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A0D 1287 Be sure and tap the door, else you'll catch 'er in 'er desserbil.

A7C 343 But there was something, or, as Lewis came to feel, someone, else.

ABL 542 How sublime, and to you it is as beautiful as to me, else all its beauty would be gone.

AC5 2422 And them other doctors said I weren't to go back up London for no operation not till I was Al, else I'd be dead as a herring.’

AT4 515 I have complete faith, else I wouldn't have suggested it.

AT4 1236 So you jolly well be here at seven, else there'll be real trouble.’

AT7 651 She must have gone to bed some time ago, else Jessie wouldn't have been able to sneak out.

AT7 813 It's a good job she hadn't time to think too much about these things, else she would get angry and likely join those suffragettes.

AT7 1915 ‘Don't say another word, else I'll go back into that room and pack my case and be away.

BMY 1847 No species is inviolate, else the individuals would live indefinitely — a soul forever entombed in the same body; and this is not the purpose and meaning of life.

C85 3179 I presume you know something relevant, else why did you agree to come?’

C87 1937 This corpse looks fresh — it's a good job they don't bury people properly round here, else I'd have to dig 'em up.

C8T 1966 ‘But presumably not ambitious, else why should she be content to remain at Larksoken?’

CAC 114 God realised that this creature could not exist alongside the giant fish, LEVIATHAN, else the world would be entirely destroyed.

CAC 522 Never neglect to thank a coblynau for indicating the whereabouts of ore deposits, else the next time you visit that tunnel it will be barred with mounds of stones.

CAC 545 However, Crodh Mara cattle need to be closely penned in at night, else they will head for the nearest loch and dive in, followed by the rest of the herd.

CAC 858 Also known as Huldre Folk, these elves are sensitive about their defects and should be treated with tact by mortals, else their cattle will die.

CD3 816 Let me be buried in lead at Claydon next to where your father proposes to lie himself, and let no stranger wind me, nor do not let me be stripped, but put a clean smock on me, and let my face be hid and do you stay in the room and see me wound and laid in the first coffin, which must be of wood if I do not die of any infectious disease, else I am so far from desiring it that I forbid you to come near me.

CK9 665 He had turned and was starting to walk towards the door when he received a full blast from her as she yelled, ‘Don't you tell me to shut up! you young prig, else you'll find the door locked on you.

CK9 1107 ‘Stay with her, but keep your mouth shut, else you might contradict my story.’

CRV 872 So Richard assures Clarence that his ‘imprisonment shall not be long; /I will deliver you, else lie for you’(1.

CRV 1015 Immediately afterwards we see Iago telling Othello of Brabantio's anger, and claiming that ‘I lack iniquity/Sometimes to do me service’, else, ‘with the little godliness’ he had, he would have attacked Roderigo (I.ii.3ff.).

CRY 1605 The larger a programme's audience or a paper's readership, the more likely it seems that the content must in general be enjoyed, else why the large audience?

GVT 1523 Y'know, at 'Arringay they 'ave choirs and a blooming great organ and flowers — masses of white lilies , Else said.’

GVT 1525 ‘Well, as I said, Else went along more for a night out than anything.

GVT 1552 ‘Well, y'know, Else always was one for washing, she gets it from me, but Sidney, 'e don't go in for baths much, well men don't, do they?

H9L 1885 Their passion precluded tenderness, their lovemaking nearly fighting, and Maria could almost believe that that was really what it was, else how could Luke continue to deny her and himself like this?

H9V 767 Before she could pursue it, he added, ‘Come on, drink up, else I'll think you haven't forgiven me.’

HAC 6384 If you have a weapon, kill it quickly, else you must punch and kick it until it vanishes in a puff of smoke.

HGY 2686 ‘Yes, not that I knew it at the time, of course, else I'd never have gone.’

HTL 2088 She'd been thinking about something, or somebody, else.

HX8 2502 We welcomed Janet Brown, Else Lynes and Wendy Middleton, all from the Surrey Course.

J1H 3788 Thank god I wasn't listening to Radio 5, else I'd probably not have any fingernails left with worry that they wouldn't put even one past Swindon.

JT2 260 Well, else doesn't,wh wh what else does it say in that sentence.

KA8 155 Teachers Sarah, Caroline, Else and Wendy send a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who supported their first ever Rally and helped to make it a big success — they are actually thinking of a second one this year!

KBB 4563 just take them off, else the it'll so , they'll stop flowering.

KBB 6051 any thing in, else?

KBW 16846 No this one here, else my hands will drop off.

KC2 2027 Ooh, I don't, I've got enough does anyone else, want, else want any eggs, tomato does anyone else want any more egg?

KD5 2324 Yeah, just a bit you see, else, because of wood

KP1 828 Else, else's