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A1E 438 At the time of the acquisition insurance analysts said that AMP had aspirations to expand, and since it controls one third of the Australian life insurance market its opportunities were limited in that country.

A1S 429 Pearl Group executives were angry at an attack on the company's performance by AMP.

A1S 446 AMP argues that its proposed acquisition of Pearl represents a significant step in its plans to become a major force in international life insurance markets.

A6E 1228 They ended up trying to sell a Marshall amp in Glasgow.

B0X 1020 In addition, Shattil and Cooper (1976) described increased platelet membrane microviscosity following incubation of platelets with ‘cholesterol-rich’ liposomes and Sinha et al (1977) found an impaired response of the membrane-associated enzyme adenylate cyclase to the stimulating effect of various agents including prostaglandin E 1 as shown by a decrease in production of cyclic AMP.

B78 715 Tien claims a photocurrent of 22 nanoamps (22 x 10 -9 amp) at a photovoltage of 302mV.

C9H 457 Playing the SW213EB through a guitar amp (which is probably how electros in this price bracket will be used) with the amp's mid control backed off helped improve the clarity, but as the pickup is the passive type, with six individual polepieces set into the fingerboard, it's never going to have the bite of an active, bridge-mounted transducer.

C9H 820 A third possibility is one of the small amp simulators; SansAmp was the first of these, followed by Award's SessionMaster.

C9H 1788 FENDER Twin Reverb amp, silver face, beautiful sound, £320 ono.

C9H 1982 Mesa Boogie 295 power amp, £700. 12-unit rack, £80.

C9H 2045 PIGNOSE 150-R, crossmix true twin channel amp, designed by Rivera, unbelievable distortion, bargain at £250. 15 pm.

C9H 2109 VINTAGE Vox V125 bass amp with matching 2x12 cab, recently serviced, absolutely mint condition, £350 ono.

C9H 2130 YAMAHA P-2250 500 watt stereo power amp, £350.

C9H 2236 Your Ampeg amp for my Trace Elliot Twin valve combo, immaculate condition.

C9J 1477 Lee is currently casting his magic spell over Ampeg's tube guitar amp range, although we also suspected some Jackson-type involvement in Crate's GT-50 Stealth combo when we recently reviewed it.

C9J 1572 When I came aboard they didn't have a lead amp line as such; they were famous for their bass amps, obviously, but their lead amp line was just there, no real profile, and the consumer didn't really realise that they had anything other than bass amps.

C9J 2338 Now, I only have to get a Fender ‘Eric Clapton’ signature, a Marshall 30th Anniversary Limited Edition amp and a Bob Bradshaw rack!

C9K 888 The A2's stereo outputs feature a level attenuator to match the unit to whatever application (mixer, combo, power amp etc.) it's used for.

C9K 893 This was an incredibly accurate valve amp sound which more than one person commented had the character and warmth of an AC30, especially when using the A2 through the solid state Stadium power amp into a Proamplifiers speaker cab.

C9K 1346 The main reason for the lack of definition is that the response of the amp and speakers changes with an increase in volume.

C9L 156 ‘I wanted a really good box that I could work from, or that someone could work for me — which is what happens nine times out of ten — and then run direct into the amplifier without losing any gain, without gaining any hum and without losing any of the real naturalness of the Fender Strat and the Vox amp.’

C9L 276 And that way your amp won't blow up.

C9L 489 I just couldn't get past this amp's tendency toward a cold, smudgy type of overdrive and, what's more, nothing I could do — including employing the ‘Enhance’ circuit — could warm or smooth it up.

C9L 691 I had it in an Anvil case, and a shipping crate built for it which cost almost as much as the amp did originally, and it got thrown or dropped real badly, did quite a bit of damage to it.

C9L 1500 ‘I'm quite disappointed by the sound of the amp — it's just not there for me — although I would say that I've always thought Trace Elliot had a kind of soul-less sound.

C9L 1518 A good amp and speakers can make a cheap bass sound really good, as we've heard, but even the best bass will never make crap amplification sound decent.’

C9L 1730 With a Fender Princeton Reverb II as a test amp, the Signature model's custom-wound Seymours prove themselves to be all smooth power, full and solid, with plenty of mid-range.

C9L 1930 This scepticism apart, most bass amp manufacturers would opt for a similar system if they thought the market would stand it, but realising that it places significant extra financial strain on the consumer, most don't.

C9L 2464 The Amp Out section has just two settings: Off, for a straight amp signal and ‘4x12’ which really does transform the sound into that of a full-sized cab.

C9L 2481 The AC30 test was disappointing by comparison, and I'll own up and say that whatever I did, I couldn't get the Power Tool to accurately attenuate the sound of the amp driven flat out.

C9L 2707 Very simply put, you'd have one amp to deal with the low end and one to deal with the upper mid of your bass signal.

C9M 95 There's also a vintage amp hire service for video shoots and recording.

C9M 519 On the one hand, it's a guitar power amp, using its ‘current feedback’ circuitry to provide (claim H&K) the same warmth and punch as a tube power amp.

C9M 1118 With the same amp settings the low hum single coils sing with almost the character of a Gibson P90.

C9M 3138 MESA Boogie Quad preamp, 295 power amp, 2 1x12 EG speakers, Boogie flight case, £1,700 for quick sale.

C9N 109 A line out lets you connect to a power amp and cabinet, while a speaker-simulating recording out enables you to record, to connect with a PA or, alternatively, your inner soul via headphones.

C9N 430 The onboard switchable amp simulator (it isn't listed as an effect) makes a difference, but again I would strongly recommend experimentation, as the sound character can change between mixers — and amps as well for that matter.

C9N 831 Another problem of compatibility (or the lack of it) can manifest itself when attempting to use effects with an amp's effects loop: older valve amps or budget combos often don't even have them!

C9N 1095 For the kind of squeaky clean sound that only a solid state amp can produce, the S80's Normal channel takes some beating.

C9N 1677 It's the only guitar and the only amp he actually owns and, basically, that's his sound.

C9N 2212 An amazing difference occurred; the guitar suddenly became cleaner, clearer when played acoustically and through an amp, plus I still had full use of the tremolo unit.

CBW 1886 Despite the difficult trading conditions of 1991, Pearl announced a substantial increase in profits after tax, and according to AMP managing director Ian Salmon: ‘The value of Pearl at the end of 1991 exceeded the amount AMP paid in its acquisition.’

CER 1233 The project suddenly became interesting when they were forcing deuterium in to a 1 cm 3 block of palladium (‘charging the palladium’) by means of a 1.5 amp electrical current.

CRM 9332 A role for cyclic AMP in olfactory and taste organs is well-established, but InsP 3 has also been implicated for detecting certain chemical modalities.

CRM 9341 It has been suggested that the cyclic AMP and InsP 3 messenger pathways may interact with each other to enhance odorant discrimination.

HU3 3525 Low concentrations (1%- 5%) of ethanol caused an increase in the content of cyclic AMP in human corporic gastric mucosa in vitro.

HWS 3704 The 1 2 5 I radioimmunoassay kit for cyclic AMP was from NEN,(Stevenage, UK).

HWS 3728 Portions of the supernatants were evaporated in a vacuum oven at 40°C, dissolved in 0.05 mol/l sodium acetate buffer (pH 6.2), and were analysed for cyclic AMP by using an acetylated [1 2 5 I]radioimmunoassay procedure (New England Nuclear kit).

HWS 3749 Preincubation with staurosporine alone enhanced the cyclic AMP responses in HGT-1 cells incubated with 0.5 mmol/l histamine for five minutes at 20°C by 36 (7) % (Table I).

HWS 3774 This action cannot be interpreted as an inhibition by stauro sporine of negative modulation of the histamine H 2 receptor by a basal activity of protein kinase C because similar effects were found with gastric inhibitory polypeptide, the action of which was not inhibited by activation of protein kinase C. Finally 1-oleoyl-2-acetyl-glycerol, a diacylglycerol analogue which activates protein kinase C in intact cells, inhibited histamine stimulation of cyclic AMP content in HGT-1 cells at a concentration at which it inhibited histamine stimulated aminopyrine accumulation in partietal cells.