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A1S 141 View from City Road: AMP tries to knock out Pearl

A1S 152 AMP has made its play for Pearl as part of long-term expansion plans.

AN2 557 He mentioned that a special piece of equipment was a split-charge alternator of 133/65 amp output.

B0X 1091 Thus gliclazide depresses various parameters of platelet function in vitro and appears to inhibit arachidonate release from platelet phospholipids (Tsuboi et al, 1981) and to activate platelet adenylate cyclase leading to increased levels of cyclic AMP (Lagarde et al , 1975).

C9H 404 Effects loop send and return sockets operate in conjunction with an ‘FX mix’ biasing control, which lets you select how much of any external effect is fed to the amp's dry signal.

C9H 826 To fit a guitar amp simulator into such a small box entails one compromise: the Output socket is a stereo 3.5 mm jack socket.

C9H 1364 Very astutely, he uses most of his response to promote his latest tube amp launch: ie. ‘our latest tube amp efforts far surpass anything done in the past’.

C9H 1654 Also Carlsbro 150 watt power amp, £120 ono.

C9H 1880 HOFNER Committee semi-acoustic, blonde, birdseye maple, good condition, also Selmer Zodiac valve amp, 50 watt tremolo, new speakers, £550.

C9J 68 B510 BCK) contained, amongst other things, a Status Series 4000 bass serial no. 015, a black Westone Thunder fretless, a Fender Stage 185 amp with the Channel 1 midrange pot snapped off, an Orange 4x12 cab, a Peavey MkIV bass amp, a new-style Fender 4x12 cab, a Rhodes electric piano, a Hammond X5 organ, a Solton combined Leslie cabinet and amplifier, various Sonor drums, a pair of Bose 402 PA speakers and a custom-built effects board containing an old Tube Screamer, a CE2, a Cry Baby, an Ibanez Phaser, an orange ‘mute’ box and a Korg chromatic tuner.

C9J 896 Meanwhile, through an amp the Standard sounds good, the P100s being a sort of compromise between conventional humbuckers and single coils.

C9J 1541 They'd been designing tube amps for decades, and manufacturing them on site, whereas other companies were perhaps wanting to get into the tube amp market from scratch.

C9K 1251 This fan-cooled, solid state power amp can be set to work at any of the world's voltages, and fed into 4Ω offers 150 watts per channel.

C9K 1349 To clean the sound up and increase the power headroom you require a higher-powered power amp.

C9K 1428 The best solution is to have two different amps — I don't think that one amp alone can ever provide all the sounds you ever need, and people who use Dumbles and Soldanos for their dirty sound will often prefer a Fender Twin for clean.

C9K 1641 Since then, he has acted as consultant to many of the biggest amp manufacturers in the world.

C9K 1798 His main amp is a blackface pre-CBS Fender Super Reverb with four 10″ speakers, sometimes augmented by a Twin Reverb.

C9L 998 The really serious financial decisions come when you look at power amp and speaker combinations.

C9L 999 To put together a complete Boogie rig comprising the TriAxis (£1325), a 395 stereo power amp (£1420) and a pair of half-and-half (open top, closed bottom) Boogie cabs (£635 each) would just break the £3,000 barrier.

C9L 1126 They're closer to the way the older Fenders sounded than any other amp.

C9L 2709 A preamp is the tone circuitry of your amp, before the power stage.

C9M 538 Loud, the Crunch channel reminded me of a tranny amp struggling to produce a good lead sound, while the lead channel lost its lush sustain and clear harmonics.

C9M 615 What do you expect from a guitar amp?

C9M 1118 With the same amp settings the low hum single coils sing with almost the character of a Gibson P90.

C9M 1231 I'm really not keen on having the processor affecting my amp's EQ, although some guitarists like to shape the sound this way.

C9M 1775 The familiar bright green printed front panel is sensibly recessed to avoid accidental damage to the controls, as are the rear panel and amp cooling fins.

C9M 1789 Nearly all rack effects have their connectors at the back and I find it looks very untidy having cables hanging all over the front of an amp.

C9M 2865 DALLAS Arbiter sound city, one 20 watt valve amp, good condition, custom inputs for slave amp, £150.

C9M 3162 PEAVEY 300 series monitor amp, still boxed, £220.

C9M 3163 PEAVEY backstage, 65 watt guitar amp with reverb, very good condition, £150.

C9N 4 There's really not much else we can do, short of giving an oscilloscope readout of the ‘voice’ of every amp or guitar.

C9N 139 Basically, I just sit down with a little Pignose amp and a tape recorder and play all night.’

C9N 430 The onboard switchable amp simulator (it isn't listed as an effect) makes a difference, but again I would strongly recommend experimentation, as the sound character can change between mixers — and amps as well for that matter.

C9N 610 That's the only amp on stage?

C9N 1095 For the kind of squeaky clean sound that only a solid state amp can produce, the S80's Normal channel takes some beating.

C9N 1430 ‘Someone recently got me a small Vox practice amp which is okay, but when I'm recording at home I go straight through a JHS Rock Box.

CBW 1886 Despite the difficult trading conditions of 1991, Pearl announced a substantial increase in profits after tax, and according to AMP managing director Ian Salmon: ‘The value of Pearl at the end of 1991 exceeded the amount AMP paid in its acquisition.’

CRM 9332 A role for cyclic AMP in olfactory and taste organs is well-established, but InsP 3 has also been implicated for detecting certain chemical modalities.

FUU 278 This is a this is a question we very often get asked, why do they sell a thirteen amp fuse with a thirteen amp plug if it only wants a five amp in?

FUU 287 Incidentally electric blankets are only three amp.

FUU 326 You can provided you keep under the thirteen amp rating but if you go over the thirteen amp rating then you are asking for trouble.

HU3 966 Cyclic nucleotides were extracted from homogenates by boiling and sonicating, as previously described, and their values measured by radioassay (cyclic AMP assay kit, code TRK 432; cyclic GMP RIA kit, code TRK 500, Amersham, Buckinghamshire) in freeze dried 3500 g supernatants (20 minutes at 4°C), reconstituted in water.

HU4 4327 Calcium and cylic AMP also inhibit both NaCl absorption and apical membrane Na + /H + exchange in the gall bladder as do aldosterone and activators of protein kinase C in the clon.

HWS 3683 The cyclic AMP response to 100 nmol/l gastric inhibitory polypeptide was enhanced by preincubation with TPA, while the responses to cholera toxin and forskolin were unaffected.


HWS 3755 At 37°C, 100 nmol/l TPA did not alter the effect of cholera toxin on cyclic AMP content (Fig 5B).

HWS 3775 The cyclic AMP content of cells can potentially be regulated at many sites.

KC1 2836 Twin amp power supplies, he uses that erm

KCY 218 the speaker's actually being pushed by the amp and staying out

KD5 3770 An amp amps is current, and volts is volts !