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ADW 583 But that was not how they saw themselves: by asserting the importance of lineage and kinship, and contrasting it with the ideology of their state, they thought to claim attachment to eternal values of universal worth.

CBK 1359 In order, as they thought to render them suitable for through running to London, No. 55 was experimentally fitted with Westinghouse air brakes in August 1924.

CEJ 2200 Now there were some lawyers sitting there and they thought to themselves, 7.

FB2 1261 The Conservative Government believed, however, that what they thought to be excessive subsidization would be stemmed and resources would be better employed.

FC1 79 They came to that conclusion on the grounds that it appeared to them to be a tenable meaning of the words and in accordance with what they thought to be the policy of the Act of 1914 as to jurisdiction.

J0U 454 It was not long after the unearthing of the Phillips curve that economists and, later, policy makers came to grasp the full force of what they thought to be its implications for the conduct of demand management by the monetary and fiscal authorities.