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A33 538 Tomorrow, England play the Dutch and on Sunday, Australia.

A3L 132 England play the Soviet Union at Luton and Leicester's game at Sutton Coldfield was an early postponement.

A99 169 England play Pakistan again today in the final match of the tour, writes Pat Rowley.

A9H 532 England play Pakistan again today in the final match of the tour, writes Pat Rowley.

AJY 671 As a result, Argentina face the United States and England play Chile in tomorrow's semi-finals.

AL3 1205 England play Yugoslavia on June 11 and France three days later, both in Malmo's 26,800 capacity stadium.

CB2 461 I have never seen England play better than they did against Ireland and I'm sure few other people would argue about that.

CBG 3815 They feel their top players will return for the new season without sufficient rest — particularly as, immediately prior to the tour, England play two World Cup qualifiers in Poland (May 29) and Norway (June 2).

CEP 4413 Whenever England play an international in Dublin, the Irish anthem is played, but God Save the Queen is not.

CH3 1120 Gower was even more stung to learn one of the reasons for his omission was that England play eight one-day internationals on tour.

CH7 955 England play away to Poland on May 29 next year, with the return at Wembley on September 8.

CH7 2270 By the time England play their first World Cup qualifying match in October, the squad will have played about 14 games in six weeks.

CH7 2565 He said: ‘If England play the direct game, they will worry us.

CHW 580 A new international season looms — England play Canada at Wembley on October 17th — and still official retirement notices have to be received from Dooley, Winterbottom, Webb or Probyn.

K1J 866 Pilot Timothy Gower and his two passengers were returning from Dublin after watching England play Ireland.

K52 2923 MEMORIES will come flooding back to Harry Moon tomorrow when England play the West Indies at cricket.