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G3B 118 Her name was Signora Puglia.

G3B 126 Signora Puglia was consulted and she suggested that she should give me private lessons after school to bring me up to the standard of the others.

G3B 128 Signora Puglia was convinced that with more lessons I could take the examination for the higher school in Parma, the Scuola Media.

HJ1 13611 Marriage strategy in North Puglia, 1730-1990: a computer aided study

HJ1 13634 Based on both contemporary fieldwork and archival research, this study explores family life and kinship, marriage and celibacy strategies in north Puglia (south Italy) over the last 250 years.

HLL 1965 On June 8-9 some 1,300 suspected mafiosi were arrested in Sicily, Campania, Calabria and Puglia in the south of Italy, A few hours after the adoption by the outgoing government of a comprehensive plan to combat the activities of the Sicilian Mafia and other criminal organizations.