-stack amp, great for bedroom or small gig, £100.

C9M 3118 MARSHALL Valvestate 8080 amp, 6 months old, limited private use, £275 ono.

C9M 3162 PEAVEY 300 series monitor amp, still boxed, £220.

C9M 3172 PEAVEY Studio Pro 40 amp, £100.

C9N 415 This is achieved by connecting the A4's rear panel jack to the channel change footswitch socket on the amp — a really useful idea.

C9N 834 There are various devices on the market to help solve this problem, and the Basingstoke-based Award Design company have produced the Quad-FX, which not only mixes and balances effects in parallel (in effect, each one goes in individually, not one behind the other), but will also make all your processors and stomp boxes compatible, and offers adjustment of the input and output levels so each unit lines up individually with your amp's effects loop.

C9N 1677 It's the only guitar and the only amp he actually owns and, basically, that's his sound.

C9N 2610 FENDER Strat copy Encore with trem, excellent condition plus practice amp and lead, £65.

C9N 2848 PEAVEY Classic Chorus 2x12 stereo guitar amp, 150 watts, vgc, £220.

CRM 9213 The ability of cyclic AMP to inhibit maturation can be overcome by injecting InsP 3 .

EBN 116 Code: AMP Available all year Price: £6.60

EVG 825 Hyde's room was small and squalid, hot and stuffy in summer, cold and amp in winter.

HU3 3527 Thus ethanol, apart from having an overall stimulatory effect on gastric parietal cell metabolism, seems to specifically stimulate gastric acid secretion through an increase in cyclic AMP and subsequently adenylate cyclase.

HU4 4383 Cyclic AMP and/or other mediators might also directly activate apical HCO 3 -exit:(a) via Cl -/HCO 3 -exchange, as demonstrated in duodenal apical membrane vesicles;(b) via HCO 3 -channels, as in salivary acinar cells; or (c) via Na + -HCO 3- co-transport.

HWS 3694 Hatt and Hanson found that preincubation with TPA inhibited the stimulation by histamine of the cyclic AMP content of rat perietal cells, but this finding was not replicated by Ostrowski and Bomsztyk.

HWS 3713 Preincubation was usually continued for a further 10 minutes, and then agonists were added to the suspensions and the change in cyclic AMP content recorded at intervals over the following 30 minutes.

HWS 3776 A stimulation of the breakdown of cyclic AMP by the activation of a cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase is unlikely to be responsible for the effects seen here.

KCY 571 that amp's good

KCY 1655 Yeah on a four amp speaker that's it

KCY 1866 C D, two video recorders through it, why you would want to put er the video recorders through an amp I don't know, but you can

KD5 3889 an amp meter!