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A1E 447 If Pearl decided to resist the overtures of AMP it will be the second major takeover battle in the British life assurance sector in barely two years.

A1S 148 AMP has attempted to produce a knockout offer.

A1S 159 No meeting of AMP policyholders will be called.

ADK 783 You also need lots of electrical extension leads and bars of four 13 amp sockets.

B0X 877 In addition, important regulators of platelet function, such as prostacyclin and cyclic AMP, may have been degraded to inactive products during the time taken to prepare platelet-rich plasma.

C9H 1758 FENDER reissue Twin Reverb 100 watt valve amp, brand new, £725.

C9H 1768 Fender Twin Reverb valve 100 watt amp, fitted with Groove Tubes, £380.

C9H 2070 SESSION 112 Duette guitar amp, 2 channels, reverb and overdrive, footswitch, excellent condition, £130.

C9J 68 B510 BCK) contained, amongst other things, a Status Series 4000 bass serial no. 015, a black Westone Thunder fretless, a Fender Stage 185 amp with the Channel 1 midrange pot snapped off, an Orange 4x12 cab, a Peavey MkIV bass amp, a new-style Fender 4x12 cab, a Rhodes electric piano, a Hammond X5 organ, a Solton combined Leslie cabinet and amplifier, various Sonor drums, a pair of Bose 402 PA speakers and a custom-built effects board containing an old Tube Screamer, a CE2, a Cry Baby, an Ibanez Phaser, an orange ‘mute’ box and a Korg chromatic tuner.

C9J 432 The big question here is actually why Fender are using the Champ moniker for this 25 watt, channel switching, all-purpose tube amplifier, when previously ‘Champ’ has been a synonym for ‘diminutive but pokey practice amp’.

C9J 1746 Soundwise the ME-10 kicks out some really usable sounds, and through a combo or power amp all the effects and processes (like compressor, distortion, noise suppressor, EQ, phaser, flanger, pitch shifter, delay, stereo chorus and reverb) can be adjusted to sound either fat and warm, thin and cutting, and to cover most points in between.

C9K 1150 In terms of sound it hardly matters, because once you plug in live, the real sound is brought out in the house — you go both direct and to the amp (racked Gallien-Krueger and Ampeg SVT heads through Hartke cabs in Gene's case ).

C9K 1645 Rivera's latest addition to the designer amp market features two independent preamp sections fed into a stereo power amp.

C9K 1735 Inspired by the arrival of The Beatles to play the guitar, he bought a cheap Harmony electric and a Kalamazoo amp and dabbled for a few years before joining a high school covers band, playing soul, rock and a good deal of Hendrix.

C9K 1874 First of all there's power, and quite a lot of middle, too, and with this one you actually want to press the amp's distortion button…!

C9K 2659 The bottom line is, does the amp work?

C9L 478 The overall weight of the amp is around 20kg.

C9L 518 The upper part of the Quad's front panel carries the controls which, apart from the ‘cloaking’ device, have an overall effect on the amp.

C9L 561 With the power amp switched up in the test rack, floors shook dutifully, furniture shifted, ice caps melted and ocean levels rose…

C9L 998 The really serious financial decisions come when you look at power amp and speaker combinations.

C9L 999 To put together a complete Boogie rig comprising the TriAxis (£1325), a 395 stereo power amp (£1420) and a pair of half-and-half (open top, closed bottom) Boogie cabs (£635 each) would just break the £3,000 barrier.

C9L 1531 Although Martin has said that some bass players like to be able to significantly alter their sound while they are actually playing on stage, I've never seen the need to have all the gubbins on the bass to do that, then have lots more gubbins on the amp to do more of the same.

C9L 1574 For amplification, my main amp in the studio is a Polytone Mini Brute with the velvet cover.

C9L 1731 But I had the amp set with the treble full on, the presence full on and the bright switch kicked in before I could get close to what I'd call a classically nasty Telecaster bridge pickup tone.

C9L 2453 Housed in its 2U 19″ rack format is a four-band EQ section, variable level line-out with three voicing options, a variable amplifier output controlling the Power Tool's internal 50 watt solid state amp, also with voicing options, and a headphone socket with adjustable level.

C9M 512 The amp's master volume pot, headphone socket and mains switch make up the remainder of front panel controls.

C9M 543 I continued using this guitar for the distortion sounds and, as with the power amp and cabs, the Attax sounded too processed and clinical for my liking.

C9M 1231 I'm really not keen on having the processor affecting my amp's EQ, although some guitarists like to shape the sound this way.

C9M 1444 Actually, on the song you're talking about, I didn't like my amp that day, I was mad about it, but I guess it sounded good.

C9M 2571 You want the sound of a valve amp but you don't want the hassle; Smooth Tubes are analogue preamp stages packaged in a valve-like format.

C9M 2957 GALLIEN Kreuger 250 professional studio/stage amp, £400 ono.

C9M 3071 LANEY Linebacker 100 watt bass amp, good condition, £165.

C9M 3187 RACK system, Hofner preamp, Art SGE, Crate 200 watt power amp, all flightcased.

C9N 922 The ‘tuner’ output is fine — mono, of course, but post-EQ and pre-master output, as it should be; in other words, changing the master volume on the amp does not affect the level of the signal to the desk.

C9N 2559 ELECTROVOICE system 200 with controller plus bass bins plus Peavey CF800 power amp, £1,750 ono.

CAD 664 I fought my way through the crowd and there's these kids playing electric guitars through this tiny amp.

CAD 1229 Most of these people know an amp from a tea-bag.

CBY 847 The accruals method has been in development for over three years, and was triggered by the takeover of Pearl by AMP on a price/ earnings ratio of 9.6 times earnings calculated under an embedded value method.

CK6 2410 Then panellists start wandering off without making excuses and someone tops everything by asking ‘Crispin of Chainsaw’ how he gets his guitar sound: ‘Like, do you kick in your amp or do you use distortion pedals?’

FUU 278 This is a this is a question we very often get asked, why do they sell a thirteen amp fuse with a thirteen amp plug if it only wants a five amp in?

FUU 326 You can provided you keep under the thirteen amp rating but if you go over the thirteen amp rating then you are asking for trouble.

H7B 1079 You can plug these into an ordinary 13 amp socket at your remotest depot and call up the computer, no matter how far away, via the normal GPO telephone system.

HGJ 377 Ken said, ‘I had to put it down while I put the amp into the van.

HWS 3683 The cyclic AMP response to 100 nmol/l gastric inhibitory polypeptide was enhanced by preincubation with TPA, while the responses to cholera toxin and forskolin were unaffected.

HWS 3694 Hatt and Hanson found that preincubation with TPA inhibited the stimulation by histamine of the cyclic AMP content of rat perietal cells, but this finding was not replicated by Ostrowski and Bomsztyk.


KC1 2836 Twin amp power supplies, he uses that erm

KCY 218 the speaker's actually being pushed by the amp and staying out

KCY 1323 yeah, it's says low on it oh number, three thousand and under, one point eight amp, four hundred watts

KST 1208 And two plugs thirteen amp