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A1B 760 He appears under the name he was given in his orphaned youth — the Boy from Apulia.

AT8 609 Awaiting approval are three 2 x 1000 MW plants in Piedmont, Lombardy and Apulia (with the addition of two 1000 MW plants in the future).

BMV 720 Just after the end of our period, in the late 1150s, the celebrated intellectual and letter writer John of Salisbury recounted his travels: ‘ten times have I crossed the chain of the Alps since I left England first; twice have I travelled through Apulia; I have done business often in the Roman court on behalf of my superiors and friends; and on a variety of counts I have traversed England, and France too, many times.’


ECF 39 In the south Apulia and Calabria — the so called‘heel’ and ‘toe’— still maintain a rustic charm virtually unchanged through the centuries.

ECF 43 Stunning views on the Neapolitan Riviera, family bays in Apulia, and tiny hidden coves, where the hills come down to the sea, on the Tuscany Coast.


ECF 3093 Apulia is part of Italy's deepest south, an area rich in rustic traditions and superbly scenic.

ECF 3112 Almonds, olive oil and herbs are all good buys, and wines from Apulia's ancient vineyards are well worth a try.

ECF 3140 ‘A duo of quiet carefree towns in the heart of Apulia's Trulli country.’

ECF 3142 Life is quiet, carefree and relaxed and Apulia's renowned ‘Trulli’ country is nearby.

ECF 3190 The clear blue waters of Apulia

HKU 1297 Elections were held on May 6-7 to over 6,000 town councils, and to 87 provincial governments and the regional councils (parliaments) of the 15 regions governed by normal statute (Liguria, Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Marches, Abruzzi, Latium, Molise, Apulia, Campania, Basilicata and Calabria).

HLF 2183 A bomb explosion narrowly failed to derail a train carrying over 1,000 passengers on the night of Jan. 5-6, shortly after the train had left Lecce, in Apulia.

HPW 874 The peninsular lands incorporated the modern provinces of Calabria, Basilicata (or Lucania), Apulia, Campania, Molise, and the Abruzzi, and the trading city of Gaeta.

HR1 530 Although Calabria has always been a poor region, Apulia, in the years from the ninth to twelfth century, was rich.

HR1 539 The great stone Cathedrals of Apulia have suffered from neglect over the centuries of impoverishment since the Norman civilisation crumbled, also from alterations and additions in eighteenth century Baroque work.

HR1 554 Other noteworthy cathedrals in Apulia include that at Canosa (now unfortunately somewhat derelict), the Old Cathedral at Molfetta (so-called to distinguish it from the Baroque one) and Bitonto Cathedral.

HR1 934 Trogir Cathedral, despite its late date, 1240, is Romanesque in style and has a magnificent entrance portal by Master Radovan, the Slav sculptor who had been trained in Apulia (PLATE 51).

HRC 27 The young men about Thorfinn were learning Norman-French and listened, their eyes shining, to what Duke William did, and Humphrey, Tancred's son in Apulia, and Count Geoffrey in Anjou.

HRC 410 More importantly, Emperor Henry had also agreed to send an army to help throw the Normans, once and for all, out of Apulia.

HWB 1311 In Apulia and in Sicily the Saracens and Byzantine Greeks lived and worked, both giving to the region their style of architecture and high quality of craftmanship.